Passions Transcript Monday 4/21/03

Passions Transcript Friday 4/18/03--Canada; Monday 4/21/03--U.S.

by Amanda

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Rebecca: Lolo a at this place. Itit's incredibl it so noirir..

lian: I I oughght you dndn't li j jazZ.

Rebecca: Oh, , I n'n'T. Bubut e girl who doe my m manicure said thiplple e s rereally, I thougught we sululmeme checkT.

Waiterer: Mr. Crane, ititgood to e e you agai asassume le your usu tabab we're holdinititoror yoyoasas aayayS.

Rebecca: You'u've been here bere

julian: Let's just sit down, rebeccA.

Rebecca: Well, julian, in all the years I've known you, you've never mentioned this place before.

Rebecca: Well, so this is where you disappear to. So what's the big secret about this place? Or is it who? 3EA05276.JPG

T.C.: Baby, I could sleep a whole week. What a night.

Eve: Yeah, it was very difficult for all of uS. Fortunately, we were able to work it out.

T.C.: Thanks to yoU.

Ethan: Oh, no. Thanks to whitney's willgnesess to listeN.

T.C.: Yeah, we almost lost whitney. I mean, sweetheart, if you hadn't have stepped in when you did, she would have moved to L.A. With that punk. You handled things so perfectlY. I am just so proud of yoU. You stepped up to the plate, honeY. I mean, you got whitney to listen to reason, and now she's going to stay here in harmony. 3EA0529B.JPG

Eve: Well, for six months, anyway.

T.C.: Well, you know, after six months, whitney will be completely over chaD. He'll be out of her system and she'll be back to normal, back to the way things should bE.

Eve: I hope sO.

[Chad's song plays]

[Knock on door]

Whitney: Come iN.

Liz: Oh, hi. I just thought I'd check, see how you're doing.

Whitney: Oh, well, I'm all right, thankS.

Liz: Rough night, right?

Whitney: I've definitely had better.

Liz: Well, I just want you to know that if you want to talk I'm here for you.

Whitney: Thank you, liz.

Liz: Whitney, what are you listening to? 3EA052DB.JPG

Whitney: Oh, it's a song that chad wrote and produced himselF.

Liz: He is talented, isn't he?

Whitney: YeP. He's going to be very, very successfuL.

Li whnene I is something elseseoioing on?

Whitney: Chad was offered a job at a record companY.

Liz: Well, that's great. Isn't it?

Whitney: He's moving to los angeles.

Liz: Well, whitney, it sounds like a wonderful oprtrtunitY.

Whitney: It iS. It is, but I'm just going to miss him m mucH. And I don't -- I don$tantt to sound selfish. I love that man more than anything in the world, and I want what's best for him. I want h t to have his dream. But what if once he gets to L.A. His dream doesn't include me anymore? 3EA05317.JPG

[Chad's song plays]

Fox: Chad, what's up, man? I thought I heard music in herE.

Chad: Have you ever heard of knocking?

Fox: Knocking -- yeah, righT. You know what? Actually, my family owns this place, so I don't really have to knock.

Chad: Wellll, I ve a and ioror herereow, whicich ans s yocacan' just come barging in whenever you want. Typical crane attitude. You think your money gives you the right to push people around, do whatever you damn well want? Well, I pay rent here, and I expect some privacy, so get out.

Fox: What?

Chad: NoW.

Fox: You know what? I'm not going anywhere. 3EA0533E.JPG

Theresa: I need a lawyer, a good lawyer, and you are the best one I knoW. And you're a frienD. I need a friend on my side, someone who will help me fight for my rights as a motheR. Please tell me you will do iT. Tell me you will help me fight julian. If you don't, I will lose my babY. I know I wilL.

Ethan: All righT. All right, I will help you get custody of little ethaN.

Theresa: I knew iT. Oh, thank yoU. I knew I could count on yoU.

Ethan: You can count on mE.

Sier:: I would hol the ha of ththonone who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life 3EA05391.JPG

theresa: Thank yoU. Thank you so mucH.

Ethan: It's going to be oK.

Theresa: I know it is now that you're gog g to help me custody of little ethaN.

Gwen: What is going on?

Ethan: Gwen.

Gwen: I can't believe yoU. Ethan, we just talked about this tonighT. You promised me that you would not put your job at crane in jeopardy by helping theresa. You swore to me that you would put me and our baby first, u u ululd cucus on o f family and our marriage. And now I walk in here to find that you're promising theresa that you'll be here for heR.

Ethan: Please, just -- gwen, listen to me.

Gwen: Our baby, our family, our marriage has to come first, ethaN. There's no room for theresa or her baby -- no room. 3EA053C5.JPG

Chad: Get out of here, fox. I'm not going to say it agaiN.

Fox: Let me tell you something, man. You've got a chip on urur shoulder the size of a sequoia. What's up with this attitude you're slinging?

Chad: Oh, I got attitude? You're the one that keep barging in herE. This is my place.

Fox: What, you live here?

Chad: That's right.

Fox: A a recording stuo?

Chad: What about it?

Fox: No, nothinG. No, look, like I said, I just found out my family owns the place and I just want to take a look around, that's all.

Chad: Why?

Fox: Well, I've been doing research on all the crane holdings, you know, trying to find a place in the crane empire where I could fit in, and I just kind of find it curious that my family owns a recording studio. I mean, it doesn't really fit the mold of the whole crane corporate imagE. So I thought I'd come by and take a look. 3EA053F0.JPG

Chad: I get it. You want a job in the music induryry, so you get your daddy to kick me out so you could have it all to yourself. I'm going to save you the troublE. I'm leaving anyway.

Fox: All right, whoa, look, chad, I didn't come here totoicick u ouout, ok?K? Like I said, I didn't even know you were herE. I just came by to take a look around.

Chad: Well, I'm leaving anyway. I got a job in L.A. At a record companY.

Fox: You're kidding.

Chad: No, and I leave soon.

Fox: Los angeles? I mean, I always wanted to spend more time therE. All that sunshine and the beaches and hollywood parties, the whole club scene -- not to mention the women, huh? 3EA05415.JPG

Chad: No, I'm not interested in a t thaT. The only woman I'm interested in is my girlfriend, whitney. She's the one I love, the one I've always loveD. And I'd do just about anything to get her to come to L.A. With me.

Whitney: I'm just afraid that once chad gets out to los angeles and gets involved in hisususic and his career that he might not still have the same feelings that he had about mE.

Liz: Why don't you go with him?

Whitney: My parents. They're completely against i

liz: Oh. They forbade it?

Whitney: No, not really. They just want me to take some time to think it through.

Liz: How much time, whitney?

Whitney: Six months, enough time for chad to get on his feet and for me to finish out the semester of school. Mom and dad just want to make sure that I still feel the same way about chad then as I do noW. But I know I will, liz. I love him more than anything in this worlD. I just hope he still feels ththsasame way a mE. 3EA05455.JPG

Li whitney, I have a flilihahehe w and I'm lieng to thehe lyrics of this song and I can hear e e eat love t t singer r s for s s loveR. I think that chad wrote these beautiful words r r yoU. I think he had you in mind when he wrote this song.

Whitney: Yeah. He said that he diD.

Liz: OH.

Whitney: Thank you, liz. Is rlly helplpS.

Liz: Oh, you're welcome, honeY. You just keep thinking positive thoughts, all right?

Whitney: Can I tell you something in confidence?

Liz: Of coursE.

Whitney: No one can ever know about this, ok? But not only did chad write this song about me, he wrote it for me to sing. 3EA0549B.JPG

Liz: You' a a singer?

Whitney: Singing has become my dream, liZ. I love it so mucH. Chad wants me to go out to california with him so that we can both pursue our dreams together. He would write and produce all the songs, and I would be the singer, of course, and we'd be a teaM.

Liz: Whitney, have you told T.C. And eve about this?

Whitney: No. No, you can't ever mention this to them, ok? Espepecily my moM.M.

Liliz: Why t yourur mother?

Whwhney:Y: She e hatesinginG. She would never allow this to happen, never.. . I wouldn't imagine eve would. straightened and repaireder

>> Ee extreme make over included a+g 3EA0555B.JPG

Gwen: I won't have iT. I won't have you running to theresavevery time she stubs a toe orrereaks a fingernail.

Theresa: How can you compare losing my baby with a broken fingernail?

Gwen: I'm not interested in you, theresA. Ethan, I need you to concentrate on our maragE.

[Little ethan cries]

Theresa: Oh, I can't seem to get little ethan to calm down. He wants you.

Gwen: What?

Theresa: M sorrrry, gwe but I know that he wants ethan.

Ethan: Theresa, I --

[Little ethan cries]

Gwen: Oh, for god's sake, ethan, just go, ok?

Ethan: I'll be right back.

Gwen: This -- this is exactly wh I a am talkinababouT. Theresa, ethan is not the father of your chilD. Ethan is the father of the baby that I'm carrying, and I am sick and tired of you always trying to manipulate his feelings. 3EA0559A.JPG

Theresa: I'm not, gweN.

Gwen: Leave him alonE. Just leave him alone, theresA.

Theresa: I know that you hate me, and I understand why.

Gwen: I don't need your understanding. I need my husbanD.

Thereres gwen, you think that this is about me, and it isn't. It's about my child, my soN. I can't lose him. I can'T. Please, gwen, you're going to be a mother yourselF. What would you do if someone were trying to take your baby from you?

Gwen: Someone is, theresA. Someone is trying to pull my husband and my baby away from mE. You are! And I am sick and tired of iT. And I'm going to put a stop to it once and for all. You say that you'd fight for your life and your baby? Well, I will fight for mine, and I will fight with everything that I've goT. 3EA055D5.JPG

Whitney: My mother would be furious if she ever knew that I actually wanted a career in singing. She can't stand the sisic scenE.

Liz: Whitney, did she ever say why?

Whitney: No. I mean, she hardly ever talks about it, but we just know. I mean, it's, like, the unspoken, unwritten rule around this house -- no singinG.

Liz: InterestinG.

Whitney: Mom doesn't even listen to musiC. I mean, when simone and I were younger, she wouldn't even let us sing in churcH. I never understood why, but I knew better than to asK.

Liz: And she never gave you a reason why?

Whitney: No. None. I mean, sotitimes I wond

somethi b bad happene to her that involved singing. But what? 3EA05607.JPG

Julian: Thank you, claudE.

Claude: A pleasure, mr. CranE.

Waiter: Your private reserve is running a little low, mr. CranE. I took the liberty of phoning your vintner in champagnE.

Julian: Oh --

waiter: He's expressing six caseS.

Julian: Well, very goo orge

george: And may I also say I'm happy to see that your guest is finally joining you.

Rebecca: What? Who's usually here with him?

George: Oh, no one. Mr. Crane comes alonE.

Rebecca: He does?

George: But he always has the same bottle of champagne and two glasses delivered to the table, as if he was expecting someone to join hiM. And now, at last, you have. Will there be anything else? 3EA05630.JPG

Julian: Not right now, thank k yoU.U.

Rebecca: Well. I'm waitinG.

Julian: Fofor what?

Rebecca: An explanation. Look, I know you're not waiting here for me because you've never asked me to join you herE. So, who is the other glass for, hmm? Just who are you expecting?

>> This is global news.

>> Leslie: Good afternoon. Health officials say this long weekend is a critical time in their battle against S.A.R.S. With easter services and family gatherings, there are concerns about the spread of the disease. Residents of a condo building are on high alert because three people in the building have been diagnosed with S.A.R.S. Their cases can be traced back to the funeral of an 82-year-old S.A.R.S. Victim. There is a person listed as a suspected case and officials don't know how that individual became exposed. We will tell you how it is affecting easter services tonight at 5:30. A reminder what's open and closed this holiday weekend. Banks, government offices, canada post and most grocery stores are closed for good friday. All beer and liquor stores are closed today and on easter sunday. Ttc and go transit will be operating on holiday schedules. Two peel region marine officers are happy to be alive. 3EA056A3.JPGThey were stranded off port credit when high winds overturned their zodiac. Our global global news chopper spotted the pair and alerted safety crews. To iraq and queioions if saddam hussein is dead or alive. This video shows hussein with crowds cheering them on april the 9th, the day the capital city fell. The U.S. Has no idea if the iraqi leader is dead or alive. The U.S. Has another member of the former regime in custody. Samr al-najim was handed over to U.S. Forces by iraqi kurds. We will have the latest on what's happening in iraq. We will check in with the leafs as they get set to play game five

Gwen: I'm not going to stand for this. 3EA05762.JPG

Theresa: Please, gwen, hear me ouT.

Gwen: Theresa, I've heard it all before.

Theresa: This is my child, my son. Whatever you think of me, you have to know that I love my son and I can't let julian take him. It would destroy me and it would hurt little ethan terribly. He'd grow up without ever knowing any real love and affection, and I can't let that happeN.

Ethan: He's out, and I suggest we keep our voices dowN.

Theresa: You have the magic touch with him, ethaN.

Gwen: Look, theresa, I feel for you, I really do, but I don't want my husband dragged into another one of your crises. Yoyou can find someone else to help yoU. Eaease, ethaN. Please tell her you won't do iT. 3EA05795.JPG

Ethan: Theresa --

theresa: And inink of the things that I've done for you, eth. I nearly died twice trying to save yoU. All I am asking is that you help me now. Help me to keep my son, your godsoN.Ererhihing has been tan from me, gwen -- the love of my life, my security, the future that I wanted to give little ethaN.

Gwen: And you're not to blame for r y ofof it? I mean, is that what you're trying to tell me?

Theresa: I made mistakeS. I will admit thaT. But it's no reas t tpupunish my babY. I have nothing to fight julian with, nothinG. I've lost it all. I can't lose my baby. Not my babY. 3EA057C9.JPG

Chad: You've been in love before so much where the idea ofomomebody being apart from you for six days, let alone six months --

fox: You know what? Actually, I really don't know what you're talking abouT. I mean, to tell you the truth, it's been kind of strange coming back to harmonY. I mean, first, listening to theresa talk about ethan, right, and how much she loves him, and then coming here, just to hear you talk about whitney and how much you love her, but -- to be quite honest, man, I never really knew love like that existeD. I always just assumed it was something made up to sell greeting cards or somethinG.

Chad: You know, I used to think that way before I met whitneY. Believe me, man, this is the real thing. Nothing sweeteR. 3EA057F2.JPG

Fox: I'll take your word for it.

Chad: Oh, no, you'll find out yourself someday.

Fox: No, I won'T.

Chad: Yes, you wilL.

Fox: Well, maybe. WhateveR.

Chad: Anyway, man, I'm sorry I got mad at you when you came iN.

Fox: You know what? Forget iT.

Chad: No, I mean, it's been a real long night, and the last thini I want t to w with ss a cranE. I mean, I know julian, and he can be a real bastard. I mean, sorry if that offends yoU.

Fox: No, no, it doesn't offend me. Actually, I couldn't agree with you morE.

Chad: And I owe you for getting me out of that fire at sheridan's cottagE. 3EA0580F.JPG

Fox: Forget iT. It's no big deal..

chad: Wewell, anyway, I shouldn't have assumed y'r're like your father. I mean, yoseemem like a pretty standup guY.

Fox: I can be just about as big of a bastard as my father, if not more of a bastard, but --

chad: Hey, at least you're honest, not trying to pretend to be someone you're not.

Fofo I am what I am, maN. Why try to hide it?

Chad: I guess I've been warned, huh?

Fox: Yeah, you can put your name at the end of a long list.

Liz: You think something bad happened to your mother that she's associated with singing?

Whitney: Sometimes I really do wondeR. But, I mean, it's just -- it's ridiculouS. My mother is perfect. She had a perfect upbringing, and she'd never be involved in anything baD. This is just something that I've learned to accept about my motheR. She doesn't like singing. And if she ever found out that I wanted a career in singing, she'd put a stop to it immediatelY. 3EA0584E.JPG

Liz: What about your father?

Whitney: Oh, he wouldn't be happy, either, but for completely different reaso.

Liz: Right. TenniS.

Whitney: Yeah. He thinks I should be completely focused on thaT. He would just see singing as a distraction. But my mom -- it would destroy her.

Liz: Destroy her?

Whitney: I know. I mean, it's so strangE. And I'm not even sure why she'd be so devastated about it, but I'm certain that she would.

Liz: Oh, ye eve would certainly be destroyed by iT. Whitney, listen, I would never suggest that you do anything against your mother, but there comes a time when you and you alone need to make ththe decisions concerning your lifE. I mean, it is your choice to determine what you want to do in lifE. And you shouldn't forget about your dreams just because it's not what your mother would wanT. I'm sure eve wouldn't want it that way. 3EA0588E.JPG

Whitney: No?

Liz: If eve truly knew that you loved to sing, I'm sure she'd come around and support yoU.

Whitney: You really think so?

Liz: I do, whitneY. I really dO.

Whitney: HmM.

Rebecca: So, who's the other glass of champagne for, julian? Who are you waiting for?

Julian: I'll make you a promise, eve. No matter what happens between us, no matter how many years pass, I'll always be here at this table with our favorite champagne waiting for yoU.

Eve: I think you mean thaT.

Julian: I never break a promisE.

Rebecca: It's her, isn't it?

Julian: Who?

Rebecca: Julian, I already told you that I know there's a woman that you think about.'T me and it isn't ivy. It's just that somewhere you sort of disappear within yourself, and it's likyoyou're suddly shere else with someone elsE. Now, it took me a while to figure it out, but I realize that there is another woN. 3EA058F0.JPG

Julian: Rebecca --

rebecc don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that you're acallyly seeing another womaN. No, it's not that, and I don't think she's a threat to me oror a threat to you marrying me. At least not in realitY. But I also get the feeling that you would be with this woman if you could. And there's some reason that you can't, so that tells me that this woman is eith m married or hates you. Or botH. So, whwho is this j julian? O t thiwowoman o hahas your h?

T.C. Sweetheart, I am really sorry for the way I reacted eieing you and julian together.

Eve: I owow you a,, eeeeeaeart

T.C.: You u ow, I should h haveknown better. You u woulnever bebe with aigikikththat. 3EA05935.JPG

Eveve: You know, neney, I dot wawanto o talk about julian he has notngng to do wiwith our lE.

T.T.C.: I'm sosorry I brough it uP.

E:E: Yoknowow, whitney's at home withs, safe, and tomorrow is a new day, and I'd like to start it fresh, put all of this behind uS. Everything's going to be ok with our family, T.C. As long as we stay together and we don't let anything come between us, everything's going to be ok with our family.

T.C.: HmM. I love you so much, baby.

Eve: Mmm, I love you, too.

T.C.: You are a perfect womaN. I married the perfect womaN. That's what I was telling liz the other daY. 3EA05960.JPG

Liz: After I steal your husbandndnd reaeal your past, you'll lose everything -- your house, your job, your family -- everythinG.

Eve: I think it's time we started thinking about asking liz to leave.

T.C.: Sweetheart, where'd this come from?

Eve: Well, it's something I've been thinking about for a while noW.

T.C.: Honey, why do you want liz to leave? She's a wonderful person. Is there something you're not telling me? Flashback brought to you by volkswagen. On the road of life,

singer: Y youre myasassi for l life

T.C.: Eetheartrt, why do you want liz to leave? I mean, she is such a wonderful person. Is there something you're not telling me? 3EA05A4F.JPG

Eve: No. No, honeY. It's just that when she came to stay in our garage apartment it was just supposed to be tetemporY. And noitit seems like she's not planning to leavE. You know, and she's acting like she'papart of our family, and she's involving herself in things that are really not her concerN.

T.T.C.: Sweetheart, I don't see that.

Eve: Well, I do, and I don't want outsiders interfering in our familY. It causes problems.

T.C.: I I still don't see what you're trying to --

eve: Do you see what's happening with sam and grace?

T.C.C.: You anitith ivy living with them?

Eve: And david staying right next door at the b&b? It's making a lot of trouble for them. 3EA05A70.JPG

C.C. Hoy,y, that is coletetely difrerenthahan at's's going onititliZ. I I mean, liz is a good person. I mean, she's soliD. I memean, I really feel for liZ. Shshe has been through so much. All the horrible things that her sister did to heR. I mean, I really, really understand why liz wants to be a part of our family. I mean, it's comforting to her, makes her feel gooD. I mean, I could tell she would like a family of herwnwn

eve: Then let her go out and find one, T.C this is our family.

T.C.: Sweetheart, I've never heard you talk like that. You're such a generous persoN. I mean, you've let people stay at our house countle t times.

Eve: Look, I know, hoY. It's just -- it's just that with everything that our family s been through lately I think that we need to stick together, and I don't want any strangersnfnfluencing our family. That's all I'm trying to say. 3EA05AA0.JPG

T.C.: Honey, are you sure that'sllll it is?

Eve: I'm positive.

T.C.: Ok. Whatever you wanT. Tonight, wrere not going to talk about anybody -- not lilian, not chadnor Z. I st wantotoococ on n us d onS.

Ney: Oh, I would lo

thihink tt my m w wld acpt m mgoing g after a caer in sin. But st don seeee iT. Anyw, thth I is ju s somhing thatat'm j jt goining toe to keep to myselF.

Liz: You know, whitney, I think you're right. You do not have to make a decision tonight. Giveouourself meme tim just like you're doing with chaD. I have t f feeng that on you're out there in L.Ith m ngng to be impossible not to folw your dam. You'll make it work, whitney. I know you wilL. 3EA05ADD.JPG

Whitney: Thanks, liZ. I really appreciate you being here for mE. This is something I really can't talk about with anyone else except chaD. I'm really glad that I can confide in you.

Liliz: So am I, whitney. So am I. Hey, let's see what's happening in harmony tonight.

Whitney: Why?

Liz: Well, I think it might be nice to go out, have some fun, take your mind off things for a whilE.

Whitney: Go out?

Liz: YeS. Just the two of us.

Whitney: But it's pretty late.

Liz: No, it's not late at all. Come oN. You're not going to be getting much sleep tonight anywaY. Too much on your minD. 3EA05B12.JPG

Whitney: Well, you're definitely right about thaT.

Liz: So, what are you waiting on? Fix yourself uP. You know, sometimes it's nice to go out with a friend that you don't know so well. Takes pressure off of things.

Whitney: Ok. Soso wherehod d we g

liz: Let me surprise yoU. Come on. Get dressed. I'll see you later.

Whitney: Ok.

Chad: Your honesty is a real change, foX. I mean, I haven't seen a lot of that from the cranes, except for ethan.. but it turns out he's not a cran

fox: Ah, do not compare me to that guy, ok? I nototike him, not in a anyayshshape, or fo.. wewe'vnevevegottenen along. We've never seen eyeo o eyE. 3EA05B43.JPG

Chad: Why no memean, ethan's a great guY. He h honest, he's loyal, he's always doing the right thG. And what'sot t to like?

Fox: Wewell, I guess I'll admit that sincee's s no longer a threreat to my inheritance or trying to climb up the crane rprpore e laddert's s lilittle easier for me f feel betterabout ethaN.

Chad: It sululd be. I mean, he's your ha b

fox: Yeyeah. Yeah, ghghT. Yoyou kn, , he was aayays there, and I was the ararE. My father and my grafafaerer constantly had us at odds because theynew I could never measure up. Hehey, I mean,ththan was the serious one, right, and I liked to plaY. But you know what? None of that matters now becausi ethan's not crcrane, so, I mean, I guess I can feel better about him because he's no longer a threat to me. 3EA05B6F.JPG

Ch: You weren't lyinG. I mean, you' j just like juliaN.N.

Fox: Too chch reality for you, chad?

Chad: Too much crane, maybE.

Fox: Yeah, well. Whatever. I'll tell you what, though. Thereris one thingngthanan haven n commonththou - -- weweoth h sa. In fact, bet if that guy honene witith himsand didn't always try to do the right thingbyryelelse, he'd have to admit he's ill l in lee with her.

Chadad: Whatbo you?

Fox: What about m

chad: I , ront about youre. You sure made it clear you don't doigight by anybody but ururself.

I is thesesonour radar?R?

Gwenen: I fefe fororouou, theresut I d don't wanetetha vovoed I owow y wa ay t welelL. 3EA05BA0.JPG

Theresa: Ethan,leasE. Dot t turn yckck on me. You can'T. I need y you mymy baby needs

ethan: My fir p prior and always will be gwen and ouour ba and I'grgrefeful t you for everng that you' done for me, but I - can't t he y you at thpee of my wife and our child.

Theres but if youren'n' ere to hmei I will l my babY. Julianill l takeim fme. I wi losostle e bo

Fox: Is theresa on my radar? What are you talking about?

Chad: Come on, man. I know you have eyes for theresA. I just want to see if you're serious about hooking up with her. Are you in love with theresa? 3EA05CB8.JPG

Fox: Look, chad, I already told you, man, I've never really felt the kind of love that you have for whitney, all right? I'm not even sure I'm capable of iT.

Chad: Everyby y is. When you meet the right woman, you have no choice but to love her with all your heart and soul. I mean, it's how I love whitneY. That's why it's so hard for me to think of going to L.A. Without her. It'd b blikeke me aving g half of myself behind.

Fox: Man, you know what you need to do? You need to get ouT. You can't sit here alone feeling depressed about whitneY. You need to reconnect with your second love, man -- music.

Chad: I mean, I don't know. 3EA05CD5.JPG

Fox: No, listen. Listen, I was going over all the real estate holdings that my family S. Turns out we owns a nightclub downtown. What do you say g go there, I don't know, check it out, have a drink or something?

Chad: What's the name of the club?

Fox: It's called the blue notE.

Chad: You're kidding?

Fox: No. Why? You know it?

Chad: Well, I came to harmony to find my real mother and d thth, , and I got a lead about my father in a club called the blue note in bostoN. I think that's where my father met my motheR. I mean, my father was some rich guy who thought the world revolved around hiM.

Chad: Oh, woW. And now you find out that my family owns a club called the blue notE. Are you sure your father wasn't a crane? 3EA05CF6.JPG

Chad: RighT. I'm your brother. And since I'm the older one, I'm going to take ethan's spot as the heir --

fox: Oh --

chad: And you can go back to being the spare.

Fox: Ok. Well, in that case, you'll be buying the drinks tonighT. All right, come on. Let's get out of herE.

E:E: What is liz dogg out ththere? Where is she going in T.C.'S car? Maybe she's not alonE. Maybe she's got one of the girls with her.

Rebecca: So, julian, why won't you tell me who this woman is?

Julian: Why can't you just forget about her, rebecca?

Rebecca: Well, so, she's either married or she hates you. Well, there's far too many married women in harmony, so let's narrow down the list with the ones who hate you. Oh, there's ivY. We know she hates you, but I also know that she's not in your hearT. Grace bennetT. No. You always run screaming from the room when she shows up with one of those dreadful tomato soup cakeS. And there's theresA. Well -- no, you went through too much trouble to get rid of heR. Well, there's always dr. Eve russelL. She can't stand yoU. HmM. You and evE. 3EA05D67.JPGThe strong, virtuous dr. Eve russelL.L. No, no, that is impossible. I just cannot see it.

Theresa: If you won't help, my baby will be taken from mE.

Ethan: I won't abando you inhis, t tsasa..

gwen: Ethan --

ethan: But I certainly, certainly will not abandon you, , or our cldld. I'gogoing to help theresa ep littlethan and I'm'm going to therere as a hbaband and a fher to our childld. Have my o on that esa: Thank you so mucyou don't know how much this e e and littleththan.

Gw will thi er e will thesa never b be out of our lives rebecca: Welli knowow t n't the man thatououe away foR. Julilino whato fufue anmeme? 3EA05E5C.JPG

Serious,updrdreve rurussell and you?Oh, dodon'laH. I can't think of anything re ridiculouS. Fofox: Whdo you s spopo amily won place ke this? Mean, it c c be e ot inyoyoknow? Tainly n the k kd

placecey fath grandfather would hang out aT.

Chadadlook you're wrong fox: ,, Thatateres.I guess s mys fullll


chad:: We have something in commoN. My father is a secret.

[Knock on door]

Eve: Oh, where could liz have taken her?

Eve: Oh, my god.

Whitney: So, where are we headed to, liz?

Liz: I wanted to surprise you, but I probably should tell you. Knowing how much you enjoy music, I thought I'd take you to a supper club. It's called the blue notE. You'll get to hear some really fine singers. 3EA05EBB.JPG

Whitney: Oh, liz, I don't think my mother wod d like that at all.

Liz: Hey, it's only one timE. After all, you're not going to start hanging out there.

Whitney: Yeah. I mean, I guess you're right. It's just one time, right?

Liliz: Yeah.

Whitney: Mom probably won't mind.

Liz: And what your mother doesn't know won't hurt heR.

Liz's voice: This is going to do it, evE. To see your daughter headed down the same path you took, it's going to destroy yoU.

Whitney: Something about him moves me the way that he softly speaks my name

eve: I've got to get whitney away from that cluB.

Sheridan: Something terrible is going to happen to me, antoniO. I can feel iT. 3EA05EEE.JPG

Charlie: Die, sheridan, die.

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