Passions Transcript Tuesday 7/8/03

Passions Transcript Tuesday 7/8/03

by Eric

Hank: We should call off the search for sheridan, right, luis?

Antonio: Luis, is something wrong?

Luis: Alert all units to call off the search for sheridan. Sheridan's in paris.

Beth: Charlie? What are you talking about?

Charlie: I said we don't have to worry about the police searching this house for sheridan again. We're home free. We can do whatever we want with the blonde bimbo and her baby.

John: Tabitha? I didn't mean disrespect when I asked if you were pregnant earlier. I -- I'm really sorry. Oh, my god!

Tabitha's voice: Oh, my devils. This morning, afternoon, and nighttime sickness will be the death of me.

John: My god. Tabitha, what's happening to you?

Grace: What's going on?

Kay: So, what kind of father do you think you're going to be?

Miguel: What kind of question is that? You know, I'm obviously going to try to be the best father I can possibly be.

Kay: Miguel, don't get upset at me. I was just -- I was just wondering. You know, I've been wondering about us, O.O. How do you see our relationship developing?

Miguel: Kay, we don't have a relationship.

Kay: Miguel, how can you say we don't have a relationship? We are having a child together.

Miguel: Yeah, kay, and that's the only bond that we have between us. All right? You do know that charity and I are eventually going to get married, right? You know that she's going to be just as involved in our baby's life as you and I are?

Kay: I don't want my baby to grow up in a broken home, miguel.

Miguel: Our baby is not going to grow up in a broken home, kay. All right? The fact is it's going to have a lot of extra people in its life giving it love.

Kay: No, but, miguel -- ow! Ow!

Miguel: Kay, are you all right? Kay?

Kay: Miguel, I don't know. I don't know. But it's too soon for our byby to come, right? It's too soon.

Eve: Whitney!

T.C.: There's no pulse, eve.

Eve: Oxygen! Get me oxygen!

T.C.: Hurry up!

Paramedic: Do you want me to take over?

Eve: Get that mask on her. No, I'm a doctor. Please take care of the others.

Paramedic: Ok.

T.C.: Come on, whit. Breathe, sweetheart. Come on, breathe! Breathe! Come on, whitney, breathe!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

[Chad and sam cough]

Eve: Whitney, please, you have to breathe. You have to live.

T.C.: Please, god. Don't take away my daughter, please!

Sam: T.C., Is she going to be all right?

T.C.: I'm praying, sam.

Chad: She has to be all right.

Theresa: Oh, please, god.

[Whitney coughs]

Eve: Oh --

T.C.: Sweetheart --

eve: Oh, her pulse is weak, but it's there. You're going to be all right, baby. You're going to be all right.

Chad: Whitney --

T.C.: Get the hell away from her. You almost killed her tonight. Stay the hell away from her!

Chad: Coach, she's going to be my wife. I love her.

Mrs. Wallace: Hey! Would you speak english? What do you mean, we don't have to worry about the police?

Charlie: I sent an email to loverboy, luis. An email from sheridan.

Beth: Wait -- what? What did you say?

Charlie: I told him that sheridan was having a gay old time in gay old paris, that she wants to be alone.

Mrs. Wallace: You sent an email that sheridan's in paris?

Charlie: That's what I just said, you old crone. Turn up the volume!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, jeez --

beth: Charlie? Where did you send the email from?

Charlie: I used your laptop.

Beth: My computer? Are you crazy? The police are going to trace it back to my computer! They're going to find sheridan for sure.

Luis: Thanks, bro.

Antonio: At least we can relax now. You know, I wish sheridan had told me she was leaving or where she was going, but I guess we can look on the bright side. You know, she wasn't kidnapped.

Luis: Yeah, I guess we should be glad about that.

Antonio: And we have to remember that she did tell theresa and gwen that she wanted to go off on her own.

Isis: Right. And she did take her passport and luggage.

Antonio: Well, one thing's for sure, I'll be able to sleep tonight, knowing that she's safe finally.

Luis: I still don't see how she got out of the country, antonio. I checked with immigration, and she didn't use her passport to travel.

Antonio: She does have all of that crane money at her disposal. Maybe she used the crane jet.

Luis: No, got that covered. All crane industries aircraft are accounted for.

Antonio: Who knows? Maybe she had a rich friend fly her over.

Luis: Antonio, even a private jet has to go through the proper channels of immigration.

Antonio: Well, I know that, luis. But with the kind of money that the cranes have, rules and regulations -- I'd say they can be broken. The important thing is she's safe.

Miguel: Kay, should I call a doctor?

Kay: No, no. I think I'm ok now.

Miguel: Are you sure?

Kay: Uh-huh.

Miguel: I mean, it sounded like you were in pain.

Kay: No, it must just be indigestion. I probably just got a little scared because of what charity was saying about a baby being in danger, you know?

Miguel: Well, like I said, she didn't mean to scare you.

Kay: Yeah. Well, I wish she'd just keep her stupid premonitions to herself. I mean, miguel, my life is in so much turmoil right now. I mean, I'm pregnant. And you, the father of my child, want nothing to do with me. All you care about is marrying your precious charity.

Miguel: Kay, look, come on, come here. Sit down, all right? Relax. Ok? I'm not ignoring you. All right? I mean, you know that I would never turn my back on you or our baby.

Kay: Do I know that?

Miguel: I hope so. You know, I'm going to be there for you and our child, kay, for whatever you need. But I'm in love with charity. I mean, you know that. You know, I've never lied about that. I want to spend my life with her. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to ignore you or our child. Just -- just try to relax, ok?

Kay: This is not working out like I planned. Not at all.

John: Fire was coming out of tabitha's mouth.

Grace: Sweetheart, what are you talking about?

Pilar: John, tabitha's perfectly all right.

Ivy: What is this boy talking about, tabitha?

Tabitha: I have no idea. You must be seeing things.

John: No. I saw it. She was breathing flames!

Grace: Sweetheart, maybe you just need to get your eyes checked out, ok? Because she's fine, really. I mean, there's nothing unusual about her.

Ivy: Well, nothing unusual except she looks pregnant.

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pilar: Ivy, that's ridiculous and incredibly rude.

Ivy: Oh, are you telling me she doesn't look pregnant?

Tabitha: Actually, I have gained a few pounds since kay moved in with me. I'm not used to a teenager's diet -- you know, pizza and ice cream.

Grace: You know, tabitha, you do not owe anyone an explanation. But I think ivy owes you an apology.

Ivy: Well, I'll certainly apologize if she's not pregnant.

Grace: Ivy, I just said that she's not even married, and she's certainly not pregnant.

Ivy: Well, you're probably right, grace. She's as old as methuselah.

David: Ivy, stop it.

Ivy: Well, I'm just saying that if tabitha were pregnant, it would be one for the record books, a medical impossibility.

Pilar: Tabitha, don't pay any attention to her.

Tabitha: Actually, ivy, I'm not as old as you think. There's still life in these old bones yet, and some men do still find me attractive. And F.Y.I., I am pregnant.

Hank: No luck, luis.

Luis: What?

Hank: We can't trace sheridan's email. It's been rerouted so many times that it's virtually impossible to follow it back to its source.

Luis: I just can't believe she'd go to all this trouble.

Antonio: She's under a lot of pressure. She obviously doesn't want us to find her.

Hank: Still, we know she's in paris, so why all the mystery about where she sent the email from?

Luis: Well, look, I'm just not going to give up till I know for sure, ok?

Hank: Well, I've done all I can do.

Luis: Well, that's ok. I know who to call.

Antonio: Who?

Luis: Reese.

Hank: Jessica's boyfriend?

Luis: Yeah, he's a computer geek. If reese can't trace this email, no one can. Reese? Hey, it's luis. Look, I need you to trace an email for me.

Beth: How could you be so stupid? You're going to ruin everything with your stupid email!

Charlie: Hey, hey, hey, hey! What's your problem? I just saved us from having the police search this whole house. I just saved us from having them find sheridan down in the basement.

Beth: They are going to trace the email to my computer. They will find sheridan, and then I will go to jail.

Charlie: No, that is not going to happen.

Beth: I will go to jail. But I'm not going to go alone, charlie. You are going to go down with me! And so are you, mother. I will take all of you with me, including precious.

Mrs. Wallace: What? You would put an innocent simian in jail?

Beth: Yes I would --

charlie: Shut up, both of yous! Now, nobody's going to jail, so you can just calm down.

Beth: Ok. Fine. Then what are we going to do about this?

Charlie: Look, I rerouted the email a dozen times. Nobody's going to be able to trace it back to your laptop.

Beth: You sure?

Charlie: Baby, trust me. No, even the most savvy computer geek couldn't follow the trail I left behind.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, uh-uh. Don't you underestimate luis. Hehe's a smart cookie. He's going to figure this whole thing out.

Beth: Ok, ok, listen. When I get to the police station, I'll find out if they're tracing it. If I don't come back, then you'll know that they arrested me. And then you can expect them to come knocking this door down to take you both in, too.

Sam: T.C., Get off, man! Come on!

Chad: I can handle him, chief.

Sam: Both oyoyou, cool it, right now!

Whitney: Daddy, please don't hurt him.

Sam: Listen to your daughter, T.C. There's been enough damage done here tonight, don't you think?

T.C.: That bastard brought her down here. She could be dead because of him!

Eve: T.C., Just be glad she's alive.

T.C.: What the hell were you thinking about? Why did you bring her down here to this place?

Fox: No, you know what? Coach, it was my idea. Ok? I just wanted us to have one last night in harmony before we left town, that's all.

Theresa: That's right, it was fox's idea.

T.C.: What are you talking about? Who's leaving harmony? Who's leaving town?

Fox: Werare. Us. Whitney and chad and I. We're leaving for L.A. Tomorrow morning.

T.C.: Like hell you are. The only place my daughter is going is home. W gcw> Tomatoes.

Whitney: Daddy, please stop trying to hurt him. I love him, and I'm going to be his wife.

Chad: That's right, coach. We're going to get married.

T.C.: You almost got my daughter killed tonight. There's no way I'm going to let you take her thousands of miles away from us.

Sam: T.C., Calm down.

Eve: T.C., Please listen to whitney.

T.C.: Why? This ought to be a wake-up call for you, whitney. This boy is bad news. You're not going anywhere with him. You're coming home with us.

Whitney: But you told me if I left with chad that I couldn't come back home. You said that I wasn't welcome, daddy.

T.C.: Whitney, you're always welcome. But not with him.

Liz's voice: Eve, your family's falling apart so fast, I can't keep track.

Eve: I can't believe this is happening to my family. And that liz -- she's like a vulture, just sitting there waiting for the right time to strike.

Julian: Just be thankful that whitney's all right.

Eve: Oh, I am, I am. As much as I hate to say it, I hope that she does go to california. She'd be better of if she stays here, who knows what liz might do to her?

Kay: Maybe I should just leave harmony.

Miguel: Ow! What do you mean, leave harmony?

Kay: Miguel, if you're going to marry charity, you're not going to have time in your life for me or for the baby. I mean, so maybe I should just go, you know? I could try and start a new life for myself. Maybe just go to a different town, maybe a big city. You know, maybe -- maybe boston.

Miguel: Kay, I will make time for you and the baby. I told you that. Ok, charity and I will both make time, I promise.

Kay: Maybe I don't want that.

Miguel: Look, ok, if you leave this state with my baby, that would be a problem for me, ok? And then we'd have to involve the courts because I do want to spend time with my child. All right? This baby is going to be part of my life. So, please, all right, just get ahold of yourself. It's not good for the baby.

Kay: Yeah, yeah, I know.

Miguel: Look, just -- just sit down, ok? Relax. I mean, you still got a few months to go. You got to start taking care of yourself. Let me get you something to drink.

Kay: Gee, thanks.

Kay: I'm going to have to have a talk with tabitha about this whole situation.

Grace: Tabitha, are you really pregnant?

Tabitha: Yes, I am.

Pilar: Well, this is news. Congratulations, tabitha.

Tabitha: Thank you, pilar.

Grace: And are you happy about everything?

Tabitha: Well, of course I am. I -- I never imagined that I would be blessed with children in this lifetime, but -- well, I can see how surprised you all are. Actually, I'm still quite surprised myself.

John: Wow. This is something.

Bibitha: Yes. And as ivy was rude enough to remind you, I'm no youngster. But I suppose I'm living proof that it ain't over till it's over.

Ivy: Wow. Tabitha, I'm dying to know -- and I'm sure we're all dying to know -- who's the father of your baby? Ldld

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singer: You are my passion for life

ivy: Well, the babyoeoes have a father, doesn't it, tabitha? I didn't know you were seeing anyone.

Tabitha: It's really no one's business but mine, is it?

David: You're absolutely right, tabitha.

Ivy: Well, I was just curious. Are you planning a wedding?

Tabitha: Of course not.

Ivy: Well, now you really have piqued my curiosity. Who's the lucky fellow?

Singers: Love is a many-splendored thi

julian: Oh!

Tabitha: I -- I prefer not to reveal the father's identity.

Ivy: Oh, come on, tabitha. We just want to know who to congratulate.

Pilar: Ivy, please, shut up. Leave poor tabitha alone.

Tabitha: Oh. I'm sorry. I'm really very embarrassed about all of this. It happened shortly after my timmy died, my darling little timmy, my great-nephew. This pern n -- I hesitate to call him a man because he's nothing but a lowlife snake -- took advantage of me in my time of sorrow. He didn't care a jot about me or about timmy. He just wanted a night of pleasure. When he was done with me, he threw me away.

John: That's horrible.

Tabitha: Yes. And as it turns out, he was a married man. Married to a wretched shrew of a woman. I almost felt sorry for him.

Jessica: I'm so sorry, tabitha. You know what? We have all been just horrible toryry into your personal life like this.

Charity: I agree.

Grace: Yes, tabitha, I hope you'll forgive our rudeness.

Ivy: Well, I must say, the odd couple isn't so odd after all.

David: What are you talking about?

Ivy: Well, tabitha and kay being roommates. They're both unmarried, they're both pregnant, and not a hope of a proposal between them.

Luis: That's it? Ok, reese, thanks a lot. Well, if I got everything down that reese said to do, I should be able to track sheridan's email.

Beth: Hey, guys, how's the search for sheridan coming?

Luis: We called off the house-to-house search for sheridan.

Beth: Really?

Antonio: Yeah, we got an email from her. She's in paris. She's fine.

Beth: Oh. Paris. Thank goodness. Antonio, you must be so relieved to know that sheridan's all right.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, you better believe it. I never really thought she was kidnapped.

Hank: Yeah, you always thought that she went away by herself to get out from under all the stress.

Antonio: I'll tell you what, I'm going to go call mama and tell her about the email.

Beth: Ok.

Hank: I got some units to call about ending the search.

Beth: Wow. What do you know? Antonio was right. Sheridan wasn't kidnapped.

Luis: Well, that's what the email says. I'm not so sure. Thers s something about this that just isn't right.

Beth: What do you mean?

Luis: It's just not like sheridan to do this.

Beth: Is this the email?

Luis: Yeah.

Beth: I don't know, luis. This really sounds like sheridan. Well, what are you going to do now?

Luis: I'm tracing the email, trying to find out exactly where sheridan sent it from.

Beth: You mean, you can do that?

Luis: Well, I'm trying. The problem is whoever sent it rerouted it so many damn times, it's making it difficult to trace. But, you know, I got to find her to make sure she's ok.

Beth: Having any luck?

Luis: Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. Reese gave me instructions. Here we go. I think I'm zeroing in.

Julian: I know how hard this is for you, to have T.C. And whitney at each other's throats, but you don't really want whitney m move to L.A., Do you?

Eve: No, of course I don'T. But I'd rather have her do that than to stay here and be destroyed by my evil sister.

Julian: Liz has made a lot of threats. Do you really think she'll follow through with them?

Eve: I don't know. Bubut I can't live like this, not for another minute.

Julian: What are you going to do?

Eve: I'm going to do what I should have done in the first place.

T.C.: Whitney, I will not allow you to move away to california with him. You'll end up dead if you do.

Chad: You know, it's not up to you. It's whitney's decision to make.

Whitney: Mom, I'm really sorry about all of this. You know, I hate seeing daddy like this, but you can't stop me from going to L.A. With chad.

Eve: I want you to go to L.A.

Whitney: You want me to go?

Eve: Yes, I do.

Whitney: Why? I mean, I thought you were just as much against it as daddy is.

Eve: I can see how much you love chad, and I want you to be happy. I want you to go there and have a good life. Don't ever come back.

Liz: T.C., Did you just hear what eve said? She said it was ok for whitney to go to L.A. With chad.

T.C.: What?

Eve: That's right. I told whitney to go to los angeles with my blessing.

T.C.: Eve, what possible reason could you have for telling our daughter she could leave town?

T.C.: Eve, are you crazy? Letting whitney move away with chad? Wasn't tonight enough to prove that he is bad news for her?

Eve: No, I am not crazy. I know what I'm doing.

T.C.: Then what is it going to take to convince you? Whitney in a body bag?

Eve: Ititney loves chad. It's only natural that she wants to be with him.

T.C.: That's bull! Whitney's got a crush on this boy. He's going to get her killed.

Eve: T.C., Just please calm down.

T.C.: Damn it, I will not calm down! I will not let my daughter move 3,000 miles away with her mother's blessing.

Eve: Look, I know how much you object to this.

T.C.: So why are you doing this, huh? Are you doing this to hurt me?

Eve: No. I love you, T.C.

T.C.: No, you don't love me! Because a woman who loved me wouldn't do th t to me! She would never do this to me!

Beth's voice: Oh, my god. If luis traces that email to my computer, I'm a sitting duck here. I'd better get out of here before he cracks it.

Luis: Damn it!

Beth: What?

Luis: Dead end.

Beth: Oh, no. You mean, you can't trace the origin os sheridan's email?

Luis: Well, I can only go so far, and it's not far enough. There's only one person who would make sheridan send an untraceable email.

[Phone rings]

Alistair: Alistair crane.

Luis: Alistair. It's luis lopez fitzgerald.

Alistair: What do you want?

Luis: I want to know where sheridan is.

Alistair: Why call me?

Luis: Do you know where she is?

Alistair: No, I don'T.

Luis: I'm not sure if I believe you.

Alistair: Well, I don't give a damn whether you do or not. I heard she disappeared, but I don't know where my daughter is.

Luis: Sheridan disappeared without a trace, and you're the only one who can make her disappear like that.

Alistair: Not necessarily. Sheridan's a very resourceful young woman. She knows what she's doing. If she wants to fall off the face of the earth, she can do it.

Luis: Like I said, I don't know if I believe you. Now, I know how badly you want to keep sheridan and me apart because you dot t want me digging up any dirt on you and your family.

Alistair: And as I said, I have no idea where sheridan is.

Luis: Ok. All right, but if I do find out that you had anything to do with this, I'm going to make you pay. Yeah.

Charity: Tabitha, can I get you something? Maybe a drink?

Tabitha: Oh, that would be nicededear. Thank you.

Charity: Ok.

Ivy: Maybe you ought to get her some geritol. Well, for those of you who don't know, that's an energy drink for older people.

David: Ivy, shut up.

John: You know, you really are rude, mrs. Crane.

Ivy: Get over it. I'm just having a little fun.

Grace: Fun at another's expense isn't funny, ivy.

Tabitha: You're all really very sweet, but it's all right. I can take ivy's stupefying insensitivity.

Pilar: Well, you're much more understanding than I would be.

[Baby cries]

Charity: What was that?

Jessica: What was what?

Charity: Didn't you hear it? It sounded like a baby crying.

Jessica: Are you sure you're not just hearing things after everything that happened tonight?

Charity: No, I don't think so.

[Baby cries]

Charity: There it is again. It's a baby crying, and it sounds like it's coming from upstairs.

Simone: Kay, you won't believe this. Guess who else is pregnant.

Kay: Who?

Simone: Tabitha.

Miguel: Are you kidding? Tabitha?

Simone: Yes, she just told us.

Kay: I already knew that.

Simone: You knew it? How come you didn't tell me?

Kay: Because she swore me to secrecy. Besides, maybe she was just waiting for the right time to drop the bomb. I don't know.

Simone: Did she tell you who the father is?

Kay: No, and I didn't ask. I mean -- oh, thanks. Can you picture two old people rolling around in bed like that? That's gross.

Miguel: That's pretty cold, kay. I mean, you know, tabitha deserves any chance she gets to find happiness.

Kay: Yeah, I guess everybody deserves happiness but me, huh?

Simone: Maybe the baby that charity was talking about that's in danger is tabitha'S.

Kay: Yeah, I certainly hope so. I don't want anything to happen to my baby.

Simone: I can't believe you just said that. There's more water on the floor, miguel. You haven't been able to fix that leak yet?

Miguel: I thought I had. Where's that water coming from?

Charity: Where was that crying coming from?

Charity: Who are you?

Charity: Is there a baby in there? Why is it crying?

whitney: I can't believe my mother just gave me her permission to go to L.A. With chad.

Fox: Well, whitney, it's not like you need your mother's permission, though.

Theresa: You are over 18.

Chad: Your mother gave you her blessing to come with me. That's better than permission.

Whitney: Yeah. I know, but I still don't understand it. I mean, she's been fighting just as hard as daddy to try to get me to stay here in harmony. Now, all oa a sudden, it's like she wants to get rid of me or something.

T.C.: I don't understand. I don't know what eve is thinking. Letting whitney move away to california? I mean, she knows how much I'm opposed to that idea.

Liz: Well, T.C., I know it sounds crazy, but it almost sounds like eve did it to spite you.

T.C.: It does sound that way, doesn't it?

Julian: My dear, I know how unhappy you are, but I -- I think you did the right thing to encourage whitney to go to L.A. With chad. Perhaps it is the only way to protect her from liz.

Eve: I know I did. There wasn't anything else I could do. It's just that now T.C. Is so hurt and angry at me and he may never forgive me. Saving my daughter might have just cost me my husband.

[Tv plays]

Charlie: What are you doing?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh! If beth has been arrested, it'll be on the news, and I want to get a jump on the cops.

Charlie: Oh, please. Will you relax? They're not going to find out where the email came from, and they're not going to find sheridan. I need to get some shuteye. I'm exhausted.

Mrs. Wallace: Charlie, how can you be so cruel, huh? And heartless? Leave poor sheridan down in a cold, dark pit, and she's pregnant?

Charlie: Will you stop with the bleeding heart? I just tossed her a blanket and some energy bars. She'll be fine. At least until she gives birth to her little bambino. Then it's bye-bye, mamacita.

[Charlie laughs]

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. If charlie is right and the cops call off their search for sheridan, she is a dead woman.

Luis: It's no use. It's another dead end.

Beth: I'm so sorry, luis.

Luis: I just don't get it. Why would she send an email? Why couldn't she just call so I could hear her voice and know that she was all right?

Beth: Why? Do you think that sheridan didn't really send the email?

Luis: I don't know. If I heard her voice, I could know sheasas all right. I could convince her to come home.

Beth: I don't want to hurt you, luis, but I think I know why sheridan didn't call.

Luis: Why?

Beth: Because she doesn't want you to find her. She doesn't even want you to try.

Jessica: So you've been having a lot of morning sickness?

Tabitha: Morning, noon, and night sickness.

Jessica: Oh, god.

Grac you know, I really can't believe it.

Pilar: Neither can I. But it's a wonderful blessing. We all know how much she's missed timmy.

David: Well, you seem to have had enough fun for one night. Hopefully, you'll leave tabitha alone now.

Ivy: I have the strangest feeling about all of this, david. As if there's something else I should know.

Grace: Tabitha, I thought you might like something to eat.

Tabitha: Aw.

Grace: And, you know, you've been on your feet all day, and that's really not good for a woman in your condition.

Tabitha: Oh, thank you, grace. That's very sweet. Where's charity?

Jessica: Oh, she went upstairs.

Tabitha: Upstairs?

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Tabitha's voice: I hope she doesn't start snoongng around, prying into my things.

Tabitha: Do you want to see my baby?

Charity: I don't understand. How can you already have the baby? You were just downstairs. Who are all these people? I don't recognize any of them.

Tabitha: These are my friends. They've come to worship my baby.

Charity: "Worship"? What are you talking about? People don't worship babies.

Tabitha: They do when the baby is the ruler of the dark side.

Charity: No!

Simone: Oh, my god, kay. The water is not coming from the sink, it's coming from you.

Miguel: What are you talking about?

Simone: Kay, your water broke.

Kay: No. No! No, it's too soon! No, it's too soon! No! No! No!

Tabitha: Today we celebrate the birth of a new prince of darkness.

Charity: No!

Grace: She's in labor. The baby's coming.

Hank: The search for sheridan is officially over.

Beth: Luis will be mine again. My plan is right back on track.

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