Passions Transcript Friday 3/28/03

Passions Transcript Friday 3/28/03

by Eric

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antonio: What happened when I was out of the room? 3E84C5F3.JPG

Sheridan: Antonio --

antonio: Luis, what happened out here?

Luis: Look, there's just something that we need to tell you, all right?

Sheridan: No, I can't do this. I can't go through with this.

Antonio: You can't go through with what?

Luis: Sheridan, what are you saying? You saying you don't want to go through with having this baby?

Sheridan: What?

No, of course I want to have this baby. I've dreamed of being a mother my entire life.

Antonio: Then tell me what it is, sheridan. I'm your husband, the father of your baby. Tell me what it is you can't do.

T.C.: What is with me? Herennnnocent people have been burned at a gas explosion, and I'm upset that eve had to run off the hospital again. You know, I don't want to sound petty or complain, but sometimes I would just wish eve would ju give her up her stethoscope forever. 3E84C62B.JPG

Liz: Oh, T.C., I don't think you sound petty at all.Mean, you're frustrated. You and the girls have been left in the lurch again. Now, I don't blame you for being upset.

T.C.: Liz, you always see things so clearly. I am so glad thawhwhitney and simone have you around to turn to. God knows their mother's not around here much.

Liz: Well, I do what I can. But, you know, it's not my place to judge eve.

T.C.: Well, her actions speak for themselves.

Liz: What do you mean?

T.C.: You know, liz, it kills me to say this, but sometimes I'm starting to believe that we may not have the rock-solid marriage I thought we had.

Eve: Ok, get all the victims on oxygen and I.V. Ringers. Body temp, vitals, and treat for hypothermia as needed. Stay away from my husband. 3E84C66D.JPG

Liz: While the cat's away --

eve: I've got to keep liz from taking advantage of my absence. But how?

Nurse: Dr. Russell, we have another burn victim in respiratory distress over here.

Eve: Prepare for a tracheotomy, stat.

Tabitha: A witch searching for woe in harmony. Tune into trouble, bowl, and tell me what's going wrong now.

Tabitha: Oh. Uh -- oh, what the cluck? I'm a pregnant witch, not a bake-and-shake chicken! When I said I wanted to see what was wrong, I -- I didn't mean in my kitchen, I meant in harmony! Oh. Uh -- 3E84C6A9.JPG

oh! Kay! Kay! I need your help!

Kay: Tabitha. What are you doing?

Tabitha: I'm suff-- suffering yet another supernatural side effect of this pregnancy, dear. Ooh. Now be a good apprentice and get the spell book! Look for a charm that carries weight that'll get me down!

Kay: Ok. Ok.

Tabitha: And be quick about it! Oh, my stomach is churning. My world is churning! Ooh!

Julian: Open up, theresa!

Theresa: I will never leave you, never. No. No.

Julian: Break the door down now.

Fox: Wa, , father, don't you think breaking a door down is a bit rash? 3E84C6DE.JPG

Julian: It's not my shoulder that will be dislocated.

Fox: No, I mean theresa's still freaked out about the thought of losing her baby, ok? Why don't you give her a chance to calm down and rethink leaving little ethan in your custody?

Julian: I willotot coddle that slap-happy harridan any longer, and feeling for her could cost you dearly, fox.

Rebecca: Look, julian, maybe fox is right this time. Maybe we need to give theresa a little time to accept the inevitable. Besides, it is going to cost a whole lot of money to replace that door.

Julian: I don't care. I want that woman out of this house and out of my life without further delay. 3E84C6FF.JPG

Theresa: I will never leave this house without you, never.

[Little ethan fusses]

Theresa: Oh, I know, I know. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. That's one of julian's goons trying to sneak in. Oh, no, no, but I won't let them. No, no, no, I'm going to fight them to the finish.

[Little ethan fusses]

Theresa: Come here. Oh, yeah.

[Theresa screams]

Claire: I just cut my finger.

Julian: What are you waiting for, godot? Break down the door.

Fox: Ok, wait. Look, father, theresa is scared, ok, she's not dangerous. But you keep backing her up into a corner like this and god knows what could happen.

Julian: Well, I know what's going to happen to your inheritance if you don't stay the hell out of this. Break down the bloody door!

Pilar: Oh, dear god!

Miguel: What's going on?

Rebecca: Theresa's gone loco.

Miguel: Why? What happened? 3E84C821.JPG

Rebecca: Ok, long story short -- it seems that theresa was never legally married to julian, so he asked her to leave the house and she refused and barricaded herself in the bedroom with the baby.

Fox: Be fair, rebecca. Tell him the whole story.

Rebecca: Oh, yes, and she also viciously attacked my pookie.

Fox: Ok, father got temporary custody of little ethan, ok, and he refuses to let his son leave the house. Theresa won't lee e the house without her baby. That's why she's holed up in the bedroom.

Miguel: Since when do you care about my nephew?

Julian: I care that he is a crane.

Pilar: Of course you do. 3E84C844.JPG

Theresa: Take that, you stupid goon!

Theresa: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Ethan.

T.C.: You know, I can't believe it's all come down to this. Eveve leaves a critical family meeting, one that she argued to have in the first place. Instead of things getting better, it's just getting worse. Simone hates whitney for betraying her. Our daughters' lives have been ruined by that common street punk chad. You know what -- I'I'm just starting to believe that I'm not a good father after all.

Liz: Oh, T.C., No.

T.C.: Maybe I've ignored simone and given too much attention to whitney and I've been too hard on whitney. 3E84C879.JPG

Liz: No, T.C. I am notoioing to sit here and listen to you beat yourself up. You have been a good father to both of your daughters. You have not ignored simone and you've just -- well, you've helped whitney realize her potential. Now, you can't blameouourself for being attentive. It's like you said -- eve is never here, so you've had to be father and mother to your daughters.

T.C.: Yeah, but it's not like, you know, eve hasn't been here. It's just that she tries to --

liz: What?

T.C.: I --

[T.C. Sighs]

T.C.: I don't know. I mean, I don't know anything anymore, ok? You know, one thing I do know -- that chad is out of our lives for good. 3E84C8B2.JPG

[Music plays]

Chad: Damn coach russell. Disrespecting whitney and me.

Whitney: I had to see you. I need you so much.

Tabitha: Whoa, whoa.

Kay: Tabitha --

tabitha: Whoa!

Kay: I got the book. Do I look under f for "floating" or g for "gravity"?

Tabitha: S for "spinning"! And hurry! I'm going to throw up! Whoa.

Kay: Ok.

Tabitha: Whoa!

Kay: Wait, wait, I found one.

Taththa: Oh!

Kay: Ok. "Spinning in the air like a twirling top, by chanting these words you soon will stop"?

Tabitha: Oh, try again!

Kay: Ok. 3E84C8F3.JPG

Tabitha: Your powers aren't fully charged yet! Oh, whoa!

Kay: Ok. "Spinning in the air like a twirling top, by chanting these words you soon will stop!"

Tabitha: Oh! Ohoh!

Kay: Tabitha, get off me!

Tabitha: Oh, oh, sorry, dear. Oh, that's what we call a crash-landing.

Kay: Yeah, I don't really care about that, tabitha, but we are both pregnant and if we keep doing stuff like this, one of us is going to hurt our babies.

Tabitha: Oh, I don't want that any more than you do, dear, but I don't have any control over these weird and wacky --

[Knock on door] 3E84C918.JPG

Tabitha: Who in heaven could that be?

Kay: Maybe miguel came to see me.

Tabitha: Of his own free will? Oh, oh, I don't think so, dear.

Kay: Simone? What are you doing here? Why aren't you at home, playing the victim at your family meeting like I told you to?

Simone: I couldn't take any more of whitney's lame-o excuses for stealing chad away from me. Besides, the meeting was a bust. My mom had to go to the hospital, my dad forbid us from ever seeing chad again. My life sucks, and it's all whitney's fault.

Tabitha: Hmm. If you think things are bad now, simone, just you wait and see.

[Tabitha chuckles] 3E84C94A.JPG

Antonio: What is it, sheridan? What can't you do?

Sheridan: I can't seem to calm down. There's just so much that's happened. I can't deal with it all. Oh, god.

Antonio: I'll go finish making your tea. That should help soothe you. Hold on.

Sheridan: Thanyoyou.

Luis: Sheridan, I know that you're on edge, ok -- I am, too -- but once we tell antonio the truth, it's going to be better.

Sheridan: That's just it, luis, we can't tell him now.

Luis: Sheridan, don't do this to me, all right, don't do this to us. The longer we put off being honest with antonio, the worse it's going to get. 3E84C972.JPG

Sheridan: But, luis, you heard how he was at the hospital nursery. He's already in love with this baby. He's -- he's coming up with names, suggesting you be its godfather.

Luis: Yeah, but the longer that we're dishonest with him, the more time he has to build up his hopes and the harder it's going to be for him.

Sheridan: Losing his wife and finding out that he's not a father all at the same time --

luis: Sheridan, don't you see the pattern developing here?

[Sheridan sighs]

Luis: All right, you wouldn't be married to antonio and most likely carrying my baby if we'd have been honest with him from the get-go.

Sheridan: I hate this.

Luis: Yeah, I hate this, too! I hate what it's doing to you and I hate the stress on the baby. Sheridan, we have to tell him. 3E84C99C.JPG

Antonio: Tell me what? Makes us f present threat of that people aren't going

T.C.: Maybe I haven't done right by my girls. Maybe I've given too much attentn n to whitney and not enough attention to simone.

Liz: Now, T.C., Now you have got to stop blaming yourself for your family's problems. It is not your fault that eve is never here enough.

T.C.: I mean, I know she tries, I know she loves our girls, and I know she loves me.

Liz: Well, even so, you can't do it all by yourself. Now, you and your girls need someone who is here for them when they need them.

T.C.: Yeah, but eve's job is so demanding that sometimes she doesn't have time for her own family. 3E84CAAE.JPG

Liz: Well, maybe you're right to be worried, then.

T.C.: Worried?

Liz: Well, I mean, how long can this go on before -- well, before it's too late?

[Patient groans]

Eve: Check the other burn victims. Make sure no one's going into shock.

Nurse: Yes, doctor.

Eve: Take him to bed three.

Nurse: Dr. Russell, we have another incoming. He has 40% second- and third-degree burns.

Eve: Start a lactate ringer, check his carboxyhemoglobin level.

Nurse: Yes, doctor.

Eve: And see if you can find me a phone. I need to call home before it's too late.

Nurse: Too late for what, doctor? 3E84CAF1.JPG

Eve: Please, just get me a phone.

Nurse: Yes.

Antonio: So what is it you wanted to tell me?

Luis: Tonio, you better sit down.

Antonio: Just cut the drama and tell me what you have to say, luis.

Luis: All right. Now, look, the truth is --

[Phone rings]

Luis: Damn it. This could be headquarters. Lopez fitzgerald.

Pilar: Mijo, you have to come to the main house right away.

Luis: Mama, what's wrong?

Pilar: It's theresa. Julian is trying to throw her out and he won't let her take little ethan with her.

Luis: Where does julian get off thinking he can evict his own wife? 3E84CB1A.JPG

Pilar: Oh, brace yourself, mijo. It seems that julian and theresa were never legally married.

Luis: What?

Pilar: Listen, I'll explain it all later, but your sister has locked herself up in the bedroom with the baby and she won't come out, and julian is insisting that crane security break down the door and I'm afraid the baby and theresa are going to be hurt. Please, you have to come over here and help your sister.

Luis: I'm on my way.

Antonio: Wait a minute, what was that about julian trying to evict theresa from the house?

Luis: Yeah, well, turns out she's not his wife.

Antonio: What?

Sheridan: You've got to be kidding. 3E84CB39.JPG

Luis: Yeah, julian wants her gone from the house, but he wants to keep little ethan.

Antonio: Over my dead body.

Luis: Yeah, yours and mine both. Theresa's locked in the room with the baby. Julian's goons are there, ready to break the door down. All right, look, I got to get over there before theresa or the baby gets hurt.

Sheridan: Well, I'm coming with you.

Luis: All right.

Julian: What kind of girly-man guards are you that you can't break down a simple door?

Guard: But, sir, it's solid wood.

Second guard: And thick. All the doors in this place are.

Rebecca: Well, as they should be in a mansion. 3E84CB5C.JPG

Rebecca's voice: A mansion I'll soon be mistress of.

Julian: All right, go find an ax, a battering ram -- whatever it takes to break down this door. Go on, tout de suite.

Miguel: Hey, look, if your goons hurt my sister or my nephew, I'm going to hurt you, mr. Crane.

Rebecca: Look, there has to be an easier way to open the door. Now, what about an extra key?

Julian: Well, if there is one, I have no idea where it would be.

Rebecca: Ok, well -- well, pilar, you're the head housekeeper. Where do we keep the extra keys?

Pilar: Ivy did not want there to be any for security reasons.

Rebecca: Ok. Well, what about ethan and gwen's connecting door? Gwen? Ethan? 3E84CB88.JPG

Theresa: Ethan? Ethan, ethan, please. Please speak to me. Oh, god. Oh, my god, I've killed him. I've killed ethan. Oh, my god.

theresa: He's dead. Oh, I've killed the man that I love.

Theresa: He's alive. He's alive. Thank you, god!

[Ethan groans]

Theresa: Ethan? Ethan? Ethan? Are you all right?

Ethan: Theresa.

Theresa: Are you all right, ethan? Are you ok?

Ethan: Yeah, I think so.

Theresa: .K. Oh, oh. Oh, my gosh. Easy, easy. Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, ethan, I am so, so sorry that I whacked you with that vase. I thought that you were one of julian's goons trying to sneak in here! Oh, god. Oh, god. 3E84CC76.JPG

Ethan: Theresa --

theresa: Wait, wait.

Ethan: Theresa, look --

theresa: Ok.

Ethan: Look, I came in -- I came in here to reason with you before somebody gets hurt.

Theresa: Reason with me about what? I am not leaving this house without my baby!

Ethan: Theresa, I get where you're coming from with julian, ok, but he is insisting that crane security knock down that door. I would hate to see little ethan get hurt by wood shards flying all over the place or something.

Theresa: Oh, god, you're right. Yorere right.

Theresa: Ok. Ok. Oh, god. Oh, my god, I can't believe that this is happening. All I wanted to be was mrs. Crane, mrs. Ethan crane, and then I wound up being mrs. Julian crane, and that dishonor -- it cost me you. 3E84CCAF.JPG

Ethan: Theresa --

theresa: The one person I love most in this world.

Ethan: Theresa, honey, you need to focus on here and now, ok?

Theresa: But i am. Little ethan is the only good thing that has come out of this mess, and now julian wants to take him from me! Well, I won't let him! I won't let that evil man touch my baby!

Ethan: I don't blame you. That's why I'm here -- to help you any way I can.

Gwen: Ethan? Where did he go? Don't even tell me he's in there with theresa. Ethan? Ethan?

Gwen: Oh, great. Ethan? Ethan, are you in there? 3E84CCE7.JPG

Ethan: Um, yes, gwen. I'm talking to theresa.

Julian: What is going on? Is he in there?

Gwen: Yeah --

julian: Ethan, I insist that you unlock this door.

Theresa: No, don'T. Don't do it.

Julian: Ethan, if you don't open this door immediately, you're fired from crane industries.

Theresa: No, please. Please don't give in to julian's threats. Please protect me and little ethan. Please? Please?

Chad: Hey, it's ok, baby. It's ok. I'm here. Just tell me what it is that's got you so upset.

Whitney: Well, things at home are worse than ever.

Chad: The family meeting was a bust? 3E84CD13.JPG

Whitney: Well, I was hoping that mom would help me convince daddy that he was wrong about you so that we could be together without having to sneak around all the time. But then she got called away to the hospital for an emergency. And then simone couldn't stand to be in the same room with me, so she stormed upstairs. So I left.

Chad: Hey, I'm sorry everything isn't better.

Whitney: I just feel like my whole life is falling apart, you know?

Chad: No, no, no, it isn'T. Look, I love you, you love me. As long as we have each other, everything's going to be ok.

Whitney: Promise?

Chad: Promise.

[Tabitha chuckles]

Tabitha: If you lovebirds think things will be ok, just wait till T.C. Finds you coupling on that couch. 3E84CD55.JPG

Kay: Simone, things are going to be fine.

Simone: No, they won't! My sister stabbed me in the back by stealing chad away from me. And now my dad has forbidden the both of us from ever seeing chad again. What am I going to do, kay? I love chad. I want to beitith him.

Kay: I know, I know. Just give it time, ok? Let the dust settle and let everyone calm down, and then we'll figure out what to do, ok?

Simone: I don't think my dad is ever going to calm down.

Kay: Just --

simone: I'm -- I'm sorry, tabitha. I'm just -- I'm just so upset.

Tabitha: No, no, no, that's all right, dear. Affairs of the heart can be so volatile, especially for you young people. 3E84CD8A.JPG

Simone: What on earth is that?

singer: You are my passion for life

tabitha: What on earth is what for, dear?

Simone: The bowl. Kay, you -- you have to see what's in the bowl.

Kay: I don't know what you're talking about. There's --

simone: Well -- what did you do that for?

Tabitha: Do what for? I'm just about to peel an onion for a stew I'm making, and if you peel onions underwater, eyey don't make you cry.

Simone: But I saw whitney and chad in the water just now!

Kay: Simone? That's impossible.

Simone: Look, I know that it sounds crazy, but I saw whitney and chad making love in the studio like I found them before! 3E84CE4F.JPG

Tabitha: Oh, my.

Kay: Simone, um, honey, I think you're probably just so upset by finding whitney and chad in the studio earlier that you imagined seeing them in the bowl of water right now. I mean, that's --

tabitha: Yes, I agree with kay.

Kay: Yeah.

Simone: Really?

Tabitha: Mm-hmm, absolutely. That was it.

Simone: Wow. I must be really upset.

T.C.: You're right, liz. How much longer can this go on? I mean, my family is having some major problems here. Eve offered to solve them, then she just ran out. I feel like my whole world is crashing all around me and I can't do anything to stop it. 3E84CE7D.JPG

Liz: Oh, T.C. I can only imagine how frustrating this is for you. Ooh. You are so tense.

C.C.: Yeah.

Liz: No wonder, given all you've been through today.

T.C.: Hmm.

Liz: You know what you need? A little sip of your special scotch. That'll relax you.

T.C.: You got that right.

Liz: Ok, I'll get it. Ooh. Looks like you're out.

T.C.: Oh, there's some more down in the basement.

Liz: Ok, I'll get it.

T.C.: No, I'll get it, I'll get it. You won't know where it is.

Liz: Thank you, dear sister, for making this, oh, so easy for me. 3E84CEB8.JPG

[Phone rings]

Liz: Russell residence.

Eve: Liz? Put T.C. On.

Liz: He can't come to the phone right now.

Eve: Thank you. Why not?

Liz: He's busy getting us a drink. You know, he insisted on breaking out his best bottle of scotch just for me.

Julian: Ethan? You open this door at once.

Theresa: No, please. Please protect little ethan and me! Please!

Julian: I mean it, ethan. If you don't open this door, I'm going to fire you from crane industries.

Gwen: Great.

Luis: Mama? Miguel? Where are you? 3E84CEE7.JPG

Pilar: Anank god you're here.

Antonio: What's going on?

Pilar: Your sister's still barricaded inside the bedroom with the baby. Ethan got in through the connecting door from his bedroom and he's trying to convince her to come out.

Miguel: Yeah, but we don't think he's having much luck.

Fox: Well, face it, gwen -- you know, ethan and theresa are like a -- like a magnet and iron, always drawn to each other, right? There's nothing you can do to stop it.

Gwen: Yeah, we'll just see about that. Excuse me. Ethan, listen to me -- ok, julian is serious. He is going to fire you if you if you don't stop siding with theresa. Then what are we going to do? Ethan, we're expecting a baby and it's our job to provide for our baby, and since I quit my job when you started working for crane industries, we need your salary and health benefits more than ever. Please don't put our financial well-being at risk over this. The stress it would cause me would not be good for our baby. 3E84CF2F.JPG

Ethan: My god.

Theresa: What about little ethan? The stress that he will feel being left here without me?

Gwen: Ethan, I know you feel badly for theresa, and, believe me, I do, too. I couldn't even imagine how much it would hurt to be separated from my baby, but -- but, ethan, you can file an appeal for theresa first thing tomorrow and then go in late to work. But, sweetheart, that is all you can do. Theresa's being unreasonable to think that she can gain anything by just holing up like this. Please, ethan, please, please don't let her cause any more problems for us. Think of me. Ethan, think of our baby.

Gwen: What about our baby? What about our future? Ethan, please do right by us and open the door. 3E84D02F.JPG

Theresa: Help me. Ethan, I am begging you!

Ethan: Theresa, theresa, gwen is right. All right, you know I care about little ethan, but I -- I've got to put my wife and our child first.

Theresa: No! No, please.

Ethan: Theresa, look, I'm more than happy to help you legally, but what do you really hope to gain by keeping the baby locked up in here? I mean, what about food for him?

Theresa: Well, julian -- he won't let a crane heir starve.

Ethan: No, maybe not, but you just can't keep a child holed up in here, either. That's not right. Theresa, be reasonable. You need to stop this now.

Theresa: I can'T. Julian has left me no choice. 3E84D057.JPG

Ethan: You can choose to leave. You can choose to fight him another day. I'll help you any way I can, but you have to be reasonable.

[Knock on door]

Antonio: Theresa, you need to open the door now.

Miguel: Theresa, the whole family's here.

Luis: We're not going to let julian take your baby away.

Theresa: I'm saved, ethan.

Juanan: You're so wrong, luis. You see, this is a court order granting me full temporary custody of my son. As an officer of the law, you are sworn to uphold the court's decision.

Luis: Why don't I just choke you with this instead?

Sheridan: Hey, hey.

[Knock on door] 3E84D081.JPG

Antonio: Theresa, it's time to come out.

Ethan: Antonio's right. You need to stop this now. Don't make a bad situation worse.

[Music plays]

Singer: We never play kissy-face in front of strangers and we never run to each other in slow motion no rolling around on the shore with sand between our toes but I guess this is a different kind of wonderful we're in love in the real world it's not what I thought it would be but I can't let this go a different kind of happiness doesn't get more real than this it's not what they said it would be but I can't let this go oh, oh, oh 3E84D0CE.JPG

simone: I hate my sister for what she did to me. She knew how much I loved chad and she still went after him anyway. I'll never forgive her for this. Never.

Kay: Hey. I know a way we can get back at whitney.

Simone: Whatever it is, I'll do it. That's how much I hate whitney.

Kay: Well, good, because I think you're absolutely going to love this.

Simone: Go on.

Kay: We should call your dad and tell him that whitney and chad are together in the studio, banging their brains out. And then he's get going to get so mad, he's going to go down to the studio, he'll catch them in the act, and he'll ground whitney for life. 3E84D0FA.JPG

Simone: Ok, wait, wait, wait. Why would I tell my dad something you said I only imagined I saw in the bowl of water?

Eve: I mean it. You leave him alone.

Liz: Don't hold your breath, sis. T.C. Is desperate for company, and I plan to give it to him.

Eve: Don't you dare.

Liz: Oh, and, eve? Don't call again.

Eve: Wait.

Nurse: Dr. Russell, we need you over here.

T.C.: Who was that on the phone?

Liz: Oh, it was just some annoying woman doing research. But I made it clear to her that she was not to bother you and the girls again.

T.C.: Thanks, liz.

Liz: My pleasure. 

Simone: Why would I tell my dad something about whitney I only imagined?

Kay: Why? Well, because figure the odds. If whitney's upset, where's she going to go? Straight to chad, right? 3E84D1FB.JPG

Simone: Right. Hmm. And she wasn't at home when I left to come over here.

Kay: Trust me, simone, I know that whitney is with chad and I know they're at the studio. And if chad doesn't answer his phone right now, it's because they are banging their brains out.

[Phone rings]

Simone: Chad's answering machine.

Tabitha: Oh, my.

Simone: You're right. Whitney must be at the studio, doing it with the man that I love. Well, you know what? I'm going to teach her something. Wait. I -- I can't call my dad. He'll recognize my voice. 3E84D229.JPG

Kay: Oh, that's ok, I'll do it. Yeah, I can disguise my voice like you wouldn't believe.

T.C.: Liz, thanks for being here for me.

Liz: For you and the girls.

[Phone rings]

T.C.: I'll get it.

T.C.: Hello?

Kay: Is this T.C. Russell?

T.C.: Yes?

Kay: You should know that your daughter whitney is at the crane studio, sweating up the sheets with chad harris right now as we speak.

T.C.: Who the hell is is?

Kay: Just a concerned friend who thinks you should check on the situation before whitney makes a mistake that she will regret forever.

Liz: Who was that?

T.C.: That was some anonymous caller, sayinghahat whitney is at the recording studio with chad having sex. 3E84D26A.JPG

Liz: I thought she said she was going out to get fresh air.

T.C.: Chad must have tricked her again. I swear, I'm going to kill that boy.

Chad: See, baby? Everything's going to be all righ

eve: Clear!

Nurse: I'm sorry, doctor, he's still asystole. He's expired. John, this one goes downstairs.

Eve: God, I seem to be losing everyone today.

Gwen: Ethan, would you just come out of there, please? The baby and I are counting on you!

Rebecca: Gwen, don't worry. Your husband will do the right thing. Come on.

Luis: Theresa, you need to come out of there. 3E84D2A5.JPG

Antonio: You're not helping anyone, especially yourself, by doing this.

Miguel: Just come out so we can talk this through.

Ethan: You need to do right by your son, theresa.

Theresa: Oh, come here.

[Little ethan vocalizes]

Theresa: Oh, yeah. Please.

[Little ethan fusses]

Theresa: Oh, come here. Please don't ask me to give him up. I can't live without him, ethan, not even for one night.

Guard: This is all we could find.

Second guard: Move back and I'll knock down the door.

Julian: That's right.

Luis: Yeah, our sister and nephew are in there.

Antonio: If you come anywhere near that door with that ax, you're toast. 3E84D2CA.JPG

Julian: Ignore those hooligans and knock down the door!

Miguel: Try it. We dare you.

Guard: Forget this.

Julian: What

guard: We don't get paid enough for this.

Julian: Fine. I'll do it myself.

Luis: One swing of that ax, julian, and I'll arrest you for domestic violence.

Rebecca: Well, don't be angry with julian. Theresa's to blame for this whole ridiculous situation. She's the one who's barricaded herself in that room with her baby.

Ethan: I know this is hard, ok, but it's the right thing to do. Julian may have won for now, but you can count on me to help you get your son back, ok? I promise you, I'll be with you every step of the way. 3E84D304.JPG

Sam: If we keep living the way we have been, we're going to lose our family and each other forever.

Luis: You lay one finger on that baby, you're a dead man.

Liz: T.C., Stop it!

Whitney: No! I think you killed him, daddy.


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