Passions Transcript Friday 2/21/03

Passions Transcript Friday 2/21/03

by Eric
Proofread by Nadine

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3E56A187.JPGLiz: If you think that your saved by yet another emergency phone call, Eve, you'd better think again.

Eve: I have to get inside to my patient, to Ivy.

Liz: The truth will come out, Eve. Now, I know T.C. Said that he could forgive my sister, but he will change his mind when he finds out that my drug-addicted whore of a sister is you.

Eve: Let go of me, Liz.

Liz: Not to mention that Julian is the man that you were having an affair with.

Eve: When T.C. Finds out the truth, we will work it through because he loves me. Now, let go of me.

T.C.: Excuse me.

Julian: Liz, you're absolutely frothing at the mouth. Are you that determined to avenge yourself? 3E56A1B6.JPG

Liz: Oh, I'm not just getting revenge on my sister, Julian. I'm getting it on you, too.


Fox: Theresa, what do you mean you saw my mother being pulled back from death, saved at the last minute?

Theresa: I did.

Fox: I donít understand. I mean, are you saying you had a premonition like Grace? Did you see my mother being pulled back from the gates of hell, too?

Theresa: No, no. No, what I meant was I saw Samís love -- the power of his love -- reaching out to Ivy, pulling her back from death. I mean, look at them, Fox. Sam with your mother -- he loves her deeply, and that love must have brought her back to life.

Sam: Sheís alive.

Ethan: Thank God. 3E56A1F6.JPG

Sam: Yes, thank God he brought her back to us.

Grace: Oh, Sam. Your love for Ivy is so strong, almost overwhelming. I just wonder if thereís any place in your heart for me.


Luis: Whatís the score?

Hank: Down six. Jumperís off today, buddy.

Luis: Everythingís off.

Hank: Not playing for the NBA title, Luis.

Luis: Yeah. I mean, how could she say that to me, Hank? Pretend like sheís dead? She looks me right in the eyes, and she says, "hey, Luis, move on with your life." Yeah, right, like I could just forget about her. She means everything to me. Sheís everything I ever wanted.

Luis: I canít just pretend that sheís dead. Twice when I lost her, it was like I lost the best part of myself. To think about not being with her -- I canít, Hank. I just canít.



Mrs. Wallace: Oh, no, no. If Beth gives that syringe to Sheridan -- "warning -- an overdose could be fatal." I just bet Beth put in a double dose. I have got to warn Sheridan. But how? How am I going to do that? Because if I say anything, she is going to kill me. Oh, how did I ever, ever give birth to such a vile girl? Oh, no. She is obsessed, and she is going to eliminate any obstacle to get to Luis, and Sheridan is her only obstacle. And Beth will definitely -- definitely kill her.

Sheridan: Beth, what are you talking about -- if I were further out of the picture, you and Luis could be happy?

Beth: Thatís right. 3E56A28C.JPG

Sheridan: I already told you I am out of the picture. I mean, how much further out can I get?

Beth: You want to know how you can be totally out of the picture, Sheridan?

Sheridan: Yeah.

Beth: I'll show you.

[Sheridan screams]

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, she killed her. She murdered Sheridan. Oh, my God.



Julian: What are you talking about, revenge on me? What on earth for? I donít remember you from my past. I only met you a couple of months ago. What could I have possibly done to you?

Liz: Do you want to know what you did to me, Julian? I'll tell you exactly what you did.


Sam: Eve, you wonít believe it.

Ethan: My mother was dead, and now sheís alive.

Eve: What?

Paramedic: Itís true, Dr. Russell.

Second paramedic: Never seen anything like it.

Eve: Well, her pulse is strong.

Sam: For a moment there, I thought I'd never -- never see her again. Donít you leave me, you hear me? Ivy, donít you leave me. You were my first love. I canít lose you. I canít. I canít lose you. 3E56A391.JPG

Eve: She seems to be stable.

Sam: So sheís out of trouble?

Eve: Well, I wonít know that without doing a thorough examination, but she seems to be at this point.

Sam: Sheís going to be ok.

Ethan: Yeah.

Eve: I need you to tell me exactly what happened.

Paramedic: We were told that she fell down the stairs in her wheelchair. When we got here, she wasnít breathing. We thought she was dead.

Second paramedic: Tried reviving her -- no go.

First paramedic: So Chief Bennett and his son started doing C.P.R.

Second paramedic: Then the weirdest thing happened. The lights in the house started flickering, alarms were going off. It was like the house had gone crazy. 3E56A3B0.JPG

First paramedic: And, suddenly, she just came back to life.

Eve: Thatís incredible.


Gwen: This is wonderful news, sweetheart. This is just wonderful.


Grace: Sam? Could I talk to you for a minute?

Sam: Yeah, sure.

Grace: Sam?

Sam: Thank God she didnít die. Ivyís alive. Isnít that great?

Grace: Yeah, yeah, thatís great.

Sam: Grace, listen, we'll talk later, ok? Theresa, I need to ask you some questions. Letís go to the kitchen.

Theresa: Well, I donít understand. What do you want to talk about? 3E56A3DA.JPG

Sam: I'm going to question you about your involvement in the attempted murder of Ivy Crane.


Hank: Didnít really think you could make a three on me, did you, buddy?

Hank: Game, bro.

Luis: Lucky. The idea of moving on with Beth, starting a new life, forgetting about Sheridan -- how am I supposed to do that, Hank? I know that Sheridanís going to stay true to Antonio and his chances of recovering are about -- about zero. So the chance that Sheridan and I will get to tell Antonio the truth about us is pretty much none. And even though my motherís praying for a miracle, I just donít see it happening. And even if Sheridan and I just stay friends, how am I supposed to move on? How am I supposed to forget about everything that we shared together? 3E56A422.JPG

Singer: Donít know why I'm still afraid if you werenít real I would make you up now I wish that I could follow through I know that your love is true and deep as the sea but right now everything you want is wrong and right now all your dreams are waking up and right now I wish I could follow you to the shores of freedom where no one lives remember when we first met and everything was still a bet in loveís game you would call I'd call you back and then I'd leave a message on your answering machine but right now everything is turning blue and right now the sun is trying to kill the moon and right now I wish I could follow you to the shores of freedom where no one lives freedom run away tonight freedom 3E56A48F.JPG

Luis: I understand why she wants me to go back to Beth. Beth is a terrific woman, but I've already hurt her so many times. This is pretty much a one-sided conversation I'm having here, huh? Any feedback?

Hank: Who cares what I think?

Luis: I do. Hank, I just want to hear it from you.

Hank: I donít think you do, but, ok, here goes. I think Sheridanís right. I think you should act as if sheís dead. Thatís the only way you're going to be able to find true happiness.


Sheridan: No!

[Sheridan screams]

Sheridan: Beth -- why are you doing this to me?

Beth: To get you out of the picture, Sheridan. Didnít I just say that? You've got to start paying attention. Well, listen carefully. You're going to die, and I'll never have to worry about Luis going back to you ever, ever again! 3E56A4D3.JPG

Sheridan: Oh, my God.

Beth: Heís mine. Heís been mine since high school, but you stole him from me. You stole my man.

Sheridan: You're evil, Beth.

Beth: No, Sheridan, this is justice. You deserve this. You deserve to die.

Sheridan: Help! Help. Somebody help me!

Beth: You die, Sheridan. You die.

Sheridan: Help!

Beth: Die, Sheridan, die.

Sheridan: Somebody help!

Mrs. Wallace: You are one evil, evil girl!

Beth: You shut up, you old woman, or you'll be next. Itís all over, Sheridan. I win. Luis will be mine forever. 3E56A5F1.JPG


Julian: The idea of you wanting revenge on me is preposterous. What did I ever do to you? I donít remember ever seeing you or you being in my life at all.

Liz: Oh, I was in your life, Julian, and you left your mark. You did something to me that changed everything.

Julian: What?

Liz: Something that lives on today.


Grace: Eve, shouldnít Ivy go to the hospital, you know, where you can really monitor her? I want that woman out of my house right now.

Eve: Grace, whatís wrong?

Grace: When she nearly died, Sam was pleading with God to bring her back to him.

Eve: He said that?

Grace: He said he couldnít bear to lose her, he couldnít bear to lose his first love. 3E56A623.JPG

Eve: Oh, Grace.

Grace: It was like he was fighting to bring her back from death. I mean, you know how hard it is to see the man that you love so emotional about another woman?

Eve: Oh, honey, of course.

Grace: You know, I know -- I know that Ivy is trying to steal Sam, but I had no idea that he was harboring such deep feelings for her. I mean, I was always afraid of it, but Samís always denied it. But now I've seen it with my own eyes, and I am fearful for my marriage. And I think that the only way that I can fight to get that back is to have some time alone with Sam without Ivy here. Now that I've seen what happened between the two of them, I am convinced of that. Look, Eve, I know your first priority is to your patient, but I hope that you can get Ivy out of this house and that I can have a chance to save my marriage. Please, Eve, get her out of here as soon as possible. 3E56A66A.JPG


Theresa: Thereís no murder. I'm not guilty of anything, so what are you talking about?

Sam: There was no murder, but there was an attempted murder.

Theresa: Donít tell me that you still think that I tried to kill Ivy. Ok, no one could kill that woman. I didnít try to kill Ivy. Why would I do that? What sane person would try to kill someone in the chief of policeís house? Is that logical? I donít think so.

Gwen: We all heard what was going on at the top of the stairs, Theresa.

Ethan: You were very, very angry, Theresa.

Gwen: In a rage is more like it.

Sam: Did you do it, Theresa? Did you push Ivy down the stairs? 3E56A699.JPG


[Beth laughs]

Sheridan: Beth? Yoo-hoo, Beth?

Beth: Huh?

Sheridan: What did you mean that I should get further out of the picture?

Mrs. Wallace: The girlís insane.

Beth: When I say that you should be even further out of the picture, I mean just that. You need to go someplace where Luis will never see you again, and I can help you get there right now.

Sheridan: I'm sorry, but I just donít understand what you're telling me.


Liz: I will get my revenge on you, Julian, because -- because you took my sister away from me. You took her away from my family, and you turned her into the drugged-out, drunken slut she became.

Julian: You couldnít be more wrong. I loved Eve. I wanted the best for her.

Liz: You canít lie your way out of this one, Julian.

Julian: I'm going inside.

Liz: What are you looking at?

David: You -- you're just making this worse for everyone. Why do you want to cause your sister so much pain? Why donít you just let go of the past? 3E56A7DA.JPG

Liz: Because itís not the past, David. Itís my present. Itís my future. What Eve did to me affects me every day of my life, and I will see that I get my revenge.


Grace: Eve, I canít have her here.

Eve: I do want to run some more tests, but she just canít leave yet.

Grace: What do you mean?

Eve: Because in her condition, she needs a particular restraint, and the medics are going to rig that up now. - But then sheís on her way to the hospital because thereís no way she can stay here.

Grace: Ok. Thank God. I'm hoping with Ivy gone that Sam and I can reconnect and can try to save our marriage. Thank you, Eve. 3E56A819.JPG

Eve: So, what happened at the top of those stairs, Ivy? What really happened with you crashing down?

Theresa: Uh -- oh, my God.

[Ivy screams]

Eve: I guess I'll get those medics to get a move on.

Ivy: Donít you dare take me out of this house, Eve.

Theresa: I didnít push Ivy down the stairs. That is not what happened.

Sam: Then tell us what happened.

Theresa: I donít know.

Sam: I think you do.

Theresa: Well, I certainly didnít do anything on purpose.

Sam: All right. Now, listen, take it from the very beginning, all right? I want to know what happened step by step.

Theresa: Well, I mean, it happened really fast. I'm not sure, ok? But I'm positive that I didnít push her! 3E56A850.JPG

Sam: Look, we heard you, Theresa. You were in a rage. And when people are in a rage, they do things that they wouldnít normally do.

Theresa: But I didnít try to kill her. Now, you believe me, donít you, Ethan?

Ethan: I heard you, Theresa. I mean, you said you were going to get rid of my mother for good. What am I supposed to think of that? I mean, first you -- you are so cold that you throw my crippled mother out of the house and into one of the worst snowstorms we've ever had in this area. Then I hear you're going to get rid of her for good.

Gwen: Right before Ivy comes crashing down the stairs in her wheelchair. 3E56A877.JPG

Ethan: And comes this close to dying. What am I supposed to think?


Luis: You agree with Sheridan?

Hank: Itís for the best.

Luis: Acting like Sheridan is dead is for the best? Come on, Hank.

Hank: Look, buddy, we both know that sheís not dead. Sheís going to live a long life, and probably so is Antonio, even if it is in a coma.

Luis: What kind of life is that?

Hank: Itís no life at all, but thatís the way it is. You're going to have to accept it. Sheridan is going to stay true to her wedding vows, true to your brother.

Luis: Why does it have to be this way?

Hank: I also know that Sheridan wants you to have a happy and full life. 3E56A8A6.JPG

Luis: Yeah, without her.

Hank: Luis, you're a traditional guy. You want the white picket fence, the nice house, kids you can try and teach lay-ups to. You canít have all that without a woman in your life. Sheridan knows this. She wants you to be with someone who can give you the things that she canít.

Luis: Beth.

Hank: I think Sheridanís right. I think Beth is the one that can make you happy.


[Knock on door]

Sheridan: Who could that be?

Beth: Why donít we find out?

Mildred: Hi.

Beth: What are you doing back?

Mildred: Oh, you asked me to get tea and milk at the grocery, remember? 3E56A8D9.JPG

Beth: Oh, right. Well, you can go now.

Mildred: Oh, not yet. No, you have to work out some papers, and I want to check on your mother.

Beth: Ok, well, sheís in her bedroom. You can just change her sheets and her diaper and empty out her bedpan.

Mildred: Yeah, no problem. Wait a sec. Arenít you Sheridan Crane?

Sheridan: Yes. Yes, I am.

Mildred: Oh, you're the one that Beth is bound and determined to keep away from Luis.

Sheridan: What?

Mildred: Oh, yeah, she is desperate to keep you two apart.

Sheridan: Whatís this woman talking about?


David: You want to talk about the premonition you had?

Grace: No.

David: It might be helpful if you did. You had a vision of Ivy being dragged into hell?

Ivy: No! No!

Grace: , My --

Theresa: Mrs. Bennett, whatís wrong? 3E56A9AB.JPG

Grace: I can see Ivyís soul.

Theresa: You what?

Grace: Sheís trying to keep from being sucked into eternal darkness. Oh, God, itís so horrible. Sheís suffering so much. Oh, I wish I could help her.

[Ivy struggles]

David: Thatís not the only reason you're upset, though, is it?

Grace: No. I mean, seeing the way that Sam was with Ivy -- you know, David, I really shouldnít burden you with all of this.

David: No, no, no, itís ok. I just want you to be happy, Grace, even if itís not with me.

Grace: The only way I'd be happy is to get Ivy out of this house. But, still, after seeing Sam and the way he felt about Ivy, I donít know if he has enough love in his heart to make our marriage work. I'm going to go make some tea. 3E56A9FE.JPG

David: Even if you do get Ivy out of your house, it wonít stop her. She wonít quit till sheís got Sam and your life is destroyed.


Eve: No arguments, Ivy. You're going to the hospital. You could have internal injuries that only a hospital test could reveal.

Ivy: I donít want to be away from Sam.

Eve: Well, that isnít a consideration, Ivy. I'm your doctor. I'm going to do whatís best for you.

Ivy: Ok. Let me make this simple for you, Eve. Either you keep me in this house or I will tell T.C. And everyone else about your sordid past with Julian.

[Eve laughs]

Ivy: Whatís the matter with you, eve? Whatís going on? You know I'll do it. You know I'll tell. 3E56AA2E.JPG

Eve: Oh, Ivy, I'm afraid you're too late. I already told you I'm all for exposing my past myself. And when I do, all my secrets will be revealed and all your secrets will be revealed.


Mrs. Wallace: I had better get out there and see exactly whatís going on.

Beth: Mother, what are you doing?

Mrs. Wallace: Sheridan, Sheridan --

Mildred: Mrs. Wallace, I really must insist that you not try to wheel yourself around.

Mrs. Wallace: Who else is going to do it?

Mildred: Well, your daughter, of course. 3E56AA61.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Huh.

Mildred: If you try to do it, you could put undue stress on your heart.

Sheridan: Yes, you really should take it easy, Mrs. Wallace.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, you are always so very kind to me, Sheridan.

Sheridan: You know, I'm sorry. I'm not sure if I heard you right before. Did you say that Beth was trying to keep Luis and me apart?

Beth: No, she heard that from my poor, confused mother. I think that the heart attacks, the medications have, you know, affected her memory, her grip on reality.

Sheridan: Yeah?

Beth: Ok, mother, back in your room.

Mrs. Wallace: No. Wait. Wait, Sheridan -- 3E56AA82.JPG

Beth: I havenít finished with Sheridan yet.

Mrs. Wallace: You mean you havenít killed her yet.

Beth: If you donít get out of here, you wonít be confused anymore, you will be dead. Would you mind taking mother into her room? I think sheís a little tired.

Mildred: Oh, of course.

Beth: Ok.

Sheridan: Feel better, Mrs. Wallace.

Mildred: Oh, and as soon as I finish making her feel comfortable, I'll come out and I'll help you with the paperwork.

Beth: Ok.

Sheridan: So, you werenít serious about me staying completely away from Luis, were you?

Beth: You have no idea how far away from him I think you should be. 3E56AB77.JPG


Luis: I already talked to Beth.

Hank: Are you two hooking up again?

Luis: Yeah, we could have a life together, a life full of the things that you just mentioned, the things that I want. I just donít think I'll ever be able to forget Sheridan, so I told Beth that.

Hank: Time can help memories fade, Luis.

Luis: Not my memories. Look, I want a family. To say that I could be truly happy without Sheridan -- I just donít see that happening.


Beth: I think you should do everything you possibly can to stay out of Luis' life. Have zero contact with him. Itís the only way that heís ever going to be able to start a new life and the only way that he could possibly ever be happy. I know thatís what you want -- for Luis to be happy. 3E56ABAB.JPG

Sheridan: Yes, of course I do.

Beth: And this is not only for him, Sheridan. I want whatís best for you, too.

Sheridan: Beth, I understand what you're saying, but this isnít going to be easy.

Beth: I didnít say it would be, but for Luis' sake, for both your sakes, itís just got to be this way.

Sheridan: I want Luis to be happy. I want that more than anything.

[Phone rings]

Sheridan: Excuse me.

Beth: Uh-huh.

Sheridan: Hello? Oh. Yes, yes. I've been expecting your call. All right, yes, I will see you then. Thank you. Bye-bye. Well, I have to go. I have to take care of some stuff at Crane foundation. 3E56ABD8.JPG

Beth: Ah. Ok.

Sheridan: But you know what? I would like to talk to you later on, see what you think about how we can help Luis move on with his life.

Sheridan: Uh-huh.

Mildred: Beth, your momís all taken care of.

Beth: Already?

Mildred: There really wasnít that much to see to.

Sheridan: It was nice seeing you, mrs. Wallace.

Mrs. Wallace: You're leaving?

Sheridan: Yes, I have a meeting.

Mrs. Wallace: But I wanted to have a talk with you.

Sheridan: Well, you know what? I can stop by later, and we'll talk then. Right.

Beth: Ok.

Sheridan: Why would Mrs. Wallace say that Beth was trying to keep Luis and me apart? 3E56AC10.JPG

Beth: Ok, I'm going to take mother into her room, and then I'll meet you in the kitchen to sign those papers.

Mrs. Wallace: No --

Mildred: Yes, I'll prepare the paperwork.

Beth: Ok. If you even think about warning Sheridan, you're a dead woman.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I have got to warn Sheridan. I am. I am going -- I am going to call her. Oh, this darn chair.

[Mrs. Wallace grunts]

Mrs. Wallace: I am going to warn Sheridan. I am going to make sure that she knows what Beth is really like.


Theresa: For you to doubt me like this, Ethan, itís --

Ethan: Theresa, I'm sorry. I canít get what you said about my mother out of my head. 3E56AC4B.JPG

Theresa: And you two think the same thing?

Gwen: How could we think otherwise?

Sam: We heard you, Theresa.

Theresa: And you, Fox? What do you think?

Fox: Well, you know my motherís never been my biggest fan, and I've been thinking about it, and no. No, I donít think you could have deliberately tried to kill her.

Theresa: See, finally, someone believes me.

Sam: Look, this isnít a popularity contest. Now, I want the truth, and I'm going to get it.

Theresa: I told you the truth, Chief Bennett, ok? Now ask Ivy. She will tell you that it was an accident. She will tell you that I didnít try to kill her. 3E56AC79.JPG


Ivy: I donít understand.

Eve: Well, then I'll explain it to you. You were right when you said that Liz had something on me. Turns out sheís my sister.

Ivy: So you're the drunken whore sheís been telling everyone about.

Eve: Sheís been blackmailing me, Ivy, just like you. But thatís all over now because I know that T.C. Will forgive me for my past, so you have nothing to hold over me. You're going to the hospital, and thatís that. Oh, and by the way, that house of cards that you've built up is about to come crashing down around you. Ethanís going to hear everything -- all your dirty secrets. You're finished. 3E56ACAC.JPG

Ivy: Oh, no. No, this canít be happening. I come this close to getting Sam back only to have it fail now.

Eve: Ivy will be going to the hospital soon. Now all thatís left for me to do is tell my husband the truth.

Liz: T.C. Will despise you.

Eve: No. We'll get through this. I know we will. Time for me to face my fears.


Liz: I wouldnít hang around if I were you, Julian. Once T.C. Hears the truth, he'll tear you apart.

Julian: I'm not running away, not this time. When T.C. comes after me, I'll face him and support Eve.

Liz: And I thought that you only cared about saving your own hide.

Julian: Well, I am rather partial to it. But if Eve can be brave, own up to her past mistakes, perhaps itís time that I face mine. 3E56ACFA.JPG


Sam: You're awake. How are you feeling?

Ivy: I -- I just think that I need to rest. Would you mind taking me upstairs to my room?

Sam: Sure, sure.

Eve: No, Sam, sheís going to the hospital.

Sam: Yeah, sure, but before you go, I need to ask you some questions about your falling down the stairs. Now, I need to know what happened between you and Theresa.


Luis: I donít know. You know, sometimes I think that being on the sidelines with Sheridan is actually better than being married to another woman.

Hank: You canít be serious.

Luis: Why not? You know, when you love a woman the way I do -- 3E56ADE0.JPG

Hank: How can you deny yourself the life that you just admitted you wanted? How can standing on the sidelines be better than getting in the game? It doesnít make sense.

Luis: Well, Hank,

Hank: Well, you better give this a whole lot of thought because the way you're talking now, you're going to be standing on the sidelines while your whole life passes you by.

Luis: Hank, Sheridan is my life. All right, sheís everything to me. How am I supposed to just give that up? I'm thinking about Beth, too. She doesnít deserve a husband whoís just half there.

Hank: It doesnít have to be that way. 3E56ADFD.JPG

Luis: Of course it does if my heart belongs to Sheridan, and it always will. Hank, the only thing thatís going to separate us forever is death.


Beth: Ok, is that it?

Mildred: No. Here.

Beth: Ok.

Mildred: I know today isnít working out exactly the way you wanted it to.

Sheridan: Beth, what are you talking about -- if I were further out of the picture you and Luis could be happy?

Beth: Thatís right.

Sheridan: I already told you I am out of the picture. I mean, how much further out can I get?

Beth: You want to know how you can be totally out of the picture, Sheridan? I'll show you.

[Sheridan screams] 3E56AE27.JPG

Bethís voice: Well, today isnít over yet. Things might get better. Could be I'll have an opportunity to make everything happen that I want to happen.

Sheridan: Oh, Mrs. Wallace.

Mrs. Wallace: Sheridan.

Sheridan: I forgot my keys. I donít think you should be up moving around like this.

Mrs. Wallace: I'm so glad -- I'm so glad you came back. I was just going to call you to warn you.

Sheridan: Warn me about what?

Mrs. Wallace: My daughter. My daughter -- she is not the sweet, innocent thing that you think she is. No, sheís evil, and sheís hard, and she has been trying to tear you and Luis apart, and now sheís trying to kill you.

Beth: What? Bethís trying to kill me? 3E56AE5D.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Yes. So you have to run, Sheridan. You have to run. You have to get out of here as fast as you can. Go, hon. Get out.


Sam: Now, Ivy, I want you to tell the truth. I need to know what happened between you and Theresa.

Ivy: The truth?

Sam: In detail. Itís very important. Ok, you and Theresa were at the top of the stairs.

Ivy: Yes.

Sam: We need to know exactly what happened, why your wheelchair fell down the stairs.

Ivy: Ok, Sam. I'll tell you exactly what happened. Theresa tried to kill me.

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Sheridan: Your mother told me what you're up to. You bitch! 3E56AE9C.JPG

Ethan: How did my mother get hurt?

Theresa: Ivy did do this herself.

Ethan: What?

Theresa: She released the brake, and she pushed herself back.

Grace: You choose to believe Ivy because you are still in love with her.

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