Passions Transcript Thursday 3/13/03

Passions Transcript Thursday 3/13/03

By Eric
Proofread by Nadine

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T.C.: Sweetheart, you're mistaken!

Simone: There is no mistake, daddy! I just walked in on them having sex in his studio!

T.C.: Whitney, is this true? Tell Simone that she's wrong. Tell her that you could never do this to your own sister. Have you been sneaking around behind our backs? Are you and Chad --

Whitney: Chad and I weren't sneaking around. We truly love each other.

T.C.: I have devoted my entire life for your tennis career, working two jobs to pay for private travel expenses, taking time off from work so you can be where you're supposed to be, to be ready and on time!

Whitney: Daddy, please --

T.C.: And this is how you repay me? By being out all night, having sex with Chad? Whitney, how could you do this? 3E70FFA8.JPGHow could you do this? You want to continue playing tennis, so dating Chad is out. As of right now, Chad is never to see you or Simone ever again.

Whitney: No. No, daddy, I love him. No!

Eve: After last night, nothing around here is ever going to be the same again. Hi. I -- I'm surprised that you're up so soon.

T.C.: Sweetheart, I had to rise and shine. Whitney has a match today.

Eve: Surely you don't expect Whitney to play tennis today.

T.C.: Sweetheart, what are you talking about? Nothing's changed.

Eve: T.C., what is wrong with you? Everything has changed.


Theresa: Ok. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for being here today. 3E70FFE4.JPG[Knock on door] Theresa: Come in.

Fox: You ready to meet the press, Mrs. Crane?

Theresa: Yes. I can't wait to announce the foundation I'm forming to give millions of the Crane billions to charity.

[Fox whistles]

Theresa: You think I sound too full of myself?

Fox: No. No, I think you look great.

Theresa: Thanks, Fox. You know, what I'm doing today is way too important not to look and do my best.

Fox: Yeah, well, that's actually why I came by. I wanted to talk to you before you gave away the farm. Not that I don't think what you're doing is great, because I do, ok? But are you sure you want to turn this into a media event? 3E710012.JPG

Theresa: Well, why shouldn't I?

Fox: It's going set my father off big-time.

Theresa: Oh. Thought that was Rebecca's job.

Fox: No, I'm serious, ok? I mean, my father is already furious at you for giving away the millions you did before. And going public like this, it's going to push him over the edge, make him do something you'd regret. Ok, are you sure you want to take that chance?


Julian: That's right. I want every trace of that executive enchilada gone posthaste.

Rebecca: Oh, Pookie. I can't believe it's really happening.

Julian: Hmm. Si. The extermination of Theresa is under way. 3E710044.JPG


Gwen: Ethan. What are you doing home from work so early? Did you forget something?

Ethan: No, I just came from the office. I came to warn Theresa that Julian is having her ousted from Crane Industries.


[Mrs. Wallace snores]

[Door slams]

Mrs. Wallace: Ugh.

Beth: There. Hmm, no more mustache. You want to look your best for the funeral, don't you, mother?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, no. No, you killed Sheridan, didn't you?

Beth: No, not yet. But I swear, it won't be long before she is dead and buried.


Antonio: Oh, good morning, Luis, Mrs. Lopez Fitzgerald. How are you guys this morning? 3E71007F.JPG

Sheridan: The truth is we're anxious and on edge.

Antonio: I would be, too, if I was caught in a burning house the way you guys were. I swear, I cannot wait to get you to my mother's house. You know, once Luis finds out that you're safe, that's when we can start our life as man and wife, right?

Luis: Well, actually, that's what we're here to talk to you about.

Antonio: What, about mama's last house burning down? Is she afraid that if Sheridan stays there, the arsonist will come back and try to burn down the new one?

Luis: No, no, it's not about that. All right, it's about you and Sheridan.

Sheridan: It's something that we should've told you a long time ago. 3E7100AB.JPG

Luis: You got to know the truth.

Antonio: You both sound so somber. What is it you want to tell me?


Mrs. Wallace: So, what went on at that hospital, huh? You left here dressed as nurse goody two-shoes, hell-bent on killing Sheridan. You come back here in that crazy outfit, and you tell me that Sheridan is still alive? 3E7101A8.JPG

Beth: That's right, mother, just rub it in.

Mrs. Wallace: Thank you, angels. So what happened, little missy, to your perfect plan, huh?

Beth: Rest in peace, Sheridan. What the hell? Where is she? How'd she get away from me?

Mrs. Wallace: Well, missy, huh? How'd you muck it up this time? Not that I ever wanted you to kill Sheridan -- oh, God forbid. It's just that you have failed so many times before, you know, in keeping your business and taking care of me and keeping a man --

Beth: Oh, shut -- shut up, mother! Sheridan -- she just lucked out, that's all. I mean, it won't be long before I kill that bitch. 3E7101D7.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie, Bethie, listen to me. Listen to me, please. Would you please quit while you are ahead? Come on, be a good girl from now on. You know how you can start, Bethie? Bethie? Do you know how you can start, huh? Well, you can start by helping your dear, old, helpless, poor mom by setting me free, huh? Come on, sweetie. I -- wait a minute. Bethie, Bethie, Bethie, I've got some candies for you I've been saving, hmm? Hmm?

Beth: Candy?

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah.

Beth: Really?

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah. 3E7101F7.JPG

Beth: Oh --

Mrs. Wallace: It's right in the drawer there. Would you like some? Go on. No, no, no, the other drawer. There you go. Yum-yum. You going to set me free now?

Beth: No.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh.

Beth: Uh-uh. I'm not done with you or Sheridan yet.


Antonio: What is it? What did you guys want to tell me?

Sheridan: It's the situation, Antonio. Our situation. I -- well, we --

Luis: Just let me tell him.

Antonio: Tell me what?

Luis: Antonio, just -- why don't u sit down and listen to what I have to say. See, Sheridan and I -- well, we knew each other before you met. 3E710233.JPG

Antonio: Right, you both lived here in Harmony.

Luis: It's a little more than that. Sheridan and I were in love. We were engaged to be married.

Antonio: Wait a minute. What do you mean?

Luis: Sheridan and I knew each other before you ever met her as Diana.

Sheridan: I've realized that I never stopped loving Luis.

Antonio: Hold on a second. You mean that you are in love with my brother?

Luis: And I love Sheridan.

Antonio: That's my wife.

Sheridan: See, that's part of the problem.

Antonio: Wait a minute. I see what's going on now. You guys have been sneaking around behind my back for months, laughing at me, making fun of me for being so stupid not to have a clue. 3E71026F.JPG

Sheridan: No, Antonio. Look, Luis and I were seeing each other, but we never made fun of you, ever.

Luis: Antonio, we've wanted to tell you the truth since you came back to Harmony, but we couldn't because you were sick.

Sheridan: Dr. Russell told us that the shock would kill you. But now that the experimental drug has cured you, you are strong enough to know the truth.

Luis: And the truth is that Sheridan and I love each other, and we want to be together.

Antonio: I don't believe this.

Sheridan: Antonio, what's wrong?

Antonio: My own brother and my wife. I don't believe this.

Sheridan: Antonio? Antonio! Oh, my God. 3E710294.JPG

Luis: Antonio!


T.C.: Everything has changed? Honey, what are you talking about?

Eve: T.C., do you have amnesia? Our family nearly came apart at the seams last night.

T.C.: Sweetheart, you're over exaggerating, ok? I mean, we had some issues to deal with last night, and we dealt with them. Things are fine now.

Eve: No. No, they are not. Simone is furious at Whitney. She thinks that she used sex to steal Chad away from her. And Whitney's hating herself because she thinks that she's upset you and Simone.

T.C.: Sweetheart, you're making too much out of this.

Eve: No. No, I'm not. Whitney is in love with Chad. And last night, you attacked him right in front of her and then forbade her to ever see him again. 3E7102C2.JPG

T.C.: Sweetheart, Chad was a momentary blip on the radar screen. He's gone. Now Whitney will forget about him in no time.

Eve: Whitney is on the brink of a meltdown, T.C. She's in love with Chad. She is humiliated about the way we all found out.

T.C.: Sweetheart, would you please calm down?

Eve: Ok, so maybe it's just me. I'm just speaking gibberish and I don't even know it.

T.C.: Sweetheart, you're not speaking gibberish. You're speaking nonsense, ok? But listen, Chad is out of our lives forever, ok? So why don't you go back upstairs, get yourself some sleep, and I will take our daughter to her next tennis match, ok? 3E7102EA.JPG

Eve: You cannot expect Whitney to play tennis today.

T.C.: Sweetheart, you are underestimating our daughter. Whitney will be ready to play tennis today, guaranteed.

Eve: Well, I'm not so sure, and I want to know that you're not going to be angry or disappointed if she's not.

T.C.: Disappointed? There's my little girl right there, all raring and ready to go, right, sweetheart? Ha-ha. Yes.


Theresa: Thanks for worrying about me, but there's no need. Ok, I'm secure in my position as lady of the house. I'm a vice president of Crane Industries. After all, I'm Mrs. Julian Crane.

Fox: Yeah, but pushing father the way you have -- look, sooner or later, he's going to push back. 3E710319.JPG

[Knock on door]

Theresa: Come in. Ethan. Oh, don't tell me I'm late for my interview.

Ethan: No, no. I just came from Crane industries. Your office has been cleaned out and your privileges as a Crane have been revoked.

Theresa: What?

Ethan: You're being booted out, Theresa, with one swift kick.

Fox: You know, you getting shafted by my family -- I was afraid something like this was going to happen.

Theresa: No. No, no, no. Ethan, you must've misunderstood.

Ethan: I went into work early to finish the report on Parker Industries for you. When I went by your office to drop it off, your room was empty and your name was off the door. 3E710412.JPG

Theresa: Oh, well, maybe Alistair is moving me into a bigger office with a better view.

Ethan: No, Theresa, I asked your assistant what had happened. Trish said that she was directed to box up all your papers and send your furniture to storage.

Theresa: Why? Am I supposed to work here from my home --

Ethan: Theresa, have you a heard a word that I said? You have been fired.

Theresa: No, Ethan, that is impossible. Ok, Alistair is the one who hired me. Now, who would dare go against him to fire me?

Fox: I got a guess.

Ethan: Fox is right. Julian has got to be behind this. 3E710432.JPG

Theresa: Well, we'll just see about that.


Eve: Sweetie? Are you sure you feel up to playing tennis today after everything that happened last night?

Whitney: Uh --

T.C.: Of course she does, sweetheart. I mean, Whitney's not a quitter. She is a champion and she's ready to win. So, sweetheart, quit being a downer, ok?

Eve: I just want to make sure that Whitney is really up to playing after --

T.C.: Sweetheart, tell your mother. Tell her that you're ready to go, ok?

Whitney: Mom, I'm -- I'm ok.

T.C.: See? I told you. Now, honey, I want you to get a good breakfast, ok? A good, hearty breakfast, and then we'll go, ok? 3E71045C.JPG

Whitney: Um, I really don't feel much like eating this morning, daddy, if that's ok.

T.C.: Sweetheart, you have to eat because you won't have any energy to play your best, all right?

Whitney: To be honest, I've been feeling a little queasy since last night, so maybe I'll grab a breakfast bar or something on the way, so --

T.C.: Well, baby, the reason why you're feeling queasy is because you need to eat. Now, your daddy's going to make you a big, old, hearty breakfast -- some eggs, some bacon, some fresh-squeezed orange juice -- you know, your pre-game meal, and we're just going go and get them, all right?

Whitney: All right, no! No. Daddy, please stop pushing me. I don't want to eat. 3E710482.JPG


Antonio: I don't believe it. My own brother and my wife -- lovers? Liars? Ugh. I don't believe it.

Sheridan: Antonio --

Antonio: Ugh.

Luis: Antonio. Antonio. Antonio!

Sheridan: Oh, my God. Antonio! The truth was too much, Luis. We killed him! We killed Antonio! Antonio? Oh, my God. We killed him, Luis. We killed him. We killed him. Luis, we killed him! We killed him. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Luis: Sheridan.

Sheridan: Luis, we killed him! 3E7104AC.JPG

Luis: Sheridan, hey --

Sheridan: We killed him. We killed Antonio. Oh, my God. Oh, my God! We killed him! Luis, we killed him. We killed him. Oh, my God.

Sheridan: We killed him. We killed him. We killed Antonio.

Luis: Sheridan --

Sheridan: We killed him.

Luis: Sheridan.

Sheridan: We killed him.

Luis: We didn't kill him. Hey, you were just having another bad dream. Hey, we -- Sheridan, we haven't even told Antonio about us yet.

Sheridan: Wait a minute. We haven't?

Luis: No. Sheridan, he's in there right now. He's sleeping off the sedative they gave him last night, ok? 3E7105AD.JPG

Sheridan: Oh, thank God. It was just a dream, but it seemed so real.

Luis: It's ok. It's ok.

Sheridan: No, it's not. All right, I can't go on like this. I can't!

Luis: All right, then we're going to tell him the truth tonight.

Sheridan: No, Luis. Look, that dream was a sign. It was a warning, all right? We cannot tell Antonio the truth. The truth will kill him. I'm sure of it!

Luis: Sheridan, listen to me. All right, we are going to tell Antonio that we're in love. He's going to kill us if we don't.


Mrs. Wallace: Uh-oh, something's wrong here. You're acting way too calm. 3E7105DC.JPG

Beth: Kind of like the calm before the storm.

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie, Bethie, you're scaring me. Now, what sick plot are you hatching now?

Beth: "Sick plot" sounds so sick. All I'm doing is making sure that you don't keep telling that visiting nurse, Mildred, how crazy I am. Because sooner or later, she's going to believe you.

Mrs. Wallace: What are you going to do, kill me and the nurse, too, huh?

Mildred: Good morning, Mrs. Wallace. It's Mildred.

Mrs. Wallace: Hurry! Hurry! Get out --

[Mrs. Wallace garbles]

Beth: No, no. This is exactly why that nurse has to go. You and your big mouth just sealed her fate. 3E710600.JPG

[Mrs. Wallace garbles]

Beth: No.


Eve: Whitney? Honey, it's ok. Your dad cannot push you into doing anything that you don't want to do.

T.C.: Yeah, your mom's right. I didn't mean to harp on you having such a big breakfast. Go ahead and get the breakfast bar and just eat it in the car.

Eve: T.C., what is the matter with you? Look at her. She's all crying and shaky. It's obvious that she's not fit to go anywhere.

T.C.: Honey, I'm sorry, ok? I know that you're not feeling 100% after what happened last night, but I need to be honest with you, ok? The match that you lost on thanksgiving really hurt us. It put you way back in the rankings, all right? 3E710631.JPG

Whitney: Yeah.

T.C.: Now, we need to get back on the winning team. Ok?

Eve: I know, daddy. I know.

T.C.: All right, good. So let's get going.

Eve: No. No, T.C., she's not going anywhere.


Julian: Voila.

Rebecca: Thank you.

Julian: To Theresa's imminent demise.

Rebecca: Yes. Good-bye, good life, hello, gutter. What--

Julian: What-- not the baccarat!

Theresa: Where do you think you can get off firing me, Julian?

Julian: Oh, that. Well, it's really quite simple. I'm president of Crane Industries, and as such, I can hire or fire whomever I please, whenever I please. And trust me, my little albatross, it pleases me greatly to bid you adieu. 3E710669.JPG

Rebecca: Oh, that would be "adios" in your case.

Theresa: Shut up, Rebecca. And you, Julian -- you listen up. In case you have forgotten, your father, Alistair, is chairman of the board, and he can override any decision that you make. And that's exactly what he's going to do.

[Phone rings]

Woman: Alistair Crane's office.

Theresa: I'd like to speak to Alistair. It's his daughter-in-law calling -- Theresa Crane.

Woman: One moment, please. It's your daughter-in-law.

Alistair: We'll resume our merger talks in a moment. Theresa, my dear, how is Crane industries' newest vice president doing? 3E710695.JPG

Theresa: I knew you didn't know.

Alistair: Know what?

Theresa: Julian just had me fired.

Alistair: Fired?

[Woman gasps]

Alistair: How dare Julian do such a thing!

Theresa: Well, he's standing right here. I'll put you on speakerphone so you can ask him yourself.

Alistair: Well, Julian? Explain yourself. Try to, anyway.

Julian: Well, father, I'm merely following your mandate that all high-level executive positions in the company be filled only by Cranes.

Alistair: In case you've forgotten, Theresa is a Crane -- your wife, to be exact.

Julian: Well, I understand where you're coming from, father -- 3E7106BB.JPG

Alistair: Then apologize to Theresa for your pathetic little power play, and make her feel welcome as a Crane vice president.

Julian: Well, I'm afraid I can't do that, father, unless you relax your rule about Cranes only having the top spots in the company.

Alistair: Is your brandy-soaked brain not hearing me, Julian? Theresa is a Crane.

Julian: Actually, she isn't, father. As it turns out, Theresa isn't a Crane at all.

Alistair: Theresa's not your wife? What the hell are you talking about? 3E710772.JPG

Theresa: Yes, Julian. Are you as drunk now as you were when you married me? Because I am your wife whether you and your mistress like it or not.

Julian: On the contrary, as it turns out, we aren't legally married. We never have been.

Theresa: Yes, we are, Julian. I've got the marriage license to prove it, and not only that, but a court ruling declaring me the one and only legitimate Mrs. Julian Crane.

Julian: Well, there's a ruling that will have to be overturned.

Theresa: Oh, dream on, Julian. I have paid dearly for the dubious privilege of being your wife. Instead of getting you to adopt Ethan and give him his life back, you got me drunk, you got me pregnant, and you ruined my chance at getting him back. Your lechery cost me the love of my life. I lost Ethan all because of you. 3E7107A7.JPG

Rebecca: You lost Ethan because you lied to him over and over a and over again.

Theresa: You know, don't try to take the high road, Rebecca, because this little scam that Julian's trying to pull has your hoof prints all over it! You have been trying to get rid of me so that you can marry your meal ticket. But you know what? It is not going to work. I am the only legitimate Mrs. Julian Crane.

Julian: No, you're not.

Alistair: Julian, do you have proof to back up your claim?

Julian: Well, not yet, father --

Theresa: Ah! I knew it.

Julian: But I will soon.

Gwen: Mother, I want Theresa out of here. Please tell me that you are going to get the proof you need to make that happen. 3E7107CD.JPG

Rebecca: Don't worry, Gwen. Tacosita is as good as gone.

Alistair: Julian, you'd better be able to prove your allegation because if you don't, you'll be the one who gets fired and kicked out on his backside.


T.C.: What do you mean, she's not going anywhere?

Eve: Just what I said. Whitney is my daughter and I love her dearly.

T.C.: So? What's the problem?

Eve: Look at her, T.C. Just look at her. Really look at her. She's not in any shape to go anywhere. She's a physical and emotional wreck from last night.

T.C.: Whitney has to play today. Her future in tennis depends on it.

Eve: I don't care. She's not up to playing. 3E7107FC.JPG

T.C.: Honey, is your mom right? Huh? Are you too tired to play in the most important tennis match of your life? Because if you are, just tell me, ok? But you have to realize if you bail out now, it's going to send your ranking right into the toilet. So, what's it going to be, sweetheart? Are you going to play or are you not going to play?


Beth: Now, listen, if you want to live to see supper, you will shut your mouth or I'll kill you. You understand? Hmm?

Mrs. Wallace: Mm-hmm.

Beth: Mildred, how are you?

Mildred: Fine, thanks. Ready to get to work. 3E710828.JPG

Beth: Um, actually, we -- we need to talk about that.

Mildred: Oh?

Beth: Yeah -- ahem. I'm not doing well financially, and I have to cancel our health insurance. I can't afford to pay you privately, so I have to make other arrangements for my mother.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I hope Beth doesn't mean funeral arrangements.

Mildred: Your mother is a very sick woman.

Beth: I don't have any choice.

Mildred: Beth, living without insurance is a very dangerous proposition, and not just for your mother but for you, too. Did you know that uninsured women are twice as likely to develop breast cancer as insured women? 3E710856.JPG

Beth: No, I didn't.

Mildred: And uninsured Americans die younger than insured Americans.

Mrs. Wallace: I just he uninsured Americans aren't murdered more than insured Americans.

Beth: Um -- I saved up just a little something for you. Here. I don't know how I'm going to pay for those hospital bills.

Mildred: And what about your mother? Who's going to take care of her?

Beth: Well, I'll make sure that she's -- she's taken care of.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, boy. I know I'm as good as dead.


Luis: We have to tell Antonio the truth today.

Sheridan: What if he can't take it? 3E710886.JPG

Luis: What about you? Sheridan, how much more of this can you take? You're having nightmares about killing Antonio every time you go to sleep. You're driving yourself sick with worry over this. Sheridan, it has to stop. We have to come clean with Antonio now.

Antonio: Sheridan, what are you doing out here with Luis?

Antonio: You guys look pretty serious. What's going on?

Luis: Let's go back to your room and we'll tell you.

Sheridan: Luis, please don't.

Antonio: Why are you upset, Luis? Did someone threaten Sheridan again?

Luis: Look, I don't want to get into it out here. What we need to say needs to be said in private. 3E710974.JPG


Mildred: I hope you're not planning on taking care of your mother yourself.

Beth: Well, I have considered taking care of mother several times in the past but decided against it for now. The truth is I'm just going to have to find her a companion.

Mildred: You've got yourself another nurse, after all that twaddle you gave me about dropping your coverage.

Beth: Don't take it personally, ok? The truth is mother is still angry that you didn't believe her when she accused me of trying to kill her, so I just -- I think it's best if we start fresh. You understand.

Mildred: Oh I understand. I understand that I've been lied to. I just hope my replacement is qualified to take care of someone like your mother. 3E71099F.JPG

Beth: You know what? She's perfect for someone like my mother.

Mildred: All right, fine. I'll be going, then.

Mrs. Wallace: No! Don't leave me alone here with my demented daughter!

[Mrs. Wallace groans]

Beth: Mother --

Mrs. Wallace: What?

Beth: You don't have to worry. You're never going to be alone ever again.

Mrs. Wallace: Says you. Bethie, who is going to take care of me when you end up in jail or the loony bin for trying to kill Sheridan and Luis?

Beth: That's not going to happen.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, you should be locked up for leaving me here bound and gagged while you plot murder! 3E7109C7.JPG

Beth: Listen, this was the last time because once your new companion gets here, she's going keep you in line.

Mrs. Wallace: Who is she? Some ex woman's prison guard?

Beth: You'll see. Just be on your best behavior cause this new companion is not going to stand for any monkey business.

Mrs. Wallace: Ugh!

Beth: Stop it.

[Mrs. Wallace razzes Beth]


Alistair: Claiming Theresa isn't your wife and proving it are two different things, Julian. Just when do you plan to substantiate your allegations?

Julian: I'll have the proof today, father.

Alistair: When, damn it?

Julian: Well, I don't know exactly, but -- 3E7109E9.JPG

Alistair: Your so-called proof had better be irrefutable, Julian, or you'll be out on the street. And you know where that leaves you, Rebecca -- fighting the pigeons for crumbs in lighthouse park.

Julian: I assure you my proof is ironclad, father.

Alistair: We'll see, Julian. We'll see. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a merger to complete.

Theresa: You are the lowest of the low -- lying this way, trying to make it seem like our son is illegitimate. You know, how dare you malign an innocent baby.

Julian: Unfortunately, Little Ethan, like his namesake, is a bastard.

Theresa: Well, I don't believe you, Julian. I think you're lying about this like you do everything else. I have a wedding ring, a marriage license, and a court ruling declaring me your wife. 3E710A23.JPG

Julian: Tomorrow's mementos, my dear.

Theresa: You've already cost me Ethan. I'm not going to let you take anything more away from me. And when your proof fails to pass muster, not only will you be out on the street, so will your redheaded whore.

Gwen: That is my mother you are talking about.

Theresa: Oh, you can't help it, Gwen, anymore than Fox can help the fact that Julian is his father.

Julian: I paid a million dollars for this. What's the holdup? He should've been here by now.

Rebecca: I know, Pookie. He has to be here soon. He has to be.

Ethan: I think Julian is being a real jerk. After all he put you through, I hope he can't take it all away from you. 3E710A58.JPG

Gwen: Excuse us for just a moment. Why? Why do you still care so much what happens to Theresa?


T.C.: So, honey, are you ready to play tennis or not?

Whitney: I know this is a very important match --

T.C.: Good girl, baby. Good girl. Ok, come on. Let's go.

Eve: Whitney? Are you sure about this? I don't want you to feel pressured into playing. If you don't feel up to it, honey, there is no shame in saying so.

T.C.: Damn it, Eve, why don't you just stop it, ok? Why are you trying to destroy our dreams, huh? You just heard Whitney say that she's ready, she's ready to play. Her mind is back on track. She's forgotten all about Chad. Chad is out of her life for good. 3E710A95.JPG

Whitney: No, he's not. Daddy, I love Chad. I can't forget about him.

T.C.: Sweetheart, we have already been through this, ok? You can't have it both ways. I told you that Chad is nothing but a user and a punk. All right? So just forget about him and just come with me. We have a match to win. Come on, let's go.

Eve: You cannot be serious. Are you going to stand here and tell me you can't see how upset this child is?

T.C.: Well, she's going to be more upset if she misses this match today and is kicked out of the circuit, which is exactly what's going to happen if you're a no-show. Now, come on, Whitney. Get your coat and let's go! 3E710B73.JPG

Eve: No, T.C.! She is not going to play tennis because I forbid it!


Ethan: Gwen, you've got it all wrong, ok? I don't care so much for Theresa.

Gwen: Of course you do. If you didn't, you wouldn't have come here to warn her she was in danger of being kicked out of her job and home.

Ethan: Look, maybe -- maybe I'm sensitive because it happened to me.

Gwen: Ok. Ok, but it's not like Theresa's going to be kicked out into the cold the way you were. She can always go live at her mother's house and do any menial job she needs to.

Ethan: That is not nice.

Gwen: What about Theresa, huh, Ethan? Was it nice calling my mother a whore or threatening to throw Julian out of his own home? No. I think it's time Theresa got a taste of her own medicine, and whether or not she's Julian's wife, she has no business with such an important position at Crane Industries. She doesn't deserve to be vice president any more than she's entitled to give away money that isn't even hers. I applaud Julian for trying to put a stop to Theresa's reign of terror. I would think that you would, too. But no, no. You feel sorry for her. And frankly, Ethan, I fail to understand why. 3E710BD4.JPG

Fox: Hey. You ok?

Theresa: Yes. I'm fine. You know Julian's little power play? It's about to blow up in his face. I am married to Julian, Fox, and like I said, I've got the papers to prove it. You know, he's crazy to say that I'm not legally his wife, or he's desperate or both. You'll see. I am secure in my position as Mrs. Julian Crane.

Julian: Theresa's so smug. Could she possibly know something we don't? Little vixen always manages to end up on top. We thought she was executed, and she rises from her coffin to own this house. I shudder to think what she'll do if the information we're waiting for fails us. 3E710C07.JPG

Rebecca: Maybe you're right, Pookie. Maybe we've gone too far this time.


Beth: You should be thanking me, mother. Instead of killing you, I'm making sure that you get the care that you deserve even if I go to jail or the loony bin. Your new companion is perfect for you because, you know what, you can complain all you want and she will never talk back to you. And the best part is she will never repeat any one of your crazy little stories that you tell about me to anyone.

Mrs. Wallace: What did you do, hire a mute to look after me?

Beth: Oh, come on, don't be silly. 3E710C30.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Or some foreigner who can't even speak the English language?

[Knock on door]

Beth: Oh, that must be her now. Now, you stay. Wait here. I'm going to bring her in to meet you.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Well, I guess it could be worse.

Beth: Oh, hello. Come in.

Mrs. Wallace: She didn't kill me.

Beth: I'm so happy that you've come. I'll bring her in to meet you. She's right in the bedroom. Mother?

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah?

Beth: Meet nurse precious.


Antonio: Ok, we're in private. Why do you both look so serious? Is there something I should know about? It's bad news, isn't it? 3E710C64.JPG

Sheridan: Yes.

Luis: We hate having to tell you this, but you need to know.

Antonio: I need to know what?

Luis: Antonio, we should've told you a long time, but you were sick and --

Antonio: Damn it, Luis, just spit it out and tell me what you want to tell me.

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T.C.: I think I know what's better for Whitney than you do. You know, with your professional career and all, I've spent more time with her over the years than you have!

Rebecca: We paid for the dirt on Theresa, so by this time tomorrow, she is going to be long gone.

Theresa: Just say the word, and I will throw it all away just like that.

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