Passions Transcript Tuesday 9/2/03

Passions Transcript Tuesday 9/2/03

by Eric

Miguel: I can't wait for tonight, you know, the two of us getting away, finally spending some time together.

Charity: Miguel, I'm not sure it's such a good idea now.

Miguel: You don't want to go to the red sox game tonight?

Charity: I do, I do. I -- I just don't know if we should.

Miguel: But we've been looking forward to going to this game.

Charity: I know.

Miguel: Look, I talked to dr. Russell, ok? She said that maria's stabilized and that she doesn't see any reason why I can't get away for one evening. And besides, I'll have my cell phone.

Charity: I'm feeling guilty about takingouou away from kay and from your baby.

Miguel: Don't, ok? I will always be there for them when they need me. But you're the woman I love, and I want -- I want to be with you.

Tabitha: Kay?

Kay: Tabitha. What are you doing here?

Tabitha: We're going home. We're being released.

Kay: Oh! Well, lucky you. Oh, I'm not getting out of here till tomorrow. And maria, they said she's doing better, but she's still not well enough to go home.

Tabitha: Do you know that charity and miguel are going to the red sox game tonight?

Kay: What? No.

Tabitha: Oh, yes. And I don't think it's because they're aching to see pedro martinez. In fact, I think they're aching for something else. And with all that beer flowing, anything could happen. They could end up under the damn bleachers. Or worse, they could -- they could head off to rhode island to elope.

Whitney: What are you thkiking? What kind of crazy idea have you got planned to try to get ethan back now?

Theresa: How do you know I've got a plan?

Whitney: Because you just said you know how to get gwen to leave ethan, and then something about him coming to your rescue? What does that mean?

Fox: Dude, check out the look on theresa's face, huh? You know who she looks like? She looks like lucy when she used to come up with one of her crazy ideas.

Chad: Yeah, I've seen that look, too. It can only mean she's plotting to get ethan back again. The girl's never going to learn.

Fox: I feel sorry for gwen.

Chad: Yeah, me, too. I mean, it's got to rip your heart out knowing that somebody's after the person you love. The only thing worse than knowing that someone's after the person you love is not knowing someone's after the person you love. I mean, because if you don't know, you can't do anything about it, you can't protect yourself.

Whitney: Hello, sweetheart.

Fox: Whitney. You look -- hmm, well, you know I've never real b been good with words.

Whitney: Well, you make it up in every other way that counts.

Fox: Well, I hope so.

Whitney: Trust me, you're the best. And to show you how grateful I am, I thought that we would have a romantic evening at home instead of going out.

Fox: How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?

Whitney: No, baby, I'm the lucky one, lucky to have you in my life. I mean, to think I almost made a terrible mistake and married the wrong man. But instead, I ended up with the perfect man.

Chad: Yo, man, I know you have some feelings for theresa, but I just don't see you getting anywhere with her. I mean, her love for ethan's just too strong.

Ethan: You know what, it's not long till your due date. I can't wait for this baby to arrive. Then we can finally start our lives together. I got plans for us, gwen.

Gwen: Do you?

Ethan: What's wrong?

Gwen: Sweetheart, I was just thinking, today is sheridan's due date.

Ethan: Are you sure?

Gwen: Oh, yes. It's the first thing we talked about when she got pregnant. Ethan, where could she be? Is she having her baby today, right w?W? I just pray she's all right.

Sheridan: Please help. I'm having the baby. Help me, please. Ugh! Ugh, I can do this. I have to do this. I owe it to my baby and to luis. Ugh!

Luis: Stop now?

Sheridan: Who is that?

Luis: But I'm almost done.

Sheridan: Luis? Am I hallucinating or is that really him?

Luis: I just want to keep at it.

Sheridan: Oh, that is luis. He came to find me! Oh, he is here. I have to get to him. Ugh. Luis.

Luis: Just put these groceries in here.

Charlie: That's it. Open the door, luis. I'll finally be rid of you once and for all.

Mrs. Wallace: Don't bother, luis. We can put those away later, honey, you know? Matter of fact, we can do that tomorrow morning.

Luis: Well, it's no bother. I know you're both tired, so I'll just put these away and then I'll leave, ok?

Singer: I would hold ththe hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Whitney: Oh, come on, theresa, tell me what's going on in that crazy head of yours. What plan have you come up with to try to get ethan back now?

Theresa: Oh, look!

Whitney: Oh, god.

Theresa: More champagne.

Fox: Whoo-hoo!

Chad: Wait, what's going on?

Whitney: Oh, not a whole lot.

Theresa: Can I talk to you for a moment?

Fox: Mm-hmm.

Chad: What was that all about?

Whitney: Hmm, not sure. But hey, at least they're together, right?

Chad: Whitney, I don't think this matchmaking deal's going to work.

Whitney: Look, you'll see. If anyone can make theresa forget about ethan, it's fox. I mean, I have a feeling if he wants something, he won't stop until he gets it.

Fox: Hey, what, what, what do you want to talk to me about?

Theresa: I have come up with a foolproof plan, ok? I figured it all out.

Fox: You have, have you? Ok, ok, what exactly have you figured out?

Theresa: How you're going to help me get ethan back.

Gwen: I'm worried, ethan. Today is sheridan's due date. You would think she would contact somebody.

Ethan: Well, we're out here in L.A. Maybe she called luis or antonio.

Gwen: But don'yoyou think they would've called us, especially if she had the baby? I would think she would want me to know. I'm sheridan's best friend.

Ethan: I'm sure she'll be in touch.

Gwen: But when? I really miss talking to sheridan. I miss the girl talk, especially now. I thought this was going to be such a wonderful time for the two of us.

Ethan: Because you're both pregnant.

Gwen: We should be sharing all the joys that mothers-to-be feel dreaming about our babies' futures. Sheridan and I have been friends practically forever and I alally need her with me during this time, and I know that she needs me, too. That's why it is just so strange that she has not been in contact with me.

Ethan: It -- it is odd.

Gwen: Ethan, when we were younger, sheridan and I used to talk on the phone forouours, about boyfriends and our futures and what it would be like to be married and have a child. And -- and now it's happening and we're apart.

Ethan: Well, gwen, she did say that she needed to get away from the tension in her life and to work on the situation with luis and antonio.

Gwen: But to be completely and totally out of touch? No, that is not sheridan. She is a wonderfully thoughtful and caring person. Why would she completely ignore the most incredible time in my life, and wouldn't she wante e to share in the happiest part of her life? She wanted to have this baby. She was so excited. You would think that her best friend would get at least one call, right?

Ethan: I'm -- I'm not making any excuses for her, but, gwen, like I said, we've been away.

Gwen: She has our cell phone numbers, ethan, plus she's a crane. She has the capability to get in touch with anyone in the world.

Ethan: That's true.

Gwen: I'm just -- I'm scared for her. I just cannot shake this feeling that sheridan's in trouble, maybe in danger even.

[Sheridan groans and pants]

Sheridan: Luis. Luis, are you there? Luis, help me. Help me. Ugh!

Mrs. Wallace: No! Oh!

Luis: What'd you do that for?

Charlie: What the hell?

Mrs. Wallace: Uh, I'm sorry, honey. I -- I guess I just slipped.

Luis: Right.

Luis: And now it's jammed. You have a screwdriver?

Beth: Uh, top drawer.

Beth: What's going on? Why'd you throw the walker against the door? We need to get luis out of here before he goes to the basement and finds sheridan about to have a baby!

Mrs. Wallace: You idiot!

Beth: What, I'm the idiot? Now luis is going to stay longer trying to pry open this door because of you.

Mrs. Wallace: Charlie is in the pantry!

Beth: What?

Mrs. Wallace: She hid in there when luis showed up.

Beth: Oh, my god. If he opens that door --

mrs. Wallace: Yes, she's going to come out of there like a hellcat and tear luis' heart out!

Luis: This ought to do it.

Beth: Um, luis, you don't need to open the pantry, ok? I'll put the groceries away later.

Luis: It's all right. This should just take a second.

Charlie: Go ahead, luis, open up the door, and I'll open you up belly to throat.

Kay: Tabitha, I've got to keep miguel and charity from going to that game tonight. How am I going to do that?

Tabitha: Well, find some excuse to keep him with you.

Kay: Gee, thank you, that's brilliant. What's the excuse, tabitha, huh?

Eve: And how's my patient today?

Simone: Hey.

Eve: And you, tabitha, I understand you're going home today.

Tabitha: Yes, me and my little endora. We're so excited.

Nurse kravitz: Please help me! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! Oh, please, please! Oh! Oh! Oh, you! You and your evil baby! The two of you aren't normal! It's -- it's like magic! Black magic! I could've sworn there were five bottles here before I took my break. Oh! I'm not crazy. There's something about that baby that just isn't right.

[Nurse kravitz screams]

Nurse kravitz: Ahem. Excuse me.

Eve: Yes, nurse kravitz?

Nurse kravitz: I'm here to help mrs. Lenox out of the hospital, mm-hmm.

Tabitha: I don't need a wheelchair. I don't need any help getting out of here.

Kay: That's it. Tabitha, I've got it. I know how I'm going to keep miguel and charity apart tonight. I've got it all figured out.

Ethan: I'm sure sheridan is not in danger.

Gwen: How do you know that?

Ethan: Well, luis got that D.V.D. From her in paris, remember? He told us that she said she was fine, that she just needed some time alone, and he didn't get and sense that she was feeling threatened or anything. And you know if he did, he would never stop looking for her.

Gwen: Well, I guess I could be wrong, I suppose, but, ethan, don't you find it odd that she hasn't contacted anybody, not even you? And you are practically like family to her.

Ethan: Yeah, up until a few years ago, I thought I was family. I thought she was my aunt.

Gwen: Exactly. The two of you have always had such a loving relationship.

[Ethan sighs]

Ethan: Yeah. It is odd, you know, that she hasn't even at least gotten in touch with me. I know having a family has always meant the world to her. You're right, I don't understand why she would isolate herself at a time like this.

Gwen: It just does not make any sense.

Ethan: But it is sheridan's choice. We have to respect it.

Gwen: Well, it doesn't mean I have to like it, and I still cannot shake the feeling that sheridan is in trouble.

[Sheridan groans]

Sheridan: Oh, god, my baby's coming. Help me, luis, someone. Help me and my child.

Beth: Luis, be careful. I don't want you to get hurt.

Luis: What?

Beth: I don't want any harm to come to you.

Luis: It's a pantry door, beth, ok? I don't figure it's going to cause me any harm.

Charlie: How come beth's so concerned about luis? She doesn't want him hurt? I'm going to kill the son of a bitch. That's the only thing that'll save us.

Luis: There we go.

Tabitha: Well, I'm all ears, kay. What's your idea? How are you planning to keep charity and miguel apart tonight?

Kay: You'll just have to wait and see. Hey, simone, could you come talk to me for a minute?

Simone: What do you want?

Kay: Why do you sound like you're mad at me?

Simone: Because you're staring out in the corridor, watching miguel and charity like a hawk.

Kay: So?

Simone: So, what's going on, kay? And don't tell me nothing because I always know when you're up to something.

Kay: If you'll quit talking, I'll tell you.

Simone: Ok. I'm listening.

Kay: I have a plan, and I need your help.

Simone: Not if it involves another one of your back-stabbing hehemes.

Kay: Oh, gee, thanks, simone. It doesn'T. Miguel and charity want to go to this red sox game tonight --

simone: And you're trying to stop them from going?

Kay: Shh! Keep your voice down.

Simone: If that's your plan, kay, forget it. I'm not helping you.

Kay: Sisimone, we're best friends.

Simone: And when I wanted someone, did my best friend help me get him? No. Chad is all the way in california right now with whitney. So if you think that I'm going to help you get miguel, you can forget it.

Kay: Iningrate.

Tabitha: Didn't go so well with simone, huh?

Kay: No matter. Nothing's going to stop me from keeping miguel away from charity tonight.

Tabitha: That kravitz woman is starting to get under my skin.

Nurse kravitz: Oh!

Eve: Nurse. What happened?

Tabitha: Yes. Hmm.

Chad: I just think when it comes to theresa and fox, you should be careful.

Whitney: Well, honey, I just want them to be happy.

Chad: Then let them decide. Look, if theresa and fox are going to be together, they'll be together, just like we are, ok? So please don't interfere, all right? You're going to end up making it worse for everybody involved.

Fox: So I'm going to help you get ethan back?

Theresa: Yes, that was our deal -- you help me get ethan, I'll help you get your mystery woman. You remember?

Fox: Yeah, yeah, I remember, but, you know, we really haven't sat down and talked about the nuts and bolts of this whole deal thing, ok, and, you know, I got a couple of questions for you.

Theresa: Such as?

Fox: Well, such as, have you forgotten that ethan's married to gwen, they got a baby on the way, you know, and you got a child of your own?

Theresa: No, no, I haven't forgotten. In fact -- I just bought this for little ethan.

Fox: Ok.

Theresa: I miss him, fox. And the only thing that's going to keep a away from little ethan is bringing him home a father. And it should be ethan.

Fox: Theresa, you got a one-track mind.

Theresa: Oh, come on, you said you would help me with this. Now please, come on, you can do this?

Fox: Ok, what do I got to do?

Theresa: Ok, ethan said that he loves me, right? He said that he did. He just told me that.

Fox: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but he also told you to move on with your life and find somebody else.

Theresa: Yeah. Now, if that were true, then why would he be jealous that you might be interested in me?

Fox: What?

Theresa: Yeah, whitney just said he said that.

Fox: Really?

Theresa: Yeah.

Fox: Imagine that. Hmm, my perfect half-brother jealous of me.

Theresa: Yeah, he is, so here's my plan, ok? I want you to pursue me. I mean really pursue me. I mean send me flowers, take me out on, I don't know, romantic dates -- anything that you can come up with.

Fox: Anything?

Ththeresa: Except that. I want to make ethan so crazy with jealousy that all he'll do is think about getting me back.

Fox: Come on, that's kind of a tall order, don't you think?

Theresa: No, no, not at all. All you got to do is pretend like you're in love with me and that I'm the only girl in your heart. What do you say?

[Music plays]

Singer: I could show you in a word if I wanted to a window on the world with a lovely view from close up inside a single room with an open book beside like you read in school it's so easy believe me when you need fun I'd do anything to turn you on anything to turn you on oh

whitney: I'm feeling kind of out of place here. All the women are so beautiful and sophisticated-looking.

Fox: Whitney? You're joking, right? Are you serious? I mean, come on, you're the prettiest girl here. In fact, I tell you what, I'm surprised that every single one of these women haven't run into their apartments to hide in shame now that you've arrived.

Whitney: You know, you're definitely a charmer. It's no wonder all the girls fall in love with you.

Fox: I will tell you what, the only woman that I care about falling in love with me is you, whitney. I'm going to make sure that happens.

Singer: I'd do anything to turn you on

fox: Theresa, I'm sorry, I can't do that. I'm not going to do that to help you get ethan back.

Gwen: I know you probably think I'm being overly dramatic thinking something is wrong with sheridan.

Ethan: No, I don'T.

Gwen: Wait, so you've been concerned about her, too?

Ethan: Yeah.

Gwen: Honey, then why didn't you say anything?

Ethan: Because, gwen, I didn't want you to have any more stress because of the baby.

Gwen: Oh, ethan, come on.

Ethan: Look, look, I wouldn't go so far as to say that she's in danger, but it has struck me as so unlikely for her to run away from her problems.

Gwen: Exactly, exactly, because sheridan is a fighter. And besides, why would she want to be alone at a time like this when she's giving birth? This time of a woman's life, she wants to be surrounded by the people that she loves.

Ethan: I don't know, it's very odd.

Gwen: Oh, god, I -- I hate to even say this, but I think I agree with luis' first instinct.

Ethan: You think sheridan was kidnapped?

Gwen: And is being held against her will.

Sheridan: Please. Luis, I have to make you hear me.

[Sheridan groans]

Sheridan: Luis. Luis.

Luis: What was that? Did you hear that? Sounded like somebody calling my name.

Luis: Did you hear that? Fu

Singer: You are my passion for life

pilar: What happened to that nurse?

Simone: I don't know. I didn't see.

Tabitha: I saw what happened. Nurse kravitz accidentally backed into the cart and slipped and slopped food all over herself.

Nurse kravitz: That's not what happened.

Tabitha: What was that you said, nurse kravitz?

Nurse kravitz: Yes. Yes, that's what happened. Clumsy me, I -- I backed into the night table. Dr. Russell?

Eve: Yes, nurse?

Nurse kravitz: Have you ever noticed anything strange about tabitha lenox and her baby?

Eve: Well, strange? No, I haven'T. Oh, tabitha can be a little eccentric, but she's just a harmless old woman.

Nurse kravitz: Harmless?

Eve: Well, yeah, the baby's perfectly hltlthy.

Nurse kravitz: But -- but nothing strange or weird at all?

Eve: Tabitha and her baby are in perfect health.

Nurse kravitz: Yes, yes, but isn't that a strange thing in and of itself?

Eve: What?

Nurse kravitz: A woman of mrs. Lenox's advanced age having a baby that's perfectly healthy and then recovering quicker than a woman 1/3 her age?

Eve: Nurse kravitz, is there something that you're trying to share with me about tabitha and her baby?

[Nurse kravitz whimpers and screams]

Nurse kravitz: Uh, no. No, no, I was just curious about your professional opinion of tabitha lenox and her baby.

Nurse kravitz: Oh, i know there's something weird about tabitha lenox and her little child. And I'm going to find a way to prove it.

Tabitha: Hmm. You've really piqued my interest about your plan. I'm curious, how are you going to keep charity and miguel apart tonight?

Kay: You're just going to have to keep on being curious.

Tabitha: Oh, aren't you going to give me just a hint?

Kay: Nope

tabitha: You mean you're not going to tell me what you've got in store?

Kay: Tabitha, what did I just say? You're just going to have to wait and watch how my plan unfolds, see how it all plays out.

Tabitha: Oh, well.

Kay: Hey, dr. Russell?

Eve: Yes, kay?

Kay: I'd really like to get out of here, go home.

Eve: And you will, honey.

Kay: Today?

Eve: Today? Oh. Oh, no, no, kay, that's too soon. We talked about you going home tomorrow.

Pilar: Something wrong?

Eve: Well, kay is saying that she wants to go home today, and I think that's too soon.

Pilar: Eve's right, sweetie, don't push yourself. Take time to rest.

[Pager beeps]

Eve: Oh. Excuse me. I'll be right back.

Pilar: I'll get you some warm water, ??

Miguel: Hey, kay.

Kay: Hi, miguel. Oh, I'm really glad you're here. I've got some great news. I get to go home today. I'm going to need your help.

Miguel: I thought that you weren't being released till tomorrow or the next day.

Kay: Oh, plans changed. I get to go home today.

Miguel: Well, you know, I'd be happy to drop you back to tabitha'S.

Kay: T t you'll need to stay with me, too.

Miguel: Stay with you? How long?

Kay: I don't know. Um, I'm going to probably need help the rest of the afternoon, maybe even for tonight. I'm going to need a lot of help.

Tabitha's voice: That kay, always thinking.

Luis: Well, you heard that, didn't you?

Mrs. Wallace: What?

Luis: Somebody calling my name.

Beth: I didn't hear anything.

Mrs. Wallace: No, nothing.

Luis: Well, I did. Somebody called my name. Sounded so familiar.

Sheridan: Luis.

Theresa: Ok, so what do you mean, you won't help me?

Fox: Theresa, I can't help you.

Theresa: Ok, but we had this deal, right? I was going to help you get the woman you're in love with andouou're going to help me get ethan. Oh. I totally get it. You're afraid that the woman you're in love with would actually think that you're really in love with me and that would ruin any chance that you have with her.

Fox: Yeah, something like that.

Theresa: Ok. Well, that's that.

Fox: I guess so.

Theresa: Back to the drawing board. I'm going to come up with a plan B.

Fox: Ok.

Whitney: Hey.

Fox: Oh, hey.

Whitney: So what were you and theresa talking about?

Fox: Her all-time favorite subject.

Chad: Ethan.

Fox: Big surprise, huh?

Chad: Now, you're going to back off this matchmaking deal, right? No more pushing fox and theresa together. Hey, I'm going to grab another beer.

Whitney: So, did theresa tell you what her latest plan is?

Fox: To get ethan back?

Whitney: Well, of course.

Fox: Yeah, well, seeing as how you two are best friends, I guess I'm not really betraying any confidences he.. she wants me to pursue her and do romantic things, stuff like that.

Whitney: Pursue her? Why?

Fox: Well, to make ethan jealous. See, she thinks that that's the only way he's going to come back to her. That's kind of crazy, isn't it?

Whwhitney: No. No, I think it's a great idea.

Fox: You think it's a great -- you think that I should pursue theresa so that she can get back together with ethan?

Whitney: No, so that you and theresa can be together like you want.

Fox: Oh.

Whitney: This is your chance to show theresa what a terrific, romantic guy you are so that she'll fall in love with you and forget about ethan.

Ethan: You really think luis was right all along? You think sheridan was kidnapped?

Gwen: Well, it was his first instinct, and he is a cop.

Ethan: What about the D.V.D.? I mean, isn't that solid proof that she wasn't kidnapped?

Gwen: Honey, I'm not talking about solid proof. I'm talking about a feeling I have. It's a gut feeling.

Ethan: You mean woman's intuition?

Gwen: Well, if that's what you want to call it, fine, but it would explain why I just can't shake the sense that something terrible is happening to sheridan.

Sheridan: Ugh!

Mrs. Wallace: Anyoneoror tea?

Luis: Shh.

Beth: No, mother, we don't want tea. Luis is going to go home so we can rest.

Luis: I'm trying to listen.

Beth: To -- to what?

Luis: Well, I heard something. It didn't sound like they were calling my name this time, though.

Beth: Well, mother and I didn't hear anything.

Mrs. Wallace: No, of course, my hearing's not quite what it used to be.

Beth: Luis, why don't you go ahead and head home so we can get some rest.

Luis: Well, I'm not leaving, ok? I heard someone call my name. I want to find out who it was.

miguel: Kay, are you sure you don't want to go home tomorrow?

Kay: No, I want to go home today, now.

Eve: Oh, kay, I didn't say that you could go home today.

Miguel: You didn't?

Eve: No.

Kay: But I'm fine, dr. Russell.

Eve: Honey, you had a very difficult birth procedure.

Kay: Yeah, but I'm back to normal now, right?

Eve: Well, you're hardly back to normal. But you are strong enough to go home. The question is, do you want to, though? Maria's going to be hospitalized for some time. Don't you want to stay here where you can be close to her?

Kay: Well, miguel and I will both come back every day to see her, won't we?

Miguel: Yeah, sure.

Kay: So, can I go home?

Eve: Well, yes, but I'm --

kay: Thank you, dr. Russell. I knew you'd understand.

Pilar: Kay, sweetie, your mother isn't here to help you get home, and I took the bus today.

Kay: Well, I wouldn't want my mother to help me, anyway. But it's ok because miguel can do it. You will help me go back to tabitha's, won't you? I mean, I've got all these, like, gifts and flowers and stuff here, I mean, both mine and maria'S. I'm going to need a lot of help. So you'll stay with me for as long as it takes, right?

Theresa: All right, if fox won't pursue me, then how am I going to get ethan to realize that he should be with me, because time is running out. And I've got to come up with a way to get ethan to realize that he loves me and that he should spend the rest of his life with me.

Fox: I don't know, whitney. I don't think it matters how much I romance theresa. She's always going to be in love with ethan.

Whitney: Well, I wouldn't be too sure about that, fox. You are a smart, funny, great-looking guy. I think you could definitely make her forget about ethan.

Fox: Well, it's all academic, anyway.

Whitney: What do you mean?

Fox: Well, I'm not going to go along with this plan.

Whitney: Aw. That's too bad. You know, I thought it would've been fun working together.

Fox: Working together?

Whitney: Sure. I mean, if you d r romance theresa, I could show you some tips.

Fox: Tips?

Whitney: Yeah, I mean, I know her better than anyone. I could tell you all the things she likes, all the things she doesn't like. I could give you all kinds of advice. We'd work together really closely. Oh, not to mention all the double-dates that we would go on, you and theresa, chad and I. You know what, you would probably get sick of seeing me. We'd be together, like, 24/7.

Fox's voice: Now, there's a plan I could get behind -- whitney, 24/7.

Gwen: I know it's crazy. Luis has the D.V.D. Showing that sheridan's in paris. But I still -- I cannot kick this feeling that she's in danger.

Ethan: Well, I hope you're wrong.

Gwen: So do I. But for her not to call? Sheridan and I have always talked about very personal things -- our joys, our fears, everything. No matter what was going on in our lives, we always made sure we had time for each other. That's why it is bothering me so much that she hasn't called since she got to paris, nonot once.

Ethan: Well, look, it's still possible she just needed to get away from the pressure.

Gwen: But, honey, that's what I'm talking about. She would be on the phone with me working things out. So why hasn't she called? What's holding her back?

Luis: Well, I'm going to find out who it was.

Beth: No, luis, wait!

Luis: I'll be right back.

Beth: I thought you said there was no way sheridan could get out of the basement.

Mrs. Wallace: I never said that. You'd better get in there.

[Knock on door]

Charlie: Get me out of here.

Mrs. Wallace: If I were you, I'd stay put. Get used to a confined space, huh, because luis is about to discover sheranan, and when he does, you, beth, and me, we're going to go to prison for the rest of our lives!

Luis: Oh, my god.

Gwen: If someone told me that theresa was in los angeles right now plotting to get you, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

Theresa: If I don't come up with something, I may have no choice but to give ethan up forever.

Fox: How long have you been standing there, man?

Chad: Long enough. Long enough to hear exactly what's going on.

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