Passions Transcript Tuesday 10/22/02

Passions Transcript Tuesday 10/22/02

by Eric

Eve: Julian is my patient, T.C. I have to take care of him whether I want to or not. I took an oath, , remember?

T.C.: You're right, sweetheart. I'm -- I'm sorry. I'll let you do your job. I love you, baby.

Eve: I love you, too.

T.C.: Coffee? I'll get us some coffee.

Julian: I feel so much better just seeing your face.

Eve: I don't know what the hell you think you're doing, Julian, but I want it to stop.

Julian: Eve --

eve: No, what kind of game are you playing, Julian? First, you forgive the debt we should have paid you when simone wrecked your car. And then you save Whitney's life and you comfort her when she's terrified, and then you have the gall to talk to her about the love of your life? You almost ruined my life, Julian. I swear to God, I'm not going to let you do it again. 3DB5BC9D.JPG

Julian: Is that what you think I'm trying to do, to hurt you?

Eve: Oh, it comes so easily to you.

Julian: No. It's just the opposite. I'm trying to -- I'm trying to make up for the past, for all the pain I caused you.

Eve: You can't make up for what you did.

Julian: Eve, do you remember when we spoke in the library? Do you remember what I said to you?

Eve: No.

Julian: Yes, you do. You must. I meant every word of it. I care about you, eve, very much. I only want you to be happy.

Chad: Look, Whitney, your future's in tennis, so I don't know why you're talking about both our futures. 3DB5BCC9.JPG

Whitney: The point I'm trying to make does concern both of our futures.

Chad: Look, I don't care what Julian crane said to you in that elevator. It doesn't change a thing.

Whitney: It changed me. I realize what is really important, and I realize what I really want.

Chad: I still don't see what that has to do with me.

Whitney: It has everything to do with you, because every one thought that I had, every time that I reached down into my soul, there was only one thing that I knew for sure, just one thing. It's all about you, Chad. The thing that I knew for sure -- I knew that I loved you. Chad, I love you so much.

Liz: Oh, come on. I own a hotel. I know that there are rooms that are always set aside. A tour group? So you're saying that there is not one single vacant hotel room left in this town? Ok. Thanks, anyway. 3DB5BD18.JPG

T.C.: So there's no room at the inn, huh?

Liz: Yeah. Apparently. I never knew harmony was such a popular place.

T.C.: Yeah, we get flooded this time of year with tourists. They come up here to see the leaves change.

Liz: I should have thought about that before I flew in, reserved ahead.

T.C.: I'm T.C. Russell. How you doing?

Liz: Liz sanbourne. Nice to meet you.

T.C.: Liz, what brings you to harmony? Obviously, it's not the foliage.

Liz: No, even though it's certainly beautiful. I'm here for friends of mine -- Antonio Lopez Fitzgerald and Diana -- well -- Sheridan crane.

T.C.: Oh, well, you are doubly welcome, because Antonio and Sheridan are good people, and any friend of theirs is a friend of mine. 3DB5BD44.JPG

Antonio: Sheridan, why couldn't you just tell me what you were going to tell me?

Sheridan: I told you, it's important that we talk to Luis first.

Sheridan: Oh, no.

Antonio: Sheridan, what is it?

T.C.: There you go. 3DB5BE38.JPG

Liz: Thank you.

T.C.: So, how do you know Antonio and Sheridan?

Liz: Oh, well, Antonio I've known for a while. I own a hotel on the island of St. Lisa's. He lived there and worked there.

T.C.: Pretty down there, huh?

Liz: Beautiful.

T.C.: Sheridan? How do you know Sheridan?

Liz: Through Antonio. He rescued her, pulled her out of the sea and brought her to my hotel.

T.C.: That's right. I mean, that's where she was all this time on an island with amnesia.

Liz: Yeah. She couldn't remember anything about her past. For some reason, she thought her name was Diana, so that's what we called her. 3DB5BE62.JPG

T.C.: Yeah, Pilar told us all about that.

Liz: Pilar?

T.C.: Oh, pilar -- I'm sorry. Pilar is Antonio's mother, and she's really going through it right now. You do know about Antonio, that he's ill?

Liz: Yeah. I guess everyone doe except for Antonio.

T.C.: It's a sad situation.

Liz: Yeah. I know Luis, too.

T.C.: From down there?

Liz: Yeah. He came down to St. Lisa's to look for Sheridan, except that we didn't know that Diana was Sheridan. God, if we had, we could have saved a lot of people a whole lot of heartache.

T.C.: So you do know about Sheridan and Luis. 3DB5BE90.JPG

Liz: That they're in love?

T.C.: Yeah.

Liz: Luis told me everything.

T.C.: Before the boat accident, they were supposed to get married. I mean, those two were meant for each other.

Liz: It's really incredible -- Luis and Sheridan are soul mates, but they can't even be together for fear of hurting Antonio so much to the point that he might die.

Antonio: Sheridan, what is it? What's wrong with you? Sheridan, what's the big deal? Luis and Beth -- they're just kissing. That's what we should be doing back at the cottage right now.

Hey, why are you so upset?

Sheridan: No. 3DB5BED5.JPG

Antonio: What? No, what?

Sheridan: No. No!

Antonio: Sheridan? Wait -- just wait.

Beth: Oh, Luis. 

Luis: Beth?

Beth: Yeah. Yes, Luis?

Luis: Wait. What happened?

Eve: Stop it.

Julian: Eve --

eve: I mean it, Julian.

Julian: Stop what, being nice to you?

Eve: You know what I mean.

Julian: Telling you the truth?

Eve: No, you are trying to seduce me. I want you to stop it.

Julian: You couldn't be more wrong. 3DB5BF01.JPG

Eve: No. You want something.

Julian: No.

Eve: I know you do.

Julian: All right, there is one thing that I want.

Eve: Oh. Ok. Yeah, I knew it. So, ok, tell me. What is it? Money? Revenge?

Julian: You, eve. I want you.

Chad: You said all this before, how you loved me, how you want us to be together.

Whitney: I know.

Chad: So what makes this time different?

Whitney: Things have changed.

Chad: It's not good enough.

Whitney: I love you, Chad. I mean it. I mean, that has to be enough, right? I can't sense you. I really love you with all my heart. 3DB5BF38.JPG

Simone: She's going after the man I love. My own sister betraying me. Well, I'm going to show her who Chad loves.

Kay: Simone --

simone: Let go of me!

Kay: No, not until you listen to me, ok? Simone --

Kay: Come on, simone.

Simone: Let go of me!

Kay: No, not until we've talked.

Simone: My sister's in there trying to steal my boyfriend away from me!

Kay: Simone, calm down, ok?

Simone: Calm down?

Kay: Yes.

Simone: Calm down? I'm going to blast my sister out of the water.

Kay: No, you're not. Come on.

Whitney: Did you hear that voice? 3DB5C03D.JPG

Chad: Whoever it is sounds angry.

Whitney: For a second there, I thought that it was my father

Chad: Or simone.

Whitney: Thank God, because if it had been, I mean, there's no telling what would have happened.

Simone: Stop interfering!

Kay: No. I am trying to help you here, ok? I am not going to let you go in there right now, not when you're like this.

Simone: Look, I am warning you, Kay.

Kay: Simone, just take a minute and think, ok?

Simone: I'm not doing any --

Kay: Think!

Simone: Weren't you the one always telling me that Whitney was going behind my back to get Chad? 3DB5C061.JPG

Kay: Yes.

Simone: I mean, for months you kept telling me over and over and over again. You were telling me what she was doing and --

Kay: I know, simone. That's right.

Simone: So I believe you now, Kay. So why don't you want me to go in there and do something about it?

Kay: Because you can't. If y go in there right now like this, you're going to make the biggest mistake of your life.

Simone: No, I won't! I ain't going to --

Kay: Simone, listen to me. Ok, you have got to deal with this exactly as I tell you to, ok, sweetie?

Eve: You don't think I believe that? 3DB5C07E.JPG

Julian: It's the truth, eve.

Eve: Please, Julian, I'm not that naive young girl that you knew and used.

Julian: I'm not going to argue with you or try to push myself on you. That's the last thing I'd do.

Eve: And where have I heard that before?

Julian: I just thought if you remembered what we had all those years ago, that memory might open up your heart again, and then just maybe --

eve: No. Never. I am never going back to that again. Never.

Luis: Beth, I'm sorry.

Beth: For what?

Luis: Well, for this. Look, Beth, I don't know how this happened, all right? You know, it must have been all that beer that I had on an empty stomach. I should never have tried to take advantage of you like this. 3DB5C0B7.JPG

Beth: You weren't taking advantage.

Luis: No, no. This isn't right, ok? Now, just because, you know, Sheridan and I are over, that doesn't mean that I come over here and take advantage of your kindness.

Beth: It's all right.

Luis: No. No, it isn't. Now, you're a good woman and you've been so understanding.

Beth: That's ok, Luis. Really.

Luis: Beth, you truly are a good woman.

Beth: You know what we need to do, you and I? Is relax. You just take it easy. It's been such a rough day.

Luis: Yeah, I'll second that.

Beth: You know what? I could go for a drink. I am going to get you another beer. 3DB5C0EF.JPG

Luis: Another?

Beth: Yeah.

Luis: No, I don't -- Beth, I don't know if I should, not after what happened with that beer.

Beth: Come on. It'll help you unwind, and I don't want to drink alone, ok?

[Beth hums]

Mrs. Wallace: You are giving him another one? I can't believe it! You already doped the first one!

Beth: Stay out of it, mother.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, this is weeded!

Beth: Call it whatever you want. It's going to get me my man.

Mrs. Wallace: I don't think so, missy!

Beth: Well, who cares what you think?

Mrs. Wallace: Sheridan is certainly not going to let you just steal Luis away. 3DB5C130.JPG

Beth: Guess again, old woman. Ms. Crane -- she was just outside the house just now, and she saw Luis kissing me.

Mrs. Wallace: Uh -- no!

Beth: Yeah.

Mrs. Wallace: Sheridan saw that?

Beth: Mm-hmm.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh --

Beth: How's that for a stroke of luck?

Mrs. Wallace: You are wicked!

Beth: Well, I guess I'll get my way in this one, mother. Po s Sheridan couldn't stand seeing us together, and she fled. So, I guess I'm the winner in a walk.

[Sheridan cries]

Sheridan: Oh, this is all my fault! I've caused it! I deserve it! I deserve to lose Luis! 3DB5C162.JPG

Antonio: Sheridan? Sheridan, come on. That's it. I'm not letting you leave here until you tell me what's going on.

Sheridan: Antonio --

Antonio: Sheridan, please. Don't shut me out. Please tell me what's got you so upset.

Sheridan: I don't want to talk to you right now.

Antonio: Please, I just want you to know you can talk to me. I'm right here, ok?

Sheridan: No. Antonio, look, I'm too upset right now. I just -- I don't know what I'm going to do.

Antonio: You don't know what you're going to do about what?

Sheridan: Please. This isn't your fault, all right? You have to know that. This is my mine. This is all my fault. 3DB5C187.JPG

Gwen: Sheridan, Antonio, what are you two doing here?

Antonio: Gwen, you came at just the right time.

Gwen: What's going on?

Antonio: Well, now, that's what I'd like to know.

Antonio: You can obviously see that Sheridan's upset.

Gwen: What happened?

Antonio: I don't know. She won't tell me. She just -- the only thing I do know, Gwen, is that I'm worried about her. O he's eating a hot sweet onion chicken teriyaki. Hair girl: That I can't miss. Boy: Sounds delicious. Stair girl: I'm on my way. Announcer: Subway's hot dinner idea. Marinated chicken teriyaki topped with a tangy sweet onion sauce. (Crowd noises) subway. Eat fresh. 3DB5C24E.JPG

Liz: Your last name is Russell, right?

T.C.: Yes. I coach at the high school.

Liz: I think I met your daughters -- simone and --

T.C.: And Whitney.

Liz: Oh, lovely girls. Oh. What am I talking about? The young ladies. I'm sorry.

T.C.: Well, thank you, and I'm very proud of both of them.

Liz: They're beautiful and charming.

T.C.: And talented, but I'm not bragging. That's just the facts.

Liz: Oh, yeah, I believe you.

T.C.: I mean, just maybe a little bit of bragging, just a little bit.

Liz: You're entitled.

T.C.: Well, I think a father has a right. 3DB5C26F.JPG

Liz: You know, I met their friend, too -- Chad.

T.C.: Oh, yeah. You know, this is Chad's part-time job. He's trying to break into the music industry.

Liz: He's a singer?

T.C.: Singer, writer, producer. He's got a recording studio around here somewhere, and he's dating my daughter.

Liz: Oh, I could tell that Whitney really liked him.

T.C.: Whitney?

Liz: Yeah, and vice versa, too.

T.C.: No. Liz, you have it completely all wrong. Whitney isn't dating Chad. It's my younger daughter, simone.

Whitney: I know you're having a hard time believing me, and I don't blame you, but I love you. I truly do. And I know now that I want to make a life with you. 3DB5C29A.JPG

Chad: I'm having trouble with this because I've heard all this noise before -- how much you love me, how you didn't want to hide our relationship, how you're going to tell simone and your parents. And the first opportunity you get to set the record straight you don't. You do the opposite. You turn around and lie through your teeth. You tell your folks that you don't love me, that you love tennis. And what about you wanting to sing? We haven't even got to that yet. Another thing you're hiding. And I ain't going to lie about that anymore, that's for damn sure, because I can't go through this again.

Whitney: You won't have to. 3DB5C2BA.JPG

Chad: You're going to have to make a decision, Whitney. Either you tell your father, your mother, and simone the way you feel about me or we split, go our separate ways.

Kay: Simone, if you go barging in there right now, you're going to make a complete fool out of yourself.

Simone: I stay here and Whitney will make a fool out of me.

Kay: Think about Chad. If you go in there like a jealous teenager, what's he going to think, simone? He's an adult. He's not going to like it at all.

Simone: Well, I am jealous, but it's not Chad's fault. It's Whitney's. She's the one who's making a play for him, not the other way around. 3DB5C2DC.JPG

Kay: Ok, sweetie, that is all the more reason to stay calm about this, because if you go in there and you start yelling at Whitney about trying to steal your man, your parents are sure to find out about it. And you know how your parents are, simone. They're not going to blame their precious daughters about this. They're going to blame the outsider.

Simone: Chad?

Kay: Yeah. I mean, they'll probably say he's a bad influence for coming between you and Whitney. And they might even say that you can't see him anymore, simone.

Eve: I'm not going to let you seduce me again, Julian.

Julian: That's not what I'm doing, eve. I'm just telling you how I feel, how deeply I regret not standing up to my father, not fighting for you when I had the chance. 3DB5C30C.JPG

Eve: Well, you didn't, and that's that.

Julian: And I was wondering -- I -- I was hoping that you think about us, too, once in a while, you miss what we had.

Julian: Do you ever think about us, eve?

Eve: No. No, I never think about us together. Not ever.

Beth: Here you go.

Luis: Thank you.

Beth: Bottoms up.

Luis: You know, I must say this -- this is some unique imported beer.

Beth: Yes, it is.

Luis: I've never tasted one like this.

Mrs. Wallace: I can't let this happen. I can't let that evil girl come between Sheridan and Luis. 3DB5C361.JPG

Beth: You're so tense. Come here.

Luis: Am I?

Beth: Mm-hmm. You got to relax.

Luis: Yeah, well, it's hard when the woman you love's off with another man, my brother.

Beth the first thing you have to do is stop worrying about Sheridan. I mean, she was pretty clear when she told you how she felt.

Luis: Yeah.

Beth: And the sooner you can forget, the sooner you can move on with your life.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, you wicked girl -- wicked, wicked girl.

Antonio: I was hoping that you could talk to her. Maybe she'll open up to you, you know, tell you what's going on. 3DB5C38E.JPG

Gwen: Ok. I'll talk to her. You know what? It's getting cold. Why don't you go and get your car and bring back a coat for Sheridan. I mean, she'll probably be freezing cold by the time we're done talking, ok?

Antonio: Yeah. Ok.

Gwen: Antonio told me what happened.

Sheridan: Gwen, it was awful. I saw Luis and Beth. They were in each other's arms. They were kissing. It's all over, and it's my fault.

Gwen: Here.

Sheridan: Thank you. I don't know what I'm going to do, Gwen. I love Luis so much, but he told me that it's over.

Gwen: What?

Sheridan: Luis thinks that I've chosen Antonio.

Gwen: Oh, Sheridan.

Sheridan: But I didn't. I was just trying to protect Antonio from the truth about Luis and me, you know, and with his condition, I mean, the shock, it could kill him.

Gwen: I know.

Sheridan: But after Luis broke it off with me, I realized right then and there that I have to tell Antonio the truth no matter what the consequences. 3DB5C478.JPG

Gwen: That is a difficult decision.

Sheridan: I love Luis so much. He's my soul mate.

Gwen: Yeah, I know what that's like.

Sheridan: Antonio and I went to go find Luis so we could tell him the truth together, and that's when I saw him with Beth. I mean, he was in her arms.

Gwen: You know what? Maybe you just misunderstood.

Sheridan: No, there was no misunderstanding. He was kissing her, and it was really passionate.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, Luis! I didn't know you were still here.

Beth: What is it, mother?

Mrs. Wallace: Well, I don't mean to intrude here, sweetheart, Bethie, precious, but, you see, I suddenly just got this awful heartburn. 3DB5C4B1.JPG

Beth: Well, antacid should do the trick. Why don't you go check your medicine cabinet?

Mrs. Wallace: We're out.

Beth: Are you sure, mother?

Mrs. Wallace: I checked. So it looks like I won't be able to get to sleep tonight. I'll just have to sit up in my old chair here all night lo - -- in pain. You don't mind some company here, now, do you, Luis?

Luis: I don't mind at all, mrs. Wallace.

Mrs. Wallace: Good.

Beth: You know what? I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing that you're in pain, you poor dear, so I'm just going to run out and I'll get you some antacids.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, well, that's not necessary, precious. Don't trouble yourself. 3DB5C4DB.JPG

Beth: It's no trouble at all, mother. I'll just run down the street and be back in a flash. Now, go to your room and I'll be back in a few minutes with your medicine, hmm?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, well --

Luis: Hey, I would drive you, but -- ahem -- actually, this beer's hitting me kind of hard and I just don't think I'm in any condition to get behind a wheel.

Beth: That's ok. Come on, you just lie back. Come on. Give them to me. Relax.

Luis: Okay.

Beth: There you go. Ok. You're good? Hmm.

Beth: You say one word to Luis, and it's "oh, hello, nursing home." Get. Go in. 3DB5C519.JPG

Liz: I could have sworn that Whitney was the one who had a thing for Chad.

T.C.: No. Uh-uh.

Liz: Well, I know that simone has a crush on him, but I thought that Whitney really loved him.

T.C.: I'm sorry, Liz, but you got it all wrong. Whitney's a tennis player and completely devoted to her tennis. And she will be moving up in the rankings. She will be seated in every tennis tournament that she enters.

Liz: Well, that's great.

T.C.: Whitney has no time for boys.

Liz: I don't know how I got the wrong idea.

T.C.: That's probably because Chad is older and Whitney's closer to his age and you figured that they were going out. 3DB5C53B.JPG

Liz: That must be it.

T.C.: Oh, I'm pretty sure it is. We've gone through this many times. Whitney has assure me and her mother that she has no feelings for Chad whatsoever.

Liz: Look, I know I'm being presumptuous. It's just that I saw you looking at that couple -- the young man.

Whitney: No. No. I wasn't looking at him. Actually, that's my sister's boyfriend.

Liz: I guess I'm just projecting my feelings on to you. I was remembering a friend of mine. She was really in love with this guy, but she never told him that she loved him. Before she knew it, he was in love with someone else. 3DB5C56E.JPG

Whitney: How sad.

Liz: Yeah. It was very sad. And she always regretted that she hadn't gone to him sooner, told him how she felt, how she really loved him and wanted to be with him. And I think that if she had gone to him and had been open and honest that they might have had a great relationship, that he would be with her now and she wouldn't be alone.

Liz: My mistake.

T.C.: That o ok. I mean, I know my daughters, and I know that Whitney would never lie to me. She doesn't care for Chad at all, not the least little bit.

Chad: Well, what's it going to be? Are you going to finally tell the truth, or are we going to go our separate ways? 3DB5C5A9.JPG

Whitney: I love you with all my heart, Chad, and I want to be with you, only you.

Chad: Well, if you're serious and you really want to make this relationship work --

Whitney: Nothing else matters to me.

Chad: Well, then, we're going to have to tell simone and your parents the truth, because I can't go on like this. I can't sneak around and hide and lie about us.

Whitney: Ok. We'll tell them the truth.

Chad: Tell simone?

Whitney: Yes, tell simone.

Chad: And your mother and father?

Whitney: It's time.

Chad: Well, you just made me the happiest man on the planet. I love you so much. 3DB5C5CD.JPG

Whitney: I love you, too.

Kay: Simone, if you want to keep seeing Chad, you got a lot of work to do, and this does not involve freaking out. This is a time to be smart and calm. You've got to stay cool.

Simone: Cool.

Kay: Yes. You need to work on making your relationship with Chad rock solid. And whatever you do, do not let your parents get involved, because, simone, you got to trust me on this now, ok? Because I know the second you let your mother get involved you can't win.

Julian: I'm so sorry you don't think more kindly of me, eve.

Eve: No! Stop it! 3DB5C6CA.JPG

Liz: Well, as much as I have enjoyed talking to you, I better get back to the business of trying to find a place to stay.

T.C.: Well, good luck trying to find a broom closet this time of the year. How about you come and stay with us?

Liz: What?

T.C.: Come on, you've already met the girls, and you seem to get along with them.

Liz: Well, yes, but --

T.C.: Hey, we have a garage, we have a room over the garage, it's private, and you're more than welcome to stay.

Liz: Oh. That's an incredibly generous offer, T.C., But maybe you should check with your wife first.

T.C.: Oh, I'll just run by the hospital and ask her. 3DB5C6ED.JPG

Liz: The hospital? Is she ill? I wouldn't want to impose.

T.C.: No. She's on the staff at the hospital. Dr. Russell.

Liz: Oh. Well, I am very glad I was wrong on that count. Well, if you're sure it's no trouble, I'd really appreciate it.

T.C.: I'm sure my wife won't mind. How about if I meet you up at the hospital in a little while and you can page me. Pager's right here. All right?

Liz: Ok, T.C.

T.C.: Ok, bye.

Liz: Thanks.

Julian: What's the matter, eve?

Eve: Stop talking to me that way. 3DB5C717.JPG

Julian: Which way?

Eve: There is nothing between us, and there never will be. I don't trust you.

Julian: I can hardly blame you for that, but I'm not lying about my feelings for you, eve.

Nurse: Excuse me. Mr. Crane's x-rays, dr. Russell.

Eve: Thank you.

Julian: Am I going to live?

Eve: Well, the good news is your lung isn't punctured.

Julian: The bad?

Eve: You've got several cracked ribs and that gash on your shoulder from the falling glass is going to need stitches. You must be in pain.

Julian: A bit. It was worth it.

Eve: Why, Julian? Why would you put your life on the line to save Whitney?

Julian: If anything had happened to that beautiful girl, I wouldn't have been able to live with myself. I know how much you love Whitney, and I'd have done anything to save her for you. 3DB5C75E.JPG

Eve: Thank you.

Simone: How can my own sister do this to me?

Kay: I've had a feeling for a while now that Whitney had turned into a little tramp, simone. I mean, forget the perfect daughter routine she always pulls. She uses that to get what she wants.

Simone: And she wants everything, including the love of my life.

Kay: I know, but, simone, you're going to pay her back for that, ok? And you're not going to do it by being a jealous baby sister. You're going to be mature about this. You're going to be an adult, and you're going to beat Whitney at her own game.

Chad: I have given up thinking this day would ever come, and it has, thank God. Now we can be together and everyone's going to know. 3DB5C793.JPG

Sheridan: What am I going to do, Gwen?

Gwen: We are going to figure this out, ok?

[Car approaches]

Gwen: Antonio's back. Antonio, we just need a few more minutes, ok?

Antonio: Ok. I'll keep the car warm.

Gwen: We won't be long.

Antonio: No hurry.

Gwen: Thanks. I still think that you misunderstood what you saw.

Sheridan: Gwen, you didn't see them together.

Gwen: I know Luis, and he is madly in love with you, Sheridan. He has been for ages. Nothing could come between you two.

Sheridan: I used to think that, too.

Gwen: Remember the advice you gave me about not writing Ethan off until I went and spoke to him? 3DB5C7C3.JPG

Sheridan: Yes.

Gwen: Well, you were right. Ethan still loves me, and that engagement ring was for me, not for Theresa. It was just more wishful thinking on her part. We straightened everything out at the hospital.

Sheridan: I'm happy for you.

Gwen: But when Theresa told me that that ring was for her and Ethan gave it to her, I thought for sure our relationship was over, but it wasn't. That is why you cannot give up on Luis until you go and talk to him. You know, it could be that he was just giving Beth a kiss good-bye.

Kay: Simone, you'll see. You'll see how important it is to stay smart about this. If you go barging in there on Whitney and Chad, then your parents are sure to find out, and I know they'll tell you you can't see Chad anymore. So you have to be smart. You got to pick the right time.

Simone: Uh-uh. Forget that, Kay. This is the right time. I am not going to sit back and not do anything. I'm going to go in there and I'm going to let my sister know how much of a slut she is for trying to steal my boyfriend. 3DB5C8C6.JPG

Kay: No!

Simone: Yes!

Kay: You cannot --

simone: She is a backstabber, and I'm going to show her that Chad doesn't want her, he just wants me.

Chad: So if you're serious and you don't want to end our relationship, then we need to tell simone the truth, tell her that we're in love, and we need to tell your parents. No more sneaking around.

Whitney: Well, I am not going to lose you. So let's tell simone.

Chad: Hey, you don't know how happy you've made me. I don't want to lose you, either. So let's do it. Let's go tell simone.

Whitney: Ok. Let's go.

T.C.: Hi. Have you seen my wife, dr. Russell? 3DB5C8E8.JPG

Nurse: Yeah. She's in that cubicle with a patient.

T.C.: Ok, thanks.

Julian: Ugh --

eve: Oh. I know you're in pain. I hope I'm not making it worse.

Julian: You couldn't make anything worse. You only make things better. You're an incredible doctor, incredible woman, and you're more beautiful than ever.

Sheridan: I saw them, Luis and Beth. They were holding each other and they were kissing, and I've lost him. I -- he's gone back to Beth now.

Gwen: I still think that you should talk to him before you just give up on him. Give Luis the chance to explain.

Sheridan: How can he explain? I mean, it's not like Beth was forcing him to kiss her. 3DB5C91F.JPG

Gwen: But maybe he has an explanation. Look, I thought I had lost Ethan to Theresa, but I took your advice and I went to Ethan, and I am so glad I did, because I was wrong. And I know that the same is going to be true for you. This is all just a big misunderstanding.

Sheridan: I don't see how.

Gwen: If I know anything, I know that Luis loves you, Sheridan. Go talk to him. I know everything's going to be all right.

Beth: That's right, Sheridan. Come back to my house, because this time you're going to get an even bigger surprise. Luis and I won't just be kissing. We're going to be making mad, passionate love.

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