Passions Transcript Friday 1/24/03

Passions Transcript Friday 1/24/03

by Eric

theresa: One thing about you, fox, when you are wrong, you are really wrong. 3E31B78F.JPG

Fox: Mm-hmm. We, , not about this I'm not.

Theresa: Throwing ivy out of the mansion didn't cost me ethan. Nothing could do that. Ethan loves me and I love him.

Fox: Yeah, so you keep saying, like you're trying to persuade yourself.

Theresa: Wrong again. Ethan and I share a great love, and, yes, sometimes true love runs into a few unexpected curves, but in the end the lovers end up right where they're supposed to be in each other's arms. Now, ethan may not realize it yet, but I'm the only woman in his heart. I mean, he could never find real love with anyone else.

Fox: Oh, no? Well, what do you think he's doing right now in the room next door with his wife, huh, the woman he pledged to spend the rest of his life with? 3E31B7C2.JPG

Ethan: Are you sure that you're all right, mother?

Ivy: Yes, yes, ethan, darling, I am fine. I just hope you're beginning to realize what I was telling you all along -- that theresa is a heartless bitch.

Ethan: Well, there's two sides to every argumen

ivy: No, not this one. Theresa had no right to throw me out into the snow, no matter what I'd said.

Ethan: Are you -- are you sure there's nothing you need, mother?

Ivy: No, no. Nothing at all. Sam was so kind to bring me here to his own home. Your father's taking very good care of me.

Jessica: Kay will be home soon, won't she, mom?

Grace: Yeah, real soon, honey. 3E31B7F5.JPG

Jessica: She couldn't have gone far.

Grace: No, she couldn't, and, you know, with your father and john and david and everybody looking for her, I'm sure they'll find her. Sam knows where to look.

Jessica: Wewell, thanks for helping me with these sandwiches.

Grace: Yeah.

Jessica: You know, and I'm really sorry that I took you away from your conversation with ivy. God, what was going on out there? It seemed so tense. You guys were just staring so hard at each other.

Grace: Look, jess, there's -- there's really nothing for you to worry about.

Jessica: Sorry, I can't help it. Ahem, ivy -- ivy isn't here to take daddy away from us, is she? I mean, you and daddy aren't going to break up because of kay and ivy, are you? 3E31B81F.JPG

Sam: This is chief bennett. Any officers called in to report on my daughter? Yeah.

Tabitha: I'm here to make a request. I want my powers back -- all of them.


Tabitha: Just -- just give me a chance to state my case. I deserve to have my powers restored.


Tabitha: You know that I've spread evil to the four corners of the earth, but nowhere more successfully than right here in harmony. Let me continue the devastation. Forces of darkness, hear my plea. Give me back my powers and I will rain down destruction the likes of which the world has never known. 3E31B85C.JPG


Eve: Sheridan, I'm afraid we're really in a time crunch now. Antonio's condition is precarious at best.

Sheridan: I know.

Eve: You're going to have to tell me one way or the other.

Miguel: Sheridan? Make the decision, please.

Sheridan: Look, I just don't know what to do.

Pilar: Save my son's life. That's what you ha t to do.

Hank: Luis, what's going on?

Luis: Antonio's in a coma.

Hank: Oh, no. Is there anything they can do?

Luis: Maybe. Antonio left a tape saying that if he were totally incapacitated and unable to make decisions about his life that he would trust sheridan to make those decisions. There's an experimental drug. 3E31B8A0.JPG

Hank: You mean a cure?

Luis: His chances of being cured are practically zero.

Hank: But it's possible?

Luis: Well, most likely, he'll be a vegetable.

Hank: Oh, my god. That's the worst.

Beth: The worst? No, it'll be the best. If antonio is a vegetable, then sheridan will be tied to him for life. Nothing will stop me from getting luis.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, you are such a wicked, wicked girl.

Pilar: Give him the drug, sheridan, plsese. Have mercy on my son.

Eve: I know it's difficult, sheridan, but we really need a decision.


Beth: Look at them. Poor pilar, luis, miguel. The anguish on their faces. You have to give antonio that drug. If you don't, you know he'ldidie, sheridan, and luis' entire family will have no one to blame but you for his death. Can you let that happen? Can you really live with antonio's blood on your hands?

Pilar: Sheridan? What do I have to do to persuade you? Can't you see that giving my son that drug is the right thing, the merciful thing?

Sheridan: It's just that I don't think antonio would want to live his life as a vegetable.

Pilar: Is that it? Or maybe you're not sure you want to spend the rest of your life taking care of your husband. 3E31B9E9.JPG

Luis: Mama. Come on, that's totally unfair.

Pilar: You know, you keep talking about being unfair. Well, look at your brother, and you tell me it's fair to withhold the one chance he has at life.

Luis: Yeah, well, what if that chance results in him being totally incapacitated?

Pilar: Give my son the drug. Give my son hililife, please.

Sheridan: Please, you have got to just all stop badgering me. All right, I need time to think, and I want to do what's best for antonio, but this is my decision and no one else'S.

Fox: You know, I don't get this eternal optimism you have when it comes to ethan.

Theresa: It's not only optimism, fox, it's about true love. Ethan and I, we will always have coconnection. 3E31BA1F.JPG

Fox: Mm-hmm. Well, what about the connection that he has with his mother, our mother?

Theresa: Ivy has nothing to do with it.

Fox: Come on, of course she does.

Theresa: No, fox, ethan and I, we have a bond.

Fox: Well, what about the bond he has with mother? I mean, I told you how she was with him when we were growing up. She doted on him. She showered attention all over him while basically ignoring the rest of us. You know, most nights, the only time that iould ever see her was when the nanny would bring me downstairs to say good night to her, and even then she'd practically ignore me. She could only focus on one thing -- the apple of her eye, ethan. And now I know why. I mean, you know, he's sam bennett's son. 3E31BA4C.JPG

Theresa: I'm sorry that you had such a miserable childhood.

Fox: You know what, look, I di't't mean to go off about me, ok? We were talking about you and about how you don't realize what you've done tonight by throwing mother out. I don't see ethan ever forgiving you for this one. I'm sorry, I -- I don't see it.

Theresa: Well, you're wrong, fox. Ethan loves me.

Fox: You may think you mean the world to him, but the fact is he's married to another woman, ok, and he has only one mother, a lady confined to a wheelchair who you tossed out into the snow.

Ethan: Well, it sounds quieter than it s s earlier over there. Are you still -- 3E31BA71.JPG

ivy: I am fine here at the bennetts'. In fact, if I can't be at the crane mansion, well, then there's nowhere in the world I am more comfortable than right here in sam's house. Well, I that I'll say good night now, sweetheart.

Ethan: Good night, mother.

Ivy: Love and kisses to gwen.

Grace: Jess, there is nothing for you to worry about, all right? Nothing's going to tear your father and me apart, especially not ivy.

Jessica: Yeah, but, I mean, come on, the tension that I felt when I walked in that room --

grace: Ok, you know what, what you walked in on was just -- it was me about to tell ivy the rules of the house, ok? If she's going to stay here, she needs to know the rules and they need to be very clear. So -- you know what? No time like the present, huh? I'll be right back. 3E31BAA5.JPG

Jessica: All right.

Grace: No worries.

Jessica: Ok.

Grace: Ivy?

Ivy: Grace. Oh, is there anything I can help you with, anything at all?

Grace: Well, yes, actually. You could answer the question I put to you earlier. I want to know what you're really doing in my house, and I want you to tell me. And I want you to tell me right now.

Tabitha: Just imagine the damage I could do if I had my full powers back. Oh, where did that come from? As I was saying --

voice: Tabitha!

Tabitha: Yes? Oh.

Voice: Stop pestering us with pleas forour powers. Take care of your unborn child! 3E31BAEB.JPG

Tabitha: Oh. I've never hiccuped butterflies before. Ooh, it must be a symptom of a witch's pregnancy. I've got to find that book you gave me, find a cure for this latest quirk. But don't you lot forget about my request. I need to have my powers returned to me.

Voice: Silence! You will get what you need. As a matter of fact, we are sending you a helper.

Tabitha: Oh, no. I -- I don't want a helper, thank you very much. I'm hoping that that cracked connie and her main squeeze, demented cecil, never reappear.

Voice: You'll be more than pleased with the helper we're sending you this time. 3E31BB23.JPG

Tabitha: Oh? Who is it then? Who is this helper? Who are you sending me?

Sam: David, come in. Have you hooked up with john yet?

David: Yeah, he just joined me. Ok, listen, we're going to cover the northeast corner.

Sam: Ok, I'll see you on the other side

t the park.

Officer: Chief bennett.

Sam: Ellis, you find something?

Ofc. Ellis: No, but headquarters said you were in this area and I wanted you to know my partner and I searched here before. Nothing.

Sam: All right, I won't waste my time then. All right, keep looking, all right, and I'm going to go search in another area. Let's go. 3E31BB55.JPG

Kay: Daddy?

ivy: Ok, grace. You know, I'm just -- I'm a little bit confused because when we spoke earlier, you sounded like you knew exactly what I was doing in your house. Didn't you say you had some sort of premonition?

Grace: Yes, that you were trying to take sam away from me.

Ivy: So is this premonition like a dream or does it just hit you like a bolt out of the blue?

Grace: Actually, ivy, it was more kind of a wife kind of thing. See, it's no secret that sam and I are having a little trouble right now. I mean, kay is out there in this blizzard. 3E31BC5A.JPG

Ivy: And I know the trouble you've had with her, what, her being pregnant and all.

Grace: Ivy, all marriages veve their ups and downs. And sam and I will weather this storm. You should know that. Bottom line, ivy -- you don't stand a chance with sam because he's my husband, and I'm going to keep him forever.

Tabitha: So? Who are you sending to help me?

Voice: You needn't concern yourself with the helper identity. Just take care of your unborn child.

Tabitha: Why do you keep saying that?

Voice: Because we have plans for your evil spawn -- 3E31BC8D.JPG

big plans.

Tabitha: I have got to find that book on curing pregnancy ailments.

Voice: Yes. Now go, and do not bother us again.

Tabitha: Hmm.

Tabitha: Oh. At least I have some of my powers back. Oh, what should I watch? Ah, yes, sheridan and luis at the hospital. I wonder what's happening over there. Oh, the pain. Oh, the suffering. You see? If I had my powers back, I could do so much more.


Tabitha: All right, all right, I'll stop nagging you -- for now. 3E31BCE4.JPG

Eve: Ok, here's what we're going to do. It's apparent that sheridan needs a few more moments, and, since we are running out of town, I'm going to prepare the experimental drug cocktail. At least that way if sheridan decides to give antonio the drug, it will be ready.

Pilar: Good idea, eve.

Eve: I hope you find peace and clarity with your decision.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Pilar: Sheridan, I want to say to you --

luis: Mama, don't, ok? I think sheridan just needs to be left alone right now.

Miguel: Luis is right, mama.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Sheridan: Antonio, what should I do? You've done so much for me.

Theresa: Just because you don't understand why I threw ivy out of the mansion doesn't meant that ethan doesn'T. 3E31BE10.JPG

Fox: Oh, no, no, I understand very well. I mean, what you don't get is how attached ethan is to mother.

Theresa: Oh, yes, I do, but the bond that we have is much stronger.

Fox: You're the original hopeless romantic.

Theresa: Laugh. I don't care.

Fox: Well, come on, I mean, it's like -- it's like an old-time movie here. You know, the only thing that's missing is the popcorn.

Theresa: It's a movie with a very, very happy ending, I promise you that.

Fox: You are something else. I mean, sometimes I see you can be as hard as nails, and then other times you're just this starry-eyed dreamer.

Theresa: Well, it doesn't matter how you see me, fox. I just hope that someday you get to experience what ethan and I have, you know, the kind of love where -- where when you see that person or if you just, like, think about that person you get that feeling, you know, in the pit of your stomach. It's like -- I don't know, it's like going down that first drop of a roller coaster ride, or it's like seeing, like, the best fourth of july fireworks ever! 3E31BE51.JPG

Fox: Well, not to rain on your parade, but carnival rides end, and fireworks, well, they fizzle out.

Theresa: But the love that ethan and I have, that will never die, never end. Fox, love is incredible. It's the only thing that makes life worth living. And even though ethan doesn't realize it yet, I know he feels the same way about me, about us.

Ethan: It's such a relief knowing that my mother's ok.

Gwen: What was she saying to you on the phone? You gave me an odd look at one point.

Ethan: She said -- and I quote -- "enjoy being with your bride."

Gwen: Hmm. Well, how exactly do you intend to enjoy me? 3E31BE8E.JPG

Ethan: I'm mulling a few ideas over.

Gwen: Really? Well, then, mull away.

Ivy: Yoyou do realize that you're coming off as terribly insecure, don't you? But we'll get to that later. You've had your say. Most of it was not accurate and I would like to correct you on a few points.

Grace: Oh?

Ivy: Yes. First, you keep referring to sam as your husband. Well, grace, you and sam aren't married -- not legally, anyway. You're married to david. Second, you keep telling me you won't let me take your husband away from you? Well, back to my first point, grace, I don't want david. I wouldn't dream of taking him away from you. 3E31BEC0.JPG

Grace: Knock it off, ivy. I don't have time for your sarcasm.

Ivy: Well, I'm sorry that I don't have anything else to offer tonight, grace. I'm even sorrier that you think that I have some ulterior motive for being here. What, do you think that I tricked theresa into kicking me out of my own home?

Grace: No, I think she had an excellent reason.

Ivy: Ok, grace, I want you to get this very straight. You keep telling me you won't let me take your husband away from you. Well, from what I hear, you and sam are already apart. From what I hear, grace, sam sleeps on the couch. You haven't shared a bed in months.

Grace: How do you know that? How do you know the intimate details of my marriage? 3E31BEEC.JPG

Ivy: It's a small town, grac word gets around, and the word is that your marriage is over.

Tabitha: Oh, what would it be under, butterflies or hiccups?

Tabitha: Here we go. Spell for butterfly hiccups. Oh, let's hope if it works. "Buzzards eat gizzards. Reverse the sheer cocoon. Larva and pupa you will be very soon."

Tabitha: Well, I guess that did the trick. Oh, my. Oh, my.

Sheridan: I'm going to go to the chapel to pray.

Pilar: Well, I hope that the lord says to you what I've been saying all along. Give my son that drug. Give him a chance at life.

Luis: You know, all this pressure isn't helping her. 3E31BF5B.JPG

Pilar: Why should we be worried about helping sheridan when my son's life is at stake? And as for your behavior, well, I am terribly disappointed in you. You know, answer me this one question, please -- if antonio had said that the decision was up to you, his brother, what would you do? Why do you hesitate, luis? Is it because you know that if your brother lives, sheridan will be tied to him for the rest of her life and you won't be able to marry her?

Luis: No. Mama, I want what's best for antonio, ok?

Pilar: Do you really? Huh? Think about it. Can you answer me honestly and before god? If sheridan wasn't in the picture, if you weren't in love with your brother's wife, what would you do, luis, huh? Would you give him the drug?

theresa: Without love, life would be like -- god, I don't even know what life would be like because I've always been in love with ethan -- always. You're staring at me.

Fox: Oh, am I?

Theresa: Yeah, I get the feeling that I'm -- I'm boring you.

Fox: No, no, not at all.

Theresa: Well, I'm certainly not telling you anhihing you don't already know about love. I mean, I'm sure that you have or you have had someone very special in your life. 3E31C056.JPG

Fox: Not what you're describing, a great true love. I mean, I never even knew it existed. Never saw it firsthand, I mean, certainly not with my parents. I mean, ivy and julian were barely civil to each other. So this thing you're talking about, this -- this feeling you have for ethan? Totally foreign to me.

Theresa: Oh, the baby.

Fox: I didn't hear anything.

Theresa: Mommy ears.

Fox: True love. If it does really does exist, could I ever find it?

Grace: My marriage with sam is not over.

Ivy: You know what they say about protesting too mh.H.

Grace: Oh, it's no protest, it's a fact.

Ivy: Well, you do agree that attacking me indicates a terrible insecurity? 3E31C094.JPG

Grace: No, I don't agree to anything. I've been married to sam for 20 years.

Ivy: Well, sam was with me before he even met you, and we have a child together, although nothing has happened since.

Grace: Hmm, not for your lack of trying.

Ivy: You will not listen to reason, will you?

Grace: No, not when the reason is yours. And not when I have this strong feeling that someone is trying to undermine my relationship with sam, someone very close to me. And my feelings are always right.

Ivy: Ok, grace, you got me. Your feelings are right on the money. Someone close to you is trying to undermine your relationship with sam. 3E31C0C8.JPG

Grace: This I got to hear.

Ivy: It's you, grace. It's you. I think you want someone to come between you and sam.

Grace: Why would I want somebody to come --

ivy: Because you want to be with david.

Grace: Oh, that is nonsense!

Ivy: Is it, grace? Admit it -- aren't you the least bit curious about david? I mean, be honest. Don't you wonder what it would be like to be in bed with him, to feel his hands all over you? But you have led a pure and moral life. So you need an excuse to get away from sam, so you invent this scapegoat theory. You need someone to blame? Ok, I'm it, yours truly. Blame me. Fine, I'll take the blame. You -- you want something new. Grace, it's ok. You're human. I saw the way you looked at david, I saw the way you hugged him. I arard you tell him you loved him. 3E31C0FE.JPG

Grace: No, ivy, you are twisting things.

Ivy: Am I, grace? Can you honestly tell me you've never had a fantasy about david?

Kay: Got to find shelter. I'll die if I stay out here. Ok. There's got to be someplace I can go, somebody who'll help me. I can't go back to mother's house. Don't want to go back to mother's house. Judges can be pretty harsh! I think you've got the look but the singing is brutalhave any singing lessons? Yeah, i actually have a degree in vocal performance and opera. See what I mean? Nasty. Now this week it's a supersize 40 minute epsiode at a special time. Popstars the one. Right after friends thursday at 8:40. Global's got 3E31C1E7.JPG

luis: Of course I want antonio to live. Like I said, antonio wouldn't want to be a burden on anyone.

Pilar: Luis, I know that -- you know, I've said everything I have to say. And if you can't understand that, if you can't see it --

luis: Mama.

Hank: Luis, I wish there was something I could do.

Luis: You're a good friend, hank. Unfortunately, there isn'T.

Hank: I -- I heard the reason that antonio's in the coma is because you and sheridan were talking and she forgot to give him his medication?

Luis: Yeah, that's right.

Hank: That's got to be really rough on you.

Luis: And sheridan.

Hank: Do you think pilar and the rest of your family will be able to forgive her? 3E31C22A.JPG

Luis: I don't know.

Hank: If sheridan decides not to give him the drug and he dies, will they be able to accept you and her together?

Luis: You know, I don't care what my family thinks. I'm going to support sheridan no matter what. If it came down to it, I'd leave my family for her.

Hank: Are you sure?

Luis: Yeah. I love my family, but what I feel for sheridan is so strong. I can't live without her.

Sheridan: Lord, I need help. I need guidance. What should I do?

Tabitha: Oh. If I don't find a spell for this soon, I'm going to get airsick.

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, this should do. "Kites and griffins, unleash your prey." Oh. Oh, stone of bleeding crows, what have I done now? 3E31C28B.JPG

Ivy: Well, grace? Did I strike a chord? And if I did, so what? If you're fantasizing about david, big deal. I mean, is there really a sin in fantasizing about your own husband?

Grace: What about you, ivy? Do you fantasize about being with sam, making love to him? I know your marriage with julian was loveless. You fantasize about someone else being in your bed? Is it sam? Of course. Well, you know what, ivy -- all you've got is those fantasies, because I'm not going to let you into my house to cause pain, to stir up trouble here. You know, it's pretty funny, ivy -- you live up to that name that they call you behind your back -- poison ivy. 3E31C386.JPG

Fox: I feel sorry for you, theresa.

Theresa: Sorry? For me? Why? I've got everything -- a true love, a fabulous job, all the money in the world,

and a wonderful son.

Fox: Yeah, well, three out of four ain't bad.

Theresa: Three?

Fox: Li I I said, I know nothing about truelove, ok, but I do know my half-brother, ok, and no matter what you say about destiny or fate, he's never going to forgive you for what you did to mother tonight. Great job, money, power, wonderful son -- you've got all those things, theresa, you do -- but you don't have ethan's heart -- not now, not ever. 3E31C3BC.JPG

Gwen oh, ethan, I love you. Mmm, how I love you.

Ethan: And I love you. Only you.

Grace: I'm warning you, ivy, don't underestimate me.

Jessica: Mom, is everything ok?

Grace: Yeah, of course, sweetie. I was just making sure that ivy was aware of the rules of the house. You need some help?

Jessica: Well, yeah, I kind of needed some help in the kitchen.

Grace: Yeah, let's finish those sandwiches, huh?

Ivy: Oh, no, grace. Don't you underestimate me. Because soon I will have sam, and you will have -- nothing.

David: Where we heading now?

Sam: We're heading this way. Wait a minute, wait. What's that? 3E31C407.JPG

John: It looks like --

sam: It's kay's scarf.

Sam: Blood. Kay. Oh, my god.

Kay: Oh, my gosh, reese is right. Tabitha's really a witch.

Pilar: Why is it so hard to make this decision? Why can't they just give my son that drug?

Beth: That's what I'd do. I'd give him a chance at life.

Pilar: I'm glad you're here, beth. I alwa k knew I could count on you. You're a wonderful girl, full of faith and love.

Mrs. Wallace: I know what she's full of, and it ain't faith and love. It's more like wickedness and evil. Boy, pilar has got to wake up soon before beth destroys everybody's life. 3E31C46F.JPG

Luis: I don't know what she'll decide. But I do know whatever her decision is, antonio's fate's in her hands. In fact, all the lopez fitzgeralds' lives hanging in the balance. I just hope that whatever her decision is, god's with her.

Sheridan: Lord, what should I do? Please help me.

Kay: I am not hallucinating. Tabitha's defitetely a witch.

Gwen: She is relentless! She's always trying to ruin things between us.

Pilar: Your brother needs this drug. Without it, he dies.

Sheridan: I'm holding antonio's life in my hands and I just don't know what to do.

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