Passions Transcript Wednesday 4/9/03

Passions Transcript Wednesday 4/9/03

by Eric

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Woman: I can't believe one human being could be so cruel to another.

Mrs. Wallace: I could tell you stories!

Beth: No, you just shut up!Shut up. I don't want to kill sheridan or her baby. But she's given me no choice. Sheridan -- she's ruined my life! She's taken away everything that's meant anything to me, even my hopes and dreams. And I will die if I let her live.

Woman: But you'll die, too, if you kill her. This state has a death penalty. 3E948A0C.JPG

Beth: No, no, but no one will don't tell. Only my mother, and she's -- she's not talking.

Woman: No. I can't let you do this, beth. I have to stop you.

Beth: No!No --

woman: Harmony P.D.? I want to report a crime. Yes, I'll hold.

Mrs. Wallace: Thank you! Thank you, heaven! Thank you for sending me this angel of mercy! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Holy, holy, holy! Mine eyes have seen the glory! My psychopath of a daughter is going to be put away where she belongs, behind bars for the rest of her unnatural life! Praise be! 3E948A41.JPG

Beth: Please hang up the phone, ok? You -- you don't know what you're doing.

Woman: Yes. I need to report a crime. A most heinous one, I'm afraid. No, no, I can't give you that information. That's why I'm calling. It hasn't actually been committed yet. You're the only one who can stop it. I'm trying to prevent a cold-blooded murder.

Mrs. Wallace: Hosanna to the angels above! Beth can never kill sheridan now!

Sheridan: Thanks for always taking such good care of me. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Luis: Yeah? So no more crazy talk about leaving harmony and dropping off the face of the earth? 3E948A70.JPG

Sheridan: Theresa told you?

Luis: Yeah, she was worried about you. You know, she was afraid you were going to do something rash.

Sheridan: I was only venting my frustrations over the situation with antonio.

Luis: That's ok, as long as you promise that you'll never leave me. Not ever.

Sheridan: I love you too much. I could never leave you.

Luis: Thank god.

Sheridan: God help us if antonio finds out about us before we can break it to him ourselves. It would be worse than anything else I'm afraid of.

Luis: Well, you just try not toororry about that now, all right? Everything's going to be ok. 3E948ABD.JPG

Chad: Whitney, I love you more than anything on earth, and I want you to come with me, be with me more than anything. So say you'll do it. Say you'll come to L.A. With me.

Whitney: I can'T. Not now. Not with the way things are with my parents and my sister. I got to try to make things right for them.

Chad: You heard what that music producer said. She's leaving for L.A. Soon, and she needs my answer before she gets on that plane. I can't put it off much longer. Please, say yes to starting a life together.

Whitney: I know how important this is to you.

Chad: I've dreamed of a break like this for years, and I may never get another one like it, so I got to take it. Don't you see? It's like if you qualified for wimbledon and gave up the chance to play. I can't do that, so I got to go to L.A., With or without you. 3E948AFF.JPG

Whitney: You'd really go to los angeles without me?

Chad: I wouldn't want to. Baby, we've been through this all before, and it's different now. Your family knows about us. We've got nothing to hide. This is our chance to start a new life together.

Whitney: I know how important your music is to you, baby.

Chad: It's what I've been working for for as long as I can remember. I mean, ever since I was a kid, I knew music was my ticket out of the ghetto.

Whitney: And you've already done that.

Chad: But I didn't scratch the surface, and you know it, whit. Yeah, my life is different now than it was when I was on the streets, but I'm nowhere as far as my career is coerned. That's why this job with the L.A. Music producer is such a big deal. 3E948B2B.JPG

Whitney: I always knew you had talent.

Chad: Yeah, well, there were memes when I didn't think so myself. And this business is tough. I mean, even people with crazy talent get overlooked all the time, and that's what made me realize I can't let this opportunity pass me by. I could hit it big or I could bomb out completely, but I'll never know if I got what it takes until I check it out. I've got to take this gig in L.A., Whitney, even if it means going out there without you.

Julian: I -- I'm so sorry, eve. I know how much you wanted your wish that our son was still alive to be true. So did I. But I fear that our son is as dead to us as our past is. 3E948B60.JPG

Eve: Julian, our past -- no one can ever find out about it. If T.C. Ever knew that I'd had an affair and had your baby, there's no telling what he would do.

Julian: Well, T.C. Won't find out about our past, just as he won't find out about the accident tonight or that we're here together now. I've taken care of everything.

Eve: I hope so because you know his terrible temper.

Julian: Oh, we've met. He'd no doubt kill both of us if he found out about any of what's happened.

T.C.: I hope eve's ok. Where's eve? She is with julian crane?

Liz: No, T.C. Listen, why don't we just leave, pretend we never saw them.

T.C.: Like hell I will. 3E948B90.JPG

Liz: Let's see eve wiggle her way out of this one.

Eve: Oh, my god, it's T.C.

T.C.: You ought to be scared because this time I'm going to kill you.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

[Music throughout]

Mrs. Wallace: Glory! Glory, glory to the angels on high! They have sent me a savior to stop this needless horror! My daughter's going to get what she deserves. She's going to be rotting in prison all the days of her life! 3E948C69.JPG

Woman: You want me to talk to a detective? No problem. I can hold. Who's the blonde?

Chad: What can I say to you that I haven't said already? Whitney, I want you to come to los angeles with me so bad, I can taste it. But I'm not going to beg. So the ball's in your court and I'm not talking about tennis.

[Phone rings]

Chad: Yo.

Kenisha: Hey, chad, this is kenisha. The plans have changed. I've got to catch a red-eye out tonight.

Chad: What, so soon? I thought you said you were --

kenisha: Yeah, I know. I've got to make a last-minute studio session in the morning, so I need your answer to my offer now. You want that gig in L.A. Or not? 3E948CA1.JPG

Chad: It's a deal.

Kenisha: Way to go, chad. Baby, you would have been a fool to walk away from an offer like this. The job is tailor-made for you, chad, and you'll be so happy back in la-la land. Everyone is beautiful, the temperature never drops below 75 degrees. Sign the contracts I left with you. I'll send a messenger over to pick them up.

Chad: All right. Will do.

Kenisha: I'll let you know what flight to be on, but you better start packing tonight. By the way, what about that girlfriend of yours? Would you like one plane ticket or two?

Chad: Hold on. She wants to know if you're coming with me. Last chance, whitney. Yes or no? 3E948CCE.JPG

T.C.: Scum of the earth. How dare you lay a hand on my wife!

Eve: T.C., Honey, it's not what you think.

T.C.: Eve, you stay out of this. I warned you. You stay away from my family.

Julian: Violence never solved anything.

T.C.: That's what I tell my students. But in your case, I'm going toakake an exception!

[Eve screams]

Julian: Oh!

T.C.: You have overstepped your bounds one too many times. Now, this time, I'm going to make sure it never happens again!

Eve: Oh! T.C., Stop it! winnersen and start on an good note. I hope 3E948DD3.JPG

woman: I asked you a question. Who's the babe between the two guys?

Beth: Sheridan crane, the woman my mother told you about.

Woman: That's sheridan crane? The one you want to ice?

Beth: She's not the angelic person she looks. She ruined my life, took everything that I cared about away from me.

Mrs. Wallace: That may be true, but it's certainly no excuse for premeditated murder. I mean, can you see why both those men would be in love with sheridan? She's stunning, even without a stitch of makeup. I always tried to tell bethy that she would be a lot better off as a blonde, but would she listen to me? "Oh, no, no, no. I want to be a brunette." And let's not even go to how she hacked off most of her hair. Boy, a shrink would have a field day with that one. Huh? Well, not that there's anything wrong with short hair. I like it. Sheridan looks very good with it. You know, she could b bald, and she'd stop traffic. And she's rich, too. Did I mention that she's a crane of the cranes? Oh, talk about life being handed to you on a silver platter. And she's not the least bit spoiled by it. Oh, no. No, no, no. She has everything. 3E948E1F.JPGShe has got looks and money and a lovely personality to boot. She wouldn't hurt a fly. Everything a man would want. To be blunt, she's the exact opposite of my daughter. My daughter, bethy boo here, is lacking in everything that is feminine charm. It is a wonder that any man would ever want to be with her at all.

Beth: Now, shut up!

Mrs. Wallace: Not this time, tootsie! Now it is my turn! See, the angels have sent me somebody to listen, and I have got a lot to say! Just look at her. What -- what is your name?

Woman: Charli

mrs. Wallace: Charlie. Oh, isn't that cute. Must be short for charlene, huh? Well, my point is beth here is a loser. She always has been, and she always will be. Oh, I -- I should have had an abortion the minute I found out I was knocked up with her, but by the time I got to the doctors, they said it was too late. So here she is, folks. Ta-da! The bane of my existence, my penance for sleeping around with every tom, dick, and harry who would buy me a drink. Oh, boy, it is so good, so good I don't know who her father was because when it comes to beth, boy, would he have to answer for it. 3E948E80.JPG

Antonio: Sheridan, you awake?

Sheridan: Antonio. I didn't hear you come in.

Antonio: Sorry. You probably just dozed off.

Sheridan: Yeah, yeah. I probably did.

Antonio: It's so dark, I can't see a thing in here. I'm going to turn on this light.

Sheridan: I wish you wouldn'T. It just would hurt my eyes.

Antonio: Ok, well -- so, is everything ok?

Sheridan: Yeah, sure. Why -- why wouldn't it be?

Antonio: I don't kn.. I guess I'm just a little jumpy after all of luis' warnings about someone trying to hurt you. In fact, I thought I heard a noise when I came in here. Is everything ok?

Sheridan: I was just probably snoring. 3E948EA9.JPG

Antonio: You? Never. But as long as you're all right, that's all that matters. I just don't like the idea of you sleeping alone by yourself tonight.

Sheridan: Oh, I'll be ok.

Antonio: You probably will, but I still don't like the fact that you're going to be sleeping alone, so go ahead, scoot over. ??Q? ! ! !W !@

Sheridan: I wish you wouldn'T.

Antonio: You don't want me to come to bed with you?

Sheridan: It's already been such a harrowing day, and my mind is racing a mile a minute. I just think I'll have a better chance of going back to sleep if I'm by myself.

Antonio: All right. You know what? I don't blame you. You know, it's just that I hate the idea that there's somebody out there trying to hurt you and our baby-to-be. That's the great thing about having luis here. I mean, he can guard the house inside and out. But I'm your husband, and I can be right here by you. That way, then I know you're safe. 3E948FA4.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: You are an answer to all my prayers, charlene. See, once that detective gets on the line, you can tell him what my pathetic excuse for a daughter has been up to. Huh? And then they're going to be over here in a flash and they're going to put the handcuffs on her and they're going to cart her off to prison forever, I hope. Take a look at this, bethy. Memorize their faces because you will never see them again. Sheridan is going to be free to live happily ever after with the man that she loves while you rot away in a jail cell till you are old and uglier. And you think you had problems getting a man when you were young? Just wait until you try and land one when you're a wrinkled, old prune of an ex-con, huh? Boy, it's taking a long time for that cop to get on the line. You've been on hold forever, you know. Well, I guess I just shouldn't be so antsy here because my evil daughter is finally going to get her comeuppance, and I can't wait. I cannot wait to tell them how she has treated me, locking me up in this house here with a monkey for a nurse. And add to that the attempted murder charge, and, oh, boy, she is never, ever, ever going to be seeing the light of day! 3E948FFD.JPG

Glory to the angels in heaven justice will be done begone, you she-devil! Begone! Charlene? Charlene, I cannot thank you enough for ridding me of this wretched excuse for a daughter. You have saved me. And you have also saved a very beautiful and innocent woman. Oh, I wish god -- I wish god had granted me a child as pure and as good as sheridan. I would have been so proud.

[Charlie hangs up phone]

Mrs. Wallace: Well, what -- what are you doing, charlene, huh? I mean, you were on hold for that detective. You hadn't even told the other cop beth's name.

Charlie: Don't you ever call me charlene again. My mother always insisted on calling me charlene. 3E949041.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Oh -- oh, ok. I can do that. I mean, you don't have to get huffy.

Charlie: She called me charlene when she wasn't calling me a loser.

Mrs. Wallace: What? What kind of a mother would say that kind of a thing to her own daughter?

Charlie: A really lousy one, if you ask me.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh.

Charlie: You know, it's funny -- you remind me of my own mother. I hated her guts!

Chad: Whitney, I'm not trying to pressure you. But if you're going to come to california with me, now is the time to let me know.

Whitney: I love you very much. 3E94906A.JPG

Chad: Then please say yes. Whitney, I know you're still reeling from the fight you just had with your father. But I know this is the right choice, for both of us. We could start a new life far away from harmony, both of us pursuing our dreams. If you want to play tennis, we'll find the best people out there for you to train with. But if you want to take a break and sing, that's all right, too. Whatever you want, I'll be right there with you. The important thing is we'll be together, a couple, out in the open and not hiding our love from anyone. It's a fresh start. So say you'll come to L.A. With me. I don't want to go there without you.

Julian: You don't scare me! 3E94909E.JPG

Eve: Ohoh!

Eve: T.C., Stop it! You're killing him!

T.C.: That's what I'm hoping.

Eve: No, honey, you don't understand! He was trying to help me!

T.C.: Get out of my way, eve! I don't want you to get hurt!

Eve: Liz -- liz, come help me before somebody gets killed! What? What, do you think this is funny?

Liz: No, not funny, exactly. But I will say this -- T.C. Certainly has strong muscles.

Eve: Oh, my god. You did this, didn't you?

Liz: What do you mean, eve?

Eve: I don't know how, but you -- you're behind this. You knew that you would find me here with julian.

Liz: Now, how would I know that? 3E9490C8.JPG

Eve: I don't know! But if julian gets killed, it's going to be your fault!

Liz: Oh, please, don't even try to lay that on me. If anybody gets killed here tonight, it's your fault and you know it.

[Julian and T.C. Groan]

Charlie: What kind of a mother gets her jollies by picking her daughter apart piece by piece until she's lost every bit of her self-worth?

Mrs. Wallace: No, no, no, you don't understand.

She is a monster.

Charlie: You are just like my mother. Not a maternal bone in your body, so you make up for it by being ststy and cruel and mean. My mother beat it into my head from the time I knew the meaning of the words -- not pretty enough, not smart enough, not graceful enough to rate even the smallest ounce of attention from anybody. We'd see a girl on the street -- any girl -- and she'd compare me to her. "Why can't you wear your hair like that?" "Why you can't you stand up straight the way she does?" Or "she's got good taste, not likeouou." And, oh, forget about my chances when it comes to attracting a member of the opposite sex. Oh, no. I'd never be appealing to get a man to look at me. Unlike my gorgeous, perfect sister. She was a blonde, too. Blonde, blonde, blonde, like that's the measure that 3E9491B5.JPGdetermines your status in life. They get the best seats in the restaurants. Salespeople wait on them first. Theyet promoted faster than anybody else. And, oh, god, men are just falling all over themselves to sleep with them. My mother thought my sister hung the moon. If my father hadn't liked me, I wouldn't have had anybody. But the old bag tossed him out one day. Guess he reminded her too much of me. Well, the hell with you, honey. I'm on your side.

Antonio: What makes me the maddest is this should b the happiest time of your life. I mean, finding out that you're pregnant with our child -- come on.

Sheridan: It's going to be ok. 3E9491F5.JPG

Antonio: Damn straight it is. Because whoever it is out there who's trying to hurt you, they're going to regret it when I get ahold of them. And I'm not going to leave you in this bed by yourself tonight.

Sheridan: Well, you know what? I think I would feel a lot safer if you were in the living room.

Antonio: Luis has that covered. He's going to stand guard out there with theresa and little ethan. I am your husband, and I'm going to stay right here in this bed with you. I'm not going anywhere.

Sheridan: Antonio --

antonio: No arguments, sheridan. Look, I told you once before, I will kill anybody who ever tries to lay a hand on you, anybody who ever tries to take you away from me. Now, come on, scoot over. 3E949217.JPG

Sheridan: All right. But if you could just do me a favor first.

Antonio: Anything for the mother of my baby-to-be.

Sheridan: Why don't you -- why don't you get me a glass of warm milk. That'll help me sleep.

Antonio: Ok. I'll be back.

[Door opens and closes]

Luis: This is crazy. All right? We're going to tell antonio the truth tonight, as soon as he gets back in here.

Sheridan: Noyoyou told me you understood why we couldn't do it tonight.

Luis: What, you expect me to stand by, let him come back in here and get into bed with you, and make love to you?

Sheridan: It's not going to happen. Luis, I swear, we are just going to go right to sleep, I promise. Look, we will tell him, just not this time. All right? You have to go before he comes back in here. Please, do this for me. 3E949256.JPG

Luis: Well, this -- this goes against everything that I stand for. All right? But I don't want to pressure you anymore.

Sheridan: Why don't you just go out the window.

Luis: We have to tell him.

Sheridan: We will, just not tonight.

Whitney: I can't do it.

Chad: No, don't say that.

Whitney: I'm sorry. Baby, I love you with all my heart, but I can't leave my home. This is where I was born. This is where my family is.

Chad: You still there?

Kenisha: What's it going to be, chad? You flying solo or setting up house with your girlfriend when you get to L.A.?

Chad: I'm just going to need one ticket for now. 3E9492A1.JPG

Kenisha: Fine. Let me know if anything changes.

Chad: I will.

Kenisha: Chad, you're making the right move. You've got a brilliant career ahead of you.

Chad: From your lips --

kenisha: You're not the first person to sacrifice to get ahead in this sisiness. It's worth it. You'll see.

Chad: I hope so.

Eve: Well, if you won't help me, then I'll stop them myself.

Liz: Be my guest. T.C., Stop! Stop it! You are making a huge mistake!

T.C.: No, I'm not making a mistake, he's making a mistake. But it's the last one he'll ever have to atone for.

Eve: Please -- please, you've got to stop him! He'll kill him! 3E9492D8.JPG

Rusty: Easy does it, buddy! What the hell is going on here?

T.C.: Let go of me or you're next!

Rusty: Don't even try it, mister. I got a black belt in karate, and I'm just looking for an excuse to use it.

T.C.: Yeah, whatever. That slime manhandled my wife, and I'm not going to stand by and let him do it again.

Eve: T.C., If you would just let me explain.

T.C.: I don't need no explanation. I saw it with my own eyes. I was looking for you when I came home and you weren't there. Now I find you in the arms of this son of a --

eve: But I am trying to tell you, T.C., I didn't leave home so I could meet julian. I went to try and find whitney so I could bring her home after your argument. 3E9492FC.JPG

T.C.: Yeah, right.

Eve: It's true. I was so upset about everything that happened today that -- that I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, and I had a car accident in your car.

T.C.: Honey, are you hurt?

Eve: Physically, no. But emotionally, I was shaken. And julian happened toee the driver in the other car.

T.C.: Damn -- damn him!

Julian: You -- you have every right to be angry. It was my fault. I wasn't paying attention to where I was driving.

T.C.: Yeah, just like you rammed into me and ended my tennis career. You bastard! You could have killed he you don't deserve to have a damn driver's license. I'm going to call the police right now. 3E949322.JPG

Eve: Honey, I wouldn't do that. Ok? I'm fine. Really. And julian -- he has a lot to do with that because he saw how upset I was about the damage to your car and he made arrangements to have it fixed.

Rusty: Yeah, that's what I came to tell you. The car's all done. It looks brand-new. You can pick it up from my garage anytime.

Eve: Thank you.

Rusty: Yeah. If you don't have anything for me, I got work to do.

Eve: Oh, yes, all right. Thank you again.

Rusty: Ok.

Eve: So, you see, honey? Everything's fine.

T.C.: No, it's not fine. I want to know what julian was doing. Why was he holding you? Tell me, eve. 3E949355.JPG

Liz: Now let's see you try to worm your way out of this one, eve.

Whitney: So, when do they want you down there?

Chad: As soon as possible. I just got to get a few things together. You know, pack and get my demos together. Tell ethan and theresa that I'm not going to need the studio anymore. Stuff like that. Whitney --

whitney: Chad -- no, you go first.

Chad: It's not too late to change your mind. I can call the producer back, and she can arrange a new ticket. This job is what I've dreamed about, prayed for, wanted for myself. If things work out the way they should, people will know my name. I'll finally be someone to be respected, in spite of what people around here think. 3E94944E.JPG

Whitney: Hey, my father doesn't know you.

Chad: He's not the only one who thought I was a waste of time. My foster family did, too. They wrote me off a long, long time ago.

Whitney: Yeah, I know.

Chad: This is my shot, whitney, my chance to prove to each and every one of those people that they were wrong. And the only thing that will make it more perfect will be to do it with you, the woman I love, by my side. Talk about sweet dreams come true. Whitney, don't make me grab for this brass ring alone.

Whitney: Oh, I want to say yes so badly.

Chad: Then say it. I promise, you won't regret it. I'll work day and night to make sure you're happy, make sure you get whatever you ask for. 3E949476.JPG

Whitney: Yeah, except my home and my family.

Chad: But they have turned their back on you.

Whitney: No, that wasusust my father's anger talking. But I could never leave him or my mother like this. Not even simone.

Chad: Well, maybe I'm making the wrong choice, then. I don't want to go without you.

Whitney: I don't want to hear this. The's w way I'm going to let you not take this opportunity. Like you said, it's an opportunity of a lifetime. I just can't be with you. I got to stay here.

Chad: I hear you. If you change your mind, I'll be waiting.

T.C.: I'm waiting, eve. What was julian doing all over you when I walked in here? 3E9494B8.JPG

Eve: I was --

julian: After I arranged to have the car repaired, your wife was in a state and she was very worried about how you'd react to hearing about the accident.

T.C.: I don't give a damn about the car. But I do care about my wife.

Julian: She was pretty shaken up. And I thought that a cup of coffee might be in order while waited for the car to be repaired. That's the only reas t that I was here with her.

Eve: I was crying when you came in. Julian was trying to comfort me. That's what you saw when you came in, nothing more.

T.C.: I don't buy it. I don't buy it at all. I'm C.C. Sign up for fitness classes for seniors at the william lutsky ywca. Work on balance, coordination, strength and flexibility, visit the y today and discover fitness programs for people ages 50 plus. Call 439-96-22. ******Jack and jill playschool is having an open house today. Check them out. Come by with your child for the opportunity to experience some of what their program will offeyoyour family. The playschool is at 49-13-52 ave. Call 986-75-91. ****Bon accord united church is having a stew supper on friday from 5 to 7 pm. The supper will be held in the seniors centre in bon accord. Everyone is welcome.*******T business link's guest advisor program offers you the chance to discuss your business concerns with a guest 3E949523.JPGvolunteer with out cost or obligation, call them monday to friday noon to 4 P.M., 422-77-22.*****And become involved with the canadian hard of hearing assoc.,. Edmonton branch in initiating positive chances for yourself and your community. Meetings are held the first monday of each month in the thibodeau's centre for hearing health and communication, for more info call 447-92-33.*****That's all for now. Thanks for watching and enjoy the rest of your wednesday.

Antonio: Anything else I can get you before you turn in?

Sheridan: No, thank you. No, this is fine.

Antonio: All right. You just let me know, ok?

Sheridan: Mm-hmm.

Antonio: Promise, right?

Sheridan: Yeah, I promise. 3E9495A8.JPG

Antonio: All right. You know, I'd give you the moon if you asked for it. That's how much you and this baby mean to me.

Luis: This is a nightmare. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

[Gate squeaks]

Antonio: Did you hear that?

Sheridan: No.

Antonio: Someone's outside.

Sheridan: No --

antonio: It could be the person who's trying toto hurt you.

Sheridan: Antonio, there's no one there.

Antonio: Look, no one stalks my wife and gets away with it. I'm going to shoot first and ask questions later.

Sheridan: Antonio, stop! Please, antonio!

Mrs. Wallace: You -- you don't know what you're saying. Maybe you didn't hear me. My daughter is about to kill an innocent woman. 3E9495E0.JPG

Charlie: I can imagine what you've been going through, beth. Has your mother always talked about you this way?

Beth: For as long as I can remember.

Charlie: Bitch. I bet you don't even know how pretty you are. If you ask me, you're the one who's been hurt here, not that blonde babe who's always gotten everything she ever wanted. You're the one who's been victimized here. It's not fr.R.

Mrs. Wallace: Angels in heaven, save me! It's getting worse!

Whitney: What are you doing?

Chad: Double-checking the cuts on my demo.

Whitney: Good.

Chad: Why don't you come with me.

Whitney: Please, don't, ok? Don't make this any harder on both of us than it already is. 3E949635.JPG

Singer: Every time we say goodbye

chad: You're amazing.

Whitney: So are you.

Chad: I love you, whitney.

Singer: Every time we say goodbye

whitney: I never thought I could feel this way, ever.

Chad: Neither did I. Do you know how much I love you?

Whitney: I do. And I just cannot wait until we can tell everyone that we're a couple.

Chad: Neither can I.

Singer: Think so little of me they allow you to go when you're near there's such an air of spring about it I can hear a lark somewhere begin to sing about it there's no love song finer but how strange the change from major to minor every time we say every time we say every time we say goodbye 3E9496B5.JPG

whitney: I finally found love. And now I got to give it up.

T.C.: I don't buy that flimsy excuse for one minute.

Eve: Well, it's true.

Julian: You have my word.

T.C.: Your word is worthless. I know what I saw when I came in here. And you two are trying to tell me it was because of a fender-bender? You've got to be out of your mind. Something else is going on between you two. And I want to know what it is, and I want to know what it is right now!

Chare:E: I am sure we can kill sheridan and get away scot-free.

Julian: I'll tell you the real reason that you found eve in my arms. 3E9496E5.JPG

Antonio: There's the scum who tried to take you away from me.

Sheridan: Antonio, no!

Antonio: I shot my own brother?

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