Passions Transcript Monday 6/30/03

Passions Transcript Monday 6/30/03

by Eric

Chad: Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention, please? I'd like to welcome you all to the chad and whitney bon voyage. I'd like to welcome you to the chad, whitney, and fox bon voyage party. And for tonight's entertainment, we have the o, o so mighty chad, performing some of his most fantastical feats of magic and wonder. For instance --

chad: Voila. Oh. What is this? Flowers from sunny california? Hmm. Could they be for the lovely and very talented lady sitting over here?

Whitney: Chad, they're absolutely beautiful. Thank you. But you know you didn't have to do this.

Chad: Ah. Ah, mon ami, for a woman as lovely as you, it was a pleasure. And now I want to dance with the woman I love.

Whitney: Well, I'd love to dance with you, baby, but there's no music.

Chad: Oh. Ha. You doubt the most magical and mystical powers of the o, o so mighty chad?

[Whitney laughs]

Chad: You will be amazed. Now, turn your attention to my lovely and talented assistant.

[Music plays]

Chad: Ms. Russell, can I have the honor of this dance?

Julian: I unrsrstand, father, that it's imperative that luis and sheridan be kept apart.

Alistair: Then get out there and stop luis from finding her, any way you can.

Julian: Are you sure you had nothing to do with sheridan's disappearance?

Alistair: Damn it, julian, haven't I already said I didn't? But since she has disappeared, we have to take advantage of the opportunity handed to us. I'm hanging up now. Something's come up.

Julian: Father, I want to talk --

julian: I want to talk to you about eve. God, if only I'd had the nerve to stand up to that old man, eve and I would be married now and life wouldn't be such a mess. I should be with the woman I love instead of standing here worrying how liz is going to destroy her life.

T.C.: Liz, you have me so curious about the picture that you took, the one you said you wanted me to see. Eve, why'd you take the picture? I want to see it.

Eve: You can't, T.C. You can'T.

Luis: Hank. Well, there's no sign of sheridan here at the russells'. Yeah, but then again, what am I expecting to find? It's just so damn frustrating.

Hank: The search is just getting cranked up, luis. Practically all of harmony P.D. Has volunteered to help look for her. If sheridan is being held against her own will or if she's in a house in harmony by her choice, we'll find her.

Luis: Well, we have to. I can't let anything happen to her, hank. I love her. She means everything to me.


[Sheridan coughs]

Sheridan: Oh.

Oh. Oh.

Sheridan: Luis, help me. You've got to help me.

Beth: Oh, they must be on the next block.

Mrs. Wallace: They're closer than that. Oh, they are coming for us, bethie. Every cop in harmony is going to be coming through that door!

Beth: Just shut up -- shut up, mother.

Mrs. Wallace: We are finished! Luis is going to come in this house, he's going to search it, he's going to find out that you were the kidnapper, and then we're all going to the penitentiary!

Charlie: You don't know that those sirens are headed here.

Mrs. Wallace: The cops are conducting a house-to-house search! I've heard it on the tv! This is a house, they will search it, we will go to prison!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life !!9i9iceorqxg#

[Music plays]

Chad: Dance with me, whit.

Theresa: Come on, honey! Get up and dance with the man!

Whitney: The flowers, this music, this moment --

chad: The o so mighty chad can also see the future.

Whitney: Hmm.

Chad: And I see you singing even greater music. It's going to happen for us, whit.

Theresa: Seeing them together just -- it gives me hope, fox. You know, true love will win out. And I know that ethan and I will be together one day, and we are going to be as happy as whitney and chad are.

Fox: You will always be the incurable romantic, theresa, always.

Theresa: Well, I did have my doubts there for a while, you know, when I was mrs. Julian crane, an executive at crane industries. But fate let me know that my future is with ethan.

Fox: Fate.

Theresa: Mm-hmm. So what about you and that myerery woman? You said that you were having some kind of problem?

Fox: Well, we got one big problem.

Theresa: Ok. Well, in spite of that, can you see the two of you guys together one day?

[Music plays]

Fox: Yeah. Yeah, I can. In fact, I can see that woman in my arms right now.

Theresa: Hmm.

T.C.: Well, eve, why can't I see the picture?

Luis: All right. I didn't find anything. I didn't expect to.

Sam: Sorry to bother you, T.C.

T.C.: Hey, sam, you don't have to explain. You're just doing your job.

Luis: Yeah. Ok, well, I'm going to go set up for the sechch.

Sam: I'll have carter hook you into everyone in the field on the radios.

Luis: Good. Hank's over in beth's neighborhood right now coordinating everything, and I'm going to go join him.

Sam: Good. I'll speak to you later.

Luis: All right.

T.C.: Hey, if there's anything I can do, ok?

Luis: Thanks, T.C. Thanks.

T.C.: All right.

Luis: I'll let you know.

[Eve types on keyboard]

Liz: You would like to delete your past, wouldn't you? I know you would, but you can'T. I still have that image in my camera.

Eve: No.

[Phone rings]

Eve: Hello.

Julian: Eve, it's me.

Eve: Oh, julian.

Julian: I'm -- I'm just so worried. Are you all right?

Eve: Oh, god, it's horrible. Liz has a picture of us kissing at the hospital, and she's about to show it to T.C.

Julian: What? Dear god. But that can't happen. I have to do something.

Eve: No. No. There's nothing you can do. Anything you do would just make it worse.

Liz: Talking to your lover?

Eve: The hospital, if it's any of your business. Thank you for that update. And I will talk to you another time.

Julian: Yeah, things are worse than I thought. I'll stay here in case eve needs me.

Liz: Good shot of julian, don't you think? Not your best side, though.

Eve: You bitch.

Liz: Oh, T.C. Is going to finally find out about your past. He is going to learn that you were a drunk, a drug addict, and a whore. Huh. Now, that's a trifecta for you.

[Liz chuckles]

Liz: Yes! You're finally going to be exposed, eve.

T.C.: Hey, man, I'm glad you didn't find anything in our house.

Sam: Look, I didn't think we would, but we're searching every house we can.

T.C.: Yeah, right. You know, when a cop comes to your house, even though you are innocent, you feel kind of weird, like they might find something anyway.

Liz: Yes, T.C., A person can be shocked by what someone might find in their own house. Speaking of which, eve, are you ready to show T.C. The photograph?

Luis: Everything all set up?

Hank: We're good to go.

Luis: All units, all units, this is officer lopez fitzgerald. Now, as you know, our assignment tonight is to find sheridan crane, and that's exactly what we're going to do. Out. Once I find those bastards who kidnapped her, they're going to wish they were dead.


Mrs. Wallace: We are all going straight to prison. I'm telling you, we are never going to see the light of day or smell fresh air again!

Beth: Mother -- mother, shut up.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, ditto that.

Mrs. Wallace: Fingerprints and mug shots and -- oh, no, our kissers are going to be plastered all over the news!

["Perry mason" theme plays]

Mrs. Wallace: We can't let them find us! We have got to hide!

[Mrs. Wallace guffaws]

Mrs. Wallace: You stupid

monkey! That's not going to work! The police are going to see right through that ridiculous disguise! Ahem. Oh, no, you don't! That's my disguise!

Beth: Ok, what are we going to do, charlie? My mother's right. The cops are going to get here, and if they find sheridan in the pit, I'm going to go to jail. Well, we all are.

Charlie: Well, at least we'll be there together, beth.

Beth: Ok, we have got to find a way to escape.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, I amllll for that! Would you just tell us how?

Beth: All right, there has got to be a way.

Charlie: Yeah, and we got about 30 seconds to find it.

Beth: Ok, wait -- we're going to go out the back way, ok?

Mrs. Wallace: I'm out of here! Old people first!

Charlie: You monkey!

Mrs. Wallace: Get out of my way! Out of my way!

Beth: Just go.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh -- come on, precious.

[Sirens stop]

Mrs. Wallace: Shh, shh, shh. You hear that?

Beth: Wait. The sirens stopped.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah.

Charlie: See, edna, you senile old fool. No one's coming to search your house. Now, you got yourself excited all over nothing. No one's going to find out we got sheridan crane stashed in the basement.

[Pounding on door]

Officer: Police! Open up in there!

Beth: Wait -- into her so-called golden years the hard way.

[Music plays]

Chad: I love you, whitney russell. You're the only woman I've ever loved and will ever love -- yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Whitney: Oh, chad, I feel the same way about you.

Chad: Dance?

Whitney: Oh. Well, I would love to.

Whitney: Ahem. Excuse me, you two. This is supposed to be a party. Now, come on out here and dance.

Fox: Yeah. Hey, now, come on.

Theresa: All right. Ok. Ooh! Thankou.

Chad: You two look good together.

Fox: Hey -- you want to know something? We look good, period. Isn't that right?

Theresa: Oh, yeah.

Fox: Isn't that right?

Theresa: He's nothing if not modest.

Whitney: You know, chad's actually right. You two do make a nice-looking couple.

Chad: I don't mean tpuput you on the spot, but when fox first came back to harmony -- well, I thought he was going to hook up with you, theresa.

Theresa: Really? Hmm. Well, yeah. Yeah, he is a handsome-looking devil, isn't he? But emphasis on the "devil."

Fox: Ooh.

Theresa: Oh.

Fox: Well, you're pretty easy on the eyes, too, theresa.

Theresa: Oh, thank you.

Whitney: So, does this mean you two might end up being a couple?

T.C.: So, sweetheart, what about the picture?

Eve: Well, I can tell that liz took a beautiful photo. But I think something must be wrong with the ink cartridge in the printer, because it's -- well, it's all streaked. It just ruined it. I know that liz wouldn't want you to see it like that.

Liz: Well, actually --

sam: Listen, T.C., There's something I really need to talk to you about, ok? Can you hold off on the picture for a while?

T.C.: Sure.

Sam: It's really important.

T.C.: Sure. Hey, sweetheart, just go ahead and put a new cartridge in there. Liz, I'll look at the picture later, ok?

Liz: You sure will, T.C.

T.C.: All right.

Liz: You sure will.

Sam: Let's go talk in the back.

T.C.: The back?

Sam: Yeah.

Eve: Damn you!

Damn you!

Liz: Oh -- nice try, sister, but 's's useless. It is over for you.


[Pounding on door]

Officer: Open up! Police!


[Mrs. Wallace whimpers]

Mrs. Wallace: You give that to me! Come on! Give it! Give it! Give it! Give it -- give it to me! Leave it!


Officer: Open up!

Beth: What do we do?

Charlie: All right, open the door, act like nothing's wrong. Tell them luis already searched the house. You tell them anything, but you get rid of them!

Beth: Yes?

Officer: Is everything ok here? You took a long time to open the door.

Beth: Oh -- did I? I was in the kitchen. Is something wrong.

Officer: We're conducting a door-to-door search. It's voluntary, but all good citizens are cooperating.

Second officer: Ok, what's the holdup here? We should be finished with this house already.

First officer: She hasn't said we could search the house.

Second officer: What's the matter, lady? Is there a reason you don't want us to search the place?

Sheridan: Luis, help me. 

Theresa: Me and fox? No. No. We could never work out.

Whitney: And why not?

Chad: You guys look so good together.

Fox: Well, I tell you what. First of all, this little one right here is never going to get over my half brother ever.

Theresa: That's right, and he is never going to give up on that mystery woman that he's, like, crazy in love with.

Whitney: Oh. Well, is that right, fox?

Theresa: Well, of course it is. I mean, you've seen the way his face lights up when he talks about her. Yep, I bet he's planned, like, their whole future together.

Eve: Engaged?

T.C.: Well, it's about time.

Eve: Oh, honey, we couldn't be happier.

T.C.: This is the best news.

Whitney: Wait. There's more.

[Eve gasps]

T.C.: Ooh.

Eve: Oh, it's beautiful!

T.C.: Welcome to the family, son.

Fox: Well, thank you, sir.

T.C.: Oh, there's my pumpkin!

Whitney: There's your grandma and your grandpa, baby!

Eve: That's my grandbaby!

T.C.: Look at that. That's my nose.

Eve: Yes, he does!

Whitney: I got a little surprise for you.

Fox: A surprise for me? Well, you know that I don't like surprises.

Whitney: Well, I think you're going to like this one.

Fox: Really?

Whitney: Mm-hmm.

Fox: Uh-oh.

Whitney: Fox?

Theresa: Hello!

Chad: Hey, where'd you go, man?

Fox: Hi.

Chad: We've been calling you for, like, five minutes.

Fox: Oh.

Theresa: Oh, god, he was thinking about that mystery lover. Gosh, did you see the look of sheer bliss on his face?

Chad: More like sheer lust.

Whitney: Wow. She must really be something.

Fox: Yeah, you are right. Absolutely. Amazing. I think she's the most special girl in the whole world.

Julian: Should I call her again? No. It'll only make liz and T.C. More suspicious. That's the last thing I want. Oh, god, if only I married her. We had such wonderful times together. You sang like an angel tonight. The audience loved you.

Eve: The only love I care about is yours.

Julian: Oh, and you've got it, always.

[Julian and eve chuckle]

Eve: Oh, I've got a surprise for you.

Julian: Oh, I love surprises.4

julian: You could be banned in boston for dressing like that.

Eve: And do you care?

Julian: Only for you.

Julian: Oh, eve.

Liz: It's all falling apart, eve. You think may have saved yourself for the moment by lying about the picture, but I still have it in my camera. I can still show it to T.C. And you know what? Even if he doesn't see it, don't forget I own the club.

Eve: I'm not forgetting anything.

Liz: Yes, the blue note, the place where you first descended into decadence, the place where your life first started to spiral out of control. And the blue note in harmony, the one julian redid to look just like the original, the place where whitney will sing one day.

Eve: The hell she will.

Liz: Oh, eve, I don't want to see anything bad happen to whitney. But I don't see how she can avoid it. She has your genes. Oh, yes. Whitney's moving to los angeles to sing. And one day she's going to go out on the road, and I'm going to make sure that she has a gig right here in harmony at the blue note, where she'll descend into drugs and booze and sex, just like her mama. And then she'll hit rock bottom and her life will be destroyed, just like her mama'S.

Eve: No. You are not going to hurt whitney, because I am not going to let you.

Liz: How are you going to stop me, eve?

Eve: Damn you. I will find a way to stop you. I'll stop you. I will!

[Liz chuckles]

Liz: Oh, you can't stop me, eve. You just can't do it.

Beth: No, officers, I -- I'm not hiding anything, and -- and there's no reason why you shouldn't search my house, but -- you know luis lopez fitzgerald? That's my fiancee, and he was just here a little bit ago.

Officer: Yeah, you're beth wallace.

Beth: Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Officer: Oh.

Second officer: I don't figure officer lopez fitzgerald would want us searching your house.

Beth: No.

Officer: Yeah --

hank: What's going on here?

Beth: Hank.

Hank: We're not wasting time searching here, are we?

Officer: Hey, we didn't realize it was beth's house. Sorry about that.

Second officer: Sorry about that.

Beth: Oh, no harm done.

Hank: We got a lot of houses left in our area, so keep going, huh?

Luis: Is there a problem, hank?

Hank: No. Malloy and hardaway just wanted to search here, but I told them not to waste their time.

Luis: No, no, no, we have to search beth's house now. This is the one house that we have to search. Lolove to cool down

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Singer: You are my passion for life

T.C.: So, sammy, what is it? You said you wanted to talk to me about something. It was something about the search that you couldn't tell me in front of eve and liz?

Sam: No, but it has to do with the search.

T.C.: And?

Sam: Well, we searched your home and the grounds. Of course, we didn't find anything, but there is one other place that we need to search.

T.C.: Sam, you know I'll cooperate with the police. I mean, you know that, right?

Sam: T.C., I need to search the shed.

T.C.: No, sam. No, I -- no, I'm not going to let you search my shed, no.

[Tires screech]

Julian: Is tt t eve's car? God. Where could she be going in such a hurry?

[Phone rings]

Eve: Hello.

Julian: I saw you drive off. Where are you going?

Eve: Julian, I need to call you back later.

Julian: Did liz show T.C. The -photo?

Eve: No, but she keeps threatening me, and I can't stand living like this anymore! I have to stop her.

Julian: What do you mean?

Eve: I'm going to go to the blue note. I know exactly what I have to do.

Julian: Eve?


[Phone rings]

Julian: Come on, pick up. I have to get to her, find out what's going on.

Eve: I'll stop liz. She won't be ruining any more lives.

Beth: Luis, why are you so intent on searching my house? I mean, do you really think that I would -- I would kidnap sheridan?

Luis: Mrs. Wallace?

Mrs. Wallace: Hi, good-looking!

Luis: So -- what's going on here?

Beth: You know, my mother and precious, they just -- they love playing hide-and-seek.

Luis: Looks more like hide-and-hide to me.

[Beth laughs]

Beth: Hide-and-hide. That's a good one, luis.

Charlie: What's up with luis? I don't like the looks of this. The good ship wallace is turning into a leaky tub. Time to disembark before it sinks.

Beth: Well, you know, between my mother and her simian caregiver, there's just never a dull moment around here.

Luis: Yeah. Well, I can see you're busy, so let's get this over with asap, all right? Start searching -- yep. Start searching top to bottom. A&mmmmmald&

T.C.: Absolutely not, sam.

Sam: But, T.C. --

Julian: Sam and T.C.

T.C.: But it's my shed.

Sam: I have to.

Julian: The shed? What's going on?

T.C.: Those damn cranes, they haunt me --

julian: Whatever it is, take it inside the house so I can get to my car and make sure eve's all right.

T.C.: Sam, you have no reason to go into my shed!

Sam: Look, T.C., I'm sorry, ok, but I have to search it. Ok, think about sheridan. You saw luis, what he was like earlier. He was frantic!

T.C.: Sam, it's my shed.

Sam: But what about if eve had disappeared or was kidnapped? What the hell is in that shed, T.C.? Why do you go off on the cranes every time you mention your shed?

T.C.: Sam -- don't go in there, man. Please, don't do it.

Sam: Look, I'm sorry. I promise to keep whatever's in there a secret. But I have to go in there and search. Think about luis. Sheridan means the world to him. I mean, would you want me to do anything I could to find eve if she was missing?

T.C.: Go ahead, man. Look. Go ahead! Look!

Sam: Oh, my god.

[Whitney giggles]

Chad: You know, if we weren't moving to L.A., We'd be here every night. Right, whitney?

Whitney: Yeah. All the time.

Chad: So how's the food?

Fox: Pretty simple, actually. We only have four things -- chicken, steak, pasta, fish. The real money's made in the wine. We've got an incredible wine cellar, though. You guys want to see it?

Theresa: Yeah.

Chad and whitney: Sure.

Fox: All right, let's go. It's in the basement. Where else would the wine cellar be, right? Let's go.

Eve: So, liz thinks that she's going to use this club to ruin my life and ruin whitney's life. Well, I'll burn it to the ground first.

Eve: Oh. I don't want to hurt anybody else. I'll make sure that it's empty.

Eve: Hello? Ok. There's nobody inside. All right. This is for you, liz.

Eve: You think you can destroy my life and ruin my daughter's life? Think again.

Theresa: I had no idea that california wine cost that much.

Fox: Well, it's as good as any other cabernet on the planet.

Whitney: This has been such a wonderful night. Isn't it?

Chad: Any night is wonderful when I'm with you.

Whitney: Hmm. I feel the same way about you. But tonight it's like -- I don't know -- it's like we're all going to live forever.

Charlie: I got to get out of here.

Mrs. Wallace: Precious! Luis is going to search the house. He is going to find sheridan. Then we're going to be loaded onto a prison bus and headed straight for a six-by-eight jail cell!

Beth: Luis, it --

luis: Yeah?

Be:: You really think you need to search my house? I mean, why waste your time?

Luis: We're not wasting time. Beth, we're setting a good example, ok? We're showing the people of this town that we're going to search every house in harmony regardless of a cop's relationship to its occupants. Like mine to yours, ok? M m just going to search the basement.

Sheridan: Please, save me, luis.

Liz: You won't be smiling for long, eve. I'm going to wipe that grin right off your face.

[Glass breaks]

Liz: It's over for you. I am going to have my revenge, and you are going to lee everything. It's going to be so sweet.

Sam: Why?

T.C.: Sam --

sam: I can't believe this. No, T.C., No.

T.C.: I can't let it go.

Sam: Listen to me.

T.C.: No, sam.

Sam: You have to tell me why.

T.C.: No, I don't want to talk about it.

Sam: T.C., Yo have to.

T.C.: No, I don'T.

Julian: God. What the hell is in this shed?

Julian: Oh, my god. If eve ever sees this, it'll be all over. I'll lose her for sure.

Eve: I won't let you hurt us, liz. I won'T.

[Music plays]

Chad: I can't wait to make you my wife.

Whitney: And I can't wait for you to be my husband.

Theresa: You know, one day ethan and I, you and that mystery woman of yours -- we'll be has happy as whitney and chad are right now.

Fox: From your mouth to god's ear, theresa.

Whitney: Hmm. I just love dancing with you, being in your arms.

Chad: It's only going to get better, whitney. We're going to be happy like this till the day that we die.

Eve: Now liz will never be able to use this club to hurt me or whitney.

Eve: I want the blue note wiped off the face of the earth. And I want everything in it reduced to cinders.

Liz: Julian, the shed. Now it all makes sense.

Sheridan: Help me!

Luis: Did you hear that?


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