Passions Transcript Monday 12/23/02

Passions Transcript Monday 12/23/02

by Eric


eve: It's funny. Every time I turn around, you are all over my husband.

Liz: Are you sure? Maybe he's all over me. I mean, you already know that your daughters are fond of me.

Eve: Don't be ridiculous. T.C. Loves me.

Liz: Yes, maybe he does now. But once he hears about your sordid past, I'm not so --

eve: It won't make any difference. T.C. Will never leave me for you. And if it was a level playing field, woman to woman, he wouldn't even give you a second look.

Liz: We'll just see about that, eve. You ruined my life, leaving me in that nightmare of a house we grew up in. Now I'm going to ruin yours, starting with your husband. T.C. I didn't realize that you were in here. 3E0787EA.JPG


Tabitha: Oh, no, not that toe-tapping terror.

Connie: Ooh, your coffin. It's here.

Cecil: Finally.

Tabitha: Just in time, too, because tomorrow, after charity and miguel are married and make love, we're all going to die.

Mimiguel: The mirror must have fell off the desk somehow.

Charity: Miguel, it wasn't broken until I stepped on it. That's seven years' bad luck!

Miguel: Not for us. It's not, charity, all right? We are going to have a lifetime of good luck.

Charity: You know, I've had so many terrible premonitions about this wedding. What if this is another sign? What if my breaking the mirror causes a problem with the wedding? 3E07881D.JPG

Simone: Kay?

Kay: Shh.

Simone: What's going on?

Kay: What are you doing here? You're supposed to be with chad.

Simone: He went to the studio. He said he had to work.

Kay: And you believed him?

Simone: No. I followed him to the studio.

Kay: Yeah? And? Was whitney there?

Simone: I couldn't tell for sure. I don't want to barge in there after what you said about, you know, letting them know that I'm on to them, but, kay, it is killing me to think that chad and whitney could be in bed right now.

Kay: Oh, sweetie.

Grace: You know, sam promised me that he'd come home with me tonight, we'd spend some quality time together. 3E078871.JPG

David: Ivy collapsed, grace.

Grace: I know, and ethan asked him to stay with her because there wasn't anybody else who could do it. It's just that I think that there's something more.

David: What do you mean?

Grace: It's like there's some kind of force that's trying to keep us apart.

[Theresa screams]

Ivy: What on earth --

[Theresa screams]

Theresa: Get away! Get away! Don't touch me!

Sam: What's going on? That sounds like theresa.

Theresa: Please leave me alone! Get out! No! No! Get out! Get out of my room! Get out! Please, help me! Somebody! Agh! Help me, please! Help me! 3E078899.JPG

Julian: What is that racket?

[Rebecca giggles]

Rebecca: Maybe ivy got a good look at herself in the mirror. Oh, who cares? Let's get back to the matter at hand. Or shall we say, nose, rudolph? Oh, it's so foggy. Oh, rudolph, can you lead the way?

[Julian and rebecca giggle]

[Theresa screams]

Ethan: Why is theresa screaming like that?

Gwen: Ethan, it's probably just a trick. She's just trying to get between us again.

Theresa: No!

Gwen: Ethan, she knows that we're on our honeymoon. She knows we'll be making love. She just wants you to go in there with her. 3E0788BF.JPG

Ethan: Gwen, she sounds like she's terrified.

Theresa: Get away from me!

Gwen: Ethan, it's a trick. Please don't go. Please stay here with me.

Theresa: No! Please! Somebody, help me! Oh, my God!

liz: I had no idea you were still up. 3E078972.JPG

T.C.: Yeah, I didn't get a chance to eat anything at ethan and gwen's reception, so I was hungry.

Liz: Well, shouldn't you be eating something more substantial?

T.C.: Liz, I just go to the cupboard and grab.

Liz: You don't cook?

T.C.: I don't cook. I burn. Eve is the cook. She makes the best grilled eeeese and tomato sandwich -- oh.

Liz: I can make you one of those.

T.C.: You can?

Liz: Sure. Coming right up. Do you like it toasted dark or light?

T.C.: I like it light and eve using slices of tomatoes really thin. 3E078999.JPG

Liz: Thin's the only way to go.

Liz: You don't know it, T.C., But eve and I used to make these sandwiches all the time. We shared everything as sisters. Now I'm going to share your husband.

Charity: If only I'd just seen the mirror. Now it's seven years' bad luck, miguel.

Miguel: No way, all right? Our love is stronger than any bad luck. Come on. Let's go upstairs for a little while. We don't have much time before it's midnight.

Charity: Oh, miguel, that's right. No, we can't se each other on our wedding day. You have to leave.

Miguel: I will, ok? As soon as I make sure that you are safe and sound in bed. Now, come on. And m more talk about bad luck, ok? 3E0789D7.JPG

[Charity chuckles]

Kay: You just wait till you see the bad luck waiting upstairs for you.

Simone: What are you talking about?

Kay: Oh, nothing. I realized I couldn't come between miguel and charity, but I thought maybe I could just nudge them a little bit towards some bad luck.

Simone: You never give up, do you?

Kay: No. And neither should you. Simone, honey, you can have chad, ok? You just -- you have to fight for him. So whitney's there right now. You got to think of something to ruin their night.

Simone: But how?

Kay: Call him. Call him on the phone and then spend as much time as possible talking to him. If whitney's there, they're not going to be able to do anything about it. 3E078A16.JPG

Simone: You're right.

Oh, that is perfect. Thank you, kay.

Kay: You're welcome.

Simone: Ok.

Kay: Now, go use the phone in the kitchen, because I'm going to go upstairs and make sure charity and miguel run into some more bad luck.

Simone: Ok.

Grace: I'm sorry, david. I really shouldn't be talking to you about sam.

David: Why not?

Grace: I know it puts you in an awkward position. I mean, you said that you love me and you want us to be back together.

David: No, grace. We don't have to be back together. Legally and in the eyes of the church, we're still married. I just know that we'd be happy together, we'd be a happy family together -- you, me, john -- 3E078A41.JPG

grace: Look, please, david --

david: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to -- I don't want to be pushy. I want you to make your own decisions. Just know that I'm here for you no matter what.

Grace: Ok. You know what? I'm -- I'm really tired. I'm going to get some rest.

David: That's a good idea. You should get some rest. Do you mind if I use the phone and call john's cell phone and make sure he's ok?

Grace: No, no problem.

David: I do love you, grace. I just hate myself for being in league with ivy and for tearing you and sam apart.

[Theresa screams]

Ethan: It sounds like she's terrified of something.

Gwen: Ethan, it's a trick. Please don't go. 3E078A76.JPG

Man: Look at the grown-up theresa.

Ethan: I hear a man's voice, gwen.

Theresa: No! Please! Please!

Gwen: It's probably just her television set. Come back to bed.

Ethan: No, no, I'm sorry. I have to find out if theresa needs help.

Theresa: Stop! Ow! Please, get out of my room! Leave me alone!

Ethan: What is going on?

Theresa: Stop, ethan!

[Theresa screams]

Theresa: Oh, my God!

Ethan: Get up!

Theresa: Look out! Oh, please! No! No! Oh, my God! Stop! Stop!

Gwen: Ethan? Ethan, what's going on in there? 3E078A91.JPG

[Theresa screams]

Theresa: Oh, my -- agh! Oh, my God! Someone, help me! Oh, my God!

Whitney: Just when I thought I couldn't be any happier, I am.

Chad: I love you, whitney russell.

Whitney: I love you, too, so much. I'm just still having trouble getting over this guilt about my sister.

Chad: You have nothing to be guilty about. You're just trying to protect simone for as long as possible.

Whitney: Well, for at least as long as it takes for you to gently push her away so that she falls out of love with you. Ok?

Chad: Well, that's your plan, not mine. And I'm not even sure it's going to work. I mean, your sister's not exactly easy to push. But I do underanand you wanting to protect simone. 3E078BAA.JPG

Whitney: I can't hurt her. She'd never forgive me.

Chad: What's to forgive? We've done nothing wrong. I mean, simone created our relationship in her own head, and all you and I did was fall in love, whitney, so much in love. We belong together.

[Phone rings]

Chad: Someone's got great timing. Hello.

Simone: Hi, chad. It's me.

Chad: Simone.

Simone: What are you doing? Can I come over?

Chad: You want to come over?

Connie: You're overreacting, tabitha. Charity and miguel will never get married. Something always comes between them, right?

Tabitha: Not this time. 3E078BE0.JPG

Cecil: Why not?

Tabitha: I know it. I feel it. We're doomed. Well, I suppose I better get used to this thing, seeing as I'm going to be spending all of eternity in it.

Miguel: Whoa.

Charity: Miguel, what's a black cat doing in the house?

Miguel: I don't know.

Charity: It's like bad luck is following us, miguel.

Miguel: A ladder? What's that doing in here?

Charity: Miguel, we just walked under it, and that's more bad luck.

Miguel: What the heck is going on?

Grace: Kay? What are you doing?

Kay: I --

charity: Aunt grace, you're never gngng to believe what happened. First, I stepped on a mirror. Then we saw a black cat right here in the hallway. 3E078C2D.JPG

Grace: We don't have a cat.

Charity: And then, aunt grace, we walked under a ladder in my room.

Grace: What is a ladder doing in your room?

Kay: What?

Grace: Do you know anything about this?

Kay: Actually, yes, I do. I know everything about it, because I'm responsible.

Theresa: Agh! Somebody, help!

Sam: Sound like a fight! Theresa!

Gwen: Ethan went in through the connecting door. I tried to follow, but it locked behind him. I don't know what's going on.

Sam: Theresa!

Theresa: Help me, please!

Sam: Ugh!

Gwen: Oh!

Theresa: Come on! Stop! Please! Somedy! 3E078C59.JPG

Ethan: Hey, come on!

Ivy: Ethan! Oh.

Sam: Get off him!

Julian: I can't concentrate with all that noise. I'm going to tell them to cease and desist.

Ethan: Get off me!

Theresa: Stop! Please! Oh, my God! Get him off!

Sam: Come on! Get up!

Theresa: Oh, ethan! Get him off of him! Please!

Ethan: Hey, what are you doing here?

Ivy: Oh, I don't believe it.

Julian: You? Come on, dad, there's just so many kids out there.

Chad: Simone, I'm working on some songs, and I need to concentrate. Now is just not a good time. 3E078D6C.JPG


Simone: What was that? Chad, is someone over there with you? Is that why you don't want me toomome by?

Cecil: She sounded serious.

Connie: She's a downer. Listen to me, not her, because I'm the one with the plan. First off, I don't figure charity and miguel are going to get married. And even if they do, I don't inink you and I will be destroyed. So we have to plan for our future.

Cecil: How are we going to do that?

Connie: Money. We'll need cash if we're going to survive out there in the big bad world.

Cecil: Money. 3E078D92.JPG

Connie: Hmm.

Cecil: How do we get money?

Connie: Look around you, cecil. Some of this crap is worth big bucks. This old lamp might pull in a couple c notes.

Cecil: So we clean out the old witch?

Connie: You got it. She's got tons of treasures she bought with the bundle she made off "hidden passions."

Cecil: Oh, that was a bestseller, right?

Connie: They can't keep it in the stores. It flies off the bookshelves. Anyway, there's silver, gold, antiques. We're rich, kiddo. All we have to do is steal a car, load it up with tabby's treasures, and hit the open road. We'll be set for life. Yes! 3E078DB8.JPG

[Connie and cecil laugh]

Kay: Why are you guys looking at me like that?

Grace: Because you just said you're responsible for what happened.

Kay: Yes, but contrary to what you think, mother, that does not mean that I am guilty. That cat came in through a window that you left open downstairs and knocks the mirror off the desk. I chased it upstairs into charity's room, which is why the ladder's in there, charity, because it climbed onto a bookshelf. I was trying to catch it before it had a chance to ruin her dress.

Grace: Hmm, so you did all that just to save charity's wedding dress?

Kay: Yes, mother. And you know what? It really upsets me that you think that I did all this to cause them bad luck. Although I'm not surprised, considering you always think the worst of me. 3E078DE9.JPG

Charity: Kay, I didn't mean to upset you. What you did was really sweet.

Miguel: Charity, it's getting close to midnight. Would it be ok if I said a quick good-bye?

Charity: Oh, yeah.

David: Do you want me to stay, grace?

Grace: No. David, I'm fine. In fact, you know, if you want to, you can make that phone call to john. You can go in my room.

David: I won't be long.

Grace: It's not going to work, kay. Nothing will.

Kay: I don't have any idea what you're talking about, mother.

Grace: You are not going to be able to tear charity and miguel apart and you're not going to be able to stop their wedding. 3E078E0E.JPG

Kay: Don't you tell me what I can and cannot do. I can and will do what I want, and you cannot stop me.

Pilar: Theresa, mija --

theresa: No, I'm ok, mama.

Pilar: Oh, it is you. I thought I saw you earlier at the party tonight.

Fox: And you were right.

Buenas noches, pilar.

Ethan: Fox, when did you get back to harmony?

Theresa: "Fox"?

Fox: Hello, stepmommy. I saw your picture in the paper. It didn't do you justice. But I guess you don't know who I am. In which case, allow me to introduce myself. Nicholas foxworth crane. Fox for short. I'm the second son of -- wait a minute, I tell a lie. The truth is I'm the first son of ivy andululian crane. Hello, mumsy. How's it going, pops? I'm back! writyose ais chk tce be hear bellsboard! Co tthoe who it. 3E078EE2.JPG

Singer: You are my passion for life

eve: Sam, ivy looks just fine to me. There's plenty of people around to take care of her, so let's just get out of here.

Sam: No, no, no, no. I'm going to need to hang back and talk to ethan about something. You go ahead, all right?

Eve: Ok.

Sam: Ok.

Eve: Good night.

Sam: Good night, eve.

Gwen: Good night.

Ivy: Good night, eve.

Fox: Well, mother? Don't I get a hug?

Fox: How about you, pops? No takers. Hmm. I see things haven't changed. No, some things never change. I see you're still having theme romps with the chambermaids. 3E078F14.JPG

Rebecca: I am no chambermaid.

Ethan: Fox, what were you doing in theresa's bedroom?

Fox: Well, last time I checked, this was my bedroom, ok? I had no idea my new stepmommy here had taken it over. What are you doing messing around with hamburger when you're married to tenderloin, pops?

[Julian chuckles]

Rerebecca: Oh, why you little --

fox: Is that any way for an elf to talk, huh? Cover that child's ears. You know, ethan, something just occurred to me, actually. You were asking me what I was doing in theresa's bedroom. Well, let me pose a similar question to you. Since you're no longer a crane, what the hell are you doing in the crane mansion? 3E078F47.JPG

Ch:: No, simone. There's no one here. Like I said, I'm working.

Simone: Ok. Well -- write a hit song and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Chad: Good night.

[Whitney sighs]

Whitney: I'm so sorry that you had to lie.

Chad: So am I. Hopefully, we won't have to do this much longer, and then this all will work itself out soon.

Whitney: I'm praying that it will.

Chad: At least we're together now.

Kay: There you go again, always taking charity's side over mine.

Grace: And there you go again, making yourself out to be the victim.

Kay: You know, mom, I don't get it. It's ok for charity to love miguel, but if I do, it's a sin? Why is that? 3E078F80.JPG

Grace: Oh, kay, you know why.

Kay: No. If I did, I wouldn't be asking.

Grace: Because charity and miguel love each other. They're going to get married tomorrow like they're supposed to.

Kay: What do you mean, "supposed to"?

Grace: Charity is miguel's first love. First loves are meant to be together.

Kay: Yeah, well, miguel is my first love. Does not that count for anything?

Grace: No, first love is a returned love, and miguel did not share your love.

Kay: Yeah, because he didn't have a chance to because little miss perfect showed up. You know what? If you're so in to first loves, that means you think you should be with david, doesn't it? 3E078FA0.JPG

Grace: What?

Kay: Yeah. You should be with david and daddy should be with ivy.

[Grace sighs]

Kay: And, oh, guess what -- that's where he is.

Grace: Just leave charity and miguel alone.

Kay: I will never understand why my own mother does not care about my happiness.

Grace: Oh.

David: Hey, are you ok?

Grace: Oh -- yeah. It's kay. You know, I just can't seem to get through to her. She's so upset and -- you know, everything with ivy and sam and now kay, I'm just worn out.

David: Well, sometimes exactly what you need is just a good night's sleep, hmm?

Grace: Yeah. 3E078FDB.JPG

David: I'll -- I'll let myself out.

Grace: Ok. David -- would you mind? Sometimes when I'm upset like this, I have really bad nightmares. Would you mind staying with me for a while, you know, till I fell asleep?

David: Sure.

Grace: All right.

David: Yeah.

Kay: Oh, daddy. If only you knew.

Simone: Hey.

Kay: Simone, what now?

Simone: I'm really worried. I think whitney is at the recording studio with chad.

Kay: Ok, I'm really sorry, but I've kind of got my own problems right now, thanks to my mother. Somehow, I'm going to make her pay. I swear, simone, I'll make her pay. 3E07901F.JPG

[Music plays]

Liz: T.C., Listen to this song.

T.C.: Yeah, that's got a good beat.

Liz: Yeah. You know, the kids at the party tonight? They were doing a special dance. I don't know, it was sort of like

uh-uh, uh-uh

T.C.: No. You started wrong.

Liz: What? You know this dance?

T.C.: Of course I know this dance. I chaperon all the high school dances. You know, it goes like this -- in, out, in --

[Music plays]

Singer: Full of tension 'cause you love the chase 3E07904D.JPG

[Liz giggles]

Singer: You just need your

eve: What's going on?

Fox: I seem to be the cause of some -- I don't know what it is I'm sensing. Could it be tension? Hmm? If so, I'm sorry.

Ethan: Like hell you are.

Fox: You know, you're awfully sure of yourself, bro -- oops -- I mean, stepbrother, or whatever the hell it is you are to me now.

Ivy: That's enough, fox!

Fox: Interesting. Sam, chief bennett, with mother, father with rebecca. What is this, anyway? Huh? Musical bed partners?

Sam: Knock it off.

Ivy: Don't bother, sam. It's just his peculiar sense of humor. 3E079146.JPG

Sam: Well, I better leave before my peculiar temper gets the best of me.

Ivy: No, sam, please don't -- don't go.

Sam: No, you have plenty of people here to look after you. Congratulations again, son -- to the both of you.

Gwen: Thank you, sam.

Ethan: It means a lot. Thanks.

Sam: You sure you're going to be all right?

Theresa: Yeah. I'm ok, chief bennett.

Sam: Ok.

Fox: My old digs. I see the decor has changed. But there's still only one bed. Looks like we'll have to share, stepmama.

Ethan: Hey, that's enough, damn it.

Julian: Ethan's right. You're becoming tiresome. Why are you here anyway? 3E079178.JPG

Fox: C cause of you, dear old dad. I thought you were dead, thought I was about ready to come into my inheritance, and so I spent all the money I had -- plus, I owe a lot -- and I got kicked out of school.

Julian: Another school gave you the boot?

Ivy: Oh, fox.

Fox: Now I found out you're alive and I'm inheriting nada. I'm broke, tapped out.

Julian: So that's why you came -- money.

Fox: Yeah, I can't seem to live without it.

Julian: I'm going to bed.

Fox: Leaving so soon. Was it something I said?

Julian: I'll deal with you in the morning.

Pilar: I'll make up a bed for you in the old nursery. 3E0791AD.JPG

Fox: Reduced to the nursery -- hmm.

Ivy: I think I will turn in as well. You two should go to bed soon.

Gwen: We are.

Fox: What's the matter, mother? No kiss good night?

Ivy: I'll talk to you in the morning, fox.

Ethan: I'll be in in a minute, gwen. I just want to have a little second with fox.

Fox: Don't tell me you're stilupset about me getting the best of you in our little tussle.

Ethan: Look, I don't care why you came back, but just hear this one thing -- you stay away from theresa. You understand me? You stay the hell away from her.

Tabitha: It didn't have to be this way. With a little luck, I could have ended charity and miguel's relationship. And the terrible irony of it all is that charity was going to die. And then she was saved by my poor timmy's heart. And now, because she isn't going to die, I'm going to die. Maybe I'll see my timmy again. Oh, no. There's no way I'm going to go to heaven. No. My life is over. There's nothing left me for me anymore. 3E079211.JPG

Connie: Cecil, today is our lucky day. I hot-wired a caro!

[Cecil snickers]

Connie: You, me, and our loot will be riding in style.

Cecil: Yes!

[Connie and cecil laugh]

T.C.: Sweetheart, you're home, finally. Oh, baby. I thought you were going to be at the crane mansion all evening.

Eve: Hmm. So, what's this?

T.C.: Liz whipped it up -- grilled cheese sandwich, thin tomatoes, just the way I like it. Then this song comes on the radio. Liz didn't know the steps, so I started to show --

liz: So T.C. Showed me. I was really getting close, too. Oh, eve, we were having so much fun. Too bad you weren't here. 3E07924F.JPG

Miguel: Uh.

[Charity laughs]

Miguel: Don't worry, ok? I'm watching the time. I'm going to be gone before midnight.

Charity: I know. I'm sorry. We've had so much bad luck already. I just -- I don't want to risk our seeing each other on our wedding day. That would be --

miguel: I know, I know -- a disaster.

[Charity laughs]

Miguel: A total disaster, but it's not going to happen, ok? Our love's stronger than any streak of bad luck. We are going to have a wonderful day tomorrow, a perfect wedding. I promise. Bye. 3E07926D.JPG

Charity: Bye.

Charity: Hmm. Dear God, please let this be the happiest wedding day ever. I love miguel so much.

[Charity sighs]

[Phone rings]

Charity: Hello?

Miguel: I couldn't say good-bye just yet. I wanted to talk to you some more. There's no ban on talking after midnight, is there?

Charity: No. No, there's no rules against talking. Od.

Sam: Hey, honey.

Kay: Hi.

Sam: I thought everyone was asleep. Wh a are you doing up?

Kay: I got things on my mind.

Sam: "Things"?

Kay: Stuff. 3E0792AE.JPG

Sam: All right, all right. I won't push. I'm going to go upstairs and talk to your mother, see if I can mend some fences.

Kay: Daddy, no. Don't go up there.

Sam: What?

Kay: Daddy, please, just don't -- don't go to your room, ok?

Sam: Why? Why? What -- what's wrong?

Kay: Daddy, please. Just don't go upstairs, ok? Payback's a bitch, mom.

T.C.: Oh. Honey, I'm going to bed.

Eve: Hmm.

T.C.: Are you coming?

Eve: In a minute, honey.

T.C.: All right. I'll see you upstairs.

Eve: Ok.

T.C.: Liz, good night.

Liz: Good night, T.C. Thank you for letting me borrow your husband tonight. We were really having a good time. Who knows? If you hadn't come home so early, I would have given T.C. A night he'd never forget. 3E0793B2.JPG

Kay: Daddy, no! Please don't go in there! I'm begging you!

Ivy: For him to just show up like this --

julian: He should have given us warning, weeks of warning, months of warning.

Rebecca: And he has such an attitude.

Julian: Alas it was ever thus.

Ivy: This can't be good, julian.

Julian: Yeah, r r any of us.

Ivy: He is my son and I do love him, but I don't trust him as far as I could throw him.

Julian: I don't know what he's up to, but whatever it is, it can only mean one thing -- someone's entire life is about to be destroyed.

Fox: I'm to stay away from theresa? Why? What do you care, half-bro? Don't you have a wife now? Why should you care if I hang around with my stepmom? 3E0793FF.JPG

Gwen: Have your nerves calmed sufficiently to allow my husband and me to go back to bed now?

Theresa: Oh, yeah, gwen, just go back to bed. And remember, ethan came to my rescue. He left your bed and he came running to me. So what does that tell you about who's really in ethan's heart?

Tabitha: What are you doing out there, connie?

Connie: Nothing, tabitha! I just couldn't sleep.

Tabitha: Well, take those damn tap shoes off so at least i can get some sleep.

Connie: Right away, tabitha. We've just about totally looted the house.

Cecil: This stuff is worth a fortune.

Connie: We're rich.

Tabitha: Hmm, it's all over for me now. And tomorrow, when charity and miguel are married, I will be struck down dead. Oh, well. At least I know about it. And now, to prepare for the end. 3E07944F.JPG

Charity: Miguel, we have to go to sleep.

Miguel: Tomorrow, charity, we are finally going to be married, and nothing is going to ruin our wedding.

Ararity: I know. I love you. Good night.

Miguel: I love you, too.

[Charity cries]

[Kay laughs]

Miguel: Chief bennett, no!


[Kay laughter]

Miguel: Chief bennett!

Grace: Stop, sam! Stop, sam! Please don't!

Charity: Oh! My wedding!

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