Passions Transcript Tuesday 1/28/03

Passions Transcript Tuesday 1/28/03

by Eric

Proofread By Linda

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Ivy: I can't believe what passes for normal in grace's family. I mean, charity just walked out of here like she was an extra in the "night of the living dead," and everyone acts like it's business as usual. I -- what am I saying? This is "hell house." It is business as usual. You know birds attacked this place, the walls dripped blood, the closets -- portals to hell. And on slow nights, house-wrecking demons come and suck this place into the bowels of the earth! Merciful heaven! I am doing Sam a huge favor by taking him out of this madhouse! 3E370574.JPG

David: Well, altruism is your Forte, Ivy.

Ivy: Seriously, David -- no, I am saving Sam from this bunch of lunatics. And when we're together, he's going to thank me for giving him a normal life.

David: I hardly think life with you would ever be normal. Besides, you're not doing any of this for Sam. You're breaking up his marriage and you're destroying his family for one reason and one reason only -- you want Sam for yourself.

Ivy: And you want Grace. We're even.

David: Unconscionable is more like it.

Ivy: Oh, please, David, save me another bout of conscience. You want Grace, and you will do whatever it takes to get her. You might not like it, but you'll do it until the Bennett's are bust and Grace is yours forever. 3E3705A5.JPG

Kay: Charity, what are you doing here? Hello? I asked you a question.

Charity: Kay, we've been looking all over for you.

Kay: Oh, well, what luck. You found me.

Charity: We're at Tabitha's.

Tabitha: Indeed you are, dear.

Charity: Weird.

Tabitha: And the smoke and the glow are something to do with the plants I'm growing in my basement. And as for the rumbling noise, I was just telling Kay that --

charity: No, no, it's just so weird. I was just at aunt grace's, and I had this premonition that Kay was in trouble, and then I somehow ended up here.

Tabitha: But Kay isn't in trouble. As you can see, she's perfectly fine. 3E3705D4.JPG

Grace: Charity? Kay, sweetheart, you're ok. Oh, thank god.

Sam: Oh, my god. Kay, honey.

Jessica: Thank god.

Kay: Hi, dad.

Jessica: We thought you were lost in the snow.

John: Injured, maybe even worse.

Tabitha: Oh, I'm sorry you lambs were all so upset. I was just going to call you and tell you that Kay was here when charity wandered in.

Grace: Charity, thanks for helping us find her.

Charity: Oh, no, it was just god answering my prayers.

Tabitha: Name dropper.

Kay: I think I should maybe sit down.

Grace: Oh, sweetie -- right here. Here's a chair. Honey, you're hurt. You know, I think we should get you to the doctor. Jess, would you call eve? 3E3705F8.JPG

Kay: No, no. No, I'm fine. Really, I just -- I hit my head when I fell in the snow, and it's not even bleeding anymore, so I'm -- I'm fine.

Sam: Oh, honey, you had us scared to death. We found your scarf in the snow near a good bit of blood. We thought that you'd passed out somewhere and would die from exposure before we'd find you.

Jessica: Oh, it's such a relief to see that you're ok.

John: Yeah, I'll say.

Grace: Hey, honey, you know what? I think we should get you home and into bed.

Sam: That's a good idea.

Grace: That's the best thing for you and the --

Kay: No. I'm not going home, mother. Not now, not ever. 3E37061E.JPG

Ethan: Pilar, I know you're upset about Antonio, but you cannot accuse Sheridan of murder.

Pilar: If you deny my son the medication to live so that you can be with his brother, it will be murder. Cold-blooded murder.

Sheridan: I don't know what to say.

Luis: No, I do. Mama, you've got to stop this. You can't accuse Sheridan of plotting murder when she's just trying to do what's best for Antonio.

Pilar: To knowingly take someone's life is murder, Luis. And if Sheridan refuses to let eve give my son that drug, she knows what will happen. Antonio will die.

Luis: Mama, you saw the tape. Antonio said that he did not want to become a vegetable, and that could happen if she gives him the drug. 3E370648.JPG

Sheridan: Your love for Sheridan is blinding you, mijo. To not give Antonio this drug would be the same thing as shooting him because Sheridan wanted out of her marriage so that she could be with you. How could I ever look at either one of you again, knowing that because of your desire for each other, you denied my son the chance to live? You would be no different than Cain, the killer of his brother, Abel.

Luis: You got to stop pressuring Sheridan like this.

Pilar: I told you, this is not about Sheridan! This is about my son! It is my duty as a mother to protect my child. And I swear to god, I will protect him, no matter what price I have to pay to see that he has a chance to live! Please -- please, give my son that chance. Don't do this, Sheridan. Don't do this. Or you will have Antonio's death on your hands! 3E37070E.JPG

 David: Gambling in Montréal is big business. Joy Ricardo has an amazing story. Helen Pelletier reports from Montréal on the next "100 Huntley street". Also we are going to look at life in the middle of the night. A real great slice of life. See you.

Sam: Kay, now, I know you're upset over what happened tonight. And I'm sure both you and your mother said some things that you didn't mean. But once you get a good night's sleep, things won't look so bleak in the morning, ok? We'll work things out with a nice, long talk over breakfast.

Kay: Daddy, I told you, I'm not coming home, ever.

Sam: Kay, honey, listen, we're -- we're all very tired and we need some sleep. Just come home tonight -- 3E370761.JPG

Kay: Dad --

Sam: With us.

Kay: I'm not coming home. And I am of legal age, so y can't make me come with you.

Sam: I know. It's just that your mother and I would really like you to come home with us tonight.

Kay: I know you do, but she doesn't.

Grace: Kay, please --

Kay: I am not coming home, and that's all there is to it, ok?

Grace: So where are you going to stay?

Kay: I'll find a place.

Sam: I'm sure you will. But as corny as it sounds, there really is no place like home.

Kay: Yeah, well, that's kind of what I'm hoping. 3E370787.JPG

Sam: Sweetheart, listen, I know things have been difficult, ok, but don't make things harder by going it alone. All right? We're here for you. We love you and we want to help you.

Grace: Kay, we're family, and we're not going to lie to you.

[Kay chuckles]

Sam: Mom is right, honey.

Kay: Dad, how can you possibly be that naive? Everything around us is a pack of lies.

Sam: What are you talking about?

Kay: People aren't what they seem. And they're keeping secrets -- big secrets. But I know the truth. I know the whole shocking truth.

Rebecca: There, Julian. Now forget all about Theresa. Just concentrate on little Julian. Now, think hard, Pookie. 3E3707C9.JPG


[Phone rings]

Rebecca: Excuse me. Hello?

Man: I have the information you want on Theresa.

Rebecca: And you're sure you have absolute proof?

Man: Positive. But it's going to cost you.

Rebecca: How much?

Man: A million dollars.

Rebecca: Uh -- I'll see what I can do.

Man: A million bucks, take it or leave it.

Rebecca: All right, I'll get you the cash. I'll be back in touch soon.

Julian: I gather that was your man with the dirt on Theresa?

Rebecca: Yes. He guarantees it will bury her.

Julian: Good. How much does he want? 3E370801.JPG

Rebecca: Well, not very much when you consider what you're getting in return.

Julian: But how much?

Rebecca: Well, it's vendetta value for your vendetta dollar.

Julian: How much?

Rebecca: A million dollars.

Julian: A million dollars? That is outrageous and out of the question!

Rebecca: But, Pookie --

Julian: Do you think I'm made of money?

Rebecca: Well, yeah. I mean, you -- you are a crane. Well, at least for the time being.

Julian: Excuse me?

Rebecca: Pookie, if you let Theresa get away with this, she might try to take that away from you, too.

Theresa: There must be something else that we can do for Antonio -- a specialist that we can call in on head injuries or another treatment that can save his life without tearing our family apart. Now, I will use all the crane money and power I can to find it. 3E37083E.JPG

Pilar: Theresa, thank you for offering, mija. But your brother's time is running out. Sheridan can either let your brother die or give eve consent to give him this experimental drug. It's Antonio's only hope. His fate and his life is in Sheridan's hands now.

Miguel: Mama, you don't really mean what you said to Luis and Sheridan, do y??

Pilar: Yes, I do. If Antonio's left to die, Luis and Sheridan will be dead to me.

Gwen: What is Sheridan going to do?

Ethan: If she honors Antonio's wish to die with dignity and not be a burden, Pilar will never forgive her.

Luis: Hey -- look, I'm really sorry you had to hear that. You know, my mother just -- she's so upset and so worried, she can't look at all sides of this. 3E370888.JPG

Sheridan: I know. I understand. I really do.

Luis: Well, I don't know what you decided to do, but whatever it is, don't let her change your mind, ok? You just stick to it.

Sheridan: I won't.

Luis: Sheridan, I will support you, whatever you decide -- even if it does cost me my family.

Sheridan: Luis.

Nurse: Excuse me. Dr. Russell just called. She's on her way with the experimental drug cocktail for Antonio. She wants to know whether you've decided to use it or not.

Sheridan: Yes. I've decided.

Ivy: David -- David, David, come on. We're both going to get what we want. You're going to have Grace, I'm going to have Sam, and no one is going to be the wiser. 3E37097E.JPG

David: I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Ivy: Why not?

David: Because of Kay.

Ivy: Well, if she's dead, then we don't have to worry about her, now, do we?

David: For god's sake, Ivy --

Ivy: No -- we don't even know that Kay has a clue that we're working together.

David: Have you forgotten about the party Theresa threw at the Escape? Kay was on the brink of exposing us.

Ivy: No, I think that if Kay really knew about us, she would have said something to Sam, no matter what I did to try to stop her. And she hasn't, so I think we're safe.

David: Ok -- we are vulnerable, you are delusional, and Kay is devious. She may be waiting to tell what she knows when it would do the most damage. 3E3709AB.JPG

Ivy: Well, if that's true, then I hope something bad really has happened to Kay. Because if she knows about us and if she has said anything to anybody, we are finished. Grace'll never speak to you again, John'll never forgive you, and worst of all, Sam would hate me -- forever.

Sam: What do you mean, people are keeping secrets? Who's keeping secrets?

Ivy: Damn it, David, I hired you to break up Sam and Grace. Now, just do it!

David: You know, I'm sick and tired of being threatened by you, Ivy.

Ivy: It's not a threat, David. Now, if you don't do what I hired you to do, I will tell everyone about your past. And we both know that that's not a pretty picture. 3E3709D8.JPG

David: You don't have to remind me about my past.

Ivy: Won't everyone be surprised when they find out that you're not married to Grace and that John isn't grace's son and that you lied about the whole thing?

Kay: What?

Sam: Answer me, Kay. Who's keeping secrets?

Kay: Well, for starters, David and Ivy. They're working together to try to tear apart your marriage.

Sam: What?

Kay: It's all a lie, dad. David isn't mom's husband. John isn't her son. It's all just a big, fat lie.

Julian: Your alleged informant wants $1 million before he'll give us the goods on Theresa? That is highway robbery!

Rebecca: Oh, come on, Pookie. A million dollars is pocket change to a mega-billionaire like you. 3E370A17.JPG

Julian: Au contraire, my sweet. A million dollars is a million dollars to anyone -- even a nouveau riche nerd like bill gates.

Rebecca: Well, I guess it just all depends on how badly you want to get rid of Theresa and how much you want to replace your wife with more pleasurable things.

Julian: Well, all right, I'll pay the money. Anything to get Theresa out of this house.

Rebecca: Ooh. I knew you'd see reason.

Julian: Wait. What are you doing?

Rebecca: Oh, I'm calling your personal banker. I'm sure my source would like cash.

Julian: This had better work. I must get up and running again. 3E370A4E.JPG

Luis: Sheridan, you're sure about your decision?

Sheridan: Yes, I'm sure. I've made my decision. And this is my decision. Now, I've listened to what everyone had to say. I listened to eve. I listened to you, Pilar. And I listened to what Antonio had to say on that videotape. But in the end, I listened to my heart of hearts and I let it and god be my guide. Tell Dr. Russell I want to go ahead with the treatment.

Pilar: Oh, gracias a dios.

Sheridan: I want Antonio to have the drug. I want him to have a chance to live.

Fox: I think Luis just lost aunt Sheridan for good.

Beth: Finally, finally, finally! I got what I wanted. Sheridan will be strapped to that veggie-boy husband, and, oh -- oh, Luis -- sweet, kind, loving, sex-on-a-stick Luis -- 3E370AA1.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Oh!

Beth: He'll be mine! He'll be all mine!

[Beth laughs]

Mrs. Wallace: The pain -- it's horrible.

Beth: Mother, did -- did you say something?

Ethan: I cannot condone you treating my flesh and blood the way that you've treated my mother.

Pilar: Be strong, hold on, and have faith.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis!

Luis: It's ok. I'm right here.

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