Passions Transcript Tuesday 12/24/02

Passions Transcript Tuesday 12/24/02

by Eric


tabitha: Oh, not bad, not bad. This old tub is rather cozy. I had a pretty good night's sleep. 3E08D930.JPG

Connie: Take the tray, cecil. Pure silver, worth a bundle.

Tabitha: Put that down. What do you two think you're doing?

Connie: If you think we're going to lie down to die with you in that wooden box --

cecil: You've got another thing coming.

Connie: We're checking out of this dump and taking whatever isn't nailed down with us.

Tabitha: You devious dolls. Don't think I'm going to let you get away with this.

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, my timmy's martimmy shaker. Don't worry, timmy. I won't let those hellions from hades steal our memories.

Ethan: Hey, good morning, mrs. Winthrop.

Gwen: Oh, I love that way that sounds. And I love you, mr. Winthrop. 3E08D974.JPG

[Knock on door]

Gwen: Excuse me.

Fox: Oh, don't mind me, folks. Carry on.

Ethan: Actually, we do mind, fox. We're on our honeymoon here.

Fox: Understood. My apologies, but I need to borrow some cufflinks. I misplaced my last pair.

Ethan: Misplaced or hocked?

Fox: It's a mystery. The cufflinks?

Ethan: Top left drawer.

Fox: Many thanks.

Ethan: Where are you going that you need cufflinks, anyway?

Fox: There's a big wedding today. Faith, hope, charity -- somebody and some south-of-the-border irish guy.

Ethan: That's pilar's son miguel. He's marrying charity standish. She's grace bennett's niece. 3E08D99F.JPG

Fox: Which would make this charity person some kind of relative of yours, being that sam bennett's really your father.

Ethan: Yeah, that's right. She's my stepcousin, I guess.

Fox: So this miguel character is about to become some kind of step-in-law to me, too.

Ethan: Yes, I suppose so. Fox, why are you so interested in all this?

Fox: I'm not. What I am is late for a very hot date.

Ethan: With whom? You just got back into town.

Fox: With stepmommy. I'm taking theresa.

Chad: Hi.

Whitney: Hey.

Chad: How can anybody be so beautiful? How could I be so lucky?

Whitney: No. No, this can't be the right time. 3E08D9E0.JPG

Chad: Wow. It's morning.

Whitney: I can't believe I stayed here the whole night. What am I going to tell my parents?

Chad: Look, I'll come with you. We'll face your folks together.

Whitney: No, chad, that's not going to work, ok? I knew it was a mistake to come here last night.

Chad: It was no mistake, whitney. With everything that's been going on, we needed some time to be together.

Whitney: Look, I love being with you, I love making love to you, I love waking up in the morning in your arms, but if my father finds out I didn't come home last night, we're finished because he's going to kill us. 3E08D9FE.JPG

T.C.: I'm going to wake up whitney and get her out early for practice.

Eve: Oh, honey, it's christmas eve. Doesn't she deserve a little time off?

T.C.: You saw her lose that last match, eve. She should have blown that girl off the court. If she wants to contend for titles, it's practice every day from here on out.

Eve: Well, I'm not sure that she has time to get a practice in before charity and miguel's wedding. I mean, it's a morning ceremony.

T.C.: Well, she has to make time. This is what it takes to be a professional.

Liz: Oh, whitney, I sure hope you're at home. If not, there's going to be hell to pay. 3E08DA2C.JPG

Liz: Oh, whitney. You are in big trouble now. Big trouble.

Simone: Charity, you look beautiful.

Charity: Thanks, simone.

Jessica: There's only thing missing.

Simone: What?

Jessica: A smile. Why aren't you smiling, charity? I mean, this is your wedding day. You should be over the moon.

Charity: I would be, except --

simone: What? What's wrong?

Charity: Last night I had another premonition that really scared me. Sam was beating miguel up. My wedding dress was covered in blood and dirt. People were screaming. It was -- it was awful. 3E08DA5A.JPG

Simone: It just sounds like a really bad case of prewedding jitters.

Jessica: I completely agree with simone.

Charity: Yeah. It just seemed so real.

Jessica: Look, you love miguel, don't you?

Charity: Of course I do.

Jessica: And I know that he loves you more than anything in this world, so just relax.

Simone: Yes. Today is going to be the happiest day of your lives.

Jessica: Charity, you have to believe that. Otherwise, it's not fair to you or miguel.

Charity: You're right. I'm going to forget about all this stupid premonition stuff. Nothing is going to ruin my wedding. Today is going to be the happiest day of my life. 3E08DA89.JPG

Jessica: That's right.

Simone: Come on. Yeah!

Jessica: Let's get started!

Kay: "Today is the worst day of my life. The man I love with my whole heart and soul is marrngng the most insipid girl in the world. The last thing I want to do is go to their wedding, and I definitely don't want to be charity's maid of honor. And to top it all off, I feel lousy. I think I may throw up."


Jessica: Kay, we were wondering where you were.

Simone: Oh, look at charity. Isn't she the most beautiful bride you've ever seen?


Grace: David. Oh, my --

david: I must have fallen asleep.

Grace: Yeah.

David: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I didn't want to leave you alone last night. You were -- you were so upset.

Grace: You know, it was really sweet of you to stay till I fell asleep, but then you should have left, you know? I mean, I'm just glad that sam didn s see you here. I can't imagine what he'd do if he had.

Sam: How could you, grace?

Ethan: Wait. What do you mean, you're taking theresa to the wedding?

Fox: She asked me to escort her, and I agreed.

Ethan: Why you?

Fox: Are you saying I'm not respectable enough? You're probably right. But it is theresa's brother who's getting married, right? 3E08DBF6.JPG

Ethan: Miguel.

Fox: So she didn't want to go alone. Apparently father -- that would be julian to you -- is persona non grata with the coco lopez clan.

Ethan: Look, it's lopez fitzgerald.

Fox: Ay, perdon.

Ethan: Just don't get any ideas about theresa, all rig?? She's not one of your usual floozies.

Fox: As opposed to one of my unusual floozies?

Ethan: You've been warned, fox.

Fox: Let's see. Theresa broke up your and gwen's original engagement, almost married you, then ran off to bermuda, where she met julian, married him, got knocked up by him, and then delivered the baby while sentenced to death by lethal injection. Yeah, she's a paragon of virtue, all right. 3E08DC1F.JPG

Ethan: Yeah, she is.

Fox: Why do you care so much, ethan? You just got married to this gorgeous lady here. Why are you defending theresa this way?

[Knock on door]

Theresa: Good morning.

Gwen: It is like grand central station in here.

Theresa: Is my date ready?

Fox: At your service.

Charity: Happy wedding day.

Miguel: Happy wedding. Yoyou excited?

Charity: Excited and happy.

Miguel: Me, too. I can't even stay still. It took luis, like, 20 minutes to tie my tie, I was moving around so much. I can't wait to see you coming down the aisle.

Charity: I just hope that nothing bad happens like it did at ethan and gwen's wedding. 3E08DCF9.JPG

Miguel: Everything worked out between ethan and gwen. They got married.

Charity: You're right. You're right. Everything was fine.

Miguel: And everything is going to work out for us, too. You'll see. Today you're going to make me the happiest man in the world.

[Doorbell rings]

Charity: And me the happiest woman, miguel.

Miguel: I love you so much.

Charity: You're the love of my life, miguel.

Fred: Delivery. Say, isn't this the house where there's an evil girl who looks just like frankenstein?

Kay: Charity, it's for you!

Fred: Oh!

Jessica: Wow. Fred the florist himself delivered this? Cool. 3E08DD2E.JPG

Charity: Thank you. Your rose was just delivered.

Miguel: I said I'd send one every day until our wedding day, and that day is here.

Charity: Thank you for the most romantic wedding present ever. I'm kissing you over the phone.

Miguel: Soon it'll be in person.

Kay: Could this day get any worse? I'm going to be sick.

Simone: Kay -- what you need to do is pull yourself together. You are charity's maid of honor. You need to get ready. Eat some breakfast, take a shower.

Kay: No, I'm not going to eat any more breakfast ever again. I'm going to get dressed.

Connie: Usually bridesmaid's dresses are hideous, but this one's not bad. Take it in a little at the sides, and it'll fit perfectly. 3E08DD69.JPG

Cecil: You do your thing, connie. I'm going for the electronics -- P.D.A.S, video games, walkman. You name it, I'm stealing it.


Connie: Did you hear that?

Cecil: What?

Connie: Footsteps. Someone's coming.

Cecil: We'd better split.

Kay: This is the worst day of my life. At least my dress is going to fit.

Whitney: Um -- mom, dad, I --

T.C.: I came in to wake you up, get a little practice time in before the wedding, but you weren't here.

Whitney: Well, I can explain --

T.C.: No need to. I know exactly where you've been. 3E08DDBB.JPG

Whitney: You do?

T.C.: Yes. And, sweetheart, I'm so proud of you.

liz: Whitney, you left your rackets downstairs.

Whitney: I did?

Liz: Yeah, when you came in.

Whitney: Well, thanks for picking them up for me, liz.

Liz: No problem.

T.C.: Sweetheart, I am so proud of you. You must have been up at the crack of dawn to get in a practice and be home already.

Liz: Yes, she was. I saw her go out, and it was the crack of dawn, all right.

Whitney: Yep. Well, I knew that miguel and charity's wedding was today, so I knew that I had to get to practice extra, extra early this morning. 3E08DEC4.JPG

T.C.: That's my girl.

Eve: Well, speaking of the wedding, I think we all better get dressed for the ceremony.

T.C.: Yeah. We'll see you all downstairs.

Whitney: Ok.

Eve: And, liz, I guess since you don't know miguel and charity, you won't be going to the wedding.

Liz: Oh, no, no. I'll be there, all right. Pilar invited me as a friend of antonio'S. T.C., You be sure and save a dance for me.

T.C.: Oh, I will because you're probably the only woman in harmony who doesn't complain about my two left feet.

Liz: Oh, please. Don't tell me eve complains.

T.C.: Oh, yes, she does. She complains bitterly. 3E08DEE3.JPG

Liz: Really?

T.C.: But you know what? I love my beautiful wife anyway.

Whitney: How did all this happen?

Liz: I did it. I heard your dad saying he was going to come in and wake you up, so I messed it up and took the racket out of your closet.

Whitney: How did you know I wasn't going to be, you know, home?

Liz: I didn't know. I just -- well, I came up to borrow that pretty little gold necklace that you had on the other day.

Whitney: No, actually, you can't borrow it because I'm giving it to you.

Liz: No, whitney, come on. That's not even necessary.

Whitney: Please, please, liz. You have to let me just attempt to pay you back. You saved my butt yet again. Thank you so much. 3E08DF21.JPG

Theresa: Well, fox, I guess we better get going. We don't want to be late for my brother's wedding.

Fox: Whither thou goest --

theresa: Ok. Thanks.

Gwen: Well, this isn't exactly the first question I was expecting to be asking my new husband the morning after our wedding, but are you still in love with theresa?

Ethan: What?

Gwen: I'm not blind, ethan. I saw the way you were looking at her when she was with fox. Itit killed you to see theresa on your brother -- your half brother's arm.

Ethan: No, no, gwen, you are wrong.

Gwen: I -- ethan, I know what I saw.

Ethan: Gwen, it's just that I know fox, all right, and he's a cad. There's no other word for him. He's the worst kind of cad. He inherited the gene right from julian. And theresa -- I just know the kind of woman that fox is used to being with, ok, and theresa is not that kind of woman. 3E08DF5F.JPG

Gwen: Well, I really don't know what you're worried about. Theresa is not exactly free to date. She's still married to julian, remember? So it's not like she's in any position to have her little heart broken by fox or any other guy, for that matter.

Ethan: I am not worried. Look, let's just forget about theresa. I want to concentrate on you and our baby.

Grace: David.

David: Even though nothing happened between us last night, I think it would be a better ididea if I went out the window. That way, it would save you any embarrassment, you know, from --

grace: Yeah, because if anybody saw you, there'd be questions. You don't mind? 3E08DF90.JPG

David: No. I -- I just want to make you happy. Whatever makes you happy

grace: Oh, well, thanks. Ok.

David: All right. I'll -- I'll see you later.

Grace: Be careful on the trellis.

David: Oh. All right. Oh!

Grace: David!

Sam: What was that?

[David moans]

Sam: David, what the hell --

grace: David? David, are you all right? Take it easy.

David: Yeah, I'm ok.

Sam: Good morning.

Grace: Look, sam, I can explain.

Sam: I'm sure you can.

Grace: No, really. David fell asleep on our bed last night. Nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. Sam, you have to believe me. 3E08DFCC.JPG

Sam: Of course. That's why he was trying to sneak out the winw without anyone seeing him?

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 He is not a moron at all.

 I will not run again.

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Singer: You are my passion for life

grace: Sam, it's the truth. You're just jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Sam: Am I?

Grace: Sam, you have to believe me. This is all just a misunderstanding. 3E08E06F.JPG

Sam: Misunderstanding? David fell by climbing out of our bedroom where he spent the night with you. Now, what's to misunderstand?

Grace: Ok, sam, but nothing --

sam: Nothing happened between you. You told me.

Grace: Ok, sam, you just told me that we have to stop letting misunderstandings between david and me and ivy and you come between us.

David: Everything grace has said is the truth, all right? You know as we as I do, she's a virtuous woman.

Sam: Do I?

David: Well, you're a damn fool if you don'T.

Sam: Well, you're in no position to call anyone a fool.

Kay: Oh, no. What happened? 3E08E091.JPG

Grace: Oh, now what?

Grace: Kay, what is it?

Kay: My dress doesn't fit.

Grace: Oh, sweetie, it has to. I know I took the right measurements.

Kay: Well, obviously, you didn't, mom. Look.

Grace: Well --

jessica: Why don't you zip it up?

Kay: Because it won't zip, jessica.

Grac jessica. I dot know how this could've happened.

Connie: I bet old kay is fit to be tied.

Cecil: That's the only thing that fits.

Connie: Too bad. I wanted to wear that dress. Oh, well, kay's going to pay.

Cecil: In living color. 3E08E0BF.JPG

Kay: Mom, come on. Don't just stand there. Will you fix it?

Grace: Well, kay, I'm sorry, but we don't have time. I mean, we got to get to the church.

Kay: I cannot go to the church like this.

Grace: Ok, you know what? I'll get something you can put over it and it'll be fine. Look, here.

Kay: Mom, I'm going to look like I'm 110 years old!

Grace: Oh, sweetie, you will not. And, look, nobody will see that you can't zip up the back. It'll be fine, really.

Kay: Could this day get any worse? I'm going to go finish my hair.

Miguel: You look so beautiful.

Charity: What? 3E08E0ED.JPG

Miguel: I can see you through my window.

Charity: Miguel, no. Look away. It's bad luck to see the bride before she walks down the aisle.

Miguel: Charity, all our bad luck is behind us. We are getting married today. Nothing's going to stop us.

Charity: Ok, well, let's not tempt fate, ok?

Miguel: Ok, all right. I've already looked away. A matter of fact, I'm hanging up. I love you, and I will see you at the church.

Charity: I can't wait.

Luis: I can't believe our little brother is getting married -- and before we do.

Antonio: Not much before us. In a few days, you and I will be marrying the women of our dreams, luis -- sheridan and beth. Ow. 3E08E124.JPG

Luis: Antonio, hey --

miguel: Is it another headache?

Antonio: My medication's in the bathroom.

Miguel: All right, I've got you.

Luis: Come on.

Luis: That was a bad one.

Miguel: He doesn't look good at all.

Luis: His color's not good.

Miguel: I'm worried about him, luis. He might not make it to his own wedding.

Luis: Yeah. You know, it's funny -- I always hated antonio for running out on us and leaving me to take care of everything, and now that he's back and in so much pain, I don't want him to die. I want him to live.

Miguel: Even if it means you may never be able to be happy with sheridan? 3E08E15F.JPG

Luis: Look, I'm marrying beth, all right? I love beth. And I'm going to bhahappy with her, ok?

Miguel: What if antonio dies before the wedding? Then what? I mean, you're still going to marry beth, knowing that sheridan would be lonely and heartbroken for the rest of her life?

Miguel: Feeling better, antonio?

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, much better. We don't want to be late. You don't want to be late for your own wedding, do you, now? Let's get you going.

Miguel: No way.

Antonio: Let's get you to the church, mijo.

Jessica: What happened to you? 3E08E193.JPG

Grace: Oh, kay --

kay: I went to use my hairspray, and it was actually temporary hair color, and I didn't notice until it was too late.

Grace: Well -- but how on earth could that happen?

Connie: Must have been a defective batch.

Cecil: More like a defective doll.

Kay: Jessica, this is the same temporary hair color that you used for halloween. Did you do this?

Jessica: No. I swear I didn'T.

Kay: I can't go like this. I've got to go wash it out.

Grace: Kay, there's no time. You can't wash your hair.

Charity: Kay, kay, it really doesn't lookadad. In fact, it matches your dress. 3E08E1BC.JPG

[Doorbell rings]

Simone: Tabitha, hey. Come on in.

Tabitha: Thank you, dear. Oh, look at all your lovely, fresh faces. And blue hair. Oh, charity, you do look beautiful. But why wouldn't you on your big day?

Charity: I'm so excited.

Tabitha: Could I just have a little word with you, dear? I just popped over to wish you all the happiness in the world and to ask you to take care of my dear timmy's heart now that you're setting forth on your journey through life as a married woman.

Charity: Tabitha, you know I'll take the best care. And I can't thank you and timmy enough for the sacrifice that you made. But why do you act as if you're not going to be there to see it for yourself? 3E08E1EF.JPG

Tabitha: Well, I'm -- I'm going on a little trip, so I won't be around for a while.

Charity: You're not going to be there for the wedding?

Tabitha: No, I'm afraid not, dear. Now that my timmy's gone, I just don't like going to big events. Everything changed for me once the little lad died.

Sam: All right. Everyone ready to go? Kay, honey, what's that on your head?

Kay: My hair, daddy.

Sam: What?

Jessica: Don't ask.

Kay: Ok, you know what? I'm going to wash it out. I cannot go in public like this.

Jessica: Oh, no --

grace: Kay, we have to go, and you're the maid of honor, sweetie. 3E08E210.JPG

Sam: Your mother's right. There's no way you're missing charity's wedding. Besides, your dress and your hair are pretty much a match. And you'll certainly stand out in the crowd.

Jessica: Ah.

Kay: Why not? As long as my life is going to end, I may as well go down in flames.

Sam: Hello, tabitha.

Tabitha: You're looking very handsome, sam.

Sam: Thank you. Do you need a ride to the church?

Tabitha: No, thank you. I'm not going.

Charity: I tried to convince her to go, but --

tabitha: I'm just not feeling up to it. You all go and have a lovely time. You can tell me about it later. 3E08E22F.JPG

Sam: Ok. All right. Let's go.

Charity: Ok.

Jessica: Allow me.

Charity: Thank you.

Tabitha: It may break kay's heart to see miguel marry charity. It's going to be a lot worse for me. This marriage is going to kill me, literally.


Connie: We're not going down like that old crone. Live to cause havoc another day -- that's our motto, cecil. So, let's get going.


[Connie laughs]

Sheridan: Hello, beth.

Beth: Sheridan. Beautiful dress.

Sheridan: Thank you. Yours, too. 3E08E343.JPG

Beth: Thanks. Is antonio here yet?

Sheridan: No, he and luis and miguel haven't arrived yet.

Beth: Oh.

Hank: Beth, sheridan. God, you guys look amazing. So, is the groom here yet?

Sheridan: No, not yet.

Father lonigan: Is that hank I hear?

Beth: Yes, and beth and sheridan, father.

Father lonigan: Ah --

fox: Auntie sheridan.

Sheridan: Fox. The profligate nephew returns. When did you get back?

Fox: Last night. Long time no see. Sorry I couldn't make it to your two funerals. I heard they were both very beautiful.

Sheridan: Well, I'm sure you weren't missed. 3E08E36D.JPG

Fox: Good one, auntie.

Father lonigan: There's a voice from the past. Fox?

Fox: It is I, father lonigan, I confess.

Father lonigan: That would be a first. I don't recall you ever coming to confession, even when you hit that baseball through the stain glass window.

Fox: Yeah, I made good on that.

Father lonigan: Your father made good on it. He paid to have the glass replaced.

Pilar: Theresa, I brought the baby. He was a little fussy, so I thought it would be best to bring him.

Theresa: Were you fussy, little ethan, hmm?

Pilar: Theresa -- you came here with fox of all people? 3E08E393.JPG

Theresa: Mama, would you rather I brought julian?

Pilar: Dear God, no.

Theresa: Just be thankful that I found a suitable escort at the last moment -- though I was hoping it would be ethan.

Pilar: Well, he's married now, theresa.

Theresa: I know, mama. Besides, I like fox. You know, he's been burned by the cranes just like I have. We've got a lot in common. Should we find a nice pew and talk?

Fox: Gladly.

Theresa: Ok.

Antonio: We've got a groom here all set to go.

Father lonigan: The bride should be coming very soon.

Chad: There's the man.

Miguel: What's up, chad?

Chad: Miguel, what's going on? It's your big day. 3E08E3C9.JPG

Miguel: Yeah.

Simone: Chad.

Jessica: This is so exciting, isn't it, reese?

Reese: Wedding bells are breaking up the old gang.

John: Charity looks so beautiful.

Kay: Speak now or forever hold your peace.

John: What?

Kay: Come on, john. I know how you feel about charity, so now's your last chance to --

john: Stop it, kay.

Kay: Do something about --

john: It's the day of charity's wedding. No way would I even think of coming between her and miguel. You're unbelievable.

Kay: This family is so good, it's sickening.

Sam: Ahem. Ready, groomsman? 3E08E3FC.JPG

Reese: All set.

Sam: Ok, go tell father lonigan the bride is here and he can begin the ceremony.

Kay: It's really hot in here.

Grace: That's so strange. I just thought I felt a chill.

Kay: Oh, well, I must be getting sick, then, because I've been feeling kind of queasy all morning --

gwen: No, no, no, kay, don't even try it.

Kay: What?

Grace: Don't you try to ruin charity's big day. I mean it.

Kay: Mom, I --

jessica: You're probably just feeling bad because you didn't eat this morning, you know?

[Music plays]

Grace: Yeah. Hey, girls, that's your cue. Come on.

Jessica: Ok. 3E08E424.JPG

Grace: Get in line.

Chad: Where is whitney? Hope her father didn't get too mad.

[Phone rings]

Whitney: Hello?

Chad: Hey, it's me. Are you all right?

Whitney: Oh, hey. Yeah, yeah, it's all ok. My parents don't know I was out all night.

Chad: Great. I thought there might be trouble.

Simone's voice: Oh, there's going to be trouble, chad. Count on it.

Chad: All right, I'll see you in a while.

Simone: You better get inside, chad.

T.C.: Has anyone seen my collar stays?

Whitney: Oh, I borrowed them from your shirt. I'll get them. One second. 3E08E458.JPG

[Liz screams]

Liz: What is your problem?

Eve: You are my problem -- deliberately trying to break up a happy couple -- that's something I never did.

Liz: Well, it's the only thing you never did. You know, eve, it might interest you to know that I have changed my mind. Instead of breaking the two of you up by simply telling T.C. The truth about your past, I think I'll seduce him. It'll be so much more fun.

Eve: You're not going to do anything to my husband or my daughters. Of course, I understand your going after T.C., But what are you going to do to whitney?

Liz: Look, I may hate you, but whitney is my niece. I'm not going to do anything to hurt her. 3E08E486.JPG

Eve: But you will hurt her if you tell her about my past.

Liz: No, eve. That'll be your doing, not mine.

Eve: Just leave them alone.

Liz: Or what?

Tabitha: I regret to inform you that unfortunately I failed you. Charity and miguel will be married today. And no matter how hard I tried to stop them, I was unable to. So I am prepared to meet my fate.

[Tabitha groans]

Jessa:A: Don't you do anything to stop this wedding, kay.

Kay: What am I supposed to do, jessica? Charity is about to walk down the aisle to marry the man that I'm in love with. It's over, ok? I've lost miguel forever. 3E08E586.JPG

[Processional plays]

Grace: That's your cue, girls.

Grace: Smile, kay.

Father lonigan: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the sight of God and in the face of this company to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony, which is an honorable state instituted of God, signifying unto us the mystic union that is between christ and his church, and is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly but reverently, discreetly, advisedly, soberly, and in the fear of God. In this holy estate, these two persons come today to be joined together. If any man or any woman can show true cause why they should not be lawfully joined, let them speak now or else hereafter forever hold their peace. 3E08E60C.JPG

Miguel: Kay? Kay? Kay? 



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