Passions Transcript Wednesday 10/30/02

Passions Transcript Wednesday 10/30/02--Canada; Thursday 11/1/02--USA

by Eric


Eve: I was desperate. I was young. Surely, you can see that I've changed!

Liz: Oh, yeah, the trappings are different, but I don't think you've changed one bit inside. Once a tramp, always a tramp.

Eve: Oh, please. That is not what I am. I have worked like a dog to make something of myself, to make my family proud of me, to make myself a functioning member of this community. I am not going to stand by and let you take away everything that I've accomplished!

Liz: I don't think that's up to you anymore, eve.

Eve: You can't do this! You will have to leave! I don't want my husband and children anywhere near you! 3DC056B5.JPG

T.C.: Well, chad left the garage apartment in good shape. You can move in right away. Come on, I'll lead the up.

Liz: Oh, T.C., Thank you. I don't think I've felt this welcome anywhere before.

Grace: Thanks for being so understanding.

David: Well, I know how much sam means to you.

Grace: You really think he'll be home soon?

David: Of course he will. What would keep him from the woman he loves so much?

[Car starts]

Grace: I think that's sam's car.

Grace: Where's he going?

Ethan: Theresa.

Theresa: Oh, I'm really sorry. I had no idea you guys were in here. 3DC05711.JPG

Ethan: Theresa, it's ok. You don't have to rush out.

Rebecca: What are you doing here?

Theresa: This is my house.

Rebecca: No. I mean in there. You have no right trying to intrude when ethan is asking gwen to marry him.

Theresa: What?

Rebecca: Oh, as if you have no idea that you were just charging in on one of the most romantic moments of my daughter's life. Look, have you got it yet, theresa? Gwen has won, you have lost. You are never going to marry ethan, never.

Theresa: I didn't know, rebecca.

Rebecca: Very funny. You know exactly what ethan was doing in there. He was righting the wrongs that you caused when you tarted your way into this house. Ethan was asking gwen to marry him.

Theresa: Honestly, I didn't know.

Rebecca: Well, as if anyone would believe that after all the torturing you have heaped on my daughter. Well, the tides have turned. You are out of tricks, and ethan finally knows which woman is right for him. So, why don't you try something new? Have a little dignity and let those two have their moment alone together, or you can disgrace yourself and everyone around you right up until the "I dos" are said. 3DC0584F.JPG

Theresa: You know, not that this is any of your business, but you don't have to worry about me anymore. All I've ever wanted was ethan's happiness.

Rebecca: Ha!

Theresa: Yeah, it's true. And if marrying gwen will bring ethan joy, then I accept his choice and I will move on with my life and he can move on with his.

Rebecca: Then stay out of that room and let ethan ask gwen to marry him.

Theresa: Oh, I'll leave, rebecca, but not because you've ordered me to. This is my house, and I will go anywhere I want to in it. And right now I want to be with my baby.

Rebecca: Nobody is going to interrupt until ethan puts that ring on gnnnnie's finger. 3DC05887.JPG

Theresa: Good-bye, ethan.

Gwen: We can't seem to grab a moment's peace, can we?

Ethan: I think we're alone now.

Gwen: Now, where were we?

Grace: I could swear that was sam's car pulling away.

David: Grace, grace, it's dark out here. It probably just looked like sam's car. I mean, if it was sam, why wouldn't he have come in, right?

Grace: Exactly. I mean, where would he be going this time of night? It's just -- it was something else, too.

David: What was that?

Grace: It just looked like in the passenger seat there was somebody there. It looked like a woman.

Ivy: I know you don't want to talk about grace, but I just feel terrible about what you saw earlier. 3DC058C0.JPG

Sam: Well, that makes two of us. I can't believe david was at our house and she was in his arms.

Ivy: Well, not to mention what happened earlier at the crane building.

Grace: You can't die! Look, I love sam, but I love you, too.

Sam: Look, there's got to be a reasonable explanation for grace's behavior.

Ivy: Oh, I'm sure. I'm sure there is, yes. It's just, you know, confusing. If she loves you as much as she claims she does, then what's she doing in another man's arms right now?

T.C.: Well, here you go. It's small, but it's cozy. Make yourself at home.

Liz: I will do just that. I can't tell you what yourosospitality means to me. 3DC058F3.JPG

T.C.: Oh, liz, don't be silly. I mean, we're glad to help out. Did you and eve get a chance to be acquainted while I was gone?

Liz: Oh, absolutely. You know, I feel like I've known your wife my whole life.

T.C.: You know, I knew you two would hit it off, but, you know, there's just soththing about you that reminds me of her.

Liz: Really?

T.C.: Yeah.

Eve: I think you'll need these.

Liz: Ooh, thank you. Your husband was just saying that I remind him a little of you. Do you see it?

Eve: No, I -- I can't say I do.

Liz: Oh, I don't know. I think I see the resemblance. 3DC05919.JPG

T.C.: Well, liz, I'll make sure you have some hot water. I'll be right back.

Liz: Great.

Eve: Why are you doing this, liz?

Liz: Oh, I think you know. An opportunity fell into my lap when I realized that you lived in harmony.

Eve: I'm sorry! I am sorry for what happened those years ago.

Liz: Too little too late, eve. And now I think it's time for you to realize what it feels like to have someone trash your hopes and dreams, someone that you trusted.

Eve: I wasn't trying to hurt you!

Liz: But you did, and now it's your turn.

Eve: Well, if you are so hellbent on exposing my past, then why don't you just go ahead and do it? Why are you just moving in here and -- and making it drawn out and then acting like you're T.C.'S best friend? 3DC0594B.JPG

Liz: You know, I think I like watching you squirm. Why blow it all at once when it feels so good?

Eve: You used to be the most kind and sensitive girl. What happened to you?

Liz: You happened to me, eve. You taught me the real facts of life, and I think it's time that you reap the benefits from your cruel little lesson. And I am going to enjoy watching you twist and turn as one by one you lose everything and everyone you ever cared for.

Eve: That is so cold.

Liz: Oh, so it is. And you know what the best part is? That you are going to be the only one who gets to see how really mean I can be. Everyone else is going to see the same thing they've always seen -- kind, caring liz, the one that everyone wants to be around. 3DC05989.JPG

Eve: I know that you have had a tough time.

Liz: "Tough time." That is rich coming from you, eve. I have nothing, thanks to you, and you have everything until now.

Eve: You know, you need help.

Liz: I need revenge.

Eve: I am sorry. Liz, I'm sorry. I'll do whatever you want. I'll give you whatever you want me to give you. I'm a doctor. I make a very good living.

Liz: Do you think I want your money? There is not enough money in the national treasury to make up for the hurt that you caused me.

Eve: Yes, but, surely, a little money could make your life better, easier? 3DC059B9.JPG

Liz: I wouldn't take a handout from you if I were living in a cardboard box on the street. Do you really think everyone has a price?

Eve: Well, yeah, liz. As a matter of fact, yeah, I do. I learned that lesson the hard way.

Liz: Well, I bet you did. You certainly put yourself up for sale more than once.

Eve: How dare you?

Liz: Does the truth hurt, eve?

Eve: You know what? That's it. You get out of my house! Get out of my house!

Liz: Oh! Stop it! You are hurting me!

Eve: Tough!

Whitney: Mom, what's going on?

Whitney: Well, hello again. 3DC05AA9.JPG

Liz: Whitney, hi.

Whitney: Hi. What are you doing here?

Eve: Oh, I'll explain it to you later, honey.

Liz: Oh, why wait? I was looking for a hotel room, and your mother and father graciously allowed me to stay in your garage apartment.

Whitney: Oh, well, that's great. Cool.

Liz: Yeah, your mother was just helping me get settled.

Whitney: Well, good, good, because for a second there, I thought you two were having an argument.

Liz: Oh, on the contrary, we were just getting to know each other a little better.

Whitney: Well, is there anything that I can do to help you get settled in or anything?

Eve: No, you know, honey, I think we've just got it all under control. 3DC05ACE.JPG

Whitney: Ok, but, mom, I'm really glad that you two met, because I liked liz from the second that I met her, and I think it'll be, you know, kind of fun having another girl around. So, how long are you staying?

Liz: Just long enough to complete the business I have here in harmony.

Gwen: You were about to say something before theresa came in. It sounded important.

Theresa: I love you with all of my heart. And if you could ever find it in your heart to forgive me and take me back, I swear I'd do everything in my power to make you the happiest man in the world.

Gwen: Ethan, I can't stand the suspense. What were you going to ask me? 3DC05B08.JPG

Rebecca: I can't hear a word.

[Door opens]

Rebecca: What on earth?

You are 13 months old,

whitney: Wow, you've got good taste.

Liz: Thanks.

Whitney: Isn't it kind of funny how you can know someone for just a f m minutes and feel like you've known them your whole life?

Liz: I feel the same way about you. Your whole family, in fact.

Eve: Whitney, honey, don't you have some things you need to take care of before the tennis tournament tomorrow?

Whitney: Oh, well --

liz: I almost forgot. That's right. You are harmony's answer to venus and serena.

Whitney: No, no, no. I have a long way to go before I'm in their league. 3DC05C1F.JPG

Liz: Oh, I bet tennis takes up a lot of your time and focus, huh?

Whitney: Well, it's what you got to do to become a champion, so --

liz: Well, I'm sure whatever you set your heart and mind to will be a smashing success.

Whitney: Thanks, liz.

Liz: You know, you remind me a lot of myself when I was your age -- so full of plans for the future.

Whitney: Well, did you ever accomplish what you set out to do?

Liz: Actually, no. Someone stole my plans before I even had half a chance.

Whitney: If you don't mind me asking, what happened? Who did that to you?

Liz: Why ruin a perfectly lovely evening with a story that's not very nice? You just promise me that you will never let anyone stand between you and your dreams. 3DC05C5C.JPG

Whitney: I'll try not to.

Liz: Good.

Whitney: So, can I get you some blankets or anything else?

Liz: No, no, no, I think I'm fine.

Eve: Oh, whitney, you know, that's such a good idea, honey. Would you go down to the house and bring a blanket up for liz?

Whitney: Sure. I'll be right back. Excuse me.

Liz: Don't you ever lay a hand on me again.

Eve: I don't know what else to do to make you understand.

Liz: Oh, I understand, all right, but I am not going anywhere until I am good and ready. Are we clear on that?

Eve: Whitney sure does really seem to like you. 3DC05C88.JPG

Liz: Well, I like her, too. She's a lovely girl.

Eve: Don't hurt her.

Liz: I have no intentions of htiting your child.

Ev liz, but don't you see? That's exactly what's going to happen if you try and get revenge on me. You're not just going to get me. You're going to destroy my husband. You're going to crush my daughters.

Liz: I never considered that.

Grace: Still no sign of sam. I wish I knew what was going on.

David: You're mining yourself sick with worry now. All right, just try and relax.

Grace: How can I relax when my husband -- when sam thinks he's lost me to you? I mean, he must just be angry and hurt. 3DC05CC6.JPG

David: Hold on a second, here. Sam saw us together and heard that you said you cared for me. How many times have you seen the same scenario with, say, ivy and sam?

Grace: But that's not the same. Look, ivy engineered all of those encounters. Sam has always been true to me in his mind and in his heart. What happened -- what happened between us tonight was entirely my fault, and there's no excuse.

David: You mustn't blame yourself.

Grace: Why not? I mean, I'm the one that was already married when I met sam thanks to me, everything that he believed about our relationship is a sham. I could have let you lie on the annulment papers. Sam and I could have gotten married again and moved on with our lives, but I didn'T. I don't blame sam for being angry with me. I just hope I can get him back. 3DC05D0D.JPG

Sam: Ivy's wheelchair broke down, so I drove her home.

Rebecca: I see. Well, I'm a little surprised. I mean, that wheelaiair was top of the line. It cost a fortune.

Ivy: Well, it was obviously an overpriced piece of junk. I don't know what I would have done if sam hadn't been there.

Rebecca: Oh, I'm sure you would have thought of something.

Ivy: Why don't you just open up the door so sam could set me down on the couch.

Rebecca: No, no, no, you can't go in there -- but --

ethan: What is going on?

Ivy: Oh!

Ethan: Mother, are you all right?

Ivy: Oh, I'm fine, ethan.

Sam: Ivy's wheelchair broke down, so she couldn't make it home alone, so I'm dropping her off. 3DC05D29.JPG

Ivy: Thank God your father was there.

Ethan: Thanks, dad. Let's get her on the couch.

Sam: Yeah.

Ethan: There's another wheelchair in the garage. I'll go get it.

Sam: I'll give you a hand.

Gwen: Are you comfortable, ivy? Is there anything I can get you?

Ivy: Uh -- no. Well, actually, something cold to drink.

Gwen: I'll get you some ice water from the kitchen.

Rebecca: Oh, do you have any idea what you've done?

Ivy: Don't you dare begrudge me my night with sam!

Rebecca: I wouldn't, but this was also gwen's night with ethan. Your son was just about to propose when you came in and ruined everything. 3DC05D63.JPG

Theresa: Rebecca was telling the truth. Ethan is going to ask gwen to marry him, and there's nothing that I can do about it. It's over. Yep, mama and luis are right. I'm my own worst enemy. Thank God for my baby. It's just him and me now.

Theresa: Where is he? My baby -- my baby! No! /

Singer: You are my passion for life

rebecca: Great timing, ivy.

Oh! We were just about to get rid of miss taco bell for good. Now we're right back where we started.

Ivy: Well, I'm sorry. I mean, I want ethan to marry gwen as much as you do. 3DC05E0E.JPG

Rebecca: Sometimes I wonder.

Ivy: How could you? Ethan's happiness means everything to me.

Rebecca: Well, it seems to me your first priority is trying to get sam back.

Ivy: Oh, I won't deny that I want sam, but --

rebecca: Oh, ivy, please, you looked like you died and went to heaven when he came in here carrying you in his arms tonight. How long did you have to pctctice that little damsel-in-distress routine?

Ivy: Who said I had to practice?

Rebecca: Oh, ivy, please. You're talking to me here. So, just how did you sabotage your wheelchair, hmm? What part of it did you break ever so conveniently so you could use your wiles to try to get sam back? Oh, don't try to deny it. I know you far too well. 3DC05E42.JPG

Ethan: I'm thinking of proposing to gwen tonight.

Sam: Tonight?

Ethan: Yeah.

Sam: Wow. That's great. I think gwen is a terrific girl.

Ethan: She's the best. I mean, in a lot of ways, she reminds me of grace. I only wish that we can have the same kind of strong marriage that you two share.

Sam: Well, I hope yours is even stronger.

Ethan: Why do you say that?

Sam: Forget it.

Ethan: Does this have to do with that guy that grace was married to?

Sam: David hastings. You know, he's got her really confused right now. You know, at the moment, I'm not even sure she even knows who she wants to be with. 3DC05E6E.JPG

Ethan: I had no idea things were so rocky.

Sam: Neither did I.

Ethan: I's#sorry.

Sam: Yeah.

Ethan: Gosh, if you and grace can have marital problems, that kind of shakes my faith in the whole institution.

Sam: Listen, don't let this get to you, ok? Hey, this should be one of the happiest days of your life. Go with your heart.

Etn:N: That's what I'm trying to do.

Sam: So then you think that you're over theresa?

Ethan: Yes. Oh -- I think so.

Sam: You're not sure?

Ethan: Most of the time I am, and then something will happen, and it'll get all my feelings stirred up again. What do you make of that? 3DC05E9F.JPG

Sam: Well, I'm the last person to give relationship advice these days, but you don't want to move ahead with gwen if you've still got unresolved feelings for theresa. I think that's what grace is grappling with right now.

Ethan: You know, my mother never got over you either.

Sam: Maybe not, but there's nothing I can do about it now.

Ethan: Well, what if grace did end up choosing david? I mean, then there'd be nothing in the way of you and my mother getting -- sorry. I sound like some kid who doesn't want his parents to get a divorce.

Sam: Oh, don't worry about it. I think it's only natural for any child to want to see his mother and father together. 3DC05ED1.JPG

Ethan: So then it might be possible?

Sam: Look, I won't lie to you. I'll always have feelings for ivy, but I'm not about to give up on my marriage to grace. And, listen, we're supposed to be talking about you tonight, your future, not mine.

Ethan: I'll be fine.

Sam: So that if you say that you're over theresa, I believe you. Well, congratulations, son. May you have a wonderful life with gwen.

Ethan: Thanks.

Theresa: Little ethan! Someone has taken my baby!

Phyllis: Oh.

Theresa: Oh, thank God! Hi!

[Little ethan cries]

Theresa: Oh! Oh, baby. Oh, phyllis, where were you? I was so frightened. 3DC05F06.JPG

Phyllis: Now, listen, I'm glad to see you, too. Now, the baby's been fretting all evening, and he pushed away his last bottle, which is why I've been walking him up and down the hallway. I don't know. He just feels a bit warm to me.

Theresa: No, no, no. He's burning up. Phyllis, why didn't you call me on my cell phone? Nothing is more important than my baby.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. You know what? I'm going to go get ethan.

Theresa: No, no, no, no, no. See, I've bothered him enough for one night. He's a lawyer anyway, not a doctor. Dr. Russell, ok, call her. She'll know what to do.

Phyllis: All right. I will. 3DC05F2C.JPG

Eve: If you expose my past to T.C., He'll be devastated. But he's a grown man, and eventually he will get over it. But whitney and simone -- that's an entirely different story. They're young and they're very impressionable. And as much as you despise me, I don't know how you could knowingly hurt them.

Liz: What do you think would happen to your daughters if they knew the truth about their sainted mother?

Eve: I think they'd feel so betrayed. They'd think that their life was based on nothing but a pack of lies. It might lead them down the wrong path.

Liz: You mean the path you went down? 3DC05F61.JPG

Eve: Yes. Yes. The path that I've been trying to forget abt t for years. If you want to lash out at me, if you want to hurt me, I understand that, but don't punish two young girls who have never done anything wrong in their whole lives.

Liz: You made the choice to sell yourself out. You decided to toss out your morals so that you could hobnob with the rich and famous, so you have no one to blame for the repercussions but yourself!

Eve: I didn't know!

Liz: The hell you didn't! You knew exactly what you were doing. You just didn't want to look at it, because looking at it would mean that you would have to give up drugs and sex and your precious music! But I got to hand it to you, eve. You really turned it around with your doctor's title and your picture-perfect family. But did you really think you could get away with it forever? 3DC05FAF.JPG

Eve: Liz, I lead such a good, clean life. I love my husband, I love my kids, and nobody here has y y idea of how I used to be.

Liz: Until now.

Eve: Liz, please. You know revenge isn't the answer! You know it's not! You used to be a good christian, and the church says that you forgive!

Liz: I am still a good christian. But even christ threw the moneychangers out of the temple, and once I am through with you, you will never be able to set foot in the house of God again.

Eve: How can you be so full of hate?

Liz: Oh. Well, it's all thanks to you. 3DC060A8.JPG

T.C.: Well, it looks like you're all set up.

Liz: Yes, I think I have everything I could possibly need.

Whitney: Here are your blankets, and, mom, there's a phone call for you. It's theresa's maid over at the cranes'.

Eve: Thank you, honey. Hello, phyllis? It's dr. Russell.

Phyllis: I'm sorry to bother you so late, but we're worried about little ethan.

Eve: The baby? What's the matter?

Phyllis: Well, he's got a very high fever, and theresa -- she's just a basket case right now.

Whitney: Mom, what is it? What's wrong with the baby?

Theresa: Hi, dr. Russell. It's theresa. Listen, he's -- he's burning up. 3DC060C9.JPG

Eve: All right, honey. I'll be right over. I have to go. Theresa's baby is running a really high fever.

Whitney: Well, I'm going to go with you.

Eve: Ok, honey. I'll be back as soon as I can.

T.C.: All right, sweetheart.

Liz: Oh, don't worry about us. T.C. And I will use this time to get to know each other better.

Ethan: You ready, mother?

Ivy: Oh.

Sam: How does it feel?

Ivy: Fine.

Sam: Good. All right, I got to get going.

Ivy: Oh, so soon? Well, stay long enough for a drink.

Sam: I really can'T.

Ivy: Well, coffee? Tea? Please, sam, it's the least I can to repay you for coming to my rescue. I just wouldn't feel right about it -- 3DC0610D.JPG

ethan: Look, mother, if dad has to go, then he --

ivy: Well, that's the point, ethan. I'm not sure sam has anything to rush home for.

Sam: I suppose not. But I should call the station.

Ivy: Why don't you use the phone in the solarium? I think there's probably coffee there, too. I'I'll go with you.

Rebecca: Well, why don't I leave you two alone so you can get back to talking about whatever it was you were talking about before your mother came home.

Ethan: Well, then, you can stay and join us?

Rebecca: Oh, no, no, no. Don't be silly. Two's -- well, you know, three's a royal pain in the -- never mind. 3DC06150.JPG

Grace: Yeah, hello, george? It's grace bennett. Have you heard from sam?

David: What? What's he saying?

Grace: Well, did he say what he was doing there? I see. Ok. Yeah. Good night.

David: Well, what's happening? Do they know where he is?

Grace: Sam just called from the crane estate. He said it wasn't official police business.

Ivy: Thanks for not rushing out of here so quickly.

Sam: It's no problem. Can't stay long, though.

Ivy: I understand.

Sam: I'll take it --

ivy: Black. I know. With just a couple of drops of whiskey for flavor. 3DC06187.JPG

Sam: Huh. You remembered my favorite nightcap.

Ivy: Of course I remember. I remember lots of things, like all of the nights you used to come to me after your long days on the fishing boat.

Sam: Yeah. I remember when we used to have to hide from all those people.

Ivy: Yeah.

Sam: You, the governor's daughter, and I was the son of the local police chief.

Ivy: Happiest days of my life.

Sam: Yeah, I must have really reeked of fish.

Ivy: I never noticed. I guess I was just too much in love to notice. How's the coffee?

Sam: Oh, it's -- perfect.

David: Grace, you're not planning to go over to the cranes' this time of night, are you? 3DC0628E.JPG

Grace: Yes, I am. I have to find out what's going on.

David: Come on, it's so late. I mean, why don't you -- I'm sure sam will be home soon.

Grace: You know what, dav?? I'm not sure of anything. I mean, after what I've done to sam -- look, I'm sorry if this hurts your feelings. It's just I've loved sam bennett most of my adult life. I don't know what I would do without him.

David: Yeah, well, you know, actually, that I understand.

Grace: You do?

David: I know what it's like to love somebody with all my heart. Look, I won't be able to drive you because john has my car.

Grace: That's all right. You know, it's probably best if I go alone. I think my keys are in the kitchen. 3DC062C5.JPG

[Phone rings]

Ivy: I'I'm sorry. I can't imagine who's calling me this late. Excuse me just a moment.

David: It's me.

Ivy: Your timing is terrible. I will call you in the morning.

David: You don't want to do that. Grace is about to head over there right now.

Ivy: What?

David: Yeah, I guess you're going to have to delay your plans for your cozy tete-a-tete with sam.

Ivy: Hmm. No, I don't think so. In fact, this evening could turn out even better than I planned.

David: Yeah, but grace codd walk in and find you and sam in some compromising position. I mean --

ivy: I know that. 3DC062EC.JPG

David: Yeah, but that would devastate grace. I don't want you to hurt her.

Ivy: You know, I keep forgetting that you have genuine feelings for that tiresome woman.

David: Just -- you know what? Leave grace alone, all right? She's never done anything to you.

Ivy: Do you want her or not? Because this is an opportunity of a lifetime for both of us. Now, just relax. Send her on her way. I think it's about time she learn the truth.

T.C.: These are our girls when they were little.

Liz: Oh, they're beautiful.

T.C.: Now, that's my pride and that's my joy. As you can see, simone was always the pistol, and whitney was always the serious one. Eve and I are so proud of the both of them. 3DC0631A.JPG

Liz: I can imagine.

T.C.: I mean, I'm not surprised they turned out to be such great girls. I mean, they're just like their mother. There I go again, bragging about my family, and I haven't even asked you about yourself.

Liz: Oh, I don't think you want to hear about my life.

T.C.: Sure, I do. Come on, tell me all about it.

Liz: Well, if you insist.

Whitney: Theresa?

Theresa: Thk k God. His fever is getting higher.

Eve: What was his last thermometer reading?

Theresa: 105.

Whitney: Well, that can't be right, can it, mom?

Eve: Come on, let me examine him. Oh, God. Oh. Ok. 3DC06343.JPG

Whitney: Honey, why don't you stay over here with me.

Theresa: No, I can't, whitney. I cannot leave my baby, ok? It feels like he's on fire.

Whitney: But he's not. Let my mother take care of him. She'll make sure that he's ok, ok?

Theresa: And what if she can't?

Whitney: Don't say that.

Theresa: Dr. Russell, what is wrong with him? What's wrong with my baby?

Eve: Oh. It's not good, theresa. His fever's very high and his breathing's labored.

[Baby cries]

Theresa: He's all I have in the world. Please don't let him die.

Gwen: Now, where were we?

Ethan: I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about our future, and I've come to a decision. 3DC06369.JPG

Gwen: About us?

Ethan: That's right -- a decision that I think will be right for both of us.


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