Passions Transcript Wednesday 7/2/03

Passions Transcript Wednesday 7/2/03

by Eric

Sheridan: Help. I know somebody's up there. Please help me!

[Sheridan coughs]

Officer: Nothing in the attic, luis.

Second officer: Same goes for the second floor, too.

Luis: Well, there's nothing down here, either, so I guess it's time to move on.

Beth's voice: Luis forgot about looking in the basement. I'm saved.

Luis: Beth, sorry for the inconvenience.

Beth: Oh, don't apologize. I know you guys can't show favoritism. I just -- I hope you find sheridan, you know, and soon.

Luis: Well, thanks. Well, good night.

Beth: Night.

Luis: Good night, mrs. Wallace -- uh -- precious.

Luis: Oh, wait a minute. I totally forgot to search the basement.

Beth: No, but, what about the water and the vermin?

Luis: Well, I'm sure the sump pump has had some time to dry things out, ok? Excuse me.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh! He goes down, we go down! You are really going to keep her down there in that pit like some animal? She's pregnant, for glory's sake!

Charlie: Ah, don't worry. We'll throw her some table scraps now and then so she gives birth to a nice healthy bouncing baby. Ugh --

mrs. Wallace: Oh.

Charlie: Ugh!

Beth: Oh, my god. If luis goes down there, he's going to find sheridan, and I'll lose him. I'll lose everything.

Mrs. Wallace: We're goners, precious. When luis finds his girlfriend, we're all going to prison, and I'll never see daylight again and you'll never peel another banana. Huh! Precious, I don't want you to see this.

Beth: Luis, don't -- don't go down there.

Kay: You're not going to burp again, are you?

Tabitha: Well, I shouldn't think so. I'm back to my normal color, aren't I?

Kay: Hmm -- for now. You know what I didn't expect about pregnancy? All these weird food cravings.

Tabitha: Well, at least you've come out about your pregnancy. Nobody knows about mine, and I don't want them to.

Kay: You know what I could really go for right now? Sardines.

Tabitha: Hmm.

Kay: Ooh -- or salt water taffy. Actually, I kind of want both. What about you, tabitha? What do you want to eat besides ketchup and mustard, of course? Tabitha? Ew!

Miguel: You're burning up. Here, sit down.

Charity: There's a fire, a terrible fire, and people are trapped and they can't get out.

Grace: Oh, look at all the pretty presents.

Grace: Charity? What is it? What's going on?

Jessica: Charity's freaking out.

Simone: First, she thought she saw a snake in the bassinet that we bought for kay, but we didn't find anything.

Jessica: Uh-uh.

Miguel: And now she's seeing this fire raging out of control with people trapped in it.

Charity: The flames are so high. There's so much smoke. If we don't get to them fast, they're all going -- they're all going to die.

Theresa: All right, we've got to get out of here. Please, guys, do something. Please.

Fox: Look, all the exits are blocked, even the basement.

Chad: Ok, but we can't just sit here waiting to die.

Fox: Yeah, I know. I'm with you. What do we do? Huh?

T.C.: Answer m d damn it. What are you two doing here together?

Sam: God! Someone's inside trying to get out!

Eve: No, no! They can't be!

Julian: Yeah, fox and theresa are in there.

[Eve gasps]

T.C.: And chad, too.

Eve: Oh, my god. It's whitney!

Julian: What?

Eve: My baby's in there! Whitney! No! No!

T.C.: No, no --

eve: No!

Chad: Damn it, man. I thought this window would give us a way out.

Fox: No. No, come on. There's too much smoke. There's got to be another way out of here, man. I'm not going to l w whitney die in here.

Chad: Whitney?

Fox: Yeah, whitney, theresa, whatever.

Eve: This can't be happening. I thought the place was empty!

T.C.: This is all of chad's fault. I warned whitney to stay away from him. Now this is going to cost her her life.

Eve: Oh, T.C., Please don't let our daughter die.

Sam: We'll get them out, T.C.

T.C.: Sam, how? How is anybody going to get out of that inferno alive?

Theresa: Oh! Oh, my god, the fire's coming inside now! Please, you have saved us from a fire once before. You can do this. I know you can.

Fox: Yeah, I remember that. I'm not sure I'm going to get a chance to play hero again.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Kay: So this is what I have to look forward to if I become a full-fledged witch?

Tabitha: Don't count your broomsticks before you've paid your dues, dear. Besides, by the time you're a card-carrying member of the dark side, you'll no longer be pregnant, nor subject to the exotic cravings that I'm experiencing right now. Oh, my, what in hades' name am I going to do with a little one?

Kay: You know, personally, I can't wait until my little one gets here. I have a feeling that miguel is going to do a complete 180 as soon as he lays eyes on our cute little bambino, and he'll drop charity like a hot potato.

Tabitha: Oh, really?

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Tabitha: Last time I saw those two, they were cozy rosy, planning their eventual nuptials, not to mention their honeymoon night.

Kay: Well, that'll all change once this baby becomes more real to miguel. I mean, seriously, once he sees a cute little mini-me or mini-him, he'll be mine forever.

Tabitha: Oh, wishful thinking doesn't make dreams come true, kay. But I do think you've made the right decision in keeping david and ivy's secret.

Kay: Oh, man. You know, if my mom knew that she wasn't ever married to david or that john wasn't her son any more than michael jackson is --

tabitha: Well, she's not going to know, is she? And she's going to be so conflicted between your father and david hastings that she won't have time to interfere with your pursuit of miguel.

Kay: Yeah, well, she's neve too busy to take charity's side over mine, is she? Why doesn't she love me, tabitha? Why is it I'm always second best to my cousin in her eyes?

Pilar: Pobrecita, what else do you see?

Theresa: Somebody, please! Somebody, please!

Chad: Somebody, help! Anybody!

Charity: They can't get out. If someone doesn't get to them, they'll all die.


Chad: We need wet cloths.

Fox: Here you go.

Theresa: Thank you. Wha-- what about you?

Fox: No, no, we're going to be fine, we'rgogoing to be fine.

Whitney: We're going to die in here, aren't we?

Eve: Somebody, save my little girl!

Sam: Hey, hey, where's your boss?

Fireman: Right there.

Chief: Right here, bennett. We're just checking out the grounds around the club. It looks like it may be arson.

T.C.: Who the hell would set a club on fire with people inside?

Eve: Now liz will never be able to use this club to hurt me or whitney.

Eve: Oh, please, god. Please save my little girl. Please.

Luis: So why don't you want me to go down to the basement now, beth?

Hank: You're not finished down here yet?

Antonio: Luis, we really need to get a move on. We haven't even dented the apartments downtown. I mean, not that I think we need to search every house from top to bottom, but, you know, if sheridan did take off on her own.

Luis: Well, I told you that she didn'T.

Antonio: All the more reason to get this search done with. Look, once you find out that sheridan's not stashed under anyone's bed, you'll realize that she was not kidnapped.

Luis: All right, well, I'm almost done here. I'm just going to check out the basement, ok?

Beth: No, luis, don'T.

Luis: Now, what the hell is going on here? First, you told me that the basement was flooded, so I gave you time to have it pumped out. Now what's the problem?

Sheridan: Luis, where are you?

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john: Someone you know is in a fire?

Miguel: Can you tell where it is, charity?

Grace: Dear god, it's as if she's reliving her poor mother's death.

Charity: No. This is different.

Pilar: You know, maybe we should call the fire department.

David: And what would we tell them?

Simone: Concentrate, charity. Can you tell who's involved or where it is?

Charity: No, I can't, I can'T. The visions -- they're fading. I just know somebody's in terrible danger.

John: Were there any clues as to where the fire was?

Charity: I'm just sensing it nearby.

Miguel: Are you ok now?

Charity: Yeah. It's completely passed.

Jessica: What if that means all those people are dead?

Grace: Jessica.

Jessica: Well, it could.

David: Look, ivy, we don't belong here. Let's just leave.

Ivy: And miss the baby shower? I think not. We have every right to be here. I live in sam's garage apartment, and you're the father to kay's half brother. At least everybody thinks you're related, and we're not going to tell them otherwise, now, are we?

Kay: Don't play innocent, david. I know that ivy hired you to come into town to break them up. So why am I the one doing all the work? Ivy, you're paying him way too much.

Ivy: Kay, we've been all through this. You don't have any proof that david and I are in cahoots.

David: Have you forgotten that kay knows everything about us, that she could blow us out of the water any time she wants?

Ivy: All the more reason for us to stay here. When kay gets back, we're going to keep a very close eye on her, make sure she keeps all of her secrets to herself. It's the only way you and I are ever going to be married to the people that we love.

Chief: Did I hear right? There are people inside?

Eve: My daughter's in there. Please save my little girl.

Sam: There's at least one other young man in there with her, possibly others.

Chief: For crying out loud, the place was supposed to be closed.

T.C.: If chad's half-assed actions take the life of my daughter, I swear I will kill him, along with anybody else who's responsible. Sam, I'm going in --

sam: T.C., Hold up.

T.C.: Don't try and stop me!

Sam: Let's go get fireproof jackets out of the truck, and then we'll go in together. Come on.

Eve: They've got to get out of there.

Julian: They will, eve. They will..

liz: My god! The minute T.C.'S back is turned, you're in his arms?

Eve: Just leave me alone, liz. My daughter could die in there.

Liz: And whose fault is that, eve?

Eve: What?

Liz: You thought you could run me out of town by setting fire to my club because you were afraid that I would lead whitney down an unwholesome path that you took. Well, look what's happening now, eve. Look at it. You're destroying your daughter, not me. You are killing your daughter with that fire. How does it feel to be a murderer, eve?


Fox: Oh, no. We got a problem.

Chad: What?

Fox: It's those propane tanks. If they get too hot, they're going to explode.

Chad: Well, can we get them out of here?

Fox: I think we're too late.

Whitney: Oh, my god.


Luis: So give me one good reason why I can't go down to the basement.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, we are done for now, precious.

Beth: My mother -- she needs me.

Beth: All right. Now, if you don't want to go to jail, you will help me come up with something right now.

Mrs. Wallace: Me? You're the one who got yourself into this mess, missy. Now it's my job to bail out your sorry --

beth: No. You either help me come up with something, or you can start thinking about how you want to decorate your jail cell, ok?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh -- if anyone should be in jail right now, it is charlie horse. You know, bethie, bethie, what if she's went to the police and turned us in?

Luis: Ahem. Ahem.

Beth: Ok. Time's up, mother.

Luis: Beth, you done taking care of your mom? Now, I don't have all night here.

Beth: No, wait. Luis, no!

Luis: For the last time, what is it, beth?

Beth: The vermin.

Luis: Yeah, you told me about the rodents before.

Beth: Yeah, but they are really bad, luis, and I have tried to get rid of them, but we're really overrun, and, you know, they can carry disease. Yos could get really sick.

Luis: Yeah, I can handle a few rodents.

Antonio: You're kidding.

Hank: Are you sure?

Luis: What is it?

Antonio: You're not going to believe this. They found sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace: Charlie.

David: On the next "100 huntley street", "listen up" will look at the sars aftermath. We'll all need to be educated concerning th deadly disease. Also, philip cameron from scotland. Talk about, um, about breaking the box. How about it? See you then.

Kay: You know, what is it about me that's so bad? Was I just born unlovable, or is it payback for all the times I consideredelelling my soul or --

tabitha: Considered? As I remember it, you finalized the transaction.

Kay: Yeah, tabitha, whatever. I paid my penance for that, ok? So why can't I just have a mother that supports me through my pregnancy?

Tabitha: Well, she does send you care packages of food almost every day.

Kay: I don't want food. I want love.

Tabitha: Well --

kay: Tabitha, this is my first baby. It's her first grandchild. But do you think she actually just gives a fig about me? Of course not, because all of her caring is saved for charity, her dead sister's daughter.

Tabitha: Oh, get off the pity pot, young lady. Feeling sorry for yourself won't get you anywhere.

Kay: It's like I'm the ugly stepchild, only worse, because I'm actually her flesh-and-blood daughter. Why can't she love me, tabitha?

Tabitha: Kay, I think you should take a peek in here.

Kay: It's my mom's handwriting. She's throwing me a baby shower? Maybe she really does care about me after all. Miguel's here, too. That's got to mean something, right? Tabitha, come on.

Tabitha: Poor old kay.

Grace: Charity, do you feel warm?

Charity: No. I'm ok. I just wish I knew where the fire was.

Miguel: I'll get you some more water.

Charity: Thank you.

Kay: Hey, everyone. I'm here. Hey, miguel.

Miguel: Hey.

Kay: I'm sorry I ruined your surprise. I know you all probably wanted to jump out and scare me half to death, but -- what? What's wrong? I mean, this is a surprise party for me, right? Baby shower?

Jessica: You know, well, that's the idea. Charity just had a horrible premonition.

Kay: Of course she did. She always ruins everything for me.

Luis: You know where sheridan is? Well, tell me.

Antonio: Give me a chance here.

Mrs. Wallace: I knew it. It was that charlie horse. She ratted us out to the cops.

Julian: If anyone's responsible for this fire, it's you.

Liz: I wasn't here, julian.

Julian: You knew damn well what buying the blue note would do to eve. You've done nothing but threaten and harass her since you came to harmony. The last straw was buying this place. You try to corrupt whitney as part of your sick revenge. There's only so much a person could take.

Liz: Oh, tell it to the judge.

Eve: I thought it was empty.

Liz: Oh. And I guess that makes it all ok, huh? God, it's amazing how some people can go through most of their life hurting others, and then somewhere along the line, they get religion, and suddenly, they think that they should be absolved of everything. You have gotten away with your sins for far too long, eve. It is time for you to pay the piper.

Eve: No, whitney can't die.

Liz: I pray that she makes it out of here, too. But if she doesn't, it is all on you.

Eve: T.C., T.C., You have got to get her out! Honey, you have to get her out!

T.C.: Sweetheart, I will, I will. If it's the last thing I do, I will.

[Eve cries]


Chad: If those containers explode, it'll be like a thousand grenades going off.

Fox: Yeah, I know this. I know the shrapnel's going to fly everywhere. We got to cover the girls. Come on.

[Women scream]

Julian: Dear god. What was that?

Eve: T.C.!

Julian: No!

Eve: T.C.!

Julian: Eve.

Eve: Whitney!

You're going to have more people die in this province.

As long as there are challenges to our health...

Well last year that department was wiped out because of budget cuts.

It took two months to deliver results.

Would you eat canadian beef today?

"Global national" will challenge those making the decisions.

Singer: You are my passion for life

grace: That is no way to speak about your cousin. It's not her fault.

Kay: Of course it's not.

Grace: As a matter of fact, it was her idea to throw you the shower, so, really, you should be thanking her.

Kay: It was your idea, charity? No, I thought it was --

charity: I'm really sorry, kay. Look, I wanted it to be a surprise for you. I didn't know you were going to be home so soon.

Jessica: Yeah, we thought you'd still be eating hot dogs.

Kay: Wait a minute. You're the one who actually mentioned the hot dogs in the first place.

Jessica: Well, I know with all the cravings you've been having lately that once I put the idea in your brain you wouldn't be able to resist.

Charity: We just needed to get you and tabitha out of the house so we could decorate.

Tabitha: Hmm. That looks tasty.

Pilar: Kay, try not to be disappointed, sweetie. This is a very special time in your life. And your mother and I can't wait to be this baby's grandmother.

Kay: Well, it's not like I'm going to have it next week or anything.

Pilar: I know. I know we have to be patient. Do you like the decorations?

Kay: Yeah yeah, they're ok.

Jessica: Yeah?

John: I wrote a poem about the baby. I am going to be his or her half uncle, after all.

Kay: Right. And you two -- what are you doing here?

David: Well, actually, I thought you'd like some photos to commemorate the occasion.

Kay: Hmm.

Ivy: And I knew you wouldn't mind if I came.

Charity: So, kay, can we start the party from theotop? Come on.

Kay: Oh, no. Charity, this is stupid.

Charity: Come on! Quit stalling. Over there. Tabitha, can you come inside? Thanks. Ok, now, I just want a couple seconds, and then I want you to come in there like you haven't been in there before, ok?

Kay: Ok.

Kay: Hmm. Gee, I wonder where everyone is.

All: Surprise!

Charity: Yay!

Eve: Oh, she's dead!

Julian: Eve --

eve: She's dead! No one could survive that blast!

T.C.: Whitney, my little baby -- she's in there!

Sam: T.C., We can't go in there without a plan. This place is about to go up like a tinderbox.

T.C.: Sam, even if it's too late, I got to get to her! I can't leave her in there!

Sam: No, T.C!


T.C.: Whitney?

Whitney: Daddy?


T.C.: Whitney's alive. Eve, whitney's alive!

Eve: Oh, thank god! T.C., Get her out of there!

T.C.: You're not stopping me!

Chad: We're over by the stage! Where do you want us to go?

T.C.: Sam, here.


Theresa: Be careful!

Eve: T.C., Don't let her die in there!

Luis: Look, if you know where sheridan is, tell me.

Antonio: I think we should talk about it outside.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, so much for thelma and louise's undying loyalty.

Charlie turned you in

beth: No, no, I don't -- I don't believe it.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, no? Then where is she in our hour of need, huh? And why did antonio want to talk to luis outside? They got us! We are going down! We are going to fry!

Beth: All right, just stop, stop your hysterical ranting. Let me think. Wait. Charlie would never have turned us in. There's no way they know sheridan's in our basement.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh -- and how do you know what your special friend was planning, huh? She probably figured out that you were planning to stab her in the back, you know, and then go off into the sunset with mr. Macho cop. If I know charlie, she's not going to take that too well.

Beth: Ok, shut up, all right? I want to hear what they're saying.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, what'd I tell you? They're all looking at the house. They know that sheridan is down in that rat-infested pit, and they're coming in here to get us! It's over, tootsie! It is all over!

Jessica: No.

Simone: Not even close.

Jessica: Yeah. No, I hope you do a better job at diapering the real baby.

Kay: Oh, come on now, guys. I didn't see you getting any closer.

Jessica: All right, let me try again.

Kay: Go ahead.

Jessica: All right.


Kay: Hey.

Miguel: Hey. Are you having a gd d time?

Kay: Yeah. Thank you for being here.

Miguel: Yeah, well, you know, why wouldn't I be? I made a committment to be a good father to this baby you're having.

Kay: We're having, miguel.

Miguel: Right.

Grace: Kay, you want to have some cake?

Kay: Yeah. Did you make it?

Grace: I did, and it's your favorite.

Kay: Thanks, mom.

Grace: Go on.

Kay: You know, you wouldn't believe all these cry y cravings I'm having.

Grace: Just like me when I was carrying you.

Kay: Oh, really?

Grace: Oh, you wouldn't believe it. I mean, one night I absolutely had to have scrambled eggs and tuna.

Kay: Ooh! Mom!

Grace: I know. Your dad was disgusted.

Kay: I bet.

Ivy: What autut john, grace? What kind of cravings did you have when you were carrying john?

Grace: Um -- you know, I don't remember. I don't remember his birth, ivy.

Ivy: Oh. David, what kind of pregnancy did grace have with john?

David: It's not really important now. I mean, this is kay's night.

Ivy: Oh, I'm sure kay would love to hear about the night her half brother came into the world.

Grace: Yeah, david. Tell me what I was like back then.

Kay: This is unbelievable. My mom can't even focus on me for two straight minutes before she gets distracted by someone else.

David: Well, grace couldn't get enough of this certain type of thin-crusted pizza. It's the only thing she'd eat.

Tabitha: Yum, yum, that pizza sounds good.

Kay: You have a lot of nerve. So does david. John isn't even her son, ivy. Everything he's saying right now is a lie.

Ivy: What is your problem, young lady?

Kay: Do not "young lady" me, ivy. I could ruin both of you at any given moment with a few well-chosen words. So you should be just a little bit nicer to me, if you know what's good for you.

Grace: I really prayed every night to have a son?

David: Without fail. You said it didn't matter either way, but you wanted to give me a boy at first.

Grace: Well, I just wish I could remember.

John: It doesn't matter anymore, mom. We're together now.

Kay: Tabitha, you might want to slow down just a little bit if you don't want everyone knowing you're pregnant.

Tabitha: Oh, yeah, yeah, you're right. How's it going with you and miguel?

Kay: Well, it'd be going a lot better if I could get him someplace private, away from charity.

Mrs. Wallace: They know what you did. Charlie went to the cops and turned us in.

Beth: Why would she do that? She's guiltier than I am. She's the one who did the actual kidnapping. She dug the hole where we're keeping sheridan. If we go down, she goes down, too.

Mrs. Wallace: Don't you ever watch "law & order"?

Beth: Which one?

Mrs. Wallace: All of them! She turned state's evidence, ratted us out so she would get immunity. I to y you that sick, twisted plan of yours to get rid of sheridan was going to backfire. Now we are all going to the electric chair!

Guard: Dead ape walking!

Guard: You're entitled to one last wish.

Luis' voice: Hey. You have reached the machine of luis lopez fitzgerald. Sorry I'm not in to take your call, but I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Have a great day.

[Music plays]

Guard: That's it. Your time's up, precious.

Singer: Precious and few are the moments we two can share quiet and blue, like the sky I'm hung over you and if I can't find my way back home

singers: Can't find my way

singer: It just wouldn't be fair

singers: Because

singer: 'Cause precious and few are the moments we two can share

singer: And if I can't find my way back home

singers: Can't find my way

singer: It just wouldn't be fair

singers: Because

singer: 'Cause precious and few are the moments we two can share

singers: Precious and few are the moments we two can share

singer: Precious and few are the moments we two can share quiet and blue, like the sky I'm hung over you and if I can't find my way back home it just wouldn't be fair

singers: Wouldn't be fair

singer: 'Cause precious and few are the moments we two can share

singers: Precious and few are the moments we two can share

guard: Let's go.

[Music ends]

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, my god, beth. Look, look, look. Oh, god, if I only could hear what they were saying.

Beth: Well, you couldn't hear them even if they were on a loudspeaker.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, oh, oh, we can't escape. They're surrounding the house.

Beth: Oh, my god. You're right. Luis is coming to arrest me. He's going to rescue sheridan. Here they come.


Theresa: What if I never see little ethan again?

Fox: No, no, stop it, no. No talking. Just keep this on your face.

Chad: No, we can't give up. Chief bennett and coach -- they're trying to get to us.

Whitney: But what if they don't make it here in time?

Chad: It's going to be ok. It's going to be ok. I'm going to be right here with you every step of the way. I love you, whitney.

Whitney: And I will always love you, chad.

Theresa: You're thinking about the girl that you're in love with?

Fox: Yeah. I guess I am.

Eve: T.C., Please be careful! He's going to get whitney out of there!

Liz: I wouldn't count my chickens quite yet, eve!

T.C.: Whit?

Whitney: Daddy!

T.C.: Sweetheart!

Chad: Come on, if we move quickly, we can make it out.

T.C.: You know what? I will get my daughter out without any help from you.

Sam: Look, we got to get out of here now.


Chad: What do we do now, chief bennett?

Eve: Oh, whitney, please come out of there alive. Please.

Wk.K.Ttttititf f feeling all night. I don't know if I have

And here he's -- he's1 player, right?!

Luis: Beth, we need to talk.

Beth: Luis, I can explain everything.

Mrs. Wallace: They made me do it! They did it! I didn't want to, but they forced me!

David: You know, kay's right. She could blow us out of the water any time she wants.

Ivy: Don't worry. I'll handle the moody teenager. You concentrate on grace, and before you know it, you'll be married to her and I'll be married to sam.

Kay: There has to be a way that I can get miguel to see him and I as a couple, itetead of him and charity. Hmm. I know what I can do. Hey, charity. Miguel and I just wanted to say thank you for being at our baby shower.

Charity: I am so glad that you're having a good time.

Kay: It's awesome. But you know what would be really fun? If everyone suggests baby names to me and miguel.

Miguel: Huh.

Jessica: Uh --

john: Ahem.

Charity: Oh, no.

Miguel: What is it, charity? You're having another premonition?

Eve: My baby! Please save my baby!

Charity: I hear a mother trying to save her child from the fire.

Eve: What's taking them so long? Why aren't sam and T.C. Bringing them out? T.C., Where's whitney?

Sam: Listen up. We have to stay calm and close together. It's our only hope of getting out of here alive.

Fox: Yeah, fine. How do we leave?

Sam: There's only one way I can see -- through the front door.

Fox: There's flames all aroundt.T.

Sam: Listen, it's our only hope. Let's go.



Eve: Oh, my god! They're trapped!


Charity: A mother's child's about to die. Hurry! Save her from the fire! Hurry! Get her out!

Chad: Whitney!

Eve: Whitney! No! Whitney!

Chad: Whity!Y!

Liz: You're a murderer, eve! A murderer!

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