Passions Transcript Monday 7/21/03

Passions Transcript Monday 7/21/03

by Eric

Whitney: Chad -- hmm -- is that you? Oh --

fox: Sorry to disappoint you, whitney. It's just me.

[Whitney giggles]

Fox: Chad must be still hung up at the recording studio, and I just -- I don't know -- I thought maybe you could use a little more S.P.F. Protection. I wouldn't want you to get burnt your first day out here in la-la land, right?

Whitney: Oh. Well, that's very thoughtful of you. Thank you.

Fox: Don't mention it.

Kay: Oh!

Mimiguel: I'm right here, kay.

Theresa: I'm scared, mama. What if kay loses miguel's baby?

Pilar: Don't think that way. The baby will be fine.

Kay: Oh! Miguel, it hurts!

[Kay cries]

Miguel: Dr. Russell, is this normal?

Eve: No delivery is easy, but we have to deliver this baby before kay's blood pressure goes any higher.

Grace: Hey, sweetheart, I'm here.

Kay: Daddy --

sam: Eve, can we be with kay when she delivers?

Eve: I can't allow it during an emergency c-section, sam.

Kay: C-section? Miguel!

Eve: We don't have any alternative. The fetus is in distress. We can't even risk a few more minutes of waiting.

Sam: Go ahead.

Kay: Miguel! Please!

Charity: Go, go, go. You need to be with her. I'll wait outside.

Eve: Tell dr. Silbert we're ready for the epidural.

Nurse: Yes, doctor.

Hank: Hey, how long's he been out?

Officer: Only a few minutes. I thought about waking him up, but if anyone needs to catch up on some zs, it's him.

Hank: He's been on duty for at least two days running. He'lhahave our heads when he wakes up, but if he's too fried, he won't be much good to anyone. Let's let him rest, and we'll resume the search for sheridan when he gets up.

Officer: Yeah, that's what I thought. I mean, a couple hours isn't going to make any difference.

Sheridan: Help! Help me!

Mrs. Wallace: Ok, it's your turn, precious.

Sheridan: Please, somebody help me!

Mrs. Wallace: Well, I can't stand it, either!

Sheridan: Help!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, we have got to do something -- that's it -- to stop those two homicidal maniacs.

Sheridan: Help! Help me! Please, somebody help me! Help!

Charlie: Got a problem, you deaf, old bat?

Mrs. Wallace: You and beth have got to stop this.

Sheridan: Please help me!

Mrs. Wallace: It's not just sheridan that you are murdering. It's her innocent, unborn baby as well!

Charlie: Quit your bellyaching. We're just doing what we should've done to blondielocks in the first place -- burying her alive.

Sheridan: Please help me!

Charlie: The pit is alive with the sound of music. Personally, I'm going to miss sheridan's screams when she's dead.

Sheridan: Help! Help me! No! Please, somebody help me! Please! I'm begging you, whoever you are, don't do this!

Beth: Die, sheridan, die.

[Sheridan coughs]

Sheridan: No! No! No!


Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of t b bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my pasonon for life hww rl presents new

outlast pearl shades.

>> Randy: Who there's n -- a lot of strangers there. Sucker got duped again into

>> Shannon: Never mind the cameras in the fuller relationship if you're able to include me.

>> Dana: Iokay, bye.

>> Randy: Our anniversary.

>> Johnny: Brenda, it's natural. I don't want to think I'm coming on to you or anything, but you must getitit do? They can do be dead in a year.

>> Lucas:Ut a man needs you're in t rdy way yect. HaT. Y wso i came out I'm not going to say an

[Charlie laughs]

Sheridan: No! Please! No more!


Charlie: As much as I love that sound --

sheridan: Help!

Charlie: I better go shut the door.

Sheridan: Help me!

No! Please, somebody help me!

Mrs. Wallace: You are a monster. That's what you are. It is one thing to take out your sick rage at blond-haired beauties like sheridan crane, but to kill her innocent, unborn baby? How do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Charlie: You want to know how? I'll tell you. 10 to one, sheridan's kid turns out to be just like her -- selfish, spoiled, silver-spoon-in-her-mouth brat. Yeah, the world will be better off without either one of them. So instead of whining, you and the rest of the great unwashed ought to be thanking me for ridding the earth of the filthy rich bitch.

Luis: She's dead. I was too late.

Mrs. Wallace: You poor thing. I can just imagine how you feel.

Luis: Yeah, it's a shame, all right. But it's not like I lost my true love. The love of my life.

Sheridan: No. No! Please! I'm begging you, whoever you are, d't't do this! Oh -- oh. Why are you doing this? What did I ever do to you?

[Sheridan coughs]

Kay: Oh! Oh, god, it hurts!

[Kay moans]

Eve: Dr. Silbert, thank goodness. We have to get this baby out as soon as possible.

Dr. Silbert: I'll prepare the epidural immediately.

Miguel: What's that?

Eve: It's just an anesthetic that will keep kay from feeling any pain.

Kay: I don't want to lose consciousness, though. I want to be awake for the whole thing.

Eve: You will be awake. You just won't feel any pain when I make the incision and take out the baby.

Kay: Incision? Dr. Russell, don't cut the baby!

Miguel: Kay, it's going to be all right. All right? You're in good hands.

Kay: Oh, god, if you're there, I promise I'll turn over a new leaf and be a good person. Just let my baby live, ok?

Pilar: I don't understand. Why do they have to perform a c-section?

Grace: Eve only said that the baby's under distress and they can't wait for it to come out on its own.

Pilar: Things are going from bad to worse, aren't they?

Theresa: Mrs. Bennett, mama -- I mean, you have to believe that everything is going to be all right. I mean, we both know that miracles happen all the time.

Ethan: I was about to take gwen home. I heard they were operating on kay.

Theresa: Yeah, they're doing an emergency c-section.

Gwen: Oh, no.

Theresa: No, no, you can't think like that, ok? We have to have hope.

Fox: Am I being too rough?

Whitney: No, not at all. Hmm. You know, I've got the strange feeling you've done this before.

Fox: I cannot tell a lie -- maybe once or twice.

Whitney: Right.

[Whitney and fox chuckle]

Whitney: Oh. Thank you. I think that's enough.

Fox: Oh.

Whitney: For me, anyway, but I think you better put some on yourself.

Fox: No, I did. I -- you know what I did? I put it everywhere that I could reach.

Whitney: Ok, come on. I'll put some on your back.

Fox: Ok.

Whitney: You know, our first day in L.A., And I just -- I can't believe chad has to work.

Fox: Well, didn't they tell him he'd be working long hours?

Whitney: Yeah, but I just didn't realize it would be so soon.

Fox: Hmm. Well, there's the music biz for you.

Whitney: Yeah.

Fox: Yeah, yeah, this is fox. Um -- yeah. Yeah, we just got in. Listen -- yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing you, too. Listen, it might be a good idea if chad was, say, needed at the record company for a couple of hours. Yeah. Yeah, how about now? Great. All right. Well, I owe you dinner. What are you doing?

Whitney: I don't know. It's just all of a sudden, I wanted to.

[Phone rings]

Whitney: You know, I'll go geget us something cold to drink, ok?

Fox: Yeah.

Fox: Ahem. Fox crane.

Chad: Hey, man. It's your new roommate.

Fox: Oh, hey, chad. How's it going?

Chad: Not bad. Is whitney around?

Fox: Um -- no. Actually, I don't see her at the moment. Can I help you with something?

Chad: No -- just tell whitney I'm going to be stuck here a little while longer than I thought. I don't want her to get worried.

Fox: Don't sweat it, man. I will -- I will keep her company till you get back.

Chad: Cool. Thanks for the solid, man.

Fox: Don't mention it.

Pilar: Padre de dios, please protect kay and the baby.

Gwen: I cannot imagine how kay must be feeling. She must be terrified.

Ethan: I know. I hate leaving her like this.

Gwen: Sweetheart, we don't have to go, you know? We can stay.

Ethan: You really don't mind?

Gwen: Of course not. Kay is your half sister. We will stay as long as it takes to make sure she and the baby are all right.

Ethan: Thank you.

Ivy: Ahem. Your mother and I just handed you the opportunity of a lifetime to get ethan 3,000 miles away from theresa. The two of you should be home ckcking right now.

Gwen: I am not going to force ethan to leave kay, all right? It's not right.

Ivy: Well, ok. It's your life, although I think you might just be handing ethan to theresa on a silver platter.

Gwen: Ivy, don't be so dramatic, ok? A couple of hours isn't going to make a difference either way.

Sam: Kay's so young. I just pray to god she can handle whatever happens.

Charity: Miguel, too. I don't know what he's going to do if he loses this baby.

Eve: Sweetheart, turn over on your side so dr. Silbert can give you the injection.

Kay: I'm scared.

Miguel: It's all right, kay. I'm here.

Kay: Promise you won't leave me, miguel.

Miguel: I promise.

Hank: I'll give him a few more minutes before I wake him up.

[Music plays]

Luis: We wermemeant to be together.

Sheridan: I used to think that, but not anymore.

Luis: Why?

Sheridan: Because something or someone always comes between us. Look, luis, this is a sign. It is fate that we are just not meant to be together.

Singer: Now that I have found you in the coolth of your evening smile the shade of your parasol and your love flows through me though I drink at your pool I burn for you I burn for you and I are lovers when nighttime folds around our bed in peace we sleep entwined and your love flows through me though an ocean soothes my head I burn for you I burn for you

singer: Stars will fall from dark skies as ancient rocks are turning quiet fills the room and your love flows through me though I lie here so still I burn for you I burn for you I burn

luis: Sheridan? Where are you?

Mrs. Wallace: I don't know what is worse -- hearing sheridan's screams or not knowing if beth has already buried her alive.

Charlie: I'd say the job's just about done. But I'd better go check just to make sure.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh --

sheridan: Please don't do this. If you're going to kill me, fine, but at least wait until my baby's born so that he or she has a chance!

Beth: [Muffled voice] Shut up. Shut up!

Charlie: Hey, hey, hey, hey -- he psst, psst. Hey, hey, hey! You take a break, doll. I'll finish the job.

[Sheridan coughs]

Sheridan: No!

Stop! Please, stop! I'll do whaterer you want! I'll make your D.V.D.! Just don't kill my baby!

>> On the next "100 huntley street", something for the whole family. We're celebrating 25 years of circle square ranch. We're going to look at god rocks animated video series. Live here in the studio, it's the god rocks band.

>> Before the rocks cried


let's fill this world with


before the rocks cry out

sheridan: No! Didn't you hear me? I said stop! I'll record your damn D.V.D., Your -- your lying message! Just don't kill my baby!

Charlie: Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What's wrong with you? She said she'll do what you want.

Beth: What?

Charlie: She'll do it. She'll record the message like you asked.

Beth: Oh. I won. We won.

Charlie: I wouldn't start breaking out the champagne quite yet, honey. I mean, blondie's half-dead as it is. I'm not sure it'll be that convincing. You know, maybe we should just finish the job after all.

Beth: No, but this is my chance to save the baby.

Charlie: Your chance?

Beth: Well, you know what I mean. We wanted to be a family, charlie -- you, me, and the child. We're going to need sheridan's baby if we're going to fulfill our dream.

Charlie: Yeah, I guess.

Beth: Charlie, please? Please? I've always wanted to be a mother, and I really, really want to have a baby, but, well, I hate men just as much as you do, so this is really my only chance, right?

[Charlie chuckles]

Sheridan: Oh.

Chad: Man, I really feel lousy for abandoning whitney on our first day here.

Fox: Well, you know, whitney understands. She knows that it's work. That's why you came out here in the first place. Besides, it's not like she's going to be locked up in her room by herself all day. I'm happy to keep her company till you get back.

Chad: Thanks, man. Listen, don't say anything to whitney -- I want to surprise her -- but things are really popping here.

Fox: Oh, yeah?

Chad: Yeah. The head oththe label stopped by a little while ago, and he says there's a chance that I might be working with a new singer they're developing.

Fox: All right. Well, good luck with that, man. What's his sound?

Chad: Well, he is a she and apparently into pop and jazz and lots of standards, man -- just my kind of thing. And the boss thinks she could be a real star if she's brought along the right way.

Fox: Really? And they're entrusting her with the new guy? Well, I'll tell you what -- they must have a lot of faith in you.

Chad: Yeah, well, I'm not counting my chickens just yet. It's still a maybe. But it would be a nice way to start off a career.

Fox: Yeah, hope it works out for you.

Chad: You and me both. I'm still blown away they even thought of me for this.

Fox: Well, you know what they say -- don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Just take advantage of the opportunity, right?

Chad: Yeah, if I get it, man. They should let me know tomorrow or later on this week. Anyway, tell whitney that I'll catch up with her later.

Fox: You got it.

Whitney: Hey, hey, hey. Who was that?

Fox: Oh, it's nothing important.

Whitney: Oh, shoot.

Fox: Thanks.

Whitney: I was thinking that might have been chad.

Fox: Huh.

Whitney: You know, I was hoping he'd be back here by now.

Fox: Oh, well, you know the music business. I mean, the guy's probably up to his ears in demo tapes or something.

Grace: We should be holding each other together rit t now, but sam doesn't want to be anywhere near me. He blames me for what's going on with kay.

Pilar: Don't do this to yourself, grace.

Ivy: Put on your dancing shoes, david. If grace and sam can't be there for each other during kay's crisis, we've all but succeeded in breaking them up for good.

David: Despicable.

Ivy: It's not my fault this time. Grace drove sam away by choosing charity over their own daughter. All I did was take advantage of her dubious maternal instincts.

David: Two lives are at stake, and all you can think about is getting sam into bed. You disgust me.

Ivy: Ah, well, let's see how disgusted you are when you get grace into your bed.

Charity: I've never seen you this upset.

Sam: Yeah.

Theresa: We just have to keep on praying.

Kay: What's that for? You said I wasn't going to be asleep.

Dr. Silbert: It's just oxygen to help you breathe during the surgery.

Miguel: It's all right, kay. They know what they're doing.


[Monitors beep]

Kay: What's happening?

Miguel: I think it's the fetal monitors.

Kay: Oh, god, something's wrong with the baby!

Eve: Scalpel, stat!

Kay: No.

[Kay cries]

Miguel: It's going to be ok, it's going to be ok.

Kay: No --

miguel: I'm right here.

>> It's a foreign bite that's killing local bark.

>> This is just the beginning.

>> Exotic beetles bite are threatening to invade trees right across the country.

>> This is much worse than the dutch elm disease.

>> Is this a disaster waiting to happen? On tonight's global national.

Singer: You are my passion for life


Sam: Dear god, I was afraid of this.

Grace: Sam, what's going on? Why are the machines going off?

Kay: What's happening? Is the baby going to be ok?

Miguel: Kay, you got to try to relax, all right? Everything's going to bek.K.

Eve: Keep her still! Nurse, please, I need you to keep her still.

Nurse: Excuse me.

Kay: No --

miguel: Just stay calm, kay. You're just making things harder for dr. Russell.

Kay: But I don't know what's going on. What's happening to my baby?

Miguel: Dr. Russell?

Eve: Your baby is in fetal distress. We have to deliver immediately.

Kay: What's happening? Dr. Russell?

Eve: Give me some suction.

Fox: Well, this is great.

Whitney: Mm-hmm.

Fox: It's really good, but I got a better way to cool off. What do you say we hop in?

Whitney: Oh, I was going to wait for chad before I got in the water.

Fox: You're going to wait for chad before -- come on, what am I, chopped liver? Huh? Besides, chad's the one that told me to entertain you while he was at work. Right? Oh, wait, I -- unless, I mean, are you -- oh, you're afraid of the water, right?

Whitney: Oh! Ok, all right, I see how it is. All right, fine. Let's go in.

Fox: Yeah?

Whitney: Yeah.

Fox: Ok, all right. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.

Whitney: All right.

Man: Hey, fox. Who's the babe?

Second man: Let me guess -- you're auditioning for one of those hottest girls in america reality shows, right? You got my vote hands down, sweetheart.

Whitney: No. I'm a friend of fox'S.

Man: Some guys get all the luck. Does she have a sister?

Fox: Yeah, yeah, she's got a sister back east.

Man: Well, I'm on the next flight out if she's anything like her, man.

Fox: You guys, what -- knock it off. Seriously, ok? Whitney and her sister are both way out of your league, so sorry. But if you'll kindly excuse us --

man: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You're not even going to introduce us? Maybe whitney likes my type, right?

Whitney: Um --

fox: Well, maybe english has become a foreign language to you. Did you hear what I said? Knock it off.

Man: Let the lady --

fox: Knock it off.

Man: Let the lady speak for herself, fox. You may be a crane, but you don't own the world, right?

Fox: Yeah. Well, I warned you.

Whitney: Oh!

Sheridan: Help!

Luis: Sheridan? Sheridan, is that you?

Sheridan: Luis! Help me, luis!

Luis: No!

Sheridan: Where did you go? Please come back. I'll do anything you want. Just please save my baby's life!

Beth: So, I guess my plan wasn't so stupid after all, huh?

Charlie: Of course not. Nothing you say is ever stupid.

Beth: Ok, so we'll just have sheridan record a chipper message to luis, telling him to call off the dogs, and voila -- we're out of the woods. Luis will never search the basement.

Charlie: Yeah, but there's just one little hitch that I could think of. If you're going to put goldilocks on camera, we're going to have to spruce her up a bit.

Beth: Yeah, yeah, you're right. She does look like the wrath of god.

Charlie: Yeah, well, welcome to what the rest of us feel every day when we look in the mirror.

Beth: Yeah, no kidding. Luis was -- everybody was always saying how damn beautiful she is. Well, I wish they could see her now. No, but we can't let anyone suspect that she's letting herself go. Go upstairs in my bedroom, get my makeup bag. I'm going to give sheridan a little, teensy makeover.

Sheridan: Hello? Is anyone there?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. How do I stand by and watch my miserable excuse for a daughter and her most unusual friend kill an innocent woman and her unborn baby? How do I -- how do I stop them without going to jail myself for the rest of my very short life? Ok. Come on, edna. It's time to be selfless and do the right thing!

Huh -- hey, precious, what are you doing? I thought you wanted sheridan to be -- oh.

Oh, oh, oh! You would like nothing more than for sheridan to be out of the picture and I know why -- because you got a lilele crushy-wushy on luisy, huh? Well, give me back that phone, or I am cutting off your credit card privileges for good and I mean it! Here, give me -- give me --

[Phone rings]

Hank: Harmony P.D.

Mrs. Wallace: Yes. I want to report a crime -- a murder!

Hank: Hello? I think there's a bad connection. Hello?

Mrs. Wallace: Yes. This is --

charlie: You were calling the police, weren't you? Are you out of your ever-loving mind?

Hank: They hung up. I wonder who that was?

Officer: They weren't on long enough to be traced.

Hank: Let me try and get a read on this number.

Hank: Damn. Number's blocked. Hope it wasn't anything important.

Charlie: Sheridan has seen the light. She's agreed to make the veoeo saying she's alive, well, and enjoying gay paris. Once luis has seen it, he'll give up his search for her and we're all home free.

[Charlie chuckles]

Man: Hey, crane, nobody treats my buddy that way.

Fox: Oh, is that right? Well, let me show you something --

whitney: No, no, fox -- fox, they're not worth it.

Fox: Hey, you know what? She's right. You guys aren't worth it. Do me a favor, ok? Hit the bricks. Get out of here. Don't show your faces around here again.

Maman: You know, you used to be a lot of fun, fox. What happened to you?

Second man: Must be the chick's got his head turned around.

[Fox snickers]

Whitney: Were those guys really friends of yours?

Fox: A long time ago, but, no, not anymore. Look -- sorry they hassled you like that.

Whitney: No. No, it's -- it's all right.

Fox: No, it's not all right. I don't want you to think that those are my kind of people.

Whitney: Please, of course not. You are nothing like those two jerks.

Fox: Thank you.

Whitney: But, hey, it was pretty funny that they thought I was out here auditioning for that reality show, right?

Fox: You know what? I -- I think that the funny part about that was that that wasn't too much of a stretch. I -- I think that you could win any beauty contest, hands down.

Whitney: You really think so?

Fox: Yeah. Without a doubt.

David: So, how is she doing?

Grace: Not well. Apparently, the baby's in cardiac arrest.

David: I'm so sorry.

Sam: Grace, I wish I could hear what was going on --

ivy: Sam, you must be so frightened.

Pilar: I'm so glad that you're here with me, mija.

Theresa: Well, of course I'll be here for you and miguel.

Pilar: I hope this terrible scare has a happy ending, you know?

Theresa: It will, mama. And then I'm going to go to L.A. To visit chad and whitney.

Pilar: Good. I'm so glad that you decided to go to L.A. Instead of staying here just so that you could be near ethan.

Theresa: Me, too, mama. But please don't think that just because I'm going out west for a vacation means I'm giving up on my hopes and dreams. No matter how far apart ethan and I are, we're going to find our way back to each other, no matter what.

Ethan: I want to get you to that neonatal specialist in los angeles. I just don't know how cacan leave kay this way.

Gwen: Don't worry. Sweetheart, we have time. Just do me one favor and keep the news of our trip quiet, will you?

Ethan: Is there anyone in particular you don't want me to tell?

Gwen: Theresa.

Ethan: Yeah.

Gwen: Listen, it's just a little feeling I have in the pit of my stomach. Ethan, I don't trust her, and I am not sure that I ever will.

Kay: Can you see the baby yet? Is everything ok?

Miguel: Just try to hold on, kay. We'll know in a second.

Kay: Ok.

Eve: Shift. That's good.

[Baby cries]

Eve: Ah! It's a girl.

Kay: It's a girl. Miguel, it's a little girl.

Miguel: She's so tiny.

Kay: I want to hold my baby.

Pilar: Gracias a dios, our grandchild has been born.

Woman: I've got something for you to check out, harris.

[Woman sings]

Chad: She's good.

Woman: I think so.

Chad: Is that the new artist that you guys just signed, the one you were telling me about?

Woman: You got it. I think she could be the next gwen stefani if someone helps smooth out a few of her rough edges.

Chad: You know, I don't know if I'd do that. No, I think her edge is what sets her apart from the pack.

Woman: Kanisha's right. You are the guy for the job. She's all yours.

Chad: Hold it -- you're kidding me, right?

Woman: I don't joke around when it comes to business. From now on, you two are going to be together 24/7. You're going to make her a star.

Fox: All right. Well, the last one in gets themselves splashed.

Whitney: Wait, wait -- no, no, no! You know that's not fair, right? Oh, come on, it's cold! No, no!

Fox: It's not cold. It's not cold if you just jump in.

Whitney: No, no, I got tooo it gradually.

Fox: "Gradually"? Is that how you do everything, in little baby steps?

Whitney: Yeah, everything, especially things that involve cold water. I like to get my toes wet first.

Fox: Right.

Whitney: And then just slide in from there.

Fox: I see. Well, I'm glad it works for you, but it's not my style.

Whitney: Wait!

[Whitney giggles]

[Luis gasps]

Luis: Sheridan -- sheridan? Sheridan? Sheridan, hang on. I'm coming for you. Sheridan -- sheridan -- sheridan. Sheridan.

Beth: All right. I'm going to get you fixed up. First, I got to bind your hands and feet.

Sheridan: No! No! No! God, no!

Help! No!

Luis: Sheridan needs me.

Sam: She did it. My little baby girl made it through.

Grace: I was so scared, sam.

Sam: She's not out of the woods yet, grace.

Kay: What's going on? Why can't I have the baby?

Miguel: They gave her to the nurse. I think dr. Russell's starting to close you up.

Kay: When can I hold her?

Miguel: I'm sure you're going to be able to in a second, but right now they're hooking her up to some stuff and they're going to weigh her --

kay: Miguel, she's not crying. Why isn't she crying?

Nurse: Dr. Russell, she's not breathing.

Eve: Oh, god -- get gallagher to close. Watch her.

Eve: Come on. Come on, little girl, breathe. Breathe for me. Come on.

Kay: What's going on? What happened?

Miguel: I don't think she's breathing.

Kay: What? No.

No, my baby's dead! My baby's dead, miguel! No! She's dead! Oh, god! No!

Grace: Sam --

kay: Oh, god! No!

Luis: Sheridan's in trouble and we need to get to her, all right?

Hank: You know where she is?

Luis: I know exactly where she is, all right? I finally figured it out.

Sheridan: No!

Help! Help me!

Whitney: Let's go upstairs.


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