Passions Transcript Wednesday 12/18/02

Passions Transcript Wednesday 12/18/02

by Eric


beth: He'll marry me he'll marry me luis will soon be mine 3E00F01F.JPG

mrs. Wallace: Oh, no he won't oh, no, he won't who doou think you're kidding?

[Mrs. Wallace guffaws]

Beth: Shut up, mother, or you're going to be eating duct tape for breakfast.

Mrs. Wallace: Silencing me is not going to change the fact that antonio collapsed and nearly died last night. He could croak in a minute. And the second he stops breathing, luis -- he's going to start running right over to sheridan, and, you, you, missy, are going to be left with nothing -- zippo, nada damn thing.

Beth: Oh, just stop it, mother. Antonio is not going to die before the wedding, and luis is never going to abandon me. 3E00F044.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: Huh. Yeah, right. And there really is a santa claus.

[Mrs. Wallace guffaws]

[Phone rings]

Sheridan: Hello.

Beth: Sheridan. Hey. It's beth. I was just calling to see how antonio was feeling this morning.

Sheridan: He's doing a lot better than he was last night.

Beth: Thank God. Well, for his sake.

Sheridan: You know, beth? One second. Antonio, are you all right?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Sam: I can't believe I have a son getting married today. Hell, I didn't even know you were my son until last year.

Ethan: We've come a long way, haven't we? 3E00F07A.JPG

Sam: Still, when I think about all the things that we missed out on together --

ethan: I know. I know. That's one of the reasons I want to marry gwen -- so I'll know my child, not miss out on time with him or her the way I did with you.

Sam: I'm so happy for you, ethan. Happy and proud.

Ethan: Thanks, dad.

Grace: Hmm. Ethan looks so handsome, almost as handsome as his father.

Kay: Yeah. Well, that's really no surprise. Ethan got a good night's rest in my bed while I had to toss and turn on an air mattress that sprang a leak. You know, now I actually know why they call them hardwood floors. 3E00F0A6.JPG

Grace: It's your half brother's wedding D.. well, so, now you're going to begrudge ethan being well rested on the most important day of his life?

Kay: Oh, heavens no, as long as ethan was comfortable -- and john and charity and jessica and everyone else around here except for me. I mean, that's all that matters, right, mom? Who cares about poor little old me?

Grace: You know what? When you act like this, nobody does care about poor little old you. So why don't you do yourself a favor, kay, and grow up. Ethan, congratulations on your big day.

Ethan: Thanks, grace. And thank you. Thank you for making me feel so welcome here. You're a very special lady. 3E00F0DC.JPG

Grace: Thank you.

Ethan: You're welcome.

Sam: Oh, I'll say. Grace still takes my breath away. You're more beautiful today than the day I married you.

Grace: Sam, you don't have to say that.

Sam: I know. But I mean it. You grow more beautiful each and every day.

Ethan: Doesn't that just make you want to kiss the special person in your life? I can't wait to kiss my beautiful bride.

Rebecca: Oh. Gwen. Oh, you look so beautiful, I could just cry.

Julian: Your mother's right. You look incredible, dear.

Ivy: Oh, you're going to make your groom very, very proud. 3E00F118.JPG

Gwen: Thank you, ivy. Thank you all so much. I just can't wait to marry ethan.

Julian: You know, you've been part of our lives for so long, it's as if you were family, so it's both an honor and a privilege for me to escort you down the aisle today.

Gwen: Thank you, julian. Thank you so much for standing in for my father.

Julian: Oh, my pleasure, dear.

Rebecca: Can you believe that jonathan still won't be in the same room with me? I mean, I know I divorced him all of a sudden and everything, but -- well, I guess he never has gotten over me. Ohoh, jonathan can carry a grudge. No wonder he has a bad heart.

Gwen: Well, I am definitely going to miss daddy, but I won't let it ruin my day. 3E00F143.JPG

Rebecca: Oh, good for you, sweetheart. You just think about what's waiting for you under ethan's tuxedo and it'll make you smile all the way to the honeymoon suite.

Gwen: Mother -- please, not today, ok?


Pilar: Oh, my. Gwen, you make a lovely bride.

Gwen: Thank you, pilar.

Theresa: Mama is right, gwen. You look beautiful.

Pilar: I'm so happy, mija, that you have finally accepted the fact that ethan is going to marry gwen.

Theresa: I want ethan and gwen to have an unforgettable day.

Rebecca: I knew it.

Ivy: Oh. That bitch is definitely up to something.

gwen: Will you two stop looking at theresa like that? If looks could kill, she'd be six feet under by now.

Rebecca: We should be so lucky.

Gwen: Mother, relax. I am marrying the man of my dreams today, the man I have loved my entire life. Nothing's going to stop me, not even theresa. 3E00F272.JPG

Rebecca: Oh, honey, I'm not so sure about that. Ivy and I think she's up to something. I mean, saying that she hopes that you and ethan have "an unforgettable day"? I know subtext when I hear it.

Gwen: Mother, would you please stop being such a worrywart? Ivy, you, too. I'm going to marry ethan today, and that's all there is to it.

Theresa: Mama, could you check on little ethan for me? You know how much he loves his abuelita.

Pilar: Of course, mija.

Theresa: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Trish: Crane industries. Mrs. Crane's office.

Theresa: Hi, trish. It's theresa. I just wanted to make sure that you deliver ethan's employment papers to st. Rgrgaret mary's on time. Gwen has to see those papers before she walks down the aisle. 3E00F2AE.JPG

Trish: Yes, ma'am.

Theresa: And, trish, make sure when you deliver the papers to gwen it looks like a mistake.

Trish: Yes, ma'am.

Theresa: I can only imagine the fireworks when gwen finds out that ethan took a job working with me without asking her. Yes, gwen. It's going to be an unforgettable day.

[Mrs. Wallace laughs]

Mrs. Wallace: You marrie to luis? It'll never happen, especially to a ho-ho-ho like you.

[Mrs. Wallace laughs]

[Knock on door]

Beth: Mother, keep the cracks to yourself, or else you're going to get ribs to match. Hi. 3E00F2D7.JPG

Luis: Hey.

Beth: Come in.

Mrs. Wallace: Whoo-hoo! Do you look handsome, honey.

Luis: Thank you. And you look festive today.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Well, thank you for noticing.

Beth: Hi.

Luis: And you -- wow. You look beautiful.

Beth: Thank you.

Luis: So, ready to go?

Beth: Yeah. Actually, I just have one little loose end to tie up. Why don't you keep the car warm and I'll be right out.

Luis: Ok.

Beth: Ok.

[Door closes]

Mrs. Wallace: You know, you don't have to do my laundry, for heaven sakes. You know? I'm going to get to the church early so we can get a good seat. 3E00F307.JPG

Beth: There's been a change of plans, mother. You're not going to go to the wedding.

Mrs. Wallace: What, are you kidding? I was invited! I didn't get all dolled-up like this for nothing.

Beth: Well, too bad. You're not going. I don't need you hovering around me all day ruining -- ruining everything.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, tough tinsel, missy. M m going to that shindig, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. Whoa! Hey -- oh! What are you doing? What are you doing?

Beth: Hold still.

Mrs. Wallace: What? What's -- what are you -- no! No! Stop! 3E00F325.JPG

Beth: Hold still.

Mrs. Wallace: Stop it!

Ugh! Have you lost what is left of your mind? You cannot leave me like this!

[Mrs. Wallace cries]

Beth: Oh, you're right. You might have an accident.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, no. No, no! Please, no, that's my special christmas shawl! Don't do that!

Beth: Oh, I know, but it looks extra absorbent.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh -- you are evil! You know that? You are evil, beth! Evil!

Beth: No, mother, I am just paying you back for what you did to my wedding dress fabric!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, damn. Oh, damn! Oh, that daughter of mine got me so upset and she didn't put a diaper on me and now I have wet the floor! Oh! And now what ai I going to do? Oh, gee. Well. Now it looks I can put this fabric to some good use after all, huh? Huh! Yeah! Put me in some home, will you? 3E00F36E.JPG

Put me in some home? Wait. Wait. Wait! What about food and -- and something to drink? What --

beth: Oh. Well, I'll just eat something at the reception. Hmm.

Mrs. Wallace: Uh -- uh -- uh --

[Door closes]

Kay's voice: Ugh. Get a room.

Charity: Does this mean that your parents are working things out?

Ethan: I think my dad's hoping the same thing.

Kay: What's the matter, johnny boy? Don't like seeing mumsy wumsy in another man's arms?

John: I just want what's best for my mother, ok, kay? And I think my father's better for her than chief bennett. 3E00F3B2.JPG

Kay: Well, what do you know. Someone's finally coming out of their shell.

[Doorbell rings]

Kay: Miguel.

Miguel: Kay.

Kay: Hi. You look really nice.

Miguel: Thanks. Charity.

Charity: Hi.

Miguel: You look incredible.

Charity: Thank you. Mmm.

Kay: I suppose I'm chopped liver.

Grace: Sam, you really shouldn't have kissed me like that.

Sam: Grace, honey, I can't help it. I love you. And I don't care about your past with david or my past with ivy or all the pain they've caused us. The fact is I love you with all my heart. You're the only woman I want to be with. 3E00F3EB.JPG

Grace: Even though ivy keeps showing up in the most unlikely places just to be with you?

Sam: Grace, I don't tell her to show up, and I certainly don't encourage her. God, it's like she has a radar or a spy keeping an eye on me, letting her know where I'm at day and night, when the only place I want to be is with you.

David: Damn it, sam. I want grace to be mine.

Kay: David, what are you doing here? If I didn't know better, I'd think you were spying on my parents.

David: I'm just making sure I had enough film. My gift to the bride and groom are wedding pictures. In fact, I'm here to shoot some portrait shots of ethan before the ceremony.

Kay: Funny. I'd have thought you'd be taking portrait shots of the bride this morning. But then the crane mansion is the last place you'd want to be, isn't it? 3E00F4EA.JPG

David: I already got shots of gwen.

Kay: How convenient.

David: Hmm. Isn't it.

Kay: Indeed.

Jessica: Great. You look like prince charming.

David: Ah, if it isn't ethan --

Jessica: Oh.

David: The lucky groom.

Ethan: Mr. Hastings.

David: I just want to shoot a couple of pictures of you, some candid portrait shots before the wedding.

Ethan: Sure. Just make sure it's quick. I don't want to be late for my own wedding.

David: Oh, it will be, I promise. Sam, want to shoot some pictures with your son here?

Sam: Absolutely.

David: Oh, hey. Ivy's going to love these. Very nice. That's great. 3E00F52A.JPG

Grace: Kay, do not do anything to try to come between your cousin and miguel.

Kay: Why don't you mind your own two-timing love life and leave me alone.

Miguel: I can't wait for mr. Hastings to take our wedding photos.

Charity: If there is a wedding, miguel.

Miguel: Of course there will be, ok? It's only a day away.

Charity: I can't shake the feeling that something bad's going to happen to stop the weddings planned this mont something that could even hurt the strongest marriages.

Miguel: Charity, I know that you're upset, ok, but nothing's --

charity: Upset, miguel? No. I'm terrified. If something stops ethan and gwen's wedding today, I think our wedding's going to be ruined next. 3E00F561.JPG

Luis: I'm sorry your mother wasn't up to coming at the last minute.

Beth: Yeah, she sat down in a chair and couldn't get up.

Luis: You sure she's going to be all right?

Beth: Oh, positive. It's not the first time it's happened.

Luis: Well, we'll just have to tell her about the wedding.

Beth: Uh-huh. Luis, just think, in a few days, we'll be getting married right here.

Luis: Yeah. It's hard to believe it's that soon.

Beth: I know, and I couldn't be happier. Except for mother's little mishap with my wedding dress fabric, everything is just going as planned, and I can't wait to stand at this altar and say "I do" to the man of my dreams. 3E00F590.JPG

Sheridan: I can't wait for you to slip that on my finger.

Luis: Yeah. Once we do, we'll be man and wife and it'll be the beginning of our long and happy lives together.

Beth: It's just perfect, isn't it?

Luis: Yeah, it's perfect.

[Beth giggles]

Beth: Oh, antonio. Hey. Sheridan said you were feeling better, and you certainly look it.

Antonio: Oh, thanks, beth.

Beth: You know, you really had us worried last night, but you'll still be up to marrying sheridan, won't you?

Sheridan: Luis --

luis: Hey.

Sheridan: You had a chance to think about what I asked you last night? 3E00F5C4.JPG

Luis: I haven't thought about much else.

Sheridan: I know neither one of us want your brother to die. But if God takes antonio before the wedding, are you still going to marry beth, or will you come back to me? I love you and I want to be with you more than anything, but it's your call.

Gwen: So, we better get going. I don't want to be late for my own wedding.

Julian: I'll order the cars around.

Gwen: Ok.

Theresa: I'll see you soon.

Rebecca: Who will you see soon?

Theresa: Oh, it's absolutely none of your business, becs.

Rebecca: I hope you're not planning to come between ethan and gwen on their wedding day. 3E00F603.JPG

Ivy: I mean it, theresa. If you do anything, anything at all to ruin today, I will kill you myself.

Theresa: Ladies, calm down! I wouldn't dream of doing anything to spoil ethan's wedding day.

Theresa: Only today isn't ethan's wedding day, but it will be when he marries me.

Mrs. Wallace: Ugh! Free at last!

Free at last! Thank heavenly angels,

I am free at last -- yeah! Now I've got to go keep my daughter from making luis her prisoner of love! Yeah!

Beth: Now, you hang in there, antonio. Your wedding to sheridan is just days away.

Antonio: Thanks for your support, beth. It means the world to me. Come on. 3E00F728.JPG

Beth: Well, you marrying sheridan means the world to me.

Sheridan: Have you decided what you'll do if antonio dies before he and I can get married?

Luis: Sheridan, like I said, I haven't thought about much else. The way I see it --

father lonigan: Is that you, luis?

Luis: Yes. Good morning, father.

Sheridan: Father.

Father lonigan: Hello, sheridan.

Antonio: Hello, father lonigan. It's antonio and beth.

Father lonigan: Pilar tells me you fell ill last night. How are you feeling, my son?

Beth: Oh. Antonio's feeling just fine. He must have been a little exhausted, that's all. 3E00F74A.JPG

Antonio: Yeah, that's probably all it was. I can't let anything happen to me before I say "I do" to this beautiful woman right here.

Grace: It's beautiful.

Sam: And you.

David: Set up in the corner, then we can capture everyone coming down the aisle.

John: I'll help you.

Hank: It's a pretty church.

Kay: Yeah.

Man: May I?

Ssssica: Please.

Chad: Ethan. Hey, man.

Ethan: Chad.

Chad: Congratulations on your big day.

Ethan: Thanks, buddy. And you and whitney I hope to see at the altar before too long.

Chad: From your lips to the big man upstairs. Thanks. 3E00F77E.JPG

Kay: If charity's premonition comes true and something goes wrong today, maybe something will happen to mess up her wedding to miguel.

Grace: What's got you smiling, kay?

Kay: You, mother. You're such a riot. You're always blaming me for everything that goes wrong even when it's never really my fault.

Grace: You know what, kay? You really shouldn't lie in church, because you know you've acted disrespectfully several times recently.

Kay: That's right. Go on living in denial about yourself. Maybe one day you'll actually get a clue. Of course, by then, it will be too late for us to be close, anyway. 3E00F7B7.JPG

Liz: Oh, st. Margaret mary's is beautiful. T.C., Were you and eve married here?

T.C.: Yes, we were.

Liz: Oh. How wonderful to be married in a place like this. I also think it's really fitting that this would be a great place to tear your marriage apart.

Ethan: Hi.

Whitney: Hey.

Ethan: Thanks so much for coming.

Chad: Hi, guys. May I escort you?

Simone: You sure may. We're friends of the groom.

Whitney: Hey.

Rebecca: Ethan -- ethan, you got to get out of here. You can't see your beautiful bride before the wedding. It's bad luck. 3E00F7F1.JPG

Theresa: Well, we wouldn't want that, now, would we? Ethan, congratulations on your big day.

Ethan: Thank you, theresa. But I wanted to ask you. I never got those employment papers from crane.

Theresa: Oh. Oh, don't worry about it. You'll have plenty of time to sign it after you say "I do." Bye. Well, I'm a friend of the bride and groom, so seat me erere you'd like. Ok.

Sam: Ethan, we should take our places at the altar.

Ethan: Right.

Sam: You look great.

Ethan: Thanks.

Sam: You ready?

Ethan: I'm ready.

Sam: Let's go.

Rebecca: Julian, gwen, come on! Come on in! 3E00F81D.JPG

Julian: Yes.

Rebecca: Right down here so ethan doesn't see you, ok?

Gwen: Thank you, julian. Oh, thank you all so much for helping.

Ivy: Are you kidding? I'd ride shotgun down the aisle to make sure we didn't get any interference from you-know-who.

Gwen and rebecca: Mm-hmm.

Chad: Mrs. Crane, may I?

Ivy: Yes.

Woman: Oh, there she is!

[Women scream]

Woman: Oh, you look so cute!

Second woman: Oh!

First woman: Here you go, pretty lady.

Gwen: Oh! Whoo!

Woman: The flowers.

Sheridan: Oh, thank you.

Gwen: Sheridan.

Sheridan: Oh. I am so happy for you.

Gwen: Oh! 3E00F841.JPG

Sheridan: I know ethan is the man of your dreams.

Gwen: Oh, and my dream of becoming ethan's wife is about to come true!

Julian: Well, are we all set? Are we, yes?

Gwen: Yes!

Julian: You may tell father lonigan that we're ready to begin, yeah?

Hank: My pleasure.

Rebecca: Oh, wait for me!

Gwen: Oh, sheridan, I never thought this day wldld come. I'm so excited that it finally has. Oh!

Sheridan: Good luck.

Gwen: Oh, thank you, sweetie.

[Pachelbel's "canon" plays]

Whitney: I know that look, theresa. You're still determined to get ethan's employment papers to gwen before the wedding so she'll feel betrayed and call this whole thing off, aren't you? 3E00F883.JPG

Theresa: What can I say but sit back and enjoy the show. Dq

singer: You are my passion for life

[Music plays]

Luis: Hey. Looks like your mother made it after all.

Beth: What?

Mrs. Wallace: Hi. Oh, I just love weddings, especially when the bride is as beautiful, you know, as gwen hotchkiss, huh?

Luis: Yeah.

Beth: Uh --

mrs. Wallace: Just you wait. I'm going to make you pay for leaving me home alone.

Antonio: Sheridan's coming down the aisle, isn't she?

Luis: Yeah, she is.

Antonio: Tell me how she looks.

Luis: She looks like a beautiful princess. She's a dream come true, an angel on earth. Her eyes and her smile, they're so full of love. They're so full of love. 3E00F9A8.JPG

Antonio: Am I the luckitt man on earth or what?

Luis: Yeah, bro. Without a doubt.

Theresa's voice: Trish had better hurry.

Gwen: Ready?

Julian: Ahem. Yes, dear.

Trish: Wait!

Gwen: What --

julian: Trish, what the blazes are you doing here?

Trish: I have some papers for ethan to sign.

Julian: Are you out of your mind? He's getting married today. You can't just barge in there and get his john hancock now.

Trish: But I have to gi h him these papers, mr. Crane. They're very important.

Julian: I don't give a wit about their alleged importance. You're not interrupting this moment for my son -- for ethan. I will not let you ruin his day, not to mention gwen's, and her mother would never forgive me. And I need forgiveness -- at least once a day. 3E00F9E9.JPG

[Julian chuckles]

Trish: Sorry, mr. Crane. This can't wait.

Julian: Yeah -- yes, it will! Now I demand that you hand me those papers and leave at once.

Trish: No.

Julian: Do it, or this is your last day at crane industries. Now, be gone or be fired.

Ethan: Where's gwen?

Whitney: You made it so that gwen knows that ethan took that job with you at crane industries, didn't you?

Theresa: Knowledge is power, whitney. Now gwen has the power to call off the wedding.

Trish: I couldn't do it. I'm sorry. I couldn'T.

Theresa: You didn't deliver the papers to gwen?

Trish: I tried, but mr. Crane took them before gwen could see them. 3E00FA37.JPG

Theresa: Oh, no. No. If gwen doesn't get the papers, then there's nothing stopping her from walking down the aisle. Ethan could actually marry gwen instead of me. Oh, no.

[Music plays] Theresa: Trish, how could you have been stupid enough to let julian have those papers? If ethan and gwen get married today, I am holding you personally responsible, and not only will I have you fired from crane industries, I will make sure that you never work in harmony again.

Rebecca: I better go see what's going on.

Ivy: Oh, if this is more of theresa's handiwork, I will kill that bitch! I swear to God I will!

Rebecca: Julian, what is going on? 3E00FB21.JPG

Gwen: Fluff, fluff, julian. Fluff.

Julian: Beckypoo. There it is, dear.

Rebecca: Don't "beckypoo" -- look, you just get your butt in there and walk my daughter down the aisle, that is, if you ever want to see little julian be happy again.

Julian: Ahem -- yes, dear. You heard your mother. We best get a move on, say what.

Gwen: I couldn't be more ready. Let's go.

["Wedding march" plays]

Theresa: Gwen never got the papers. My plan is ruined. My life is ruined. I've lost ethan.

[Pop music plays]

Singer: I will wait for you like I promised I would do though it brings me pain I was safe and secure when you were with me but it only could last till the day that she took you back again so I get by on wishful thinkin' that when you come home you'll want to stay give me your hand save me from sinking another day of wishful thinkin' 3E00FB96.JPG

julian: I still can't believe that trish barged in here with those papers like that. What could theresa's assistant possibly think would be important enough to interrupt a wedding for?

[Julian chuckles]

Gwen: Trish is theresa's assistant?

Julian: Indeed.

Gwen: Give me the papers.

Julian: Don't be absurd. You're walking down the aisle in the middle of your own wedding, dear.

Gwen: If trish is theresa's assistant, she must be up to something, and it can't be good. Now, give me the bloody papers, julian.

Julian: Would you get a grip? People are watching.

Jessica: Oh. What's up with gwen? 3E00FBC7.JPG

Grace: I have no idea.

Mrs. Wallace: Uh, come on, already. Let's get the wedding over so we can eat.

Whitney: Theresa, stand up, honey. Act like an adult. Come on.

Theresa: Why bother, whitney? My life is over if ethan marries gwen.

Whitney: You still have a son to raise. Come on, stand up.

Theresa: Please leave me alone.

Whitney: Come on, it's all right.

Theresa: Oh, my God. Look -- gwen's got the papers. My plan might work after all.

Theresa: It won't be long now.

Julian: Gwen, dear?

[Julian chuckles] 3E00FCAA.JPG

Sheridan: What could gwen possibly be reading?

Gwen: What is this and why did theresa want ethan to have it?

Julian: Um -- come -- come along, dear. Huh? Mm-hmm.

Mrs. Wallace: Boy. If I'd have missed this, I'd have been fit to be tied.

Whitney: Gwen has ethan's employment papers, doesn't she?

Rebecca: Oh, look how happy theresa looks. She knows exactly what gwen is reading.

Ivy: Oh, which means she has been scheming to derail ethan's wedding all along!


Ethan: Gwen. We're about to get married. What -- what were you reading?

Ethan: Gwen, what is it? 3E00FCEE.JPG

Gwen: You lying son of a bitch.

[Ivy and rebecca gasp]

Theresa: Ow. Ooh. Things are working out even better than I thought they would. And the best is yet to come.

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