Passions Transcript Friday 3/7/03

Passions Transcript Friday 3/7/03

by Eric

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Tabitha: Ouch. Ooh! That slap Simone gave Whitney must have smarted a bit.

Chad: Simone, come on. Don't do this.

Simone: She betrayed me!

Whitney: I'm sorry.

Simone: I hate you!

Tabitha: What fun this is, watching two girls at each other over a boy. Hey, I told you to get of here. I don't want anyone to know that I'm pregnant. Oh. I still can't believe I got knocked up by Julian Crane, of all people. Oh, well. I'll think about that tomorrow. My, my, Simone, you do have a temper. 3E6916AB.JPG

Kay: Are you still watching Simone and Whitney?

Tabitha: Yes, I am, as a matter of fact. It's quite a good show, I must say.

Kay: You know, my best friend is in total pain because she walked in on her sister sleeping with the man that she loves, and you're actually enjoying this?

Tabitha: And your point is?

Kay: My point is, Tabitha, that if this is what the powers of witchcraft is all about, I don't want them. I don't want to walk around destroying lives and causing pain.

Tabitha: You'll change your mind soon enough, dear. If you don't, you'll never get Miguel. And you'll experience the same sort of pain that Simone is going through. I know you don't want that, do you? Hmm? 3E6916D5.JPG

[Tabitha chuckles]


Tom: Liz, don't let hatred rule your life. Shake the hate. Hate is all-consuming. You could do more harm to yourself than you could e ever do to the person that you hate.

Liz: Oh, Tom, it is too late for me to stop hating. I'm never going to forgive my sister for leaving me alone in that house with my father.

Tom: But if she'd known what was going on, maybe she would have tried to do something about it.

Liz: Well, she would have known if she hadn't abandoned me. But she was too preoccupied with herself and her drugged-out lifestyle.

Tom: I know you feel betrayed.

Liz: In a way that no man could ever understand. When a woman's own sister betrays her -- Tom, that's -- that's a hurt that's so deep. Like I said, no man could understand that. That is a pain that no young woman should endure. 3E69171A.JPG


Simone: How could you do this? How could you take away the man that I love?

Whitney: I never, ever meant to hurt you, honey, I swear to you.

Chad: Simone, if you'd just let us explain --

Simone: Explain what? I know what's going on. My sister broke my heart.

Whitney: Don't say that.

Simone: Why? Does the truth hurt? Why didn't you tell me that you were in love with Chad?

Whitney: I should have told you the truth. I should have. I was just trying to protect you --

Simone: Shut up! You didn't care what happened to me! If you did, you wouldn't be sleeping with my boyfriend. I bet you were laughing behind my back, too, weren't you? 3E691749.JPG

Whitney: No, no, I never did that.

Chad: Simone, if you would just calm down --

Simone: I won't calm down! I won't. You have destroyed my life. You and Whitney have ruined my life forever!

Whitney: She hates me. And when my father finds out about this, he's going to hate me, too.

Chad: No. Now, look, we're going to make him understand.

Whitney: No, we can't. My father thinks my life should be about tennis and nothing else. When he finds out about this, he's going to hate me as much as she does.


T.C.: Sweetheart, I was beginning to believe that we weren't going to have any more nights like this ever again. 3E691782.JPG

Eve: Mmm. I love you, T.C.

[Phone rings]

T.C.: Tell me I am not hearing that.

Eve: T.C., It cannot be the hospital because I told them if they absolutely had to call me to use my cell phone or my pager.

T.C.: Well, don't answer.

Eve: What if it's about the girls?

T.C.: I'll get it. Hello? Yeah, this is he. It's about Whitney.


[Mrs. Wallace grunts]

Mrs. Wallace: Ah, finally. I got to get to the phone. I got to get to that phone. Oh, help me, sweet angels, here. You've got to help me. I have got to warn somebody that my wicked daughter Bethie has gone cuckamoo, insane. She's going to kill Sheridan. 3E6917DC.JPG

Beth: Mm-hmm. This should do the trick. You were saved from the fire. You inhaled all that smoke. You still lived. Lets just see if someone can save you from this, Sheridan. This time, you're going to die.



Simone: How could you do this? How could you betray me like this?

Whitney: My own sister hates me. And when my father finds out about this, he's going to hate me, too.

Chad: No.

Kay: Poor Simone. You know, it took her so long to even realize something was going on with Whitney and Chad.

Tabitha: Yes. Some girls just don't want to face the truth when it comes to losing the boy they crave.

Kay: If you're suggesting my situation with Miguel, forget about it. I'm not going to lose him.

Tabitha: We'll see about that, won't we? It all depends on whether you want Miguel badly enough to join the dark side. 3E6918F3.JPG

Kay: What's going on?

Tabitha: Is this thing on the fritz again? Come on, come on.

Kay: What's causing that?

Tabitha: I have no idea.

Kay: Wait -- I see something. Something's swimming down there.

Tabitha: Something swimming? Like what?

Kay: Well, I don't know. Oh, my gosh, it's coming out!

Tabitha: Oh! What the dickens --

Kay: Hey.

Tabitha: Oh, no. You're the new baby. Oh, my devil. I'm not having twins, am I?

Kay: Twins? Tabitha, are you pregnant?


Tom: Well, I guess there's nothing I can do to stop you from going through with this plan to get revenge on your sister. 3E69192E.JPG

Liz: No, Tom, you can't.

Tom: Well, remember what I said. If anything goes wrong -- anything -- I'm here for you.

Liz: Thanks, Tom. But nothing is going to go wrong. In fact, I just got a great idea.

Tom: What great idea?

Liz: It's going to be a way to get T.C. to spend more time with me. I'm going to ask him to coach me in tennis.

Tom: You think that'll make him fall in love with you?

Liz: Sure. Come on, I'm going to be his best student. Before you know it, I'll be his wife.

Tom: Liz, you're talking about a plan to take a man away from his wife, a man that you don't even love. 3E69195F.JPG

Liz: T.C. is a wonderful man, and we'll have a wonderful life together.

Tom: But you don't love him.

Liz: But I could. Tom, the important thing is that Eve is going to be the loser. Look, I got time on my side. She's always at the hospital. It'll work. Tom, I've got to go.

Tom: Don't forget me, ok?

Liz: How could I ever forget you?

Tom: I hope this thing doesn't blow up in her face.


Chad: Hey, look, I know this is a horrible situation, but we can work this out.

Simone: Why did you do this, Chad? Why did you leave me for her?

Chad: Simone, look, I'm sorry, but I didn't leave you. We never had a relationship. You created it all in your mind. There's nothing between us. 3E6919A2.JPG

Simone: No. That's a lie.

Chad: No, it's the truth. You wanted to think of me as your boyfriend, and I let you keep on thinking it. I'm sorry.

Simone: No. No, you loved me. I know you did. I could see it in your eyes. And she could see it, too. And she couldn't stand it. She couldn't stand it that I finally had something of my own, so she set out to take you away from me.

Whitney: No. No, that's not the way it happened.

Simone: You were always daddy's favorite. You were always in the spotlight. And you couldn't stand it that I finally had something that made me feel special. 3E6919CC.JPG

Whitney: Simone, please.

Simone: But you know what? You just wait until daddy finds out. Yeah. He is going to be furious when he finds out that you put your tennis career in jeopardy because of a boy.


[Mrs. Wallace groans]

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, thank you, blessed angels. I have got to get help. 9-1-1. 9-1-1. I've got to warn them! I can't let Beth kill Sheridan! Help! Help!


Nurse: What are you doing? No one is supposed to go in there. Oh, my God. You have a nasty burn there. You'd better have someone take a look at it. 3E691AF3.JPG

Beth: Oh, yeah, I was trying to find someone to help me.

Nurse: You wait here. I'll call the doctor.

Beth: All right. Thank you.

Officer: Excuse me. Is that Sheridan Crane's room?

Nurse: Yes, right there.

Officer: Luis Lopez Fitzgerald called. He wants a guard on her all night.

Nurse: Good idea.

Officer: Yeah, Luis thinks that somebody deliberately set the fire at her house, and he's afraid whoever it was might try a second murder attempt.

Nurse: Isn't it terrible? Who would do such a thing? I can't believe it. I'll go get the doctor now. Now, where did the woman go?

Beth: Damn. Now I got to figure out another way to get in there and kill Sheridan. Yes. Perfect. 3E691B3B.JPG


T.C.: Damn it!

Eve: Honey -- honey, what's wrong? You're scaring me.

T.C.: That was Ed Granger. He's the seating director for the next tournament. He called to give me heads-up to let me know that Whitney's going to be seated low in the next tournament.

Eve: Oh. Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I know that must be very disappointing.

T.C.: It's all because she lost on thanksgiving. Remember? When she was out too late and she couldn't get ready for the next round?

Eve: Yeah, I remember. She was devastated.

T.C.: Well, she's going to pay for it now. I knew that match would cost us! 3E691B5C.JPG

Eve: Honey, don't jump all over Whitney about this, ok? Because, you know, she didn't lose on purpose.

T.C.: Yes, she did. If Whitney wants to be a champion, she has to focus. She can't let anything take her focus away.

Eve: Yeah, but she's just a young girl.

T.C.: Sweetheart, Whitney has to work hard. She has to be relentless. She cannot let up.

Eve: Yeah, but, honey, what if she wants to do other things?

T.C.: Other things? Like what? I mean, tennis is the only thing for Whitney.

Eve: Well, like other things that other healthy, normal young women like to do.

T.C.: You mean relationships? Sweetheart, we've already had this conversation before. 3E691B81.JPG

Eve: But, honey, she's not a little girl anymore. She's a young woman now.

T.C.: The only thing that's important to Whitney is winning, and she knows that.

Eve: Honey, are you sure?

T.C.: Yes. Whitney's only love is tennis. That's her only love. Nothing else.


Simone: We'll just see how special you are when daddy finds out what you've done.

Whitney: Simone, will you please try and calm down so that we can explain to you how all this happened?

Simone: Why couldn't you just let me have Chad? Why couldn't you just leave him alone?

Chad: This is not Whitney's fault.

Simone: It is her fault! She took you away! 3E691BA6.JPG

Whitney: If you were having a real relationship with someone, you have to know that I would be happy for you.

Simone: Chad and I were having a real relationship. I don't care what you brainwashed him into believing. How did you do it, Whitney? Sex? You knew I wasn't having sex with Chad, so you moved in and threw yourself all over him, right?

Whitney: No, no. Sex had nothing to do with it.

Simone: Yeah, right. How did she do it, Chad? Did she climb in your bed real easy, huh? Is that why you want to be with her and not with me -- because she was easy?

Chad: No, no. Whitney and I have been in love for a long time. 3E691BCE.JPG

Simone: You used sex to get him, didn't you? You bitch!

Whitney: No! Get off --

Chad: Stop it. Stop.


Kay: Tabitha, answer me. Are -- are you pregnant?

Tabitha: Mind your own beeswax, Kay. Who are you and who is your mother?

Kay: When I saw one of these babies in the hospital, I turned out to be pregnant. And now you're seeing one of these babies, so -- you are pregnant, aren't you, Tabitha? That's why you're asking if you're going to have twins.

Tabitha: Come on, tell me. Who's your mother?

Kay: If you're pregnant, that means you had to have sex. Unless you cast a spell. Because you can't -- you can't have sex. I mean, not at your age. So you cast a spell, right? 3E691BFF.JPG

Tabitha: You think you're going to stay young and nubile forever, think again, dear.

Kay: Even my parents are too old to be having sex, Tabitha. And you -- you're hundreds of years old, so -- so, if it wasn't witchcraft, then who'd you have sex with?

Julian: Oh, oh -- oh, oh, oh --

[Julian screams]

Singers: Do a little dance make a little love get down tonight get down tonight get down, get down get down, get down get down tonight get down, get down get down, get down

Kay: Come on, Tabby. Tell me who it was. I promise I won't laugh.

Tabitha: You can laugh all you want. I'm not telling you anything. 3E691C45.JPG

Kay: Oh, my God, Tabitha. What is going on?

Tabitha: Hmm?


Simone: You won't --

Whitney: Don't do this.

Chad: Simone, cut it out. Cut it out! Cut it out! Look, we've got to talk about this. Fighting's not going to do any good.

Simone: For who? It'll do me a lot of good, you tramp! You used sex to steal him away from me.

Whitney: No! No, I didn't! I swear to you, I didn't.

Chad: Simone, sex had nothing to do with this.

Simone: I saw you! Kay told me that having sex was the best way to get a man, but I wouldn't believe her. I thought it was horrible for a girl to do something like that. But now I see that it's the smart way. Having sex -- it works. Maybe if I had seduced you, you would be with me instead of her. Is this what you want, Chad? 3E691D60.JPG

Chad: That's not what I want.

Simone: Is this what you want?

Whitney: Don't do this. Don't -- don't do that.

Simone: Why? I'm not pretty enough for you?

Chad: Simone, you're a very pretty girl. This has nothing to do with sex, and it's not Whitney's fault.

Simone: It is her fault. She couldn't leave you alone! She had to have you! Why couldn't you let me have the one thing that made me happy, the one thing that made me feel special? I hate you, Whitney. I will never forgive you for this. Never!


T.C.: Whitney is not like other girls. Tennis is her life. It's been her focus ever since she was old enough to hold a racket. 3E691D96.JPG

Eve: Honey, it's your focus. Yes, Whitney is talented, and, yes, you have coached her so well. But now she's getting to an age where she needs to be dating and meeting young men at school and thinking about her future.

T.C.: She is thinking about her future -- at Wimbledon, at the U.S. Open, at the French Open. That is her dream.

Eve: Is that Whitney's dream, or is that your dream?

T.C.: Eve, we have been through this, ok? It was my father's dream. Then it was mine. Now it's Whitney's. She is just carrying on the family tradition.

Eve: I know, honey, but it is a tradition that you put into her head.

T.C.: No, no, no. It's not like that, sweetheart. 3E691DC4.JPG

Eve: Honey, you have been training a champion in Whitney from the moment that you saw that she had any talent. All those trophies in her room - -- those are because of you. I don't ever remember hearing Whitney say that's what she wanted.

T.C.: Whitney wants it as much as I do.

Eve: Now, see, just listen to yourself -- "as much as I do." If this was really about Whitney, shouldn't it be more than you do? Oh, honey, listen. All I'm trying to say is -- is that it's really time that you allow Whitney to make some decisions on her own. You can't push her to follow your dream because, if you do, she's going to resent it. And I don't want you to push her away. 3E691DF8.JPG

T.C.: No, Eve, no. Sweetheart, you're wrong. Tennis is Whitney's life. It's in her heart. It's in her soul. And she will be a champion. She will.

Eve: What are you going to do?

T.C. I need to figure out how to get a better seating for Whitney.

Eve: But, T.C., Honey, what about us? It takes such a long time for us to get this time together for a romantic evening.

T.C.: Honey, I'm sorry, but for a change, tonight I have to work.

Eve: Ok. I'll make some coffee.

T.C.: Thank you, baby.

Eve: Liz, what are you doing up here?

Liz: I came to make a date with your husband. 3E691E4B.JPG


Kay: Tabitha, I'm really freaked out right now, so just -- what's going on?

Tabitha: With what, dear?

Kay: Your head. You're completely bald.

[Tabitha gasps]

Tabitha: Oh, good grief. Oh -- yes. Yes, I am pregnant. And when witches get pregnant, very strange things can happen.

Kay: Oh, like when you were burping butterflies and they were coming out of your ears and you were spinning in midair?

Tabitha: Yes, yes. Only I wasn't burping. I was hiccupping.

Kay: Oh. This is just like an episode of "Bewitched," like when Samantha got pregnant.

Tabitha: Oh, please don't talk to me about that insipid show. 3E691E81.JPG

Kay: What are -- what are you looking for, Tabitha? Your hair?

Tabitha: Shh. No, I'm looking for a specific book of spells that -- for pregnant witches. There are certain spells in it that will help me deal with these tricky times.

Kay: Why don't you just call Dr. Bombay to come right away?

Tabitha: Dr. Bombay -- that quack. He's the last person I want to see right now. Besides, when he was here before, we had a falling out. Just forget about him, Kay, and help me find this book of spells.

Kay: Ok, ok, all right. This is unreal. I'm trying to help a pregnant witch find a book of spells so I can get her hair back. I actually don't think that ever happened on "Bewitched." 3E691EB6.JPG

Tabitha: Kay, dear, will you -- will you turn around, please? Something's --

Kay: What?

Tabitha: Help me. Help me, Kay. Find a spell to put me back together again.

Kay: Uh --


Mrs. Wallace: You have to do something! My daughter's insane! She's going to kill Sheridan Crane and maybe even Luis Lopez Fitzgerald. Oh, please help. Send help. Otherwise she's going to kill us all. She's going to kill us all. Please help. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Bethie -- Bethie, no, no. Oh, no, you killed them, didn't you? You killed them. You killed Luis and Sheridan. Oh, you should be in a straitjacket, locked up in a loony bin. 3E691EED.JPG

Beth: Your call didn't go through, mother.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh!

Beth: Don't you know you can't stop me? Don't you know that by now?

Mrs. Wallace: I knew it. I knew it. I knew you'd kill them. Oh, Bethie, Bethie, I mean, you are insane. I knew you were horrible. I just had no idea that you'd commit murder.

Beth: Oh, cut the crap, mother. They're still alive.

Mrs. Wallace: What? What? You mean you didn't kill them?

Beth: Not yet. Lucky for Sheridan, things didn't go quite as planned.

Mrs. Wallace: Thank you. Thank you saints and all the angels in heaven. Thank you, thank you. What are you doing? 3E691F18.JPG

Beth: Well, Luis and Sheridan -- they didn't die tonight.

Mrs. Wallace: Huh?

Beth: But there is someone very close to me that I can kill.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, no. No, no, no. No, no, no!

[Mrs. Wallace screams]


Eve: What are you talking about, a date with my husband? 3E691FB7.JPG

Liz: Actually, I was going to ask T.C. to teach me tennis. I think I could use a little exercise.

T.C.: Eve, is that Whitney?

Liz: No, T.C. --

Eve: No. No one, T.C. But if Whitney comes in, I will send her to you. You just stay away from my husband. Do you understand me?

Liz: What? Are you worried that I might steal him?

Eve: No. You can't come between me and T.C. My family is rock solid. My relationship with my daughters and my husband is very strong.

Liz: Who are you trying to convince, Eve -- me or you?

Eve: Just listen, little sister -- my daughters love each other. T.C. and I love each other. T.C. and I love our daughters. We're a very close-knit group, and there's no way I'm going to let some outsider come in and ruin our family. 3E691FEE.JPG


Whitney: Please, let me explain to you what really happened.

Simone: Don't touch me! I hate you, Whitney! I'll hate you forever.

Whitney: No --

Chad: Come on --

Whitney: Oh, my God.

Chad: I'm so sorry, baby.

Whitney: You were right. God, you were right. We should have just told her the truth. But for her to find out like this -- this is the worst thing that could ever happen.


Tabitha: Wait. Hey, you, come back here. Tell me who your mother is. Hello? Kay? Will you snap out of it and find that book? It's on the upper shelf.

Kay: Ok, upper shelf. Where's -- oh. Is it the "101 spells for witch mother-to-be"? 3E692029.JPG

Tabitha: That's it. Now try to find a spell to put me back together again.

Kay: I'll try.

Tabitha: Don't take all day. If we don't get me back together soon, we may never get me back together.

Kay: Wait, wait. I think I found one. Ok. "Pieces of witches, pieces of moles, put Tabitha together so she can be whole."

Tabitha: No, that's not it. Find another. Hurry.


Mrs. Wallace: Oh, Bethie, stop. Stop. You can't kill me. I'm your mommy.

Beth: That would be a reason not to kill you?

Mrs. Wallace: Duh. 3E692054.JPG

[Cuckoo clock cuckoos]

Beth: I don't have time for this. I have got to get back to the hospital.

Mrs. Wallace: Why? What are you going to do?

Beth: Are you deaf? You know what I'm going to do. I've told you over and over -- if I can't have Luis, no one will. And I'm going to kill Sheridan, and this time no one's going to stop me.

Mrs. Wallace: No.

Beth: Oh, yes. another person.

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie! You are not going to get away with this. You are going to be locked away in an asylum for the criminally insane! 3E69212D.JPG

Beth: Shut up. I might not have time to kill you, but I can cause some serious injury before I go, mother.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, what are you going to do? Please, just tell me that. How do you plan to kill Sheridan, huh? You said there was a cop outside of her room. How are you planning to get around him, huh?

Beth: Ta-ad.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, no -- oh! No way.

Beth: Oh, yes. I can't believe I forgot about this uniform. Remember when I wore it in the senior play? I played that old nurse, and Luis played the doctor.

Mrs. Wallace: Blah.

Beth: Why couldn't he just have married me? Why did Sheridan have to come back to town and just ruin everything? But it doesn't matter now because Sheridan's going to die. 3E69215A.JPG

[Mrs. Wallace struggles]


Tabitha: Hurry. Hurry, Kay. This is very uncomfortable.

Kay: Yes, Tabitha, I'm sure.

Tabitha: Well, find -- find another spell.

Kay: I'm looking. I think I found it. Ok. "Torn all apart, pieces of eight, put Tabitha together so she can be great."

Tabitha: Nothing. Try to find another one.

Kay: All right.

Tabitha: Ha. Ha, ha.

Kay: I did it.

Tabitha: Oh -- oh, yes, you did. Oh -- oh, thank you, dear. Thank you very much. That was a very good thing you did, dear. 3E692196.JPG

Kay: So I guess this means my powers are developing, right?

Tabitha: Yes, yes, I'd say they were quite a bit. Yes. Now my main concern is that new baby. I must find out who he belongs to.

Kay: I was right about that, too, wasn't I? That baby I saw in the hospital -- that was my baby.

Tabitha: Yes, yes. That baby was yours, dear. And there are three others -- mine, Gwen's, and another whose identity I have to keep a secret. But as for that new baby -- that is a total surprise to me.

Kay: You have no idea who that baby belongs to?

Tabitha: No. And I've got to find out or it could screw up all my plans. Show me the identity of that baby's mother. If she is who I think she is, then all my plans to bring pain and heartache to Harmony could be ruined. 3E6921E2.JPG


Eve: I want you to get out of my house. My husband has much better things to do with his time than giving you tennis lessons.

Liz: Why don't we let T.C. decide if he has much better things to do with his time.

Eve: You are not talking to my husband tonight.

Liz: Who's going to stop me, Eve?

Eve: I will, and I will do whatever it takes.


Simone: You always had everything, didn't you, Whitney? Daddy spent all his time with you. We all sacrificed just so you could have. And mommy would say to me, "I'm sorry, Simone. We'll just have to get you that dress next year." It was always next year for me. And it was always right now for you, wasn't it, Whitney? And that's what happened with Chad, wasn't it, Whitney? You saw him. You went after him. Didn't matter that I was in love with him. No. No, you just had to have him right now, didn't you, Whitney? Didn't you, Whitney? Can't stand you! 3E69222C.JPG


Eve: What was that?

Liz: Sounds like it's coming from Whitney's room.

Eve: Simone -- what are you doing? Stop that!


Kay: Do you see anything?

Tabitha: I think I see someone, but the image is very blurred. I can't tell who it is.

Kay: I wish it would clear up. I am dying to know who the mother of that baby is.

Tabitha: Oh, so am I, dear. Oh --

Kay: Oh!

Tabitha: Oh, oh, oh, damn it. It's gone. Oh, and now with all that splashing, we'll never see the image of the baby's mother. Oh.

Kay: Tabitha -- I think you're wrong I can see the image pretty clearly now. You might want to come take a look at this. 3E692322.JPG

Tabitha: What?

Tabitha: Oh, no, it can't be. Oh, no, it can't be.


Mrs. Wallace: [Muffled] Please --

Beth: Don't worry, mother. I'll be right back just as soon as I finish up what I have to do at the hospital.

Mrs. Wallace: [Muffled] What are you doing to me? No!

Beth: Ok. Oh, I almost forgot. Most nurses don't wear caps anymore. Would have totally given myself away. Now no one will stop me because m one of them. Just a sweet little nurse doing her job, helping the sick. As soon as I get into Sheridan's room and find her sleeping, I'll make sure she never wakes up again. Okey-dokey, mother. I'm off. 3E692368.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: [Muffled] No, don't leave me here.

[Mrs. Wallace groans]


Simone: Oh!

Eve: Simone, I said stop it.

T.C.: What the hell is going on? Simone, have you gone crazy? Stop it.

Eve: Simone, honey --

Simone: No!

Eve: Why are you doing this, sweetheart?

Simone: Leave me alone.

Whitney: Oh, my God.

Simone: You slut! You bitch! You whore!

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