Passions Transcript Wednesday 10/16/02

Passions Transcript Wednesday 10/16/02--Canada; Thursday 10/17/02--USA

by Eric

Tabitha: Oh. I don't know why I'm so tired of late. Who's your mommy? Come on, you little brat, tell me. Who is she? Who's your mommy? 3DADD377.JPG

Baby: Mama.

Tabitha: No, your mommy.

Tabitha: Oh. It must f from corralling those damn dancing babies all the time. I'm going to shut my eyes for a bit. You can watch "fear factor" while I doze if you like. I know you like to see humans eat oozy, icky things. I don'T.

["Fear factor" theme plays]

Hecuba: Cracked connie! It's hecuba calling.

Connie: What do you want?

Hecuba: We had a deal, remember? You give me my freedom in exchange for using my green smoke spell.

Connie: Oh, right.

Hecuba: If I help you, you have to help me. You have to go down to tabitha's basement. You have to find the bottle, and then you have to set me free. 3DADD3BC.JPG

Connie: I'll give tabby her own fear factor by unleashing hecuba and all her bottled-up anger. If chasing the brat pack wore tabitha out, wait till she's on the run from hecuba.

Connie: Yoo-hoo, boys in the basement. Say, "hello, dolly." Cracked connie's coming down.

[Connie laughs]

Simone: Don't you have a slightly guilty conscience over what you're doing?

Kay: No. I've found having a conscience to be highly overrated. It just gets in the way of what you need to. Now, will you please leave me alone? Because I really want to see what happens when miguel tells charity that he made passionate love to me. She's going to freak, and then miguel will be mine. 3DADD3FA.JPG

Kay's voice: What the hell? What's going on in there?

Charity: Miguel, what's up? You've been different ever since you left to go get the soda.

Miguel: I came to a decision about something that I've been thinking about for a long time.

Charity: Ok, the thing that you wanted to tell me.

Miguel: No. Actually, it's something that I wanted to ask you. I know a hospital room isn't the most romantic place in the world, but this can't wait.

Charity: Miguel --

kay: This can't be happening.

Simone: What do you know -- miguel is about to propose to charity. What do you think of that, kay? Even your evil couldn't break them up.

Kay: I won't let him do this. He can't do this. 3DADD439.JPG

Simone: Oh, no, you don't --

kay: Simone --

simone: You are going to let miguel propose to charity, and you're going to let charity say yes.

Miguel: Charity, will you marry me?

Charity: Yes, miguel. Yes.

Kay: This can't be happening.

Simone: Oh, yes it can. You deserve this for all the evil you inflicted on miguel and charity.

Kay: No. I'm not going to lose miguel. I won'T. Miguel, what are you doing?

Eve: You know, I'm really a little worried about antonio. I'm afraid that all this excitement and upset is -- is going to make him black out again or worse.

Sheridan: I know, eve. I'm worried about him, too. But theresa's his sister and antonio would rather die than not try to save her. 3DADD479.JPG

The role of gwen hotchkiss is now being played by liza huber.

Gwen: Sheridan, what is going on? I heard something about a freak accident on my radio.

Sheridan: Whitney and julian got stuck in a car, the elevator car. The cable was coming loose. Ethan tried to save them, and he got electrocuted.

Gwen: Oh, my God. Is he all right?

Eve: We don't know. And the cable broke after that. The elevator fell dozens of stories, but then it got wedged in the shaft before it hit the bottom now, they've rigged up this chain to keep it from falling any further, but we're a little worried that it won't hold.

Gwen: Could this get any worse? 3DADD4A0.JPG

Sheridan: Theresa was so upset that she jumped into the open shaft to save ethan.

Gwen: What?

Sheridan: She kept him from falling to his death -- if ethan's still alive.

Gwen: Oh, my God, I -- I have to go help him.

Eve: No, gwen -- gwen. There isn't anything that you can do.

Sheridan: Nothing but hope and pray.

Luis: Was david down there?

Sam: Yeah. He wouldn't come back with me.

Eve: Where's grace?

Ivy: I wouldn't go there right now if I were you, eve.

Grace: You can't die. Look, I love sam, but I love you, too. No, sam, I think I should stay here. 3DADD4D1.JPG

Sam: No, you're not. You're coming with me. Now, let's go.

Grace: No, sam, look, I will be fine, and someone should be here to help david in case he needs anything.

Sam: Whatever you want.

Luis: Very close call, but this chain seems to be holding so far.

Sam: Good. Now if only hank would get back with the winch from my boat. T.C., How does it feel?

T.C.: It's tight. I think it's ok.

Eve: It's just so hard to think of only a chain holding up four people.

Sheridan: How long do you think it can hold the weight?

Sam: Hopefully, as long as we need it to.

Theresa: In just a few more minutes, ethan, we're going to be all right. 3DADD519.JPG

Julian: We're all right, see? They must have something attached to the top of the car. We'll be out of here in no time.

Whitney: Thank you.

Julian: Oh, no, there's no need.

Whitney: No, no, I mean it. I'd have never made it this far if it wasn't for you.

Julian: But of course you would have. You're a courageous young woman.

Theresa: I'll always love you, ethan. Always.

[Theresa screams]

Sam: Get back!

[Whitney and julian scream]

Grace: Oh, no.

David: Stay back, stay back! I hope this works.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life 3DADD5EB.JPG

Demon: Close the door. You're letting all the heat out.

Connie: Is that any way to talk to a lady?

[Demons laugh]

Demon: Good one, C.C. What do you want?

Connie: I'm looking for something to help me stick it to tabitha.

Demon: Then, by all means, come on down.

[Connie laughs]

Connie: Thanks, boys. Hecuba versus tabitha is one grudge mat y you won't want to miss. Ok, hecuba. I am keeping up my end of the deal by setting you free.

Hecuba: Ready when you are, C.C.?

Connie: Tabitha didn't want you released, which makes doing it all the more fun.

Hecuba: Oh. I am so ready to get even with that old crone. 3DADD636.JPG

Connie: Brace yourself. I'm going to pop your cork.

Miguel: Kay, what's wrong?

Kay: I saw you in here on your knees, and I thought something bad happened.

Charity: No. Something happened, but, no, it's not bad. Miguel asked me to marry him.

Kay: I don't believe it.

Simone: Believe it, kay. Miguel asked charity to marry him. Isn't that great?

Miguel: This is something that I wanted to do for the longest time, but, you know, I had to wait until we were both 18. And then things got complicated with theresa confessing to julian's murder and charity turning out not to be charity after all. But now, you know, after everything we've been through, I didn't want to wait another minute to ask charity to be my wife. 3DADD66C.JPG

Charity: And of course I said yes. I can't wait to marry you. I can'T. And, kay, I'd really like it if you'd be my maid of horor.

Kay: Oh.

Sheridan: Are you all right?

Antonio: My sister. What about theresa?

Sam: My God, the chain broke. The elevator must have fallen all the way to the basement.

Chad: Nobody could survive a plunge like that.

Eve: Oh, my God! Whitney?

Ivy: Ethan.

Gwen: Ethan!

Luis: Theresa?

[Grace coughs]

Grace: David? David? David.

[David groans]

Grace: Are you ok? 3DADD6B4.JPG

David: We did it.

Grace: Yeah.

David: The manual brake stopped the elevator from hitting the bottom. How far it fell and the condition of the people on it is anyone's guess.

Grace: Dear God, let them be all right.

David: I got you.

Grace: Thanks.

David: You ok?

Grace: Yeah.

[Grace coughs]

connie: The cork is stuck.

Hecuba: Hey. Ease up. You're making me woozy.

Connie: Oh. I hope I didn't wake goldilocks.

Connie: Good. Tabs is still asleep. Hold on -- I'm going to throw you against the wall and smash you out of there.

Hecuba: No! Stop! I don't have collision insurance. 3DADD7EA.JPG

Connie: Then how am I supposed to free you?

Hecuba: Use the special corkscrew I told you about.

Connie: What makes it special?

Hecuba: The marquis de sade used it at parties to pop open the peasants.

Connie: Cool. Where is it?

Hecuba: How the heaven should I know? Just look for the corkscrew with bat wings on it.

Connie: Oh. Nothing's easy.

Hecuba: Oh. Lice and lizards and locusts, I loathe working with amateurs. And this is all tabitha's fault. Ooh. I cannot wait to give that witch what for.

Connie: Hope you're having sweet dreams, hagitha. You're about to wake up to your worst nightmare. Found it. 3DADD834.JPG

Hecuba: Hallelujah! I'll be free. And tabitha will be fried.

Tabitha: What in heavens do you think you're doing?

Charity: And I want you in the wedding, too, simone.

Simone: Oh, I'd be honored. If any two people are meant to be together, it's you and miguel.

Miguel: Thanks, simone.

Charity: Yeah, thank you. I mean, I'm going to need all the help I can get just to make this happen.

Miguel: You guys don't mind pitching in, do you?

Simone: Of course not. Right, kay?

Kay: Yeah.

Miguel: I want to have this wedding as soon as possible. I was thinking maybe christmastime?

Charity: Yes, christmas is great. And then bridesmaids can wear red. Do you like red, kay? 3DADD86B.JPG

Simone: Of course she does.

Charity: You can wear green if you'd rather. Then you would stand out as my maid of honor.

Simone: Green is nice, too.

Charity: So, what's it going to be, red or green?

Kay: Miguel, I need to have a word with you in private, please.

Miguel: Kay, what is it?

Kay: Why, miguel?

Miguel: Why what?

Kay: Why did you ask charity to marry you just now?

Miguel: It was because of you.

Kay: Because of me?

Miguel: Yeah. I mean, you -- you inspired me when you said that charity's and my love wasn't strong enough to roll with whatever punches came our way. I know it is. And thanks to you, now I'm going to prove it. 3DADD899.JPG

Kay: No, miguel. No, you can'T.

Sam: Grace!

Eve: Oh, my God, it's a mess!

Sam: Grace?

Grace: Over here!

Sam: Are you ok?

Luis: Look. The elevator didn't fall all the way.

Grace: Yeah, david stopped it with the manual braking system.

Sam: It looks like it's stuck a couple of floors above the lobby level.

Antonio: Great, we can finally get to everyone. Come on.

T.C.: Let's go.

Luis: Let's go.

David: You should go with sam. I know you want to go.

Grace: No, you know, there's plenty of people to help upstairs, and I would just get in the way anyway. 3DADD8C3.JPG

David: You sure?

Grace: David, look at your hand. We have to take care of it. Ok. Keep it up.

Luis: Sam? Look, why don't you stay here and get whitney. We'll go up one floor and try and get ethan and theresa.

Sam: Good idea.

Luis: All right?

Theresa: Ethan. We survived the fall. Ethan? Ethan? Speak to me. Ethan, let me know that you're alive. Ethan?

Connie: Don't mess with me, witch. I want some company to be down and dirty with.

Tabia:A: Then I'll get you a sewer rat. But you leave hecuba out of this. 3DADD9EE.JPG

Hecuba: I've heard of hitting the bottle, but this is ridiculous. Hey! Knock it off or you're going to hurt me.

Tabitha: Now, there's a reason to stop. You know, there's nothing I'd like better than knowing you were black and blue, hecuba, except possibly knowing you were dead.

Hecuba: Hey, you. Without me, you'd be up the river styx.

Tabitha: Listen, grace bennett is the one with amnesia, not I. You've been a pain in my keister since before henry viii.

Hecuba: Look, I'm serious here. If you don't stop this and listen, I'm telling you, we're all going to be shaken, rattled, and rolled into oblivion. 3DADDA17.JPG

Connie: No. I just got here.

Tabitha: No. She's just yanking your chain, twit. Ignore her.

Hecuba: Oh, yes? Yes, fine, don't listen to me, but if you don't get over to that hospital and stop what's happening, we're all going to be pushing up nightshade.

Tabitha: What are you babbling about?

Hecuba: Miguel has asked charity to marry him, and the blonde menace said yes.

Tabitha: Oh, no.

Hecuba: Oh, yes, yes. And we both know that if they exchange vows and then make love on their wedding night, charity will come into her full powers.

Tabitha: And we'll go the way of the dodo birds. 3DADDA4A.JPG

Hecuba: Exactly.

Tabitha: Prepare to go into doll mode. We've got a wedding to wreck.

[Hecuba laughs]

Simone: I'm so happy for you and miguel.

Charity: Thank you. I can't remember being this excited about anything. I was starting to think this day would never come.

Simone: Well, if you two are serious about getting rrrried at christmas, we don't have a lot of time to plan.

Charity: I know. That's why I want to get started right away. What do you think they're talking about out there?

Simone: You know what? Kay and miguel have been friends a long time. My guess is that kay just wants to congratulate miguel on proposing to you. 3DADDA7E.JPG

Miguel: Kay, I know that you want me to tell charity about the two of us accidentally having sex, and I will, I promise. All right? I know it's not good to keep secrets, all right? But the two of us sleeping together only happened because I was under the influence of some kind of evil. I mean, that's the only way I could have done such a horrible thing.

Kay's voice: It wasn't horrible making love to you, miguel. It was wonderful.

Miguel: Before I tell charity, I want to marry her. I mean, that way, there won't be any doubts about my love for her.

Kay: Miguel, I see where you're going with this. I really do. But -- 3DADDAA0.JPG

miguel: You're the reason that I realized it was time to propose to charity. I mean, thank you, kay.

Kay: Miguel, no. You're not welcome. Not at all.

Julian: Whitney? Whitney, wake up.

Whitney: Are we dead?

Julian: I told you, cranes don't die in freak elevator accidents. We're very much alive, dear.

Eve: Please hurry! We have to save whitney!

Theresa: Ethan! Speak to me, ok? I can't lose you. I love you. Ethan, say something!

Antonio: Theresa's alive!

Gwen: What about ethan?

Sheridan: He's not answering theresa.

Ivy: Ethan can't be dead. He can't be. 3DADDAEC.JPG

Antonio: We need something to pry the door open with.

Luis: Where's that damn crowbar?

Gwen: Look -- hey.

Ivy: Hurry. Hurry.

Sheridan: Here, try this.

Luis: Let's open it, come on. Keep trying. Theresa.

Theresa: Luis! Antonio! Oh, thank God! Help!

Luis: Just you stay there, all right? I'm coming to get you.

Theresa: Be careful. And ethan. You have to save him, ok? Luis, hurry. Hurry.

Luis: Come on. Come on.

Theresa: Luis --

gwen: Oh, he's still alive. Thank God. 3DADDB48.JPG

Ivy: Ethan?

Sheridan: How badly is he hurt?

Gwen: Ethan? It's gwen. If you can hear me, squeeze my hand.

Theresa: Ethan? Ethan, you have to be ok. You have to live! You have to! So, it was called cattle point. Of the nation, and subsequentlyne of th here. Your cruise director, ron

singer: You are my passion for life

simone: I cannot wait to be a bridesmaid in your wedding, charity. I want to learn how to put one together so I can start planning mine and chad'S.

Charity: Oh, you and chad? I didn't know you guys were that involved. 3DADDC05.JPG

Simone: Oh, totally. I mean, we are crazy in love with each other. My parents have already given us their blessing.

Charity: Wow.

Simone: I mean, don't get me wrong. We haven't started talking about marriage yet, but it's only a matter of time. Simone harris -- doesn't it have a wonderful ring to it?

Charity: Yeah. Well, I wish you and chad the best. If you guys love each other half as much as miguel and I, then you'll be really happy together.

Simone: Oh, I can't wait.

Charity: I can't wait to marry miguel, either.

Simone: I know it's going to be a wonderful day for your whole family. 3DADDC2E.JPG

Charity: Yeah. I think so, too.

[Knock on door]

Charity: Come in.

Tabitha: I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Charity: No. Tabitha,lelease come in.

Tabitha: Charity, dear, I'm so sorry I haven't been to see you before, but I've been so busy, what, with one thing and another.

Charity: Tabitha, please don't -- don't lie. I -- I know why you haven't been to see me before and why you're here now.

Miguel: I'm not welcome? What are you talking about, kay?

Kay: Miguel, don'T. Don't thank me for giving you the idea to propose to charity.

Miguel: But you did and I'm grateful. 3DADDC5F.JPG

Kay: Not to mention dense.

Miguel: What?

Kay: Miguel, we have known each other for our whole lives. I always thought that we'd be together -- always.

Miguel: Yeah, yeah, ok, ok. We're a team, all right? We're best friends. So why are you acting this way?

Kay: God, miguel! Don't you get it?

Grace: This must really hurt.

David: It's not as bad as it looks.

Grace: There's got to be some kind of bandage I can put on it or --

theresa: Please. Please be ok. Please don't die.

Ivy: Ethan? Ethan, darling, please open yo e eyes and let us know you're all right.

Gwen: Ethan? 3DADDC9F.JPG

Theresa: Ethan's alive! He's alive! Oh, ethan.

Eve: Oh, I hope whitney is ok. Julian better not have hurt her. Oh, whitney, honey, are you ok?

T.C.: Get your hands off my daughter!

Tabitha: You know why I'm here?

Charity: Yeah. And why you haven't been here sooner. You're mourning timmy's death.

Tabitha: Yes. Yes, timmy. My precious timmy. The end came so suddenly, so tragically, it -- I still can't really believe he's gone. He was such a special little lad. Unique, irreplaceable. His passing has left a void in my life that will never be filled. 3DADDD9B.JPG

Simone: We all miss him, tabitha. Everyone does.

Tabitha: Yes. To know him was to love him, and I did. I loved him very, very much, and I always will.

Charity: Well, aunt grace always said that our loved ones may die but love itself lives on.

Tabitha: True. Very true.

Charity: Especially in timmy's case.

Tabitha: What do you mean?

Charity: Listen.


[Tabitha gasps]

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, my timmy. My timmy still lives on.

Miguel: What are you talking about? All right, what -- what don't I get? 3DADDDDC.JPG

Kay: I never thought this day would come. Never. I always, always thought it was going to be the two of us, miguel. I thought we'd be the family.

Miguel: We will be family. I'm marrying your cousin. Kay, what is it? What's wrong?

Theresa: Thangogod you're alive, ethan.

Sam: Ethan and theresa -- how are they?

Ivy: Oh, our son is alive, sam. He's alive. And so is theresa.

Sheridan: Gwen, it's really none of my business, but why aren't you by ethan's side?

Gwen: I will be. I will n let theresa steal him away from me again. I don't care if she risked her life to save his. I won't let that bitch have ethan. 3DADDE2B.JPG

Gwen: Thank you for saving ethan for me, but I will be at his side from now on.

Theresa: Gwen, you're welcome to join us in the ambulance if you want to, but ethan wants me at his side, not you.

[Julian and T.C. Yell]

Julian: I was only -- I was only trying to protect her.

T.C.: I'll teach you to mess with my daughter!


Charity: I wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for you and timmy.

Tabitha: What?

Charity: Well, timmy was an organ donor, d d dr. Russell told me that you signed the consent form that allowed me to have his heart.

Tabitha: Oh, yes. Oh, that night was such a blur, I only remember parts of it.

Charity: Well, I will never forget what you did for me and for miguel.

Tabitha: He didn't get a piece of timmy, too, did he?

Charity: No. No. Because of my heart transplant, I lived to see this day. Well, miguel's asked me to marry him, and I said yes. 3DADDF4B.JPG

Tabitha's voice: Oh, hecuba was right.

Charity: I'll be walking down the aisle soon because of you. I don't know how to thank you.

Tabitha: Oh, well, I -- I never stopped to think that you having timmy's heart would mean that you would be able to marry miguel, be a wife to him in every way.

Connie's voice: Don't lose your resolve now, tabitha. We're here to torpedo the wedding, remember?

Miguel: Hey, kay, we'll always be connected. And once I marry charity, we'll be even closer. And what could be better than that?

Kay: Ok, miguel, you're obviously not getting what I'm trying to say to you, so just listen to me for a minute, ok? 3DADDF85.JPG

Miguel: Sure, kay.

Kay: Okok. You say we're always going to be connected.

Miguel: Yeah.

Kay: You're right. Miguel, we have grown up together, we've gone to school together and church together, and we've played sports together. And at one point, you even said you thought that we would end up together. But then charity came along --

miguel: And that changed everything.

Kay: No. It didn't, miguel, not everything. I still love you. I always have.

Sam: That's my son. Take good care of him.

Paramedic: All right.

Sam: All right. 3DADDFC5.JPG

Sam: Keep an eye on things here, all right?

Luis: Yeah.

Sam: I'm going to go find grace.

Ivy: Sam -- don't go back into the basement. You heard what grace said to david, that she loves him. If you just go back down there and see them together, it's going to be like rubbing salt into an open wound.

Grace: How's that? Not too tight?

David: I love you. I've loved you for a long time.

Theresa: Gwen, it's really not your place to go tohehe hospital with ethan.

Gwen: Yes, theresa, it is. In case you've forgotten, ethan chose to be with me, not you.

Theresa: No, you are mistaken.

Gwen: The hell I am.

Theresa: Then why did ethan buy this for me?

Gwen: An engagement ring?

Sheridan: Co s sit down and relax. You've saved enough lives for one day.

Antonio: The dust just got to me, that's all.

Sheridan: Well, you know what? I still want dr. Russell to give you a quick checkup.

Antonio: Hey. Only you can cure what ails me, sheridan.

Sheridan: How?

Julian: Please!

Eve: T.C., Stop! You're going to kill julian!

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