Passions Transcript Thursday 11/21/02

Passions Transcript Thursday 11/21/02

By Eric


Tabitha: Mmm. Oh. That was a scrumptious dinner, though I do say so myself.

Connie: I thought the salamander gizzard was a little on the tough side.

Cecil: The bat wing wasn't crunchy enough.

Tabitha: Oh, complaints, complaints.

Connie: Come on, cecil. We're out of here.

Tabitha: And just where do you two think you're going? 3DDD579C.JPG

Connie: Out to spread more mayhem and mischief around harmony.

Cecil: And zap the good citizens with a double dose of havoc.

Connie: Come along if you want, tabitha. We don't care.

Tabitha: Oh. What a kind invitation. Actually, I'm not feeling all that spry tonight. The thought of chasing you two all over town exhausts me. So no one is going anywhere tonight.

Connie: That's not fair.

Tabitha: Life isn't fair, connie. I'm going to have a nice little nap on the sofa and you two ca just entertain yourselves.

Cecil: Doing what?

Tabitha: How about read? Read a book. "Hidden passions." You can read it aloud to cecil. 3DDD57CA.JPG

Connie: No way am I going to read some old book.

Tabitha: This isn't just some old book. This is a national bestseller, full of greed, intrigue, lust, and sex. You two troublemakers will probably enjoy it.

Connie: You wrote it?

Tabitha: Yeah, well, I sort of collaborated with timmy. Oh, my precious timmy. I miss him so much. Ooh. Something in that dinner didn't go down right.

Connie: Probably the fried grubs.

Tabitha: Yes, they were a bit on the greasy side. Go on now. Off you go.

Connie: Come with me, doll. We're going to create our own session. 3DDD5801.JPG

Grace: Look, sam, you know what, we're going to sit down and we're going to talk about all of this later. It's just right now I really want to get john some food, make him some soup.

Sam: Let david take him the soup.

Grace: No, I want to do it.

Sam: Fine. You do what you want, all right? I need some air. Whenever you can fit me and our children into your schedule, you let me kn.

Grace: Look, sam --

david: Let him go, grace.

Grace: He's just upset.

David: You guys need to cool down, ok? You can talk later.

Grace: I just --

david: I just think sam needs a little space right now, all right? Besides, john needs his tomato soup cake. 3DDD582B.JPG

Grace: I just wish all of this was resolved.

David: It will be. It will be.

Sam: Am I going to lose grace?

Theresa: Did you hear me, ivy? Nothing is going to stop ethan from marrying me -- nothing.

Rebecca: What is with all the racket around here? Some of us are trying to sleep.

Theresa: Well, haven't you heard the news, rebecca?

Rebecca: News?

Theresa: This should give you sweet dreams. Ethan and I are getting married.

Rebecca: What?

Gwen: This changes nothing, ethan.

Ethan: Gwen, how can you say that? You're -- you're pregnant with our baby. 3DDD586B.JPG

Gwen: Nevertheless, I'm still going to move to new york and I am still going to take that job, and you are still going to propose to theresa and marry her and stay here in harmony and t t on with your life here, and I am going to get on with my life in new york.

Ethan: What am I going to do? God, what should I do? I love theresa with all my heart, want so badly to marry her. But I can't turn my back on gwen and our child.

Sheridan: No. We can't do it. We can't tell him.

Luis: No, we can and we will.

Sheridan: No, luis, we have to think about antonio -- only antonio.

Luis: That is exactly what I'm doing. Look, sheridan, antonio would want us to be honest with him, and if we don't tell him about our relationship, it's going to be a betrayal. He deserves to know the truth, and that's exactly what we're going to tell him. 3DDD58AA.JPG

Mrs. Wallace: That's it, it's all over. You'll never have luis. So say bye-bye to happiness, bethy, hmm.

Beth: It's not over yet.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, yes, it is. Yes, it is. Luis and sheridan are going to be together, and you'll be home with me where you belong, doing what you do best, which is emptying my bedpans all night long.

Liz: Sheridan? Antonio's asking for you.

Sheridan: I have to go to him.

Liz: Let her go alone, luis. Let her make antonio happy. Please, don't rob your brother of his last moments of happiness.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life 3DDD59BD.JPG

Rebecca: Oh, you little wretch. I could just wring your --

theresa: Uh-uh-uh. Wouldn't recommend you trying anything like that, rebecca. You see, I'm about to become the wife of a brilliant young lawyer who will sue the bloomers off of you if you so much as touch a single strand of hair on his wife's head.

Rebecca: Damn you!

Theresa: Uh-uh, or curse at her. You know --

rebecca: Well, how could you let this happen?

Ivy: How could I?

Rebecca: You were supposed to keep ethan from proposing to theresa. I was counting on you.

Ivy: She's cast some kind of a spell on him, made him lose all of his common sense. He wouldn't listen to a word I said. 3DDD59DE.JPG

Theresa: Yeah, wait a minute, rebecca. You should be, like, jumping for joy, celebrating.

Rebecca: Joy?

Theresa: I signed the divorce papers from julian. I didn'tsksk for alimony, I didn't ask for child support. I'm not getting a dime from julian. He's free as a bird. So you should be thanking me, not yelling at me.

Rebecca: Oh, I am thrilled you signed those divorce papers. But you must be crazy to walk away from all that money.

Theresa: I don't care about the crane billions. I have something far better than cold cash. I have true love with the most wonderful man on the earth. And as for you two? Well, you can just bite your tongue and watch because we are going to be a real family with little ethan and have lots of baby brothers and sisters to keep him company. 3DDD5A18.JPG

Ethan: How did I get myself in this mess? Never mind that. What am I going to do now that I'm in it?

Sam: Who you talking to?

Ethan: Dad. Myself.

Sam: Good conversation?

Ethan: Not really. You got time to talk with me for a minute?

Sam: Hey, I've always got time for you. What's up?

Ethan: Well, I could use some fatherly advice.

Sam: Sure. What's the problem?

Ethan: I've backed myself into a corner and I need to know what you would do.

Sam: I know a little something about corners.

Ethan: You always seem to do the right thing. You've been through so much stuff in your life with grace and with mother. And you and grace seem to have come out stronger for it. 3DDD5A5B.JPG

Sam: Well, I'm not sure I'm anyone to be offering advice on affairs of the heart.

David: Hot stuff coming through.

John: I can smell it from here.

Grace: Oh, well, I hope you like i

john: You made it. How could I not?

Grace: Aw. So how you feeling?

John: Better now that you're here.

Grace: You know what, let's take your temperature before you have that soup. It should cool down a little bit anyway. Here, hold that.

John: Mm-hmm.

Grace: And a couple of aspirin for after the soup. That should help take your temperature down. I think you're a little cooler. Let's see. Ah. Just over 99. Hmm. 3DDD5A8C.JPG

John: I missed this so much growing up. I don't mean the fever. I mean you, mom. I would've given anything to have had you by my side when I had the chicken pox.

David: Yeah, he was one sick little 6-year-old. I had him in oatmeal baths around the clock.

Grace: I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.

John: It's ok, mom. I don't blame you. We're together now. Seeing you two together, my mom and dad, taking care of me -- it's like a dream come true.

Sheridan: I'm back, antonio.

Antonio: Hi.

Sheridan: Hey.

Antonio: I missed you.

Sheridan: How are you feeling? You gottet? Antonio: No. But now that you're here, it doesn't matter. You're like a ray of light in the darkness for me. 3DDD5AD0.JPG

Luis: Liz, what are you doing?

Liz: I'm trying to make antonio's last moments with sheridan happy ones.

Luis: All right, liz, look, you're a good woman, all right? You are a kind and caring woman, but for you to try and stop me from being with sheridan is wrong. Sheridan loves me and I love her.

Liz: Luis, I love antonio.

Luis: So then what are you doing out here with me? Go in there and be with him! Go on, go tell him how much you love him, that -- that you just want to comfort him. That way we all win, ok?

Liz: I don'T.

Luis: I'm sure that antonio loves you. He'll be very happy with you. 3DDD5AFC.JPG

Liz: He loves me as a friend. I'm not the one he wants to be with right now.

Luis: Liz, you're wrong, ok?

Liz: No. Luis, my time with antonio has passed. I had my chance. I blew it. He loves sheridan now. Now, look, the kindest, most caring thing that we can do is back off.

Luis: You do what you want, ok, liz?

Liz: No, it's just for a little while, luis. Let sheridan help antonio die.

Luis: No! All right? Sheridan isn't a gift that I'm going to give to any man.

Liz: Your brother is dying.

Luis: Not for a month, for a week, and not for one night.

antonio: You're so beautiful, sheridan. If I can't ever see you again, at least I have wonderful memories. 3DDD5C1C.JPG

T.C.: I feel so bad for antonio.

Eve: So do I -- luis and sheridan and everybody. It's just all so tragic.

T.C.: Sweetheart, if something were to come between me and you as antonio has come between luis and sheridan, baby, I don't know what I would do. I don't know if I could handle it.

Liz: Why are you doing this, luis? You're not a cruel man, I know it.

Luis: No, of course I'm not cruel. Liz, I love my brother. I don't want him to die. But I'm not going to hand him over the love of my life.

Liz: This isn't payback, is it?

Luis: What? 3DDD5C48.JPG

Liz: For what antonio did to you all those years ago?

Luis: No.

Liz: Running out on your family?

Luis: Liz, I would never be that vindictive.

Liz: I hate my sister for what she did to me. I hate her with a passion, and I can't rest until I get my revenge.

Luis: Well, I don't feel that way, ok? I'm not out for revenge.

Tabitha: Oh. What -- what's going on here?

[Tabitha gasps]

Tabitha: Ow! Oh! Oh! Let me out of here! Let me out! Oh! You! Will, you stop that damn dancing and get me out of this thing? Why are you doing this to me? Why are you holding me captive? What do you want from me? Oh! 3DDD5CA1.JPG

Cecil: "She wasn't used to sexual banter, wasn't sure how to play this game, but he didn't seem to care. Before she knew it, he was brushing her lips with his own."

Connie: I wasn't sure about this book-reading thing, but now I'm really getting into it. Don't stop.

Cecil: "The kiss was sweet, tender at first, and she enjoyed it, responding in kind. But then the kiss changed. His tongue began to push hard against her lips, forcing them apart for him. His arms were holding her so tightly, she could hardly move as his tongue plunged deeper inside and began to ravage her mouth." Ah! No! No! Get away! No!

Connie: Ow! 3DDD5D99.JPG

Cecil: I'm not that kind of doll. Now, back off, jack.

Connie: Jeez, you really socked me.

Cecil: Trying to jump my bones like that.

Connie: Hey, you were the one reading the steamy bestseller.

Cecil: Yeah, reading. I wasn't trying to act it out.

Connie: Ok, so I got carried away for a moment. Sue me.

Cecil: You try anything like that again, I'll do much more than sue you.

Connie: You've got serious aggression problems, cecil. We might have to get a psychiatrist to shrink that handsome head of yours.

Cecil: Shh!

Connie: What?

Cecil: Listen.

[Scratching] 3DDD5DB8.JPG

Cecil: You hear that?

Connie: Scratching or somhing. Where's it coming from?

Cecil: Over there.


Connie: It's coming from in here, alriright.

Cecil: What is it?

Connie: There's one way to find out.

Ethan: Dad, are you all right?

Sam: Yeah. Look, I'm fine, but, look, we were talking about you. What's up?

Ethan: Well, I don't know how to tell you this. But I guess I have to tell somebody. Gwen is pregnant with my child.

Sam: What?

Ethan: Just found out.

Sam: Pregnant? Wow. I'm going to be a grandfather. Congratulations, son. That's great. Isn't it? Because the last time we spoke, you said you were thinking about asking gwen to marry you. 3DDD5E0B.JPG

Ethan: Yeah, I was.

Sam: Look, I'm not one to put the cart before the horse, but this should add to your happiness, right, and hers. But you're not happy. What's the problem?

Ethan: The problem is all the -- all the good advice that I've been getting from everyone about getting married, including you, about making the right decision and choosing the right woman? Well, I decided you were right. And I love gwen very much and I most certainly would be married to her if -- if theresa hadn't come along. But she did.

Sam: Yes.

Ethan: Look, I know, I know I've flip-flopped on this a couple times -- more than a few times -- but the fact is gwen is not the right woman for me, theresa is. And I've decided that I'm going to ask her to marry me. But now that gwen is pregnant with my child, I don't know what to do. 3DDD5E5C.JPG

Liz: I hope you have your priorities straight, luis, because you're going to have to live with the consequences of your actions.

Luis: Yeah, I understand that, all right, liz? I'm not out to hurt antonio.

Liz: It isn't a question of hurting your brother. You'll kill him.

Luis: I love my brother, all right? I would do anything to save his life. Dr. Russell. Just the woman that I want to see.

Eve: Why?

Luis: Is there anything that we can do to save antonio?

Eve: No, luis, I'm afraid not.

Luluis: No, I mean anything. Look, I'll give him my kidney, my bone marrow -- whatever it takes. 3DDD5E81.JPG

Eve: Luis, your brother's condition is not going to be solved by an organ transplant. I wish it were that simple.

Luis: Then that settles it. I've got to tell him the truth. Look, you don't understand, I would do anything to save my brother's life. I would give him my organs, I -- I would give him my eyes so that he could see again. I just can't let him be with sheridan.

 You think your job is tough. Seven murders. Over two weekends. A city of four million. One man to find the weapons. You'll join him on the job.

liz: N'n't go in there, luis. Don't cut your brother's life even shorter. 3DDD5F30.JPG

Luis: Liz, how many times do I have to tell you --

liz: Think about how this will affect your relationship with sheridan.

Luis: What, you --

liz: To carry that guilt around?

Luis: So you don't think that I've thought of that, how it's going to affect us, my family?

Liz: It'll be agony.

Luis: Yeah, well, the one thing I'm certain of, sheridan and I will be over if I let her go with antonio tonight.

Sheridan: What's going on?

Eve: Liz, I think they need to tK. Why don't we go in?

T.C.: Hey, antonio. How you doing?

Antonio: I'll be fine as soon as sheridan gets back. We've become so close. I stst don't feel right when she's not with me. 3DDD5F63.JPG

Liz: Let's go.

Eve: Where?

Liz: Someplace private. You and I are going to have a little chat.

Eve: Well, all right, say what you're going to say.

Liz: This whole situation is killing me, eve. You know, I should be back on st. Lisa's, living a charmed life with antonio by my side, but you destroyed all that.

Eve: You really have got to stop blaming me.

Liz: You are to blame. If you hadn't abandoned me all those years ago, if you hadn't left me to face alone what I had to face, everything would be different. But because of your betrayal, I never learned how to trust another human being, I never learned how to fully commit to a relationship, and you are going to pay for that, eve. 3DDD5F9B.JPG

Sam: Sounds like you're caught in a very difficult situation.

Ethan: I'm in a bind, all right. You know what's really difficult about this is that I -- I truly love both of them. I just feel that theresa is more of my soul mate. You know, ever time we've had our problems, she's proven her love to me over and over. She almost died for me, more than once. Yet I go so far back with gwen. Our mothers have known each other for years and I genuinely care about her and I want her to be happy.

Sam: You almost married her once.

Ethan: And if theresa hadn't come along, gwen and I would be married, probably already have a child by now. 3DDD5FCA.JPG

Sam: But you met theresa.

Ethan: Fell in love with her. There's no changing that fact.

Sam: No.

Ethan: Kind of like the same position that you were in years ago. Yeah, when mother was pregnant with me. You loved her, mother's family interfered, and julian ended up coming between you, but you -- then you met and fell in love with grace, your soul mate.

Sam: Yes.

Ethan: Although you did admit to me that you still had feelings for mother.

Sam: Yes, I did. But the difference is I didn't know that ivy was pregnant at the time. I didn't abandon you, ethan. I don't want you to ever think that.

Ethan: I don'T. I know mother kept it a secret from you and she let julian believe that I was his son for years. 3DDD6005.JPG

Sam: Yeah. Ivy fooled us all.

Ethan: Gwen didn't keep anything from me. She just came out and told me she's carrying my child. What would you have done if you would've found out back then that mother was pregnant with your child?

Rebecca: How about a drink to calm our nerves?

Ivy: Please. Make mine a double.

Rebecca: Coming right up.

Ivy: On second thought, just fill it up to the top. Maybe the booze will put me out of my misery.

Rebecca: That's what tonight has become, hasn't it -- utter misery. What a rotten turn of events. You know, just when I thought things were starting to fall into place. I was so sure that ethan was going to ask gwen to marry him. But now this. 3DDD603E.JPG

Ivy: Oh, disaster.

Rebecca: There must be something we can do.

Gwen: Thought I heard voices out here.

Ivy: Oh, well, come in. Join the party.

Gwen: I'm not really in the party mood.

Ivy: Do we look like we are?

Gwen: I have some -- some news to tell you two.

Rebecca: Oh, gwennie. I have some news, too. It's -- it's ethan. He is going to ask theresa to marry him.

Gwen: I know.

Rebecca: You do?

Gwen: Mm-hmm. I just spoke with ethan.

Rebecca: Well, I want you to know that we are not going to give up. We are going to come up with some way to keep that slut from marrying ethan. 3DDD606B.JPG

Gwen: Mother, I'm sorry, it's -- it's just not going to happen, ok? If ethan loves theresa, he's going to marry her, period, end of story.

Rebecca: But, you know, that doesn't have to be the end.

Gwen: No. No, mother.

Rebecca: Look, you just have to find a way to interfere, you know, throw a monkey wrench into the works.

Gwen: Um -- I'm really too busy with other things right now.

Rebecca: Yeah, I know, like going to new york.

Gwen: That and, um -- planning my future with my baby.

Ivy: What?

Rebecca: Did you say --

gwen: I'm pregnant with ethan's child. 3DDD6097.JPG

Ivy and rebecca: Are you sure?

Gwen: Yes. Yes, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. There's no doubt.

Rebecca: You're having --

ivy: Ethan's baby.

Cecil: Got to stop. Sucking wind.

Connie: No stopping till we round them up. I still don't see the problem with letting them get away, but tabitha's dead set against it, so we'd better get them all back in the closet.

Cecil: Let's try to trap them in a corner.

Connie: Oh, no, they're getting away! Damn babies, you come back here!

Tabitha: Oh, will you let me out? I demand you let me out of here! Oh! Just how long do you intend to keep me prisoner here? Will you just get me out -- get me out of here! Ooh! Let me out of this damn cage! Help! 3DDD61C4.JPG

[Tabitha groans]

Tabitha: What is going on?

Connie: The dancing babies got loose again.

Tabitha: Well, get them. Quick, round them up! If they get out, they'll ruin my surprise for all the unsuspecting victims of harmony! Come on!

Ethan: What would you have done?

Sa all that happened so many years ago, ethan. It's --

ethan: Yeah, but you must have some idea as to what you would have done if you would have found out that mother was pregnant with me, before you married grace.

Sam: Like I said, ivy didn't tell me, so it's -- it's academic.

Ethan: Yeah, but your answer would really help me, considering how similar the situations are -- loving two women, wanting to marry one, yet expecting a child with the other one. 3DDD620D.JPG

Grace: I thought he'd be here.

David: Yeah. Looks like he and ethan are having a little chat.

Grace: Yeah. I hate to interrupt.

David: What's wrong?

Grace: You know, it just seems like more than a casual chat. Looks like something important. I think I heard them mentioning ivy's name.

Ivy: A baby.

Rebecca: Oh, this is the best news!

Gwen: Frankly, I'm a bit surprised.

Ivy: About what?

Gwen: Well, I didn't think either of you two would be this excited about becoming grandmothers.

Rebecca: Oh, how could my own daughter not know that I would be overjoyed? I mean, I am positively thrilled at being a -- grandmother. Of course, you do know that the kid has to call ivy and me by our first names? 3DDD6242.JPG

Gwen: Oh, of course.

Ivy: What did ethan say when you told him? You have told him, haven't you?

Gwen: Yes, yes.

Ivy: Well?

Gwen: He was shocked, I mean, but that's to be expected.

Rebecca: Oh, well, he is going to be a wonderful father. Oh, now this is cause for a real toast. Oh, but, gwen, I can't get you a drink because, well, you can't have one now that you're with child.

Gwen: Right. But I am thirsty. I guess I'll go get a glass of milk.

Rebecca: Oh, yes, yes, yes, lots and lots and lots of milk. We want to keep you and that little bundle of joy healthy. 3DDD6269.JPG

Ivy: Oh, this is perfect!

Rebecca: Oh, the timing.

Ivy: Oh. Oh. Ethan is going to be a father.

Rebecca: This is the best news.

Ivy: And I know my son. There is no way he's going to let gwen do this alone.

Rebecca: Oh, no, no, no, no, he is too responsible.

Ivy: No, he would never allow her to raise his child without him.

Rebecca: No, no, no, he will do the right thing, e e moral thing.

Ivy: And ask gwen to marry him, soon -- very soon.

Rebecca: Oh, I bet that's why he hasn't asked theresa to marry him yet. He found out gwen was pregnant and, well, he has to digest it.

Ivy: And he'll be back any second to set everything straight. 3DDD629B.JPG

Rebecca: Oh, theresa! Theresa, in here!

Theresa: What?

Ivy: Well, just the person we wanted to see.

Theresa: Yeah, I'll bet.

Ivy: Oh, no, no, theresa, really. We have some news. Some news that's going to change all of our lives forever.

David: Maybe we should go, grace.

Grace: No, I think I need to hear what sam has to say.

Sam: That's a very difficult question to answer, ethan.

Ethan: Please. Dad, I really need your advice on this one. If you would've known mother was pregnant, would you have still married grace or would you have gone back to mother?

Sam: I always believe in shouldering one's responsibilities, you know, doing the right thing. I did love ivy at the time. I only left her because her family tore us apart. But if I had known that she was pregnant with my child -- you -- I would've gone back to her, married her, raised you, and been a family. 3DDD63BE.JPG

Theresa: If you think that you can scare me or bring me down tonight, think again. Ethan's going to ask me to marry him. Everything's perfect.

Ivy: Do you want to tell her?

Rebecca: Oh, yes. But ethan is your son, so I'll give you the pleasure.

Theresa: Oh, come on, just tell me. Take your best shot. It's not going to make any difference.

Ivy: Thank you. The reason ethan hasn't asked you to marry him, theresa, is because he got some news a little while ago -- some wonderful news. Ethan is going to be a father.

Theresa: What are you talking about?

Ivy: Gwen's pregnant -- with ethan's baby. 3DDD63F1.JPG

Theresa: No, I don't believe it.

Rebecca: Oh, it's the gospel truth, I swear. Gwen took a pregnancy test, and the rabbit is as dead as a doornail.

Gwen: What the heck was that?

Tabitha: Oh, you idiots. You let those damn babies loose before their time. If someone sees them and gets suspicious, then all my plans will be blown to smithereens and you two will be held responsible.

Connie: Did you ever figure out who the extra baby belongs to?

Tabitha: No. And frankly, I don't want to know. I have enough to worry about with the rest of them. Now get these renegade babies back in the bloody closet where they belong! 3DDD6452.JPG

Connie: All right, cecil, head them up and move them out.

Tabitha: Only three. The other one must have escaped. It's probably causing pain and havoc somewhere already.

Pilar: I'm praying to God that you will regain your sight, mijo.

Antonio: Well, as long as I have sheridan in my life, it's as if I can see.

Mrs. Wallace: It's only a matter of time before your plan to nab luis blows up in smoke -- poof! And then you'll be home with me 24/7, waiting on me hand and bunioned foot.

Liz: I will have my revenge, eve. I'm just praying when God takes antonio, the devil takes you.

Sheridan: Luis, your brother is blind. He is dying. Can't you just leave him in peace? 3DDD6496.JPG

Luis: Yeah, and if I see you in his arms again, I'm going to die.

Sheridan: But --

luis: No buts. Look, trust me, sheridan, antonio deserves to be told the truth, not to be treated like a pathetic invalid. Look, I don't want to hurt antonio any more than you do, but he deserves to know the truth. There's no more putting it off.

Sheridan: Luis, no!

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