Passions Transcript Friday 6/27/03

Passions Transcript Friday 6/27/03

by Eric

Liz: Oh. You are playing right into my hands, evie dear.

Liz: Oh, wait until your family sees this.

Theresa: So, when you guys planning to leave?

Whitney: Um, first thing in the morning.

Theresa: So soon?

Chad: Soon? Kenisha's been on my case to move to L.A. For a while.

Theresa: Yeah, I know. I noticed. It's just kind of hitting me a little bit, you know?

Whitney: Yeah.

Theresa: I'm losing you. I'm losing my best friend.

Whitney: Theresa, come on, please don't cry, ok?

Theresa: I just can't help it, you know? What am I going to do? I've lost ethan, and now I'm losingouou.

Whitney: It's ok.

Luis: Look, sam, thanks a lot for agreeing to keep up the house-to-house search for sheridan.

Sam: On a voluntary basis.

Luis: Well, I know it was tough going up against the new mayor, and I appreciate it.

Sam: Well, it's not the first time, and it certainly won't be the last. But, look, sheridan's important to us all, ok, so let's get going.

Luis: All right.

Antonio: Sam, I just want to tell you, you know, I really appreciate everything you've been doing. I mean, I just hope luis was wrong about sheridan being kidnapped. I I still think she left town. But in fact, if she is kidnapped, only god knows where she is.

Sheridan: Luis? Help me. Save me.

Charlie: Well, soundproofing looks good to me.

Beth: Yeah. Now sheridan can scream her little head off and no one will hear her.

Sheridan: Luis?

Tv announcer: We interrupt this program for breaking news.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, nuts. Why do they always have to interrupt my stories with a damn news flash?

Tv announcer: The harmony police department has just announced they're about to launch a house-to-house search for the missing sheridan crane-lopez fitzgerald.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, my god, precious! We're going to jail!

eve: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I -- I shouldn't be doing this. I'm married to T.C. And -- oh, god, what if someone saw us?

Julian: You're right. I -- I apologize for not controlling myself.

Eve: Don'T.

Eve: Julian, I want to -- I want to thank you. I appreciate very much your standing up for me to liz and her threats. But I don't think there's anything that we can do to keep her from telling T.C. About my past or that we had a child together. She's just determined that she's going to pay me back for leaving home when I left to be a singer, leaving her alone and vulnerable to our father's sick advances.

Julian: Oh, my god, eve, you didn't know.

Eve: I know, but it doesn't matter, because rightly or wrongly, liz thin I I ruined her life, so now she's going to ruin mine.

Julian: You know, maybe not.

Eve: What?

Julian: Well, liz has been in harmony for months now. She's never made good on one of her threats. Now, why do you think that is?

Eve: I think she's just waiting for the right time to inflict the most pain.

Julian: Well, perhaps, but maybe she doesn't really have the nerve to follow through on her threats.

Eve: Well, no, liz is one of the nerviest people that I know, julian. She stood up to you, didn't she -- refused a blank check, and all she had to do was sell back the blue note and then leave harmony?

Julian: Yes, point taken. Well, what if she do tell T.C.? You can simply say she's lying. It's our word against hers. She has no proof to back up her accusations, and as far as the world is concerned, the only connection between the two of us is this hospital, nothing more.

Liz: Eve didn't know it, but she was kissing her lie of a life goodbye. Once I show T.C. These pictures, my sainted sister is going to lose everything and everyone that ever mattered to her.

Sam: I agree with you, antonio -- all the evidence points to ereridan leaving town on her own, ok? With all the crane money and resources, there's no telling where she could be, and covered her tracks getting there.

Antonio: It just kills me to think that I couldn't make sheridan feel safe in her own home. But I'm glad that she cared enough about herself and our baby to, you know, go get some rest, gain some peace and quiet, you know?

Luis: Sam, look, I love my brother, all right, I know he loves sheridan, but he doesn't know her like I .. nobody does. Yes, it is true that sheridan talked about leaving harmony, but that's all it was. It was just talk. Sheridan promised that she would never leave me, and she would never break that promise. Besides, sam, you know how considerate sheridan is, all right? She wouldn't want us worrying about her, and she certainly -- she wouldn't want us wasting our time doing a house-to-house search when she was sitting on some beach somewhere, reading about being a good parent. Now, I'm telling you, every bone in my body tells me that sheridan was kidnapped, all right, and she's being held prisoner in some cold, dark, god-awful place where no one can see or hear her.

Charlie: When sheridan wakes up, she can scream her little blond head off and nobody will hear her.

Mrs. Wallace: You freaks down there, get up here, and be quick about it! We got trouble! Big trouble!

Beth: Mother, what's wrong?

Mrs. Wallace: The police. They're going door to door, searching for sheridan.

Charlie: Only because she's blond.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh! Who cares why! Oh -- ugh! They are going to find her here and we are all going to go to prison!

Beth: Mother, relax. No one's going to find sheridan. Charlie and I just finished soundproofing the basement. So if the police come, they're not going to hear any of her pathetic screams or any other racket she makes.

Mrs. Wallace: They don't have to. The tv just said the police are going to go to every house, search top to bottom, attic to basement! Now, unless you two clowns can figure out a way of making sheridan invisible, we're all going to the slammer!

eve: Do you really think that we could survive liz exposing our past?

Julian: Well, but liz has no proof to link us together, now or in the past, and who'd believe such seemingly wild accusations? Everyone in harmony thinks that you can't stand me. Until recently, they were right.

Eve: And our fights on the hospital board are legendary.

Julian: Yes, and the battle for the soul of downtown.

Eve: Yes, when you cranes wanted to build that strip mall.

Julian: Well, it would've created jobs.

Eve: Julian, it would've destroyed a beautiful residential neighborhood.

Julian: Uh-huh. Ok, see? It's laughable for anyone to think that we actually shared a past together.

Eve: Is it possible you're right?

Julian: Without proof of her accusations, liz would be laughed out of town, if T.C. Didn't kill her first.

T.C.: Liz. I thought you'd be asleep by now.

Liz: No, I couldn't go to sleep.

T.C.: Buying the blue note has got you psyche h huh?

Liz: Oh, definitely. T.C., I'm sorry to interrupt, but simone said that I could use the computer if I ever needed to.

T.C.: It's fine by me. I'm just sitting here working on my summer practice schedules. As you know, eve is at the hospital, again, and I just thought I would just get this out of the way.

Liz: Well, I promise not to bother you. I just want to print up some pictures I took with my new digital camera.

T.C.: Are those the ones from the blue note?

Liz: No. Just some candids I took here and there. I'm just anxious to see how they look.

T.C.: Well, you know what, liz, I'm sure they'll be incredible, just like you.

Liz: Thank you, T.C. You know, I want to get you to look at these, tell me what you think.

T.C.: It will be my pleasure.

Liz's voice: No, T.C. The pleasure will be all mine.

Sam: So if sheridan were kidnapped, why hasn't there been a ransom note? I mean, she's a crane, for god's sakes. I mean, whoever took sheridan would want a ton of money.

Luis: Well, unless they're not after her money.

Sam: Ok, then what's their motive?

Luis: Maybe revenge.

Sam: Revenge? Revenge for what?

Luis: I don't know, sam. But why would someone torch her cottage? Why would they come after her at the hospital? And why would that woman try and stab her at the wharf? Sam, I am telling you, whoever has her isn't after her money, they're out to kill her! And god help me, I have to find her before they do.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, I am not waiting for special forces to bang down our door. I'm out of here! Come on, precious, let's make tracks.

Charlie: Not so fast, old woman. You're in just as deep as we are.

Mrs. Wallace: I didn't want to be. I tried to warn people what you were up to.

Beth: Hmm. Well, luis was just here and you didn't say a word.

Mrs. Wallace: No, but --

charlie: Miguel and charity will testify to that.

Mrs. Wallace: No, but you -- you were ready to kill me and them if I told them what was going on.

Charlie: Details, details. Face it, old woman -- if we're going down, you're going down with us.

Eve: Julian, I'm sorry for all the horrible things that I've said about you. You've just been wonderful to stand by me this way.

Julian: You don't have to apologize. I have no doubt that everything you said was true about me at the time. I was a loathsome excuse for a human being.

Eve: Yeah, but you're not anymore. Why is that, julian? What changed you?

Julian: You. You're living proof that one can -- one can change, can be a better person, can find love, can find happiness.

Eve: Oh.

Julian: No, I'm serious. Thanks to you, it's like I don't want to lay waste to everything in my path anymore. I -- I was trapped for so many years in a loveless marriage with ivy. I don't blame her totally, of course, but we made each other m miserable, and I think it was because we weren't with the people that we loved.

Eve: I'm so sorry.

Julian: No, you don't have to apologize. I'm entirely to blame. I -- I was too weak to fight for you and that love that we had, and I -- but you've taught me by example that it's never too late to turn one's life around, to make it better. I'm not perfect, of course -- I'm far from it -- but I tell you, when I wake up every morning and I think about you, it makes me want to be a better person.

Eve: Well, I'm touched, julian. I really am. But you can't -- you shouldn't change for me. I love.C.C. And I want to keep my marriage and my family together.

Julian: My dear, I'm not trying to come between you and T.C. It's just that I'm liking life so much more now that -- now that we're close again, and the joy that brings me is beyond measure.

Eve: Me, too.

Julian: Well, maybe I'll give you a ride home, if that's to your liking.

Eve: I'd like that very much.

Liz: Once T.C. Gets a load of this, eve's marriage and life will be shattered into a million pieces.

Mrs. Wallace: Angels! Where are you when I need you?

Charlie: Shut up.

Beth: Precious! Come back in here! I'm not paying you to turn tail and run. Precious, come on. Here we go. All righty. Up here.

Mrs. Wallace: Would you take a cue from the simian? We have to get out of here before the law shows up and finds sheridan. If we are not long gone by then, we're going to be locked in the can for the rest of our lives!

Charlie: Get a grip, granny. We don't know where the cops are starting their search. It could take days, weeks before they ever make it here.

Beth: Yeah, besides, luis is a cop. He is not going to let our house be searched because he thinks I'm a saint and you're senile. We're above suspicion.

Mrs. Wallace: The tv said that the cops were going to be searching every house, no matter who owns it. So you'd better be facing it, bethie, the jig is up, and we'd better leave before it t too late!

Sam: This is the cops! Open up in there!

[Pounding on door]

Luis: Everybody freeze! Youse all under arrest for the kidnapping of sheridan crane. Oh, youse clowns are going down. Hmm. Lolove to cool down

fox: Ok, ok, enough of this sappy love-fest thing that you're doing. We should be celebrating our last night in harmony.

Theresa: Oh, shoot. That's right, you are leaving harmony, too.

Fox: Yeah.

Theresa: But you know what, you are going to be with the woman that you love.

Fox: Yeah. Yeah, so I say, I don't know, we throw a going-away party for such three hip, happening people.

Theresa: Ok. But it's, like -- it's late.

Fox: Yeah, well, we can go to the blue note. You know, I mean, I sold it tonight, actually, but technically the sa I isn't final till tomorrow, so we'll have the whole place to ourselves.

Whitney: Um, you know, I don't know about that, fox. I'm kind of afraid to go back there after my mom caught me singing onstage there. It's just -- it's too weird.

Fox: Oh, come on, come on, come on. Whitney, one of the reasons you're moving to L.A. Is to be a singer. It's a little late for, you know, your mommy to get a little freaked out about it. Besides, we're going to be the only four people there, ok? No one's even going to even know we're there.

Theresa: Yeah, sounds like fun to me.

Chad: Big-time fun.

Whitney: Ok. The blue note it is then.

Theresa: Let's go!

Whitney: All right, let me get my bag.

Theresa: Got it?

[Phone rings]

Chad: You know what, you guys, go ahead. I'll be down in a second.

Whitney: Ok.

Chad: Yeah, change of plans. Come to the blue note.

Guard: Dead ape walking!

Mrs. Wallace: I knew we were going down for this! I told you not to kidnap sheridan and steal her baby, but would you two loons listen to me? No! Now we're in the slammer for keeps!

Beth: Oh, shut up, mother!

Mrs. Wallace: I will not shut up! Precious and I -- we are innocent victims to your vile scheme! But you two, you had it coming!

[Music plays]

All: Ha.

All: I ain't sorry I ain't sorry I ain't sorry no, not one little bit she deserved it she deserved it she's a menace, she's a blond and she's a twit we all know she's the one who's to blame she drove me insane and accidentally tripped I ain't sorry no, not one little bit

charlie: Sorry? I ain't sorry. She had it coming. Sheridan brought this upon herself for the way she stepped on brunettes and redheads her whole life, thinking she was better because she was blonder? Well, we knocked off of her pedestal, straight into a pit. Why? 'Cause she had it coming.

All: I ain't sorry I ain't sorry I ain't sorry no, not one little bit she deserved it she deserved it she's a menace, she's a blond and she's a twit hey, ain't it swell how she suddenly fell? It happened so quick

charlie: I might've helped with a kick

all: I ain't sorry no, not one little bit

beth: Charlie's right. I ain't sorry. She had it coming. Sheridan let hank and luis fight over her blond self once. Then when luis won, she went on to seduce antonio with her corn silk curls. Then it was eenie, meenie, minie, mo, bed-hopping between luis and antonio. Sheridan's a blond vixen who got what she deserved. Oh, she had it coming, all right. She had it coming.

All: I ain't sorry I ain't sorry, I ain't sorry I ain't sorry, I ain't sorry no, not one little bit one little bit she deserved it, she deserved it she deserved it, she deserved it she's a menace, she's a blond and she's a twit poor baby fell she screamed when she hit landed right on her tush

beth: Ok I gave her a push

all: I ain't sorry no, not one little bit

all: I ain't sorry I ain't sorry I ain't sorry no, not one little bit she deserved it she deserved it she's a menace she's a blond and she's a twit!

All: Ha.

All: Ha.

Mrs. Wallace: I am so sorry! Poor sheridan! She didn't have it coming. She was an angel on earth! Too nice, too pretty, too blond to ever know anything but happiness. I tried to stop them. I tried to save her! "Sheridan," I said, "beth is out to get you! Run! Run! Run like the wind!" But beth made me out to be a crazy old liar. And before you knew it, sheridan was down in that horrible pit. I brought her food. I prayed for her. But I was no match for beth and charlie, uh-uh. To them, sheridan got what she had coming!

All: I ain't sorry I ain't sorry, I ain't sorry I ain't sorry, I ain't sorry no, not one little bit she deserved it, she deserved it she deserved it, she deserved it she's a menace, she's a blond and she's a twit we had it all figured out to a t what to do

mrs. Wallace: Mercy me.

All: Leave them nothin' to see I ain't sorry no, not one little bit somehow she fell I'm sure that she tripped

charlie: Maybe I helped with a kick.

All: I might've pushed her a bit ok, all right, I admit

beth: I shoved her into the pit!

Mrs.Alallace: We are so, so, so sorry!

Beth and charlie: Yeah, right!

All: I ain't sorry no, not one little bit I ain't sorry no, not one little bit

Fox: So I always keep a special bottle of bubbly on hand for happy occasions like this one here. There you be.

Whitney: None, actually, for me, thanks.

Fox: Whitney, darling, what is a bon voyage party without a little champagne, huh?

Whitney: Well, I guess one sip isn't going to hurt anything.

Fox: No.

Theresa: All right.

Whitney: Ok.

Theresa: To my best friend ever.

Whitney: And mine.

Fox: Mmm.

Theresa: Um, could you guys excuse us r r a second?

Fox: You got it.

Theresa: Come on, lovebird. Um, I am -- I'm really happy for you, you know? I am. And maybe just a tiny bit jealous that things are going so well for you.

Whitney: Aw. Well, honey, if it makes you feel any better, not everything is turning out the way I planned. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to be getting married. But I alysys thought that my mom would be spending months helping me plan my wedding. And daddy, he would definitely give me away. And simone was going to be my maid of honor.

Theresa: Well, I cannot take the place of the russell family, but nothing's going to keep me away from your big day. All right? I'm going to be there to help you pick out your dress. We'll find you something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Anything for my best friend.

Whitney: Thank you. Oh, I know I can always count on you.

Theresa: Well, you know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking it'll, you know, do me meme good to, you know, go to L.A. And get out of harmony for a while.

Whitney: Um -- ok, I know that tone in your voice. Something happened.

Theresa: To make a long story short, I thought that ethan had to go to the hospital, you know, so I went to check on him. And he's fine, but gwen and the baby were having problems.

Whitney: Oh, no.

Theresa: Well, they're actually fine, too. Except gwen went off on me big-time for, you know, coming to check on ethan.

Whitney: Oh, ok. So what did gwen do that made you so mad?

Theresa: Well, she said that I thought that if she lost the baby, ethan would come back to me. But it's not true, whit. I swear it. Yeah, I still love ethan, but I would never wish any harm on him or gwen's baby. I just don'T.

Whitney: Sweetie, I know. I know.

Chad: Look, I know it's none of my business, but when you first come back, I kind of got a feeling you had a thing for theresa.

Fox: I did.

Chad: So what happened?

Fox: What happened? Well, I guess it was two things, really. First, I thought she was married to my father, which, I mean -- and then I guess, secondly, she was -- well, she still is -- she's in love with my half-brother ethan. You know, I mean, kind of put a crimp in things, you know what I mean?

Chad: I hear you, man.

Fox: Yeah.

Chad: So what's up with this new honey that you've fallen in love with?

Fox: Well, she's, um -- she's wonderful and she's beautiful and, man, in a word, perfect.

Chad: You really love this woman, don't you, man?

Fox: Yeah. Yeah, I really do.

Liz: Almost ready to print.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Hi, liz.

Liz: Hi, luis. Chief bennett. Come in, come in.

Sam: Thank you. T.C.

T.C.: Hey, guys, what's up?

Luis: Well, you heard sheridan's missing.

T.C.: Yeah, man, that's awful.

Liz: Just terrible. Luis, I hope that she's ok.

Luis: Yeah.

Sam: Well, look, we're going house to house to see if anyone's seen sheridan or anything suspicious or out of the ordinary.

T.C.: Well, we haven'T.

Liz: No, sorry.

Luis: You mind if we have a look around?

Sam: Look, we know sheridan isn't here, but the crane estate isn't that far away. There could be some physical evidence outside.

T.C.: Sure.

Sam: We know it's a long shot.

T.C.: Hey, look around. You know what, I'll help. Come on.

Sam: Ok. Thanks, T.C. Let's go.

Julian: I'd better stop here so no one sees us together.

Eve: What's a police car doing in front of my house? Is something wrong with T.C. Or simone?

Luis: No, they're fine. We're just doing a house-to-house search for sheridan -- unlike her own family, who doesn't seem to give a damn about her.

Julian: Now, see here --

luis: Oh, shut up, crane. You may not care what happens to sheridan, b I I do. I'm not going to stop looking till I find her.

Guard: Time to hit the showers, ladies!

Beth: But can't -- can't we shower separately?

Guard: No, toots! The showers are communal!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, what was that? You're offering communion? Oh, how nice of you! I han'n't been to church in a long time.

Beth: No, mother, she said communal, as in shared, no privacy.

Mrs. Wallace: I have to shower with other women?

Guard: Women in chains, in the nude, in the shower!

Mrs. Wallace: No way. Uh-uh! Not me. I'd rather be dirty than lathered up --

guard: Get over yourself, old woman! If anyone asks you to loofa them, just say no! Now, get going!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh! Please! Mercy!

Chad: You know, I'm surprised you're interested in settling down. I mean, I thought you were a player.

Fox: Yeah, I was. Uh -- till I met theomoman of my dreams. This woman, man -- I tell you what -- I never believed in love at first sight, never once. I do now. The moment I met her, it was like -- man, I don't know, it was like fireworks going off on the fourth of july, you know, and I just knew it. I just knew right then and there that she was the one for me. I knew it. She's just the only woman I'd ever love.

Chad: For real? Ok, when do we get to meet her?

X:X: Well, that all depends. You know, I mean soon enough, I hope.

Chad: You think we'll all get along?

Fox: You'll get along. You -- you know what, you're probably going to like her every bit as much as I do.

Luis: What are you doing here, anyway?

Julian: Well, I was driving by, I saw the police cruiser. I wanted to make sure everything was ok. Dr. Russell is one of harmony hospital's most valuable assets. If she were to be in peril, it would impact both the staff anand the patients.

Luis: Hmm. How crane of you, julian. Now, what do you know about sheridan's disappearance?

Julian: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Luis: You'd better not. If I find out that you had anything to do with it, anything at all, I swear I will hunt you down and I will kill you -- and enjoy it.

Julian: I really don't need to be insulted like this. If you're all right, dr. Russell --

eve: I'm fine, thank you.

Julian: Good day.

Luis: Hmm. Anyways, T.C. Said I could have a look around. I just wanted to check upstairs. You never know.

Liz: You'd better be more careful next time, eve. Letting your boyfriend drop you home at your husband's house? Unless, of course, you want T.C. To know that you and julian are back together again.

Eve: Shut up, liz. I'm not letting you threaten me anymore. You don't have any proof of what you're saying. It's just your word against ours, and nobody's going to believe that julian and I were ever involved. Everyone thinks that we hate each other. So just back off, sis. You got nothing on me.

Liz: Oh, really? We'll see about that.

Sam: I didn't think we'd find anything, but thanks for letting us check.

T.C.: Liz? Are you printing out those pictures you told me about?

Liz: Oh, yes, T.C. I can't wait for you to see them.

Julian: Father, I'm asking you again, did you have anything to do with sheridan's disappearance?

Alistair: Of course not. Just be glad it happened. Our task now is to make sure sheridan stays out of the picture.

Julian: How can we? Unless you know something I don'T.

Alistair: Know this, julian -- sheridan can't be allowed to hook up with luis. If she did, it could mean the end of the cranes.

Julian: I'm aware of that, father.

Mrs. Wallace: What are you going to do with that back brush? Stay away from me.

Beth: Mother? Where are you?

Mrs. Wallace: Out of here, with precious. And you two better make tracks, too. Otherwise, you're going to end up in prison, taking hot showers with naked ladies in chains, singing show tunes. Precious, come on! Let's make a break for it!


Mrs. Wallace: Merciful angels. It's too late! We're going down!

Liz: You can't stop me, eve. You just can't do it.

Eve: This is for you, liz.

Sam: I need to search the shed.

T.C.: I'm not going to let you search my shed, no.

Sam: Oh, my god.


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