Passions Transcript Wednesday 7/23/03

Passions Transcript Wednesday 7/23/03

by Eric

vivian: Mm-hmm. Chad, I'd like you to meet syd valentine. Syd, I'd like you to meet chad harris, the young man who's going to make you a star.

Syd: Hello, chad.

Chad: Hello. Did you say make her a star?

Vivian: This is the voice you just heard -- the voice that blew you away.

Chad: Right. Well, it's really nice to meet you, syd.

Syd: I can't wait to sing some of your songs. You write incredible stuff.

Vivian: Why wait? You're here, the equipment's here. Why not start right now?

Chad: Now? I'm sorry, but I can'T.

Vivian: You can't? Chad, we didn't fly you out here and give you a very lucrative contract to hear you say no. Now, why can't you start working right away?

Chad: It's just that -- well, I got in early this morning, and I haven't had a chance to unpack.

Vivian: You'll be in L.A. For a long time. You'll have plenty of time to unpack.

Chad: You know, you're right. I can unpack anytime. What's important now is work.

Vivian: Good.

Vivian: I want to hear syd sing one of your songs. She's been working on one in particular. Track six.

Syd: I've been dying to meet the man who wrote this incredible song.

Chad: Well, thanks, syd. Look, I'm going to start the tape. You sing.

Syd: I'm ready.

[Music plays]

W when it hurts to be heard and you're really not sure if it's cool to be customized feelin' like a fool you say, back down, jack what I need is some slack just a little buffer ain't gonna to be your lover when it's time to get out better shut your mouth headed south fast lane no brains knowin' what it's all about what you want now sittin' out there on the edge of night? Just for once and make it right pick your time, pick your fight pick your fight drives you crazy it's so lazy makes you shaky on your feet feelin' dizzy eyes all misty

chad: Vivian, she's fantastic.

Vivian: I know.

Syd: Drives you crazy drives you crazy ooh makes yocrcrazy ooh drives you, drives you crazy drives you crazy yes crazy, crazy, crazy hey, yeah

chad: Syd! Girl, you nailed that! I've never heard it sung so well.

Vivian: What'd I tell you?

Chad: Yeah, listen, I want to hear the playback, but I need to make a quick phone call. I'll be right with you.

Vivian: Mm-hmm.

Chad: Damn.

[Phone rings]

Chad: Why isn't whitney answering?

[Phone vibrates]

Whitney: Ah!

Agh! Fox! Fox! Fox!

Fox: What the -- oh, boy.

Whitney: The shower head fell off! Here!

Fox: Ok, ok, ok, ok. All right, all right. Here we go. Under control.

David: Grace, coffee.

Grace: Thanks, david.

David: So did they take the baby up to I.C.U. Yet?

Grace: No. Kay and miguel are still looking at her.

Pilar: Well, you can't blame them for not wanting to let her go. They almost lost her.

Sam: But eve and the other doctors kept her alive. A miracle considering how premature she was born.

Grace: Yes. Our grandchild's a fighter, isn't she?

Sam: And according to the nurses, she's going to be fine.

Pilar: Gracias a dios.

Grace: Oh, pilar.

Pilar: Oh, grace. Sam.

Kay: She's so tiny.

Miguel: She may be tiny, but she sure is beautiful.

Kay: Yeah, our baby is beautiful. Gosh, don't you just love her?

Miguel: More than I ever dreamed I could.

Nurse: I thought it was better to tell them that everything's all right. If they were to realize that the baby's in trouble, that her lungs are so underdeveloped --

eve: Both their families have had to deal with so much lately, I don't know how they're going to deal with this.

Nurse: Doctor, how long are you going to let kay and miguel see the baby? Shouldn't we get her to nicu so we can monitor her condition?

Eve: Yes, but I want kay and miguel to spend a little more time with the baby. Look, I said before, this may be thononly time they ever get to spend with their child. It's unlikely that the child will make it.


Luis: We're going to search every square inch of beth's basement, and I'm going to search every square inch of harmony until we find sheridan.

Hank: You're not still feeling that sheridan's in danger?

Luis: Yes. All right, and I'm telling you, if we don't find her soon --


Beth: Come on, sheridan. You can't be dead. Luis is going to be here, and if he finds you dead, I'm going to go to prison.

Charlie: What's going on? Can we come down?

Beth: Yes, come down.

Charlie: The basement door was open a crack.

[Charlie and mrs. Wallace gasp]

Mrs. Wallace: Sheridan -- oh, what happened? Oh -- oh --

beth: She's dead.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, my god. How?

Beth: We were fighting and I grabbed her, and we were coming down the stairs and we fell.

Charlie: Dead?

Beth: She must have broken her neck or something.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, you might as well have broken your neck, because those sirens that you hear, huh? That means luis and his cops are on the way here. And when they come down here and search, luis is going to find the corpse of his one true love. And then what do you thinkss going to be happening, bethie, huh? Luis is not going to be arresting you for kidnapping, no. He's going to book you for murder one. You're going to be executed. Tried and fried.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

looking for a conditioner

Fox: All right.

[Whitney chuckles]

Fox: Sorry about that. I -- I should have warned you about that. I should have had it fixed the last time I left here.

[Whitney laughs]

Vivian: That was quick.

Chad: Oh, yeah. Listen, I had no clue that I was going to be working on my first day here, and I have got a lot of stuff to do, so I'm going to take off.

Vivian: Look, chad, when you work with kenisha and me as a producer, it's a 24/7 job. You know what I'm saying?

Chad: I hear you. I hear you. And I'm going to give you 110%. I promise.

Vivian: Good. Then let's do another.

Chad: Ok. But there's no way it's going to be any better than the last one, because syd sounded incredible.

Syd: I sounded incredible, but how do I look?

Vivian: Fantastic. With you and chad, I feel like I've hit the daily double. You singing his songs and chad working his magic as a producer, you are going all the way to the top. I am talking superstar.

Syd: You hear that, chad? We are going to be the most amazing team in this whole damn town.

Fox: Oh, I -- I -- sorry about that. I didn't even -- I totally did not mean to --

whitney: No, it's ok.

Fox: You know what? I -- I should have warned you about that thing. I forgot that it wasn't -- fixed.

Whitney: It's ok. It's ok, really. Well, it's fixed now, so -- thank you.

Fox: Yeah. Well, then, you can --

whitney: Right.

Fox: Hop on in and finish -- finish your shower.

Whitney: Ok, thanks. Oh! Oh!

Fox: Here we go again!

[Whitney laughs]

Whitney: Be careful!

Fox: It's all right.

Eve: Kay, miguel, it's time for us to take the baby.

Kay: But I thought you said she was all right.

Eve: Well, I said it was all right for you to touch her for a few minutes, but she's a very premature baby. She needs special care. Nurse, you can take the baby.

Kay: But she's going to be ok, right?

Eve: Yeah. Kay, of course. Your baby's going to have the very best in care. I promise you. It's going to be ok, and miguel will be in there with her.

Miguel: What about kay?

Eve: Well, kay's just had major surgery, so I'm going to have to give her another look, make sure her staples are ok before we send her to post-op.

Kay: But I want to go with miguel and the baby.

Eve: Well, I'm afraid that's out of the question. You have to go to post-op.

Miguel: You do what dr. Russell says, and I'll see you soon.

Kay: Ok. But don't wait too long, ok, because I really want to be with you and the baby. Can you bring her to my room, ok?

Miguel: Don't worry.

Kay: Ok.

Pilar: Poor little baby. How are you, mijo?

Miguel: I'm ok.

Jessica: How is kay?

Miguel: She's fine, but dr. Russell wanted her to go to post-op, and she didn't want to go, but --

grace: No, that's where she belongs.

Miguel: Isn't she beautiful, charity?

Charity: Yeah, she's really beautiful.

Grace: She's so tiny.

Nurse: Miguel, I don't mean to rush you, but we do need to get the baby to nicu.

Miguel: Nicu?

Grace: Neonatal intensive care unit.

Miguel: Yeah, but she didn't say the baby had to go there. Is there something you're not telling me?

Nurse: It's just we have to take special precautions with very premature babies.

Grace: She'll get the best of care there, miguel. Don't worry.

Nurse: I know I'm sorry, but I do need to get the baby to nicu.

Miguel: Oh, my god. Kay doesn't know anything about this. She's already so upset.

Kay: I can't wait to see my baby again and just be in my own room nursing her for the first time.

Luis: All right, we're almost to beth'S.

Hank: Hey, there's officer glazer. Maybe we should stop and see if everything's set up for the search before we check beth's basement.

Luis: All right. Just make it quick, all right? Tell them that sheridan's in incredible danger.


Beth: Ok, we -- we got to get out of here. We got to make a run for it.

Mrs. Wallace: Run? With this?

[Mrs. Wallace laughs]

Beth: Yeah, well, if you can't keep up, you're not coming. You just stay here.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh -- fine. Then when the cops come, I'm going to start singing like a canary!

Beth: Yeah, well, you won't if you're laying there next to sheridan dead as she is.

Mrs. Wallace: I won't have to say anything anyhow. Listen to me! When luis walks down those stairs, he's going to find sheridan dead, and he's going to figure out what happened. He's going to find the pit, and then he's going to find these masks. And then what do you think's going to happen, huh? He's going to start hunting you down, and he's not going to stop until he sends you walking down that green mile!

Charlie: Hold on, hold on. Sheridan's not dead. She's just unconscious.

Mrs. Wallace: Thank you, angels! Thank you angels in heaven! Thank you!

Charlie: I think we should go with your plan, beth. We'll get sheridan out of here. We'll make a run for it.

Beth: No, no. It won't work.

Charlie: Well, why not?

Beth: Well, mother -- she's right.

Mrs. Wallace: Huh!

Beth: Ok? Luis is going to come over here, he's going to find the pit, and then he's going to know what happened. He's going to hunt us down.

Mrs. Wallace: So what do we do now, feathers for brains?

Beth: All right. We got to work fast, but I think we can still get the D.V.D. Done before luis gets here. We'll get sheridan to say she's fine, that she's in paris, and then luis -- he'll call off the search.

Mrs. Wallace: Hello in there! Has your insanity affected your hearing? That wailing is police sirens!

Beth: Ok, ok. Yeah, but last time luis started the search, we heard the sirens, but it still took a while for them to get here. I think we can still get the D.V.D. Done if we just -- we hurry.

Mrs. Wallace: No, no, there is no time, there is no time.

Beth: Yeah, yeah, charlie, you go get the equipment ready. Mother, you get precious. Go upstairs so sheridan doesn't see you. I'm going to get her ready for the camera.

Mrs. Wallace: It'll never work! Never work! Never, never, never!

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Ivy: What are you doing?

David: Leave sam alone.

Ivy: I was just going over to comfort him. That baby is so small, it has virtually no chance of surviving.

David: No more manipulations today, ivy, ok? Not today. Sam and grace are afraid for their daughter and their granddaughter.

Ivy: That's why I --

david: Leave them alone. Let them deal with their family crisis. You can always worry about breaking them up another day.

Ivy: Oh.

Miguel: When kay finds out the baby's being taken to nicu, I don't know what she'll do.

Charity: Try not to worry, ok?

Kay: We are having a child together.

Miguel: Yeah, kay, and that's the only bond that we have between us. All right, you do know that charity and I are eventually going to get married, right? You know that she's going to be just as involved in our baby's life just as you and I are?

Kay: I don't want my baby to grow up in a broken home, miguel.

Miguel: Our baby is not going to grow up in a broken home, kay. All right, the fact is it's going to have a lot of extra people in its life giving it love.

Kay: I know, miguel, that -- ow! Ow.

Miguel: Kay, you all right? I shouldn't have followed her. I mean, I was fighting with her when her heart water broke. It's my fault that the baby was born early.

Charity: No, no, don't blame yourself.

Miguel: She was so brave. She was in so much pain and she was terrified, and all she could think about was our baby. She's going to be such a good mother.

Nurse: We really do have to go now.

Pilar: I'll go with you to nicu, mijo.

Miguel: All right.

Charity: I'll go, too. If you want me to.

Miguel: Of course I do.

Charity: Ok.

Pilar: Perhaps you should stay and be with kay, huh?

Sam: That's a good idea.

Grace: You'll let us know how the baby's doing?

Pilar: Of course.

Miguel: I hope kay's doing all right.

Pilar: Me, too. Come on.

Kay: I have to be with my baby.

Eve: What? Kay, no. No, no. No. Calm down, kay. Calm down.

Kay: I just have to check on her and make sure she's ok.

Eve: Look at this, you're bleeding. You're pulling out your staples.

Kay: I don't care, dr. Russell. I have to be with my baby.

Sheridan: Please. I'm worried about my baby. Take me to a doctor.

Beth: Stop your whining.

Sheridan: What kind of monster are you?

Beth: Look, I'm going to give you your vitamins. What more do you want?

Sheridan: A doctor. I haven't felt my baby kick in a while. I'm very worried that something is wrong.

Beth: Oh?

Sheridan: Oh! Oh, I just felt a kick.

Beth: Well, good. Then the baby's fine.

Sheridan: And again.

Beth: Ok, then shut up. Now, listen -- now, this is what you're going to say to luis for the camera, ok? You're fine, you're happy, you're in paris. When you're ready to come home, you'll contact him. Until then, you're getting some much-needed rest and relaxation. Got it? Ok. Let's make a movie.

Sheridan: When this is all over, I get all the food I want, right? And the neonatal vitamins, right?

Beth: Yes. I want to make sure your baby is very healthy. See, mother, my plan is to kidnap sheridan, and then I'll wait for her to give birth. Then once she has the baby, I kill her and I take the child as my own. That way sheridan will be gone and luis and I can be together forever. It's just what I've always wanted, what I deserve.

Mrs. Wallace: You deserve a padded cell!

Grace: I'm going to take very, very good care of your baby, sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey. What's in there?

Charlie: Video equipment, everything that beth needs to make the D.V.D.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey. What are you doing with beth's sack of sugar?

[Mrs. Wallace laughs]

Mrs. Wallace: You planning on fooling someone into thinking that you got pregnant, too? Huh?

[Mrs. Wallace laughs]

Luis: It won't be long now, precious, but you got to push, all right? Now, come on, precious. Precious, focus. Push! Yeah, that's it. Push. Oh, my god. Precious, we're the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy.

Luis: Precious, he's got my hair.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey! You better make sure that bag of sugar's around when beth needs it, because she's got to keep luis thinking that she's pregnant or he'll know something is up.

Luis: That took way too long.

Hank: Now, keep cool. You'll get through this.

Luis: All right, whatever. All right, we're going to go search beth's basement. We'll take it from there.

Hank: You really we're going to find sheridan in harmony?

Luis: Yes, hank. I'm telling you, I can feel it. She's close. She's real close.

Kay: I just want to see my baby!

Eve: Yes, and the sooner that you heal, the sooner that can happen, kay.

Kay: Ok, well, will you fix my staples and then take me to her, then?

Eve: You're going to post-op after this. You need to rest for a few hours. You just had a c-section.

Kay: Dr. Russell, the only place I'm going to be is with my baby and with miguel, so will you just fix me and take me to them, ok?


Chad: Great. Syd, you really knocdd that out. I got to tell you, baby, a talent like yours blows me away.

Syd: Likewise.

Vivian: When I see the two of you, all I can say is ka-ching, ka-ching. Ah! You guys are going to make us millions. You've got that photo shoot, syd. Don't want to miss that.

D:D: But I wanted to work more with chad.

Vivian: And you will -- later. But right now we have to get those publicity pictures, so get your stuff.

Syd: Well, I know that we'll be working together for a very long time.

Chad: Well, I hope so. All right, listen, I'm going to finish mixing those songs, and then I'm going to take off?

Vivian: See you later. Ka-ching, ka-ching. Want to grab some dinner later?

Syd: No, I don't think so. I got my own plans.

Fox: Wow. You -- you -- whoo. Well, you look great.

Whitney: Really? Well -- wow. Thank you. Thank you very much. I mean, I tried on five different outfits. I wanted to look absolutely perfect for chad.

Fox: Oh.

Whitney: So did he call?

Fox: Who?

Whitney: Chad, of course, while I was finishing up my shower.

Fox: Oh, yeah. No, uh-uh. No, he didn't call.

[Phone rings]

Whitney: Oh, oh, oh, let me get that. Hello?

Chad: Hey.

Whitney: Hey. I'm so glad you called. So tell me, how's it going?

Chad: Great. But I'll tell you all about it later.

Whitney: When are you coming home?

Chad: I'm on my way now, and I was just thinking that we could do a little sightseeing, you know, just you and me.

Whitney: Yeah. That sounds perfect. I want to drive everywhere. Chad, I can't wait to spend some time alone with you.

Fox's voice: Someday, whitney, you'll be just as excited about spending time alone with me.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey, hey, psst! You think sheridan sitting in front oa a dirty wall is going to fool luis into thinking that she's on the champs elysees?

Beth: I am so tired of you saying

[As mrs. Wallace] "This isn't going to work."

Mrs. Wallace: It isn'T. He's a cop, for criminy's sake. You're not going to fool him with that cheap thing. I've seen better movies made in seedy motels.

Beth: [Normal voice] Seen or starred in, mother?

Mrs. Wallace: You watch your mouth, missy!

Beth: Shh! Get quiet, ok? I want to start rolling.

Sam: What's going on?

Beth: It's show time, that's what's going on. You and I are going to make a movie. Let's see that toothpaste grin. Come on, smile, or you and your byby will die. Y I'm late.No problem.

It went on for a year and a half. Going over every detail. But after this long, one question remains: Was it enough to try robert picton on 15 counts of first degree murder? Find out tonight on "global national" with kevin newman.

Singer: You are my passion for life

nurse: The baby has respiratory distress syndromes due to her immature lungs, so she's going to have to be on a ventilator, and she's also going to be receiving some antibiotics since infections are a common cause of premature births. And the bed has a radiant warmer, and she'll be receiving intravenous fluids through a central line, umbilical line.

Miguel: You haven't heard anything about kay, have you, how she's doing?

Kay: I'm doing ok, miguel.

Miguel: Kay, what are you doing here?

Eve: Key should be in post-op, but there was nothing I could do to keep her away from your baby.

Kay: I want to see her. Oh, god. You poor thing. It's ok, though, because mommy's here. And I love you. Chary.Y. What is she doing here? She's the one who upset me so much by telling me my baby was going to die.

Beth: Cut! That's a wrap. I have to say, your performance was -- mmm! -- Magnifique! Academy award-winning stuff, yeah.

Sheridan: Except that luis won't believe it.

Beth: When he sees that you're safe and sound, of course he'll believe it.

Sheridan: Look, why don't you just let me go? I'll make sure that you're paid, very well paid. My family is wealthy.

Beth: Oh, do tell.

Sheridan: Yes, and then I can get medical attention for me and my baby.

Beth: Yeah, well, why don't we go in a totally different direction and you get back down in the pit?

Sheridan: What? No!

Beth: Why do you always say no? For a change, could you say yes? And stop asking me to let you go, because it's not going to happen. Now, chop, chop. Get down that rope ladder and get in the pit! Oh, here. Put these on. I got to return that dress.

[Sheridan cries]

Beth: Stop your whin-- go! Oh -- hurry up.


Mrs. Wallace: I'm telling you, this is nevervever going to work.

Beth: You save it, mother. I'm not listening. You know what to do with this, right, charlie?

Charlie: I know.

Mrs. Wallace: Wh d did you just hand her?

Beth: None of your business.

Mrs. Wallace: None of this is going to work, you know.

Beth: Shut your yap, ok? I got to go upstairs and change.

Sheridan: Luis, where are you?

Hank: I know we've talked about this before, but do you really think that sheridan could be in beth's basement?

Luis: Hank, I don't know, all right? If I was a kidnapper and I was looking for a place to stash sheridan, I would think her basement would be a good choice since we're such good friends, all right?

Hank: But could a kidnapper really keep sheridan in beth's basement without her knowing abt t it?

Luis: Stranger things have happened. Look, hank, if I don't search her place, it's going to look like favoritism on my part, all right? Now, you check the place next door. I'm going to check out her basement.

[Knock on door]

Luis: Beth? Beth, it's luis. I'm here to search your basement.

Beth: I'll be right there.

Luis: Hey, beth, who's in there with you?

Beth: Oh, I forgot the voice distorter.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, well, you have done it now, missy!

Luis: Beth, I said, is there someone in there with you?

kay: So what are you doing here, charity? Are you just waiting for my baby to die?

Grace: Kay --

kay: Because she's the one who upset me so much about her premonitions -- of some baby dying.

Miguel: Ok, kay --

eve: Kay, this isn't the time, honey, ok? Charity, I think that you should leave. Ok, we don't want to get kay upset.

Charity: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Miguel: Charity, charity, it's ok. Just -- just go, pleas

eve: I think everyone should leave except for kay and miguel.

Miguel: Kay, you can't upset yourself like this.

Kay: It's just seeing charity --

migu:: Yeah, I know, I know, ok? But you need to be resting. All right, you need to be getting stronger.

Kay: Miguel, all I want is for our baby to be ok.

Pilar: Charity, try not to be too upset, hmm? Kay didn't mean to hurt you. She's just under a lot of stress.

Sam: You know, it's unbelievable that kay in her condition was strong enough to make it here.

Grace: Sometimes a mother's strength allows her to do amazing things.

Sam: You know, miguel has been amazing, too. You know, I have to admit I was worried about he would treat kay and the baby after the baby was born, but -- no offense, pilar, but we all know that he's in love with charity.

Pilar: I understand your concern for your daughter, sam, but I always knew my son would do the right thing, that once that little baby was born, he would know what it really means to be a father.

John: You're the one miguel loves, charity. That won't change.

Charity: Miguel's a father now, and I think that's going to change everything, including his love for me.

Whitney: Chad! Whoo!

Chad: Ooh!

Whitney: I missed you so much.

Chad: Oh, baby, I missed you, too. Look at you. You look beautiful.

Whitney: Thank you.

Chad: You all set?

Whitney: Uh-huh.

Fox: All right, where we going?

Chad: Oh, fox. Hey, listen, I'm going to have to break up the three musketeers for the day. Yeah, whitney and I need to spend a little time alone together. You understand.

Fox: What? Whoa, come on, yeah. Hey, I totally understand.

Whitney: Come on, are you sure?

Fox: Yeah. Of course. I mean, look, if I was going to spend time alone with the woman that I love and have a romantic day, the last thing in the world that I'd want is for chad to be hanging around, right?

Whitney: Ok.

Chad: All right?

Whitney: So, mr. Record producer, where are we going to go?

Chad: Well, I've heard about this great place on the beach. It's called the marina. We can eat, get our groove on, walk along the shore. It's the hottest place in L.A. Right now.

Whitney: What are we waiting for?

Chad: All right. Don't wait up, man.

Fox: Yeah. Have fun. Oh. How to keep whitney and chad apart? There's got to be a way I can do this. I'll tell you what I need to do. What I need to do is head on down to where they're going to spend their alone time and horn in on it. How am I going to do that without being totally obvious?

[Doorbell rings]

Fox: Oh, great. Who could that be? Can I help you?

Syd: I hope so. I'm looking for chad. Is he around?

Beth: I got to get rid of my disguise.

Luis: Is someone in there with you, beth?

Beth: Uh --

[Beth coughs]

Beth: No. A frog in my throat, luis.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, yeah, right, like he's really going to believe that one, huh?

Beth: Look, you better hope he does believe it, becae e if he doesn't, I'm going to tell him that it was your idea to kidnap sheridan!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh -- oh, come on, precious. We'll let beth dig herself out of this one all on her own! Come on, precious! Come on. Come on, precious.

[Beth coughs]

Beth: Sorry. Hi.

Luis: Hey.

Beth: Ooh.

Luis: I was worried about you. It sounded like someone else was in here with you.

Beth: Oh, well -- I've got a bit of a cold.

Luis: Ah.

Beth: Look, mother was just in here with precious. It is so good to see you.

Luis: Something different about you.

Beth: Oh? Different?

Luis: Yeah. But I don't know what it is, but it's definitely something.

Mrs. Wallace: One crazy scheme after another, each one dumber than the last. How did my daughter turn out to be such a wacko? I don't know!

Luis: Yeah, I can't quite put my finger on it. Now, something's definitely different about you, beth. feeling all night. I don't know if I have

And here he's -- he's player, right?!

Fox: Well, I will be in touch. Let's do this -- give me a chance to get settled in, because I just got back, so there's that. But I tell you what -- I will give you call, ok? All righty. Bye.

Whew. Anyway, so, you were saying you're looking for chad.

Syd: Yeah. He's my producer. I have talk to him.

Fox: You have to talk to him?

Syd: Hmm.

Fox: Yeah. Well, I happen to know exactly where your producer is.

Whitney: Oh, wow. This place is incredible.

Chad: Oh, yes. From now on, baby, our lives are always going to be just like this -- full of fun and excitement.

Whitney: Hey, hey, as long as we're together, that's all that matters.

Chad: We are always going to be together.

Whitney: Ok.

Chad: Nothing and nobody will ever pull us apart.

Grace: How's the baby?

Eve: Well, the baby's condition is unchanged. I wish I had some better news for you, but --

sam: Is there anything we can do?

Eve: Pray.

Sheridan: Oh. We can't lose hope, little one. Luis is out there. He's looking for us. He'll find us, and we'll be together as a family.

Beth: What are you talking about, luis? I mean, what do you think is different?

Luis: I don't know. It's just something's a little, you know -- it's a bit off. Is it the hair? Is it? I don't know. It's just something.

Beth: I -- I don't know what it could be.

Beth's voice: My sugar sack. Oh, my god. Luis will see I'm not pregnant. Why didn't I put it on? Ok, where the hell is the sack?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh! It's all over. We're going to prison, precious! Angels in heaven, you are wearing beth's sugar sack. Luis is going to see that she is not pregnant.

Holy good night, mary ellen! Ryan, we're going to prison faster than I thought!

Luis: What is it that's different about you, beth?

Luis: Oh, my god, that's it. Beth's not pregnant.

Man: Ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only --

men: Mya!


Gwen: Let him go!

Theresa: Never! No, no, no! He's mine!

Hasta la vista, loser.

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