Passions Transcript Monday 8/4/03

Passions Transcript Monday 8/4/03

by Eric

Ethan: Feeling better? Any more contractions?

Gwen: No. I mean, the medication the doctor gave me to stop them seems to be working, so I really don't see, you know, why we need to stay here.

Ethan: Well, we need to stay to get the test results. It won't be long.

Gwen: Oh, sweetheart, we barely get to los angeles and this happens. I am so sorry.

Ethan: No. No, no. That -- it is not your fault. And anyway, I mean, one of the reasons we came out here was to make sure you could be by the specialist and he could monitor your condition closely.

Gwen: Well, dr. Abel seems very, very competent.

Ethan: He's going to take very good care of you and the baby. You just think positive thoughts, ok?

Gwen: I am. I am thinking about getting back to that apartment. I cannot wait to see it.

Ethan: Well, it's a crane artrtment. It should have every amenity.

Gwen: Oh, that pool! That pool where I will soon be lying next to my gorgeous husband. Honey, oh, my goodness --

ethan: What?

Gwen: I completely forgot. We were in such a rush to get me to the hospil,l, we left our bags outside the apartment. What if someone took them?

Ethan: Stop, stop. Hopefully, they're still there, and if not, we will buy whatever we need. Just relax.

Gwen: I will tell you what makes me so able to relax -- knowing that theresa is too far away to cause us any trouble.

Theresa: I just wish I knew who these bags belonged to.

Sven: What difference does it make? It's got nothing to do with us. We're here to party. So let's party, huh?

Theresa: Ok.

Chad: So are you glad you came to L.A. With me now?

Whitney: I am very glad.

Chad: Good, because we're always going to be together. Always. I love you so much.

Whitney: And lolove you, too.

Chad: Fox. What's up?

Fox: I'm cutting in. I want to dance with whitney.

Chad: You what? What, are you crazy?

Fox: No. No. I'm in love with whitney, and I want to be with her.

Rebecca: Oh --

julian: Rebecca, what is it? What's the matter? Why are you carrying on?

Rebecca: That baby slapped me on my behind. Didn't you see it?

Tabitha: No.

Rebecca: Ow!

[Baby cries]

Tabitha: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Julian: But don't be ridiculous. Why on earth would the baby do that?

Rebecca: I don't know, but you keep that she-demon baby away from me. You hear me?

Tabitha: "She-demon"? Whatever do you mean, rebecca? Why, my baby is the most sweet, innocent little child you've ever seen. Aren't you, my darling? But I'll forgive you for saying such a thing since you helped with the delivery, even though you were dead drunk. You're obviously having another martimmy-induced hallucination. Isn't she?

Rebecca: I am not drunk and I am not hallucinating! Look, that thing slapped me hard.

Julian: We'll leave tabitha and the baby alone for a moment, won't we, dear?

[Baby cries]

Tabitha: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Julian: Atat is wrong with you? Calling that baby a she-demon?

Rebecca: She slapped me so hard, I'm sure she left a mark.

Julian: Well, I'll have to make a closer inspection later.

Rebecca: Julian, this is not funny. There is something wrong with that child. She's -- she's creepy.

Julian: What? She is not. She's beautiful. One couldn't ask for a more normal, perfect baby.

Father lonigan: I am the resurrection and the life. Whosoever believes in me shall never die. It's in god's hands now.

Grace: Poor kay and miguel. To lose a child -- that pain is just -- it's unbearable.

Pilar: There's no greater pain than the loss of a child.

Grace: Oh, pilar, our granddaughter --

kay: No! No.

Charity: What?

Man: You heard me, charity. You and you alone are capable of saving kay and miguel's baby, but at a terrible cost to yourself. If you save miguel's baby, you will lose miguel.

Charity: Lose miguel?

Man: Forever.

Sheridan: I can't take this much longer. I can'T.

Luis: Ouch!

Sheridan: Luis?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

mrs. Wallace: Did you hear that?

Beth: What?

Mrs. Wallace: A noise came from the basement.

Beth: Mother, you can't hear anything from the basement. It's soundproof, remember?

Mrs. Wallace: Then it's the voice of doom speaking to me! He found her.

Beth: No, no.

Mrs. Wallace: Yep, yep. Luis discovered sheridan just like I told you he would. So we better get out of here, missy, while the getting is good.

Sheridan: Luis? Luis, save me, please. Luis?

Luis: Damn it. That was stupid.

Sheridan: Luis, luis, please save me.

Tabitha: Oh! Put your tail back in, sweetheart. We have to keep your demon I.D. A secret, because if we don't, we'll be burned at the stake, and that's no day at the beach, I can tell you.

Rebecca: Why are you defending that baby?

Julian: She is a baby. She needs no defense.

Rebecca: Yeah, well, my butt needed defending. I probably got rabies.

Julian: Oh, for pity's sake, give it a break, will you? Tabitha's right. We merely had too much to drink when we delivered her baby. It's been a very long day. We're both exhausted. Yollll have a much clearer head after a good night's sleep.

Rebecca: I can't sleep, not until I hear from ethan and gwen. I mean, they should be L.A. By now, and gwen promised to call as soon as they were settled. Why haven't they?

Julian: I have no idea.

Rebecca: Oh, I hope they're all right.

Gwen: My mother. Oh, no.

Ethan: What about her?

Gwen: Ethan, I promised to call her as soon as we got in. She's going to be worried sick if I don'T.

Ethan: I'll call her.

Gwen: Thank you. Hmm.

Ethan: Here you go.

Gwen: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Julian: Rebecca, you know you're not supposed to use a cell phone in the hospital.

Rebecca: Well, I have to. It could be gwen. You just keep an eye out on the nurses, ok? Hello?

Gwen: Mother?

Rebecca: Gwen. Where are you?

Gwen: Los angeles, of course.

Rebecca: Well, what happened? Was your flight delayed? I've been so worried.

Gwen: Why are you whispering?

Rebecca: I'm in a hospital.

Gwen: Really? Hmm. So am I.

Rebecca: What? Why?

Gwen: I had some pain shortly after we landed.

Rebecca: Oh, my goodness, gwen.

Gwen: Mother, mother, I'm fine. Don't worry.

Rebecca: Well, what about the baby?

Gwen: Everything is fine. The pain has subsided, and as soon as we get the test results back, we are going to go to the apartment where we can relax. I can't wait.

Rebecca: Yes, yes, you relax. It is very important. Your marriage depends on you having this baby.

Gwen: Mother, please. I don't want to hear it. So what are you doing at the hospital?

Rebecca: Oh, trust me, it is a long, long story. I am just so glad that you're in los angeles and not here, where teresita can try to lure ethan back into her web.

Gwen: Well, theresa's web cannot span 3,000 miles. I am sure of that.

Theresa: An infomercial? You?

Sven: Yeah. I do them to pick up a couple extra bucks and keep gas in my porsche.

Theresa: So, you know, what kind of infomercial is this?

Sven: It's a new home gym product. I the after-using-it guy.

Theresa: Oh. Is that legal?

Sven: Who cares? It's not as if I could play the before-using-it guy, now, could I? Huh?

Theresa: Sven.

Whitney: I had no idea you were such a good dancer.

Fox: Well, I am with you.

Chad: Yo, fox.

Fox: What?

Chad: Oh, you just seemed like you were a million miles away.

Fox: No. No. I -- I lost theresa as my dance partner, and -- well, I came over here -- I wondering if whitney would take pity on me and let me step on her toes for a few minutes.

Whitney: Oh.

Fox: Well, I do hate to let her go, but I do need to make a work phone call, and I do not trust any of these other jerks. So if it's ok with whit --

whitney: Yeah, of course.

Chad: But only for a minute.

Whitney: Ok.

Fox: Don't worry about it. I'll protect whitney like she was my own.

Chad: Thanks, man. You're a real friend. Oh, and don't let any of these other guys anywhere near her, ok? I don't trust them.

Fox: Don't worry. You can trust me.

Chad: Oh, I know.

Fox's voice: That's what you think, fool.

grace: Kay, honey, you've been through so much. I mean, hours of labor, an emergency c-section. Maybe you should get some rest.

Kay: What is wrong with you?

Miguel: Hey, kay --

kay: My baby could die, mom, and you want me to think of myself? To get some rest?

Grace: Sweetheart, she needs you, and you're not going to be any good to her if you're so exhausted that you collapse.

Kay: Just leave me alone, mother, ok? Don't try to pretend like you love me. You love charity, and everyone knows that.

Eve: Grace, she doesn't mean that. She's just upset about her baby.

Grace: I know.

Eve: Well, just give her some time alone with her. She needs it.

Grace: It's just so hard to see your child suffering and not be able to do anything about it.

[Pager beeps]

Eve: I know. Excuse me.

Charity: You said if I save miguel and kay's baby that I'm going to lose miguel?

Man: Yes.

Charity: How do you know all this?

Man: I just know. You must believe me.

Charity: I do.

Man: Oh, my job is anything but easy. I'm so tired of always doing the same thing over and over again, always tearing people apart.

Charity: I can imagine. One thing confuses me, though. If dr. Russell can't save this baby, how am I supposed to do it? I'm no doctor.

Man: You have something more miraculous than modern medicine -- pure faith. If you lift your voice up to the heavens, they will listen, and you could bring this innocent soul back from the other side, pull her back fr t the light, give her life.

Charity: I want to, I really do. But you said if I do --

man: You will lose miguel. If this baby lives, has the opportunity to grow up, she will tear miguel away from you.

Charity: Dear god, my premonition's come true.

Whitney: You know, I got to admit, I'm kind of surprised.

Fox: What?

Whitney: You're a pretty good dancer.

Fox: Pretty good? Is that all?

Whitney: Well, you're better than I would have expected.

Fox: Yeah, girl, I can bust a move.

Whitney: Ah!

[Whitney laughs]

Whitney: Yes, you can.

Fox: Yes, I can. Well, you know what we should think about? Maybe we should take this show on the road.

Whitney: Oh.

Whitney: Whee!

Theresa: Where are you from, sven?

Sven: Oh, here and there.

Theresa: The midwest, perhaps?

Sven: No. More south.

Theresa: Keep your hands to yrsrself, sven!

Ethan: So how is mother?

Gwen: Ok, this you're not going to believe. Julian and mother helped deliver tabitha lenox's baby.

Ethan: What?

Gwen: I mean, I guess they were over at the house, she went into labor, there wasn't enough time to get her to the hospital, and they delivered her baby.

Ethan: And it lived?

Gwen: Stop it. Ethan, of course it lived. Mother and daughter are doing fine.

Ethan: I can't believe that.

Gwen: Yeah, I mean, who would have thought they had it in them, right?

Ethan: That is definitely one of the oddest, not to mention most amazing things I've ever heard.

Gwen: Oh.

Rebecca: Well, I'm nohahappy that gwen's in the hospital, but she sounded all right, so let's go home.

Julian: I'll just say goodbye to tabitha.

Rebecca: No, I'm not going near her she-demon baby again. In fact, I'm going to call my lawyer. Oh, maybe I should sue.

Julian: Rebecca, for goodness sake --

rebecca: Well -- well, don't be gone long. Oh, and don't go too near that thing. Ew.

Julian: Oh, she is very pretty.

Tabitha: Isn't she, though?

Julian: May I hold her?

Tabitha: Well, she's just newborn. She needs her mother.

Julian: Well, of course she eses, but I am her father. I'd like to get to know her.

Tabitha: How many times do I have to tell you, julian? I'm going to raise this baby on my own.

Julian: But, tabitha --

tabitha: I don't want or need your help.

Julian: Surely, I'm allowed to say hello to my child?

Tabitha: Very well. Be good to your father, sweetheart. He can't take much more excitement in one day.

Julian: Come to your father.

Oh. Hello, pretty girl. I'm your daddy. You know, we might not have much contact in the future, but if you or your mommy need me, all you have to do is call me and I'll be there. I promise.

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie, come on, come on. What are you doing standing there? We've got to get out of here before luis comes back up those stairs and he's loaded for bear.

Beth: Settle down, mother. If luis had found sheridan, don't you think he'd be up here by now demanding answers?

Mrs. Wallace: Duh. Why don't you go down there and stop him before he starts asking those questions?

Beth: Shh.

Luis: Simple electrica repair. Any kid in shop class could do it, and I zapped my damn hand.

Sheridan: Luis, I'm down here! Save me, please!

Luis: Who's there?

kay: Hey, baby. Mommy's here, and I love you so much. You just hang on, ok? You stay strong. If only there was somethgg I can do. Tabitha, after all of the evil choices that I have made, god's not going to help me now.

Tabitha: You better hope you're wrong, dear, because if you don't make a deal with the good side, your baby's going to die.

Kay: No matter how difficult it is, I've got to do it. And I'm going to save your life no matter how much trouble I get in. So you just hang on, princess. Mommy's going to be right back. Excuse me.

Kay: Father lonigan?

Father lonigan: Yes, kay.

Kay: I need you to stay for a little while longer. I'd like to make a confession.

Father lonigan: I would be happy to hear your-confession.

Kay: Ok. I just have to do one thing first.

Chitity: My premonition about a baby tearing apart people who love each other -- it's coming true.

Man: Only if yolet it, charity. If you don't save the baby, you and miguel will beogogether. Hey! You're home early.

Miguel: Yeah.

Charity: How'd you do today?

Miguel: Not good. Not good. I don't know what's wrong with me, you know? I can't seem to sell anything to anyone. Thank you.

Charity: It's because you don't have the same enthusiasm you used to have for life. You're always down all the time.

Miguel: It's kind of hard to be up and happy when you're always down and depressed.

Charity: I wish there was something I could do.

Miguel: Llll, there's not. There's nothing anyone can do. You know, no one really gets over the death of a child. Ever. Charity: He'll never get er it. Never.

Luis: Who's there? Come out now.

Beth: What are you doing? I thought you were repairing the wiring.

Luis: Well, I was, but I heard a noise.

Beth: Oh, look. One of the boxes fell. That's what you heard.

Luis: Yeah, but how did it fall?

Beth: Remember what I told you about the rats being down here? One of them probably knocked it over.

Luis: Yeah, well, that's a pretty big box.

Beth: We should probably just go back upstairs, you know, before they come back.

Luis: Ok. Why are you whispering?

Beth: Um -- my throat. It's -- scratchy. Ahem. I think I've got one of those summer colds, you know. Those are the worst.

Luis: Yeah, it's too bad.

Beth: Ok, it's really damp down here, so we should just get back upstairs.

Luis: Ok.

charity: I love miguel. I can't hurt him. I can'T.

Man: So what's your decision?

Miguel: There's mommy.

[Kay laughs]

Miguel: My precious baby girl. I thank god every day for saving you. If you hadn't pulled through, I don't know what my life would have been like. Yeah. Hey.

Kay: Hi, precious.

Man: Well, charity?

Charity: Miguel's so happy with his baby.

Man: Yes, he is.

Charity: Ok, ok. I've made up my mind. I want to save miguel's baby.

Man: Even though it means you will lose miguel?

Charity: Yes, yes, I have to. I can't let her die.

Julian: I want it understood that --

tabitha: Oh, dr. Russell, how good of you to stop by.

Julian: Yeah.

Eve: So it's true, then? You delivered tabitha's baby.

Julian: Yes, yes, I did.

Eve: I'm impressed.

Julian: Well, I impressed myself.

Eve: Congratulations, tabitha.

Tabitha: Thank you.

Eve: And, you, too, julian.

Julian: Me?

Eve: On a job well done.

Julian: Oh, yes, well -- well, thank you.

Eve: So the nurse paged me to come down here and examine the baby.

Tabitha: Oh, well, that won't be necessary, thank you. The nurse examined her when we first arrived, and she gave her a clean bill of health.

Eve: Well, tabitha, the hospital policy is that the baby's examined by a staff doctornd then admitted to the nursery.

Tabitha: Admitted to the --

eve: Well, yes, you have

s stay at least one night so that we can keep an eye on the baby.

Tabitha: Oh, well, if I have to.

Eve: Well, I do have to insist. We want to monitor you and the baby, make sure you're both 100% healthy, just as a precaution. Nurse?

Nurse: Yes, doctor.

Eve: Can you take ms. Lenox and her baby up to maternity?

Nurse: Yes. All set?

Tabitha: Well, I suppose.

Eve: I'll be in to see you later.

Tabitha: Thank you, julian --

julian: Oh --

tabitha: For everything.

Julian: There's no need for thanks.

Nurse: You ready?

Julian: Oh, eve, wait. How are you doing?

Eve: Well, to be honest with you, julian, I don't really know. I haven't spoken to T.C. Since the fire.

Julian: Really?

Eve: I'm sure he's still furious with me for giving whitney my blessing to go to L.A. With chad.

Julian: How is whitney? Is she enjoying L.A.?

Eve: Well, I haven't heard from her, but I'm sure she's having a good time. You know, any place is better than here with my malignant sister liz.

Julian: Yeah. Chad and whitney are very much in love, and they should be given the chance to see how their love can grow without some outside influence meddling.

Theresa: Fox, just call off your oversexed friend.

Fox: Theresa, what's wrong?

Theresa: Oh, what -- what's wrong is he's a jerk. He was just all over me.

Fox: No, no, sven likes you. He wants to hook up with you.

Theresa: I don't care. I don't want to hook up with him, ok? He -- he had no right to touch me like that, ok?

Fox: Ok.

Whitney: Ok, it's all right, theresa. Fox will take care of it. Right, fox?

Fox: Well, yeah, of course. Yeah, I'll take care of it. I'll -- don't worry about it.

Theresa: I only love ethan, whitney.

Whitney: I know. I know.

Sven: What's her deal?

Fox: What's her -- she doesn't have a deal, sven. You upset her. Man, come on. Now, what you're going to do is you're going to leave her alone, you're going to back off. Do you understand me?

Sven: Hey, sure. It's her loss.

Fox: Yeah, I'm sure it is her loss.

Chad: What's going on?

Whitney: That idiot theresa was dancing with came on a little too strong.

Chad: Well, where is he?

Fox: No, just don't worry about it. I took care of him. He's not going to bother her anymore. Theresa, I'm sorry about that. I didn't know.

Theresa: I know, it's just -- it's not your fault. I mean, please, I -- maybe I overreacted just a little bit, you know.

Chad: No, no, no. If he was out of line, there's no way it's your fault.

Fox: Yeah.

Theresa: Well, I just think that, you know, los angeles is so beautiful, and I want to have a good time, you know? I want to enjoy myself.

Whitney: You will.

Theresa: No, no, not if I just keep on thinking about ethan. I want those bags to be ethan's, you know? I know that they can't be, but, my god, I just -- I wish they were.

Ethan: You know, I wonder if there's a manager at the apartment I could call who could check on our bags and see if they're still outside.

Gwen: I don't know.

Ethan: What are you thinking about?

Gwen: When we're going to get the results of these lab tests.

Ethan: Honey, honey, it's a big hospital. I mean, they probably have to process dozens of tests.

Gwen: I know. I'm just so anxious to get to the apartment and get settled in.

Ethan: So am I. My first concern is you and that baby's health. I don't want to rush anything if you need to stay here at the hospital. And I want to give our baby as long as he or she needs inside mommy before he or she makes his big debut.

Gwen: I love you very much. You know that?

Ethan: I love you.

Nurse: I was just going to check heriaiaper.

Tabitha: I just did. She's fine.

Tabitha: What are you doing? No! No, no! Stop it! You can't do things like that around here. You have to be careful with your powers, my baby. We have enemies everywhere. And we can't allow the world to know that you're really a creature from the dark side. They just wouldn't understand. So you have to keep your hand and your tail under wraps.

Kay: Hmm. She is so healthy.

Tabitha: Hey, what are you doing here?

Kay: I -- I wanted to tell you that I made my decision. I'm going to turn to the good side. I'm turning away from the dark side.

Tabitha: Well, good luck, dear. I hope you're successful in saving your baby.

Kay: I will be. But in order to do that, I need to make a confession of all my sins, and that includes telling everyone that you're a witch.

Tabitha: What?

Kay: You're the reason that I turned evil, tabitha.

Tabitha: You mean -- you mean you'd out me? But, kay, you can't dohahat.

Kay: It's the only way I can save my child. But I -- I wanted to warn you so that you could at least get out of town first. So you better get moving.

Tabitha: Wh-- wh-- kay, wait! Wait, kay! And I'm not even making it.

Gwen: Sweetheart, I am feeling so much better. I mean, no contractions, no pain at all. Our second honeymoon. I am going to take you down to that gorgeous pool and lather you from head to toe in lotion and then do lots and lots of this --

fox: Theresa, you got magic hands.

Theresa: Well, I owe you this for getting rid of sven.

Fox: Well, you're a beautiful woman. You're going to ha t to get used to men hitting on you.

Theresa: Oh, there's only one man for me.

Fox: That would be ethan.

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Fox: Mm-hmm. You wish he was here instead of me, don't you? I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Theresa: Well, I'm going to be with him soon enough. I know in my gut, in my heart, and in my soul I will be.

Fox: You know, I think your determination's starting to rub off on me, because I believe that I'm going to be with the woman that I love, too. It'll happen soon.

Theresa: So when do we finally get to meet this mystery woman? Hmm?

Fox: Sooner than you think, theresa. Sooner than you think.

Luis: Yeah, well, thanks a lot for letting me check out the basement.

Beth: No problem.

Luis: All right.

Mrs. Wallace: Bye. All right, this is one bullet I figured you'd never dodge, but it looks like you did.

Beth: I told you it would work, mother. Now sheridan is going to rot down in that basement. Nobody's going to find her.

Sheridan: Luis -- luis -- I could have sworn he was here. Oh. I must have been dreaming. Ohluluis, if only you were here to save me.

Rebecca: Well, there you are. A nurse told me you came up here with tabitha.

Julian: Oh, well, they're keeping her and the baby overnight for observation.

Rebecca: Oh, well, someone ought to keep an eye on that demon child. There is something wrong with it. I don't know why I'm surprised. I mean, what kind of inbred old geezer would actually have sex with tabitha?

Julian: I -- I'm sure he's a wonderful man.

Rebecca: What have you been smoking? Look, you saw that child. She's warped.

Julian: You stop it, rebecca.

Rebecca: No, I am telling you, there are missing rungs in that baby's D.N.A.

Kay: Father lonigan, I'm ready to make my confession now. I know why my baby's so sick. It's -- it's my fault. So I beg you just to hear my confession and forgive me. I was led into this by outside forces.

Tatabitha's voice: No, no, she can't be doing this! She can't reveal I'm a witch! She'll ruin everything!

Man: Are you certain you want to go through with this? Saving the baby means you will lose miguel.

Charity: I love miguel with all my heart, but we have to save this innocent child no matter what the cost to me.

Pilar: No!

Charity: It's too late. The baby's dead.

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