Passions Transcript Thursday 4/3/03

Passions Transcript Thursday 4/3/03

By Eric

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sasam: I'm saying that our marriage -- no, excuse me -- our relationship isn't as strong as it used to be. Our marriage is in serious trouble.

Grace: T happened to us? We used to be so happy. Am I responsible for your tears? Am I the one that's caused you all this p unhappiness? Is this what I've done to you?

Whitney: Nothing like this has ever happened in my family befo we've always been so close to one another.

Chad: I know, but it'll blow over.

Whitney: I don't think so. Come on, chad, you saw how angry my father was. Simone hates me, and my mom probably hates me, too. 3E8CAF3B.JPG

Chad: Baby, they're just not used to you standing up for what you want. Your father just has to get used to the idea.

Whitney: Yeah, but I can't even go home. I told them I wouldn't go home if they didn't let me continue my relationship with you.

Chad: And I love you for that, whitney. You made me so proud.

Whitney: I wish I felt proud. All I see is my father's face when I told him that I wouldn't go home with him. He couldn't believe that I betrayed him like that.

Chad: I told you, your father just has to get used to the idea that you're your own person now. I mean, he's told you what to do your whole life, so naturally he's in shock. 3E8CAF66.JPG

Whitney: You know, I just can't believe it. A few days ago, everything in my life was fine. And now it's all falling apart. And I'm afraid it's only going to get worse for me.

Eve: My fault?

T.C.: Yes. Whitney wouldn't have turned on us if you'd have been home, taking care of your daughters.

Eve: T.C., I know you've blamed me before, but you know that I was here as much as I could be.

T.C.: Yeah, but it wasn't enough, was it? You never put your family first. It was always your career.

Eve: You knew from the beginning that being married to a doctor wouldn't be easy.

T.C.: Yeah, I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I put up with it. I put up with it because I knew that it was important to you. But I should've put my foot down when it comes to my little girls. I should've never let you neglect them. 3E8CAFA3.JPG

Eve: Neglect them? I never did. I've always had a close relationship with my daughters and they know they could come to me with any problem.

T.C.: Yeah. Well, did whitney come to you about this punk chad? Did simone?

Eve: Honey, the reason that whitney never tells us anything personal is because she's afraid you're going to have a fit if you think that she's thinking about anything besides tennis.

T.C.: No. Eve, don't you put this blame on me, all right? I'm not the blame for this. This family is falling apart because of you!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life 3E8CB0AB.JPG

david: I'm so sorry, grace.

[Knock on door]

John: Dad?

David: Come in.

John: Guess what -- I just found out one of my short stories is going to be published.

David: Published? That's great. Congratulations.

John: Isn't it great? I mean, can you believe this?

Vid: Well, of course I can. You're a wonderfully intelligent young man and a brilliant writer. So when's it coming out, where?

John: Well, it's only going to be in the university newspaper, but it's a start, and it'll be out next issue.

David: I think that's great. Do you realize I had my first photograph published in a university newspaper?

John: I know, and look where it took you. I mean, you're a world-famous photograph.. 3E8CB0D4.JPG

david: Oh, I wouldn't say world-famous, but I've made a good living.

John: Hey, don't be so modest. You're famous.

David: Fine. So tell me about the story. What's it about?

John: Well, actually, it's about you.

David: Me?

John: Well, you're the inspiration for the main character.

David: Really?

John: Yes. It's about a man who is faced with an incredibly difficult dilemma. He's forced to make a choice between doing something dishonest that will hurt the people he loves most or saving himself.

David's voice: Dear god. Does he know that I lied about grace being his mother, that I've been trying to break up her marriage? 3E8CB102.JPG

David: And -- and you say that I inspired isis story?

John: Yes, sir. My character is you.

David: How am I like this man?

John: I think it's pretty obvious, dad. You and I both know how.

Ivy: I wish sam would hurry up and get home. Now that I've finally managed to keep myself in his house, I'm going to take full advantage of it. I need to work on sam some more, keep driving that wedge between him and grace.

[Door closes]

Ivy: Oh. Oh. He's here.

Sam: Ahem.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Ivy.

Ivy: Oh.

Sam: You ok?

Ivy: Oh, yeah, sam, yeah. Yeah. 3E8CB13B.JPG

[Ivy giggles]

Ivy: You just startled me.

Sam: Your door was open. Is everything all right?

Ivy: Yes. No, I -- I just li t to keep it open so I don't feel quite so confined. I didn't even know you'd gone back to work.

Sam: Yeah, it was a busy night at the station house. Anyway, luis was there and he told me there was a lot of things going on at the crane mansion. I thought you might like to hear about them.

Ivy: Well, I'm always curious about anything that goes on in the house that was my home for so many years.

Sam: Well, it seems that julian and theresa's marriage wasn't legal.

Ivy: What? 3E8CB163.JPG

Sam: It turns out that the ceremony was a practical joke that some of julian's buddies played on him. It was all a hoax. Theresa is no longer married to your ex-husband and she's no longer mrs. Julian crane. She never was.

Ivy: I am speechless. Wait. Now you're sure this is for real? I mean, it's not just one of julian's tricks?

Sam: No. You can check with the government office in bermuda. There's no record that julian and theresa were ever married.

Ivy: Well, now, this is news. How did theresa take it?

Sam: Not well since julian had her thrown out of the crane mansion tonight. 3E8CB18D.JPG

Ivy: Oh! He did? He did? Oh! Oh! I love it! I love -- I mean, no one deserves to have their life torn apart more than theresa. I know you think I'm terrible, sam.

Sam: No, I -- I guess if I were in your shoes, I'd feel the same way. It's just been a busy night and a lot of people's lives are being torn apart.

Whitney: I hate it -- the anger between me and simone, seeing the rage in my father's eyes. He's so angry with me, especially being angry with you.

Chad: Hey, don't worry about me. I can handle anything your father can dish out.

Whitney: I know you can. But what hurts me the most is to see the anger between my mom and dad. I've never seen them fight. And now they're fighting all the time, acting like they hate each other, and it's all because of me. 3E8CB1C9.JPG

Chad: Whit, don't be so hard on yourself. All couples fight.

Whitney: No.

Chad: They just have hidden their fights.

Whitney: No, no, my parents had a perfect marriage. They were my role models, chad. I used to always dream that I'd have the same perfect marriage that my parents had.

Chad: And you will. We will.

Whitney: Chad, I love you, but I can't be happy with you. I can't be happy period with what's going on between my mom and dad. Daddy's blaming my mom for everything that I've done.

Chad: Baby, he has to blame somebody. He can't see that it's all his fault for not giving you a normal life, convincing himself that tennis is all you wanted. 3E8CB1ED.JPG

Whitney: But my father's so furious with me.

Chad: He'll cool down. Just give it time. Coach russell and your mother will work through this.

Whitney: I hope you're right. I just can't shake this feeling that what's happening now, the things that my mother and father are saying to each other -- they're going to -- it's going toffffect their relationship forever.

Eve: T.C., You can't mean that. You can't mean to just put all the blame for this on me.

T.C.: I can and I do. Your job has always come first and you know it, and look what it's cost our family. Whitney won't come home, she's living with some guy that I don't approve of, and she won't even talk to us. 3E8CB21B.JPG

Eve: Well, she's understandably upset, honey. Just give her some time. She'll come back.

T.C.: Damn it, she's throwing it all away -- all of her hopes, her dreams, her sacrifices! She's throwing it away on some damn street kid! She's picked him over us. She has picked him over her tennis career.

Eve: Honey, she's just a young woman who fell in love. Now, is that so terrible?

T.C.: Eve, she is throwing her whole life away. And you are encouraging her to do that. If you were here more often, if you were more of a mother to her, this would've never happened.

Eve: Ok, thats s it. That's it! I've had enough! I am not going to be blamed for this! It's not my fault! I know you're looking for somebody to blame, but it is not going to be me! 3E8CB336.JPG

ivy: Sam, I can tell you have a lot on your mind. Why don't you sit down and tell me about it? You know I'm a good listener.

Sam: No. Not now, anyway.

Ivy: Oh, ok. But at least you could tell me a little more about theresa getting kicked out of the mansion on her ear.

Oh! Too bad we're not having a blizzard like the night she kicked me out.

Sam: Hmm. Look, I have to go, ok? Good night.

Ivy: Wait, sam. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't be so vindictive.

Sam: No, look, it's not like that, ok? I knew you'd want to hear the news about theresa, but we'll talk about it another time. Right now, I need to have a conversation with my wife. 3E8CB35F.JPG

Ivy: I see.

Sam: Grace and neneed to have a conversation that is long overdue. Night.

Ivy: Oh, it's perfect! Theresa is destroyed, and sam and grace are having more trouble than ever.

Ooh, tonight could be the best night of my life.

David: I'm not sure what you mean, john. What do you mean I'm like your character?

John: It's simple, dad. I mean, this guy is faced with a tough decision. He has to search his soul to figure out what to do. And ultimately, he chooses honesty and truth over saving himself.

David: He does?

John: Sure. I mean, he suffers, of course, buhehe does the right thing. He refuses to hurt the ones he loves by lying and holding on to the lies. 3E8CB399.JPG

David: I see.

John: The moral of the story is truth is always the way to go. I mean, it's less painful in the end.

David: Yeah, I suppositit is.

John: That's what I'm talking about about using you as my role model for the character. You wouldn't have to search your soul. I know you would always do the right thing, dad. You would automatically put the ones you love first. You're an honorable man.

David: Oh, john, I'm flattered.

John: Why? This is who you are. Look, I just -- I got to make some calls, but I wanted to share the good news with you as soon as I got it. 3E8CB3BB.JPG

David: I think it's wonderful. You deserve only the best

life, john.

John: Thanks, dad. Hey, I'll catch you later, all right?

David: Ok.

David: You're so wrong about me, john.

David: I'm not the man you or grace think I am. But all that's going to change.

[Phone rings]

David: Ivy. I was just on my way to see you.

Eve: I am so tired of you trying to blame me for what happened with whitney. It's not my fault.

T.C.: Oh, and it's my fault?

Eve: Well, maybe it is, T.C. Now, I listened to your accusations and now you're going to listen to me. I knew something like this was going to happen with whitney and I tried to warn you, but you just refused to listen! 3E8CB3FF.JPG

T.C.: Yeah. If you're going toelell me that whitney needs to go to dances, parties, and dates, then you're damn right, i don't want to listen to this!

Eve: Well, you're going to. Now, didn't I try to tell you that you were putting too much pressure on that girl, the hectic schedule, the lack of any social life? And didn't you refuse to see that whitney is a young woman who wanted to have a life that her friends were having?

T.C.: Well, none of her friends are being groomed to go to wimbledon. Her friends don't even have a clue about what they want to do in the future. But whitney does. Hers has been planned a long time.

Eve: Yeah. How about that? Except she didn't plan it, T.C. 3E8CB429.JPG

You planned it, and with an utter and complete disregard for what whitney wanted!

T.C.: Whitney wanted it, too!

Eve: No, she didn't! She just wanted to please you! If I am to blame for anything, it's for -- for not stopping this obsession with tennis! And for not stopping you from making tennis whitney's life. It's your dream! Tennis is not whneney's dream!

Grace: Uh -- you know, sam, you said some things, some pretty serious things before you were called away.

Sam: I know.

Grace: Sweetie, I know you think we have problems, and I agree that there is tension between us, but I don't think it's as bad as you seem to think it is. 3E8CB523.JPG

Sam: You don't?

Grace: No, I -- I think that these problems are temporary and they're caused by things that are happening outside that are beyond our control.

Sam: Grace, listen, I'm sorry, but I don't agree with you. If our marriage was strong enough, if we were bonded and our commitment to each other was rock-solid, then these outside forces couldn't come between us, but they have.

Grace: Sam, I am committed to you and we do have a bond. And I think we can make this work.

Sam: I'm not so sure, grace. We have problems in our marriage. We have serious, deep-rooted problems, and if we don't admit that we have them and try to do something about it, our marriage could be over. 3E8CB558.JPG

[Knock on door]

Ivy: Oh. What took you so long?

David: What do you want, ivy?

Ivy: Close the door so we can talk. Something big is going on with sam and grace.

David: Really? Why, what happened?

Ivy: Sam was here, but he couldn't stay because he had to get back to a very important discussion that he and grace were having.

David: Oh, I see.

Ivy: This is it, david -- the wedge we've driven between them. It's getting bigger and bigger.

Ooh, it's time for another strike.

David: What kind of strike?

Ivy: Well, I think you should cozy up to grace. She's going to need a shoulder to cry on. That shoulder should be yours. Oh, david, I can feel it. We are this close to breaking up sam and grace for good. 3E8CB58B.JPG

David: No. No, no, I've had enough.

Ivy: What's gotten into you?

David: I am not going to do this anymore. I am sick of the lies. My son thinks I'm a good man, that I have honor and a high regard for the truth! My god, if he knew what I've been doing!

Ivy: David, pull it together. This is no time for hysteric

david: I lied to john! I lied to him about being married to grace, about grace being his mother! All lies, all to save my sorry life!

Ivy: Well, so? John doesn't have to know any of that. He doesn't have to know that grace isn't his mother. And after we split them up for good, then you can be a family -- you and john and grace. 3E8CB5B6.JPG

David: No.

Ivy: Yes, you can. Just like sam and ethan and I are going to be a family. Oh, it'll be perfect. Trust me, when you look back on everything you had too,o, it will have been worth it because you will have given jo the family he deserves.

David: You aren't listening to me. I said no. I will not destroy a perfectly good marriage. Sam and grace love each other, and I'm not going to do anything else to hurt them. It is over, ivy. I am done. I'm finished! I quit.

Chad: Baby, I think you're being way too hard on yourself. You can't blame yourself for the way your parents are carrying on. 3E8CB5DE.JPG

Whitney: But the only reason they're fighting is because of me. I just know things are never going to be the same.

Chad: No, you don't know that. Your father just needs to chill out. He loves you.

Whitney: No, chad, he's never going to forgive me. I let him down. My whole life, my father has done nothi b but work for me to be a tennis star. He did everything for my tennis career. It was his dream, and I destroyed that dream, and he's always going to blame you for it.

Chad: No, I told you, don't worry about me.

Whitney: But how are we ever going to be together ifif my father hates you? What, you think it's going to be better because I've moved out of the house? It's just going to get worse. 3E8CB603.JPG

Ch: No, no, I don't believe that. Look, time will take the edge off the anger.

Whitney: Chad, come on, we live in a small town. Every time we go out, we're going to run into my father or simone, and that's just going to reopen all of the wounds, and I'm afraid what you and my father could do to each other.

Chad: Whitney, I am not going to fight with your father except to defend yourself.

Whitney: That's just it, chad -- you're going to have to defend yourself. Come on, you saw him tonight. He gets so crazy when he's that mad.

Chad: What do you want to do, huh, hide? Not go out until after dark?

Whitney: I don't know. All I'm saying is that I know it's going to be difficult. And what about simone, huh? We're going to run into her, and that's going to be really ugly. 3E8CB62A.JPG

Chad: Simone is different. I think we could find a way to talk to her and make her understand.

Whitney: I don't know. I wish I could believe that. I mean, it would be horrible if I could never talk to my own sister again.

Chad: Whitney, look, let's just deal with that when the time comes.

Whitney: This is such a nightmare. I can't believe this is happening to me.

T.C.: I put pressure on whitney. You're damn right I did. How else should she expect to succeed if I didn't push her? And don't tell me that she did it all because of me because whitney loves tennis. She always has.

Eve: I know whitney loves tennis. But I also know that she knows that she's pursuing your dream, and I know how much she's missed out on doing other things. 3E8CB65F.JPG

T.C.: Whitney never said anything about doing any of that stuff.

Eve: Not to us! When I asked her whether she had any feelings for chad, she denied it, and I didn't have any reason to doubt her at the time.

T.C.: Yeah, that's because chad put her up to lying to her own parents.

Eve: It's not about chad, T.C.! I think she's just terrified that if she told you she had a boyfriend that you would behave exactly as you did behave -- like some kind of a wild animal!

T.C.: Chad took advantage of our daughter and he got exactly what he deserved!

Eve: Well, then don't try and blame it on me because i am not the one that whitney was afraid to tell. That would be you. She was afraid that you would forbid her to have a relationship, that you would forbid her to do anything that you thought would get in the way of her tennis career. 3E8CB696.JPG

Liz: I could not have set this up better myself. Eve's marriage is falling apart, and I didn't have to do a thing.

[Music throughout]

singer: You are my passion for life

ivy: Well, are you feeling better now? You've made your brave little stand, done your mea culpa. Can we just get back to our plans?

David: I am dead serious, ivy, and you would be wise to listen to me.

Ivy: Oh, david, you're not going anywhere.

David: Oh, yes, I am. I'm leaving harmony and I'm going to give sam and grace a chance to put their marriage back togeth.. and I suggest you do the same. Goodbye, ivy. 3E8CB746.JPG

Ivy: How dare you. This is not just some job you can walk out of, david. I own you. And don't you forget it. You're not going anywhere.

Chad: Look, whitney, I know you're upset, I know you feel bad, but I also know it's going to get better. Just give it a little time. We have each other, don't we, finally?

Whitney: Yeah. Finally.

[Knock on door

whitney: Oh, no. What if that's my father again?

Chad: No. Your father would not knock that softly. Yes?

Woman: I didn't see anyone at the studio. I was hoping you'd be here. Sorry I'm late. Kenisha collins, b&j records. 3E8CB781.JPG

Chad: Oh, oh, I totally forgot our interview. I'm sorry. Come in, come in.

Kenisha: Hello. Kenisha.

Whitney: Hi. Whitney russell.

Kenisha: How do you do.

Chad: Can I get you something? Coffee, a soda?

Kenisha: You know, no, thank you. I'd like to catch the shuttle back to boston so I can head back to L.A.

Chad: Sure, sure. Whitney, this is the record producer I told you about.

Whitney: Yeah, I thought you might be. Chad was very excited to receive your call, mrs. Collins.

Kenisha: Oh, well, we're excited about bringing chad aboard. He has a rare talent -- writes good tunes and great lyrics and is a terrific producer. Our contracts department has put together an offer. I think you'll be pleased. 3E8CB7AB.JPG

Chad: Man! This is amazing.

Kenisha: Mm-hmm. I thought you'd be impressed. Most people would kill for this job, but with a salary like that, well, let's just say it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Chad: I believe that. Check this out.

Whitney: Oh, my god.

Chad: Exactly.

Kenisha: So all you'll have to do is just sign on the line at the bottom and we're all set. I'd like for you to start as soon as possible, so you'll have to get moved to L.A. Pretty quickly.

Chad: I'm sorry, mrs. Collins, I was hoping that was something we could negotiate. I was hoping I could stay here in harmony and work out of the studio here. 3E8CB7DA.JPG

Kenisha: I'm sorry, that is not possible. With this job, you've got to be in L.A. There's no other way.

Eve: T.C., I don't want to hurt you. Even though I wasn't here, I could see this coming. And I am not putting all the blame on you. I'm just amumuch to blame. I should've stopped you from pushing whitney so hard. I was just trying to keep the peace, keep things from getting worse.

T.C.: Well, I don't see how things could be any worse.

Eve: I know, but I spend too much time at the hospital. I became a doctor to help people. And also to give us a better life. 3E8CB807.JPG

T.C.: Hmm. Because I can't, right, eve? Because I'm just a high school tennis coach, right? I don't make the kind of money that you do, right?

Eve: T.C., You're head of the athletic department. You're hardly just a high school tennis coach.

T.C.: Yeah. But I can't possibly make the kind of money a doctor makes, can I?

Eve: It's not about the money, T.C. That's not wt t I was saying.

T.C.: You know what, eve, this conversation is over. Liz, I am so sorry you had to see all of this mess.

Liz: No, no, not at all.

Eve: You know, he has no idea how much you enjoyed watching our pain.

Liz: No. He doesn't, does he? Where's T.C. Going? He's going in that shed in the backyard? 3E8CB841.JPG

Eve: Oh, no. Oh, things have been going so well. He hadn't been back there in a long time.

Liz: What's in the shed?

Eve: To tell you the truth, I don't know.& T.C.'S always kept it a secret. x

David: No one owns me.

Ivy: Wrong. Or have yofoforgotten that I know everything about your sordid, sleazy, slimy past? And I will tell your precious son, john, everything I know.

David: I haven't forgotN.

Ivy: Good. Don't forget it, david, because I will tell him. I will tell everyone everything if you even think about trying to expose me. I will ruin you.

David: You've already ruined me, far worse than you could with anything you know about me. I've allowed you to turn me into someone I don't even recognize, a man who would deceive his own son and hurt a sweet, decent woman like grace. 3E8CB947.JPG

Ivy: Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo. Will you stop feeling sorry for yourself and get your mind back on the business at hand? We have a goal, david, and we are very close to reaching it. Please, please, don't let all your hard work go to waste.

David: I'm going to do what I should've done a long time ago -- put an end to this. Here. Call john. Go on. Expose me. No one will be more hurt than you. I thought so.

Grace: Sam, I -- I can't believe you're saying these things. Because I don't want our marriage to end, and I don't think that you do, either.

Sam: I didn't say that's what I wanted, grace. But if we don't fix these problems, itl l just die on its own. 3E8CB97E.JPG

Grace: No, sam, these problems are going to go away. No, they don't have anything to do with the foundation of our marriage. I mean, we have always had a wonderfully close and bonded relationship. Until recently. And that's why I think that these problems have to do with outside forces.

Sam: Outside forces like --

grace: Like ivy living under our roof.

Sam: Like david living right next door at your b&B.

Grace: Yes. Both of these situations have caused a lot of tension in our marriage.

Sam: Acace, we don't have a marriage. You're still legally married to david, and you're not doing anything to change that fact. 3E8CB9A4.JPG

Grace: Sam, what can I possibly do about it? I mean, david would have to lie to the church for us to get the annulment papers.

Sam: Oh, yes, I know about all that. You'd have to say that he still wasn't in love with you, and that would be a lie.

Grace: Sam, you make it sound like I'm making up these rules. I didn't make the rules. The church made the rules!

Sam: And what now?

Grace: What?

Sam: According to you, our marriage doesn't exist in the eyes of god or the church.

Grace: No, it can'T. It can't because I married david long ago, before I had amnesia, before I met and married you.

Sam: So you admit that we don't have a marriage. Grace, we n'n't even sleep together anymore. We don't make love. Grace, we don't have a marriage, and we won't have a marriage until you do something about it. 3E8CB9D4.JPG

Grace: And what can I do about it?

Sam: Tell david to give you the annulment! Have him lie if he has to! Just sign the damn papers! What kind of a life is he leading, anyway? He's always hanging around, hoping that one day you'll decide that you love him more than you love me?

Grace: I know, it's -- it's horrible for all of us.

Sam: Yes, it is. So until you insist that david gives the annulment, I don't know what else to do.

Grace: Wait, sam --

sam: Look, grace, I don't want to live this way, ok, and I won't live this way. So it's all on you, grace. It's all on you.

Liz: What do you mean it's a secret? You saying after all these years, you still don't know what's inside that shed? 3E8CBA08.JPG

Eve: No, liz, I don'T. If T.C. Ants me to know, then he'll tell me. It's certainly none of your business.

Liz: Oh, come on, aren't you curious? Aren't you just dying to know?

Eve: You know, just drop it, liz, ok? Why don't you just go back to your room and just leave us alone. This is between h husband and myself, and we don't need you causing any more trouble.

Liz: Oh, you can't possibly be trying to blame me for your troubles. It's not my fault your marriage is falling apart. I am just a witness.

Eve: Oh, don't play innocent with me. You may t t be causing the trouble, but you were right there fanning the flames, lying in wait to have your chance with my husband. 3E8CBA33.JPG

Liz: Is that what I'm doing, eve?

Eve: You've been threatening to ruin my life ever since you got to harmony. If I thought that you were behind any of the thingshahat happened, I would tear you apart. I just don't want you to complicate things by telling T.C. About my past.

Liz: Oh, that's the beauty of it, eve. See, I can save my information and use it later if I want.& Right now, you are destroying your marriage, and doing a damn good job of it. 

David: If it were only true. My god, what have I done?

Grace: Sam, you said you wouldn't give me an ultimatum.

Sam: Did I say that?

Grace: Yes, you did.

Sam: Well, I've changed my mind. Here's the bottom line, grace -- either you get david to sign the annulment papers or we have no future.

Ivy: Oh, did sam say what I think he said? Oh, be still, my heart. 3E8CBB3A.JPG

Grace: Sam, I can't force david to lie, to say that he doesn't have feelings for me because he would be damning his soul for eternity!

Sam: Then we have nothing more to talk about.

Grace: No, no, sam, we have everything to talk about! Look, there has to be some way that we can --

sam: No, there is nothther way. Look, I can't fight to save a marriage that doesn't exist. And I can't fight to hold on to you when you won't meet me halfway.

Grace: So what are you saying?

Sam: I'm saying that no matter how hard this is for me, no matter how much this is ripping my heart apart, I need to go. We need to separate. 3E8CBB6F.JPG

Chad: I mean, why do I have to be in L.A.? I've got state-of-the-art equipment here. I could write my songs and record them and have them to you in a heartbeat.

Kenisha: A lot of people are going to be involved in your career, chad. You have to be there to get their input. I mean, besides, you'll love L.A. In spite of what you've heard about earthquakes, riots, and gangs, there are a lot of nice places to be.

Chad: No, I know L.A. I grew up in south central.

Kenisha: Well, your life in L.A. Won't be anything like your life was in south central. We're talking malibu, hot cars, lots of bling-bling. So what's the problem? 3E8CBB96.JPG

Chad: I'm not leaving whitney here.

Kenisha: Well, that's not a problem. With all the money you'll be making, you can afford to bring her along. Whitney, are you in the industry?

Whitney: No, I go to college.

Kenisha: Well, there are a lot of great schools in L.A. -- Ucla, U.S.C., Occidental. You'll have your pick. Look, chad, I know you're not thrilled about being uprooted and moving back to L.A., But think about the lifetime opportunity. This is your chance to be a major success in the record industry.

Chad: Yeah. I know.

Kenisha: So, do we have a deal or not? 3E8CBBCE.JPG

Liz: I've got to hand it to you, eve, you have made this so easy for me. All I have to do is watch your marriage crumble and then move in and pick up the pieces. T.C.'S going to need a soft shoulder to cry on, don't you think?

Eve: I don't have to stand here and listen to this. I'm going to fight for my family.

Liz: Where are you going?

Eve: I'm not going to stand by and let my family be split apart. I'llriring my daughter back home, where she belongs.

Liz: Now, what's in that shed? You know, I think this house has a lot more secrets. Guess I'll just have to find out what they are.

Chad: We can leave harmony and all the bad stuff behind us. 3E8CBC07.JPG

Ivy: We did it, david. We split them up.

Gre:E: You actually want us to separate?

Liz: What is in that shed, T.C.? What secrets are you hiding?

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