Passions Transcript Wednesday 2/19/03

Passions Transcript Wednesday 2/19/03

by Nadine
Proofread by Nadine

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Eve: Did you get everything taken care of?

T.C.: Yeah, we're just going to bring somebody off the bench for Morrison and just hope for the best. Sweetheart, I am so sorry for the interruption.

Eve: Oh, no, thatís ok.

T.C.: So, honey, how do you know so much about Lizís sister? I mean, who is she? Where is she?

Eve: Sheís right here, T.C.

Davidís voice: Good for you, eve.

Lizís voice: I canít believe sheís doing it.

T.C.: Eve, where is she? I mean, she is such a trashy, horrible woman, I'm sure that I'll recognize her somewhere. Where is she?

Liz: Oh, you certainly will, T.C. You certainly will.


Kay: "All whose gaze falls upon these words, beware." Help! Tabitha --

Tabitha: What the heaven? You read the inscription on that bowl even after I told you not to, didnít you?

Kay: Tell --


Mrs. Wallace: Lu-- Luis! Come back! Save me!

Beth: Luis canít hear you, mother. Heís in his car, halfway down the block. No, mother. Itís just you and me now, but not for long.


Theresa: Ethan, what happened to Ivy was not my fault.

Ethan: How could it not be? You and mother were alone at the top of the stairs arguing.

Gwen: We heard you tell Ivy you were going to get rid of her -- and I quote -- "for good this time."

Ethan: And then we heard my mother beg you not to do it just as she and her wheelchair came crashing down the stairs.

Theresa: I know, but I didnít push her down the stairs! I swear it.

Ethan: Well, then what happened, Theresa? What, are you saying she deliberately tried to injure herself?

Paramedic: Still no pulse.

Second paramedic: Clear.

First paramedic: Still got defib on the scope. Letís charge up to 300 watts.

Second paramedic: Clear.

First paramedic: Clear. Still no pulse?

Second paramedic: Still no pulse.

paramedic: Still no response. Letís go to 360 and see what happens.

Second paramedic: Clear.

First paramedic: Clear.

Second paramedic: Still no pulse.

Ethan: Answer my question, Theresa. Are you saying that my mother pushed herself backwards down a flight of stairs, that she tried to injure herself right before leaving to go home?

Theresa: No. I mean, I -- I donít know.

Ethan: How dare you say that.

Foxís voice: Bad move, Theresa. Really bad.

Theresa: I told you, Ethan, I donít know how it happened. But I swear on my sonís life that I'm not to blame for this! Ok, I wonít admit that I like Ivy because I donít, but I did not try to kill her!

Ethan: I donít know if I can believe you, ok? Not after you tried to trick mother into looking like a scheming bitch.

Gwen: When clearly she isnít.

Ethan: Is that what it was, Theresa? Were you so angry that you couldnít expose my mother as a conniving witch that you pushed her down a freaking staircase?

Theresa: No, Ethan! I swear it, ok? One minute we were arguing, and then the next thing I knew, she went over the edge.

Grace: Ok, you know, now is not the time for recriminations. We donít know what happened up there. We just have to wait and pray that Ivy recovers so she can tell us.

Sam: Wait a minute. Whatís going on? Did you get a heartbeat?

Ethan: Sheís ok, right?

Paramedic: Look, we're sorry. We did everything we could.

Second paramedic: Sheís dead.

Ethan: No!

Gwen: Oh, my god.

Ethan: Mother?

Sam: You canít stop. You canít stop trying to revive her!

Paramedic: Itís no use, Chief Bennett. Sheís not responding.

Sam: Well, if you wonít try to save her, then I will. Ivy, listen to me. I wonít let you die. Come on, Ivy. Come on.


Kay: Tabitha, donít just stand there! Do something! You'll be wiping up more than water if you donít save me.

Tabitha: Oh, you wouldnít need saving if you'd listened to me in the first place. I told you not to read the inscription on the bowl. I said that it could be dangerous, even life-threatening. But you disregarded my instructions and dissed me in the process, so now you have to suffer the consequences. Emphasis on "suffer."

Kay: Tabitha, I'll listen next time!

Tabitha: Hmm. Well, thatís not very likely. You never listen to anyone, Kay, especially not your parents, which is why you're living here instead of at home with them where you belong.

Kay: Tabitha, I swear, if you just help me, I'll listen to you. This monster, thing, what-- ah -- whatever it is, is going to kill me.

Tabitha: Yes, it very likely might. Yes.


T.C.: Where the hell is Lizís sister? I want to give her a piece of my mind.

Eve: T.C., please, let me just tell you the rest of the story before I tell you who she is.

Liz: See? I knew you couldnít go through with it.

Eve: Watch me. Lizís sister -- she wants her identity revealed. She doesnít want to keep it a secret any longer. As I was saying, Liz and her sister were once very close. They were each otherís best friends. Lizís sister loved her very much, more than Liz could've ever imagined.

Liz: No. No, she didnít. She ran off. She left me alone to defend myself against my parents. She broke trust, she betrayed me, she destroyed my faith in people and scarred me for life!

Eve: She didnít do it intentionally, Liz. All your sister wanted was to be a singer. And once she made it big, she planned to send for you and get you away from your parents and take care of you herself, just like she promised.

Liz: Only that didnít happen, did it, eve?

Eve: No. She met a man along the way -- a selfish, unscrupulous man.

T.C.: Yeah, you already told us that. He seemed like a real bastard.

Eve: He was. He seduced Lizís sister and destroyed all her dreams.


Mrs. Wallace: No, please. Please donít hurt me. Please donít hurt me!

Beth: Give me one good reason not to.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, because if you kill me, then you'll be sent to prison for the rest of your life, and Luis wonít want to marry a murderer.

Beth: I will not be a murderer. I wonít even be arrested, mother. No, I'm just going to tell everyone that it was an accident, a tragic accident. And then I just -- I mixed up the medication wrong -- you know, like I was afraid I would. And Luis would defend me to the death -- till your death.

Mrs. Wallace: No!

Beth: Yes, mother. No one will care that you're dead except me.

Mrs. Wallace: No, Bethy. No, no, no! Donít hurt me.

Beth: I'll be jumping for joy.

Mrs. Wallace: No! No, stop, Bethy! No!

Beth: You've been the bane of my existence for years, mother, and I just -- I canít wait to put you out of my misery.

Mrs. Wallace: No --

Beth: Come here.

Mrs. Wallace: No!

Mildred: Whatís going on in here?

Beth: Mildred. Oh, you're back.

Mildred: And it looks like not a moment too soon.

Mrs. Wallace: I'll say.

Beth: I was trying to give mother her injection whether she wanted it or not, but sheís getting a little fussy.

Mildred: Are you trained to give injections?

Mrs. Wallace: No!

Beth: Yes, I am, mother. There was this girl who used to work at the book cafe who had diabetes, and, well, I had to learn to give her injections just in case there was an emergency and she couldnít do herself.

Mildred: Well, even so, I'd better handle your motherís injections. Thatís what you're paying me for, right?

Beth: Right.

Mildred: And, as I said before, the medication your mother is on is very potent. The wrong dose at the wrong time could be fatal. You wouldnít want that, would you?

Beth: Gosh, no, I wouldnít want that.


Eve: The man that Lizís sister fell in love with promised to make her a star. For a while, it seemed that he would. He got her booked to sing in all the best nightclubs and introduced her to all the right people. But he was also out for a good time, and he introduced her to alcohol and party drugs. Well, just as fast as he had swept her off her feet, he dumped her. And Lizís sister was so despondent and heartbroken that she turned to pills and alcohol to numb the pain. Before she realized it, she was hooked. And the more that she tried to fight it, the more she saw that she couldnít. Her addiction -- it had her trapped like a rat in a maze. And she -- she did things -- terrible things -- to support her habit, the shame of which and the depth to which she sank haunts her to this very day.

Julian: If you'll excuse me, I couldnít help but overhear the tragic story Eve was telling, and I -- I just want to say how sorry I am for what Lizís sister had to endure for the price she paid for loving a man who -- who took her dream and turned it into a nightmare.

T.C.: Get your hands off my wife!


Kay: Tabitha, please, help me!

Tabitha: Why should I? If I leave you to your fate, I'll be home free. I'll be able to do whatever I want without the risk of you running off and telling everyone that I'm a witch.

Kay: Save me, and I wonít! I promise.

Tabitha: Oh, yeah. And we all know what your word is worth, donít we, Kay? You've lied to everyone. You've lied to your family, you've lied to Miguel, you've even lied to that pesky priest. Oh, sorry, girlfriend. I just donít think I can believe you.

Kay: You're just going to let this thing tear me limb from limb?

Tabitha: Well, it could be a lot worse.

Kay: How?

Tabitha: Well, at least drowning is swift. Being burned at the stake is a slow and agonizing process. Ooh -- no wonder I'm not fond of barbecue.

Kay: Tabitha, I swear I'll never disobey you again if you --

Tabitha: I donít seem to be able to hear a word you're saying, Kay. I think I must have gone a bit deaf.

Kay: Oh!

[Kay gurgles]


Ethan: I'll do -- I'll do chest compressions while you do mouth-to-mouth.

Sam: Ok.

Paramedic: Chief Bennett, sheís dead. You're wasting your time.

Sam: No, we're not going to give up.

Gwen: Come on, Ethan, you can do it. You can save her. I know you can.

Ethan: Nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 --

Fox: You know, after the way my mother neglected me and my sisters when we were growing up, I certainly donít have any love lost for her, ok? But I sure as hell didnít want to see her die like this. And you -- you pushing her down the stairs like that -- how could someone so smart do something so stupid?

Theresa: Fox, I did not push your mother down those stairs. I was the one who set the lock on her wheelchair so that she wouldnít roll off the landing.

Fox: Theresa, I checked the brakes, ok? They were off.

Theresa: But I put them on. I did!

Ethan: 12, 13, 14, 15 --

Fox: Well, you better hope that Chief Bennett and Ethan save my mother, ok? Otherwise, you're going to walk the green mile again. Not even Alistair's going to be able to save you this time.

Ethan: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 --

Gwen: Come on, you can do it, Ethan.

Sam: Come on, Ivy.

Ethan: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven --


T.C.: I told you that this was a private conversation.

Julian: Well, I'm well aware of that, but I couldnít help but hear what Eve said about Lizís sister, and it struck a chord in me.

T.C.: Yeah, well, get ready to get struck again.

David: T.C., Donít. Donít. Let Julian speak.

Julian: Thank you, Mr. Hastings. And based on what -- what Eve said, I donít think Lizís sister was the one at fault. I think the fault lies with the heartless bastard who led her on and abandoned her.

Eveís voice: My god. I think he really means it.

Eve: Really, Julian?

Julian: Really, eve. And I bet this man who acted so callously toward Lizís sister would by this point agree. At least we could hope that he would learn from his mistakes and feel some remorse.

Eve: And would this person take responsibility if he knew that Lizís sisterís husband would beat him to a pulp if he ever found out who he was?

Julian: Yes, I believe so.


Beth: You know what I just realized? We're completely out of milk and tea. I know itís a lot to ask, but would you mind running to the grocery store? I just want to spend as much time as I can with mother. She might not have much time left.

Mildred: I'll be happy to.

Mrs. Wallace: No! Donít leave me alone with her! Sheís still trying to kill me!


Tabitha: Oh, Timmy, please. Will you stop trying to be my conscience? I'm a witch. Itís my job to do bad things, but I canít if you keep trying to make me be nice. I know you think if I mend my ways your boss will let me come and live with you in heaven someday, but -- subtle, lad. Very subtle.

[Kay gurgles]

Kay: Tabitha, help! This thing is killing me!

Tabitha: All right, all right. You know how hard it is for me to say no to you, donít you?

Kay: Tabitha, please! I canít hold on much longer!

Tabitha: Ok, Kay, I'll save you. But this is positively the last time I do anything nice for anyone. Oh! Oh!


Paramedic: Gentlemen! There's nothing more you can do.

Ethan: One, two --

paramedic: You have to face facts. Sheís dead.

Sam: No. Ivy can't die.

Ethan: Mother, please. Please come back to us. We love you so much. Donít -- donít leave us.

Ivy: Oh -- oh, I'm standing up. I'm standing! Oh- god! Itís a miracle, it's a miracle! Ethan, Sam- look! Oh. Whatís going on? Thatís me. Well, oh, that canít be me because if I'm there on the floor, then I canít be standing here. Oh, my God. Am I dead?

Ethan: 11, 12, 13 --

Ivy: No, no. No, no, no, no. I canít be dead, I canít be dead. Ethan, Ethan? Sam? Sam, look at me! I'm here! I'm Ivy! I'm standing right here!

Ethan: Eight, nine, 10, 11, 12 --

Ivy: Oh -- oh, Gwen? Gwen? Fox? Somebody? Anybody, look at me. I'm here! Oh, jeez. I canít be dead. I canít be dead. No. Ethan? Ethan, honey? Honey, can you hear me? Itís mother. Oh, god. Sam! Sam, look at me! You're trying so hard to save me, but I'm right here! Oh, god. I donít want to die. Sam and I were going to be grandparents. Oh, Ethan and Gwenís baby -- itís what could bring Sam back to me.

Theresa: Please donít give up on Ivy. I never wanted her to die.

Ivy: Oh, you bitch! You lying, two-faced bitch!


Kay: Oh -- Tabitha, thatís not working! Can you do something else, please?

[Kay gurgles]

Kay: Thank you for saving my life.

Tabitha: Yes, well --

Kay: What took you so long?

Tabitha: You ungrateful brat.

Kay: Tabitha, I'm sorry. I'm just still a little freaked out, ok?

Tabitha: Freaked out enough to have learned the lesson? I hope so, because if you're going to be my apprentice, Kay, you have to listen to everything I say always. Because the next time you disobey me, I may not be around to help you, and I may not even bother.

Kay: Ok. Message received. Why did that thing attack me in the first place?

Tabitha: Oh, thatís elementary, my dear. The creature sensed the good in you that all standish women posses and obviously didnít know that you were here to develop your powers for use by our side.

Kay: No. No way. Tabitha, I already told you, I had way too many problems with evil -- selling my soul, our house being sucked into hell by demons, being turned into a panther, zombie charity -- creating zombie charity and then having her turn on me and try to kill Miguel by having sex with him? Enough is enough. I -- I've had it. I canít do it.

Tabitha: Oh, you're just upset by being nearly ripped to shreds. Oh, but you'll get over it. Besides, you told the boys in the basement that you would do anything to get Miguel.

Kay: Yeah, Tabitha, I know, but --

Tabitha: This is not a game, Kay. You cannot have it both ways. If you want to develop your powers, then you have to renounce goodness and embrace the dark side. Do it, Kay. Do it now. I'll be with you every step of the way.


T.C.: Eve, did you say that Lizís sister is married?

Eve: Yes, T.C. To a wonderful man.

Julian: You know, if your sister is half as beautiful as you are, then perhaps the fellow who seduced her simply couldnít help himself. I'm not saying itís an excuse, but sometimes two people have a passion for each other that they simply canít resist.

Eve: Lizís sister always blamed the man who seduced her for ruining her life. Maybe she was wrong to think that. Maybe it wasnít all his fault.

T.C.: Sweetheart -- excuse me. Honey, how could you say something like that? This man is totally to blame. He seduced Lizís sister, he leads her astray, then he dumps her. Thatís exactly what I'm afraid that would happen to Whitney or Simone. A person like that is not welcome around my family any time.


Beth: Oh, poor mother. Sheís hallucinating again.

Mildred: Well, all the medication sheís on after her heart attack is causing her to imagine these things. Sometimes it just canít be helped. Everybodyís system is different.

Beth: Well, in her weakened state, the condition could be so much worse. There you go. You know, I just -- I want to enjoy what precious time she has left.

Mildred: I understand. I'll be back from the store in a jif.

Beth: Ok.

Beth: Where were we? Oh, yeah. I was about to put you down like the rabid old bitch that you are.

Mrs. Wallace: No, no. No, no, Bethy. Now, come on. Why are you so mad at me all the time? I know changing my diapers is no picnic.

Beth: Oh, donít play dumb, mother. I hate you for trying to stop me and Luis from being together.

Mrs. Wallace: No. Look, look, I'm not the one whoís standing in between you and Luis. Sheridan is. You know, and killing me isnít going to change that. I mean, even if I'm dead, Sheridan -- Sheridan is always going to be in the way.

Beth: Nice try, mother, but Sheridanís not the problem anymore. She told Luis to leave her alone, to go make a life with someone else. Me.

Mrs. Wallace: All right, all right, so maybe Sheridan did tell Luis to take a hike, and maybe she meant it at the time that she said it. But just let her spend a few weeks alone together without a man to keep her bed warm at night, and, honey, she is going to be changing her tune. Oh, yes. You know, sheís going to give Luis that, you know, come-hither look, and heís going to be running back to her faster than you can tackle and hogtie him.

Beth: No, mother. You may have behaved that way with men, but Sheridanís different. Sheís not a selfish, wanton slut like you were. Sheís noble, a woman of her word.

Mrs. Wallace: Noble shmoble. I know how a womanís mind works and what her body needs, and Sheridan is not going to be able to remain faithful to Antonio for a long time. Hell, itís too damn hard -- or, in Antonioís case, not hard at all. Look, look -- just look how many times Sheridan has gone back and forth and back and forth between Luis and Antonio already. Look, nothing has changed, not really. You know, so -- so, look, even if Sheridan -- you know, sheís going to be coming back for him, and you're going to be eating his dust. So killing me is not going to help you keep Luis, not while Sheridan is still around.


Eve: Yes, T.C., I totally agree with you. That is exactly the kind of man that we donít want to have around our daughters.

T.C.: You're damn right.

Eve: But, as I was saying, Lizís sister has tried to rebuild her life, and the only man that matters to her now is her husband, who she loves very dearly and would hate to lose because of what happened in her past or because of the fact that she didnít tell him about it all these years. Honey, do you think that a man could love a woman like Lizís sister and accept that she did what she did in order to survive, no matter how low she sank to do it?


Tabitha: I canít teach you the tricks of the trade if you're having second thoughts about working for our side. You know, you'll be on your own, trying to learn how to harness your powers. You wonít have a clue. You'll struggle for years, never getting what you want, never getting the hunk-a-licious Miguel.

Kay: Miguel hates evil. Tabitha, if I help you, heís going to see right through me.

Tabitha: Really, Kay? I fooled your family for years, and generations of Bennetts before them. I'll teach you how to do the same with Miguel. Itís the only way you're ever going to get him, Kay.

Kay: No, itís not. Tabitha, I'm pregnant with his baby. Heís going to come around.

Tabitha: Oh, well, he hasnít so far, has he?

Kay: No, but --

Tabitha: If you want what you say you want in life, then you'd better start listening to me.

Kay: Tabitha, itís just that I really donít --

Tabitha: Wait, wait. A special bulletin. What? Really?

Kay: What? What is it?

Tabitha: News. Red-hot news. Are you sure? Oh, well, call me Clint Eastwood if you like. This makes my day.

Kay: Whatís going on?

Tabitha: Thereís something going on at your house that you really must see.

Kay: I donít want to go home. My momís there.

Tabitha: Oh, perish the thought. No, we'll let our fingers do the walking.

Tabitha: There. Itís all right, you can look now. Everythingís under control.

Kay: What -- whatís going on? Who is that on the floor?

Tabitha: Ivy crane. Sheís dead.


Ethan: Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine --

Ivy: All I wanted to do was stay here with Sam and turn Ethan against Theresa. I just thought I could kill two birds with one stone by taking a little tumble down the stairs. I never meant to kill myself. Oh, Sam -- Sam, please, please, you've got to save me. I can tell how much you still love me by how hard you're working to save me. Grace can see it, too, and itís driving her crazy. Oh, Ethan. Ethan, you've finally found true happiness with Gwen. I canít leave you now, not with a baby on the way. Oh. Even Fox seems upset by whatís happened to me. Maybe thereís hope for us after all. Of course, it would serve Theresa right if I did die. Maybe she'd actually go to the death chamber this time. Oh. No, scratch that. Really, scratch that. I donít want to die. No, please -- Sam, please bring me back. Oh, yes, yes. Let your lips be the first thing I feel, and let your eyes, filled with love, be the first thing I see. Come on, Sam, save me!

Ethan: 14, 15 --

Ivy: Oh, please.

Ethan: One, two, three, four --


Beth: Why didnít I think of it before? As long as Sheridanís alive, sheís a threat to my being with Luis. She could change her mind at any minute and just want him back.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, and, Bethy, thatís why Luis will go back to her. Heís done that before. So killing me is not going to do any good, you know, not with you snagging Luis.

Beth: Yeah. Sheridanís the problem. She always has been.

Mrs. Wallace: But thereís -- honey, thereís nothing you can do about that.

Beth: Canít I, mother?

Mrs. Wallace: What do you mean? Answer me. What are you thinking?

Beth: Well, well, well. Guess whoís about to knock on our door.

Mrs. Wallace: Who?

Beth: Itís the obstacle herself -- Sheridan -- and sheís all alone.

Mrs. Wallace: Huh? Oh, no. Oh, no, Bethy. No, I didnít mean -- oh, no. No, merciful heaven. Please, no. What have I done? No -- what have I done? No.


Eve: So what do you think, honey? I mean, if you were Lizís sisterís husband, would you be able to find it in your heart to forget what she had done out of desperation and forgive her for her past? I mean, would you continue to let them live as a family, whole and happy?


Kay: Ivyís dead?

Tabitha: Yes. Thatís her spirit walking around in a panic. Mortals canít see the other side, so those people in the room arenít aware of Ivyís presence. But because you're here with me, you can see it all.

Kay: Someone just died, and I'm watching their spirit?

Tabitha: Yes, indeedy.

Kay: This is too bizarre.

Tabitha: Oh, come now, Kay. As I recall, you were trapped in hell a while back. This is dullsville compared to that.

Kay: Even so, I have no desire to --

Tabitha: Oh, fine, fine, fine. Suit yourself. Oh, my. Look at the way your father is cradling Ivyís lifeless body in his arms.

Sam: Ivy, please donít die. Come back to me. Please.

Kay: Ivyís really a goner. Well, I guess this means mom and dad will be getting back together now that sheís not there to break them up anymore.

Tabitha: You know, your mother has genuine feelings for David Hastings. But without Ivy to prod him along, chances are your parents will reconcile. Oh, we donít want to g ahead of ourselves, do we? Letís see what happens next.


Sam: Come on, Ivy. Come on!

Ethan: One, two, three, four, five --

paramedic: Itís no use, Chief Bennett. Still no pulse.

Sam: No. Ivy, listen. Donít you leave me, you hear me? Ivy, donít you leave me. You were my first love. I canít lose you. I canít. I canít lose you.

Ivy: I want to come back, Sam! I do! But I donít know how. I canít. I donít know how! Oh, come on, please. Please, please, let me go back. Please let me wake up in his arms. Let this be the thing that brings us back together. Please. Fine! Oh, fine, then. Just beam up! Ok, what? Turn on the bright light that I am supposed to walk towards.

Ivy: Hello? Are you asleep at the switch? I've read all about the afterlife. I know that thereís supposed to be a big tunnel with a bright light that I am supposed to walk towards, and I am supposed to feel safe and warm and loved. And if I canít have Sam and my son in my life, then go ahead. Just take me now! What are you waiting for?

>> on the next Passions

Ivy: Whatís up with that? Itís supposed to be a tunnel, not a funnel! Oh! Oh -- oh -- oh, god. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, no! Oh, no, no! No, I'm not going to heaven! No! I'm going to hell! No! Help! Help!

Tabitha: Ivyís plans to steal Sam from Grace all backfired. Sheís going to be making a visit to our friends in the basement.

T.C.: Tell us who Lizís sister is. Itís obvious that Liz knows, so why donít you let us in on the secret? And tell us who her husband is, too.

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