Passions Transcript Tuesday 3/25/03

Passions Transcript Tuesday 3/25/03

by Eric

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Liz: Well, they're falling apart. You just don't want to see it. 3E80D173.JPG

Eve: They're not falling apar all families have problems.

Liz: Problems? What you call it?

Whitney: Chad, stop!

Liz: I think you have a lot more trouble on your hands than just a few problems, eve. It's all coming back to haunt you, you know. The horrible things you did to me and maspicable life you led, the booze, the drugs, the whoring around.

Eve: That was so long ago, liz, and it doesn't have anything to do with the person that I am now. Z: Oh, that doesn't matter, eve. The harm you've done can't be undone. Now it's going to cost you your daughters and your husband. Your life is exploding, eve. It's over. 3E80D1A9.JPG

Judge: This week onurt" we're dealing with women who have lied about their past. And today's case is a wild one. We've got a woman who lied to her husband, to her daughters, and the whole town. And like all liars, she got caught. And now it's time to pay right here on "divorce court."

Announcer: So it must have come as a shock to you to find out the truth, coach russell.

T.C.: Shock? It was unbelievable. The woman that I loved and I trusted with all of my heart and soul -- she lied to me. I thought she came from a go family. I thought that she was perfect. Come to find out she was nothing but a lowdown, drunken whore. 3E80D1D5.JPG

Eve: I made mistakes, and I'm very sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Announcer: It's coach T.C. Russell vs. Dr. Eve russell. Real people fighting it out right here on "divorce court."

Theresa: A fake wedding? Are you saying that this is all a joke?

Bruce: Yeah, theresa. Your marriage to julian wasn't real.

Julian: Did you hear that, father? Theresa and I aren't married. We never were.

Alistair: Yes, julian, I heard.

Theresa: But how? The justice of the peace was there. He performed the ceremony. I don't remember much, but I do remember that. 3E80D207.JPG

Henry: Do you take theresa as your lawfully wedded wife?

Julian: Whassup?

Theresa: Oh! Oh!

Julian: Whassup?

Theresa: The justice of the peace was there, and he married us. And I don't care what you say, julian, you and I are married.

Sheridan: How can this be? I'm pregnant? How do you know?

Nurse: Well, when you were brought in after the fire, we put you through a battery of tests. A pregnancy test is a standard procedure for a woman your age.

Sheridan: So there's no doubt? Memean, it's really true?

Nurse: Yes, it's true. You are really pregnant.

Antonio: Did you hear that, everybody? Sheridan's pregnant. 3E80D243.JPG

Luis: Yeah, but who's the father? Antonio or me?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

[ A)dda plus 2 in 1

announcer: It's liar's week here on "divorce court." And today's case involves eve russell, who lied about her past to her husband, T.C., And, in fact, kept secrets from the whole town. 3E80D2FA.JPG

Bailiff: All rise. The honorable judge mablean ephriam presiding.

Judge: I was looking over this case in chambers, and it's a humdinger. I'll startitith you. Is all this true? Did you really lie to your husband and tell him that you were from some rich, prominent family when, in fact, you came from some small, podunk town with only one stoplight?

Eve: Yes, your honor. I did lie. I'm very sorry about it, and I never meant to hurt anyone.

T.C.: You didn't mean to hurt anybody? That's all you did was hurt people!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Coach russell, you'll have your turn to speak soon enough. 3E80D328.JPG

T.C.: I'm sorry, your honor.

Judge: Now, eve, you're contesting this divorce? From what I can tell, you don't have a leg to stand on.

Eve: Your honor, my leg to stand on is that I love my husband and I love my daughters and I love my patients.

T.C.: That is -- that is crazy! That's a load of crap!

Judge: I am not going to tell you again, coach russell. Continue.

Eve: Your honor, I know that it was a mistake to lie, but at the time, I was trying to turn my life around. I was trying to put my past behind me and start a new life.

Judge: You can't build anything worth anything on a stack of lies, dr. Russell.

Eve: I know that now, your honor. 3E80D358.JPG

Judge: Do you have anything else to add in your defense?

Eve: Just -- just that I love my husband. I always have loved him. And I love my daughters more than my life. I love my friends, I love my patients, and I love my job being a doctor. And I just want to say that I am very sorry, that I never meant to hurt anyone. And I hope that anybody that I hurt would forgive me.

Judge: Mm-hmm. Coach russell, what do you have to say?

T.C.: Well, your honor, I have witnesses. I have witnesses that will prove the whole sordid story about her life -- all the destruction, all the devastation caused by my soon-to-be ex-wife. 3E80D3D1.JPG

T.C.: Your honor, I am sure once you have heard all of their stories that you will grant me my divorce from eve russell because there's no reason I should be forced to be married to a low-down, drugged-out whore.

Judge: Oh, my goodness, coach russell!


Announcer: Coming up next --

judge: And what was the guest list like,oach russell? All of your friends and relatives were there and none of hers?

T.C.: She had nobody.

Judge: A woman from a prominent family and no one showed up at the wedding? How dumb are you?

Announcer: Next on "divorce court."

Theresa: It was a real wedding! It was real! 3E80D3FB.JPG

Ethan: Theresa, calm down. It's ok.

Theresa: No! What they're saying is not true, ok? It wasn't fake! Julian and I are married!

Bruce: I'm sorry, theresa, but you aren'T. Hey, look, the justice of the peace said the words, but the ceremony was a fake. You didn't sign the papers, you didn't pay the fees, you didn't get the license. I mean, hell, you were so drunk, you couldn't even say "I do."

Theresa: But our marriage certificate --

bruce: Well, that's fake, too. I mean, actually, it's an official certificate that we stole and filled out ourselves. It's not real. 3E80D41B.JPG

Theresa: It was a fake wedding? This was fake?

Pilar: Mijo, is that possible? Could sheridan's baby be yours?

Luis: Yeah, it's possible. I have to talk to her.

Beth's voice: Sheridan's married to antonio, and now she's pregnant. This has got to help my chances of getting luis.

Antonio: Can you believe it, luis? You're gngng to be an uncle. You, too, miguel.

Miguel: Yeah. I'm really happy for you, antonio. You, too, sheridan.

Sheridan: Thanks.

Antonio: Thanks. Mama, you're going to be a grandmother again.

Miguel: Yeah. Little ethan's going to have a cousin. 3E80D44D.JPG

Shididan: Yeah.

Antonio: I cannot wait to tell theresa.

Pilar: Sheridan, how wonderful for you.

Sheridan: Oh, thank you.

Beth's voice: It'll be hard for sheridan to ever leave antonio now. Luis will be mine forever.

Antonio: Hey, luis? Why don't you go out and get us a box ofigigars, the best money can buy. I'm going to have a son.

 David: It's that time of year when christians think about sacrificing in the light of the cross of jesus. We're going to invite you to sacrifice and help reverend dale lang reach the young people who are in need in southern alberta. We're also going to ask you to sacrifice for people in africa who are in famine. Watch "huntley street". 3E80D54A.JPG

Antonio: I've thought about having a baby with you for a long time now. I can't believe it's finally about to happen.

Sheridan: Neither can I.

Antonio: It just occurred to me. That's what you and luis were trying to tell me. You thought you might be pregnant, and you were worried about how I'd take the shock, right? That's why when the nurse told you that you were pregnant, you couldn't believe it. That's why you were so emotional. That's why luis was always comforting you -- because you were trying to figure out if you were pregnant and trying to figure out a way to tell me. I love you guys so much. You were so worried that I might not come out of that coma and that I wouldn't be there to help you raise our child. You were worried that you were going to have to do it all on your own. But you kn w what? You don't have to worry anymore because I'm here. I am right here, and I am healthy, and I'm not going anywhere. You and I are going to be together forever. 3E80D58D.JPG

Judge: I'm warning you, coach russell, there will be no name-calling in my courtroom no matter what terrible things you think your wife has done. And she's not your ex-wife until I say so. Do you understand that? Now, keep a lid on it!

T.C.: Yes, your honor.

Judg all right. Now that we understand each other, I want to hear your side of the story, too. Why do you want this divorce, coach russell?

T.C.: Your honor, she lied to me.

Gallery: Mm-hmm.

T.C.: I mean, she lied about her past.

Simone: Yes.

T.C.: She told me that she was a fine, young upstanding woman.

Simone: That's right! 3E80D5AF.JPG

T.C.: Turned out that she wasn't that at all.

Whitney: Uh-uh.

Judge: Well, when you were dating, didn't you ask to meet her folks?

T.C.: Yes, I did, your honor.

Judge: And what did she say?

T.C.: She said her parents were dead and none of her family was close.

Judge: And you bought that?

T.C.: Well, your honor, my -- my parents were dead, too. And I knew what it felt like for your parents to be dead.

Simone: Oh, daddy.

T.C.: I didn't want to pressure her. She didn't want to talk about it. Because I loved her, i trusted her.

Whitney: Oh, yes, daddy.

T.C.: Turned out she wasn't doing nothing but lying between her teeth! 3E80D5D1.JPG

Whitney: That's right!

Judge: Enough of that! When you got married, you got married in harmony, right?

T.C.: Yes, ma'am, we did.

Judge: And what was the guest list like, coach russell? All of your friends and relatives were there and none of hers?

T.C.: She had nobody.

Judge: And that didn't send up a red flag? A woman from a prominent family, supposedly, and no one showed up at the wedding? How dumb are you?

[Gallery gasps]

T.C.: Well, your honor, the way that she expinined it, she made it seem like her friends were traveling.

Judge: Yeah, whatever. Call your first witness.

T.C.: All right, your honor. Since we're talking about eve's family, I'd like to bring somebody to the podium who knows her very well -- her own sister, liz. 3E80D609.JPG

Judge: Well, liz, tell us what you know about dr. Russell. Is shehehe big, fat, lying whore that coach russell says she is?

Liz: Oh, no, your honor. She is much worse than that. My sister is the destroyer of lives. Even before she came to harmony, your honor, she had already torn apart my mama's heart, she'd torn apart our whole family with her lies and her selfishness.

Eve: I'm sorry, liz.

Whitney: It's too late --

chad: It's too late for sorry.

Eve: I'm sorry.

Simone: Yeah, right.

Liz: Uh-uh, eve. It is too late.

Simone: That's right.

Liz: No, see, I told you your lies were going to cost you everything that you loved. 3E80D62F.JPG

Whitney: That's right.

Chad: Yep.

Liz: See? Now, you've destroyed your own life.

Whitney: That's right.

[Gallery jeers]

Announcer: Next on "divorce court" --

julian: I love -- I -- i loved eve. And the things we shared -- we were young. We were just experimenting, enjoying life.

[Eve screams] Show. Anyway out on the west coast ther the weather. A mad scram tbl to get over here.

 Claire: I just cut my finger. Hdt p@

ethan: What are you trying to pull here, julian? What, did you hire bruce to come here a l lie, you sick freak? 3E80D730.JPG

Julian: I assure you I am not a sick freak and I did not hire bruce to lie. I'm merely interested in justice and truth, and the truth is theresa and I aren't married.

Ethan: Yeah, we'll see how true it is. Look, theresa, I'm going to put a call in to bermuda, all right, speak with somebody in the local government. We will find out if that marriage certificate is filed.

Theresa: Thank you, ethan.

Julian: Well, good. Ethan will only confirm what bruce has already told us -- that you and ireret married and we never have been married. Ah.

Judge: Well, liz, can you give me some details of how your sister ruined your whole family's life?

Eve: Your honor, excuse me, please. What does what I did as a child or a teenager have to do with today? 3E80D761.JPG

Judge: I'm trying to establish a pattern of behavior so that I might be able to understand you better.

Liz: Your honor, the only thing that you need to understand about my sister is that she is selfish. And furthermore, she only cares about herself.

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Liz: Every sunday, we'd all walk over to our church -- you, me, mama. All our aunts and cousins would pack the place. And we'd be so proud when you'd file in with the church choir.

[Choir sings]

Liz: You had such a gift, a wonderful voice. They always gave you solos.

Young eve: Little light of mine

choir: I'm going to let it shine 3E80D789.JPG

young eve: This little light of mine, oh

choir: I'm going to let it shine

young eve: This little light of mine, oh

choir: I'm going to let it shine let it shine let it shine let it shine

liz: Remember how mama used to beam at you, bursting with pride?

Choir: I'm going to let it snene

young eve: Hide it under a bushel? No

choir: I'm going to let it shine

young eve: Oh, hide it under a bushel? No

choir: I'm going to let it shine let it shine let it shine let it shine 3E80D7A9.JPG

liz: Remember the day you came home with that record?

Young eve: Mama, you've got to listen to this.

Liz: You had been out with friends, and you had this big smile on your face, but mama wiped it off when she grabbed that record from you. Mama read you the riotct, told you the only place for singing was in god's house, to praise him, bring him to glory.

Eve's mom: Don't u u ever let me catch you bringing filth like that in my house again. The only music worth singing is the lord's music. Sing his praises. Do you ever hear me singing anything but hymns? Do you, girl?

Young eve: No, mama.

Liz: She said singing outside the church to entertain people, singing rock 'n' roll and jazz and whatever was a sin -- 3E80D7CD.JPG

eve's mom: This is how you pay me back? What comes next?

Liz: That the gift god gave you was only to be used in church in praise of the lord.

Eve's mom: You will never debase his gift with that trash.

Liz: After church, all our aunts and cousins would come over and we'd cook sunday dinner together. It was the warmest, most loving, most fun time. But you ruined all that, didn't you, eve? You just couldn't do what mama said. You were selfish, did atever you wanted.

Youneveve: Is that ham about ready? Because it sure smells so good.

Eve's mom: That would be --

liz: And because you defied her, you broke mama's heart. 3E80D7F4.JPG

Eve's mom: And the guests get served first. You hear me?

Young eve: Here comes the sun

liz: Singing in that dive of a nightclub out on route six --

young eve: Clear those dark old clouds and the last of the rain she's gonna make it one fine day don't you know and, mama you got to let it go you know, she loves you so but, mama you got to let her go

liz: Those sleazy customers started cheering and stomping. You thought you were so hot. But mama didn'T. Remember when you saw her, standing at the back of the club, tsese eyes of hers burning into you? 3E80D82F.JPG

Man: She's doing just fine, sweet thing!

Liz: Mama about dragged you out of that place.

Man: What the hell's wrong with you? The girl's just singing.

Liz: And those lowlifes who'd been cheering you turned on her. They booed mama --

man: This girl needs a little liquor!

Liz: Threw drinks on her while she hauled you out. After you disgraced mama, none of our family ever came to our house again. You ruined mama's life. She was left with nothing after that, not even gpepel music. Her soul was dead. Oh, your honor, that's not all. When eve left and she left me alone, my father -- my father molested me --

[Gallery gasps] 3E80D866.JPG

Liz: All because eve abandoned me!

Judge: Oh, you poor child.

Liz: And for that, I will never forgive you.

Simone: Yes.

T.C.: Liz, wait.

Simone: Get her, get her! Get her, get her!

[Gallery cheers]

Judge: Get this woman out of the courtroom!

Liz: No! No! Judge, no! She ruined my li!! She ruined all of our lives! No! Let me alone -- will you get your hands off me? I hate you, eve! I hate you! I hate you!

Judge: I knew this would be a humdinger. Coach russell, who is your next witness? 3E80D890.JPG

T.C.: Your honor, I'd like to call someone that I hate -- julian crane.

[Gallery murmurs]

Judge: And you want to explain why you hate mr. Crane?

T.C.: Well, your honor, I could never prove it, but I believe that julian crane was responsible for the car accident tharuined my tennis career --

whitney: Uh-huh.

Chad: Yep.

T.C.: But I have to call him to the witness stand because I know that he could tell the truth about eve's lying and about a whole lot of other things.

Judge: All right. Let's hear it, mr. Crane.

Sam: It's all your fault.

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Sam: He started all this. 3E80D8BB.JPG

Simone: Dog.

Chad: Yeah.

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Chad: Above the law.

Julian: I'm so sorry, eve. I really would not want to hurt you, but I've been legally compelled to testify.

Judge: Oh, cry me a river. Get on with it, mr. Crane.

Julian: Very well. But the time that eve and I spent togeerer was nowhere near as tawdry as some people in this courtroom would have you believe.

Judge: Is that right? Well, it says here that you were responsible for leading dr. Russell into a life of alcohol and drugs.

Whitney: That's right.

Judge: In fact, she was your whore.

Julian: I object to that language, your honor! 3E80D8EF.JPG

Judge: Well, you don't get to object. Just tell your story.

Julian: All right. Well, in any case, it isn't true. I love -- I -- i loved eve. And the things we shared -- we weryoyoung. We were just experimenting, enjoying life. And believe me, I don't want to see eve's life destroyed. I don't want to see her life fall apart. I know how much she loves her husband and her children. T.C., Can't you find it in your heart to forgive her? What happened between eve and me happened years before she met you. She loves you. Can't you please forgive her?

T.C.: Damn you, julian! You ruined my life! 3E80D915.JPG

[Gallery gasps]

T.C.: Yeah, crane. Slug away like the snake that you are!

[Eve screams]

[Gallery cheers]

Announcer: Next on "divorce court" --

whitney: You preached to us, told us how to live our lives, told us we had to stay away from chad? But you were living the life that you told us was so wrong. Damn you, mama.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Whitney: Damn you to hell!

The highlight of my day?

 This is the last place on earth you'd want to be these days. Unless you're patrick graham. One of the only western journalists still in baghdad. His reports seen only on "global national" with kevin newman.M 3E80D9BB.JPG

singer: You are my passion for life

antonio: Hey, luis, you remember when we were kids and we used to joke around about who was going to be a father first? Well, it looks like I won.

Luis: Yeah, I guess.

Antonio: Now, you listen. You and beth -- you need to get married right away. That way, our kids will have lots of cousins to play with.

Beth: Oh, I've always wanted to have a big family.

Antonio: Well, get this guy to the altar, will you? You guys are getting behind.

Beth's voice: That's exactly what I want to happen, antonio.

Rebecca: Gwen, why don't you look happier? Theresa is going to be out of our lives soon for good.

Gwen: Mother, I am so sick of ethan running to defend theresa at every turn. I mean, when is this obsession with her going to be over? 3E80D9F5.JPG

Rebecca: Look, gwen, theresa is finished as a crane. Look, she is going to be fired form crane industries. She is going to be thrown out of this house. You and ethan are never going to have to see her again.

Gwen: Yeah, I wish I could believe that.

Rebecca: Just be patient. Soon, she is going to be out of our lives forever.

Theresa: Ethan -- what did you find out? Julian and I are married, aren't we?

Ethan: I'm sorry. The local government in bermuda has no record of your marriage to julian. Bruce must be telling the truth. You and julian were never married.

Theresa: Oh, my god.

[Judge pounds gavel] 3E80DA23.JPG

Judge: Order in this court! Order! Order! Thank you, coach russell. Now, you've had your last warning. One more outburst like that, and you will be removed from this court and you will not get your divorce.

T.C.: I'm sorry, your honor. I'm sorry.

Judge: You'd better be. I've never seen a man attack his own witness. Now, look, you've established that dr. Russell lied about her past. And so what? Plenty of people have a wild past. But I admire dr. Russell. She's turned her life around. She's become a doctor. She's married a fine man. And from what I can see, she has two lovely daughters. And I'm with mr. Crane. Why don't you just forgive her? 3E80DA55.JPG

T.: Your honor, I would forgive her, but she's still lying. And I have witnesses here to prove it.

Judge: All right, call your next witness.

T.C.: All right, your honor. I'd like to call chief sam bennett and his lovely wife, grace. They're our closest friends. Well, hell, they used to be.

Grace: We thought that eve was our friend, that we could trust her, but she betrayed us.

Sam: And she lied about the D.N.A. Tests, which would have proved that grace was not john's mother.

Grgrace: She knew that ivy was trying to come between my husband and me, but she didn't tell us the truth. No, she was selfish, just like liz said. She was trying to take care of herself. She didn't give a damn about us! 3E80DA97.JPG

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order!

David: Your honor -- um -- ivy crane was blackmailing her -- and me.

Judge: Oh, yes, I've heard about ms. Ivy crane.

Ivy: Oh.

John: Because of dr. Russell's lies, I thought grace was my mother. And I thought I had a father I could be proud of.

David: John --

john: Just let it go, dad!

T.C.: You see, your honor? I am not the only one that eve has lied to. She destroyed e e lives of my best friends.

Grace: Yeah.

T.C.: She destroyed my daughters' lives.

Judge: Now, how did she do that?

T.C.: Whitney. Sugar bear. Your honor, sugar bear is my baby girl, simone. 3E80DAD6.JPG

Whitney: You preached to us, told us how to live our lives, told us we had to stay away from chad? But you were living the life that you told us was so wrong! Damn you, mama.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Whitney: Damn you to hell!

Judge: Order!

Announcer: Coming up next, the judge makes her decision. Will the judge grant T.C. His divorce, or will the good doctor win the case? Next on "divorce court."

[Gallery murmurs]

Whitney: Right? Right? That's right.

Eve: I'm so sorry, whitney.

Whitney: Oh, please. See -- see, judge -- judge, our mama always told us to be good girls, right? And only bad girls let boys do things. But you let boys do everything to you, didn't you, mama? Hmm? Hmm? You told us not to drink, but you a crack addict and a whore! Isn't that right? You know what? You probably even spent the night at some crack houses, didn't you, mama? 3E80DBC9.JPG

Simone: That's the reason why she kept telling us to stay away from chad -- because he is in the music industry --

whitney: Right.

Simone: And she was afraid that we were going to end up like her.

Uh-huh. Yeah. A dope addict.

Whitney: Yeah, mama! How you like it, mama? Huh?

Simone: And, you see, she got in the way of either one of us having a relationship with chad, and so we -- we both fell in love with chad! And it's all your fault, mommy! Because of your lies!

Whitney: I hate you, mama!

Chad: Are you happy? Are you happy?

Grace: Oh, girls --

eve: Oh, your honor, I would cut off my arm before I would hurt my girls. I never wanted to hurt them. 3E80DBF4.JPG

Judge: I believe you, dr. Russell. But I'll have to admit it -- this is the strangest case I've ever seen. And I've made up my mind. I've made my decision whether or not to grant coach russell his divorce from you.

Announcer: Coming up next -- dr. Russell, how do you feel about the judge's decision? Next on "divorce court."

Julian: See, theresa, it was all fake. You understand now, don't u,u, why'm throwing you out of the house? Because we were never married. It was -- it was fake. The words, whatever they were, the justice of the peace -- it was all fake.

Rebecca: Yes, and you are looking at the future, very real mrs. Julian crane. Isn't that right, pookie? 3E80DC2D.JPG

Julian: Yes, well, we'll see in due time, hmm? What I'm interested in right now is finding out how you plan to repay me the millions of dollars you gave away.

Rebecca: Oh, yes, and don't forget about the house that she built and decorated for her mamacita using the crane money. Oh, theresa, you better hope to get another job really fast.

Julian: Yes, you'll have to find another hall to throw your fiestas in.

Ethan: Julian, you don't have to be cruel.

Julian: Well, perhaps if she had let me enjoy my conjugal rights, I wouldn't feel the need to be so harsh.

Rebecca: Well, you certainly don't have to worry about that with me, pookie.

Fox: Hey, theresa, are you ok? 3E80DC56.JPG

Theresa: It was a fake. It was a fake wedding.

Julian: You put me through hell, theresa. But it's over now. It's finally over.

Antonio: Come on, luis, we need those cigars. We need to celebrate.

Luis: Yeah.

Nurse: Ok, I know this is exciting news, but you really do need to get back into your own bed.

Pilar: Antonio, do as she says, mijo. We came so close to losing you, we -- we don't want to take any chances.

Sheridan: Yes, you really should be back in your o b bed. I'm going to go call a few people with the news.

Antonio: All right. All right, fine. Don't take too long, ok? 3E80DC82.JPG

Sheridan: Ok.

Antonio: And, luis, don't forget about the cigars.

Pilar: Now, you sleep for a little while.

Antonio: I'm too excited to sleep, mama.

Nurse: Well, I'm going to fix that right now. I will be right back.

Pilar: Beth? Could you do me a favor and just get a fresh pitcher of water?

Beth: Sure.

Sheridan: Luis, I'm pregnant. Can you believe it?

Luis: Yeah. I can believe it. Sheridan, now that we know you're pregnant, we have a very important question to ask ourselves. The answer to which is going to change our lives forever.

judge: After considering all of the evidence and after hearing everything that I've heard here today -- not only that dr. Russell lied about her past, but you continued to lie even after you were married to your family and friends. Your conduct is reprehensible. How can anyone ever trust you again? You leave me no choice but to grant coach russell his divorce from dr. Eve russell. 3E80DD94.JPG

[Gallery applauds]

Judge: And the marriage of eve russell and T.C. Russell -- this marriage is dissolved. This court is adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise.

T.C.: Yes.

Sam: All right.

John: Good job.

Announcer: Dr. Russell, how do you feel about the judge's decision?

[Eve sobs]

Juanan: Eve? Eve, I want you to know that I'm here for you. You can forget all about that cro-magnon, T.C.

T.C.: You bastard! You ruined my tennis career. You turned eve into a whore. I'm going to make you pay!

Sam: T.C.! Come on! Come on, stop it! It's not worth it. 3E80DDC2.JPG

Grace: You vicious tramp! I was your best friend. You betrayed me! How could you betray me?

Simone: How could you, mom? How could you lie to us like that?

Whitney: We will never forgive you -- ever!

Chad: You tried to ruin my life, too.

Liz: How does it feel, eve, to have your world fall apart?

Whitney: Yeah.

Grace: Uh-huh.

Liz: You did it. You destroyed everything. You destroyed your family.

Grace: You're a tramp.

Simone: You lied to us, mommy!

[All talking at once]

Liz: Do you see what you did, eve? You destroyed your family. 3E80DDE5.JPG

Whitney: Daddy, stop it, please! Daddy, chad, stop!

Eve: Oh. No, I can't let this happen.

Whitney: Please stop!

Julian: What you put me through this past year is unforgivable.

Theresa: I've lost everything. I've lost ethan, the love of my life, the one thing that I wanted. I lost ethan, and I -- I wasn't even married. Julian and I weren't even married.

Ethan: Theresa -- theresa!

Fox: Hey, is there anything I can do for you?

Rebecca: I told you that phone call I was waiting for was wortitit. Theresa will be out of our lives forever. 3E80DE12.JPG

Theresa: I lost ethan. I lost ethan, and for nothing. For nothing.

Ethan: Theresa -- theresa, are you all right?

Theresa: Oh, I lost you. I've lost you forever.

Ethan: Theresa -- hey, theresa.

Fox: Hey. Theresa.

Ethan: Theresa?

Fox: Theresa?

Ethan: Theresa, come on. Come on, wake up.

Antonio: Can you believe it, mama? You're going to be a grandmother again. Thanks.

Pilar: I couldn't be happier.

Antonio: My life is perfect now. I have the perfect wife. I'm going to have the perfect child. I have the perfect family. Nothing's going to change that. 3E80DE49.JPG

Sheridan: Luis, what are you talking about? What question do we have to ask?

Luis: Me or antonio?

Sheridan: You or antonio?

Luis: Sheridan, who is the father of the baby you're carrying? My brother or me?

Chad: I love your daughter, coach, and nothing you can do is going to change that!

Grace: T.C., Control yourself!

Whitney: Are you happy now, daddy? Look what you've done!

Luis: We have to face the fact that antonio may be the father.

Theresa: But you are not being fair!

Alistair: I don't have to be fair, I'm alistair crane. You're out!

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