Passions Transcript Friday 1/3/03

Passions Transcript Friday 1/3/03

by Eric

kay: Let me guess. You made a little special snack for charity? You know, I'm the one who's eating for two now, mom.

Grace: You know what, kay? Don't start. I mean, it's the beginning of a new year, a chance for the two of us to take stock of the mistakes that we've both made. Now, maybe we can make a new year's resolution --

kay: No, save your sermon for your favorite, ok? Look, I don't suppose you would mind letting this out for me tonight so I can wear it to the wedding. 3E160826.JPG

Grace: I had no idea that you were going.

Kay: Well, y y wouldn't I?

Grace: Maybe because you made a complete spectacle at the last ceremony you were at?

Kay: Both of miguel's brothers are getting married tonight, and they're going to be my baby's uncles in a few short months. And pretty soon, I'm going to be a lopez fitzgerald myself.

Grace: You don't honestly think that miguel's going to marry you?

Charity: Don't be mad, aunt grace. She's right.

Pilar: Miguel, no one expects you too o to this wedding tonight, especially after what happened at yours.

Miguel: I'm going, mama. You know, I'm antonio's best man and I want to be there for luis, too. I've let enough people down lately. 3E160857.JPG

Pilar: Look, mama has a great deal of faith in the power of love, and I am praying for you and charity. But in the meantime, sweetie, you have never let me or this family down, so if you don't go, your brothers will understand.

Antonio: Mama?

Pilar: I'm right here.

Antonio: I hope you've got your dancing shoes on because I'm ready to celebrate right now.

Pilar: Say hello to miguel first.

Antonio: Oh, miguel's here? How you doing, miguel?

Miguel: All right. You know, I'm really looking forward to tonight.

Antonio: Yeah, I am, too. Hey, listen,'m'm sorry about what happened at your wedding.

Miguel: Forget about it. You know, I don't want my messed-up life to take away from how you're feeling today. 3E160882.JPG

Antonio: That's really big of you and I appreciate it. You know, sometimes I just can't believe that sheridan loves me enough to want to be my wife and not be someone else'S.

Mrs. Wallace: Ugh. You're a wicked, wicked girl, beth.

[Beth sighs]

Beth: I'm getting married to the man I love today, mother. Could you at least try to say something nice?

Mrs. Wallace: Sss! You see? You're already going straight to hell for keeping sheridan and luis apart. If you hadn't drugged luis, he wouldn't have passed out and then he would have met sheridan at the judge's office. But now that poor thing thinks that he didn't love her enough to want to elope with her! And you know perfectly well that he does. 3E1608B7.JPG

Beth: Well, it's about time sheridan knew how t felt to be second best with luis.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, really? Well, I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you, little missy. I mean, who's to say that sheridan and luis won't run into each other today before the wedding and then figure out what happened, huh? And then sheridan's going to realize that luis loves her and only her and you're going to be up the creek without a paddle. Won't that be too bad, huh?

Beth: Well, they're not going to get together and compare notes. I won't let it happen. Nope. Nobody's going to find out the truth.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, we'll just see about that, now, won't we, little missy? 3E1608E3.JPG

Beth: Mm-hmm.

Sheridan: I just wish I understood what happened. I was so sure that luis would show up. I was so sure that he wanted to marry me.

Gwen: I know that you don't want to question luis or make him feel uncomfortable, but I --

sheridan: No, no, I don't want to humiliate myself any more than I already have.

Gwen: But I really think you two should talk to each other. Please, sheridan, before you take this major step.

Sheridan: It's too late, gwen. Oh -- my mother's rosary. I wanted to carry it with me today.

Gwen: Well, where is it?

Sheridan: Oh, it's in father lonigan's office. I'll go get it. 3E160909.JPG

Gwen: I can get it for you.

Sheridan: No, that's all right. Thank you, though. I want to go take a walk, clear my head, stop thinking about luis.

Luis: I still can't believe that sheridan never showed up. We were so good together. I was almost positive that she was going to be there, hank.

Hank: Well, what do you think could have happened?

Luis: I don't know. You know, maybe she decided that she couldn't go through with hurting antonio. Now, what else could it be?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life 3E160A0D.JPG

charity: Aunt grace, I really appreciate your trying to make me feel better, but kay's right. She belongs at the lopez fitzgerald wedding. She's pregnant with their future niece or nephew by miguel. She's going to be a part of the family.

Grace: Charity, you and miguel love each other. You never know what can happen.

Kay: Thanks for that vote of confidence.

Grace: That's not what I meant, kay.

Kay: Yeah, I know what you meant, mom.

Charity: Please don't argue! Ok? I have given this so much thought, and I know what needs to be done. Miguel needs to be a father to the baby, a real father, a father who's there all the time. He needs to be with kay now. 3E160A37.JPG

Grace: So I guess this means you won't be going tonight. You know, I will be happy to stay home with you.

Charity: Thank you, but I'm going to go. I still care about the lopez fitzgeralds. I've been really close to them ever since I met miguel. And I always thought that pilar was going to be my mother-- anyway, I want to be there for her and the family.

Grace: Well, I hope you're happy. You've broken your cousin's heart into pieces.

Kay: I'm so sorry, mother. I know you wish it was my heart that was torn in tatters.

Grace: I'm not going to get into this with you right now, kay. But later on tonight, u u and I are going to have a talk and we are going to start this new year off with some new rules that you are going to obey. 3E160A80.JPG

T.C.: Hey, sugar bear, how you doing? Yeah, I just got in from practicing with your sister. Well, I'm going to take a quick shower before the wedding. No, honey, sweetheart, you have plenty of te e to do that before the wedding. All right. I love you more. Ok, bye.

Liz: I think I could use a shower myself.

Pilar: Come in, eve.

Eve: Oh, pilar. Oh, your house is just beautiful.

Pilar: Thank you.

Antonio: Hello, there, dr. Russell. Hey, is there any chance of me regaining my sight so I can lay my eyes on my beautiful bride today? 3E160AB3.JPG

Eve: I wish I could give you a definitive answer, antonio.

Antonio: It's ok, it's ok. You're off the hook. I think right now miguel i the one that needs a miracle here. You wouldn't happen to have any extra ones in your doctor bag, would you?

Eve: Well, I'm afraid I'm fresh out. How are you doing, miguel?

Miguel: I'll live. You know, I guess -- I guess I'm just in a state of shock right now.

Eve: If you need anything, anything at all, you let me know.

Miguel: Thanks a lot, dr. Russell.

Pilar: Eve, you want some coffee or something?

Eve: No, pilar, thank you. Actually, I just came by to give antonio a quick exam. 3E160AD1.JPG

Antonio: What? Come on. Why don't we give that stuff a rest. I'm getting married in a few hours here.

Eve: Yeah, that's exactly why you needn n examination. Now, we both know that any stress or excitement can aggravate your condition, so I thought I should make sure that your heart rate and your pulse are steady.

Antonio: I'll tell you what. I'll save you the trouble of evegetting your stethoscope out because I feel absolutely fine. I'm marrying the woman of my dreams ia a few hours, doctor. Nothing is going to get me down, not even my health.

Sheridan: Hello.

Luis: It's a big day for you and antonio, huh? 3E160B0F.JPG

Sheridan: To you and beth.

Beth: Get over here.

[Mrs. Wallace softly guffaws]

Mrs. Wallace: What did I tell you, you mean, sneaky little missy? Your little scheme is about to blow up in your not-so-pretty face.

Luis will never marry you not now, boo-hoo

charity: I love you, miguel. I will always love you.

[Knock on door]

Charity: Come in.

Grace: Hey, sweetie. I brought you something to eat. The soup might be a little bit cold. I can reheat it if you want.

Charity: No, thank you. I'm not really hungry.

Grace: You know, I really hate to see you this upset, especially when it's not necessary. I mean, I know that you and miguelavave really big obstacles to overcome, but I think that your love is so strong that you can do that. 3E160C33.JPG

Charity: I used to think so, aunt grace. In fact, last night, I was going to tell miguel that I would take him back if he wanted me, that we could spend our lives together.

Grace: Well, then what changed your mind? I mean, why did you send him away?

Charity: Kay. She helped me see how wrong my thinking was.

T.C.: Eve must have come back while I was in the kitchen.

[T.C. Laughs]

[Shower runs]

T.C.: Liz.

Luis: Well, I guess we both got our answer last night.

Sheridan: I guess we did.

Luis: Sheridan, I thought --

beth: Luis, you -- you can't be out here right now. You know, it's bad luck to see your bride before the wedding. 3E160C78.JPG

Luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: Beth's right you shouldn't be here.

Beth: And you shouldn't be out here, either. What if antonio comes by? Even if he can't see, it's bad luck for you to see your future husband, too.

Luis: Ok, then.

Beth: Ok. Coming, sheridan?

Sheridan: I was just going to get my mother's rosary from father lonigan.

Beth: Ok, well, come on. We'll call him from inside and tell him to have someone drop it by. Ok, come on. Let's go. Come on.

Hank: Come on, bro. Time's a-wasting.

Luis: I want to talk to her.

Mrs. Wallace: I won't let you get away with this wickedness, bethie! I won't! O>Cmo)o 3E160D9D.JPG

charity: Kay helped me realize how selfish I was being in trying to get back together with miguel.

Grace: Did she?

Charity: If I gave miguel my heart, I'd be going against everything that I believe in. And how could I live with myself knowing I was such a hypocrite?

Grace: I'm not sure that I follow.

Charity: I've always said that the most important thing to me in life was family values, a mother and a father raising their child together. And if I were to marry miguel, I would be condemning kay's baby to a life with one parent instead of two. And I know what it's like, aunt grace. As wonderful as my mother was, I always missed not having a father. So, as sad as I am, I'm grateful to kay for showing me the light. 3E160DDA.JPG

Kay: It won't be long now, little bambino. Pretty soon, I'm going to start to show. Then miguel's not be going to be able to ignore me or you anymore. And then I'm going to get what I've always wanted. I'm going to marry miguel.

Grace: The hell you are.

T.C.: Liz! I thought you were eve! I --

liz: It's ok, T.C. It was a natural mistake. I guess I should have locked the door. I just had no idea that anyone would be at home.

T.C.: But why are you in our shower?

Liz: The shower in the garage apartment's broken. I didn't think you'd mind.

T.C.: Of course not, but you just -- you just caught me by surprise. 3E160E16.JPG

Liz: Oh, yes, I imagine I did. I'm sorry I shook you up. I guess I should go get dressed.

T.C.: Yeah. Dressed. And I -- I will fix your apartment shower as soon as I get a chance.

Liz: No rush.

[T.C. Sighs]

Pilar: God, it kills me. It kills me that luis is marrying beth even though he's in love with sheridan. I just don't know what else to pray for anymore. First, theresa loses ethan and then this terrible tragedy with you and charity and now luis. Why has so much pain been put upon my family? I just don't understand it.

Miguel: I should probably go get ready for the wedding.

Pilar: Ok, mijo. 3E160E71.JPG

Pilar: Dear heavenly father, please have mercy over my children.

Antonio: Everything will be fine, dr. Russell.

Eve: Hey.

Pilar: How is he, eve?

Eve: Everything looks good. But I'm trying to get antonio to understand how he can't do too much.

Antonio: And I told you, I'll do my best, but this is the most important day of my life. And, you know, I'm marrying the woman of my dreams, and nothing is going to stop me from making sheridan my wife.

Beth: Sheridan. Oh, you're shaking. Must be prewedding jitters, huh?

Sheridan: Right. I guess it's only natural.

Beth: Oh, well, for you maybe, but, gosh, I've known luis for so many years, I'm just not nervous at all. See? Yeah, even though we were apart for a while, it seems so natural to be marrying him now. I guess we were just meant to be. Huh. And I know the two of you cared for each other, but that was before ntonio came into your life. The way I see it, everything's worked out for the best. You are marrying a man who adores you and, well, I'm back with luis. Hmm. Oh, gosh. I forgot my purse in the limo. I'll be right back, ok? 3E160ED1.JPG

Sheridan: Right. What?

Gwen: Oh, there is something about that girl I don't like or trust at all.

Luis: I wanted to talk to sheridan, hank.

Hank: Couldn't tell it from the way you two just stood there staring at each other.

Luis: It's called pride. And what was I supposed to do, ask her why she didn't show up in the judge's chambers to marry me?

Hank: Well, it's not like you were there on time yourself.

Luis: That's because I passed out for some reason, hank! At least I was there this morning! And when I heard that she didn't show, I -- I just don't get it. You know, she seemed so sure that she wanted to elope last night, and well, now she's marrying my brother. Now, I couldn't ask her what happened anyway because beth showed up. 3E160F0B.JPG

Hank: Well, it's not too late. It's not too late to talk to her, not till the weddings are over.

Luis: What's the point, hank? She's already made her decision by not showing up in the judge's office! You know, we promised we'd accept each other's decision as final. And besides, hank, you know she's done this kind of thing before. She kept telling me that she would tell antonio the truth about us, and then she would change her mind at the last minute. As much as I hate to admit it, it appears as though she's done it again. I just have to accept it and move on with my life, with beth. 3E160F35.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: She thinks she's so clever, that daughter of mine. Thinks she can keep sheridan and luis from finding out that she was the one who kept them apart. Well, no way, jose. No, luis is going to find out that she's the one who slipped him a mickey and then he's never going to talk to her again, are you, honey?

[Mrs. Wallace chuckles]

Mrs. Wallace: No way. And she's going to wind up an old maid, looking after her dear old mom for the rest of her life just like a sweet daughter should, huh? Luis! Luis!

grace: Do you have no conscience, no feeling for anyone besides yourself? Sometimes I feel like I have raised a monster.

Kay: What are you going on about now?

Grace: I was just in with charity. You manipulated her into believing that she should not be with miguel!

Kay: You call it manipulation. I call it doing the right thing. You know, sometimes I really wond about you, mother. Everyone around here thinks that you're the personification of goodness and morality, but here you are trying to get the guy that got me pregnant to desert me and hook up with another girl! 3E161005.JPG

Grace: What happened to you? How did you turn out like this?

Kay: Oh, what? Isn't this the way monsters generay y behave?

Grace: I'm sorry, kay. I shouldn't have called you that. I am just so upset by the things I see you doing lately, the way that you're thinking. Kay, and I see you doing these cold-hearted things, and it's like a knife through my heart. Please, kay. I'm begging you as your mother to please stop it. Please stop causing pain and suffering to people who don't deserve it!

Kay: Who made you judge of everything that's right and holy?

Acace: Charity and miguel belong together. And if you don't stop this, you are going to ruin their lives and I dare say yours and your child'S. 3E16104A.JPG

Kay: You know what you are, mother? You are nothing but a two-faced hypocrite. Don't look so indignant. You did the same thing to daddy and ivy. They were in love, she was pregnant with his child, and then you came along and you stole him away. So don't you dare stand there trying to act all pious and righteous with me because if I'm a monster, it's because I am exactly like you. Like mother, like daughter.

Sheridan: No. You're wrong. Beth's a good person. Sometimes I can't believe how decent and accepting she's been about luis and me since I came home.

Gwen: That is exactly my point. Sheridan, no woman is that understanding when it comes to losing the man they love to another woman. 3E16107F.JPG

Sheridan: But she hasn't lost luis. She's the one marrying him tonight.

Gwen: She is his second choice, and she knows it. I'm surprised she can even be in the same room with you. I mean, she must really hate your guts.

Sheridan: No. Not beth. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She's been such a loyal friend to both luis and me through this whole terrible time. I mean, it's not her fault that I got amnesia and met antonio, and it's not luis' fault, either. You know, if anyone's to blame, it's myself for letting things go on too long.

Gwen: Sheridan, please don't do this to yourself, ok? 3E1610A7.JPG

Sheridan: No, you know what? It's true. I was so torn between my love for luis and trying to do the right thing by antonio that I put the man that I love the most in a complete bind. He hung in as long as he could, but it was just a little too late. He gave me his answer last night when he stood me up at the judge's office. Luis chose beth, and I just have to accept that with some sort of grace.

Mrs. Wallace: Huh. Well, luis will never marry my wicked daughter once I tell him what she has done.

Luis! Luis, are you in there?

Luis: Mrs. Wallace. Hi.

Mrs. Wallace: Hi, honey. I don't mean to disturb you -- ooh. I know you're busy getting ready for the wedding and everything. 3E1610D8.JPG

Luis: Oh, I have always got time for my future momother-in-law.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh.

Luis: You ok?

Mrs. Wallace: Ooh, yeah, I'm fine. Isn't that dear of you to be asking? No, I -- I just thought it'd be a good time for the two of us to have a little chat.

Luis: A chat?

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, about my daughter. You know, there's just a few things I think you should know about bethie before you make her your bride.

grace: You couldn't be more wrong, kay. I had nothing to do with your father's split from ivy. I had no idea that they had a relationship, much less a child together until recently! 3E1611B6.JPG

Kay: That's not an excuse. You should have known.

Grace: Excuse me?

Kay: If you love daddy as much as you claim to, then you would have picked up on the signs, because it's not like ivy crane has ever been subtle about how she feels about dad! Mom, I think you knew and you just didn't admit it because it didn't suit your purposes.

Grace: Kay, that is enough.

Kay: I think it bothers you that daddy loved someone so much before he ever even met you. So you snagged him, and ivy crane had to pretend like ethan was julian's son instead of dad'S.

Grace: I said that is enough.

Kay: But as long as you got what you wanted, right, it doesn't matter that dad missed out on raising his firstborn son! 3E1611DD.JPG

Grace: Ok, kay, stop it!

Kay: Why? Am I pushing a button, mother? Does it hurt just a little?

Grace: Do you think I am worried about myself here? Because if you do, you are so much worse off than I thought, kay. I am frightened for you! I am frightened for your soul!

Kay: Ok, well, you go ahead and worry about my soul and let me worry about getting miguel, because I will. I will get him and I will keep him forever. That's the only thing I care about.

[Knock on door]

T.C.: Liz.

Liz: I hope you don't mind me letting myself in, I mean, after what -- you know.

T.C.: Don't be silly.

Liz: Is eve home yet? 3E161216.JPG

T.C.: Uh -- no. I'm -- I'm expecting her any minute now.

Liz: Oh. Darn. T.C., I -- I hate to ask, but do you think you could do me a favor? My zipper, it's stuck -- in the back? Could you --

T.C.: Um -- no problem. You smell good.

Liz: Oh, do I? It must be eve's bath soap. I hope she doesn't mind that I used it.

T.C.: No, I'm sure she won't mind. Maybe that's why your scent is so familiar.

Eve: What's going on?

Luis: Well, I've known beth almost my whole life, mrs. Wallace. Yeah, I don't think there's much you could tell me about her that I don't already know. 3E16125B.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Huh. Well, you'd be surprised. There's a lot more to beth than a lot of people realize, you know?

Beth: Psst. Luis won't find out. And don't you even think of telling him or sheridan, or you'll be sorry because you know what I am capable of, too.

Mrs. Wallace: Yes. Yes, I do. I know how evil you really are.

Luis: Mrs. Wallace? Mrs. Wallace? Hey, you ok?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, of course, honey. Oh, of course. I just -- I just wanted to make sure that you knew how close beth and I are. You know, well, you're probably going to think this is silly, but I am concerned that once you and beth get married she's not going to have the time for me that I'm accustomed to, you know? 3E161290.JPG

Luis: Hey, hey, hey.

Mrs. Wallace: Hmm?

Luis: You don't have to worry about that.

Mrs. Wallace: Hmm?

Luis: Mrs. Wallace, look, I have seen how much beth really loves you, and that's one of the reasons that I respect her so much. And you know family is very important to me as well.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Thank you. You are a dear, dear man.

Luis: All right.

Mrs. Wallace: Yes, you really are. I feel so much better.

Luis: Ok. So we'll see you in a little while then?

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah --

luis: Ok.

Mrs. Wallace: At the -- at the ceremony. 3E1612B1.JPG

Luis: Yes.

Mrs. Wallace: No! No, please don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me!

Beth: You are lucky dodon't break your arm right now. You will pay for this!

Mrs. Wallace: Ooh!

Beth: One more move like that and I will kill you!

Eve: T.C. --

T.C.: Got it.

Liz: Thank you so much, T.C. The zipper on this dress is such a pain. You are so lucky to have a man around the house, do these little emergencies for you.

T.C.: Sweetheart, I just heard from simone and she's on her way home to get dressed and then we'll leave for the church.

Eve: Church.

T.C.: Honey, why don't you go upstairs and get a nice, relaxing bath before you get dressed? 3E161392.JPG

Eve: Well, you know, I don't have time for a bath, so I guess I'll just have to take a shower. Did I say something?

T.C.: No. Nothing. Nothg g at all.

Eve: Don't you dare stand there and smile at me when you are putting the moves on my husband.

Liz: Who says I'm putting the moves on him? Maybe he's attracted to me.

Eve: Never.

Liz: Never say never, eve. I told you I was going to take everything away from you, and I meant it. Unlike some people in this house, I keep my word.

Grace: You can't possibly mean what you're saying.

Kay: You want to bet? Why is it so hard for you to understand that I deserve to be with the man who got me pregnant? I love miguel, mom! 3E1613C9.JPG

Grace: And he loves charity!

Kay: Well, then, he shouldn't have made love to me! I gave him my virginity, mom. We had sex, ok? And just for the record, it was really great sex.

Grace: No, kay, you know, I don't want to hear this.

Kay: Well, too bad! You're always saying that I should act like I'm more grown up. Well, guess what -- I am all grown up now, mom! I'm a woman. I'm a woman who's about to have a baby because I had sex and I liked it!

Grace: You know what, kay?

That doesn't make you a woman.

Kay: I don't want to fight with you anymore, ok? I'm going to have this baby and I could really use your support. But it's up to you. You can either be my mother, or you can be my worst enemy. It's your choice. 3E1613FE.JPG

Charity: I love you, miguel. I'll always love you. But you belong with your baby and with kay. I've lost you forever.

Miguel: I'm ready whenever you guys are.

Pilar: Miguel, are you sure?

Miguel: Yeah.

Antonio: Listen, miguel, I know how hard this must be for you, and if you want to stay here instead of going to the wedding, I understand.

Miguel: No, I'm going, antonio. I want to be there for you and luis. I'm not going to miss my brothers' weddings.

Antonio: Well, I know that we want you there.

Miguel: Well, then, let's go. Let's get you to the church.

Antonio: Ok, let's go. You know, I know this is going to be the happiest day of my life, I just know it, not only because I'm marrying sheridan, but because I get to share it with both of my brothers -- luis and miguel. I mean, luis -- he gave up so much when I left town, and, well, I feel like at least I owe him that much, and it's going to be nice because he's going to be marrying the woman of his dreams. Well, so am I. 3E161451.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Oh! Ooh! Don't -- would you let go of me!

Beth: Not until you tell me exactly what you said to luis.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Ow! Oh! I didn't say a thing! I was just wishing him good luck.

Beth: Oh, like hell you were. What did you say aboute?E?

Mrs. Wallace: Who said your name even came up, huh? And don't tell me that your conscience is bothering you since I know you don't have one! No, you are a wicked, evil, evil girl, beth!

Beth: Shh!

Mrs. Wallace: You're evil! And what you did was a terrible thing, and you're not going to get away with it. You're not.

Beth: Oh, yes, I will. 3E161472.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: No, you're not.

Beth: Yes --

mrs. Wallace: No --

beth: Yes, I will. Nothing is going to stop me from becoming luis' wife tonight. Do you hear me, mother?

Mrs. Wallace: Hmm.

Beth: Nothing and no one will stop me.

Hank: You better get a move on, buddy. Luis, we've been tight most of our lives. I was there when you started dating beth in high school. I was the one to push you two back together when I thought sheridan was dead. But i know you do not love beth the same way you love sheridan.

Luis: Hank, I'll never love anybody the way I love sheridan. 3E1614A0.JPG

Hank: That's why I have to ask you this -- can you really go through with this wedding tonight? Can you commit the rest of your life to beth when the woman you want to marry is sheridan?

Luis: I made a promise.

Hank: Promises before a wedding can be broken, but the ones that you make in front of god, your family, and friends in a church, those you have to abide by. Can you honestly tell me that you're not going to regret every single day of the rest of your life if you marry beth? Hmm? What about when your brother passes away and sheridan is left alone? How are you going to feel then?

[Luis sighs]

Luis: Be honest with me, luis. Can you really let go of sheridan and marry beth? 3E1614D8.JPG

Gwen: You look beautiful.

Sherid:: I wish I felt that way on the inside. Gwen, how am I going to go through with this? How am I going to marry luis' brother instead of luis, and why doesn't luis love me as much as I love him?

Gwen: Look, I will never understand why he didn't show up to elope with you last night, but I don't believe for a minute it's because he doesn't love you enough.

Sheridan: You weren't the one waiting for luis at the judge's office all night long. The fact that he didn't show up could only mean one thing -- luis has decided to marry beth instead of me.

Gwen: No, I'm sorry. I don't buy it. I will never believe that luis loves beth more than he loves you. Oh, don't make the biggest mistake of your life without being extra certain, sheridan. This is way too important not to try it again. If you marry antonio, you will lose ls s forever, and you've said it yourself -- once he marries beth, he won't break his commitment. So if you're ever going to right this wrong, you have got to do it now before it is too late, before the ceremony. Sheridan, you have to go to luis. 3E161525.JPG

Tabitha: I, tabitha lenox, am going to be a mommy.

Beth: I'm going to marry luis tonight.

Hank: Don't make a mistake you're going to regret the rest of youlilife.

Woman: Are you all set to walk down the aisle?

Sheridan: Yes, I'm ready.

Father lonigan: Then let us begin.

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