Passions Transcript Friday 2/7/03

Passions Transcript Friday 2/7/03

by Eric

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david: Good morning, grace.

Grace: David, good morning.

David: I hope I'm not disturbing you.

Grace: Oh, no, not at all. In fact, there's some fresh-brewed coffee, and would you like some breakfast? 3E442C71.JPG

David: Well, I'd love some coffee.

Grace: Ok.

David: Thanks.

Grace: You know, I was going to stop by and see you later.

David: Oh?

Grace: To apologize for all those crazy accusations kay made last night about you working with ivy. I mean, imagine you working with that woman. You know, the very idea of it is just ridiculous. It's incredible that you would even associate with somebody like ivy, let alone do something as deplorable as try to breaupup a marriage, a family.

Ivy: Oh, we have our work cut out for us, david. We've got to speed things up, push harder.

Ivy: Oh, I'm really sorry about all the mess, sam. 3E442CBF.JPG

Sam: No need to apologize, ivy.

Ivy: Well, I mean, grace made that beautiful tray, anand I knock it over.

Sam: Look, don't worry about it, ok? Grace and I cleaned it up and -- look, I guess I'll take you downstairs so grace can fix you something else.

Ivy: No, it's just I don't want to be more of a bother than I already am.

Sam: You're not a bother, ivy.

Ivy: If it weren't for that wretched theresa kicking me out of my own home -- you've been just wonderful, kind, and generous to take me into your house. I know grace isn't thrilled with the situation.

Sam: Not in the least. Can't say I blame her. She's so suspicious of you. She thinks that you want to destroy our marriage so you can have me back. 3E442CEE.JPG

Ivy: Well, how do you feel, sam? Do you feel that way, too?

Tabitha: Psst. Listen, if I've ever needed your help, it's now. Kay is determined to expose me. And if she does, I'll be handcuffed, unable to wreak havoc in harmony, unable to do anything anywhere, for that matter. Oh, and everything was looking so promising. Sheridan and luis are being torn apart again. And what's going to happen to antonio is going to cause enormous pain for everyone. And then there's charity and miguel. There's eve, T.C., And liz. There's whitney, simone, and chad, ethan, theresa, and gwen. Not to mention fox. Bringing him back to stir things up was a brilliant move on my part. And, of course, i have countless other goodies baking in the oven, but everything will fall apart if kay outs me. 3E442D32.JPG

Voices: We are aware of that.

Tabitha: Well, then help me. You said you'd send me a helper, so send me one. I need one right now

voices: Your helper is already here.

Tabitha: Here? Where?

Voices: In your living room.

Tabitha: In my living room? But the only person in my living room is -- oh, no.

Voices: Yes, the helper we sent is kay bennett.

Tabitha: Kay?

Kay: Yes, tabitha. You called my name?

Tabitha: Oh. There must be some mistake. This can't be.

Kay: Tabitha, what are you talking about? I heard you call my name. 3E442D60.JPG

Tabitha: It can't be you. You can't be the one. No, it's a mistake.

Kay: Tabitha, what are you talking --

voices: No, tabitha. There is no mistake. Kay bennett has been chosen as your helper. She is the one!

Kay: Oh, my god. What is going on?

Tabitha: Believe me, god has nothing whatsoever to do with this.

Pilar: Dear god, what's happening?

Sheridan: Nurse!

Pilar: Hold on. Just hold on, antonio.

Sheridan: He can't die. Antonio can't die.

Nurse: Excuse me. We have a code blue in I.C.U. One.

Sheridan: Oh, my god, antonio's dying. He's dying. 3E442D9E.JPG

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Ivy: Well, what about you, sam? Do you feel the same way grace does? Do you think I'm trying to break the two of you up, too?

Sam: No. I don'T. You said you were over that, and I believe you.

Ivy: Well, thank you for trusting me, sam. 3E442E85.JPG

Sam: I just hope you're being honest, ivy, because my marriage means everything to me.

Ivy: Well, of course.

Sam: Grace and I talked this morning, and we realized how much we want our marriage to work, and no one can come between us unless grace and I let them, and that's not going to happen -- ever. And if someone were to try, well, I'd hate to even think what I would do to them.

David: You have such faith in me, grace.

Grace: Well, that's because you're a good man, david. I mean, you couldn't be involved in some plot with ivy to break up sam and me.

David: So I guess that story kay was telling you abt overhearing ivy and me talking -- 3E442EBA.JPG

grace: Oh, we know it's not true. And when kay went out in that storm, she hit her head, and it made her see all kinds of things. I mean, she even imagined that tabitha was a witch, and we know that's absurd.

David: Well, she did get a pretty nasty bump on her head.

Grace: Yeah. I'm just glad she didn't freeze to death in the storm.

David: I don't see her running away in a blizzard anytime soon.

Grace: I don't know. You know, her behavior has been so erratic lately, even before the bump on the head. I mean, you've seen it.

David: Ah.

Grace: And she says and does the most provocative things, and now she's fabricating this absurd story about you being in cahoots with ivy. Although I have to say that ivy would love it if I were out of the way so she could have sam for herself. 3E442EEB.JPG

David: What does sam think about all this?

Grace: Well, sam's a co he needs hard evidence, and he doesn't have any. Sam and I were talking, and he said that if we stood strong together that nobody could come between us. And he wants this to work. We want our marriage to work. I just hope this isn't hurtful for you, david, because I know I've been a little unsure about my marriage and our relationship and our past, even though I don't remember it.

Davi it's like I always said -- I just want you to be happy. I don't want you to be hurt. And you've been hurt a lot lately. I'm not going to lie to you, grace. I love you, and I want you back. But it's your decision. I'm not going to stand in your way. 3E442F31.JPG

Grace: You know, that's the difference between you and ivy. She wants sam back, and she would do something underhanded to get him. Wait a minute.

Davi what?

Grace: What if kay was telling the truth? What if she wasn't hallucinating?

David: Well, what do you mean?

Grace: What if she really did see ivy talking to someone about breaking up sam and me?

Kay: What is that? What's really down there, tabitha? And don't tell me it's just your plants.

Tabitha: You don't want to know.

Voices: Kay is the one we have sent you, tabitha! She will be the helper you need! 3E442F61.JPG

Kay: What -- what is going on?

Tabitha: Don't ask.

Voices: You have been chosen, kay bennett. You are to assist tabitha in everything she does.

Tabitha: But this isn't going to work. Kay's the wrong one. Trust me on this. She's not what I need. Send me something else, anything else.

Voices: How dare you question our judgment! We have selected the one who is to help you! Do not go against the forces who support you!

Tabitha: Ooh. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I beg your forgiveness. I don't know what got into me. I'm sorry I questioned you. On your knees, girl. 3E442F89.JPG

Kay: What?

Tabitha: On your knees. Be humble.

Kay: Tabitha, are you nuts?

Tabitha: Shh.

Kay: You're really scared, aren't you?

Tabitha: They've made their decision.

Kay: Oh, no. Uh-uh. See, I know what's down in your basement, tabitha. It's evil. Mm-hmm. And I'm not going to get involved with it again because I haven't forgotten what happened the last time.

Demon: Kay!

Second demon: Kay!

First demon: Come to us, kay.

Second demon: We have a very special place for you.

[Kay screams]

Demon: A very special place.

Kay: No! 3E442FAE.JPG

Zombie charity: You are going to die, right now!

Charity: It's blood! It's blood! The walls are bleeding.

T.C.: The pole is going to break.

Sam: Everybody back!

[Kay screams]

Miguel: No, kay!

Kay: Mom! Dad! Don't let me die, please!

Voices: Your work is done.

Kay: Let the former prevail, let the water turn to ice.

[Demons scream]

[Kay screams]

Kay: No way. Uh-uh. Not going to do it. Tabitha, I won'T. No.

Tabitha: You heard her. She said she won't do it.

Voice: It is your job to convince her, tabitha.

Second voice: Bring kay over to our side -- the dark side. 3E442FE5.JPG

Voices: Do not fail us again.

Pilar: Dr. Wirtz, what is happening?

Dr. Wirtz: Excuse me.

Sheridan: What's wrong? What's happening?

Dr. Wirtz: There's little indication of synaptic activity or neurotransmission.

Luis: "Synaptic"?

Dr. Wirtz: In layman's terms, his brain has stopped transmitting to our monitor.

Luis: What? Are you saying that --

sheridan: No, he's not. I mean, he can't be.

Dr. Wirtz: Antonio's still alive. His heart is regular, his breathing is normal, but we're not registering any consistent brain activity at this moment. I'll do everything I possibly can, that goes without saying, but I -- I do have to be honest with you. It doesn't look good. 3E443023.JPG

Sheridan: Antonio.

David: I don't understand. I thought you just said you didn't believe I was in a plot with ivy. Have you changed your mind?

Grace: Oh, no, no. David, you misunderstood. I didn't mean that kay saw you with ivy, but she certainly could have seen someone. I mean, ivy is capable of that. And what if she's up to her old tricks? You have no idea how difficult it is knowing that there's someone out there that wants your husband, and no matter what ivy says, I know she wants sam. Oh, just the part about you isn't true, but the rest of it -- uh-uh. I don't even want to think what I would do about ivy if I knew she was doing something underhanded, trying to destroy my marriage. I know that she's in a wheelchair. That wouldn't stop me from tearing her apart. 3E443122.JPG

Tabitha: Kay. Kay!

Kay: I was right about you, tabitha. You're a witch. Don't deny this. Don't even try to squeeze your way out of it, tabitha, because I have proof. I can prove you're a witch now.

Tabitha: Kay, listen, listen --

kay: No. Whatever the hell that -- those beasts are down in your basement, that is not normal. That's evil, tabitha. And I'm going to go get my parents and we're going to have an entire army of priests come over here and exorcise you and your basement.

Tabitha: Priests?

Kay: Everyone --

everyone is going to know the truth about you, tabitha. And when they believe me about you being a witch, then they'll believe me about david and ivy working together to tear apart their marriage. 3E443148.JPG

Tabitha: Well, they didn't believe you before.

Kay: Well, that was last night. When I hit my head, they all thought I was hallucinating. But now I have proof, tabitha. You just wait till thet a load of what's down in your basement. And then I'll show them this -- more proof that you're a witch.

Tabitha: Get away from me, you damn bugs. There must be a pest-control spell in this book sewewhere.

Kay: I can't wait to sell the movie rights for this. I'll make a fortune.

Tabitha: Kay, dear, listen to me. Kay: I'm going to have my parents come over and investigate the basement. Boy, they're in for a shock. But they'll see I was right, nonot only about you being a witch, but also about david and ivy trying to tear apart their marriage. 3E443173.JPG

Tabitha: Foolish girl, you can't send your mother and father down into the basement!

Kay: Watch me.

Tabitha: You don't understand. If you send your parents down to the basement, they'll never come out alive.

Sheridan: He can't die! He can't!

Luis: Sheridan, calm down, ok? Hey, just try and breathe.

Sheridan: Please, god.

Pilar: Luis, I think you should take sheridan outside. She shouldn't see th.

Luis: What about you?

Pilar: I have to be here to stay with my son. But, pase, this is too much for sheridan. Just take her outside and I'll call you if anything changes. Ok? 3E443198.JPG

Sheridan: Oh --

pilar: Please, god, don't let my son die. Please let him be all right.

Wle in

david: Do you want me to get that for you?

Grace: Oh, no. Ivy's going to eat downstairs.

David: Oh. You really are a saint, grace.

Grace: Huh. Hardly.

David: Come on. Cleaning up after her, cooking her a second breakfast, going out of your way for someone you don't even trust.

Grace: Oh, thank you. Well, you know, she's a guest in my house -- an unwelcome guest, but still a guest. I just can't wait for her to get out of here. Sam promises it'll be today. 3E4432A9.JPG

John: Good morning.

Grace: Good morning, john. Oh, what beautiful flowers.

John: Well, they're for you, mom.

Acace: Thank you. But why?

John: Because of last night. I was so scared I'd lost you.

Grace: Oh, honey.

John: With all those crazy things kay was saying about dad and ivy cooking up some plan, you and dad never having really been married, me not being your son --

grace: You know what? Kay didn't know what she was talking about, so you shouldn't take it to heart.

John: Well, I did last night. It was really upsetting, I mean, to think even for a minute that you weren't my mother. It was devastating. 3E4432D2.JPG

Grace: I know. It upset me, too.

John: But I knew none of it was true. I knew in my heart. I mean, my dad could never do something like that. Try to destroy somebody's marriage? Never.

Grace: Of course not.

John: And he wouldn't lie about something as important as who my mother was.

Sam: Where do you want me to put her, grace?

Grace: On the sofa.

Ivy: Oh. Thank you, sam.

Sam: No problem.

Grace: Ahem.

Ivy: Oh. This was so nice of you, grace.

Grace: Oh. No, not at all.

Ivy: Oh, hello, john.

John: Good morning, mrs. Crane. 3E443305.JPG

Grace: Well, I'm going to go put these beautiful flowers in a vase.

John: I'll help you.

Grace: Thanks.

Sam: I'm going to go grab a cup of coffee.

Ivy: We have got a problem.

David: You don't know the half of it.

Tabitha: If you send anyone down into my basement, they'll never come back. They'll be dead.

Kay: You're just saying that so the truth doesn't come out.

Tabitha: Oh, you dimwit. What do you think those things with the bellowing voices are going to do? Invite your family down for a bit of tomato soup cake? You said yourself that whatever's down there is evil.

Kay: Ok. Fine. So I'll send david or john down there instead -- or ivy, because I don't really care what ppppens to them. 3E44333F.JPG

Tabitha: Or anyone else. It's all about kay.

Kay: You know what? That's right, tabitha. I want them to finally see I was right, that I've been telling the truth about everything. I want my mother to finally have to admit that she was wrong and I was right. I'm not the liar she thinks I am. And I can't wait to see her precious john get tossed out on his butt. And david, his slime bucket father. How my mother can buy those two as legit and choose a stranger over her own daughter?

Tabitha: Oh, stop. You're breaking my heart.

Kay: Maybe she'll see that's what she's been doing with charity, too. Maybe she'll realize she's been putting her ahead of me, and maybe she'll see how wrong that's been, and I'll finally have my family back. 3E44336F.JPG

Tabitha: Huh. Fat chance.

Kay: That's all I want. All I want is to get rid of these people that have been coming between my family and me and miguel. I'm going to go call them. I'll have them come over.

Tabitha: Who?

Kay: My family, of course. I want them to see that I was right about you and I was telling the truth about david and ivy, too. It's the only way I'm ever going to get my life back, get what I want.

Sheridan: I'm just so scared. What if antonio doesn't pull through this?

Luis: Sheridan, look, we're going to fix this together. Come on, I love you. I'm not going to let you go through this alone. 3E4433A2.JPG

Sheridan: He can't die. He just cannot die.

Luis: Look, you remember what we talked about before, right? Sheridan, if antonio dies, it's not going to be easy for us to live together in harmony.

Sheridan: No. Every time people would see us together, we would think that they blamed us. Even if antonio's death weren't our fault, it'd just be unbearable.

Luis: So if antonio doesn't make it, we'll leave harmony. And, sheridan, we'll find somewhere else to live. I've already been looking into other places in the country. I've even checked about transferring to a new police department.

Sheridan: But it'd seem like we're running away. 3E4433C9.JPG

Luis: It'll be for the best. I mean, sheridan, it'd be a fresh start. After everything that's happened, we could use that. I mean, sheridan, you're right. There's just too many memories here. And if antonio dies and -- we are constantly going to be reminded that his death allowe us to be together. We're going to have to live with that every day.

Sheridan: It'll just be too hard.

Luis: And we're going to see it in people's es whenever they look at us. It doesn't matter if they feel that way, because our own guilt's going to make us think that they do.

Sheridan: Yes.

Lu:: Sheridan, it's going to eat away at us. I don't want that. And we've done nothing wrong. Guilt is a strange, insidious thing, and I'm just afraid if we stay in harmony, it's going to creep into our lives. 3E4433FE.JPG

Sheridan: M m afraid you're right.

Luis: Don't worry, though, ok? It's going to work out for us, you know? If antonio dies, we'll leave harmony right after the funeral. We'll leave here for good.

Beth: No way I'll let that happen. No way sheridan will take luis away. He's staying right here with me.

Singer: You are my passion for life

grace: I don't know where I could have put my good vase. Oh, you know what? It's in the upstairs hall closet.

John: I'll go get f for you, mom.

Grace: Oh, thanks. Do you want some breakfast? 3E4434C1.JPG

John: If there are any of those great muffins you make, I do.

Grace: I will warm some up.

John: Ok. I love you, mom. I don't care what anyone else says. I know you're my mother.

Grace: I love you, too, john.

Sam: Nice flowers.

Grace: Yeah.

Sam: Grace, is something wrong?

Grace: No.

Sam: Come on, you can talk to me about it, right?

Grace: I want ivy out of here. I don't want her in my house one more day. Seeing her in your arms, seeing you carrying her, carrying her from her bed -- I don't like it. I know she's up to something. 3E4434F7.JPG

Sam: Grace, we've been over this. If you believe what kay said last night, then you believe that david is working with ivy. Now, if you believe that, I will go in there and I will tear him to pieces, and I will push ivy out in the snow myself.

Grace: Uh-uh. I will take care of ivy. But, you know, I just don't think that david is involved in this.

Sam: Oh, yes, of course. You couldn't possibly believe that dear old david could be involved.

Grace: Look, I think that kay did overhear ivy talking to somomeone, but that it wasn't david.

Sam: Grace, why do you keep defending this --

grace: No, sam, just hear me out. I mean, the D.N.A. Test proved that john is my son. That means that david is for real. He is not lying. But I think that ivy might be working with somebody else. 3E443521.JPG

Sam: Well, if you believe that, I will take care of them. You better believe that, because I will never, ever let anyone get away with trying to destroy our marriage -- not ivy, not david, not anyone.

Ivy: Sam and grace are getting closer. They want to save their marriage.

David: I know.

Ivy: Well, we can't let that happen.

David: Ok, a little reality check, ivy -- right now their bonding is the least of our worries. We have a much bigger problem -- kay. She's on to us.

Ivy: I could care less about her.

David: She knows what we're up to.

Ivy: That was taken care of last night, david. Kay is a nonfactor. 3E443548.JPG

David: Last night, we got a reprieve. Believe me, she'll be right back at it again today. Mark my words.

Ivy: So what? Who's going to believe her? She got that bump on her fat head. Everybody thinks she's imagining things.

David: Ok, maybe right now, but soon, believe me, they're going to start believing.

Ivy: David, david, she was going on and on and on about tabitha being a witch. If that's not the ravings of a lunatic, then what?

David: Are you seriously trying to tell me that you think kay's finished with us, that she's just going to let this whole thing go? Hmm? 3E44356B.JPG

Ivy: I don't care.

David: Ok, kay knows the truth, and she's not going to stop until she's convinced everyone.

Ivy: Yes, well, no one is going to take her word for it.

David: So she'll get some proof, and believe me, it won't have to be rock solid.

Ivy: What do you mean?

David: I mean that grace is ststarting to wonder if kay is not telling the truth, at least as far as you being up to something.

Ivy: I can handle grace.

David: Ok, look, my advice is just don't even try, all right? Just leave, ivy. Leave before grace does get some proof, because if she finds out what you're up to, you're dead.

Ivy: Well, that's not going to happen because there is no proof. 3E443596.JPG

David: Don't be so sure.

Ivy: David, before anyone believes kay about you and me working together, she's going to have to convince them that tabitha -- the old lady next door -- is a witch. Kind of impossible.

David: I'm telling you, the girl is determined. But she's the kind of girl who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Ivy: Well, I know what that's like, because she's one of us -- a woman who will stop at nothing to get the man she loves.

Luis: Sheridan, we'll move as far away from here as we can get. Oh, we'll change our names if we have to, whatever it takes to make a fresh start.

Sheridan: But how can we? I mean, no matter how far I run, I will never be able to outrun my responsibility in antonio's death. 3E4435C5.JPG

Luis: Look, sheridan, this isn't your fault.

Sheridan: But he was in the car race where he had the accident because he was trying to pay off my gambling debts.

Luis: Yeah, but no one forced him to race!

Sheridan: No, look, I am guilty! I'm at fault here!

Luis: No, if anyone's at fault here, it's alistair.

Sheridan: What? My father?

Luis: Sheridan, the damage that he's done to you? The lies that he's told you your whole life? And blaming you -- blaming you for your mother's death, even blaming you for my father's death? Sheridan, it's not true. Hon, you were just a little girl. You didn't do anything wrong. And I hate your father for making you think that you somehow caused your mother's death. Sheridan, I still see the scars impounding you with that guilt. 3E4435FA.JPG

Sheridan: No, no. This is different.

Luis: No, sheridan, this is exactly the same. And his sick accusations are -- they're making you feel responsible for what's happened to antonio.

Sheridan: But I am.

Luis: No, sheridan. Sheridan, this isn't your fault. All right, these things happen. Your mother died because she was ill and -- come on, nobody knows what happened to my father, and -- look, if antonio dies, it's because of what happened in the car accident. It's not because of you. All right, no one is to blame.

Sheridan: I want to believe that.

Luis: Sheridan, believe it. Come on. You're a good person. You're a loving person. 3E44362E.JPG

Luis: We'll be together, huh? I'll take care of you. We'd have a wonderful life.

Beth: You are to blame, sheridan. You may have fooled luis, but I know who and what you really are, and a good person isn't it. Well, I will never let luis ruin his own life for you. Never.

 Claire: Oh, yes,

luis: Sheridan, you aren't to blame for any of this, ok?

Sheridan: You can say that, but I can't escape the feeling that if it weren't for me antonio would not be lying in there.

Luis: But that's not your fault. All right, but one thing is certain. If we stay in harmony, they're going to -- there are just too many reminders. All right, things here that are somehow going to make you believe that this is your fault. I'm not going to be able to stand that. I want you to be hap,, and I want you to be able to put all this behind you. 3E44372A.JPG

Sheridan: If we go away, you'll have to leave your family. They mean so much to you.

Luis: Look, you mean more.

Sheridan: Yeah, but to tear you away from them --

luis: It's my decision, ok?

Sheridan: No, it would be too hard on you.

Luis: Sheridan, I want to be with you, ok?

With you no matter what.

Sheridan: And I want to be with you, too.

Luis: Well, like I told you, I will leave my family. All right, I will give up my chance at heaven, anything, all right, everything to be with you.

Sheridan: Oh, luis --

luis: We'll have our own family, our children. They'll be our family.

Sheridan: Children. 3E443752.JPG

Luis: Yeah, we'll have lots of them. Remember, like we talked about? We'll be happy. We just have to think positively, ok?

Ivy: I just feel so guilty having you wait on me hand and foot, sam.

Sam: Don't worry about it.

Ivy: You've just been so hospitable and welcoming. You, too, grace.

Grace: Oh, think nothing of it.

Ivy: I honestly don't know where I would have gone if sam hadn't come to my rescue last night. I guess I would have been stuck out in that terrible blizzard.

Grace: Hmm. Well, it's not snowing today.

[Phone rings]

Sam: I'll get it. Hello. 3E443787.JPG

Kay: Hey, dad, it's me.

Sam: Kay.

Kay: Can you and mom and everyone come over here, please?

Sam: Is anything wrong?

Kay: No, no, I'm fine. Actually, I just had a really good sleep last night, and I'm seeing things a lot more clearly today.

Sam: Ok, good.

Kay: So I wanted to talk to you about what happened last night.

Sam: Ok, well, we'll be right over. Yeah. That was kay. She wants to talk to all of us about what she said last night. It appears she wants to clear things up.

Grace: Well, I'm ready.

John: Let's go.

Tabitha: Do you have any idea what you've just done? 3E4437BF.JPG

Kay: Yeah. I ended the game for you, david, and ivy. How does that old song go? "Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide"? Yeah, well, that's you, tabitha. Everyone's about to know you're a witch.

Tabitha: There's going to be hell to pay, and that's not just a figure of speech, either.

Kay: Those things down in the basement aren't going to stop me. If they could have, they would have by now.

Kay: So, here we all are again.

Grace: You sure you're all right, kay?

Kay: Oh, I'm fine. I told dad earlier I'm seeing things more clearly today.

John: Good.

Kay: Yes, it is good. It's very good, actually. 3E4438AF.JPG

Sam: Well, wh did you want to tell us?

Grace: Yeah, kay, tell us why we're all here.

Kay: First, I would actually like to thank you guys for coming. I wanted to talk to you about what happened last night. As I said, I'm seeing things more clearly, got a good night's sleep. My head's not hurting at all. It's auaually completely healed. So I know I made some shocng accusations last night, and I just wanted to clear those up.

John: You were mistaken, confused after hitting your head. I thought that all along, kay.

Kay: Perhaps you should let me say what I have to say.

John: Ok.

Kay: Because this is going to have a very big impact on all of you. 3E4438FD.JPG

Sheridan: Pilar.

Luis: Mama.

Sheridan: Is antonio --

pilar: The neurologist wants to talk to us.

Sheridan: Doctor, is --

dr. Wirtz: We were able to stabilize him. For now, the monitor's detecting slight brain wave activity again.

Sheridan: Oh, thank god.

Pilar: Did you hear, luis?

Luis: It's great news.

Dr. Wirtz: But as you know, the medicine we used in the treatment is experimental, so we still don't know how antonio will respond.

Luis: So what are you saying?

Dr. Wirtz: These next few hours are critical.

Pilar: But surely you must have some opinion.

Sheridan: You must have some idea. 3E443935.JPG

Dr. Wirtz: I wish I did, but the simple truth is I have no idea.

Luis: So what are you saying? We're back to where we started? Square one?

Dr. Wirtz: Not exactly. I'll be honest. That antonio hasn't regained consciousness don'n't helped. The longer he stays unconscious, the less likely it is that he'll come out of it.

Beth: As long as antonio doesn't die, it's all I care about, because if he does, sheridan will steal luis away from me. But if he remains unconscious, he'll be tied to sheridan for good, leaving luis to be with me.

Pilar: We just have to be strong and have faith, that's all.

Luis: It's going to be all right. 3E443975.JPG

Liz: Of course, she was upset, especially given eve's history.

T.C.: What history?

Kay: I'm going to get everything I want and then some.

Luis: I've lost her. I've lost her for good.

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