Passions Transcript Monday 2/17/03

Passions Transcript Monday 2/17/03

by Eric
Proofread by Nadine

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Liz: You know, T.C., you are so lucky that you can trust Eve completely, but it must be hard for the other doctors' spouses. I mean, you know, getting that phone call night after night, saying that they're stuck at the hospital with some sort of emergency.

T.C.: Well, yeah, I guess so.

Liz: What I mean is, well, how do they know for certain that their spouse is really at the hospital and not meeting a lover somewhere?

T.C.: Well, Liz, I'm sure that things like that happen, but Eve is not the kind of doctor that runs off for a two-hour lunch and ends up having a fling with a lover.

T.C.: If Eve says she's at the hospital, I know that's exactly where she is. 3E515BB4.JPG

Liz: You know, it looks like it's really crowded in here. Why don't we get coffee somewhere else.

T.C.: No, Liz, I know what you're trying to do. It's not going to work.


Theresa: I've been thinking, and, you know, you do see things more clearly in the light of day after a good night's sleep. And, well, I definitely think that you were way out of line, you know, saying those things about me and my son and my family. I've decided that I was too harsh. I shouldn't have thrown you out in the cold last night.

Ivy: Yes, it was harsh. But I accept your apology.

Theresa: Wait. I'm not finished yet. I I'd like to try to make up for my lack of judgment. I'd like you to move back into the Crane mansion -- today. You know, I think that if we try, we can be one big, happy family. 3E515C03.JPG

Gwen: So, is this about Theresa trying to win Ethan back?

Fox: Maybe Theresa's just being mice.

Gwen: Yeah right.

Grace: Ivy, you get to go home, just like you wanted to.

Theresa: Yes, Ivy, there is no reason for you to stay here at the Bennetts' any longer.


Sheridan: Luis is gone now. Heís gone for good. But I'm here. I am by your side, and I will honor the vows that I took to be with you for better or worse, through sickness and health, till death do us part.


Beth: I canít wait to find out what Luis said to Sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace: Why, Bethy? Why? You are only going to be disappointed. Those two are mad for each other. They are going to be together forever, and you -- you are going to be alone, as I always predicted.


[Knock on door] Mrs. Wallace: That -- that must be the visiting nurse service.

Beth: Luis.

Luis: Look, Beth, thereís something I need to talk to you about. Something important.


Beth: So, Luis, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?

Luis: Oh, I can see you're busy with your mother, so why donít I just come back later, huh?

Beth: No, no, no. Itís fine that you're here now. I was just going to take mother into her room, anyway. Isnít that right, mother?


Mrs. Wallace: No, donít go, Luis, please. I -- I really need to tell you something.

Luis: Well, what is it that you want to tell me?

Mrs. Wallace: Well, it has to do with what happened at the hospital.

Beth: Mother -- sheís just so upset about all the medication she has to take now -- the painkillers and the drugs to regulate her heartbeat. You know, all these vials -- they look so similar. I'm going to have to be extra careful to try and keep them separate because I -- I think it would be so horrible if she accidentally got too much of the wrong drug. At her age and in her condition, you know, she could just lapse into a coma or even die.

Luis: Well, that would never happen, now, would it, Beth? I mean, not the way you take care of her. Isnít that right?


Mrs. Wallace: Oh, yeah. The way she looks after me is something else.

Luis: So, what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh -- oh, well, I'm sorry, Luis, I'm more tired than I thought. I'm really not up to talking right now.

Luis: Well, we'll talk later, then, ok?

Mrs. Wallace: Yes, yes.

Beth: Ok. All right. I'm just going to take mother to her room, and I'll be back before you know it.

Luis: Ok.


Beth: Whoops. You try anything like that again, and I will kill you.

Mrs. Wallace: I canít let you take Luis away from Sheridan.

Beth: You have no choice. Now, you keep your pie hole shut, or you'll be in a hole six feet under.



Ethan: Thanks for allowing my mother to come back to the mansion. I know this means a lot to her.

Ivy: Yes, Theresa, I appreciate the offer, but I find it hard to believe that you would really want me living back in the house.

Theresa: Well, I can see why you think that, Ivy, after the fit that I pitched, but you're wrong. You are welcome back at the mansion -- with a few conditions.

Ivy: Oh, I knew it.

Ethan: Mother, Mother, hear Theresa out.

Grace: Yeah, I'm sure that Theresa will be more than fair.

Theresa: Once you're back, I donít ever want to hear you badmouthing me, my family, my heritage, or Little Ethan. Ivy, you need to realize that you are no longer the mistress of the manor, I am.


Ivy: What else?

Theresa: Nothing. You'll have access to everything that you did before -- the cars, the staff, your therapy. None of that will change.

Fox: I think my mother's met her match.

Sam: Ivy, this is great for you.

Grace: Yeah, you get to go home.

Ethan: We'll leave as soon as you get your things together.

Ivy: No. I refuse to accept Theresa's offer. I won't go back to the mansion.


David: Eve, the truth about your past will eventually come out, and with Liz here making threats, it could be sooner than later.

Eve: I know. You're right. I have to tell T.C. the truth before Liz does. 3E515E34.JPG

Liz: You know what I'm up to?

T.C.: Liz, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I see David Hastings with my wife.

Liz: I'm sorry, T.C. I just wanted to keep you from being upset any more.

T.C.: Yeah, I know.

Liz: I thought that Eve was stuck at the hospital, swamped with so much work and that's why she couldn't spend the day with you.

T.C.: Well, that's what I thought, too.

Liz: Well, listen, I am sure that she has a perfectly good reason for being here with David.

T.C.: Yeah, but what's the reason for her holding David's hand?

Eve: I was going to tell T.C. the truth before Ivy or Liz could, but now I just don't know if I can. 3E515E5F.JPG

David: Eve, you have to.

Eve: I don't know. I don't think that I can let T.C. know.

T.C.: Let me know what, Eve?


T.C.: What's going on, Eve? What are you doing here with him? I thought you were at the hospital, waiting for Antonio's latest test results.

Eve: Well, I was, honey. They came a lot faster than I expected them to.

Liz: Was there any change?

Eve: No. I called you on your cell phone.

T.C.: No, you didn't. You did not call me on my cell phone. My phone never rang because it was turned off. But, hell, that doesn't explain why you're sitting up here holding his hand. 3E515F49.JPG

David: I didn't realize that I was holding --

T.C.: Oh, you didn't realize? What's going on, Eve?

Eve: Nothing.

T.C.: Nothing? I come in here and I find my wife, who's too damn busy to spend the afternoon with me, in an intimate conversation with a man, holding his hand. And then I hear her say that she can't tell me something. What's this all about, Eve?

Eve: It's personal.

T.C.: Somebody please tell me. Liz, would you -- am I acting out too much on this? What's going on?

Liz: Well, T.C., it's really not my place to get involved.

T.C.: Liz, please, I am asking you your honest opinion.

Liz: Well, I will admit that finding your wife with another man is a little strange. 3E515F7C.JPG

T.C.: Eve, I think I need to speak to you privately.

T.C.: I want the truth, Eve. I -- I need the truth.


Pilar: How is he?

Sheridan: Still the same.

Pilar: I don't care what the doctors say. As long as my son is alive and breathing, there's a chance for recovery.

Sheridan: It breaks my heart to see him like this.

Pilar: I understand, but we have to be strong for Antonio's sake.

Sheridan: I know. And from now on, I will be.

Pilar: What do you mean?

Sheridan: I let Luis go. I set him free to move on with his life, to be happy, to get married, to have children. I know how much Luis wants that, and I know he can't have it with me. Not now. I've destroyed Antonio's life by being in it. I don't want to destroy Luis' by continuing to be in it. I had to let him go. I had to. He's free to be with Beth now. 3E515FE2.JPG


Beth: So, what did you want to tell me?

Luis: I just came from talking to Sheridan.

Beth: About Antonio?

Luis: He was part of it.

Beth: I don't understand. Did something happen?

Luis: No. Antonio's still the same, and the doctors don't see much chance of that changing, so, you know, it's possible he could stay in a coma for years.

Beth: I'm so sorry to hear that.

Mrs. Wallace: Liar.

Beth: I feel so sorry for Antonio, for your whole family. If there's anything that I can do for you or Sheridan, just let me know.

Luis: Well, actually, Sheridan's the reason that I'm here. 3E516010.JPG

Beth: Oh?

Luis: Yeah. She's determined to honor her vows that she committed to when she married him.

Beth: So what does that mean for you and Sheridan?

Luis: Means we can't be together.

Mrs. Wallace: No.

Luis: Sheridan feels like she's ruining my life, and for her own sake and sanity, she wants me to move on, you know, find someone else and start a family. The whole nine yards.

Mrs. Wallace: You -- oh, you did this, Bethy. Whatever you said to Sheridan made her let Luis go.

Beth: That is just the most noble thing I've ever heard. I mean, I've always admired Sheridan, but this -- this selflessness, , the sacrifice -- it just makes me respect her even more. 3E51604C.JPG

Luis: Beth, you're amazing. I mean, most women would -- look, knowing that I'm in love with Sheridan, most women would be jealous and angry, and you've just been so supportive and wonderful through all of this.

Beth: I understand. This isn't Sheridan's fault. I mean, it's just the situation. And the bottom line is I just want what's best for you. I want you to be happy.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, barf. Like hell you do. You've been doing everything you can to tear Sheridan and Luis apart. Well, I won't let you get away with it. Somehow -- somehow, I will stop you.


T.C.: Ok, Eve, what's this all about?

Eve: Well, it's not what you think. 3E51615E.JPG

T.C.: Then what is it? What are you not telling me?

Eve: T.C., you don't understand what a lot of pressure I'm under.

T.C.: How could I not if you don't tell me what's going on? What could you possibly tell David Hastings that you can't tell me?


David: You look like the cat that just ate the canary.

Liz: Excuse me?

David: I know you're out to cause problems between Eve and T.C.

Liz: I don't know what you're talking about.

David: You can cut the act, sweetheart. I know you're Eve's sister, and I know what you're trying to do to her.


Sam: Ivy, why are you turning Theresa down? 3E516187.JPG

Grace: Yes, Ivy, you said that you wanted to go home.

Ivy: To the house, yes, I do, but not back to the way Theresa treated me, throwing me, a helpless cripple, out into the snow.

Ethan: Mother, Mother, Theresa admitted what she did was wrong, ok? Now she's trying to make right by allowing you to come back to the mansion. Why are you refusing?

Fox: Theresa, you're a tactical genius.

Theresa: I guess I am. Everything is working out just like I knew it would. You know, Ivy wants to stay here to break up Sam and Grace so that she can win Ethan's father back. And when Ivy steadfastly refuses my offer, Ethan will come to see that his sainted mother is really a sinner, and then he's not going to blame me for throwing her out of the house. And when that wall between us is removed -- 3E5161B3.JPG

fox: Well, that's one less thing in the way of you getting Ethan back.

Theresa: Exactly.

Fox: Brilliant. Although, there is, well, one potential problem.

Theresa: What?

Fox: Well, if Ivy takes you up on your offer to move back into the mansion, you lose both ways. You see, Ethan's never going to see mumsy for who she really is, and, well, then you'll be stuck with Ivy back in the mansion.

Theresa: Oh, no, no. That's not going to happen. Ivy's not going to leave this house, not when she thinks she can make it a love nest with Sam.


Luis: Beth, I got to be honest. I feel really uneasy about talking to you about life after Sheridan. 3E5161DF.JPG

Beth: Oh, no, please don't. Here. We started to discuss our future back at the hotel before you ran into Sheridan and Antonio had to be rushed off to the hospital.

Luis: Well, yeah, Sheridan and I were finally going to tell him the truth, but we were just too late.

Beth: It's not too late for us. I know you love Sheridan, and you've made it clear that if you could be with her, you would be. It's been my choice to stick this out.

Luis: Yeah, I know. I just -- I feel like I've been going back and forth with you, and I hate that. Beth, the last thing that I want to do is to hurt you. You know, you're the most caring and completely selfless woman that I know. 3E516211.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: You poor, deluded man, Luis. Oh.

Beth: Luis --

Luis: No, look, I mean it. You know, you've been so supportive with this whole situation with Sheridan, and the way you take care of your mother.

Mrs. Wallace: No. No, Luis, you don't know how Beth is trying to manipulate you. You don't. All right. All right, I don't care what Beth does to me, I have to tell Luis how evil Beth really is. And then once he knows, he'll protect me because he is an angel. He is. He is an angel with a gun.



Grace: First Ivy boo-hoos about wanting to get back into the mansion, then she's given the choice, she turns it down. I told you, Sam, Ivy wants to stay here with you. The closer, the better.

Sam: You could be right.

Ethan: I do not understand why you won't come back to the mansion. Mother, the conditions that Theresa insists upon are more than reasonable.

Ivy: Maybe. But what if she comes up with something new and ridiculous just as a pretext to throw me out again?

Ethan: Well, I doubt that will happen.

Ivy: But you can't be sure.

Ethan: Mother, you have a chance to come home. Why not take it? Unless there's some reason that we don't know about. 3E5162FE.JPG

Ivy: No. No, there's no other reason.

Ethan: So what's stopping you?

Ivy: Nothing. I'll come back to the mansion.

Ethan: Great.

Grace: Well, all's well that ends well.

Sam: I'll take you upstairs so you can get your things.

Ethan: And I'll get your new chair. You might as well get some use out of it.

Grace: Well, why don't the rest of us go into the kitchen. We can have some coffee, tomato soup cake while we wait for Ivy.

Fox: Looks like somebody's plan backfired. Come on. Why don't you have some of that tomato ketchup cake pie thing, or whatever it was, that nauseating thing that Mrs. Bennett was talking about. 3E516347.JPG

Theresa: In a minute.

Fox: All righty. Well, I'll save you a nice big slice.

Theresa: Oh, damn you, Ivy. Damn you!

Ivy: Thank you. Thank you both.

Sam: Ok. Just let us know when you're ready to leave.

Ethan: Gwen and I will take you straight home.

Ivy: I won't be long.

Ivy: Damn you, Theresa. Damn you!


David: I know you're Eve's sister, and I know you're trying to ruin her life by exposing her past.

Liz: Well, then it seems the two of you are close after all. I mean, why else would she confide something so personal? Unless, of course, the two of you share a certain sense of intimacy? 3E516394.JPG

David: I don't like what you're implying. Eve and I are just friends.

Liz: Oh, no, I think you're more than just friends. You see, my sister has kept this secret from her husband, her daughters, and everyone else in this town for years. Now, why would she confide it to you? What's the bond between you and Eve? Are you lovers? Is that it?

David: No. We're not lovers. I'm in love with Grace.

Liz: Well. Then it must be something else. Perhaps a secret. That's it, isn't it? A secret. Tell me, whose secret is it, David, yours or Eve's?

David: How can someone so beautiful be so nasty? 3E5163D4.JPG

Liz: Thanks for the compliment. Bui I am after every secret that Eve has, and if you know some, then that's just gravy.


T.C.: Sweetheart, what could you tell David Hastings that you couldn't tell me, your own husband?

Eve: T.C., the pressure that I'm under --

T.C.: Honey, whatever it is, I can see that it's really got you messed up. But, honey, you're not alone. I'm here for you.

Eve: I wish I could believe that, but --

T.C.: Baby, when I said "for better, for worse," I meant it, ok? I want to help you work through anything. Anything -- I'll help you work through it.

Eve: Oh, T.C. -- 3E5163FF.JPG

T.C.: Eve, what could be such a terrible secret that you can't share with your own husband?


Mrs. Wallace: I cannot die without telling Luis the truth about Beth.

Beth: Luis, I'm flattered you think I'm so special, but, well, all I've done is love you.

Luis: That's why I want to --

[Knock on door]

Beth: Oh, that must be mother's home care nurse.

Luis: Oh.

Woman: I'm Mildred.

Beth: Beth. Please come in. Mother, you're supposed to be in your room resting.

Mrs. Wallace: Uh -- yes. I wanted some water, and I thought maybe Luis could get it for me.

Mildred: I'll get your water, Mrs. Wallace, just as soon as I get you snuggled into bed where you belong. Thank you. 3E51643B.JPG

Beth: Right here. Mother, you better stay in your room and keep your yap shut, or you're as good as dead. Do you hear me? Ok, just right there.

Mildred: Oh. It's a lovely home you have here, Mrs. Wallace.

Beth: Now, where were we?

Luis: Well, I want to talk about the future. Our future.

Mildred: I'll help you into bed, and then I'll get you a nice big glass of water.

Mrs. Wallace: Screw that. You have to help me. My daughter is trying to kill me.


David: Why are you hell-bent on destroying your sister's life?

Liz: Because she destroyed mine.

David: Everybody makes mistakes. 3E51652A.JPG

Liz: Well, Eve's mistakes didn't just affect her, they affected me, too.

David: You know, Eve's going to tell T.C. the truth about her past. And when she does, you're not going to have any more power over her.

Liz: Is that what she said? Because that's never going to happen. Eve is much too afraid of T.C. and her daughters finding out about her past-- about the drugs, and the booze, and the men. So many men. Eve is not going to let anyone know that she lied about her past all these years. So if there's one thing I'm sure of, I am sure that Eve will never come clean.



T.C.: Sweetheart, there's nothing that you can tell me, nothing that could ever change how much I love you. 3E516560.JPG

Eve: You really mean that, don't you, T.C.?

T.C.: Honey, of course I do. I love you. I'm here for you no matter what.

Eve: But I know that's how you feel now --

T.C.: Sweetheart, trust me, huh? Don't you trust me? Don't you believe in me? Believe in our love?

Eve: Yes, yes, I do.

T.C.: Ok, sweetheart, well, trust me. Tell me what has you so upset.

Eve: Ok. Ok, T.C., I'm going to tell you. I'm going to tell you everything.


Ivy: Oh, I'm on to you, Theresa, and your little scheme to make me look bad in front of Ethan.

Theresa: And Sam. Don't forget about him. 3E516598.JPG

Ivy: You never thought I was going to accept your offer to come back to the mansion, did you?

Theresa: Nope, I didn't. I don't want you anywhere near me or my son.

Ivy: Well, too bad, Theresa, because you've got me now.

Theresa: Wipe that smirk off your face, Ivy. I know you don't want to go back to the mansion. You want to stay here and cause more trouble for Sam and Grace.

Ivy: Yes. But thanks to you, no one else is going to think that, including Ethan and Sam. No, I really owe you one, Theresa. Not only did you make me look good in front of them, you made it look like Grace was wrong about me all along. 3E5165BF.JPG

Theresa: Well, they may be fooled, Ivy, but I know that you are a bitch on wheels.

Ivy: Yes, I am. And don't you ever forget it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think it's time for Sam to carry me down the stairs in his oh, so muscular arms.

Theresa: Not so fast, Ivy.

Ivy: Oh, Theresa, what are you doing? Theresa, god, don't throw me down the stairs.

Theresa: Don't worry, Ivy, the last thing I want is for you to take a little tumble. No, we've got some issues to settle, and you are not leaving here until we do.


Luis: Well, like I said, Sheridan wants me to move on with my life. But I've got to be honest with you, Beth, you know, I'm just not sure what I want. 3E5165F8.JPG

Beth: Well, of course not. You just -- you need time to think things through. But I want you to know that if you want me, I'll be waiting right here for you.

Luis: You know, that's ok. You don't have to do that.

Beth: No, I want to be with you, Luis. I love you, and I know I can make you happy. We could have a wonderful life together.

Luis: Well, you know, I'm still in love with Sheridan. That's not going to bother you if we're together?

Beth: No. Because I know once we're married and once you commit to me, you could never be unfaithful.

Luis: Right. Like Sheridan being faithful to Antonio. 3E516627.JPG

Beth: I can make you forget about Sheridan. I can make you happy, Luis. I can give you a family, a wonderful life if you just let me.


Mildred: Your daughter's trying to kill you?

Mrs. Wallace: Yes. She tried to kill me in the hospital. See, but the doctors and the sweet angels -- the sweet angels -- they saved me. And here I am at home now, and, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, I'm a sitting duck.

Mildred: Oh, but your daughter seems so nice. Why would she want to kill you?

S.S. Wallace: It's an act. She is evil to the core. Oh, all right, all right. Look, you know that nice young man who's sitting out there right now? 3E51665A.JPG

Mildred: Yes. Luis Lopez Fitzgerald. He's a policeman.

Mrs. Wallace: Bingo. Bingo, yes. Yes, you see, Beth has been trying to steal Luis away from the woman that he really loves, Sheridan Crane.

Mildred: You're joking.

Mrs. Wallace: No! No, she has been manipulating Sheridan and Luis, lying to them so that she would be the one to marry Luis. Oh, she is rotten. She is evil and wicked, wicked right to the core, and I know it. You see, that's why she wants me dead, t that I can't tell Luis that he's being suckered.

Mildred: You have to calm down.

Mrs. Wallace: No. No, please, please, please. You have to promise me that you're going to go out there and you're going to tell Luis what Beth is trying to do. You have to promise me. 3E51668C.JPG

Mildred: Don't worry.

Mrs. Wallace: You have to tell him to go away. Get Sheridan and go away. Go away.

Mildred: Mrs. Wallace, calm down. Being this upset isn't good for you.

Mrs. Wallace: Promise me that you are going to stop my evil daughter.

Mildred: All right, I'll take care of it. I'll tell Luis everything. All right.

Mrs. Wallace: Yes, yes. The jig is up, Bethy poo. It's up. Thank you. Thank you, sweet angels and saints. Thank you.


Eve: You need to hear the truth, and I need to be the one to tell you.

Liz: I'm sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to make sure everything was ok. 3E51677C.JPG

T.C.: Yes. Eve and I need a moment alone.

Eve: No. No, T.C., I want Liz to be here. And David -- David, too. I think everyone should hear the truth.

T.C.: About what, sweetheart?

Eve: I know who Liz's sister is.

T.C.: The horrible woman who did all those terrible things to Liz? You know who she is?

Eve: Yes. And I'm going to tell you exactly who she is.

Liz's voice: My god, I can't believe it. Eve is really going to tell.


Pilar: Thank you for being so selfless, for doing what's right by both Antonio and Luis. You're being true to your wedding vows and staying with Antonio and letting Luis go to have a life of his own without you. You are so noble, Sheridan, and I will never forget what a good and wonderful thing you have done. 3E5167C3.JPG

Sheridan: How could I not? I love them both.

Pilar: I know. Not many women would make the sacrifices that you have. Many of them are just out for themselves, just trying to get what they want, never stopping to think how it will affect others.


Beth: If you give me the chance, Luis, I'll make you happy. We even have Sheridan's blessing. She wants you to move on and be happy, and I can make that happen if you just let me. Everything ok?

Mildred: No, it's not. Your mother said some things - some very disturbing things. We have to talk now.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, Bethy, you can scald me with hot water, you can cut me with the scissors, you can even chase me around with an ax, but I will not let you win, Beth. Soon Luis is going to know what a lying, manipulative, evil girl you are, and then you'll lose Luis, but I won't lose my life.



Ivy: I know you were trying to show Ethan that I was out to break up Sam and Grace by refusing to leave. Well, guess what -- it didn't work, and now he is never going to believe any of the terrible things you say about me. And P.S. -- You are stuck with me at the mansion, where I am going to do everything in my power to make sure you never get Ethan back.

Theresa: Oh, yes, I will, Ivy, but you will never get Sam. You're out of his house, and I will find a way to get you back out of mine.

Ivy: And risk another fight with Ethan? I don't think so.

Theresa: Oh, god, how I hate you. And I hate the thought of having you back at the mansion even more. 3E51683C.JPG

Sam: What's going on up there?

Ivy: Sam.

Theresa: Mark my words, Ivy. I will find a way to get you back out on the street.

Ivy: No, Theresa, don't do it!

Theresa: Don't do what, Ivy? What are you talking about? Thereís no way that you can stay here now. See, once you're gone, Grace is never going to let you come back.

Ivy: Not if I have my way about it.

Theresa: Ivy, the days of having your way are over. I am going to get rid of you for good this time.

Ivy: What did you say?

Theresa: I said I am going to get rid of you for good this time!

[Ivy screams]

Sam: Ivy?


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Mrs. Wallace: It is over. You're going to be put away for attempted murder.

Julian: I heard what you were telling T.C. Are you out of your mind? He'll kill me if he finds out about our affair.

Ethan: If my mother dies at your hand, it is murder and I will make you pay.

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