Passions Transcript Monday 3/10/03

Passions Transcript Monday 3/10/03

by Eric
Proofread by Nadine

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T.C.: Simone, what the hell is going on? Have you gone crazy, girl? Let it 3E6D0AF4.JPGgo.

Simone: Leave me alone!

Eve: Oh, sweetheart, why are you doing this?

Whitney: Oh, my God!

Simone: You slut! You bitch! You whore!

Liz: What?

T.C.: Why would you say that to your sister?

Simone: You want to know what my own sister did to me, daddy? She stole my boyfriend away from me!

T.C.: No, sweetheart, your sister loves you!

Simone: What do you mean, "no"? I just saw them!

T.C.: Sweetheart, you're mistaken!

Simone: There is no mistake, daddy! I just walked in on them having sex in his studio!


Theresa: Who's mama's hungry boy, hmm? Don't you worry, Little Ethan. Mommy's going to get you a bottle in just a minute. Fox. 3E6D0B28.JPG

Fox: Yeah, you know, Little Ethan only hungry boy in the family.

Theresa: What are you doing?

Fox: I'm cutting up my famous

Theresa: No, I meant what are you doing up so late?

Fox: Oh. Well, I couldn't sleep.

Theresa: Neither could I. Yes. Little Ethan's teething. Look at you, so domesticated. I had no idea.

Fox: Yeah, well, I told you I was a man of many talents. So, getting some teeth in, huh, Little E?

Theresa: Yes.

Fox: Huh? All right.

Theresa: I'm going to get his bottle.

Fox: Ok.

Theresa: So, why couldn't you sleep?

Fox: Well, I got things on my mind. 3E6D0B56.JPG

Theresa: Yeah. I know what that's like. You know, I'm still upset about Luis and Sheridan almost being killed. What kind of maniac would try to burn them in their own home? I've just been jumpy all night thinking about the idea that it happened right here on the estate. God knows how many people have it in for the Cranes. Well, I don't blame you for being worried.

Fox: It's not that, Theresa. I'm -- I'm actually worried about you and what the Cranes might do to you.


Rebecca: Are you sure everything is set to get rid of Theresa, my pet?

Julian: Ooh. Is blowing in my ear supposed to spur me on?

Rebecca: Hmm, I love when you're spurred. But the Theresa situation is very urgent. 3E6D0B91.JPG

Julian: Well, no one knows better than I. The information we got from that Tom Joyner fellow is as good as gold. Everything's working perfectly. By tomorrow, the S.O.B. who got me into this mess will be right here to straighten it out. Theresa Crane will be no more. She'll be but "back to the barrio with you" Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald.

Rebecca: Oh, I love the way that sounds, mon amour.

Julian: Oh. I love when you speak French to me.

Rebecca: Hmm. Quelle coincidence. I love French, too.

Julian: Mmm, mmm.

[Julian growls]


Antonio: You and Luis?

Sheridan: Yes.

Antonio: My own brother? 3E6D0BD2.JPG

Luis: We're in love.

Antonio: I don't believe this.

Sheridan: We were a couple. We were together long before I met you.

Antonio: The two people I love most in the world -- my wife and my brother? How could you do this? How could you betray me like this? This is like a dagger in my heart.

Sheridan: Antonio! Oh, my God! Antonio! Antonio! No!

Luis: Sheridan? What is it? You say something? Are you ok?

Sheridan: I killed Antonio.


Beth: This should do the trick. You were saved from the fire. You inhaled all that smoke. You still lived. Let's just see if someone can save you from this, Sheridan. This time you're going to die. Bye-bye, sweet Sheridan. 3E6D0C2F.JPG


T.C.: Whitney and Chad? Simone, you're wrong.

Simone: No! Everything I said, every word is the truth! I saw them with my own eyes! They were in the studio having sex!

Eve: Whitney, is -- is this true?

T.C.: Of course it's not true. How could you even ask? Whitney's a good girl. She would never do that. 3E6D0D21.JPG

Simone: You think your daughter is a perfect little angel, don't you, daddy? Well, she's not! She's just the opposite! She's a slut and a whore! She lied to you and deceived you, the same way she deceived me!

Eve: Just -- just calm down.

Chad: Whitney didn't lie to you, Simone.

T.C.: You see, Simone? Chad's your boyfriend. He loves you.

Simone: No, he doesn't! I thought he did, but -- he told me that he doesn't love me, that it's Whitney he's always had feelings for.

T.C.: No, Simone.

Simone: They've been sneaking behind my back for ages!

T.C.: Whitney, is this true? Tell Simone that she's wrong. Tell her that you could never do this to your own sister. 3E6D0D57.JPG


Fox: Oh. He eats, he sleeps, he gets cuddled by his loving mama. Little Ethan's living the sweet life.

Theresa: You're a good man, Fox.

Fox: Contrary to public opinion.

Theresa: I'm being serious, ok? There's a side of you that most people don't see because you don't let them.

Fox: You must be speaking of my left profile.

Theresa: Oh, go ahead, joke about it. But I know that you're a caring person. You've been really concerned about me, and I appreciate that. I'm fine. In fact, I'm better than fine. I'm Mrs. Julian Crane, mother to a Crane heir. I'm as safe as anyone can be. 3E6D0D88.JPG

Fox: I hope so.

Theresa: Come on, what can Julian do to get rid of me except divorce me? And he's not about to do that.

Fox: And why not?

Theresa: Because I'd take him to the cleaners, soak him for all he's worth, at least end up with half the Crane holdings.

Fox: I'm not so sure.

Theresa: Well, I am, so there's nothing to worry about.

Fox: I don't know. My father can be pretty devious.

Theresa: I'll let you in on a little secret -- I can be pretty devious myself. And if Julian does try to pull something, I'll just do a little yanking back. Remember, it takes two to tango -- or rumba, or whatever it is. 3E6D0DB6.JPG

Fox: Huh.


Julian: Can-can! Oh, ma cherie. Oh. Oh, the beauty, yes. I see England, I see France, I see someone's underpants. Oh! Oh, the fit -- oh, God. Oh, no. Oh, merci, merci! Oh, peut-etre, tout de suite. Oh!

Rebecca: Hey!

Julian: Oh, brava, brava!

Rebecca: Oh, merci, monsieur. I've been working on my extension.

Julian: Oh. Would you like to work on mine?

Rebecca: Oh, monsieur. Oh, it would be an honneur.

Julian: Oh, yes. Perhaps I shall paint you.

Rebecca: Oh, all over? 3E6D0DEF.JPG

Julian: Oh, well, I meant your portrait, but I like your idea even more. Come closer, ma cherie.

Rebecca: Oh, oh. Is that better?

Julian: Ah. Ooh-la-la. Oh, yes. Ouch!

Rebecca: Oops. Sorry. Wrong artist.

Julian: I'll show you about art.

Rebecca: Oh. Hmm. Oh, now that's what I call a masterpiece.

Julian: Ooh-la-la.

Luis: Sheridan, it's ok. It was a dream.

Sheridan: But it seemed so real. We told Antonio about us. We told him that we were in love and he just fell apart. I mean, he collapsed in my arms. 3E6D0E21.JPG

Luis: Shh. It's ok.

Sheridan: We killed him, Luis.

Luis: I don't want you worrying about it, ok? It didn't happen. Antonio's well now. All the doctors have said so.

Sheridan: I know, but --

Luis: The experimental drug worked. He's strong enough to hear the truth about us. Let's just keep our voices down, all right? I don't want to wake him till the morning.

Sheridan: You should go to sleep. You must be exhausted after all that happened today.

Luis: I want to stay up with you, make sure you're all right.

Sheridan: I am. I'll be fine in a minute. You sleep. 3E6D0E4A.JPG

Luis: All right.


Officer: Excuse me, nurse. Where's the cafeteria?

Nurse: Second floor.

Officer: I'm not supposed to leave my post, but I put I've put in 16 hours straight. I feel like if I don't get some caffeine, I could fall asleep.

Nurse: There's coffee at the end of the hall in the lounge.

Officer: Thanks.

Nurse: Have you just come from 311?

Beth: Uh, 3--

Nurse: I requested a nurse be sent to check on Mr. Gonzalez. He's my patient. I'm worried about him.

Beth: Oh, Gonzalez. Yes. He's fine.

Nurse: Good. Thank you.

Beth: Ok.

Beth: Oh, the guard's gone. I don't have to lure him away. Guess this is my lucky day. It's definitely not Sheridan's. 3E6D0EB4.JPGOh, bitch. Snuggled up to Luis in the same room as her sleeping husband.It's been a long time coming, but that bitch is finally out of my life. Why is the body so still? There should be movement and blood. Where's the blood?

Beth's voice: Damn. Where is she?

Sheridan's voice: I couldn't sleep. I keep thinking about what Luis and I have to do in the morning, how Antonio will react when he finds out we're in love. Please help him to understand. I know it'll be a shock to him. He loves me so much. But Luis and I have been in love for so long and we can't stand to be apart another day. So please give us the strength to carry on, to do what we have to do. 3E6D100A.JPG


T.C.: Whitney? Tell Simone that she's wrong.

Simone: She can't.

T.C.: Let Whitney speak.

Whitney: It -- it didn't happen the way that Simone thinks it happened. We honestly didn't mean to hurt her, I swear to you.

T.C.: What?

Chad: We wanted to be truthful from the start.

T.C.: I don't want to hear a word from you. Only my daughter. Whitney, tell Simone the truth. Have you been sneaking around behind our backs? Are you and Chad --

Whitney: Chad and I weren't sneaking around. We truly love each other. That's why we wanted to protect you from this.

Simone: Sure you were. 3E6D1036.JPG

Whitney: The last thing we ever wanted to do was hurt you. You have to know that.

Simone: You stabbed me in the back! You made a fool of me. You stole away the man I love!

Whitney: No, no, I didn't. I'm sorry if this hurts your feelings, but Chad told me that he never loved you -- not ever -- that he only loved me from the beginning.

Eve: Simone! Simone, no! 3E6D111A.JPG

Simone: She deserves worse!

T.C.: Get your hands off my daughter!

Whitney: Stop it! Daddy, can you just try to understand?

T.C.: Oh, I understand. I completely understand what's going on here. I have devoted my entire life for your tennis career, working two jobs to pay for private lessons and travel expenses, taking time off from work so you can be where you're supposed to be to be ready and to be on time!

Whitney: Daddy, please.

T.C.: But this is how you repay me? By being out all night, having sex with Chad? Whitney, how could you do this? How could you do this?


Fox: For the mistress of the manor, fruit salad a la Fox. Voila. 3E6D1147.JPG

Theresa: Crème de menthe. Yep. It's perfect.

Fox: Well, only the best for my glorious step mama.

Theresa: Get out of here. I'm touched that you're doing this for me. Oh, thank you.

Fox: Well -- I don't know, I think at least one Crane should be nice to you, I mean, considering everything that's going on, right?

Theresa: You know, I think you're the only Crane who can actually feed himself. I don't think that the others have seen the inside of a kitchen.

Fox: Well, I got booted out of camp one summer, you know, so I hung around watching Pilar. You should actually taste my scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Unbelievable. 3E6D1179.JPG

Theresa: But I bet my mother didn't give you her recipe for huevos rancheros.

Fox: Uh-uh. Nope. I guess some things will always just remain a Lopez Fitzgerald family secret.

Theresa: You'd better be careful there, Fox. You're going to ruin that bad-boy image.


[Rebecca giggles]

Julian: You shall not escape me, ma cherie. Oh, amour. Cherie. Oh, my -- qu'est ce que c'est?

Fox: Oh, for god's sake, father.

Julian: What are you staring at?

Theresa: Oh, what do you think? God. Good lord. I mean, it's bad enough that my own husband is having an affair under my nose, but could you guys just keep it in your own room, away from our baby son? 3E6D11AC.JPG

Julian: Faites attention, Theresa. This is ma maison. I will come and go as I please, comprenez-vous?

Theresa: It's my house, too, Julian.  What's so funny, Rebecca?

Rebecca: Oh, nothing.

Theresa: Oh, may we ask what the champagne is for and the hideous getups? You celebrating something?

Julian: Oui, oui, oui. Your going-away party!


Beth: Oh, where are you, Sheridan? You've got to be someplace. Oh, where in the hell can she be? She couldn't have gone that far.

Sheridan: I need your guidance, Lord. This is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life. 3E6D11F7.JPG

Beth: I know you're someplace, Sheridan. Come out, come out wherever you are, bitch.

Sheridan: I can't bear the thought of Antonio being hurt, but he will be, and we're just going to have to accept it, deal with it.

Beth: Gotcha.

Beth's voice: You'd better pray the man upstairs likes you, Sheridan, because you're going to be seeing him real soon.

Nurse: How's that coffee?

Officer: Hot. That's about the best I can say for it. But at least it kick-started my brain, so I should be good for another shift.

Nurse: It's time for Ms. Crane's medication. Here we are. Sheridan? Hello? Are you in the bathroom?

Nurse: Luis. Luis, wake up.

Luis: Hmm?

Nurse: Luis.

Luis: Sheridan? You having another nightmare?

Nurse: No, no, no. It's me, Susan the nurse. Look, I have to give Sheridan her shot, but she's not here.

Luis: What? 3E6D12FD.JPG

Susan: Do you know where she went?

Luis: She was just here. She had a nightmare and it kept her up.

Susan: Where'd she go?

Luis: Thought she was going back to sleep.

Susan: I checked the bathroom. She's not in there.

Luis: Someone tried to kill Sheridan earlier tonight. We've got to find her.

Susan: What?

Luis: Yeah. Where could she have gone?

Sheridan: Just a nurse. The fire at the cottage has made me so jumpy.

Ethan: I want to know who poured gasoline on Sheridan's cottage.

Luis: What are you talking about?

Chad: We found an empty gas can over there. 3E6D1335.JPG

Gwen: We don't know for sure if someone knocked it over. I mean, maybe it got knocked over by accident.

Luis: Well, I don't see how, considering me and Sheridan were the only ones here. Someone tried to kill us.

Sheridan: I have got to calm down.


Theresa: How about you cut the snide looks and tell me what you're talking about?

Julian: Sorry, what?

Theresa: You just said something about my going-away party.

Julian: The information we got from that Tom Joyner fellow is as good as gold. Everything's working perfectly. By tomorrow, the S.O.B. who got me into this mess will be right here to straighten it out. Theresa Crane will be no more. She'll be put "back to the barrio with you" Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald. Did I? 3E6D136C.JPG

Theresa: I'm not going anywhere, Julian.

Julian: Ahem. That's what you think, dear.

Fox: I told you they were up to something.

Theresa: You may be in the mood to play games, but I'm not. So, tell me what you meant.

Julian: I don't owe you an explanation about anything. I will, however, offer you this one soupcon -- I highly recommend that you get a good night's sleep tonight. It may very well be your last in the luxurious comfort of the Crane mansion.

Theresa: Boy, Julian, you have snapped. This is every bit my house as much as it is yours.

Rebecca: Ha! Not for long. 3E6D139B.JPG

Theresa: Well, I was wondering when you were going to chime in on this, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Ding dong

Theresa: Go to hell.

Julian: Would you stop badgering my guest?

Theresa: Oh, sure. After tomorrow, I won't have to because she'll no longer be your guest because I'll have her tossed out of the mansion just like I did Ivy, and you won't be that far behind.

Julian: Really?

Theresa: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I'm sick and tired of you performing your ridiculous shenanigans around my very impressionable child. And don't go running to daddy because I am sure he will support me in order to avoid any more bad publicity.

Rebecca: My goodness, the girl really does have chutzpah, doesn't she? 3E6D13C3.JPG

Julian: Well, she's going to need it where she's going, which is out into the street. Oh, come, ma cherie. We have much art to create before ce soir is fini.

Rebecca: Oh.

[Rebecca giggles]

Fox: I don't know, Theresa. I'm really starting to get worried. I mean, they look pretty confident.

Theresa: No. They are trying to mess with my head. You know, they've been hinting at something for months, but nothing has happened. They keep running this bluff that they have something on me, but they can't because there is nothing to be had. I have not done anything wrong. So relax.


T.C.: Whitney, your mother and I asked you several times if you had any feelings for Chad. 3E6D13FC.JPG

Whitney: Daddy, please.

T.C.: We gave you every opportunity to tell us the truth, and you lied right to our faces.

Simone: I told you your precious Whitney was a liar.

Whitney: The only reason I didn't tell you the truth was to try to protect you.

T.C.: What?

Simone: "Protect."

T.C.: Whitney, how could you say something like that?

Simone: She'll say anything.

Whitney: Simone was so head-over-heels in love with Chad that I didn't want to hurt her by letting her know that Chad didn't love her back and that he really loved me. And I didn't want to tell you the truth, daddy, because I didn't want to let you down. I know how important my tennis career is to you, all the dreams you have for my professional career. 3E6D1420.JPG

Eve's voice: It's all starting to make sense.

T.C.: All of those dreams are shot because you have a boyfriend. You can't balance both.

Whitney: Yes, I can. I can, daddy.

T.C.: No, you cannot! It wasn't just my dream, Whitney. It was my father's dream, too. Everything that he worked for, everything that I worked for is all dead because you could not control your lust! Everything is gone, all of our aspirations. Everything is gone, all because of this punk right here!

Whitney: Daddy, no! No! Stop!

T.C.: I'll kill you!

Eve: T.C., no!

Whitney: Daddy, don't!

Eve: Let him go, T.C.!

Whitney: You'll kill him!

Eve: Stop it!

Chad: The hell he will! I ain't going to fight back now, but don't push me, Coach Russell, because next time I'm not going to be so patient.

T.C.: You stay away from my daughter.

Whitney: No, no, daddy, he can't. I love him.

T.C.: You love him? You love this punk? You love him more than you love your own family? More than everything that we've worked for? 3E6D1514.JPG

Whitney: No. No, daddy, I love Chad and I love you. I love my family and I love my tennis.

T.C.: Whitney, you can't have it both ways. You have to give 110% if you want to be a professional tennis player. What do you want, to settle for being mediocre?

Eve: I want to hear what Whitney has to say.

T.C.: Let me handle this, please!

Whitney: I do love tennis, but I love Chad, too. I don't see why I can't have it all.

T.C.: Whitney, you cannot play at top form, have a professional tennis career, and have whatever you have with him. It just won't work! 3E6D1533.JPG

Whitney: You're wrong, daddy. You're wrong. That's what I've been trying to prove to you for the past few months -- that I can have a life outside of tennis and still be a winner on the court.

Simone: Yeah, well, you did a great job proving it, staying out all night with Chad the night before and then losing the biggest match of your life the next day. You were made to look like a fool by an unseeded player.

T.C.: Whitney, is this true? Were you out all night with Chad?

Whitney: I didn't stay out all night. But I was out late. I thought I got enough sleep. I really did. I don't know why I was lead-footed that day, but --

T.C.: Oh, I know why -- because you were out with him all night. That's why you couldn't play a lick. Whitney, this just proves everything that I've been talking about. Tennis is a full-time professional sport. You don't have any time for any distractions, none whatsoever! So, do you want to continue playing tennis? 3E6D1572.JPG

Whitney: Of course I do. I've dreamt of Wimbledon my whole life and the U.S. Open, Arthur Ashe Stadium.

T.C.: Fine. Then you have to agree to never, ever see Chad again.


Luis: She can't have gone far. Otherwise, she would've left a note.

Susan: It's getting really late. Sheridan needs her shot.

Antonio: What's going on? Is something wrong?

Susan: Do you have any idea where Sheridan went?

Antonio: No, I --

Susan: She was lying in bed right next to you.

Antonio: Yeah, I remember. I mean, I woke up, I was still kind of groggy, but I looked over and she was in her bed, or maybe I was dreaming or something. I went back to sleep. 3E6D15A9.JPG

Susan: She really needs to take her meds.

Antonio: Luis, what are you doing here?

Luis: After everything that's happened tonight, I'm not letting either of you out of my sight.

Antonio: Thanks. It's nice to know you're looking after us.

Luis: Just wish I knew where she went.

Antonio: Well, I tell you what, let's me and you go look for her because there's all kinds of nut cases out there, you know?

Susan: You don't actually think they'd come here to the hospital, do you?

Luis: Just have to assume the worst.

Antonio: Let's go, Luis.

Susan: No, no, no, you're too weak, Antonio. 3E6D15CD.JPG

Antonio: No, I'm going to look for my wife. Let's go, Luis.

Luis: Hey, when Sheridan left, did she say anything to you?

Antonio: Did she tell you where she was going?

Officer: I didn't know she left, Luis. I'm sorry.

Antonio: You didn't know she left?

Officer: I stepped away for a moment to get a cup of coffee.

Luis: Damn it. Look, you never leave your post, not for any reason.

Officer: I know, but I've been on duty for 16 hours. I was having trouble keeping my eyes open.

Antonio: You didn't see Sheridan? 3E6D15EB.JPG

Officer: While I was here, nobody went in or out.

Luis: All right, I'll deal with you later. All right, in the meantime, you and Susan go that way. Antonio and I will go this way, all right?

[Woman weeps]

Beth: Oh, damn it. Where did she go now?


T.C.: I want you out of my house now.

Chad: Whitney --

T.C.: Whitney has nothing to say to you. You heard what she said. She wants to continue playing tennis. So as of right now, you are history.

Whitney: Daddy, can't you at least try to understand?

T.C.: I understand. You want to continue playing tennis. So dating Chad is out. As of right now, Chad is never to see you or Simone ever again.

Whitney: No. No, daddy, I love him. No!

Simone: It is not Chad's fault, daddy! It's Whitney! She's to blame! 3E6D172A.JPG

T.C.: You're not moving, boy. Do I have to move you?

Chad: You don't want to do that, Coach.

T.C.: Oh, I don't?

Liz: What were you saying earlier, Eve, about what a strong, loving, rock-solid family you have?

Eve: Be quiet.

Liz: A family that is falling apart right in front of your eyes. And once T.C. finds out what a slut you are, Chad won't be the only one he kicks to the curb.

Eve: Shut up!


Julian: Just make sure you're here first thing in the morning, and don't be late.

Rebecca: Was that the contact Tom Joyner gave you?

Julian: Ah, yes.

Rebecca: Oh, well, good. Then it won't be long now. 3E6D1759.JPG

Julian: I can't wait. I just want so much to give that jerk a piece of mind, I can almost taste it.

Rebecca: Now, we have to keep our priorities straight, Pookie. At long last, we have what we need to solve all our problems.

Julian: Yes, I agree. By this time tomorrow, Theresa will be a thing of the past -- a distant, yet harping memory.

Rebecca: Yes. Oh, yes. And I so want to be the one to give Theresa the bad news.

Julian: Uh, we'll see.

Rebecca: What do you mean?

Julian: Well, you know I live to make you happy, dear, but this is so delicious, so appropriate, I would love to be the one to pass on the bad tidings, to see the expression on Theresa's cocky little face when she finally realizes the gravy train has been derailed, that it's over, it's just finito benito. Oh! 3E6D178C.JPG

[Rebecca giggles]

Fox: Oh. Well, sounds like a good time is being had by all. You sure you're not worried, Theresa? Look, I don't mean to upset you, all right, but I think if you're not worried now, you'd better start.

Theresa: You may be right, Fox.


Luis: Sheridan!

Antonio: Where is she?

Officer: Ms. Crane?

Susan: Sheridan?

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Beth: Gotcha.

Sheridan: No. No. No! No!

T.C.: The only solution for that is getting this bastard out of our lives!

Ivy: No, I can't let them work things out. I have to put a stop to this.

Sheridan: Oh, please don't hurt me! 3E6D1802.JPG

Beth: It's all over, Sheridan. All over.

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