Passions Transcript Thursday 4/24/03

Passions Transcript Wednesday 4/23/03--Canada;  Thursday 4/24/03--U.S.

by Amanda

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Gwen what..

Ethan Gwen, what is it?

Something wrong with the baby??

[Little Ethan Cries]

[Theresa hums]

Pilar: Theresa?

Theresa: ---

Pilar: W w h he?

Theresa: Thank you coming, mama. I can't seem to get him to calm down.

Pilar: here, let me hold him.


Vecocon lita.


Eresesa: ..

Pila ven. Oh, there you go. Did something happen to upset him?

Theresa: I don't know, mama. Maybe -- I mean, I guess maybe he's upset because I'm upset. You know, I had this terrible dream. I dreamed that I lost little Ethan.

Pilar: You lost him?

Theresa: Yeah. It was horrible. I can't lose him, mama. I mean, I've already lost Ethan. I can't lose my baby. He's all I've got left.

Pilar: I know. It's all right. It's o.K.  Abuelita is right here. I'm right here.

Theresa: He must have been reacting to my feelings.

Pilar: Theresa, I can understand why you're so upset, mija, with Julian threatening to take away little Ethan. That's why you're having bad dreams.

Theresa: I'm sure you're right, mama.

Pilar: There is so much turmoil in this house, in this family. Has Sheridan come back yet?

Theresa: No. How did you know that she left?

Pilar: Hank came by, looking for her. He said that -- that she went out earlier and she didn't tell Antonio where she was going.

Theresa: Yes, hank woke me and he told me that he and Luis were going to look for her, too.

Pilar: Poor Sheridan. She's under so much stress. I hope she's all right.

Theresa: Sheridan had a terrible dream earlier, too, about losing her baby.

Pilar: God. It's probably all the anxiety she's suffering because of the situation with Luis and Antonio -- not knowing who the baby's father is, not knowing how to tell Antonio that she's in love with Luis.

Theresa: She shouldn't be under such pressure when she's pregnant.

Pilar: I just pray that someday all of my children will be happy, you know? God, I hope Luis has found Sheridan.

Luis: Sheridan, did you see which way this woman went?

Sheridan: No, no, I was too scared.

Luis: She's got to be the same person who set fire to your cottage, that same person that's been trying to hurt you. Whoever you are, I'm going to find you and make you pay!

Antonio: Sheridan. Are you all right? Luis, I heard you yell. What's going on?

Luis: Some crazy woman came after Sheridan with a letter opener.

Antonio: Where is she? Did you see her?

Luis: No, I didn't see her. I heard Sheridan scream, I came running. She was gone by the time I got here.

Hank: Did you see her face, Sheridan? Could you describe her?

Sheridan: I don't know. She was tall, she had dark hair and this crazy look in her eyes.

Hank: Sounds like the woman I saw earlier, the woman destroying all those Blondie dolls.

Charlie: This one's my favorite because she looks the most like Sheridan Crane -- or she did. Oh, boy, you should have seen her. She had the same color eyes, the same shade of hair and porcelain white skin. That was before I gave her the acid wash.

Charlie: When are we going to kill the real one, Bethie? She deserves to die!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, you are so finished, Bethie.

Luis is gonna find you and Charlie, too boo-hoo

Luis: I know you're out there! I'm going to find you and make you pay!

Beth: That's Luis. If he finds us, we're done for.

Luis: I'll find you, I swear I will! I swear I'm going to find you.

Eve: What did you say?

Whitney: Oh, you heard me, mama. I'm not going to leave here with you. And I'm certainly not going to leave Chad.

Eve: I am your mother, Whitney, and I say that you are coming home with me. What is wrong with you?

Whitney: No, mom, what is wrong with you? How could you just yank me offstage like that? And embarrassing me, treating me like a complete child?

Eve: I'm supposed to let you stay up there and just make a spectacle of yourself?

Whitney: By singing a song? What is wrong with you? Why is that so horrible?

Chad: Dr. Russell, you heard Whitney. She's good.

Eve: You just stay out of it, Chad, ok? I am not having it! I'm not having her singing!

Chad: What's wrong with it? Why are you so down on people that sing?

Eve: I thought I knew I could live without you but I could tell if I fell under your spell

Julian: This stuff coats the throat. One glass won't kill you.

Eve: Well, maybe you're right. Maybe I should.

Julian: Yeah.

Eve: Whitney, honey, it's just that there are so many terrible things that could happen to a young girl in a place like this.

Fox: With all due respect Dr. Russell, this is not a bad or dangerous place. It's a jazz club, ok? It's a place where people come to listen to music, that's all.

Eve: No, that is not all! Come home with me.

Whitney: No, I am not.

Rebecca: Well, Julian? Answer me. What did you mean?

Julian: What did I mean about what?

Rebecca: Don't play dumb with me. You said that it's a good thing T.C. Wasn't here to see this. Why would you say that?

Julian: I just meant that he'd be furious if he knew his daughter was here in this club with Chad.

Julian's voice: And that much closer to finding out about eve's past with me.

Liz: Did you hear me, T.C.?

T.C.: Yeah, I hear you. I just woke up. What did you say, Liz?

Liz: I said could you come down to this club? It's called the blue note.

T.C.: Blue note? Why?

Liz: Something is happening here that you should see, something you should know about.

Eve: Whitney, you can't stay here!

Liz: And when he does, sister dear, it is all over for you.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Whitney: I am not leaving.

Bartender: Too bad her mother showed up. That girl can sing.

Fox: Yeah. She's amazing.

[Music plays]

Whitney: Something about him mos s thwawathatate sosoftly spspks m my name the way his

Fox: She's so beautiful.

Whitney: Love is such a gentle rush like a quiet morning rain

Fox: Her voice is like an angel's.

Whitney: Something about him shakes me

Bartender: You better watch it, Mr. Crane. You're looking at that girl Whitney like she's fresh fruit on the vine.

Fox: Am I?

Bartender: Yeah. And if her boyfriend sees you looking at her like that, he's going to know you've fallen hard.

Eve: Whitney, this is no place to talk about anything. Just come home with me now.

Whitney: No. I told you no, mom. How can -- how can you be such a hypocrite?

Eve: A hypocrite? What do you mean?

Whitney: I'm talking about the way you come down on daddy. You get mad at daddy for pushing me to play tennis because it's his dream and not mine. But here you are telling me I can't do something that I want to do just because you don't want me to do it. You know, you are no different than daddy. You're just like him.

Liz: T.C., Are you coming or not?

T.C.: Liz, I still don't know what you want me to come and see.

Liz: Well -- listen, T.C., Now, I don't want you to blame Whitney. I'm the one who brought her here.

T.C.: Whitney? Whitney's at the blue note?

Liz: Yes, but, T.C., You can't get upset, please.

T.C.: That damn Chad. Chad brought her there, didn't he?

Liz: No, no, T.C. I brought her here. I'm the one to blame. I just didn't know that chad was going to be here, and now eve is hehere, toO.

T.C.: Eve? What the hell is my wife doing there?

Eve: I don't want to hear another word about it, whitney! You are coming home with me now!

Whitney: I told you no! I am not leaving with yoU.

T.C.: Liz, wt t e hellll is gogoing ?

Liz: Eve and whitney are fighting. And like I said, chad is herE. Oh, T.C., I thk k you really better get down here right away before something bad happens.

T.C.: Damn it, I am on my waY.

Liz: I can't wait. Oh, sister dear, this is iT. Your life is finally going to be destroyeD. I am finally going to get revenge against my sisteR.

Luis: I want you to send as many units as you can spare down to the wharF. I want this whole place sealed off, nobody in, nobody out. We're after a woman who's armed and dangerouS. All right, we'll just wait here until they show up.

Sheridan: Luis, what if she comes back?

Luis: I'm not going to let anything happen to you.

Antonio: You know what? Hank and I can help you start searchinG.

Luis: Good. Let's not let this woman get off the wharf, all right?

Antonio: Hank and I can start in that directioN.

Hank: I'm with you, antoniO. Let's go.

Antonio: Come on, hanK. We got to find this whack joB.

Hank: We'll find her.

Beth: Charlie, hurry uP. Come on, we got to get out of herE. Let's go.

Ethan: Gwen, is the baby all right?

Gwen: Yes, yes. I just -- just felt a little twinge. God, this is so incredible. Ethan, it's our baby.

Ethan: It's wonderful. It's -- it's incrediblE.

Gwen: I am so happy that you decided to marry me and be a family with our chilD. Sweetheart, we are going to be so happy, I promise yoU.

Pilar: That's a good little boy. Come on, let's put you down, huh?

Theresa: Thank you so much, mama. You got the magic toucH.

Pilar: He was just overly tireD.And you look so and so tense. Why don't you go for a walk, huh, and get some fresh aiR. I'll stay with the babY.

Theresa: Oh, no, I hate to impose on you any more than I already have, mamA.

Pilar: Baby, I'm your mommy. You can't impose. Now go put on some clothes and try to get your mind off your problems, huh?

Theresa: All righT. Thanks.

Pilar: Oh. Go.

Theresa: Ok.

Pilar: HeY. I remember when your mama, luis, and miguel and antonio and paloma were babies. They slept peacefully, too. God, but now they're all grown up and full of problemS. What's happened to my family?

Luis: HeY. Don't you worry, ok? This is all going to be over soso we're going c catch this womaN. And we're nanally ing toto tell anantoo ththe truth, ok?

Officer: Hey, luiS.

Luis: HeY.

Officer: Just wanted to let you know -- cooper and I are here, all thotother units are on the way.

Luis: Ok, why don't you guys start over on this section. I've already got a couple guys working over here, all right?

Officer: All right, got iT.

Luis: There are going to be cops swarming all over this place soon, all right? You're going to be all right. You, too, mrs. Wallace.

Mrs. Wallace's voice: Oh, it's so obvious that shedadan and luis bontogethth. Why dimy daughghteh veve to so e evil?L?


Beth: Sirens.

Charlie: Oh.

Beth: Luis must have called for backup.

Charlie: Oh. Oh, I feel so stupid, beth. Sheridan saw me and she saw the letter openeR.

Beth: No, no, it's all right. I have a new plan, which means that we have got to get rid of sheridan without it being traced back to you or me.

Charlie: , Nono, I still think we should do a "thelma & louise." We can go on the lam and hide out. Then it doesn't matter if they connect us to the murder or not.

Beth: No, no, no, , , it t too risky. We've got to be in the clear, and my plan is going to be incredible and bizarre --


Beth: Oh, no. Quick, quick, hide!

Charlie: Oh! Oh!


Beth: We got to get out of here, charlie, or everything's going to be ruineD.

Charlie: Oh!

Eve: I am your mother. I am supposed to protect you!

Whitney: Protect me from what? Look, I'm not leaving with you, ok?

Rebecca: My goodnesS. Eve and her daughter are really going at it, aren't they?

Julian: S,s, thi I is me I I spppped iT.

Rebecca: Why? Why do you have to stop it, hmm? Julian, what is going on here? Why do you want to get involved in the russell family soap opera?

Whitney: You are just as bad as you accuse daddy of being, trying to force me to do what you want without even thinking about what I want!

Eve: How do you even know what your father and I talk about?

Whitney: Oh, I hear things, moM. I hear you and daddy talking about me, about my future, about my lifE. And you know what, mom? It stops right now.

Eve: Whitney --

whitney: I mean it, mom. Daddy doesn't get to make decisions about my life anymore, and neither do you. I'm going to decide what I want to do with my own life. I'm going to decide what my dream really is, and everyone else can go straight to hell! This is global news.

>> Robin: Good afternoon toronto mayor mel lastman is fighting back. Lastman blasted the world health organization for listing toronto as one of the cities that travelers should avoid because of sars. He says that the W.H.O. Warning will have a devastating impact on tourism and said it is not supported by medical evidence. Mayor is d'manning that the original anicision send someone to see firsthand how the medical community and he residents are handling this crisis joy want them here tomorrow! I want them to investigate toronto tomorrow. I think they are doing this service and this country a disservice.

>> Robin: Lastman says toronto is not gripped by fear over sars and that things are bus as usual. The O.P.P. Has laid charges against stand and frank koebel, two men at the centre of the walkerton water tragedy. The announcement came in walktoriton.

This had been charged with making and using false document and breach of trust. But some walkerton residents are not happy with today's development yim' mad. I'm pissed off. Like this guy should be in jail and he should in population in jail, where somebody to beat the -- out of him every day why 7 people died in walkerton after ecally got in the water system. Stan koebel's lawyer says his clients will plead not guilty. Toronto secretary school teachers are threatening to start job action unless they get a new contract. The president called the toronto school board dysfunctional this morning. He says second tear teacher don't want to hurt student education but me me may have to taken measures that end up doing that. We will have more tonight at 35 350k. Until then, have a great day.

Rebecca: You've been behaving very strangely tonight, julian. What is going on? Why are you trying to get involved in the russells' lives?

Julian: I am not trying to get involveD.

Rebecca: Yeah, well, something is going oN.

Julian: Rebecca, this is my cluB. Having a family squabble played out in the middle of it is bad for business, that's all. Now, will you excuse me for a moment?

Eve: I'm not trying to run your life, whitney.

Whitney: Then what do you call it?

Eve: I am trying to protect you!

Whitney: Protect me? Protect me from what? I mean, what terrible things are going to happen to me by singing in a jazz club?

Julian: Excuse mE. Is there -- is there anything I could do?

Eve: Yes, juliaN. Could you please tell my daughter that she needs to come home with me?

Julian: Whitney, you and i have talked before. I know how you feel, but perhaps it is best if you listen to your mother and went home.

Whitney: No. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I've decided that nobody is going to tell me what to do. I'm not leaving here, mom, until they lock the doors or until they throw me out, okok, and there's nothing you can do about it!

Chad: Whitney, waiT.

Julian: Chad, let --

eve: Julian, just stay out of iT. Nobody asked for your opinioN.

Julian: I'm only trying to helP.

Eve: Well, you're not lplpinG.G. I'm gog g to g m my daughter and take her homE.

Chad: Dr. Russell, please, don't do thiS.

Eve: Chad, get out of my way!

Chad: I'm not going to movE. I'm sorrY. Look, whitney's right about this and you're wrong. I'm not going to let you come down on her because she's going after something she loveS.

Fox: Whitney, can I help?

Whitney: No, fox, there's nothing you can do to helP.

Fox: Barry? Get her a glass of water, will you?

Barry: Sure.

Whitney: I've never talked to my mother like that beforE. Why can't she just understand? I mean, it's only singing, right? And I love to sing.

Fox: Yeah. Who really knows why parents do anything that they do, you know? I think maybe just want to hold on too long -- unless, of course, they're minE. Mine just wanted to be rid of mE.

Whitney: Well, my parents are really wonderful. I mean, we've always got along great and had a really good relationship until now. And now it seems like all we do is fight.

Fox: HeY. I'm sorrY.

Whitney: I just wonder what's going to go wrong next, you know?

Liz: Oh, T.C., Come oN. Hurry up and get herE. I can't wait to see eve's life fall apart right in front of everyonE. It'll be everything I ever dreamed of. It's going to be so wonderfuL.

T.C.: Liz, what's going on? Is chad still in there?

Liz: YeS. T.C., Now, please, try to calm down.

T.C.: I'm going to calm down. I'm going to kill the bastarD.

Liz: T.C., Wait. I cannot let you go in there like thiS.

Luis: Oh, heY. Glad you guys made iT.

Antonio: I'm glad some reinforcements arrived.

Luis: Yeah, we got this place locked down tighT.

Antonio: Well, hank and I -- we searched over that way and there's no sign of anyonE. How you doing, sweetheart?

Sheridan: I'm ok.

Luis: All right, you two -- you stay here with sheridan and mrs. Wallace, all right? Now, come on. Let's stay focused. We're going to find this woman, all right?

[Helicopter approaches]

Luis: Good. The chopper's here. There's no way that woman's getting out noW. Come on! Come on, let's gO.

Charlie: Oh!

Beth: Charlie, we got to find a way off this wharf.

Charlie: There's an alley down that waY. Come oN.

Beth: Yeah.

Charlie: Oh!

Beth: Oh, no.

Beth: Oh, no. It's a dead enD. We're trappeD.

Luis: You go that waY. We'll check out the alleY.

Singer: You are my passion for life

theresa: Mama thinks taking a walk will get my mind off my problems, but -- I try not to think about ethan, but everywhere I look, I see hiM. I see my lost love.

Ethan: I love you. I love you, theresA.

[Gwen yawns]

Gwen: Excuse me!

Ethan: Well, someone's tireD.

Gwen: Well, maybe I'll be able to sleep noW.

Ethan: Well, I hope so because you and the baby need your resT.

Gwen: As long as I know that you'll be here for us, and as long as I know you're committed to me and our baby above anyone else --

ethan: You mean theresa.

Gwen: Yeah, I do.

Ethan: I'm married to you and I'm committed to you, our marriage, and the baby.

Gwen: I love you. Good night, sweetheart.

Ethan: Good night.

Ethan: I'm getting pretty good at this, huh?

Theresa: You're great at it.

[Little ethan coos]

Ethan: Yeah! We, you u e a a good teacher. The alaska job fell through, and I need to work, theresA.

Ththeresa: Oh, this is perfect! We are going to be working together all of the time.

Ethan: No. I am a happily married man.

Ethan: What is wrong with theresa?

Whitney: I hate thiS. I hate yelling at my mom, making her feel baD. But I just can't take it anymore, you know? I -- they can't tell me how to run my life, you know?

Fox: Hey -- hey, you know what, I know exactly how you feel.

Whitney: What are you -- what are you doing?

Fox: What am I doing? I was -- I'm just trying to be your frienD.

Whitney: Theresa told me that you did help her through some pretty rough times. She said that you weren't like most of the rest of the cranes. They look for people's weaknesses and then try to take advantagE. She said that you're not like that.

Fox: No, I'm noT.

Barry: Yeah, and the sky's not blue.

Fox: Barry, don't you have some wine to stock?

Barry: Yes, sir, mr. CranE.

Fox: SorrY.

Whitney: You know, it wasn't supposed to be like this. My parents were supposed to fall in love with the man that I fell in love with.

Fox: You know what, whitney? I mean, maybe your parents will end up loving the man you marrY.

Whitney: I don't see that happeninG.

Fox: Things change, you knoW. The only constant is change.

Eve: You don't know what you're talking about, chad.

Chad: Your husband forced his dream of tennis on whitney, and you went along with it. And because whitney is such a great daughter, she tried as hard as she could to make that dream come true, for you and her pops. But that wasn't her dreaM. Her dream is to sing. And what kind of mother would you be if you took that away from her? If you stopped her from doing the one thing that could make your daughter happy?

T.C.: Liz, I need to get in there.

Liz: Listen, I know you're furious with chad right noW. But if you want to be mad with someone, be mad with me. I'm the one who brought whitney here.

T.C.: Why did you bring her here? And what is she doing in there?

Liz: Chad talked her into singing a sonG.

T.C.: Wait a minutE. Whitney is singing?

Liz: Yeah. T.C., She was so gooD. No, she was better than that. She was greaT.

T.C.: It's that damn chaD. He's manipulating her so she'll move to L.A. With hiM.

Liz: No, no, T.C., Listen to me. I was the one who brought whitney here in the first placE. I never should have done thaT. I just wanted her to feel better.

T.C.: I don't blame you, ok? I me, , itity y neededomomnene to talk to, and you were there for heR. It's a shame that eve doesn't have any sisters because she would need an aunt about right now to talk to.

Liz:Z: Thank you, T.C. Just do me a favor -- don't tell anyone that I called you herE.

T.C.: It's all right. You did nothing wronG.

Liz: Yeah, but I don't want eve to be mad at mE.

T.C.: You know what? She will probably thank yoU.

Liz: Ok.

T.C.: I need to get in the ananmake sure that chad stays e hehellwawafrom my little girl.

Liz: You go, T.C. You go right ahead. And you'll go ballistic, too, when you realize that julian is here. And eve's life will finally be over once and for alL.

Sheridan: I'll be glad when all this is over.

Mrs. Wallace: Me, too, you sweet souL. I think it's horrible --

horrible -- that somebody t t to kill you, sriridaN.

Sheridan: I just hope that they find hesosoon so that I can breathe agaiN. You know, I don't know how I would have made it if I didn't have such good friends. Especially betH. She's been such a good frienD.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, ahahshe's s a real peach.

Thth oh, no. It's luiS. We're never going to get out of herE.

Luis: You saw someone going this way?

Officer: Yeah.

Luis: Was it a man or a woman?

Officer: Itit was pretty chch a blur, but I'm sure it was a womaN.

Luis: Could be our gal.

Officer: Yeah.

Luis: What about the end of this alley? Is it sealed off?

Officer: No, it's a dead enD. No way out a a all the doors are sealed off. If someby y ran in there, we've got them.

Luis: PerfecT. Why don't you guys go get sheridan. We're going to need her to identify the suspect, right? Well, if it turns out that it is the woman who's trying to hurt sheridan, she's going to be put away for a long, long time. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks to early detection and treatment, I'm doing well. But many others are not. Breast cancer continues to kill women by the thousands. Each day, fifty-six canadian women are diagnosed with the disease. I'm proud to be a spokesperson for the canadian breast cancer foundation, ontario chapter. We're working to create a future without breast cancer. Please join us to create that

theresa: God, I've got so much on my mind right now -- julian threatening to take my baby from me, losing ethan. I mean, what should I do? Mama always told me that in times of trouble I should pray to you for help, so, please, send me some helP. Send me an answeR.

Ethan: TheresA. You all right?

Theresa: Thank you, god. Thank yoU.

Chad: What is it with you and music, anyway? You know, I remember that night at the seascape restaurant. You got me to give you that cassette that I played, and then you destroyed it. I mean, why would you do that? Why do you hate music? Don't you know music is a gift from god?

Eve: Don't preach to me.

Chad: I'm not preachinG. I'm just saying that whitney's been blessed with a voice that is truly a gift, a voice that can make a lot of people happy in the world. And she loves to sinG. She's really happy when she's up therE. Could you really take that kind of happiness away from your daughter?

[Music plays]

Eve: Hi. Do you know who I need to speak to about this tape that you're playing? Because they don't have permission to use it.

Man: That's not a tape, ladY. That's the singer onstagE. She's great, isn't she?

Whitney: After all that we've been through it still feels like it's so brand new and it's something I never want to lose

chad: Can't you let her be happy, dr. Russell? Don't you want her to be happy?

Julian: I'll be back.

Rebecca: Where are you going?

Julian: Eve, I am so sorry.

Eve: Damn you, julian! This is all your fault! My daughter is going to be a whore, just like the whore you turned me into!

Chad: Hey, fox. Hey, listen, thanks for taking care of whitneY.

Fox: Yeah. Any time, maN. Any time.

Chad: Thanks, maN.

Whitney: Oh, chad.

Chad: It's going to be all righT. I'm going to make it all right.

T.C.: I'm going to make sure you never touch my daughter agaiN.

Sheridan: Antonio, did they find her?

Antonio: The police have a woman trapped in the alley.

Hank: Luis wants you to come see if you can identify heR.

Sheridan: All right, let's go.

Mrs. Wallace: They've got you now, bethiE. You are history!

Beth: How could I be so stupid? You and I should have split up. If they catch us together, they'll know we're in cahootS. Damn it!

Luis: Hang back, all right? I'm going to head down the alleY.

Sheridan: Wait a minutE. You think the woman who tried to kill me is in there?

Luis: Yeah, I think so.

Beth: Luis is coming. I'm -- I'm caught! Tour flashback brought to you by volkswagen. On t

gwen: Ethan? Ethan, where are you? Ethan?

Gwen: Oh, no. No, it can't bE. What the hell is she up to now? Damn you, theresa! Will you ever leave ethan alone? No, I'm going down there. I have to find out why ethan is talking to theresa in the middle of the night.

Ethan: You've been crying. What is it? Is there anything I can do?

Theresa: Yes, ethan. There is something that you can do, something that will keke me happy for the rest of my life.

Julian: I know -- I know you're upset, but please don't say such thingS. I truly want to help. I know we can work things out with whitney.

Eve: "We"? We'll work things out with whitney? We're not going to work anything out with whitney. You're the reason she's on this destructive path in the first placE.

Julian: Me? What are you talking about?

Eve: This is just the way it started with us, julian -- in a club that's just like this one. And don't think that I didn't notice that this club looks just like the club where we met when I was singinG. And I'm sure you're responsible for that.

Julian: I bought the place, I had it remodeled, yes, but --

eve: No, you made it look exactly like the old blue note club in boston, where we met and where you ruined my life!

Julian: Look, I've apologized for leading you down that path. I deeply regret it.

Eve: Well, if you regretted it so much, why did you -- you make this club look just like that club?

Julian: Because this club reminds me of the most wonderful time in my life -- the time I first met yoU.

Julian: Everything is going to be all right, eve.

T.C.: I knew you wouldn't leave town without trying to convince whitney to come with you.

Chad: I didn't force her to do anything.

Whitney: Ok, daddy --

T.C.: So what you doing bringing her here, huh? Trying to get her drunk so she'll come to L.A. With you?

Whitney: Daddy, I'm not drinking.

Fox: Ok, look, you know what, coach russell? We don't want any trouble, ok?

Rebecca: Speak for yourself, foX. I'd like to see them take off those shirts and oil uP.

T.C.: I told you to leave my daughter alonE. I guess you didn't hear me the last 10 timeS.

Chad: She's a grown woman, coacH. She can make her own decisions.

T.C.: Well, she decided to stay here with her family.

Chad: Well, like they say, it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.

Fox: Hey, hey, don't --

whitney: Wait, no! No! Daddy, chad, stop!

Fox: Get away from him! This is not --

T.C.: Come on, do it!

Fox: Hey!

Luis: This is the police! Whoever's in there, just come on out. There's no way out there, so don't make this hard on yourselF. Just come on out.

Beth: Luis can't find me with you. He can't.

Luis: Beth?

Mrs. Wallace: This is it, daughter from hell. You are finished, kapuT.

Julian: You just made me a very happy man.

Liz: Oh, my.

Chad: Look, I love your daughteR. And if we're going to be together, I can do whatever I want.

Fox: All right, come on, knock it off!

Whitney: Stop it!

Gwen: Theresa, get your hands off of my husband!

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