Passions Transcript Friday 9/13/02

Passions Transcript Friday 9/13/02--Canada; 9/16/02--USA

by Lynnette

Theresa: You look beautiful, Whitney.

Whitney: Thank you so much for letting me wear this beautiful gown and jewelry. I promise I'll be careful, ok?

Theresa: Just relax. I got plenty more where that came from. Hmm. In fact, why don't you just keep everything you have on.

Whitney: I can't do that.

Theresa: Why not? You're my best friend.

Whitney: And you're my best friend, but I don't want to start, you know, getting used to things that I can't have. And neither should you.

Theresa: I am Mrs. Julian Crane, ok? A court said so. Even Alistair has given me a job at Crane Industries.

Whitney: I'm not -- I'm not talking just about the jewelry and the clothes and everything, I'm talking about Ethan. I mean, you still keep trying to get him back after he's already told you a zillion times that he doesn't want to be with you.

Theresa: No, Whitney. See, in Ethan's heart, he still loves me, which means I can still get him back.

Whitney: How can you keep putting yourself through this? I mean, my God, you were almost executed.

Theresa: Which showed Ethan that I love him enough to die for him. Now, I'd pay to see Gwen top that.

Whitney: You know, sometimes, I wish you'd never met Ethan, that you never took that job here working for his mother. That way, your life -- not to mention mine -- would be so much happier.

Theresa: If I had never met Ethan, I never would have had my baby, my wonderful little Ethan.

Whitney: Wait a second, are you telling me that Ethan is really your baby's father?

Ethan: Gwen, relax. Look, I love you. And no one or nothing is going to ever come between us again, promise. Looks like Chad needs some help. I'll be with you in a second.

Gwen: Well, I'll be waiting.

Ethan: Hey.

Gwen: Hmm?

Ethan: I meant it. I won't let anyone or anything ever take you away from me again.

Gwen: I won't let you win, Theresa. I will not let you take Ethan away from me again.

Antonio: I know why you're upset, Sheridan. It's about Beth.

Sheridan: Beth?

Antonio: Well, you're seeing Beth's mother here, and it's reminding you of your mother, and you're wishing that she hadn't have died when you were little.

Sheridan: Well, yes, that's true. I -- I do miss my mother very much.

Antonio: Mama said Katherine Crane was a wonderful, beautiful, loving woman, just like you. What is it?

Sheridan: What if I die young, too, like my mother did?

Mrs. Wallace: Tsk, tsk, tsk. It must be so painful seeing the woman that you love held so closely in your brother's strong arms.

Luis: Yeah, well, we have to keep up the ruse that Sheridan and Antonio are engaged. Dr. Russell says that if Antonio finds out that Sheridan and I are engaged, well, the shock could kill him.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, well, we certainly don't want that.

Luis: No.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, still, if a man holds a woman like Antonio is holding Sheridan, he's just got one thing in mind. Look, I know that you love your brother. Just don't forget that Sheridan is your one true love. And don't let anyone ever get between you.

Hecuba: I will help you break hearts and ruin lives if you promise by all that is unholy to set me free. Now, all you have to do is go down to Tabitha's basement, find the bottle that I'm trapped in, and open it.

Tabitha: No! No, don't listen to her!

Connie: Sounds tempting. But I need to know how you plan to help me if you can't even help yourself out of a bottle.

Hecuba: Why don't you go to that darling little covered dish over there. Open it up. There should be a vial inside.

Tabitha: Oh, no. No, not that!

Connie: What's this?

Hecuba: Oh, that's one of my best spells, premixed, ready to go. Just open it and let the anguish begin.

Connie: Define "anguish."

Hecuba: Incredible pain and suffering, feelings of loss and regret. In short, it'll screw up lives big time.

Tabitha: Don't let her tempt you, Connie! What's in that vial is too dangerous to be unleashed!

Hecuba: Ignore her, kidlet. Make a name for yourself and use what's in that vial. You'll give me my freedom, and you can give the people of harmony hell.

Tabitha: There are other ways to be evil, Connie. Be a lawyer, work for the I.R.S., But whatever you do, don't take Hecuba up on this offer!

Hecuba: So what's it going to be, cracked Connie? Have we consummated a contract or not? Hmm?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I would fly on the win of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

T.C.: You and Julian -- I just hated seeing you with that pig, eve.

Eve: Honey, I told you, I was upset about our argument over Whitney, and I went into the library to be alone, and Julian walked in on me.

T.C.: Honey, I believe you, and I'm sorry that we had words earlier. I love you, baby. And I don't want anything or anyone coming between us.

Eve: Well, I don't, either, honey.

Julian: If our son is out there, he is alive, and he comes back, what will happen to you and your life? Your family doesn't even know about our past.

T.C.: Honey, are you ok?

Eve: Yes, honey. I just want our life to stay as wonderful as it is.

T.C.: Me, too. And you stay looking gorgeous. I'll be right back.

Eve: Why do I come to these parties? Something bizarre always happens.

Antonio: Sheridan, don't worry, you are not going to die young like your mother did. You and I -- we're going to grow old together. But before we start stocking up on liniment and denture powder, we're going to get married and we're going to have a family, just like we did when we were Franklin and Susan Liva. You and I were fated to be together, Sheridan. I am yours and you are mine, now and forever.

Tabitha: Don't fall for her tricks, cracked Connie! Hecuba isn't out to help you score points for the dark side. She's using you to help pop her cork!

Connie: You say this stuff will ruin lives?

Hecuba: I guarantee it.

Connie: How does it work?

Hecuba: Once you open the vial, it unleashes a cloud of green smoke, which casts a spell on whomever it touches. And that's when the fun really starts -- well, fun for us. For humans, it's a kick in the cranium.

Connie: So their heads explode?

Hecuba: Oh, no. The spell is far more insidious than that. It makes them see what would have happened in their lives if only they had made different choices in life.

Connie: That doesn't sound so bad.

Hecuba: Oh, trust me, for humans, it is. Once they see what the lives could have been like, it haunts them forever.

Tabitha: Oh, thank Hades you haven't opened that damn vial yet. And as for you -- go back to your bottle and leave Connie alone.

Hecuba: Good golly, this dolly's got a mean streak in her, and I intend to help her use it.

Tabitha: Don't listen to her, Connie. You have no idea how evil that Hecuba is.

Connie: No, but I can't wait to find out.

Hecuba: You heard the doll, principessa. Now, get lost. Go to heaven! Yes. Once the doll and I seal the deal, we'll be unleashing hell in harmony. I'll just sign here... and you're all set.

Whitney: Theresa, are you telling me that Ethan is really your baby's father?

Theresa: No, Whitney, Julian is. What I meant was that if I had never met Ethan and gotten involved with him, I never would have gone down to Bermuda to talk Julian into taking him back as a Crane. Julian never would have gotten me drunk and gotten me pregnant. And I never would have had my beautiful little boy.

Whitney: You know, you should really donate your brain to science because the way it works is beyond belief.

Theresa: What's beyond belief is you saying that my life would be better if I had never met Ethan. I love him, Whitney. I have loved him since I was a kid. I mean, don't you remember that picture that mama had of Ethan and me playing together when our family lived in Sheridan's cottage?

Whitney: But, see, that was a little girl crush on a little boy. And your refusal to give that up has caused you nothing but grief. Ok, yeah, you may have expensive clothes and jewelry and be living here in the Crane mansion, but what price did you pay? What did you do to all those people who loved you? And the capper is you still don't even have Ethan. I mean, really think about it, Theresa. Is -- is all of this really worth it?

Ethan: Hi, guys. How's it going?

Chad: How's it look to you?

Simone: Things couldn't be more wonderful.

Ethan: Simone, would you mind giving Chad and me a minute alone? There's some business with the recording studio that we have to discuss.

Simone: Sure. Ok, well, I'll go look for Kay and Miguel.

Chad: Thanks for saving me there, man. She thinks it's our first date together.

Ethan: I can't believe that you and Whitney haven't told Simone that you're in love with each other.

Chad: I know, man. It's getting ridiculous. But every time we try to, something stops us.

Ethan: This isn't good, Chad. How much longer are you going to let Simone keep living a lie?

Mrs. Wallace: Well, Luis, thank you so much for inviting me to this wonderful party and for getting me more of this delicious punch.

Luis: You're welcome.

Julian: What is that bag lady doing here?

Hank: That's Beth's mother, Julian.

Julian: Yes, Medicare's loss leader.

Mrs. Wallace: You know, it's just so nice to be out.

Beth: Mother, maybe you should go home. You know, you need your rest, ok?

Mrs. Wallace: No, no, no. Not the way I feel, honey. I'm going to be staying here just as long as you do. Oh, yes. I don't want to miss a thing.

Luis: Well, then maybe I'll get you something to eat.

Mrs. Wallace: Hmm -- that would be lovely. Thank you so much -- oh, no.

Hank: What is it?

Mrs. Wallace: Well, I'm afraid I had an accident. I wet myself.

Gwen: Sheridan, I'm sorry your homecoming has become so complicated. I know how hard tonight must be for you.

Sheridan: Yeah, it is. But, you know, it's not just about protecting Antonio from the truth about Luis and me being engaged. It's what Antonio said about the Lopez Fitzgerald's and their first love -- how no one who comes along later can ever take their place. And, well, Beth was Luis' first love.

Gwen: That doesn't matter. Yes, Beth may have been Luis' first love, but he's not with her now. Luis loves you.

Sheridan: What if Luis and Beth had gotten married after high school like they planned to? She'd be with him now, Gwen. Luis wouldn't be with me. Down

Whitney: If you had never met Ethan, you'd have met someone else, fallen madly in love, and gotten married. Ethan would have married Gwen, and the two of you would be living happy lives.

Theresa: You don't know that, Whitney.

Whitney: I know as it stands right now both you and Ethan are hurting because of all the things that you've done. You know, and in some ways, I think Ethan has suffered the most. If he had never met you, it may never have come out that he wasn't a Crane. He might still be living here as Julian and ivy's son, still next in line to head the Crane empire one day.

Chad: Simone is a good kid. I like her -- as a friend, that's it -- but I hate making her think there's something more.

Ethan: You are in a tough spot. There's no two ways about it.

Chad: I know. And get this. Simone still wants to help me find my real parents. Simone -- she's a really nice, really caring person, you know? That's what makes this lie about us being a couple that much harder. Now I know where Whitney's coming from. I don't want to hurt Simone, either.

Simone: Hey, mommy. Hi, daddy.

T.C.: Hey, sugar bear. Where's Chad?

Simone: Oh, he's out on the terrace with Ethan. I thought I'd give him a little guy time.

T.C.: Oh, my little girl is growing up.

Simone: And I am happier than I've ever been, daddy. I don't mean to disrespect Whitney, but I finally have something that she doesn't -- a boyfriend. I mean, Chad is my life. He's to me what tennis is to Whitney -- my whole world. Look, I'm going to go look for Kay and Miguel. I'll see you guys later.

Eve: Ok.

Simone: Ok, bye.

T.C.: Bye. See, sweetheart? I told you -- Simone and Chad are definitely a couple. Whitney's not interested in Chad. The only thing that's on Whitney's mind is tennis.

Mrs. Wallace: I'm so sorry. I'm not even wearing my diaper.

Julian: Diaper?

Mrs. Wallace: Well, you know, Beth forgot to pick me up some more when she went to the drugstore, and, you know, so I didn't bother to put one on and -- I didn't think I was really going to need one tonight, but it looks like all this punch has just gone -- woosh -- right through me. So, you know, I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm soaked here and -- oh, no. Oh, no.

Beth: What?

Mrs. Wallace: So is your chair. Oh, no. No.

Sheridan: What if when I first met Luis, he had been married to Beth? He would have just given me a ticket for crashing into his cruiser and that would have been that. We would have never fallen in love, shared all the memories that we had together.

Singer: There is a paradise that can be found a better life to bring us round and all we really need to do is see the world like lovers do I can hear you thinking what I feel I know that what we've got is real and all we need to get us through is just to live like lovers do just like lovers do I wanna feel that way yeah, like lovers do they lose themselves for days yeah, I need to feel I need to feel that way like lovers do

Sheridan: Luis changed my life, Gwen. I love him with all my heart and soul.

Gwen: Oh, and he loves you with all of his heart and soul.

Sheridan: If he'd been married to Beth, then none of what we shared would have ever happened.

Gwen: But he didn't marry Beth and you did fall in love with him.

Sheridan: What if what Antonio said about the Lopez Fitzgerald's and their first love is true -- that deep down, Beth is still in Luis' heart?

Tabitha: Look, I get that you want to do evil, and aside from trying to kill me, I'm ok with that. But there are plenty of ways to spread pestilence without Hecuba's so-called help.

Connie: What's your point, windbag?

Tabitha: If you expect Hecuba's help and use that spell in the vial, you'll have to set her free, and you can't do that. Hecuba is too dangerous out of captivity

Hecuba: Can it, crone. We have a deal, don't we, dimple cheeks?

Connie: I could care less whether she gets free or not. I just want to destroy lives. And if that means I have to pop her cork, I'll do it.

Hecuba: Thank you, partner.

Tabitha: No!

Connie: So what do I do with this?

Hecuba: Just open it and let the devastation begin.

Tabitha: No, don't! The spell is too dangerous.

Connie: That's what I like about it.

Tabitha: You don't understand. This spell is -- is too powerful. And now is not the time to use it.

Hecuba: Any time is the right time for misery. Right, kid?

Connie: What kind of a witch are you, anyway? Don't you want to cause pain and ruin lives?

Tabitha: Of course I do, but I have my own plan, a plan I've carefully worked out. Everything is set up for total disaster, but my plan has to play out on schedule. If you use the spell in that vial, it'll ruin everything I've planned.

Hecuba: Ruin, schmuin. Open the vial. Release the spell.

Tabitha: No, no, don't do it. There's no telling what could happen.

Connie: Tabitha's right. I won't open the vial. Then again, it might be more fun if I did.

Tabitha: Oh, no. It's all over now.

Singer: You are my passion for life

Theresa: I cannot believe that you think it would have been better if Ethan had never come into my life.

Whitney: Theresa, I'm not trying to hurt you. I love you. You're my best friend. And all I want, all I ever wanted, is for you to be happy. And I don't think you can ever be happy as long as you keep holding on to this hope of having a future with Ethan.

Theresa: So you're afraid that I'm setting myself to be hurt again. Don't you see that if I give up on Ethan, that would hurt more than anything?

Whitney: But Ethan doesn't want to be --

Theresa: Would you give up on Chad?

Whitney: We're not talking about me and Chad, ok?

Theresa: Just answer the question. Would you give up Chad?

Whitney: No. But you're mixing apples and oranges.

Theresa: Ok, maybe. But what if Chad -- you never met him, never fell in love with him? You wouldn't be keeping such a huge secret from your sister d feeling guilty about hurting her if she finds out.

Whitney: Then I wouldn't have the happiness that I feel when I'm with him, either.

Theresa: Thanks for making my point. See, if I never met Ethan, I wouldn't have the happiness that I felt with him, either. That's why I can't let him go. I want to hold on to that happiness forever.

Mrs. Wallace: This wouldn't have happened if I had had my diaper!

Julian: My God, how dare you hobble in here like some shuffleboard groupie only to wet yourself on my chaise.

Beth: I'm so sorry, Mr. Crane. I'll get you a new one.

Julian: But it's a fine antique. It cannot be replaced.

Luis: Lighten up, Julian, ok?

Julian: What --

Luis: It can be cleaned. It's a sofa.

Julian: Oh, "it's a sofa," he says. Well, maybe to somebody like you who's still getting used to indoor plumbing, but I should tell you the fabric on that piece is its original. Any solvent or foam or steam would just damage it more. It would take a conservator from Boston's museum of fine arts to fix mama's mess.

Luis: That's enough.

Julian: Yeah, if it were enough. No. There's a mariachi band running amuck out on the grounds, the stench of refried beans is everywhere, my living room has been turned into a litter box. Mother of pearl, I need some cocktails.

T.C.: I wonder what's got him so upset.

Eve: With Julian, it could be anything, just anything.

Sheridan: If what Antonio says about his family and their first love is true, then Beth must still be in Luis' heart. Hey, thanks.

Antonio: I'm glad you've got Gwen here to keep you company. I can't stand being away from you for even a second.

Sheridan: Oh, I'm fine, really.

Antonio: Well, good, because I need to say hi to the Russells -- you know, thank eve for giving me a clean bill of health for being able to marry you. So I'll be back.

Sheridan: Take your time.

Antonio: Are you kidding me? Because tonight I want to celebrate my love with you, ok?

[Hecuba cackles]

Hecuba: Cunning job, Connie. Soon all of harmony will be reeling from what might have been.

Tabitha: Oh, this is a disaster. You don't know what you've unleashed, you impetuous imp!

Connie: I hope it causes as much misery as Hecuba says it will.

Hecuba: Getting a look at what your life might have been like if you'd chosen another path?

Tabitha: Oh! Oh, no! Oh!

Nun: Kumbaya kumbaya, kumbaya

girl: Sister? Sister?

Tabitha: Yes, my child? No! No! No more! No more!

Hecuba: It's too late, tabby! Once the smoke takes full effect, you're going to see even more, and I don't think you're going to like what you see.

[Tabitha coughs]

Hecuba: Upset by what the smoke made you see? Well, brace yourself because there's more -- beaucoup more.

Girl: Sister Mary Tabitha, father Lonigan would like you to join him and the other sisters for some tea.

Tabitha: Oh, what a lovely idea. There's nothing I like better than to spend time with those who have answered the call. Tell father Lonigan I'll be right along just as soon as I finish my task here. Will I see you at the prayer group this evening, child?

Girl: Yes, sister Mary Tabitha.

Tabitha: Prayer is our connection to God. It fills my heart, and I want everyone to feel his light. Now, run along, child, and remember, God loves you. The lord is our salvation.

Tabitha: Michael row the boat ashore hallelujah Michael row the boat ashore hallelujah oh, no! No!

Connie: Wow. The spell is working.

Hecuba: Is it ever. Just look at the effects of seeing what might have been is having on old Tabitha -- and she's not even human. Oh, it's much worse for them. When they get a whiff of this smoke, it's going to be much, much worse.

Beth: Luis, I'm so sorry. You invited me and my mother here to try and make a bad situation bearable, and all we did was embarrass you in front of everyone. If you never want to have anything to do with me again, I -- I totally understand.

Luis: Beth, please --

Beth: No, I'm -- I'm going to take mother home, and just tell Julian no matter what it costs, I'll pay to have it cleaned, ok?

Gwen: I can see now what a difficult situation you're in. Antonio really loves you.

Sheridan: Yeah. And I don't want to hurt Antonio. Neither does Luis. That's why he's having to pretend to be engaged to Beth.

Gwen: Why don't we just forget about all this first love business. Beth is not still in Luis' heart. He loves you, only you.

Sheridan: But he loved Beth once upon a time. They were engaged to be married. They got engaged again when Luis thought I was dead. If I hadn't come back, Luis would have married Beth.

Gwen: But you did come back, and he broke off the engagement to be with you.

Sheridan: Even so, Beth is still Luis' first true love.

Gwen: Ok, if you're going to keep torturing yourself like this, then let's just pretend that what you're saying is true. Let's pretend that Luis did marry Beth. If he hadn't been available, you wouldn't have fallen in love, then who would it have been? If not Luis, who would have been your first love?

Hecuba: Come here, kidlet. Look in this pool. It has the power to show you everything that's happening at ground level.

Connie: Really?

Hecuba: Yes. You'll be able to see every bit of anguish that's unleashed as your spell unfolds.

Connie: This beats Playstation hands down. It's almost showtime.

Tabitha: Ooh, there must be some way to stop this.

Hecuba: Well, there isn't. Once the spell is out of the bottle, there's no stopping it.

Connie: So shut up or I'll shut you up.

Hecuba: You know what, kid? I really like you.

Tabitha: You two think you're in for a night of fiendish fun, but you're not. This spell causes too much heartache for people to handle and for no useful purpose, whereas my plan --

Connie: I could give a snake's fang about strategic planning, hag bag. I just want to have fun.

Hecuba: Oh, you'll have fun aplenty once the spell takes full effect. Oh, yes, people are really going to suffer when they see what their lives would have been like if they had chosen a different path at the crossroads of their lives. Right, Tabitha? I'll take that as a yes. Trust me, kid. The question of "what if" haunts human beings every day of their lives, and after they actually see what might have been, they will never be the same again! Evil for evil's sake, and that's what makes the netherworld go round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and around!

Chad: Look, I know Simone has to be told the truth, but I can't tell her, man. Whitney would never forgive me.

Ethan: I feel for you. I mean, caught between two sisters. It's like what Sheridan is going through -- caught between two brothers, both who want to marry her and both who love her.

Chad: No, no, there's a difference, man. Sheridan loves both them dudes. Look, she fell in love with Antonio when she had amnesia, but I -- I never loved Simone, only Whitney.

Whitney: I dread having to watch Simone and Chad together, Theresa.

Theresa: I know. I feel the same way about seeing Ethan with Gwen, but it won't be for long. I'm going to get him back, Whitney. You'll see. And don't worry, ok? I know what I'm doing. Now, come on. Let's go to the party. Hey. You know, I have this feeling there's something in store for us tonight.

Whitney: Like what?

Theresa: I don't know, but something tells me it could change our lives forever. Come on.

Antonio: I'm glad to see Luis and Beth together again. You know, my leaving town was the reason that they didn't get married right after high school the way they wanted to. But I'm going to do everything in my power to see that they get married as soon as possible.

Beth: I'm so sorry I embarrassed you in front of Julian.

Luis: No --

Beth: Come on, mother, we're going home.

Luis: Beth, please, stay. Look, you didn't embarrass me. Look, Julian is a jerk, ok? He had no right to say the things that he said. Your mother is old and she's sick, and, hey, accidents happen, ok? I admire you for the way that you take care of your mother. Your devotion and -- hey, it just reminds me of how special you really are.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, yes. She is special, isn't she?

Luis: Yeah. So you just stay and enjoy the party, ok, and I'll get a towel or something to make your mother more comfortable.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, thank you so much, Luis. Make it two, would you, honey? I'm soaked.

Beth: You are still trying to embarrass me in front of Luis, but it won't work, mother. You heard him say he still loves me.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, he doesn't love you. He admires you because he thinks you're taking care of me. Too bad he doesn't know how really mean you are.

Beth: I'm mean? Look who wet herself to try and ruin my time with Luis, huh?

Mrs. Wallace: You are wasting your time with Luis. He loves Sheridan, not you.

Beth: No. Sheridan is not going to have Luis. Luis will be mine. I swear it, mother.

Gwen: What about jean luc? You were engaged. Was he your first love?

Sheridan: Oh, no. What jean luc and I had wasn't real love. It -- well, actually, it was more of a way for me to feel not so alone. Besides, he really only cared about my money. It wasn't until I met Luis that I realized I had never truly been in love or truly been loved. Luis was the first love of my life.

Gwen: Right, but if there was no Luis, then who would it be?

Sheridan: Antonio. If I had never met and fallen in love with Luis, my first love would be Antonio. He's who I would be with right now.

Connie: I wish I was that smoke. It's about to have its way with Antonio.

[Connie purrs]

Tabitha: What a dirty little doll you are.

Connie: He's hot, ok? But when the smoke shows that Sheridan chick how her life and Luis' life could have been, she'll never be the same.

Hecuba: No one is going to get through this night unscathed. Once the smoke shows them the road not taken, they are going to be haunted by shoulda, woulda, coulda, and they will be doomed to live the rest of their lives in loss and regret.

Connie: This is going to be good -- awfully good. Pull up a seat, princess. You wouldn't want to miss a minute of everyone's misery.

[Hecuba and Connie cackle]

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