Passions Transcript Monday 2/24/03

Passions Transcript Monday 2/24/03

by Eric
Proofread by Nadine

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Hank: I don't mean to keep bugging you, buddy.

Luis: Yeah, but you will.

Hank: It's too important not to. For you to deny yourself the life you've always wanted -- wife, kids -- because you won't let Sheridan go -- which she asked you to do --

Luis: I love her.

Hank: I know you do. But she's married to Antonio now. He's in a coma he may never come out of. She won't break her marriage vows --

Luis: So I'll be there for her, ok?

Hank: Doing what? Hanging out on the sidelines? Never having a life of your own? 3E5A962C.JPG

Luis: You can say what you want, all right? It's not going to change anything. I just can't make my love for her go away.

Hank: Maybe Beth can help you do that.

Luis: I care about Beth, hank, but like I told you -- I don't want to be just a husband and only half there for her, ok? She deserves better than that. So do I. Hank, I love Sheridan, ok? The only thing that's going to separate us is death.

Hank: Luis, Sheridan told you she's as good as dead to you because you two can't be together.

Luis: But Sheridan's alive and well, ok? I love her with all my heart.


Beth: Is that it? 3E5A9656.JPG

Mildred: And here. I know everything didn't turn out the way you wanted it to today.

Beth: You want to know how you can be totally out of the picture, Sheridan?

Sheridan: Yeah.

Beth: I'll show you.

[Sheridan screams]

Beth's voice: Well, today isn't over yet. Things might get better. Could be I'll have an opportunity to make everything happen that I want to happen.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Sheridan.

Sheridan: Mrs. Wallace, I forgot my keys. You know, I really don't think you should be up moving around like that.

Mrs. Wallace: Sheridan, I am so glad you came back. I was going to try and call you to warn you. 3E5A968A.JPG

Sheridan: Warne e about what?

Mrs. Wallace: My daughter -- she is not the sweet, innocent thing that you think. No, she is evil and she is horrible and she is trying to tear you and Luis apart and she is trying to kill you.

Sheridan: What? Beth is trying to kill me?

Mrs. Wallace: Yes. So run. Run, Sheridan. You get out. Get out while you can.


Sam: Ivy, I want you to tell me the truth, ok? What happened between you and Theresa?

Ivy: The truth?

Sam: Yes. In detail. It's very important. Ok, you and Theresa were at the top of the stairs -- 3E5A96C1.JPG

Ivy: Yeah. Yes.

Sam: I need to know exactly what happened, why your wheelchair fell down the stairs.

Ivy: I'll tell you exactly what happened, Sam.

Sam: Ok.

Ivy: Theresa tried to kill me.

Theresa: Now, that's a lie, ok? I didn't try to kill her. In fact, when I saw that her wheels were so close to the edge, I put on the brake. And if she says that she doesn't remember, it's a lie.

Ivy: All I remember, Theresa, is you telling me how much you hated me and how you were going to get rid of me for good this time, and then you pushed me down the stairs.


Ethan: I knew you hated my mother, Theresa, but to do this --

Theresa: It is not true! Ok, she's lying through her teeth. I didn't push her. I put on the brakes so that she wouldn't roll away from me. I wanted to have it out with her once and for all.

Ivy: Well, you certainly did.

Theresa: I locked the brake, I swear. And don't tell me that you don't remember. Don't worry, Ivy. The last thing I want is for you to take a little tumble. No, we've got some issues to settle, and you are not leaving here until we do.

Ivy: I don't remember that, Theresa. What I do recall is that you and I were the only two people on the top of the stairs. So if you didn't push me off, who did? 3E5A97EB.JPG

Theresa: I don't know.

Ethan: That is it. That is it! I want the truth, Theresa now. How did my mother get hurt?

Theresa: I told you, Ethan. I don't know.

Ethan: You and my mother were the only ones up there. Now, if you didn't push her, then who? What, are you saying my mother did it to herself?

Gwen: Oh, come on, Theresa.

Ethan: Are you?

Theresa: Well, yes. Well, she must have. Ivy did do this herself.

Sam: What?

Theresa: She released the brake and she pushed herself back.


Hank: Hey, aren't I allowed to be worried about my best friend?

Luis: Well, I appreciate it, but it's my call. 3E5A981A.JPG

Hank: Well, I just want to make sure it's a good one and a right one.

Luis: Trust me.

Hank: Sorry. Can't do that. You're too emotional to think logically.

Luis: Love isn't about logic, hank. It's what gives life meaning.

Hank: I know that you love Sheridan, love her beyond all reason. But what about her? She's made it pretty clear she's sticking by Antonio in all this. So what now?

Luis: I don't know.

Hank: Oh, that's right. You're going to quit on life, take a seat on the sidelines.

Luis: Look, hank, call it whatever you want.

Hank: Never have a wife, children, never have a meaningful relationship. No romance -- 3E5A9850.JPG

Luis: Look, I don't know what I'm going to do, but I n not going to marry another woman. That I do know. My life doesn't have meaning without Sheridan in it.


Sheridan: Wait a minute. Beth? Beth is trying to kill me?

Mrs. Wallace: Yes. Yes. It's all true. It is. She's even trying to kill me, her own mother. She's evil. She is wicked. Look, ever since you've come back to town, she has been trying to trick and manipulate you and Luis to keep you apart. She's had her cap set on Luis for years.

Sheridan: The nurse said that you told her that.

Mrs. Wallace: Yes. It's true. All of it is true. It is, I swear to you. And when it looked like Luis was not going to be able to get you out of his heart, that is when Beth decided to kill you. That's what she was trying to do when the nurse came back. Thank god, thank god, thank god the nurse came back. Sheridan -- Sheridan, I wanted to help you, I truly did. See, but Beth threatened me. She said if I breathed a word to you, she was going to kill me, too, and I was scared, honey. I'm sorry. I was scared, and it made my heart stop. But you have got to be scared, too, Sheridan. You have to. So you get away from here. You t ay f from here as fast 3E5A98A2.JPGas you can, and don't you ever come back, honey. Don't you ever come back. Please.

Beth: Sh-- Sheridan. What are you doing back here?

Sheridan: You bitch!

Beth: What is wrong with you?

Sheridan: Your mother told me what you're up to.

Beth: Mother --

Sheridan: Trying to break up Luis and me, planning on killing me --

Beth: What?

Sheridan: And not only that, but you'd kill her, too, your own mother!

Beth: Oh, I don't believe I'm hearing this.

Sheridan: You know what, Beth? I trusted you. I listened to you. I took your advice. I believed you when you said the best thing would be for me to push Luis away so that he could start his own life -- 3E5A999C.JPG

Beth: No, listen --

Sheridan: When all you were doing was setting it up so that you could have him for yourself.

Beth: Mother!

Mrs. Wallace: It's true. Every word of it Sheridan -- Sheridan, you won't leave me alone with her now, will you, please?

Sheridan: Absolutely not, absolutely not. The nurse and I are going to stay with you till the police come.

Beth: The police? No.

Mrs. Wallace: There's the phone.

Beth: Oh, this is all a lie. Nothing mother told you is true. She's delusional.

Sheridan: Well, she seems pretty clearheaded to me.

Beth: No, she -- she had a stroke and oxygen loss to the brain. After the heart attack and the medication, it's making her mentally unstable. 3E5A99BB.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: I am not. My brain is just fine, Bethie. Bethie, it's you. You're the one who is mentally unstable -- big-time! See? See? Look at her. See what I mean? She wants to kill me. Do you see that? Do you see it?


Hank: The only way you'll know is if you give Beth another chance.

Luis: It wouldn't be fair to lead her on.

Hank: So what, you're breaking it off for good?

Luis: Well, I can't be with her if my heart's with someone else. It's just not fair, hank, and I can't do it.

Hank: You're in a tight spot, buddy. 3E5A99EA.JPG

Luis: I know. Boy, I know.

Hank: So what now?

Luis: Well, I'm going to go to the hospital, see Antonio, see if his condition's changed. I know it's a long shot, but it's the only chance of me and Sheridan being together.

Hank: Well, I'll come with you.

Luis: All right.


Ivy: That is a monstrous lie, Theresa. Why would I push myself down the stairs? Are you insane? What are you saying, that I tried to commit suicide?

Theresa: No. I'm just saying that you released the brake and you pushed yourself back.

Ivy: This is ridiculous. You know, you used to be a better liar. 3E5A9A1F.JPG

Theresa: I'm not saying that she tried to kill herself, no. No, she was trying to get your sympathy, you know, play the victim and blame it on me, which is exactly what she's doing.

Ivy: If this weren't so pathetic, it would be laughable.

Grace: Well, I think it makes perfect sense.

Sam: Oh, come on, Grace.

Grace: Oh, come on. Everybody knows that Ivy hates Theresa and wants her out of her life, and she wants her out of Ethan's life, and she also wants to stay here in this s house close to you. So she staged a little accident to kill two birds with one stone.

Ivy: I didn't stage anything.

Sam: Of course you didn't.

Grace: Sam -- 3E5A9A45.JPG

Sam: Look, Ivy's no saint. But she'd never do something so foolish as to risk her own life.

Ivy: I didn't push myself down the stairs.

Theresa: That's exactly what you did.

Ethan: Stop it, Theresa. My mother did not do this on purpose.

Ivy: Of course not.

Ethan: She is not some crazed monster, and there's no way that she staged this fall, so stop saying that she did.


Sheridan: All right, you just stay away from her.

Beth: No, this is ridiculous. I'm not trying to kill my mother or you.

Sheridan: Just keep your distance.

Beth: No, like I said, she's delusional due to her health problems, that powerful medicine she's taking. Please tell her.

Mildred: She's right. Mrs. Wallace has been hallucinating all day, ever since I got here.

Mrs. Wallace: That is not true.

Mildred: I wouldn't put any stock in anything she says. 3E5A9B58.JPG

Sheridan: But you were the one who told me in the first place that Beth was determined to keep me away from Luis.

Mildred: I was just joking, repeating what Mrs. Wallace had said in a moment of delusion.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I am not what you are saying. There is nothing, nothing wrong with my mind.

Beth: No, we just have to humor her and hope that the condition gets better in time.

Mrs. Wallace: No, don't -- don't listen to her, Sheridan. She is lying. She is trying to sucker you into trusting her. What? Just look. Look in her pocket. The syringe she was going to use on you is in her pocket.

Sheridan: Ok, ok, I think that we could figure this all out if you would just show me what's in your pockets. 3E5A9B80.JPG

Beth: Ok. Sure.

Sheridan: Nothing.

Mrs. Wallace: What? What? No. No, it was there. It was there. She must have hid it.

Beth: No, mother.

Mrs. Wallace: No, I swear to you, I saw it. It was there. The syringe -- it was there. I swear it.

Beth: Are you satisfied now, Sheridan?

Sheridan: Yes.

Mrs. Wallace: You -- you are so evil, Beth. You think -- you really think you are going to get away with this, but you won't. Everyone -- everyone is going to know how black your heart really is.

Mildred: Mrs. Wallace, you really shouldn't say such awful things about your daughter. She keeps you here with her. She makes sure you're well taken care of. Most young people in her position would have put you in a nursing home a long time ago. Now, don't forget that. 3E5A9BC7.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, why won't anyone believe me? Why?

Beth: All right. I'm getting your wheelchair.

Mrs. Wallace: I don't want my wheelchair!

Beth: And you are going to take a nap.

Mrs. Wallace: No!

Mildred: Beth is right. You have had far too much excitement for one day.

Beth: Beddy-bye time.

[Mrs. Wallace cries]

Beth: Listen to me. You better say your prayers tonight, because you are a dead woman.


Theresa: I am sorry that you're upset, Ethan.

Ethan: Well, of course I'm upset, Theresa. To accuse my mother --

Theresa: But there's no other explanation, ok? Your mother pushed herself backwards to set me up to take the blame. 3E5A9BFD.JPG

Ethan: That is such garbage, and you know it. And I'm not going to stand here and listen -- I need some air. I'm out of here.

Eve: I think we probably all need to calm down.

T.C.: Yeah, Eve's right. We all need to take a breather.

Eve: It's just been a terrible accident.

Ivy: It was no accident. She did it on purpose.

Grace: So you keep saying.

Ivy: Theresa tried to kill me.

Theresa: Ivy, if I was going to try to kill you, why would I do it in the chief of police's home in front of a slew of witnesses?

Julian: It's not the ideal venue.

Ivy: I'm telling you what happened, Sam. She tried to kill me, and I want you to arrest her. 3E5A9C23.JPG

Grace: Look, Sam, what Theresa is saying makes perfect sense. I mean, why would she do something so horrible in front of so many people? Why not wait until she had her all alone?

Sam: Look, this is a police matter, and it's not up for debate. Theresa, I want to see you in the kitchen.

Theresa: Why? I didn't do anything!

Sam: Now!

Theresa: All right.


Eve: You had better be telling the truth, Ivy, because if I find out that you did this to yourself and you tried to frame Theresa, I am personally going to make you pay.

T.C. Some day, huh? Ivy falling down the stairs, nearly dying, blaming Theresa -- 3E5A9C5E.JPG

Eve: Yeah.

T.C.: But, honey, you were going to tell us about who Liz's sister is. Once that comes out, the man who seduced her better start running, because he's going to be in trouble big-time.


Theresa: Ivy did this herself. You've got to believe me, chief Bennett.

Sam: I'd like to believe you, Theresa, but everybody knows how much you hate her.

Theresa: And she hates me, too.

Sam: And you seriously think that she hates you enough to risk killing herself?

Theresa: Absolutely.

Sam: Well, I don't buy it. Ivy's not that stupid or that vindictive.

Theresa: And I am? God, chief Bennett, you've known me my whole life. My brother is your best officer, not to mention one of your closest friends. I've been a guest in your home countless times. My mother, your wife are very close. Your family is like my family. 3E5A9C98.JPG

Sam: I have to put all that aside, Theresa. Nothing is going to prejudice this investigation.

Theresa: 'So do an investigation, chief Bennett. You have made up your mind.

Sam: All I have is your word against Ivy's. Now, someone pushed her down those stairs. Ivy insists it's you, and she's going to press charges. I have no choice but to arrest you for the attempted murder of Ivy Crane.

Grace: No!


[Mrs. Wallace cries]

Beth: You were great out there. Now nobody will ever believe a word that you say for the rest of your life, which won't be long now. 3E5A9D52.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: I knew you had it. But you won't -- you won't get away with this. Sheridan is going to get wise to you.

Beth: How? You already told her the worst, and the nurse said you were a liar, and Sheridan believed her. No, you lost, you old crone. It's over. Now do yourself a favor and shut your face before I really lose my temper and kill you on the spot.

Sheridan: Wow, Mrs. Wallace seemed so believable.

Mildred: Oh, delusional people often do. Their addled brains convince them that they're telling the truth, but of course they're not.

Beth: Oh. Well, she's a handful, but she's quieter now. 3E5A9D8B.JPG

Mildred: I'll go take care of her for a while.

Beth: Ok. I apologize for my mother. I'm sorry she upset you.

Sheridan: No. No, Beth. I'm the one who should apologize, I mean, for slapping you and for believing those crazy stories.

Beth: Well, let's just both forget it, ok?

Sheridan: But you know what, though? Your mother -- she seemed pretty insistent. I mean, what she was saying did have a certain ring of truth to it. What did you mean when you said you wanted me further out of the picture than I already am? I mean, if you weren't talking about killing me, well, then, what did you mean? 3E5A9DB5.JPG


Luis: Hi.

Nurse: Hi.

Luis: Any change in his condition?

Nurse: No, I'm afraid not.

Luis: I guess it was foolish of me to think he was going to get any better.

Nurse: No, it wasn't foolish at all. It's good to have hope. You never know what's going to happen. And I think that Antonio would like to hear that you haven't given up on him. Tell him that. Talk to him.

Luis: Yeah, I tried that a while back. Talked to him like I never had before. I was more honest with him than I'd ever been. Still no response.

Nurse: You know, we don't know how much a coma patient can hear, but I'd just suggest that you keep on talking to him. Let him hear your voice. I bet it would help. 3E5A9DEA.JPG

Luis: Well, if it'll make a difference, I'll talk to him till my voice gives out.

Luis: Hi, bro. It's me again. Luis. It's time we had another talk.


Grace: Are you actually going to arrest Theresa?

Sam: I have no choice.

Grace: Of course you do.

Theresa: How can you take Ivy's word for anything?

Grace: E would anything, do anything. Sam: Including trying to kill herself?

Theresa: Yeah.

Sam: I don't think so.

Sam: Hey, Marty, it's chief Bennett. Listen, I want you to send a squad car over to my house to pick up a suspect. Don't send Luis. Right. O'Connell's fine. Thanks. 3E5A9E34.JPG

Grace: This is so wrong, Sam.

Fox: Theresa, everything ok?

Theresa: No. Chief Bennett's arresting me for trying to kill your mother.

Fox: Sam, you really are going to arrest her?

Theresa: He won't believe anything I say.

Grace: Sam, you've known Theresa since she was a baby. I mean, the Lopez Fitzgerald's are like family to us. But you're going to believe Ivy Crane over Theresa, Ivy, a woman who lied to you and the world about the paternity of your own son?

Sam: Grace --

Grace: Why, Sam? And I want a straight answer. Why are you taking Ivy's side?


T.C.: Well, things have calmed down here, so, sweetheart, why don't we pick up where we left off at the book cafe? 3E5A9E67.JPG

Eve: Ok.

T.C.: All right. So who is Liz's sister?

David: What?

Ivy: I don't believe it. Eve is actually going to tell T.C. all about her sleazy past with Julian. I never thought she'd do it.

David: Well, you obviously don't know her very well, but I, for one, am not surprised. Eve is a woman of worth, of values.

Ivy: Are you joking? She's a fraud.

David: Well, I am glad, and I knew she would finally do it, and I also knew that you would lose big-time.

Liz: You won't get away with it, Eve. I won't let you.

T.C.: Honey, who is Liz's sister? And who's her husband? 3E5A9E91.JPG

Eve: Ok, honey, I'm going to tell you. You deserve to know the truth.

Liz: Wait. I have something to tell you first. Buc

T.C.: Liz, what is it? I mean, why would you interrupt me just --

Liz: Listen, before you hear who my sister is, there is something I need to tell you first, something I never told anyone else. I tried for years in therapy, but I couldn't get the words out. Listen, I have to tell you now. I have to tell you so you will understand what kind of a person my sister is in her heart and how truly evil she is.

David: Any idea what she's talking about? 3E5A9F85.JPG

Eve: No. I thought she'd already threatened me about everything -- the drugs, the sex, the promiscuity. I have no idea.


Ethan: I can't believe that this is happening. For Theresa to try to kill my mother. I mean, I knew that she was capable of a lot, but murder?

Gwen: Ivy certainly knew what she was capable of.

Ethan: I'm still having trouble believing it.

Gwen: Why? You heard what your mother said. Theresa cold-bloodedly shoved her wheelchair --

Ethan: I know, I know, I know. It's just that Theresa used to be such a, you know, sweet, kind, and innocent girl.

Gwen: Yeah. Well, you know, she deceived everyone. 3E5A9FB4.JPG

Ethan: No, Gwen, she was. Until she got involved with the Cranes, and they just sucked her into their lifestyle. They corrupted her, they poisoned her mind, and it's my fault. It is my fault for letting her get near that family.

Gwen: That is not true. You are not responsible for this in any way.

Ethan: I can't help but feel --

Gwen: Ethan, this is Theresa's doing, all of it. You're not to blame, and neither is your mother.

Ethan: You're right, you're right, I know. I just still feel bad. I can't help it.

Gwen: Oh, you are so happy that Theresa kicked you out of the house.

Ivy: Happy? 3E5A9FDD.JPG

Gwen: Well, now you'll just be forced to stay here at Sam's, right?

Ivy: Honestly, you come up with the wildest --

Gwen: Ivy, don't even bother trying to deny it. God only knows what you'll resort to to stay here at Sam's.

Ivy: Well, you couldn't be more wrong, Gwen, not to mention insulting.

Gwen: Ok. You want to play that game? That's fine. I just really hope that whatever you have planned doesn't backfire on you. Could Theresa really be telling the truth?


Grace: I would really like to know, Sam, why do you choose to believe Ivy over Theresa, a girl that you've known for so long?

Sam: Grace, if you think knowing someone a long time has anything to do with their credibility, then you should be the first one to say that I should believe Ivy. I've known Ivy longer than I've known Theresa. 3E5AA017.JPG

Grace: You know, Sam, I really wasn't going to bother you with this, but I think you need to know. I had a premonition when we first thought that Ivy was dead.

Sam: Premonition?

Grace: I saw Ivy's soul being sucked into the fires of hell. Now, why do you think that was?

Sam: I don't know.

Grace: It's because Ivy brought this on herself. She deliberately hurt herself so she could stay here in the house with you and frame Theresa at the same time.

Sam: Ok, Grace, now you've gone too far, saying Ivy is being damned because of what she did?

Grace: Sam, I know what I saw.

Sam: Grace, you're the first one to admit that not all of your premonitions are accurate. 3E5AA03D.JPG

Grace: Well, this one is. Sam, now I know what's going on. It's so clear to me. I don't know why I didn't see it earlier.

Sam: What? What do you think is going on?


Fox: Theresa, for whatever it's worth, I believe you. I mean, I think that Ivy intentionally tried to hurt herself. I think she's so desperate to get Sam back she'd do just about anything.

Theresa: Well, you know that and I know that, but I don't know what good that'll do me now.


Sheridan: Well, are you going to answer me, Beth?

Beth: For you to seriously think I would try to kill you --

Sheridan: Well, then, what did you mean when you said you wanted me out of the picture? 3E5AA071.JPG

Beth: I -- all I meant was -- you should move.

Sheridan: Move?

Beth: Out of harmony. You're a wealthy woman. You can afford to take Antonio anywhere -- the best sanitariums in Switzerland. That way you wouldn't always be in Luis' face, you know, and be reminding him of what you once had together.

Sheridan: Switzerland?

Beth: Well, wherever. Ok, harmony is not a big town. You and Luis are bound to keep running into each other. You've got all the same friends in common and now families. It's going to be hard on both of you, but it's going to be really hard on Luis because we know how much he still cares about you. Ok, it'll just be easier for everyone if you just get out of harmony and take Antonio with you. 3E5AA0AE.JPG


Hank: I'll be outside.

Luis: Yeah.

Luis: Hey. The last time I was here I told you the truth -- the truth about me and Sheridan and -- now, I don't know if you could hear me or understood what I was saying. If you could, I'm sorry, because I know that must have hurt. It was just time that you knew the truth. No, things haven't changed much since the last time we spoke. If possible, they've gotten worse. Sheridan's miserable and m miserable and I can't help but think that you're miserable trapped in that lifeless body. Look, Antonio, I need you to listen to me this time. I need you to listen to what I'm asking, all right? Just get better, all right? Just get better and come back to us. I'm not being selfish here. I want you to have a life, the life you've always dreamed of. Look, you know, if you can just give us a sign, if you're trying or fighting, because I think time's running out. 3E5AA1E5.JPG


Liz: It's not that I hate my sister so much for abandoning me and running off with her rich lover. The reason I hate her so much and the reason I hold so much against her is for the real crime that she was involved in. Incest!

Eve: No!


Ethan: The Cranes -- they bring nothing but tragedy to everyone and everything they touch.

Gwen: Ethan, you are wrong. At least you're wrong where Theresa's concerned. The cranes aren't responsible for the vile acts Theresa committed. Look, Pilar warned Theresa to stay away from the cranes, and she didn't even listen to her own mother. She is a selfish, greedy girl who wants to have it all without ever having to work for it. She was so desperate to change your mind about her, to have you approve of her, she actually tried to kill your mother. 3E5AA230.JPG

Ethan: I still can't believe it.

Gwen: Sweetheart, it doesn't matter what you believe. Theresa's going to jail for attempted murder. We're finally going to be free of her. We can live our lives now. We can have our baby and raise him or her in a home filled with love and compassion, not with jealousy and desperation.

Ethan: You -- you are my rock. Thank you for being so strong, and I don't know what I would do without you.

Gwen: Well, you will never have to find out.


Sam: Well? What do you think is going on?

Grace: In my heart, I am convinced that if it were anyone, anyone other than Ivy Crane that you would believe Theresa, a girl that you've known since birth, that went to preschool with our Noah, who worships beside us at our church. But, no, because it's Ivy Crane, your first love. You are letting your emotion override your professional judgment. 3E5AA278.JPG

Sam: Damn it, Grace! That is not true. The only reason I believe Ivy is because of all the desperate things Theresa has done to get Ethan back.

Grace: No, Sam, that is not it. You choose to believe Ivy because you are still in love with her.


Fox: Hey. Where's that old Theresa fighting spirit, huh? Come on, it's not over.

Theresa: You know, Ivy's been trying to bring me down for a long time, and she finally found a way to do it -- frame me for murder, send me to prison.

Fox: Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Theresa: I don't have a good feeling about this. It's Ivy's word against mine, and it's pretty clear that it's people who matter, like chief Bennett, believe your mother over me. I'm scared, fox. I think I'm going to prison for a very long time. 3E5AA2B3.JPG


Sheridan: If only Antonio could pull out of this coma, things will be so different. We could tell him the truth.

Beth: Well, I wish that could happen, too, but we both know that it won't. The doctors have said it's virtually hopeless, that Antonio will probably remain in a vegetative state and never recover.

Sheridan: And I vowed to be faithful to my husband. There's no way that I can be with Luis now. I guess I was just so afraid of losing Luis that I believed those crazy things your mother said about you being such a monster.

Beth: No, it's all right. I understand.

Sheridan: You know what? You're right. The only solution is to leave harmony, to take Antonio as far away as possible as soon as the doctors say I can. 3E5AA2E0.JPG

[Phone rings]

Sheridan: Excuse me. Hello.

Luis: Sheridan, you're not going to believe this. It's a miracle. Antonio's coming out of his coma.

Sheridan: What? Antonio's coming out of his coma?

Luis: Yes, Sheridan. He just moved his hand. He's coming back to us.

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T.C.: What's going on here? Why did you call Liz's father "dad"?

Sheridan: Is it true? Is Antonio coming out of his coma?

Chad: Look, I'm telling you, Whitney, your sister's grown-up enough to handle the truth about us.

Whitney: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. What have you done?

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