Passions Transcript Thursday 1/2/03

Passions Transcript Thursday 1/2/03

By Eric

man: Mrs. Crane, ethan, happy new year.

Theresa: Happy new year.

Ethan: How have you been, charlie?

Charlie: Fine, fine, thanks. Good to have you back. 3E14B68B.JPG

Ethan: Thank you. It's great to be back.

Theresa: I'm so glad that you took the job, ethan. I know that everyone's really excited that you're back.

Ethan: Well, I am glad, but what is going on here?

Theresa: Well, I thought it would be nice for the employees to have a little celebration, and then they can go home early to their own new year's eve parties.

Ethan: Well, the employees must be shocked. I mean, alistair and julian never did anything like this.

Theresa: Well, I thought it would be good for morale.

Ethan: I'm sure you're right. I mean, they'll probably work much harder for you if they know that they're appreciated.

Theresa: Well, I just treat them the way I'd like to be treated. 3E14B6AD.JPG

Ethan: You're amazing. And you are a natural for this job.

Mrs. Wallace: Angels in heaven, please forgive me for having such an evil child. What are you doing with that gun, beth?

Beth: I won't sit back while sheridan tries to steal luis away from me again. I have been patient, understanding. I even believed luis when he said that he'd be faithful to me, and it has gotten me nowhere. I don't care if I have to kill luis and sheridan both. They will not be together. No, luis will marry me, or he won't marry anyone, ever.

Mrs. Wallace: Evil. Oh, she is so evil! Please, sweet angels and saints in heaven, please forgive me for giving birth to such a hateful child, for having such a daughter who would even commit such a horrible sin -- to kill sheridanndnd luis in cold blood. Oh, no, please. Oh, please, no, no. No. No. 3E14B715.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Hear me, angels. Hear me, angels.

[Door opens and closes]

Mrs. Wallace: Beth. Oh, my god, you did. Oh, you killed sheridan and luis? You murdered them?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wgsgs of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Ethan: So, what's on the agenda today? 3E14B818.JPG

Theresa: Well, since fox is my new assistant, I had him put a list of projects together for us to review.

Ethan: Fox.

Theresa: Yes, your brother. There are some corporate acquisitions that I'd like to get your opinion on.

Ethan: If you're expecting my half brother to handle this, I'm afraid you're going to be waiting a long time, theresa.

Theresa: Really? And why would you say that?

Ethan: Fox has never worked a day in his life, and I'm sure he doesn't think this job has anything to do with work. He probably wants an office and an expense account. You need to be careful, theresa.

Theresa: I will. But he doesn't seem that bad.

Fox: Good morning, theresa, ethan. 3E14B84E.JPG

Theresa: Good morning, fox.

Fox: I compiled the list of acquisitions you were interested in, and I took the liberty of going on-line to get complete corporate histories. I also got bios on all the C.E.O.S and C.F.O.S involved.

Theresa: This is wonderful.

Fox: Ethan, there's a copy of everything on your desk, and I also reserved the conference room for the two of y to have your meeting later this morning.

Mrs. Wallace: Well? Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me you didn't kill luis and sheridan.

Beth: Shut up, mother.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, my god, you did. You did, didn't you? Oh, no, that means you're going to go to prison and I'm going toto be left here all alone. 3E14B881.JPG

Beth: I did go to luis' house, and I was going to kill him and sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace: But you didn't?

Beth: I overheard them planning to elope.

Mrs. Wallace: Elope? Oh, thank heaven. Thank heaven.

Beth: Do you want to hear what happened or not?

Mrs. Wallace: Yes. Yes. I'm sorry, please. Just go on, go on, keep telling me.

Beth: So sheridan was trying to get luis to go this judge's office, some friend of the cranes' -- I don't know -- so that they could get married tonight. But luis wasn't ready to agree. He didn't see how, you know, he could hurt me again.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, see? He's such a decent man. Too decent for you. 3E14B89D.JPG

Beth: But I told you to shut up!

Mrs. Wallace: All right, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

Beth: So, sheridan told luis just not to give -- give her an answer. She was just going to go to the judge's office and wait, and if luis showed up, then she'd know that he still loved her and s still wanted to marry her.

Mrs. Wallace: So, did he show up?

Beth: Luis was afraid sheridan might change her mind, so he gave her the same option. He said that if she showed up at the judge's office, then he'd know that she still wanted to marry him and she wouldn't change her mind.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, for god's sake, would you just tell me what happened? 3E14B8C4.JPG

Beth: Well, I knew that if I didn't do something, there was a really good chance that they were going to get married.

Mrs. Wallace: So you murdered them?

Beth: No. I found another way to stop them, to make sure that I would keep luis for myself.

[Knock on door]

Hank: Luis? Luis. What's going on? Luis? Wake up. What's the matter with you, man? Come on, buddy, wake up.

Luis: Hank? What happened? Where am I?

Hank: In your bedroom. I came here to help you get ready for your wedding. 3E14B90A.JPG

Luis: My what?

Hank: Your wedding. What's the matter with you, man? You tie one on last night, or what?

Luis: Last night. Oh, my god. Hank, what time is it?

Hank: It's after 10:00, new year's eve, your wedding day. Come on.

Luis: Oh, no. This can't be. How did this happen? This isn't possible.

Hank: I don't know what you're talking about. I came here to help you get ready, and you're out like a light.

Luis: Hank, I was -- I was going to meet sheridan last night. Hank, we were going to elope.

Hank: What the hell are you talking about? Elope with sheridan? What about your wedding with beth? 3E14B939.JPG

Luis: It's a long story, all right? I got to find sheridan. How did this happen? How did I fall asleep like that? I was -- hank, I got to get to the judge's office, all right? I got to -- I got to find sheridan. I can't let her think that I didn't want to marry her.

Hank: Come on.

Luis: Let's get the hell out of here before it's too late.

Gwen: Sheridan? Sweetie, wake up.

Sheridan: Luis, I knew you'd come.

Gwen: No, no, it's gwen.

Sheridan: Oh, gwen. What time is it? Don't tell me it's morning.

Gwen: Yeah, it's morning.

Sheridan: Oh, god. Luis, he didn't come? 3E14B970.JPG

Gwen: I guess not.

Sheridan: I must have been waiting so long, I fell asleep. How did you know I was here?

Gwen: Well, I got your message that you were hoping to elope with luis last night, and when you didn't call to tell me he showed up, I got worried, so I just traced you back to the first place you called.

Sheridan: He didn't come. He decided he didn't want to marry me.

Gwen: Are you sure? I mean, sheridan, maybe he had an accident. Maybe something prevented him from getting here.

Sheridan: No. No, he could have come if wanted to. Oh, gwen, I'm so embarrassed. I thought luis loved me the way that I love him. I thought he wanted to marry me, be with me. 3E14B997.JPG

Gwen: Luis does love you.

Sheridan: But he must love beth more. And he wants to marry beth, not me. Otherwise, he would have been here last night and we would be married. Gwen, I've lost him. My god, I've lost him forever.

Theresa: Fox, I'm impressed. I mean, you did everything that I asked for and more. Now, you showed a great deal of initiative.

Fox: Just doing my job.

Theresa: Well, like I said, I'm very impressed.

Fox: Thank you. Ethan, I hope you found the file helpful.

Ethan: It's quite thorough. I was just wondering who you paid to put it together.

Fox: You never change, ethan.

Ethan: Neither do you, fox. That's what scares me. 3E14BA92.JPG

Fox: Now, now, big brother. You're letting your paranoia show.

[Knock on door]

Whitney: Theresa? I hope I'm not interrupting, but --

theresa: No, no, no.

Whitney: Am I?

Theresa: Come in.

Whitney: Hey, baby.

Theresa: Hello. This is my new assistant, ethan's half brother, fox crane. Whitney russell.

Whitney: Oh. Hello.

Fox: Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you, whitney.

Whitney: Thanks. So, theresa, do you have time for some coffee or --

theresa: I've always got time for you.

Mrs. Wallace: Well? Bethy, don't keep me in suspense now. I mean, how did you stop sheridan and luis from getting married if you didn't kill them? 3E14BACA.JPG

Beth: I realized that I could get what I wanted without killing them. While luis was getting dressed to go meet sheridan, I saw him having a drink. Luis had no idea I was outside the window watching him, so when he left the room for a moment, I ran inside.

Beth: Put those tranquilizers that you gave me into his drink.

Beth: Luis came back inside with a clean shirt, and I watched him drink his drink.

Beth: He started to get woozy, and then finally he passed out on his bed. He was out cold. There was no way he was going to go meet sheridan at that judge's office.

Mrs. Wallace: So sheridan thinks that he didn'wawant to show up. 3E14BB22.JPG

Beth: Well, I'm sure she thinks that he decided he couldn't go through with dumping me again and marrying her.

Mrs. Wallace: How can you be so evil, beth, to destroy people's lives like this? Huh?

Beth: What about my life, mother? Huh? Am I supposed to just stand by while sheridan swoops in and steals luis away from me just hours before I'm supposed to get married, huh?

Mrs. Wallace: Bethy, bethy -- your wedding's a farce. You have tricked luis over and over and over again to try and get him to the altar.

Beth: No! I was protecting what was mine! And sheridan didn't get to take luis away from me again because I stopped her. So now sheridan thinks that luis chose me, not her. She thinks that it's over between her and luis, so, mother, luis is all mine. Today I am going to marry luis! Not sheridan, because I am going to be mrs. Luis lopez fitzgerald. 3E14BB6E.JPG

Sheridan: Cacan't believe it. I was so sure that he loved me.

Gwen: I am sure that he does. You have to go talk to luis and find out what happened.

Sheridan: No. I left it up to him. I told him that if he wanted to marry me, then to show up. Well, he didn't show up, so that's his answer.

Woman: Ms. Crane. You're back so soon?

Sheridan: Actually, I -- I never left. Things didn't go the way I planned.

Woman: I'm sorry to hear that. You were so excited and happy last night.

Sheridan: Yeah.

Gwen: You know, we should go, ok?

Sheridan: All right. You know what, gwen? No one can ever find out about this. But if word got back to antonio that I was here last night to marry luis, it would absolutely destroy him. 3E14BB9E.JPG

Gwen: I'm sure you're right.

Sheridan: Yeah. Excuse me. Can you please help me? If anyone should ask, I was never here. You can't tell anyone.

Woman: But the marriage license is right here.

Sheridan: Please, no one can ever know.

Woman: All right. If that's what you want.

Sheridan: It is. Thank you.

Man: Did you see judge watts dancing on the table?

Woman: With that napkin on his head?

Second woman: Priceless.

Sheridan: I still can't believe luis didn't come. I was so sure that he would show up and we'd get married. Just I can't believe it.

Luis: Come on. What's taking this damn thing so long? 3E14BBE1.JPG

Hank: Luis, that's not going to get us there any faster.

Luis: Look, I've got to get to sheridan, hank. And I can't let her think that I didn't show up because I didn't want to marry her.

Hank: You really think she'll still be in the judge's office?

Luis: I pray to god she is. All right, come on. Open up! Please, sheridan, please be there. Please don't let me be too late.


Fox: Oh, I see you're dressed for tennis. Are you any good?

Theresa: Oh, fox. Whitney -- she is, le,e, a major player -- on her way to the U.S. Open, wimbledon, the grand slam.

Fox: Really? Well, then I'm even more impressed with your beautiful friend here. 3E14BCFC.JPG

Whitney: So, your name is fox, huh?

Fox: Actually, it's nicholas foxworth crane, but I like to be called fox.

Whitney: It suits you.

Fox: Thanks. Listen, I play a little tennis, too. Maybe we could hit the courts at the club some afternoon together.

Whitney: Uh -- I'm not so sure.

Fo why not? Theresa, does whitney have a boyfriend?

Theresa: No. Maybe she just doesn't want to play with a novice like you.

Fox: Ouch. Ouch. I tell you what, I'll practice really hard, ok, and then maybe you'll give me a shot. 3E14BD20.JPG

Whitney: Um -- sure. Maybe.

Fox: Ok. Theresa, I'm going to take care of those phone calls for you. Again, whitney, it was a pleasure to meet you.

Whitney: Thanks.

X: Don't worry, ethan. I'm not going to hurt anybody.

Theresa: So, why didn't you want me to tell fox about chad? I mean, you guys are still together, aren't you?

Whitney: Oh, yeah, yeah. I just don't anybody to know. I mean, I can't take a risk of it getting back to chad or simone, that's all.

Theresa: Right. But why don't you play tennis sometime with fox? I mean, he's, like, a really nice guy.

Ethan: Theresa, don't be fooled by his oily charm, ok? He's on his st behavior now. Don't fall for it. Ok, fox -- he's trouble. He always has been. 3E14BD56.JPG

Theresa: Don't worry, ethan. I'll be careful. You know, I think he's really very sweet. I can handle him.

Ethan: Well, I hope you can. Anyway, I'm going to go look over these figures before our meeting, so, see you then.

Theresa: All right.

Whitney: So, what was that all about?

Theresa: It's about me getting ethan back.

Mrs. Wallace: Where did you get that dress?

Beth: I had touyuy it off the rack after you destroyed the gorgeous fabric that I bought.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I was just saving you the trouble of sewing a dress for a wedding that is not going to happen.

Beth: It's going to happen, mother. It's happening tonight. Tonight. 3E14BD8E.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: You are going to burn in hell. Luis doesn't want to marry you. He wants sheridan. You had to drug him, missy, to keep him from marrying sheridan last night.

Beth: Shut up!

Mrs. Wallace: You ju don't want to hear the truth, do you? The only way that you can get a man is to drug him, deceive him, lie to him. That's why you are going to go straight to hell!

Beth: Maybe I will someday, mother. But at least while I'm alive, while I'm in the here-and-now, I'll be happy because I'm going to be with the man that I love. Tonight luis is going to marry me. And nothing and no one is going to stop it, certainly not that bitch sheridan crane. 3E14BDC4.JPG

Sheridan: Oh, god. I can't stayere with all these people. I've got to get out of here.

Gwen: Ok, ok, let's go.

Hank: Luis, the judge's office -- it's over here.

Singer: You are my passion for life

luis: Sheridan? Sheridan? She's not here, hank.

Hank: I guess she left.

Luis: Yeah, she left because she thought that I wasn't coming.

Hank: Well, luis, call her, find out.

Luis: I can't stand it if sheridan thinks that I didn't want to marry her.

Hank: Luis, buddy, call her. You have her cell phone number?

Luis: Yeah, of course.

Hank: Then use it. It's not too late for you two to be together. 3E14BE84.JPG

Sheridan: I just don't understand, gwen. Luis made love to me just last night and told me that he wanted to be with me, marry me. Why didn't he show up?

Gwen: I don't know.

Sheridan: We were so connected. Our love was so strong, and I was so sure that luis felt the same way that I did. I just don't understand this.

Gwen: Sheridan, that's why you have to call him and ask him. Where's your cell phone?

Sheridan: No, no, I can't call him. All right, luis has made his choice. He didn't show up, and we both agreed that if one of us didn't show, that meant we made the decision not to get married.

Gwen: But you don't know for sure that's why he didn't show up. 3E14BEAB.JPG

Sheridan: Yes, I do. All right, I was in the judge's office all night long, and luis did not show up. He made his choice, and I'm just going to have to learn to live with it.

Singer: I don't know why the sky is so blue and I don't know why I'm so in love with you but if there were no music and I would not get through I don't know why I know these things but I do I don't know why I know these things but I do

woman: May I help you, gentlemen?

Luis: Yes. I'm looking for sheridan crane. Has she been here?

Woman: Sheridan crane? No. 3E14BF06.JPG

Luis: What about last night? All right, she was here then last night, right?

Sheridan: Can you please help me? If anyone should ask, I was never here. You can't tell anyone.

Woman: But the marriage license is right here.

Sheridan: Please. No one can ever know.

Woman: All right. If that's what you want.

Sheridan: It is.

Woman: No, I'm sorry.

Luis: Are you sure? Maybe she came after you lef last night, then.

Woman: No, I was the last one to leave. There was no one here.

Luis: Are you sure? Look, this is really important.

Woman: I'm so sorry, but I'm sure. Sheridan crane was not here. 3E14BF40.JPG

Luis: She didn't come, hank.

Hank: I'm sorry, luis.

Luis: You know, maybe she came after you left last night because the judge was going to be here and we were going to get married.

Woman: I'm sorry. I don't think so. Excuse me, I have to give these to the judge.

Luis: She didn't come, hank. I didn't miss her. She just -- she just never showed. She must have -- yeah, she changed her mind again.

Hank: Do you think that she couldn't stand the idea of hurting antonio?

Luis: That's why she changed her mind before. I guess she's going to marry my brother after all instead of me. /2b0=p z/˝gg 3E14C02D.JPG

Whitney: Wait, wait. What do you mean, getting ethan back? He's married, theresa. You got to let it go.

Theresa: Whitney, have you ever known me to let anything go once I set my mind on having it?

Whitney: No. But ethan's not an "it." He's the man that you loved and lost and he's married to gwen, who's expecting their first child.

Theresa: I know. But that doesn't have to be forever. I'm going to get ethan back, and fox is going to help me.

Whitney: Fox? What are you talking about?

Theresa: Well, didn't you see it? I mean how jealous ethan gets whenever fox is around. He's, like, worried that I'm going to be taken in by him and then hurt by him. 3E14C054.JPG

Whitney: Well, maybe you should be worried, too, theresa. I mean, he seems pretty slick to me.

Theresa: Whitney, fox is just a guy, ok? And like I told ethan, I can handle him.

Whitney: I don't know about that.

Theresa: Well, I do. And every time ethan sees me with fox, he gets really upset, which tells me ethan still loves me.

Whitney: You really think so?

Theresa: I know so. And I'm going to use fox to help ethan realize how strong that his feelings are for me. And once he realizes it, he won't be able to be with gwen. He'll know that he only wants to be with me. 3E14C076.JPG

Whitney: Theresa, I don't think you should do this. I mean, it's wrong. Ethan and gwen were married in a church. It's a sacrament.

Theresa: Well, it's not my fault that ethan lied to fathelolonigan when he told him that he loved gwen more than me. You watch, whitney. Ethan still loves me, and i am going to get him back.

Ethan: Fox. I wanto o talk to you.

Fox: Ok. Go ahead.

Ethan: I don't know what kind of game you're playing, but I'm warning you -- I'm watching. And one more thing. I want you to leave theresa alone. And whitney. They're two nice young women, and they're not used to dealing with guys like you. 3E14C0A6.JPG

Fox: What are you, their bodyguard?

Ethan: That's right. And I'm not going to stand by and watch you take advantage of theresa or hurt her in any way.

Beth: What do you think? It's pretty, isn't it? Do I look sweet and virginal, hmm? The perfect bride for luis?

Mrs. Wallace: Ha! Well, maybe sweet, but just wait till that poor guy finally sees you for who you are.

Beth: Luis loves me, mother. And I'm going to make him happy. A whole lot happier than that selfish wench sheridan ever could. I'm just not going to let her steal luis away from me this time.

Mrs. Wallace: What happens, though, if sheridan and luis find out about their mistake, hmm? 3E14C0DF.JPG

Beth: Well, they won'T. Sheridan thinks that luis didn't show up last night because he didn't want to marry her.

Mrs. Wallace: What if they talk about it, huh? What if they meet this morning and they have a conversation and realize what their mistake is, huh?

Beth: No. Uh-uh. No, no, no. They can'T.

Mrs. Wallace: What's to stop them? Nothing. And then when sheridan does talk to luis, she's going to find out that he really did want to be there last night, that he wanted to marry her, and it's going to be all over for you, missy. Oh, yes. Sheridan and luis are finally going to be happy after all, and you -- you will be left in that church all alone, looking sweet and virginal for nobody. 3E14C114.JPG


Beth: No.

Sheridan: This is all my fault, gwen. I let it go on too long. I kept telling luis that I loved him and I only wanted to marry him, but I just couldn tell antonio the truth.

Gwen: You were in an impossible situation, sheridan. If you had told antonio the truth and he died, you and luis would have felt so horrible.

Sheridan: It is an impossible situation, but I should have been stronger. I should have listened to luis in the very beginning when he wanted to tell antonio the truth. Luis and I would be together now.

Gwen: Ye, but antonio could have died. 3E14C140.JPG

Sheridan: Well, I'm sorry, but antonio is dying anyway. I mean, we all want him to live as long as possible, but eventually, he's going to die.

Gwen: Couldn't luis at least wait for you? I mean, why did he have to marry beth?

Sheridan: He said he couldn't put his life on hold and c couldn't stand to watch me marry his brother. Luis chose to marry beth. He doesn't want me anymore. It's just too late.

Hank: Luis, why don't you call her. Don't leave something like this to chance. She's got to have an explanation. Call her and find out why she didn't come.

Luis: Hank, I know why she didn't come. Look, sheridan made her choice. 3E14C16E.JPG

Hank: But you got here so late. She could have been here waiting for you. God!

Luis: The secretary said she wasn't here.

Hank: Maybe she was mistaken. Maybe sheridan was here and left before --

luis: Hank, she was never here, ok? I've just got to face it. Sheridan didn't come, and I've lost her. She's going to marry my brother tonight, and I'm going to marry beth.

Theresa: I know ethan's still in love with me. I mean, I can tell by how protective he gets when fox is around.

Whitney: Maybe it's because he knows his brother. Maybe he knows that fox is a womanizer or a user or something. 3E14C254.JPG

Theresa: Whatever, whitney. I'm going to use that to get ethan back.

Whitney: You know, I really can't believe that you are actually starting out the new year without learning anything from all of your past mistakes.

Theresa: I am starting out the new year more determined to get ethan back than ever.

Whitney: You're setting yourself up to get hurt again. So, what's this fox guy's story, anyway?

Theresa: Apparently, he's, like, the bad boy in the family.

Whitney: In that family?

Theresa: Uh-huh.

Whitney: Now, don't you think that's saying something, theresa?

Theresa: Oh, please. He's, like, harmless. But as long as ethan thinks he's a danger to me, well, see, that's better for me. 3E14C278.JPG

Whitney: Maybe you should listen to ethan, theresa. I mean, they have the same mother. Ethan's known him his whole life. I'I'm sure he knows fox well enough to have good reason to be worried about you. You're setting yourself up to get hurt really badly, theresa.

Theresa: I'm not worried.

Fox: How interesting, ethan, that you've taken it upon yourself to become theresa's protector.

Ethan: I know you, fox, and I don't want to see you treating theresa the way that you've treated all the other women in your life.

Fox: I'm working for her, that's all. But, you know, you'd better not let your new wife see this side of you. She may ben n to realize that your feelings for theresa are much more than just friendship. 3E14C2A3.JPG

Ethan: Not at all. I just don't want to see her hurt. Or whitney, for that matter.

Fox: Well, too late to throw whitney in the mix. You can lie to yourself, ethan. I'm not buying it. You're still in love with theresa.

Ethan: No, fox, I'm not.

Fox: Like I said, ethan, you can lie to yourself if you like, but I know I'm right. However, last time I checked, you married someone else, which makes theresa fair game. And being that I'm the only true crane here, it's my birthright to go after whatever I want.

Ethan: Are you saying that you want theresa?

Fox: Maybe I want theresa, and maybe I don'T. I haven't decided yet. 3E14C2DF.JPG

Beth: You're wrong, mother. There won't be time for luis and sheridan to talk because she's getting ready for her wedding with antonio, and she's going through with it because she thinks luis chose me.

Mrs. Wallace: What if luis finds out what you've done, huh? Do you think he's just going to stand quietly by while sheridan marries his brother?

Beth: Luis won't find out. And don't you even think of telling him or sheridan or you'll be sorry because you know what I am capable of, too.

Mrs. Wallace: Yes. Yes, I do. I know how evil you really are.

Beth: And you know that I will do whatever it takes, don't you, mother? No matter what I have to do, I will marry luis, antonio will marry sheridan, and there is not a damn thing in this world that is going to change it. 3E14C317.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Well -- we will see about that, now, won't we, bethy?

Gwen: Let me do it.

Sheridan: My makeup's running.

Gwen: It's ok, I'll fix it.

Sheridan: How am I going to stand at the altar and watch luis marry beth? How am I going to do this?

Gwen: Sweetie, I don't know. I wish you would call luis and find out exactly what happened.

Sheridan: No, I can'T. He's made his choice, and I don't want to make him feel uomomfortable. But how am I going to do this?

Gwen: Sheridan, you will get through this. I mean, you're one of the strongest women I know. You've been through so much already. You can definitely get through this. 3E14C34B.JPG

Sheridan: I just wish I knew what happened. I was so sure that luis was going to show up. I was so sure that he was going to marry me.

Gwen: I know that you don't want to question luis and make him feel uncomfortable, but I --

sheridan: No, no, I don't want to humiliate myself any more than I already have.

Gwen: Sheridan, I still think you two should talk to each other. Please? Before you te e this major step.

Sheridan: Gwen, it's too late. Oh, my mother's rosary. I wanted to carry it with me today.

Gwen: Well, where is it?

Sheridan: Oh, father lonigan's office. I'll go get it. 3E14C36B.JPG

Gwen: Well, I can get it for you.

Sheridan: No. Thank you, though. I want to go take a walk and clear my head, stop thinking about luis.

Luis: I still can't believe that sheridan never showed up. We were so good together. I was so positive that she was going to be there, hank.

Hank: Well, what do you think could have happened?

Luis: I don't know. Maybe she decided that she couldn't go through with hurting antonio. What else could it be?

T.C.: Liz --

mrs. Wallace: You know, there's just a few things I think you should know about bethy before you make her your bride. 3E14C3A0.JPG

Grace: I am fighting for your soul!

Kay: You can either be my mother or you can be my worst enemy.

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