Passions Transcript Tuesday 3/18/03

Passions Transcript Tuesday 3/18/03

by Eric

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Liz: Whitney, don't worry. Everything is going to work out just fine.

Thank you so much, Liz. You are really the best. You always know exactly what to

Liz: I think I just have a different perspective on the situation, that's all. But if anything I say helps, that's great. But now, listen, you come to me and know that I'm here if you ever want to talk. 3E779711.JPG

Whitney: I appreciate that. Oh. Mom. E things going between you and daddy?

Eve: Oh, fine, honey. Everything's just fine.

Whitney: Good. Liz and I were just having a really, really great talk. She gave me some great advice.

Eve: Oh, that's nice. I wanted to talk to you, too, honey. I was thinking maybe you could go up to your room and l join you there in a moment?

Whitney: Oh.

Liz: You know, Eve, I always wanted a daughter. And now I'll have two and a wonderful, loving husband as well.

Eve: Stay away from my family, Liz. I mean it.

Liz: In case you haven't noticed, your family is falling apart. 3E779742.JPG

Eve: The only problem that my family has is you hanging around like a vulture. Don't underestimate me, Liz. I'm a lot stronger than you think.

Liz: Maybe, but your family is in trouble. Your daughters are unhappy. T.C. Is unhappy. You're going to lose them all, Eve. And when you do, I'll be right here to help put them back together again. We'll be a united, loving, supportive family.

Eve: How could you, my own sister, be so wicked to deliberately try and tear my family apart?

Liz: Oh, please, Eve, you know how. You tore my life apart, and now I'm going to tear yours apart. Your family will be mine, and there is nothing you can do to stop me. 3E779778.JPG

Theresa: Julian, what do you think that you are doing?

Julian: I am not so gently throwing you out of my home, that's what. You have 58 seconds to get out.

Theresa: And you're insane, ok? You cannot throw me out my house.

Julian: As I said, this is not your house. It's my house. So, adios, and andale, muchacha.

Ethan: Julian, Julian, stop this. Will you just tell us what's going on.

Julian: In simple English, Theresa and I are not married. Therefore, this is not her house, it's my house, and I want her gone. 50 seconds, tacosita.

Beth: Mother, meet nurse precious. 3E7797A4.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Huh?

[Mrs. Wallace gasps]

Beth: Precious, this is my nasty old harridan of a mother. Mother, this is your new caregiver. She'll be by your side day and night to take care of all your needs.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, no. No, no, no. No, this -- this is another one of your sick, twisted jokes, isn't it?

Beth: No, no, it isn't. I think you two will be perfect together.

Mrs. Wallace: Beth -- Beth, you're not going really leave me alone here with this monkey, huh?

Beth: I told you, mother, precious is an orangutan. She's not a monkey, not an ape, not a chimp. She's your new caretaker. 3E7797D2.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, you're insane!

Beth: Not at all. I got precious from the agency that trains animals how to take care of sick, old people, and that's what you are -- sick and old.

Mr w Wallace: But she can't -- that creature can't even talk. How's she going to take care of me if she can't even talk?

Beth: She can take care of you, and that's the whole idea anyway. You need a caretaker who can't tell anyone when you're rambling on and on about how I'm going to kill Sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace: That's where you're going right now, isn't it? You're going back to the hospital, try and kill Sheridan, aren't you? 3E7797EF.JPG

Beth: I'm going back to the hospital because Antonio asked me to come. That phone call was confusing. He said that he knew the truth about Luis and Sheridan, but it didn't sound like he knew the truth at all.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, then, what d h he want?

Beth: I don't know. He just -- he said he wanted to help me and Luis get back together.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Beth: Yes, he does.

Mrs. Wallace: No.

Beth: Yes.

Mrs. Wallace: No.

Beth: Yes, he does, mother. Listen to me. How many times do I have to tell you that I'm going to marry Luis? We're going to live happily ever after, ok? All right, precious, you're in charge. 3E779810.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: No, no, no, no. No, Beth, please, please. You cannot leave me alone here with the hairy ape!

Beth: Mother, precious is an orangutan!

Antonio: Luis, what's happening? Why are you holding Sheridan like that?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life.

Liz: This wonderful family that you keep telling me is so strong is being pulled apart at the seams, Eve. Simone is heart broken, thinking that Whitney and Chad could betray her, and you can't fix that.

Eve: Simone will just have to understand that they didn't mean to hurt her.

Liz: No, of course they didn't. Whitney loves Chad, and Chad loves her. But T.C. Hates Chad for coming between Whitney and her tennis. And once he finds out about your past, he will hate you, too.

Eve: No.

Liz: Oh, yes. Yes. T.C. Will find out about your sleazy past, and everything will fall into place for me. I'll be here for T.C. I'll be here for Whitney and Simone. Your family will be my family -- my daughters, my husband. And there is nothing that you can do to stop me. 3E77991C.JPG

Eve: I will stop you.

Liz: How, Eve? No, there's nothing you can do to stop me. You know, having witnessed T.C.'S temper, I'll bet he's even a hotter lover in bed.

Eve: You bitch!

Julian: Let's go! Vamanos!

Theresa: Get your hands off me, Julian. Hey, have you lost your mind? I will not be thrown out of my own home!

Rebecca: Well, this is not your home, ms. Tacky-taco. Didn't you hear Julian? The free ride is over.

Julian: That's right. No more pinatas. No more mariachi bands or fiestas with horrible, smelly food and your lowlife friends. From now on, only people with class will live in the crane mansion! 3E779952.JPG

Fox: Yeah, people with class!

Ugh! I guess that means you'll be moving out, too, huh, Rebecca?

Rebecca: You know, I am not going to give you the satisfaction of being annoyed, fox I am too happy that this little interloper is going to be thrown out on her bony derriere.

Ethan: Look, Theresa is not going anywhere until I get some answers, ok? Now, Julian, what is Bruce doing here and what does he have to do with all this?

Julian: Bruce is the reason I'm able to toss Theresa out of my home.

Theresa: What?

Julian: That's right. Bruce is my savior. He's here to tell everyone that it was all a lie, that you were never my wife. Therefore, you have no right to be here. You have 30 seconds. Let's go! 3E77997F.JPG

Theresa: I said let me go! I am not going anywhere, Julian!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, Beth, you can't be serious. What if I need something, huh? You can't honestly believe that this monkey is going to be able to take care of me.

Beth: Orangutan. And, yes, she can take care of you. She brought you tea, didn't she?

Mrs. Wallace: Brought me tea? That was a circus act!

[Precious blows raspberry]

Mrs. Wallace: Precious doesn't want to hear about the circus. Bad memories, I think. So just -- I wouldn't upset her if I were you.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, oh. All right. I wouldn't dream of upsetting her. What happens if I have a heart attack or another stroke, huh? 3E7799B1.JPG

Beth: As I said, precious can handle it. She can do anything you need. She can even dial 911.

Mrs. Wallace: What -- no, she cannot talk!

[Precious blows raspberry]

Mrs. Wallace: You know, see? What good is it if she dials 911, huh? How is she going to call an ambulance, huh, huh? She can't talk. All she can do is go --

[Mrs. Wallace blows raspberry]

Antonio: Don't everybody answer me at once. What the hell's going on?

Sheridan: Oh, Antonio.

Luis: Sheridan, it's time to tell him. Antonio's strong now. He's well enough to hear it.

Antonio: To hear what? Luis, what do you keep trying to tell me? 3E7799E3.JPG

Luis: Look, Sheridan and I have something to tell you, all right, something we should have told you a long time ago, and it's going to change our lives forever.

Oh, he touched me

thank you, lord

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Reminder, don't get too 3E779AB4.JPG

aysoouea the noise and you came to see?

Julian: All right, now, that's it!

Theresa: I told you to let me go!

Julian: Ugh! Ow! That's it. Rebecca, call security!

Ethan: Julian, Julian, just wait a minute, all right?

Julian: The minute is almost up! Theresa, you have 28 seconds to clear out, or I will have security escort you out of the state.

Ethan: Julian, Julian -- look, you keep saying that Theresa's not your wife, ok, but we've all seen the marriage certificate. You two were married in Bermuda!

Theresa: And there are pictures of our wedding, Julian.

Henry: Excuse me. I thought that you would want these. 3E779AF6.JPG

Theresa: What are they?

Henry: The photos taken during the wedding I performed la n night.

Theresa: Oh --

Whitney: Oh --

Theresa: My god.

Whitney: Well --

Theresa: Ahem.

Whitney: There it is, in living color for the whole world to see.

Theresa: If anyone sees this and tells Ethan before I can confess it to him, I'm dead. And Whitney -- she saw the pictures, too. And as sickening as it is for me to remember, Julian, I do remember that you and I woke up in bed together the next morning. We were wearing wedding rings. And I almost threw up when I saw the marriage certificate, and he was the best man! 3E779B22.JPG

Julian: But it was all a lie.

Theresa: No. Julian, we are married! I don't know what you are trying to pull, but it's not going to work.

Julian: We are not married! We never were! So get out! If you don't leave right now, I'm going to call the police and have you arrested for trespassing.

Ethan: Julian, you can't be serious --

Julian: I'm quite serious. Theresa is not my wife. She was never my wife, and I want her out of here.

Theresa: You are insane!

Beth: See? You worry too much, mommy dearest.

Mrs. Wallace: You cannot leave me alone with an animal. An animal cannot ask for an ambulance when I need it! 3E779B4B.JPG

Beth: Ok, listen her inability to talk won't stop her from helping you. Look -- come here. Precious, show her. See? If you need to dial 911, she can do it.

Voice: Please, extra starch.

Mrs. Wallace: What? What? What did that thing say?

Beth: Shh! Listen, mother. God! Ok, that's it. That doctor is going to call in a hearing aid for you.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh --

Beth: If he knows what's good for him. She just hit the wrong button, that's all.

Voice: Please send an ambulance.

Beth: There you go, see? Even if the circumstances are critical, precious can handle it, ok? 3E779B72.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, dear god! Am I the only one in this room with a shred of sanity?

Beth: Shh, shh. Shh.

[Mrs. Wallace whimpers]

Antonio: Whatever it is, it looks pretty serious.

Luis: Oh, it is.

Antonio: Well, are you going to tell me? Are you finally going to tell me? I mean, earlier we were talking about the fact that Beth is in love with somebody else. Is that the whole story? Because I just can't buy that. I see the way she looks at you, Luis, with love her in eyes. I just don't see her being in love with somebody else. I mean, that's as absurd as saying that Sheridan's in love with somebody else besides me. I know that I can always count on your love, Sheridan, especially now that we're married. 3E779BA4.JPG

Sheridan: Antonio, if you only knew.

Antonio: If I only knew what? Tell me, damn it. What's going on?

Julian: Your time is up. You had one minute to leave. That minute has expired. Now get out!

Theresa: Go ahead, Julian. Call your goons. That is the only way you will get me out of this house!

Gwen: Moerer, is this for real? I mean, does Julian really have proof that his marriage to Theresa never existed?

Rebecca: Oh, yes, Gwen. It is for real. I mean, there may still be fireworks, but Theresa will be gone. She has no claim whatsoever on the crane fortune because she's not Mrs. Julian crane! 3E779CAB.JPG

Julian: Your reign of terror is done, finito!

Ethan: Julian, just calm down, ok? I'm sure we can just go inside, discuss this like civilized people.

Theresa: How can we have a civilized conversation with a crazy man? And you are nuttier than a fruitcake, Julian!

Julian: Oh! I've never been more sane, nor have I ever been more single as in unattached, solo, not married.

Theresa: No, you are my husband!

[Julian laughs]

Theresa: Alistair said that before you try to throw me out of this house that you better have some proof, so where is your proof that we aren't married? 3E779CCA.JPG

Julian: Oh!

I have proof! I have irrefutable proof.

Theresa: Bull!

Mrs. Wallace: No, Beth, please -- please! Please, in the name of humanity, please do not leave me alone here with a beast!

Beth: Be careful. You're going to make her mad.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Oh, I didn't mean it. Look, even if she can press a button or call an ambulance, how are they going to know where to come? She can't give them an address!

Beth: Well, I'm not sure, but I'm thinking that the address is captured and tracked as soon as a 911 call comes in.

Mrs. Wallace: You are thinking? I could die here! 3E779CF1.JPG

Beth: Listen to me! You've done everything you could to ruin my life, so consider yourself lucky that I'm not sending you to some cockroach-infested hellhole of a nursing home.

Mrs. Wallace: No --

Beth: Yes!

Mrs. Wallace: No!

Beth: You're lucky. You get to stay right here in your own home sweet home, and that's what old people want, right? So stop your complaining. Ok, I got to go, all right? So, precious, take good care of mother. I'll be back.

Mrs. Wallace: No. No, no, Beth! Please! Please don't leave me here! Please don't! Beth, no!

Beth: Good-bye, mother. 3E779D0D.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: No, no! Beth, no, wait! Wait! We have -- wait! Don't lock the door, please! Don't lock that door, Beth! Please don't leave me here! Don't leave me here with this -- ugh! Oh, no! Oh -- oh, no!

[Mrs. Wallace moans]

Antonio: Look, I know something's being kept from me. There's something you haven't been telling me for a long time now.

Sheridan: Antonio, you were too sick. You weren't strong enough.

Antonio: Well, I'm strong enough now. And, Sheridan, if you love me the way you say you do, you will tell me the truth.

[Sheridan sighs]

Sheridan: I -- I -- I can't. I'm sorry! 3E779D3B.JPG

Luis: Sheridan --

Sheridan: I can't do this!

Luis: Sheridan!

Antonio: I'll go get her. I'm just a little dizzy, that's all.

Luis: Look, you stay here. I'm going to get Sheridan. When I bring her back, we're going to finish this.

Antonio: We're going to finish what, Luis? Now, you're my brother. Tell me what's going on. Why was Sheridan in your arms just then? Just tell me what everyone is keeping from me. I'm tired of the games. Am I losing Sheridan? Don't tell me that's what it is. Am I losing her?

Liz: Go ahead, Eve. Take your frustrations out on me, but it won't change anything. Will it mend Simone's broken heart? No, it won't. You're just furious because you know I'm right. 3E779D79.JPG

Eve: No, you're wrong. You are hateful and you're wrong!

Liz: No, I am right! Your family is falling apart right in front of your eyes, Eve. I just wonder why you didn't see it coming -- the sins of the mother being revisited upon the daughters.

Eve: Don't you dare compare my daughters to me and my mistakes! I was a drunk and a drug addict, I admit it. But my daughters -- never.

Liz: Why don't you admit it to T.C.? Huh? Enlighten him. You can't because you know once he finds out the truth, he is going to hate you just as much as I hate you! 3E779DA0.JPG

Eve: Well, you can't possibly hate me as much as I hate you!

Liz: Oh, what the hell.

Eve: Oh!

From the war desk: This danger will be removed. Bush leveled his ultimatum at Saddam. But innocent others will be caught in the middle. Is there time to escape? Find out the run for cover. Tonight's "global national" with Kevin Newman.

Singer: You are my passion for life

Eve: Don't you ever raise your hand to me in my house!

Liz: Oh, but, Eve, it won't be your house for long. You know, I think Simone and Whitney are going to enjoy having me around. Yeah. I'll be their aunt 3E779E51.JPG

and their stepmother.

Eve: I just told you not to mention my daughters again.

Liz: Oh, they're going to thank me, Eve. They're going to thank me for making sure that they don't turn out the way you did.

Eve: No. They'll never do what I did.

Liz: Oh. You mean becoming drunks and drug addicts?

Eve: No, they'll never be what I was.

Liz: Wait. Wait. Well, you're forgetting something. Yes. You're forgetting one important thing that you were, or should I say are? A whore, Eve. Remember that? You are Julian's whore!

Julian: So are you going to leave, or do I call the police? 3E779E80.JPG

Theresa: You expect me to go willingly when you haven't shown me any proof?

Fox: Yeah, she's got a point, right? I mean, you bring this guy Bruce here, right? But so what? I mean, if anything, he's her proof that you are married.

Theresa: He watched the ceremony.

Julian: Yes, he did.

[Julian chuckles]

Fox: Yeah -- so what's he doing here?

Theresa: Bruce, Julian and I -- we were so drunk. My memories are hazy, but you were sober, ok? So you must remember what happened.

Henry: Do you take Theresa as your lawfully wedded wife? 3E779EA9.JPG

[Theresa moans]

Julian: Wassup?

Theresa: Oh! Oh!

Julian: Wassup?

[Theresa laughs]

Bruce: Wassup?

Julian: Wassup?

Theresa: Tell them, Bruce. You know what happened.

Bruce: Oh, I -- I know exactly what happened.

[Bruce chuckles]

Theresa: So tell them. Tell them that Julian and I are married. Tell them that I am the only lawful Mrs. Julian crane.

Bruce: I --

[Bruce and Julian laugh]

Mrs. Wallace: You stay away from me, you damn monkey!

[Precious blows raspberry]

Mrs. Wallace: That's right -- I called you a monkey, not an orangutan, because you're nothing but a damn monkey! Huh! What -- do you smell something? What? 3E779EE2.JPG

[Mrs. Wallace sniffs]

Mrs. Wallace: Oh.

[Mrs. Wallace gasps]

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no! You are not going to be changing my diaper! I can do that myself! Huh! Oh, no! I said I can do it myself! Now, you stay away from me! Oh! You stay away from me! Stop chasing me around, you -- ah! Put that down! Leave that walker alone! No! Ah! Ah!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, you damn monkey! Look what you did to me!

[Mrs. Wallace weeps]

Beth: What's going on here? Why is Sheridan so upset? Sheridan, what's going on? 3E779F35.JPG

Sheridan: Beth.

Beth: Why are you crying?

Sheridan: Just nothing is going right. Luis and I tried to tell Antonio about us. I just couldn't do it. I -- I couldn't stand to see the hurt in his eyes, the confusion.

Beth: Well, what did you tell him?

Sheridan: Oh. Luis tried to tell him about us, but Antonio totally misunderstood. He thought Luis was saying that you were having feelings for another man.

Beth: What?

Sheridan: Yes. And then Antonio started talking about how much he loves me and how he couldn't live without me. I couldn't do it. I couldn't bear to see so much pain in his face. 3E779F59.JPG

Beth: Yeah. I can see how that would be very hard.

Sheridan: At this rate, we'll never be able to tell Antonio the truth. I'm going to have to stay married to him, and I'm never going to be with Luis.

Beth's voice: From your lips to God's ears, Sheridan. Hey, I might just let you live.

Antonio: Is that it, Luis? Am I losing Sheridan?

Luis: Tonio, let me just go find Sheridan, all right? I'm going to bring her back and then we'll tell you everything, all right?

Antonio: No, I want you to tell me, Luis. Now, why was she so upset? Why were you holding her?

Luis: Tonio, it's complicated, all right? Now, look, let me just go find her, ok? 3E779F86.JPG

Antonio: No, Luis. You stay here and tell me. You tell me what's going on, now.

Ethan: All right. All right. Come on, Bruce. Let's have it.

Theresa: Please, Bruce, tell them.

Bruce: Well, there was a ceremony.

[Bruce laughs]

Theresa: Oh! There! You see, Julian? We are married, and there is no trick that you can come up with that will ever change that fact! I am the only true Mrs. Julian crane! In fact --

Theresa: Here, here, Julian. This is our marriage certificate, an official document issued by the government of Bermuda. It is legal, isn't it, Ethan? 3E77A084.JPG

Ethan: I examined it thoroughly, and it's legal as far as I can tell.

Theresa: Yes. It's legal. And as disgusting as it sounds to me, Julian, I am your wife and you have no right to throw me out of my home.

Julian: God. The marriage certificate -- I forgot all about that. That little document does say we're married, doesn't it?

Theresa: Yes, it does. So this debate that we are having -- it is over. Now, I don't know what you were trying to pull, but it didn't work.

[Julian laughs]

Fox: Yeah, I think you're right. The old man ain't playing with a full deck.

[Julian laughs]

Julian: Oh, god! 3E77A0B8.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: You just -- you just stay away from me, you damn monkey! No, no, I am not going to take my medicine right now because I want to eat something first, so you just stay away from me! You just stay away. You hear me? No! No, you damn monkey! You stay away from me! Stay away -- ah! Ah! Ah! Help me! Somebody help me! Stay away! You just stay away from me, you damn monkey! Hairy ape!

Mrs. Wallace: No! I don't want any soup, thank you! I'm going to make myself a sandwich, a good one! A little ham here, you know, a little tomato, ham, and cheese, lettuce. Whoa, whoa! And you -- you just stay away from it! You hear me? Ah, ha! 3E77A10F.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Damn it! I said I would make it! You just stay away from it! Do you hear me? Ugh! Ugh!

Mrs. Wallace: Ugh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ah! So you want a food fight, do you? You got it here! Here you go! Take that!


[Mrs. Wallace laughs]

Mrs. Wallace: Ah! Ah!

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Sheridan: Beth, I just don't know what to do.

Beth: Well, maybe I could go talk to Antonio, you know, kind of help prepare him for what you and Luis are going to tell him.

Sheridan: You would do that for me? 3E77A146.JPG

Beth: Look, I know that we've had our differences about how you've handled the situation with Antonio and Luis, but I'm still your friend, Sheridan, and I'm still Luis and Antonio's friend. I just don't want to see anyone suffer. Now, if I can help, I want to.

Sheridan: That -- that would be so wonderful. But what do you think you'll say to Antonio?

Beth: I'm not sure, but I'll just go talk to him and maybe I can find a way to let him down gently.

Sheridan: You are the best. I mean, after all that you've been through and you're still willing to help Luis and me.

Beth: Yeah. Well, what are friends for, right? 3E77A172.JPG

Sheridan: Thank you.

Beth: All right. Listen, you sit here, try to relax, pull yourself together, and I'll go talk to Antonio.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Beth: Ok.

Beth: Now, how do I turn this situation to my advantage? How do I make it so Luis and Sheridan can never be together ever again?

Antonio: Tell me, Luis.

Luis: All right, look, now, this is something that we've been trying to tell you for a long time, but we couldn't because you were in a coma.

Antonio: I'm not in a coma now, I'm not blind, and I'm not dying. Tell me.

Luis: We will. All right? I swear to you we will. But I'm not going to tell you without Sheridan. Just let me go and find her, ok? 3E77A1BC.JPG

Beth: Antonio?

Antonio: Beth. I'm glad you're here. Thanks for coming.

Beth: What's wrong?

Antonio: It's Luis and Sheridan. They're keeping some secret from me, and it's driving me nuts.

Beth: Antonio, calm down, all right? I know the truth. And once you and I talk, you'll see that everything's going to be all right.

Liz: Your daughters are paying for what you did, Eve. Somehow subconsciously, or may g genetically, you are letting them know that it is all right to get into their base desires.

Eve: No. No. They're good girls.

Liz: Well, Simone, maybe. But Whitney's already sleeping around. 3E77A1E9.JPG

Eve: No, that's not true. No, she's in love with Chad.

Liz: I know that, and I am not blaming Whitney. After all, she's been under your influence. But thank god I came along to save them from being drunks and drugged-out whores and sleeping with men like Julian crane just to get their next fix!

Eve: You've gone too far, Liz. I just told you I don't want you talking about my daughters like that. They're good, decent girls, and I don't want you to mention their names anymore. This is between you and me.

Liz: Oh, no. This isn't just between you and me. This is about everyone you've ever lied to, everyone you've ever hurt, and that includes your daughters. 3E77A2CC.JPG

Eve: I asked you not to talk about my daughters. Now, this is the first problem I've ever even had with them. And it's not even a problem, really. It's just a -- a misunderstanding of the heart.

Liz: "Misunderstanding of

the heart." Oh, Eve, you were always good at self-delusion, and I see nothing has changed. Don't you get it? Your daughters hate each other just like you and I hate each other. Everything you've ever worked for, everything you have ever lied and cheated to get is about to be taken away from you -- your career, your family, and your husband. Your bad karma is coming back to bite you, Eve, and you're going to lose everything. 3E77A302.JPG

[Julian laughs]

[Julian coughs]

Theresa: Why are you laughing, you fool? I won. Don't you get that?

Fox: Yeah, where's this proof you keep talking about?

[Julian laughs]

Ethan: No, wait -- Bruce. All he did was corroborate Theresa's story that you two are married, Julian.

Theresa: Yeah, that's right, and this is all the proof that anyone needs to know you and I are married. And if you don't want me to divorce you and take you for every cent that you own, I suggest you shape up and you treat me with the respect that I deserve. I am your wife, Julian, and I can make your life a living hell. 3E77A331.JPG

Julian: Let me show you what I think about that marriage certificate, my little guacamole.

[Julian laughs]

Theresa: Julian? What are you doing?

[Julian laughs]

Mrs. Wallace: Ah!

Ah! Oh! Oh! Ok!

Ok! So you want to play dirty, do you? Well, we will right now, honey!

[Mrs. Wallace laughs]

Mrs. Wallace: Are you ready for this one?


[Mrs. Wallace laughs]

Mrs. Wallace: Well, I guess I showed you, you damn monkey!


[Mrs. Wallace laughs]

Mrs. Wallace: Oh! 3E77A37A.JPG

Luis: Sheridan. Hey. You all right?

Sheridan: Luis, I'm so sorry I ran out like that. I just couldn't do it. I couldn't hurt Antonio -- yeah, after he started talking about how he could count on me and our marriage. I'm sorry, I just -- I couldn't do it, and I still don't know if I can.

Luis: Sheridan, yes, you can. You have to.

Sheridan: I know. I know, but it's just awful.

Luis: Well, I'm sorry this is so hard on you.

Sheridan: Did you see Beth?

Luis: Beth? No.

Sheridan: She said she was going to go talk to Antonio, see if she could prepare him for what we have to tell him. 3E77A3A7.JPG

Luis: Thank god for Beth.

Sheridan: I know that we can trust her.

Antonio: Beth, what's going on? What is this secret that Sheridan and Luis won't tell me?

Beth: Ok, listen, you need to lie back and relax, Antonio. You can't get yourself upset like this. You've been very sick.

Antonio: Beth, is it true? Are you in love with someone else and not Luis?

Beth: No. Luis is the only man that I've ever loved.

Antonio: Well, I don't understand, because I thought Luis was telling me that you were in love with someone else.

Beth: No.

Antonio: I told him that wasn't the case. 3E77A3D0.JPG

Beth: Antonio, Luis is the only man in my heart.

Antonio: Then what is going on? What is this truth that Luis keeps trying to tell me?

Beth: Antonio, you love Sheridan, don't you? And you want to be with her.

Antonio: Of course I do. I love her more than anything else in this whole world.

Beth: And Luis is the only man that I want to be with. So, if you listen to me and you do exactly what I tell you to do, then there's nothing that can stop us from being with the people that we love. We can make it happen, Antonio, and we'll both get exactly what we want.

T.C.: Whitney's career will not be destroyed. I will not let Chad do that. And if he ever comes around this house again, I will kill him! 3E77A40C.JPG

Julian: I want her removed from the premises immediately.

Antonio: Will somebody just tell me what's going on?

Luis: Yeah, we're going to tell you everything right now.

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