Passions Transcript Friday 4/25/03

Passions Transcript Thurday 4/24/03--Canada;  Friday 4/25/03--U.S.

by Amanda

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thesa:A: God,'vt so muc m my nd right now -- jujulian teatening t to tamy baby frome,e, losing ethaN. I memean, what should I do? Mama always tolde thatat

t tes o of ououbl I s should pray to u u for help. So, please, send me some helP. Send me an answeR.

Etethan: Thesesa -- you all right?

Theresa: Oh, thank you, g. Thank yoU.

Ethan: You've been crying. What is it? Is there anything I can do?

Theresa: Yes, there is something that you can do, something that will make me happy for the rest of my lifE.

Ethan: What -- what is it you want me to do? Eresa: I wantouou to promise tt you wiwill help me ke l le han n ay om his f fatheR. Plsesehelp m me fight lilian

gwen: Ethan? Ethan, where are you? Ethan?

Gwen: Oh, no. What the hell is she up to now? Damn you, theresa! Will you ever leave ethan alone? No, I'm going down there. I have to find out why ethan is talking to theresa in the middle of the night.

Julian: I know -- I know you're upset. Please, don't say such thingS. I truly want to help. I I owow we cawowork things out with whitney.

Eve: "We"? "We" work things out with whitney. We're not going to work anything out with whitney. You're the reason she's on this destructive path in the first placE.

Julian: Me? What are you talkingbobo?

Eve: This is just the way it started with us, julian -- in a club that looked just like this one. And don't think that I didn't notice that this club looks just like the club where we met when I was singinG. And I'm sure you're responsible for that.

Julian: I bought the place, I had it remodeled, yes, but --

eve: No, you made it look exactly like the old blue note club in boston where we met and where you ruined my life!

Julian: Look, I've apologized for leading you down that path. I deeply regret it --

eve: Well, if you regret it so much, why did you -- you make this club look just like that club?

Julian: Because this club reminds me of the most wonderful time in my life, the time I first met yoU.

Julian: Everything is going to be all right, eve.

T.C.: I knew you wouldn't leave town without trying to convince whitney to come with you.

Adad I I di't f force her to do anything.

Whitney: Ok, daddY.

T.C.: So, what you doing, bringing her here, huh? Trying to get her drunk so she'll come to L.A. With you?

Whitney: Daddy, I'm not drinking.

Fox: Ok, look, you know what, coach russell? We don't want any trouble, ok?

Rebecca: Speak for yourself, foX. I'd like to see them take off those shirts and oil uP.

T.C.: I told you to leave my daughter alonE. I guess you didn't hear me the last 10 timeS.

Chad: She's a grown woman, coacH. She can make her own decisions.

T.C.: Well, she decided to stay here with her family.

Ch:: Well, like they say -- it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.

Fox: Hey, hey, don't --

whitney: Wait, no --

fo come on! Hey!

Whitney: No, daddy! Chad, stop!

Fox: Get away from him! Get away from him!

Whitney: Stop it!T! Stop, daddy!

Luis: This is the police. Whoever's in there, just come on out. There's no way out of there, so don't make this hard on yourselF. Just come on out.

Beth: Luis can't find me with you. He can't.

Luis: Beth?

Mrs. Wallace: This is it, daughter from hell. You are finished, kapuT.

Luis: Beth, what are you doing here?

Beth: Um -- I ululdn't sleep after you left and I was worried about sheridan, so I just -- I thought I'd come out here and help look for heR. I'm so relieved to see that you found heR.

Sheridan: Thank you, betH. It's nice of you to be concerned, but I'm finE.

Antonio: Yeah, thank goodness.

Luis: Some crazy woman did come after heritith a letter opener a few minutes agO.

Beth: That's -- that's awful.

Antonio: Yeah, we think she may be the one who's been trying to kill sheridaN.

Luis: Yeah, well, she couldn't have gone far. She had long, dark hair, blue eyeS. Haveououeeeeananyo fititng thatesescrtion?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

luis: Beth, have you seen this woman I just described? We have to find heR.

Antonio: She's very dangerouS.

Luis: And obviously deranged.

Beth: Deranged?

Sheridan: Yeah, she was babbling something about me being rich and how I had ruined her friend's lifE. I'll never forget that crazed look in her eye when she came at me with that letter openeR.

Antonio: We're worried that she might be the one who tried to kill sheridan by setting fire to the cottage.

Luis: We got to find her and question her and find out if it's the same woman.

Hank: She couldn'tavave gone R.R.

Luis: Beth, just think. Have you seen this woman since you've been down at the wharf?

Beth: Um -- no. No, no, I haven't seen anybody. No --- no onE.

Fox: Come on, stop it! Knock it off! Hey, hey!

Liz: Where did eve go? She e n'n'misssshiS.

Fox: Stop iT.

Liz: Oh, no, she can't miss my handiwork.

Chad: Come on --

T.C.: I'm going to rip your head off, boy.

Chad: Keep running your mouth.

Whitney: Stop it, daddy!

Fox: Whitney --

whitney: Stop it!

Fox: Whitney, please -- look at me, look at me. Stay back, ok? I'll handle this. Stay bacK. Stop it!

Chad: What are you going to do?

Fox: Knock it off!

Chad: What are you going to do?

Fox: Get back!

Rebecca: Oh, this is better than a matinee. Got any popcorn for me to munch?

Barry: Nuts.

Fox: Get back!

Barry: I've got nutS.

Rebecca: Even betteR.

Eve: I'm sorrY. I'm sorrY. I don't mean to drag you into my personal problemS.

Julian: You have nothing to apologize for. This whole situation is my fault. I did this to yoU. I dragged you into the fast lane all those years ago and I got you onto the drugs and the liquor. Again, I'm apologizing to yoU.

Theresa: You have to help me keep my baby, ethaN. You have tO.

Ethan: Theresa, theresa --

theresa: You know how julian can be. If he wants something bad enough, he will not give up until he gets it, analaltairir will back him up. They've got all the crane money and power, and I have nothing, ethaN. I will lose my babY. Please, help mE.

Ethan: I already said that I woulD.

Theresa: You promised. But I need you to tell me that you will not go back on that promisE.

Ethan: I'm married to you, and I am committed to you, our marriage, and the baby. Theresa, you have to understand that I will not put my marriage to gwen in jeopardY.

Theresa: I am not asking you to. I I lyly want you to be my attorney, to tell me what I need to do to keep my baby. I can't lose him, haN. He's all I've got left.

Ethan: All righT. All righT. I will -- I will help yoU.

Theresa: Oh, ethaN.

Ethan: But it's purely professional, ok? It's not -- it's not personaL.

Theresa: Thank yoU. Thank you so mucH.

Gwen: Theresa, get ururands off of my husband!

Theresa: I was only --

ethan: Gwen, it's not what you thinK.

Gwen: No, it is exactly what I think! You think I'm a fool.


Theresa: Are you ok?

Ethan: I'm -- I'm finE.

Gwen: Well, i am not finE. Every time I turn my back, I find my husband in your arms, theresa, and I am sick and tired of it!

Theresa: Gwen, it's like ethan said -- it's not what you thinK. We just ran into each other out here.

Gwen: In the middle of the night?

Theresa: It wasn't intentionaL.

Gwen: Oh, really, it wn'n't?

Theresa: No! I was just asking ethan to help me get custody of little ethan -- that is all!

Gwen: Well, what about his own child, theresa? What about the baby I'm carrying? Ethan, don't you even care what happens to our child?

Ethan: Gwen, of course I care about our chilD. Yoyou and the baby are the most important things to me --

gwen: You're a liar!

Whitney: Daddy, chad --

fox: Whitney -- whitney, gebaback.. you'rere gngng tget hurt.

Whitney: I can't take this anymore!

Fox: Look, you know what? I'll break it up. Just stay back. Rrrry?

Rebecca: Oh, no. Don't spoil my fun.

Fox: Come on, guys, break it up!

T.C.: Get off me!

Fox: All right, coach! Come on! Knock it off! Don't make me call the police!

Barry: Are you finished, man?

Whitney: Ok.

Barry: Can I let you go?

Chad: I'm cool!

Fox: Hey, chill out, chill ouT.

T.C.: Get off of me!

Fox: Hey, look, you know what? I'm running this place now, ok? If you force me to, I'll get a squad car down here --

T.C.: Yeah, whatever.

Fox: Goes for you, too, chaD.

Chad: I said I'm cooL.

T.C.: You come around my daughters again, you won't be cool. You'll be dead.

Whitney: Daddy!

Fox: You know, we don't need any threatS.

T.C.: It's not a threaT. That's a guarantee.

Chad: Look, I love your daughter, and if we're going to be together, I can do whatever I want to --

fox: All right, come on!! Knock it off!

Whney:Y: Hey, stop it! Stop it!

Rebecca: Oh, let them go at iT. Because then the police will come, and they could arrest all of us for disturbing the peace. Oh, and they could put us all in this tiny, little room and strip-search us and --

whitney: Daddy!

Bebecca: OoH. Ooh, I'm getting warm just thinking about iT.

Fox: Hey, break it up!

Liz: Damn iT. Why isn't eve here? Oh. She would be in such agony over this. Where did she go??

Eve: No, julian, this isn't your fault. It's just so easy to blame you for everything. The truth is that I fell in love with you. You didn't drag me kicking and screaming into a relationship. I was willinG. I was more than willinG.

Luis: You sure you haven't seen this woman, beth?

Beth: I told you I didn'T.

Hank: Think hard, beth.

Beth: I am. But I know I didn'T. No one could've gotten past me down herE. I didn't realize that this is a dead end until I wandered down it.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, don't tell meouou're going to slither out of this one, bethiE.

Beth: I -- I wish that I could tell you more, but I can'T. I -- I didn't see any crazy woman down herE.

Luis: All righT. We're just going to have to widen our search, theN.

Mrs. Wallace: Sorry! Sorry, I had a little trouble hearing all that. You all right, sweetums?

Beth: Yeah. Why wouldn't I be, mother?

Mrs. Wallace: Gee, I don't know. Just seems a little odd, you know, finding you here all alone in some dark, dead end alley at this houR.

Beth: I told them -- I wandered down here by mistakE. That's all.

Mrs. Wallace: By mistake? A dark alley? Oh! That doesn'tndnd like yo bethie. You're usually so cautious. So is something on your mind, you know? Because you don't seem like yourself. Does she, luis?

Luis: You are acting kind of strange, aren't you? It's almost like you're hiding somethinG.

Mrs. Wallace: Ah! See? Right, right. You are so right. No wonder you're such a good cop, honey. So, bethie, are u hidingometng?? A major explosion this afternoon in etobicoke .... it happened around two o'clock at a strip mall near the busy kipling and bloor area. The rogers a-t-and- t global news chopper is flying over the scene, where a large plume of smoke is hovering over t a area. There are report of maj d damage on the ground.. particularly to three business .... a pizzeria, a y y cleaners and a hair salon. Global news field producer melanie zettler is among the first people at the scene and joins us live by telephone. Melanie what can you tell us at this early point?

We'll hahave all the day's tops sties s t at 5:. Pleaeaseoioin us en stories tonight at 5:30. Please join us then.

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julian: U u ju m made me a very happy man. For you to admit that you actually loved me at one time, I --

eve: I did, juliaN. I loved you very mucH.

Julian: If only father hadn't interfered and come between us the way he did, how different our lives would be today -- perhaps like that vision we both shared. I got an advanced copy.

Eve: "Rolling stone."

Julian: And don't you look fabulous on the coveR.

Eve: Oh, honey, me on the cover of "rolling stone."

Julian: Again! And I think this picture really captures your natural quality -- I mean, your magnificencE. Yes?

Eve: Oh, and it's all thanks to you, sweetheart, because you believed in me and my talenT.

Julian: I would have been a fool not tO.

Eve: And you've been proven righT. After 25 years, a record number of platinum albums, and worldwide fame, my career is still going strong.

Julian: Well, nothing can stop iT.

Eve: You knknow I never even had to mount a comeback?

Julian: That's because you were never awaY.

Eve: And it's all thanks to you, my darling, because you stood up to your father and you married me.

Julian: Of course, he disinherited me and we didn't ha a a penny at the time, not a soU.

Eve: Oh, but you were brilliant, honey. You built my careeR. You booked me into clubs I had no right getting intO.

Julian: Now you own a couple of those clubs, yes?

Eve:E: And you made sure that all the right people saw mE. And the next thing I know, I'm on radio and then on televisioN.

Julian: You're on toP.

Eve: And I've stayed on top, thanks to yoU.

Julian: No. It's because of your talent, my deaR. It would've taken you to those heights even if I hadn't been around.

Eve: Oh, but I'm so glad that you were.

Julian: And I always will be.

Eve: PerhapS.

T.C.: I could kill you for what you're trying to do to whitney.

Whitney: Daddy, don't say that. Hehe's not doing anything to me, ok? He's trying to help me.

T.C.: How, whitney? Huh? By sucking you into the music world, trying to get you drunk so you will change your mind and move to california with him?

Chad: I didn't get whitney drunK.

Whitney: I haven't had one drink, daddy.

T.C.: Whitney, don't lie for hiM.

Fox: I don't want to butt in here --

T.C.: Then don't.

Fox: I can vouch for chad.

T.C.: Crane, you stay the hell out of this, all right?

Fox: No, look, he's been with me all night, ok? He didn't give your daughter any liquor. All right? He didn't even know he was going to run into her tonighT.

T.C. That a a bunch of bull..

chad: It's the truth.

Fox: No, really. It was my idea to come to the blue note, ok? Chad just kind of came along. We didn't know that whitney was going to be here.

T.C.: You know what? Both of you are a bunch of liars.

Whitney: What?

Rebecca: Why is fox standing up for chad like that?

Barry: I'm wondering that myself.

Rebecca: HuH. I didn't even know they were friendS.

Barry: I'm not sure they arE. Tending bar, you get to read people pretty well. And what I'm getting from fox is that he has a thing for the singer.

Rebecca: Whitney russell?

Barry: Why not? She's a pretty girL.

Rebecca: Oh, his father and grandfather are not going to like that. Oh, no. No, they are not going to like that one biT.

Liz: Eve was here, and then suddenly she wasT. Now, where could she have disappeared to? Oh, my.. now, what will coach russell say when he finds his fefe with julian crane yet again?

Ethan: How can you say that to me? I love you, gwen. I already love the babY. And I always told you that I'd always put you and the baby firsT.

Gwen: Not if you insist on helping theresa, you won't!

Theresa: Please, gwen --

gwen: Ethan, if you go against julian in a custody case, if you represent theresa, he will fire you from crane industries. He has already made that quite cleaR.

Han: Juanans s always making threats.

Gwen: This is no threaT. You and I both know that. Julian will fire you from crane, and then the baby and I will be leftitith no income, no health insurance, nothing! How is that putting us first?

Ethan: I'm hoping it doesn't come to that.

Gwen: Ethan, but it will!

Theresa: Listen to me for a moment, gwen.

Gwen: I don't want to listen to you!

Theresa: I'm not asking ethan to actually represent me.

Gwen: Whatra yououalkiking about?

Theresa: I will find another attorney for courtppppearances. But I need ethan's legal expertisE. I need him to work in the background to advise whoever I hire. Julian will never know that ethan is opposing hiM. It will all be hush-hush.

Gwen: Oh, yeah, just another one of your schemeS.

Theresa: It's not, gwen! I swear!

Gwen: You could swear on a stack of bibles and it wouldn't matter to me, theresa! I don't trust you for a second because every time I have in the past, it's come back to haunt mE.

Theresa: The last thing I want to do is put you and your baby at risK.

Enen that is such a lie.

Ethan: Gwen --

gwen: All you care about

yourself and your baby!

Theresa: You are so wrong, gwen.

Gwen: I have lost so much already because of you. You have stolen so much from me! Theresa, if my child is a boy, I can't even name him after his father because you've already taken the name! Why in the world did you name your son after my husband?

Ereresa: Ethan n heeded deliver hiM.

Gwen: So did i. That is not the reason why. Ethan is not your child's father. Ethan is not at all related to your son! You still stole his name anyway, and I am sick and tired of you taking everything from mE. Well, I have had iT. It is over. Do you hear me, theresa? It is over!

Beth: Don't be ridiculouS. Ofof course I'm not hiding anything.

Mrs. Wallace: Luis? Honey, did you say something?

Luis: No, mrs. Wallace.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Must be my hearing again. Would you come a little closer here? I want to tell you something. You know, I was just wondering, you know, this woman that you're lookoking for -- maybe she could be someplace, you know, around herE. You know, maybe she's hiding someplacE.

Beth: Well, if she is, she is not in this alleY. I mean, like I told you, there is no one down herE. You'll have to forgive my mother, luiS. She's getting more and more delusional.

Mrs. Wallace: Did you say something, bethie?

Beth: I might have to send off that application to the state nursing homE.

Sheridan: I don't understand. Why would you think beth is hiding something? She's one of our best friendS.

Luis: You're right. I'm sorry to do that to yoU. Looki I mean, we're all on edge niT.

Antonio: Well, you know what? If the woman isn't here, we'd better start loining for heR.

Hank: And quickly, before she tries to put some distance between herself and uS.

Antonio: Yeah. Come on, let's gO.

Luis: Sheridan, you stay here with beth, all right, where it's safe.

Sheridan: No! I want to go with you and help you look!

Luis: Sheridan, ! All right? No argumentS.

Antonio: Luis is right, sheridan. Just stay with betH. You'll be safe, ok? Th way, , we won't worry about yoU.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Boy, when you guys make a mistake,t't's a doozY.

Sheridan: Fine. I'll stay here with beth.

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singer: You are my passion for life

liz: What a pretty picturE. Can't wait for T.C. To see iT.

Fox: Ok, ok, th of y j jt dodo me favor d d lmlm dowN.

T.C.: You know what? I will calm down when he's on an airplane out of here alonE.

Whitney: You are so wrong about chad, daddY. And you know what? He's not the one to blame for all of thiS.

Fox: Your daughter's right, ok? Listen to heR. He didn't do anything to her. He's been with me all nighT.

T.C.: You know what? Like I'm supposed to believe a word of a cranE. All of you are liars, manipulators. But what I don't understand is, how could you get hooked up with a street punk like this? Does he have something on you?

Whitney: Ok --

T.C.: Is he threatening you?

Chad: Man, you have really snappeD.

Whitney: Ok, it's all right.

Fox: No, you know what? He doesn't have anything on me, actually.

T.C.: So what is he, your little drug supplier?

Whitney: Oh, goD.

Fox: What?

T.C.: I know something's ining on herE.

Rebecca: I would love to be a fly on the wall when julian and alistair find out that the heir apparent is falling for a black girl. Oh, no, I personally love my coffee blacK. But the cranes are not so diversified, if you know what I mean.

Barry: That's not what I heD.

Rebecca: What did you hear?

Barry: Rumor around here is that, years ago, julian crane was deeply in love with a black womaN.

Rebecca: NO.

Barry: That's the worD.

Rebecca: No, no, no, no. The crane men can sleep with women of all different sizes, shapes, and colors, but love? Uh-uh, no, I don't think sO. Alistair would not stand for iT.

Barry: Whatever.

Rebecca: No, no, trust me. I know julian and alistair very, very welL. And as much as I'd like to believe this little story -- nono, no, I can't see julian standing up to his father that waY. No. I mean, julian and a black woman? No. No way.

Eve: I can't believe that history's repeating itself with my daughter.

Whitney: Something about him moves me the way that he softly speaks my name the way his love is such a gentle rush like a quiet morning rain

eve: I don't want whitney to live life in the fast lane like I did. It almost destroyed me. That's why I was so happy when she embraced tenniS.

Julian: Eve, you've raised an incredible daughter. She and I were trapped in that elevator for a very long timE. It was a dangerous situation, and she handled it beautifully. She's a lovely young woman with a good head on her ououlderS. And if she decides to try her luck at the music business, I'm sure that she'll -- well, she'll handle it differently anan you did at the time. Besides that, she'll have her mother to guidheheR.

Eve: No. No, I don't want whitney in the music businesS. Not ever.

Ethahan: You haven't lost me, gwen.

Gwen: No, ethan, I'm tired of being played for a fool. I can't take iT. I -- I'm going to divorce you and raise our child myself.

Ethan: All right, you're talking crazy, ok?

Gwen: No. I mean iT.

Ethan: Gwen, I love you. I want to be with you and our baby. I want that more than anything in the world.

Gwen: I am tired of bein the odd man out in this romantic triangle.

Ethan: You are noT.

Gwen: I will not do this anymorE. I don't want to be stuck like sheridan and luis and antonio, never being able to have a real life. Ethan, this is humiliating. I won't do it anymorE.

Beth: No, you -- you can't kill her.

Mrs. Wallace: Blessed angels.

Charlie: What are you talking about? Sheridan's alone over therE. This is the perfect time.

Beth: No, it's too risky. This could be traced back to uS.

Charlie: So what? I told you, I've got a plan, bethie. We're going to disguise ourselves as other people and then assume new identities when we get where we're goinG.

Beth: No, no, no. I told you, I am not going to leave harmony.

Charlie: Why? What the hell is so great about harmony?

Beth: Because I can't leave --

charlie: You can't leave what? Or is it who?

Beth: My motheR. I can't leave my mother, of coursE.

Mrs. Wallace: RighT. Like I count.

Beth: And my business, ok? The book cafE. My whole life is here in harmony. I'm not going to leave.

Charlie: Have you gone soft in the head or something? Have you forgotten our mission -- to kill blondie?

Beth: Ok, just wait, charlie. Could you help me out here?

Mrs. Wallace: Don't look at mE. I tried to warn you that charlie beanstalk here was a nut casE. But would you listen to me?


Beth: Ok, look, this cannot happen, ok?

Charlie: I'm sorry, bethie, but you're going to be grateful to me for this in the long ruN.

Beth: Would you stop her, mother?

beth: No, charlie, no! Mother, stop her!

Mrs. Wallace: Did you kill her?

Beth: No. Thank goD. She's out cold.

Mrs. Wallace: I think luis is coming bacK.

Beth: Ok. You keep an eye on charlie for a minute, and then you come out and join us, ok? I've got -- I've got a plaN.

Mrs. Wallace: Thatl teacach yoU.

[Mrs. Wallace blows raspberry]

Beth: Any luck, luis?

Luis: No. I just don't understand how that woman uld d have gotten away with all the cops in this area.

Beth: Well, what will you do now?

Luis: I'm going to put out a statewide A.P.B. Once we get back to the statioN.

Sheridan: When is this going to end? I meani I don'knkn how m much more of this stress I can take.

Luis: You're right. We have to tell antonio the truth abouusus.

Sheridan: When?

Luis: NoW.

Sheridan: Right here, tonight?

Luis: Sheridan, I love you. You are more precious to me than anything. I can't stand to see you go through this, ok? I'm putting an end to it.

Antonio: Maybe she went in a totally different directioN.

Hank: What if she doubled back?

Sheridan: Antonio and hank are coming bacK.

Luis: We'll put an end to it noW.

Beth's voice: Oh, it's going to end, all right, luiS.

T.C.: Come on, whitney. You're coming home with me now.

Whitney: No, daddy, I'm not. Not until we settle a few things here first.

Liz: Oh, no. This is not what I planned at all. I wanted eve to be the one in trouble, not whitneY. T.C., I really think we should bring eve in on this.

T.C.: Well, that's a good idea, but where is eve?

Liz: I just don't knoW. She's got to be around here somewherE. She was just herE.

T.C.: Well, I'll find heR.

Liz: I'll go with you.

Whitney: Look, thank you for taking chad's side, you know, standing up to my father like that.

Fox: I was just telling the trutH.

Chad: We appreciate it, maN.

Whitney: Look, are you ok?

Chad: Yeah. We just can't go on like thiS.

Whitney: I know.

Chad: I mean, your father has so much anger inside of hiM.

Whwhitney: I know, I know. The man has a terrible tempeR. I mean, he wants me on the tennis court 24/7. But the person I don't understand is my motheR. I mean, her incredible overreaction to my singing. I just don't get that at all.

Chad: Neither do i.

Whitney: I mean, what does she have against singing?

Eve: I'm not going to let whitney become a singeR. I'm not going to let her get dragged down into that life the way I waS.

Julian: What happened to you doesn't have to happen to whitney. She has such a beautiful voice, so much like yours.

Eve: I don't care. I'nonot going to let h g g involved in the music industry. I just want her to come home where she belongS.

Ethan: Gwen, I promise you, you have nothing to worry abouT.

Theresa: Certainly not from mE. My only concern is my soN. I don't want julian to get his hands on my baby and raise him to be a pompous, spoiled little version of juliaN. Please, gwen, don't object to ethan helping mE. I swear, I am not after hiM. I only want him to help me keep my babY. Please, say that you will let ethan help mE.

gwen: Theresa, I --

theresa: Before you answer, I just -- I just want you to think about how lucky your child iS. Ok, maybe he won't be named ethan, but at least he or she will be fortunate enough thave e eth for a father, and that is far more important than any name.

Gwen: Don't you think I know that?

Theresa: Of course you do. I'm only pointing out that julian is my baby's father, a man who doesn't even know the first thing about how to love or raise a child to be a decent human being. Can you imagine what my child would grow up to be like if julian raised him? It would be horrible. Would you want your child to have julian for a father?

Gwen: No, I wouldn't.

Ththeresa: No. Instead, your baby will be raised by one of the best fathers anyone could ask for, a wonderful role model, someone who will always be there for his baby no matter whaT.

Gwen: But will you be there for both of us?

Ethan: YeS. I already promised you I would be.

Theresa: All I want is to keep little ethan away from the terrible influence his father will have on hiM. Please, let ethan help my soN. I will be grateful for the rest of my life.

Ethan: I will only be helping her save her son from julian. That is alL.

Theresa: Please. You're going to be a mother yourself sooN. I am begging you, gwen, as one mother to another, help me to keep my son.

Gwen: I hope that I don't live to regret this decision, theresA. Ok. All righT.

Theresa: Gwen --

gwen: Whatev e ee I think ofououi do knonothat youou'r a good mheR.R. And, of course, you would do a much better job raising little ethan than julian.

Ethan: Thank yoU. I love you.

Whitney: I don't know if I can take much more of thiS. I mean, I feel like my whole world is falling apart. When is this going to end?

Chad: I don't know.

Rebecca: What happened to my drink?

Barry: Must have evaporated. I'll get you a refilL.

Rebecca: Thanks. Oh, fox, what happened to your father? I mean, he's been awol a long time herE.

Fox: I don't know.

Rebecca: Well, I'm not goin to wait around all nht.

Barry: Here you gO.

Rebecca: Thank yoU. Tell your daddok a cab home andhahat he owes me bigtimE.

Liz: Well, she's not in the ladies' room, T.C.

T.C.: Well, what happened to her?

Liz: I think I might have an idea where she went.

C.: Yododo? Erere?

Liz: Llow mE.E.

Lilian: It's all going to turn out fothe . U'll see.

Mr wal:: She'e's out cold.. let's e whathe o otheralf of tdedevious duo is up to

luis: Struck out, too, huh?

Hank: I still don't think she's far from herE.

Antonio: Sheridan, are you ok?

Sheridan: Yeah. I'm just a little cold.

Antonio: Come oN. Let's get you someplace rmrm get you something warm to drinK. How's that?

Hank: The book cafe is right around the corneR.

Antoni all right, let's gO.

Luis: Antonio, look, there's something that I need --

beth: Luis? Would you mind helping me get mother home before you go?

Luis: No, of course noT. I'll just take you home, and then I'll hook up with you guys at the book cafe.

Antonio: Ok, we'll see you in just a little while

luis: Ok..

mrs. Wallace: Luis, honey? Why don't you go ahead and go with the otherS. Beth and I can managE.

Beth: No. I mean, you and the walker are just a lot to handle, mother.

Luis: Don't worrY. It's no trouble at all, mrs. Wallace.

Mrs. Wallace: Very welL. Thank you, honey.

Beth: Oh, no. My babY.

Oh. My babY.

Liz: Oh, eve, once T.C. Catches you with julian, you can kiss your life goodbye.

Fox: Looks like I finally got somethg g on daddy.

Chad: You're going to have to decide whether you're your parents' little girl or the woman that loves me.

Beth: I'm pregnant, luis.

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