Passions Transcript Tuesday 4/22/03

Passions Transcript Monday 4/21/03--Canada; Tuesday 4/22/03--U.S.

by Amanda & Eric

Singer: Somebody's got to get me out of here my head is spinning but it's all so clearthis feeling's something I just can't fight 'cause those brown eyes are talkin' tonight ooh, those brown eyes are talking tonight oh, those brown eyes are talkgg tonight

singer: Thank you.Ank you. Thank you. U all very much. We're going to take just a short break right now, but we'll be back with more songs of love. Stay right there. Thank you.

[Cheers and applause]

Fox: Anewfound friend, is why I will never fall in love. 3EA5ADA5.JPG

Chad: What's that, fox?

Fox: All that "I can't live without you" stuff. I'll leave that to suckers like you, theresa, and my aunt sheridan. You're all miserable.

Chad: Hey, I would never trtrade being in love with whitney for anything in the world.

Fox: Well, like I said, man, suckers. Take yourself, for instance -- a talented guy with a real ticket to make it out in the music business in L.A. But are you jazzed about going out there? No. No, you're sitting here like a kid who just dropped his ice cream cone on the sidewalk because your true love won't follow you across the country.

Chad: For now is all. Look, whitney just needs a little time to make a clean break from her parents. You'll see. She'll be out there with me in a few months. 3EA5ADCA.JPG

Fox: Right, right. Dream on, my friend. Dream on.

Chad: You don't get it. I'd wait 100 years for whitney if I had to.

Fox: No, I get it. I get it fine -- love equals pain. You know what? Count me out.

Liz: Whitney, relax, ok? Listen, I tell you, we'll stay fornene set and then we'll head home.

Whitney: No, you don't understand, liz. I've been here before, but it was called something else. I don't know. Anyway, my mom went crazy when she found out and she forbade me to ever come here again.

Liz: Well, what your mom doesn't know won't hurt her. Besides, if she should find out for any reason that we are here, I will explain that it's all my idea, my fault, ok? Lighten up, whitney. I want you to enjoy yourself. 3EA5AE01.JPG

Whitney: Ok, just for a little while, right?

Liz: Yes.

Whitney: Do you remember where the ladies' room is?

Liz: Sure, it's just down over there, and I will wait for you.

Whitney: Thanks.

Liz: Ok.

Liz: Oh, that just figures. This is just like the club where eve got involved with booze and drugs, all thanks to julian. Can't wait to see what eve does when she realizes where whitney has been hanging out.

Rebecca: She was good, don't you think?

Julian: I've heard better.

Rebecca: Like who?

Eve: Now I know it's true there's not one second or two I could live without you

rebecca: You've got that lovesick look on your face again, julian. Who is this woman he's thinking of? 3EA5AE52.JPG

Eve: Oh, how dare liz take whitney to that jazz club downtown. What was she thinking?

[Phone rings]

Eve: Dr. Russell.

Woman: Hello, this is the service.

Eve: I'm not on duty.

Woman: I know that, but mrs. Simmons was hoping you could make a house call. She says that rash she saw you about has gotten worse.

Eve: Call dr. White. I'm in the middle of a family situation.

Woman: All right, doctor.

Eve: I don't know what you were thinking, liz, but I will be damned if I'm going to let you destroy whitney's life the way mine was destroyed.

Luis: I've got to find out who's trying to hurt sheridan. 3EA5AE84.JPG

Hank: And you will. At least we know she's safe and sound for the moment. The guards at the crane estate said that it's been pretty quiet over there for the last couple hours.

Luis: Yeah, well, I'm going to feel better once I'm on the grounds with her. Half the world has reason to hate the cranes, but I can't think of one reason why someone would want to kill sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace: What is wrong with her, aside from the obvious?

Beth: Not that it's any of your business, mother, but charlie's looking for the last decapitated blondie doll head. She claims it's the crown jewel of her collection.

Mrs. Wallace: You're both sick, you know that? 3EA5AEA8.JPG

Charlie: Ha! Come to mama, dollface.

[Charlie chuckles]

Charlie: Whoo!

Beth: Oh, good for you, charlie. I know that particular head means so much to you.

Mrs. Wallace: I'd ask, but I'm afraid to.

Charlie: Oh, go on. I don't mind telling you. This one's my favorite because she looks the most like sheridan crane. Or she did. Oh, boy, you should have seen her. She had the same color eyes, the same shade of hair, and porcelain-white skin. That was before I gave her the acid wash.

Charlie: When are we going to kill the real one, bethie? She deserves to die. Nobody hurts my best friend and gets away with it, not with me around. 3EA5AEF4.JPG

[Muffled scream]

[Sheridan screams]

Sheridan: My baby. Please, let me see him. Please give me my baby. Give mmy baby!

No! No!

Antonio: Sheridan, what's wrong?

Sheridan: I had another dream, another -- another nightmare. Something terrible is going to happen to me, antonio. I can feel it.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life 3EA5AFC2.JPG

Chad: You've really never been in love?

Fox: No, but I tell you what, I've been in lust about a thousand times.

Chad: There's a big difference. Finding the right person is like what it must feel like to walk on the moon. Once it's happened, you never get over it.

Fox: For real?

Chad: Yeah, imagine, like, the biggest fireworks display you've ever seen. Falling in love is like a thousand roman candles going off in your heart.

Fox: All right, yeah. You know what, I guess I'll have to take your word for it. Ready for a refill?

Chad: Why not.

Fox: All right.

Julian: Don't be so insecure. I was just thinking of another singer I used to listen to. She had a very special quality. 3EA5AFEB.JPG

Fox: Dad. Rebecca. Howdy.

Julian: What are you doing here?

Fox: Oh, nothing. I heard you bought this place and had it done up I thought I'd come by and take a look at it.

Rebecca: You own this place?

Fox: It's nice. Who knew you had a thing for jazz?

Julian: There's a lot you don't know about me and the complete portfolio of crane holdings.

Fox: Yeah, well, that's your choice, dad, not mine. There is one thing I do know about, though, and that's clubs. All right, take your bartender, for instance. He's not bad, but he could use a lesson on how to make a truly decent dry martini. 3EA5B015.JPG

Julian: I suppose you're just the man for the job.

Fox: Yes, actually, but I was angling for another one. What do you say you let me run this place for you?

Whitney: Hey.

Liz: Hey.

Whitney: So you promise you'll stick up for me if my mother finds out that I was here?

Liz: Of course. Although I can't imagine why she would get so upset just because you're out listening to a little music. Come on, let's go inside.

Eve: Oh! Damn traffic! Oh, whnonow? I've got to get whitney away from that club.

Antonio: It's no wonder you've been having bad dreams lately with everything that's been going on in your life. If you think about it, you've been torn in a thousand different directions here. 3EA5B052.JPG

Sheridan: You have no idea how many.

Antonio: Well, I tell you what, just tell me what you think would make things better.

Sheridan: You know what? There is something that might help.

Antonio: Tell me. Anything. Anything at all, and I'll do it.

Charlie: I got it all planned out, honey. Once we kill the bimbo, you and I gon n the lam. Any place you say will be paradise as long as I'm with you.

[Music plays]

Singer: Oh, I could hide 'neath the wings of the bluebird as she sings the 6:00 alarm would never ring cheer up, sleepy jean oh, what can it mean to a daydream believer and a homecoming queen? 3EA5B0A0.JPG

[Music stops]

Mrs. Wallace: Looks to me like charlie's daydreaming about a future with you, beth. I wonder how much help she's going to give you when she finds out you're in love with luis.

Beth: Shut up, mother. You are not going to tell her unless you want to rethink that whole state nursing home thing.

Mrs. Wallace: Huh, it's comfier there than it is on death row, which is where you're going to wind up if you kill sheridan and her baby.

Beth: You underestimate me. You always have. But I am going to have a life with luis no matter what. I have to.

Mrs. Wallace: Even if he never loves you? Beth, why can't you see that killing sheridan is the same thing as a one-way ticket straight to hell? 3EA5B0D4.JPG

Hank: I just hope we find the person that's trying to hurt sheridan.

Luis: Oh, I'll find him. If anyone tries to hurt sheridan again, I'm going to hunt them down and make them pay for the rest of their life.

Beth: Maybe -- maybe you're right, mother.

Mrs. Wallace: Huh?

Beth: Maybe it is a bad idea to kill sheridan.

Charlie: What did you say?

Beth: I -- I changed my mind, charlie. I don't think it's a good idea to kill sheridan.

Charlie: What?

Mrs. Wallace: Praise the lord! Praise the lord! My baby has seen the light!

Rebecca: What do you care if fox runs the blue note? It's hardly more than a gin joint. 3EA5B1F6.JPG

Julian: It is not a --

julian: Fine. If you want to manage this place, do it. Talk to barry behind the bar. If he has any questions, tell him to see me. Excuse me.

Julian: Liz. Whitney. What a pleasant surprise. May I welcome you two lovely ladies to the harmony blue note.

Liz: Oh, julian, well, I'm sure you're not the maitre d' here.

Julian: I own the place. I bought it a while back and I had it done over.

Liz: Interesting. You know, it reminds me an awful lot of a club in boston.

Julian: You know, if you wait just a sec, I'll have a special table set up for you.

Whitney: Thank you, julian.

Julian: Dodon't mention it. Whitney, would you mind if I were to steal liz away for a bit? 3EA5B22E.JPG

Whitney: Oh, not at all.

Liz: Let go of me, julian!

Julian: Just tell me why you brought eve's daughter here.

Liz: You know, whitney was feeling a little low, so I thought maybe a little mellow jazz just might cheer her up.

Julian: That's bull. You know how her mother hates places like this. You brought whitney here to get back at eve.

Chad: Whitney.

Whitney: Oh, hey!

Chad: You look great. What are you doing here?

Whitney: Oh. Well, liz brought me here.

Chad: That's great. I mean, I'm really glad to see you after what went down tonight. Are you all right?

Whitney: I guess so. 3EA5B26A.JPG

Chad: Just know one thing -- whatever we have to do to be together, I love you. You can take that to the bank.

Whitney: Oh, wow. What a voice, huh?

Chad: Not as good as yours.

Whitney: Come on, chad. I'm a tennis player, ok, not a singer.

Chad: I don't buy that. Like it or not, you have music in your heart, in your soul. You belong up there, in the spotlight.

Charlie: You said we were going to off sheridan.

Beth: Uh -- I've rethought the plan.

Charlie: Without me? I thought weerere partners, soul mates! We both hate all the blonde bitches, and especially her because she did something to hurt you! What was it, anyway? You never actually spelled it out. 3EA5B2A2.JPG

Beth: Um -- don't worry about it, charlie.

Mrs. Wallace: It doesn't matter anymore, buster! My baby has finally seen the light! She has taken the hands of the righteous angels and they swooped down to guide her.

Beth: Shut up, mother. I haven't taken anyone's hand, much less any swooping angels.

Mrs. Wallace: But wait, I thought you said you reconsidered.

Beth: I said that I changed my mind about killing sheridan right now, that's all. There are plenty of other ways to get rid of her, and that's what I intend to do.

Antonio: So tell me, what can I do to help you out?

Sheridan: Maybe if i tell you about my nightmare, it won't seem quite so frightening, seem more real. 3EA5B2DF.JPG

Antonio: That's a good idea. You know what, I'll make us some tea. You can talk all night long if you want to, ok? Meet me in the living room, ok?

Sheridan: Thank you.

Sheridan: When is it going to stop? When is this ever going to stop? σσ for a limited time, there's agreat offer at lenscrafters

Antonio: The tea will be ready in a minute. Look, sheridan, everything's going to be ok, I promise.

Sheridan: Yeah.

Antonio: We're together, and we're going to be together forever, and I'm not going to let anyone or anything hurt yoyou or our unborn baby.

Sheridan: Yeah, I know.

Antonio: You know, I can't help but think of luis every time I think of the baby you're carrying. 3EA5B3FF.JPG

Sheridan: Why?

Antonio: I don't know. It's just a thought, but I was thinking if we had a boy, maybe we could name him luis after my brother.

[Teapot whistles]

Antonio: I'd better get that before it wakes up theresa and her baby.

Sheridan: How am I going to get through this? I've got security arards outside my cottage like I'm an animal in the zoo. I've got antonio watching me like a hawk so that he can protect me from whoever's trying to do me in. I can't even be with the man that I love because I'm with his brother! And now antonio wants to name the baby after luis and I don't even know which one of them is the father! My god, I feel like the walls are closing in on me. I -- I got to get out of here so I can think. 3EA5B42D.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: If you're not going to kill sheridan, what are you going to do?

Charlie: I still say we ice the bimbo! Look, this is about more than sheridan crane. It's about every big-boobed blonde who ever got a free ride through life! Killing sheridan crane is not just for fun. It's a matter of principle!

Beth: Ok, calm down, charlie. We're still going to get our revenge, ok?

Charlie: Power to the brunettes! Long live the homely girls!

Beth: Right. Nothing has changed as far that goes, ok, but let me explain why I think murder is a bad idea right now. There are some things about sheridan that you just -- you don't know yet. 3EA5B456.JPG

Charlie: At's what I've been asking you. You never told me why you hate her so much.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, tell her, beth.

Beth: That is not the point. It -- the point is sheridan and this guy luis, they're very close.

Charlie: So what? He's just a dumb man.

Beth: Who also happens to be a cop. So if we do something to hurt sheridan, he's going to be on it like a dog with a bone. He is going to go after the killers until he tracks them down.

Charlie: Cops can be fooled.

Beth: No, no, no, not luis. He's really, really smart.

Charlie: No sweat. We can still knock off sheridan. All we got to do is kill this luis guy. 3EA5B48D.JPG

Eve: Please. Please don't let my daughter follow in my footsteps.

Eve: I won't let whitney make the same mistakes that I did. Oh, good.

Whitney: You're crazy. I mean, I could never sing in a place like this, in front of a live audience.

Chad: Why not?

Whitney: Well, I mean, even if I could get over my stage fright, my mother would kill me.

Chad: She'd have to find out about it fstst, and I don't exactly see her around here anywhere.

Whitney: If you think I'm going to get up on that stage, you are out of your mind, chad.

Chad: No, I don't buy it. You want to be up there yourself. I can feel it. 3EA5B4C5.JPG

Whitney: I --

chad: Sing with me. Go up there and sing that song that I wrote for you.

Have we overlooked another indication that S.A.R.S. Is a threat why did one health care worker with symptoms attend a public funeral and another rode a commuter train? When are we going to take it seriously? On tonight's "global national" with kevin newman.

Singer: You are my passion for life

charlie: The world would be better off without men, especially the ones who pant over those 34d blondes. So I don't care if this guy is the police or the president himself. I'm going to track him down and wipe him off the face of the earth. One less macho man to give the real goddesses like you and me a hard time. 3EA5B578.JPG

Beth: No, don't you dare touch luis.

Charlie: Why not? He's the real enemy, beth. Don't tell me you like this jerk.

Beth: No. No! God, of course not! Luis has nothing to do with it, ok? The reason that we can't kill him is if we did, then his fellow cops would just work around the clock to find whoever did it.

Charlie: Yeah, they do seem to stick together.

Beth: Yeah.

Charlie: I still say we're making a mondo mistake if we don't waste sheridan!

Beth: No, I'm not saying that we're never going to kill sheridan, ok? Just not right now. We have got to be extra sure that they don't connect her death to us. All right? Look, it's late, ok? Why don't we just talk about this in the morning, all right? You go home, you get a good night's rest, and we'll see each other tomorrow. 3EA5B5AC.JPG

Charlie: You're making a big mistake if you don't get rid of her permanently!

[Mrs. Wallace whistles]

Mrs. Wallace: You always did have the worst taste in friends, and that one is a circuit breaker short of a fuse box! Oh, what is going on in that evil head of yours, huh? One minute you're saying you're not going to kill sheridan, then the next minute you're saying that you're going to give her a reprieve for one night. So what is it going to be, girlie girl?

Beth: Like I'm going to tell you the details of my strategy? Look, I don't give a damn what happens with sheridan as long as her disappearance isn't traced back to me or charlie.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, I would be very, very careful of that one because she is so looped, she could go after sheridan tonight, on her own, not to mention luis and anyone -- anyone who gets in her way! 3EA5B5EA.JPG

Beth: Mother, she is not that nuts. I've got her under control.

Charlie: Beth's perfect in every way. But she's soft on some things. You have to die, sheridan.

[Charlie laughs]

Sheridan: Finally some space. I can be by myself and try and sort things out.

Antonio: Sheridan? Where did she go?

Antonio: How you doing? It's antonio at the cottage. Have you seen sheridan? Why didn't you stop her? I know, I know, I know that's not your orders, but -- no. No, I'm not mad. I just need to find her. Ok.

Antonio: Hi, this is antonio lopez fitzgerald. Is my brother there?

Luis: Tonio, what's wrong? 3EA5B64E.JPG

Antonio: It's sheridan. She's gone.

Luis: What? Antonio, you said that you weren't going to take your eyes off of her!

Antonio: I know. Look, all I did was go and fix her some tea and by the time I gobaback, she was gone. The guard said that she wanted to take a walk, which, you know what, I don't blame her because she wasn't feeling too good. She was a little upset.

Luis: About what?

Antonio: She's been having these nightmares that these crazy clowns who are trying to kidnap her and take her baby from her. I don't know.

Luis: All right, how long ago did she leave?

Antonio: It couldn't have been longer than five minutes ago. She couldn't have gone far. 3EA5B66F.JPG

Luis: All right, look, you check the west side of town. I'm going to send hank over to mama's and see if she went over there to talk.

Antonio: You know what, I didn't think of that. Mama is like a second mother to her. I'll wake up theresa and let her know what I'm doing. She and little ethan should be fine here at the cottage with all the guards patrolling around here. Now where are you going to be?

Luis: I'm going to go over to the east side of town, maybe over to beth's, all right? She might have turned up there.

Hank: Oh, my god.

Luis: We got to find her, hank. Whoever's trying to kill her could be hunting her down right now. 3EA5B696.JPG

Charlie: Die, sheridan, die! W?

Majestic tree would bring such a suspenseful the green jacket is going north of the border.

The perfect size.

Singer: I've tasted kisses like these they still make me weak in the knees and your promises of love well, honey, they'll never never be enough 'cause when I hear that old familiar tune I remember once more I've been here I've been here

chad: You know you want to be up there.

Whitney: Come on, I can't just go up there and grab the microphone, right?

Chad: Why not? I mean, I know all the musicians, and lola is straight. What do you say? 3EA5B782.JPG

Whitney: It's crazy! No.

Chad: Come on, whitney, you'll be great. The crowd will love it. You can do that song that I wrote for you. You know it backwards and forwards.

Singer: Thank you. Thank you. You guys are great. Thank you. Thank you.

Julian: I don't know how eve managed to get herself such a hateful sister, but I'm tellg g you right now, I will not let you hurt her.

Liz: Well, you can't stop me, julian.

Singer: Oh. Hey, how's it going?

Liz: I couldn't have scripted this better if I'd tried.

Chad: That was great, lola.

Lola: Thanks. 3EA5B7B6.JPG

Chad: You mind if whitney fills in for you for aitit?

Lola: Oh, no. It's all yours, honey.

Chad: You're on.

Whitney: I'm not so sure about this, baby.

Lola: Right now, ladies and gentlemen, you're in for a real treat. I'm going to take a little break, but we have a brand-new rising star here at the blue note.

Man: Yeah!

Whitney: Wasn't really looking to give him any time my part was really perfect I could play my role just fine funny how a little smile or just a single word can make the wind stand still lift your heart up like a bird something about him moves me the way that he softly speaks my name the way his love is such a gentle rush like auiet morning rain something about him shakes me the way that he always reads my mind the way he tries to hide his innocence the way he sees right through my reticence I think I might stop running 'cause I know that there is something 3EA5B81E.JPG

rebecca: Isn't that eve russell's daughter, the one who plays tennis?

Whitney: About him ooh, ooh, yeah

julian: Dear god. She sounds just like her mother.

Whitney: Everything was clear he wasn't in the picture I didn't want him too near funny how a little look can turn you upside down and one single kiss can turn your world around something about him moves me the way that he softly speaks my name

eve: The blue note. This can't be.

Whitney: Such a gentle rush like a quiet morning rain

eve: That sounds like one of my old tapes. I don't remember this song.

Whitney: Something about him shakes me 3EA5B859.JPG

eve: They can't play my tapes without my permission.

Whitney: The way that he always reads my mind the way he tries to hide his innocence the way he sees right through my reticence I think I might stop running 'csese I know that there is something never want to leave him now

mrs. Wallace: You'd better mark my words, because charlie is completely out of control. And if she kills sheridan, you -- you are going to be put away as an accomplice!

[Knock on door]

Beth: Maybe she's back.


Mrs. Wallace: Better hope that is her, tootsie!

Luis: Hey, is sheridan here?

Beth: Luis. No, why -- why would she be here? 3EA5B886.JPG

Luis: You haven't heard from her in the last hour?

Beth: No. What's going on?

Luis: I'm not sure. Antonio said she left the cottage by herself, she was all upset. I just don't like the idea of her being out there by herself when someone's trying to kill her. What if they find her before I do?

Charlie: Beth's just got a case of cold feet. Yeah, once I tell her I've taken care of sheridan crane for good, she'll be glad I did it without her. Yeah. Yeah, and she'll thank me for doing the things she didn't have the nerve to do by herself. It can't be. Can it? Ha! Talk about fate! 3EA5B977.JPG

Whitney: Something about him shakes me the way that he always reads my mind the way he tries to hide his innocence the way he sees right through my reticence

rebecca: Julian, you look like you've never heard anyone sing before. What -- what is wrong with you tonight?

Whitney: I know that there is something

eve: I could choose to make this end

whitney: Ooh, ooh

julian: It's like going back in time.

Whitney: Always had my own plans everything was clear he wasn't in the picture I didn't want him too near funny how a little look can turn you upside down and one single kiss can turn your world around something about him moves me the way that he softly speaks my name 3EA5B9BE.JPG

fox: She's so beautiful.

Whitney: Love is such a gentle rush like a quiet morning rain

fox: Her voice is like an angel'S.

Whitney: Something about him shakes me

waitress: You all right, mr. Crane? Mr. Crane?

Fox: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Whitney: The way he tries to hide his innocence

fox: I just feel like a thousand roman candles went off in my heart, that's all.

Whitney: I think I might stop running 'cause I know that there is something never want to leave him now never want to say goodbye

fox: Oh, my god.

Whitney: I only want to hold him near for the rest of my life something about him moves me 3EA5B9F0.JPG

eve: Hi. Do you know who I need to speak to about this tape that you're playing, because they don't have permission to use it.

Man: That's not a tape, lady. That's the singer onstage. Shshe's great, isn't she?

Whitney: The way he sees right through my reticence I think I might stop running 'cause I know that there is something

beth: I'm sure she's fine, wherever she is.

Luis: I'm not so sure about that. You know, someone's gone to the trouble to set fire to her cottage, to stalk her at the hospital. And if they find her alone, there's no telling what they're going to do. I've got to find her before that happens. 3EA5BA23.JPG

Charlie: Well, blow me down. This was obviously meant to be. Even beth would understand why I had to kill sheridan tonight. This is just too delicious an opportunity to ignore!

Sheridan: What am I going to do? How am I going to sort through my life without hurting innocent people? Please, god, help me.

Charlie: Oh, honey, you are so dead. And you deserve it for what you did to my beth.

Whitney: The way he tries to hide his innocence

fox: I just feel like a thousand roman candles went off in my heart.

Eve: Stop the music! Stop it!

Liz: This is working out better than I imagined.

Luis: Sheridan, hold on!

Sheridan: No!

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