Passions Transcript Tuesday 9/10/02

Passions Transcript Tuesday 9/10/02

by Suzanne

Mrs. Wallace: Well, if it isn't the poster girl for lost love, mooning over the man who got away twice.

Beth: Things have changed, mother. Antonio thinks he's engaged to Sheridan and, with his medical condition, Sheridan and Luis can't tell him they're engaged or else, well, the shock could just kill him.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, what are you up to, huh? You planning to take advantage of the pickle those three are in so you can pluck Luis away from Sheridan perhaps?

Sheridan: Uh --

hank: Thinking about Antonio being alone with Sheridan, aren't you?

Luis: That's all i can think about.

Hank: Get dressed. You'll be with Sheridan at the party in no time.

Luis: No, I won't, all right, Antonio will be, thinking that Sheridan's his fiancée, thinking that Theresa's doing this whole shindig for their engagement party when really it should be for us!

Hank: It's not Antonio's fault that he doesn't have long to live. We're all pretending that he's the one that's engaged to Sheridan so that he can die a happy man.

Luis: I know, all right, I know. And I don't want Antonio to die. Just -- I love Sheridan, ok? You know, we should be together tonight, and the fact that we're being kept apart right now, it's killing me!

Antonio: I know we're going to have a great time at that party tonight.

Sheridan: I'm sure it'll be an evening i will never forget.

Antonio: You know, I want you and luis to spend some time together tonight, get to know each other. I think once you do, you're really going to love him.

Sheridan: I'm sure i will.

Antonio: That luis, he's the best.

Sheridan: Yes, he is.

Tabitha: There's something very odd about you. I can't quite put my finger on it. Oh, well. Doesn't matter anyway. I'm not keeping you. Zombie put you together and I'm going to take you apart. Ouch! Ouch, that hurt!

Connie: La-dee-da!

Tabitha: Ow! Oh! Ah!

Reese: Hey, kay! Kay! Come check out my dad's spiffy new sports car!

Jessica: I'm sorry, reese. Kay went with miguel to his sister's party for sheridan and antonio.

Reese: Oh, I should've known. Kay's such an angel. She went as migu's date because charity's still recovering from her heart surgery.

Jessica: Yeah, she's a real sweetheart.

Reese: Well, darn. I was going to take her to the party in myad's + new car. Well, why don't I take you instead, jessica?

Jessica: Well, that would be great. I mean, I was going to go with my parents, but i'd much rather go with you -- and in your dad's car.

Reese: Great!

Jessica: Ok.

Reese: Ahem.

Jessica: Thanks.

Tabitha: Oh! Ow! Ah!

Tabitha: Oh, oh! Ross! Ross, jessica, help! Help!

Connie: No one can save you now, tabitha! You're one dead witch!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird i kn could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

hank: Look, luis, maybe you shouldn't go to the party.

Luis: Right, and let antonio have sheridan all to himself? No way.

Hank: That's what worries me. With your temper, just seeing antonio with sheridan could make you lose control.

Luis: All right, i'll keep my temper in check, ok?

Hank: You swear?

Luis: Look, hank, I can't skip the party. Now, even if i can't be with sheridan, at least I can be in the same room with her, right? Look, hank, ever since i thought sheridan was dead, i missed her so much. I just want to be close to her. Even if it means watching her on a date with my own brother.

Shidan: Ok, antonio, we really have to get dressed for the party.

Antonio: No, I think we should really get undressed and have our own party.

Sheridan: No, we can't do that because then we'll be late.

Antonio: Oh, come on, just one more kiss.

Sheridan: No, come on, I want to get dressed alone.

Antonio: Why?

Sheridan: Well, so i can surprise you with how i look.

Antonio: Ooh, sounds romantic. I know you're going to look terrific.

Sheridan: Ok, then. You go g dressed in the living room. He you go. Come on. Please?

Antonio: All right, fine. I got a phone call to make anyway.

Sheridan: Speaking of phone calls, there's one that i need to make. Maybe she can find a way around my situation with antonio.

[Phone rings]

liz: Hello.

Sheridan: Hello, liz?

Liz: Diana. Is everything ok? Brian's not back in the hospital, is he?

Sheridan: Actually, brian's not in the hospital, but things are far from ok. Look, we really need you here. You have to fly to harmony tonight.

Mrs. Wallace: That is what you're thinking, isn't it -- that you can steal luis away from sheridan somehow, huh? Oh, you are evil. You are pure evil to even think about taking a man away from another woman!

Beth: You know what, shut up or --

[phone rings]

beth: Hello?

Antonio: Hi, beth, it's antonio. Are you excited about the party tonight? I'm assuming that luis called you and invited you to come over to the cranes'.

Beth: Oh. Yeah, the party. Of course I'll be there.

Antonio: Great. Great. It's really nice of theresa to throw this shindig for sheridan's homecoming and our engagement.

Beth: Oh, yeah, I couldn't agree more.

Antonio: I'm happy you and luis are getting married, too. I always thought you guys should be together.

Beth: I always thought so, too.

Antonio: The real reason i'm calling is i wasondering if you could do me a favor. Can you bring some pictures of you and luis from high school? I was hoping luis could show them to sheridan, you know, get him to open up so they could get to know each other a little better.

Beth: That is a great idea, and I know just the pictures to bring.

Antonio: Ok, great. Great. I'll see you there ok? Bye.

Mrs. Wallace: Who was that? What party? Hey, where do you think you're going?

Beth: I am going to get luis back.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, right, and i'm going to run the marathon.

Beth: Heaven has just sent me a gift, mother.

Mrs. Wallace: Has it? Heaven doesn't give gifts - to wicked little girls. & Whatever you're getting comes from evil, pure evil!

Reese: This car is so my dad's baby. My mom was totally jealous of it -- till the doctors upped her meds. Anyway, he made me promise i wouldn't drive it over 30 miles an hour. Even so, it's still better than driving my mom's station wagon. I'm a little nervous, though. My dad would kill me if anything happened to this car.

Jessica: Reese, what's wrong?

Reese: Oh. I just feel bad talking so casually about death, I mean, after what happened to poor timmy. Little guy actually died.

Jessica: Yeah. It's still sad to think about.

Reese: Well, I feel terrible for giving him andabitha such a hard time, you know, calling tabitha an evil witch and saying that he was her living doll.

Jessica: Wait, ok, am i actually hearing this right? You finally, finally admit that you're wrong about tabitha and timmy?

Reese: Well, yeah. I mean, how could tabitha actually be an evil witch? And timmy couldn't really be a doll. I mean, his heart saved charity's life. What greater good is there than keeping another person alive?

Jessica: You're right. I mean, God, i wish you'd lightened up on tabitha and timmy a long time ago.

Reese: Well, me, too. I was wrong to ever think that either one of them could have anything to do with evil.

Tabitha: Unhand me, you murderous imp!

Connie: Not till you're dead!

Connie: Ha! I killed the witch. Ha-ha! Score one for connie.

We're in a florida firehouse

for the tilex mildew challenge.

connie: Tabitha was all choked up over losing timmy, so i choked her to death. That makes me numero uno around here now. Sss. I think I'll have a martimmy wallbanger to celebrate my first kill. Hmm. I wonder where the old hag keeps the booze.

Tabitha: I'll give you a wallbanger, you tap-dancing demon! Ha! You, you're a diabolical doll, an evil imp from the inferno down under!

Connie: Well, la-dee-da, the witch ain't dead after all.

Tabitha: You're nothing but a fiendish little freak!

Connie: So that's the way it's going to be, huh? Bring it on, old lady. Bring it on.

Tabitha: I'll beat the stuffing out of you and then i'll choke you with it!

Connie: Not if chew your face off first!

Jessica: Look, don't feel guilty about what happened with tabitha and timmy. You were just trying to protect your friends from what you thought was an evil threat. I'm sure she'll forgive you.

Reese: I hope so. I've been meaning to apologize to her. I just haven't got up the nerve yet. Even with timmy gone, there's so many weird things going on in harmony, like this whole mess with uis, antonio, and sheridan?

Jessica: Oh, miguel clued you in?

Reese: Yeah, I mean, who'd have thought sheridan would fall in love with luis' brother while she had amnesia? Two siblings in love with the same person. What are the odds of that happening?

Jessica: History's full of star-crossed romance. You know, sometimes it's two sisters in love with the same guy, although it could be just one sister in love with a guy and the other one just lying and leading the poor guy along.

Reese: What are you talking about, jessica?

Jessica: Oh, never mind. Just forget I said anything.

Reese: Wait a minute. I think I know what this is about. Two sisters, one in love with a guy and the other just leading him on? It's so obvious. Why didn't i see it before?

Mrs. Wallace: What party are you going to, huh? What are you doing with all those old pictures?

Beth: Would you be quiet, mother? I have got a call to make.

Mrs. Wallace: You know, all this stress is upsetting my bladder!

Beth: I said be quiet.

[Phone rings]

luis: Hello?

Beth: Luis, hey. It's beth. Um, we need to talk.

Luis: Beth, I've been meaning to call you, but --

beth: Antonio just called and told me about the party tonight and he assumed you were bringing me.

Luis: Oh, beth, look, I am so sorry. You know, I never expected you to come to the party and I meant to make up some excuse to tell antonio so you weren't even dragged into this mess.

Beth: No, you don't understand. Um, I want to come.

Luis: Beth, no. I can't ask you to pretend that we're still engaged.

Beth: It's ok, really. I mean, with the condition that antonio's in, I want to do whatever i can to help you and sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace: Don't you mean help yourself?

Beth: Shut up or i'll shut you up. Ahem. Hey.

Luis: This is really great of you to do this, beth. Well, so why don't i come by and pick you up in a little while?

Beth: Ok, I'll be ready and waiting.

Luis: Wow. So antonio told beth about the party and she's willing to come and pretend that we're still engaged so the truth doesn't hurt antonio.

Hank: Beth is unbelievable. Not only does she take care of her mother, but she's willing to put herself through an emotional wringer when she doesn't have to.

Luis: Yeah, right. Beth cld just stay home and -- I don't know, have a nice, peaceful dinner with her mother.

Mrs. Wallace: You whore! You're going to go straight to hell for trying to take luis away from sheridan!

Beth: Shut up and get away from me!

Mrs. Wallace: No! No, I won't let you! I will not let you ruin luis' life the way that you ruined mine!

mrs. Wallace: Trying to use antonio's illness, you brazen hussy! You're going straight to hell!

Beth: No, because you're going to go there first!

Mrs. Wallace: No! Oh!

Beth: Oh, mother --

mrs. Wallace: Oh, my God!

Beth: You lost your balance. Are you ok?

Mrs. Wallace: I -- i think i am.

Beth: Yeah? Ok, good, because I don't want to be la e for the party.

Mrs. Wallace: No, oh, no, no! It's not going to work. You're trying to use antonio's illness to weasel your way back into luis' arms, but that's going to blow up in your ugly face! -

Beth: You --

mrs. Wallace: What kind of a daughter have i raised?

Beth: The kind who doesn't even know who my real father is, thanks to you.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh!

Beth: Who always had to pass off your last man as my father. You know, luis doesn't even know about this. How come you never told me who my real father is, mother, huh?

Mrs. Wallace: No, no.

Beth: Is it because you don't know or is it because in your search for him, you only made it through the ms in the phone book, huh?

Mrs. Wallace: Lala, la, la! Stop! Heaven is going to forgive me my youthful excesses, but not yours, beth, because what & you're doing is horrible!

Beth: No, mother. You trying to keep me from being happy is horrible! But heaven has sent me a gift, another chance to get luis back --

mrs. Wallace: No.

Beth: And I am going to take advantage of it!

Mrs. Wallace: I will stop you! I will find a way to stop you.

Beth: Try it and i will send you to the sweet serenity retirement home. Yeah? What's their little jingle? It goes --

when you're tired and when you're blue we know how to take care of you huh? Do you want me to let sweet serenity take care of you, mother?

Mrs. Wallace: No! No. My friend, martha -- she wa there. She didn't last a week.

Beth: Really? Tell me more.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. I've heard horrible things about that dump. The orderlies are mean, and if you accidentally wet the sheets, well, then, they leave them wet, and sometimes they don't feed you.

Beth: Soiled and hungry. That's -- oh, that's a shame, mother.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, you -- you wouldn't really think of sending me there, now, would you?

Beth: Oh, don't you worry. I'll make sure they get a room with nice, big bars on the windows.

Mrs. Wallace: No!

Beth: And if that doesn't work, they could just put you down in the basement with the rats!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, stop!

Beth: Now back off about luis if you know what's good for you!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh!

Liz: What's wrong with brian? Is it his injuries f om the racing?

Sheridan: Look, I don't have time to get into it right now, but I really think you need to come see brian as soon as possible.

Liz: All right. I'll be there as soon as i can.

Sheridan: Great. Look, just fly into harmony's airport and then call me on my cell phone. You still have the number?

Liz: Yes.

Sheridan: Ok. Thank you so much, liz. Both brian and i really need you here. We'll see you soon.

Antonio: You have not done A thing to get ready.

Sheridan: And you still only have your pants on. Big whoop.

Antonio: Well, I told you I had a phone call i needed & to make. I called beth to tell how happy i am that she and luis are engaged. And I also told her to bring some pictures to the party. I thought they'd be a little ice-breaker, help you two to get to know each other a little better.

Sheridan: Hmm.

Sheridan: I do know luis, antonio. And the fact that we can't be together tonight has to be killing him as much as it's killing me.

Hank: Last time -- you sure you want to go to this party?

Luis: Yes. I figure if I can't be with sheridan, at least I can be near her.

Hank: And you promise you won't go off on antonio?

Luis: Well, I promise I'll do my best not to. Just being honest, hank, all right? I'm telling you, it feels like something's trying to come between me and sheridan, and I'm not going to let it. I'm going to go to this party to remind myself and sheridan that we are meant to be together, that her being with antonio is only temporary. Not that i want my brother to die, ok? I wantim to live forever. But I love sheridan and i just need to find a way to be with her.

Reese: Two sisters, one pretending to love a guy that the other one actually loves. I don't know why i didn't deduce - the truth sooner. You have been reading romance novels again!

Jessica: Yeah, I -- i read a lot this summer.

Reese: You must've really gotten into the one about the two sisters who were in love with the one guy. The way you were talking, it sounded like it was almost real.

[Glass breaks]

reese: What was that?

Jessica: It sounded like it came from tabitha's.

Reese: We'd better go make sure she's ok.

Tabitha: Oh, you little fiend. You broke my favorite table!

Connie: Your bones are next! Ha-ha!

Tabitha: Oh, merciful lucifer. Even when I partied with hendrix, his hotel rooms never got this trashed.

Connie: You ain't seen nothing yet.

[Knock on door]

reese: Tabitha?

Jessica: Tabitha? Tabitha?

Reese: Hey, are you all right in there?

Tabitha: You're finished, you little chucky doll wannabe. That's jessica, and she's the police chief's daughter, and ross has been dying to perform an autopsy on something really evil! In seconds, I'm going to be saved and you're going to be on your way back to hell!

Singer: You are my passion for life

antonio: Wow. You are so beautiful, it takes my breath away.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Antonio: Every guy at that party's going to be so jealous of me. Except for luis, of course, because he only has eyes for beth.

Sheridan: So, how do you know so much about luis' feelings for beth?

Antonio: I remember when they first started dating. Anytime beth would walk in the room, luis would just light up. Heck, anytime anyone even mentioned beth's name, luis would light up. I remember this one time he wrote a poem for beth. It was kind of sappy, but he was just a kid head-over-heels in love. Sometimes I would try to get a rise out of him by saying it back to him. Boy, he'd get so mad. How dithat poem go? Oh that's right -- "my love forever, my love today, my love always, I'll feel the same way."

Sheridan: Nice.

Antonio: Luis was no shakespeare, but I guess he got his point across. I was surprised when i found out that luis and beth never got married. I mean, I know he broke off the engagement after our father disappeared and, well, after I left town, but he's had plenty of time to get married since then. I mean, come on, beth is his first love, and lopez fitzgeralds are a first-love family. Their first love is the love that they hold on to for the rest of their lives.

Mrs. Wallace: How -- how can you leave me here in this filth? It's a wonder that the health department doesn't come here and raid this place, you know, I mean, with all the dirty, dirty dishes in the sink and all my soiled nightgowns that are over there and -- ow!

Beth: Stop it, mother. I love luis and I've been given another chance to have him.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, I wonder if luis would have you if he knew all your dirty little secrets.

Beth: I can get orderlies from sweet serenity retirement home here in 15 minutes! Do you want to take a ide with the nice men in white, mother, huh?

Mrs. Wallace: No.

[Doorbell rings]

beth: Hello.

Hank: Beth.

Luis: Hi.

Hank: You look incredible.

Beth: Thank you.

Luis: Yes, like an angel.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, a fallen angel.

Jessica: Tabitha, are ok?

Reese: Tabitha, the door's locked. We can't get to you. Tabitha, open the door!

Connie: I could kill you now, tabitha, but i need a base of operation to carry out my plan and this dump fits the bill. So get rid of the kids and live to bite the dust another day, but tell them about me and I'll be back for you, witch, and i'll make sure your death is a horrible one.


Reese: Tabitha? What's going on in there?

[Knock on door]

reese: Whoa.

Tabitha: Jessica, oss. How nice you both look.

Reese: No offense, but I wish we could say the same for you.

Jessica: What happened? Are you ok?

Tabitha: Why wouldn't i be?

Reese: You look like you were on the losing end of a fight with fluffy?

Jessica: And your living room's totally trashed.

Reese: Whoa. What the heck caused all this?

Tabitha: Sorry, sorry, you -- you can't go in there.

Antonio: Lopez fitzgeralds can't let go of their first loves. I mean, think about it -- look at miguel and charity, got ethan and theresa, - even mama. Even though papa's been gone all these years, she still hasn't remarried. That's because he was her first true love and she was his.íL sheridan, look, you have nothing to worry about, ok?

Sheridan: What do you mean?

Antonio: Well, I know all this talk has go you uneasy, me talking about first loves and everything, but you are my first true love and I'm never going to leave you. You and I are going to be together forever, ok?

Antonio: Come on. We'd better get going.

Sheridan: Yes. Quite an evening ahead of us.

Antonio: Yeah.

Luis: Coming to this party and pretending we're still engaged -- this is a really wonderful thing that you're doing.

Beth: Well, I want antonio to live as long as possible, so i'm happy to do whatever i can to make sure he isn't upset by the truth.

Hank: It's getting late. We should get a move on.

Mrs. Wallace: Yes! Yeah, you kids go on, you have fun. Don't you worry about me here at home all alone. You know, I got my remote, and "dateline" is on tonight on nbc, you see. And that stone phillips -- boy, he is just -- he is so handsome, isn't he? Watching him makes me almost forget about all my aches and pains.

Luis: Are you sure that you're going to be ok alone, mrs. Wallace?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I'll be fine. I'm alone a lot, you know. Well, you know, beth, she works such long hours.

Hank: Yeah, your daughter is amazing.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, that's one way of putting it.

Beth: Mother will be just fine as long she gets her warm milk and pills and goes to bed. Isn't that right, mother?

Mrs. Wal ace: Yes, dear. Who knows, maybe i'll start to dream about my younger years,nb when i went to fancy parties and I danced the night away. Boy, those were the best years of my life. They're all behind me now. No more parties and no more dances. Just memories.

Beth: I'll tell you all about the party in the morning, mother. It'll be just like you were there, hmm? &

Luis: Beth, hey, wait a minute, wait a minute. Why don't we just bring your mother with us to the party?

Hank: Yeah, why not?

Luis: Yeah, anyway, as far as antonio's concerned, she is the mother of my fiancee.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, what, bring me to the party? What a surprise! I don't know what to say!

[Beth hums]

mrs. Wallace: Well, you know, thank you, luis, really, but maybe it's best that I just stay home, you know. But maybe another time?

Luis: Well, ok, then, but I'm going to hold you to that, ok?

Mrs. Wallace: Yes. You guys have a wonderful time.

Luis: Hank.

Mrs. Wallace: You jezebel. Your schemes aren't going to work because I'll make you pay. Heaven help me, I'll find a way to make you pay.

Hank: Hey, luis and I will get the car so you don't have to walk in tho heels.

Beth: Thank you.

Luis: Good idea. We'll be right back.

Beth: All right. After tonight, luis, you will be all mine. I swear it. Hmm.

Jessica: Why can't we go in your living room, tabitha?

Tabitha: What, and muss up your evening finery? I wouldn't hear of it.

Reese: Well, how did this place get to be such a mess?

Tabitha: Well, I was rearranging the furniture so the room would look different and I wouldn't be reminded of the time that i spent in here with timmy. But suddenly my grief got thbest of me and i lost control. And I'm afraid what you see is the end result.

Jessica: We're so, so sorry you're hurting, tabitha. Timmy's death affected everybody who knew him. Is there anything at all we can do to cheer you up?

Reese: We're going to a party tonight at the crane mansion. Maybe you want to come with us?

Connie: A party at the cranes', huh? That's the perfect place to start spreading my evil.

Connie: Nice wheels.

Zombie charity: And look -- I got the keys.

Connie: Whoo!

Tabitha's voice: I wonder where that demon doll disappeared to.

Jessica: So do you want to come with us?

Tabitha: Oh, I don't know, dear. I'm not sure i'm up to it.

Jessica: Maybe we can convince you.

Tabitha: Don't you mean threaten me?

Reese: No, no, no more threats, tabitha. Look, I've been meaning to apologize to you for always being so suspicious of you and timmy. I know now neither one of you could've been evil. Anyone who loved a little boy as much as you loved timmy couldn't possibly work for the dark side. And timmy -- he's as good as they come. I mean, being an organ donor, his heart saved charity's life. I'm sorry for ever disrespecting you or timmy, and I hope you'll forgive me.

Tabitha: I don't hold a grudge against you, ross. Evil is all around us. Sometimes it pops up when you least expect it.

[Car starts]

reese: That sounds like my dad's new sports car!

Zombie charity: Uh-oh. Look who's here.

Reese: What the --

reese: Help! Help, the doll is stealing my dad's car! Hey! Hey!

Mrs. Wallace: Damn you, beth. I will not let you steal another woman's man! I'm going to go to that party. I'm going to that party. And when i get there, I am going to stop you -- oh, God! -- If it's the last thing i do! I am going to stop you! I'm going to stop you!

Liz: Harmony. Why am i always being drawn back there?

Liz: I shouldn't go. Who am i kidding. I have to go. I have to find out what is happening to brian.

Hank: I'm going to go get a drink.

Luis: Yeah. Hey. You sure you're ok with us pretending to be engaged?

Beth: Mm-hmm.

Antonio: There's the other happy couple.

Luis: Yeah.

Luis: Ahem.

Antonio: You know, you have no idea how happy I am for you and luis.

Beth: Oh, you have no idea how happy I am for you and sheridan.

Antonio: Luis? Aren't you going to come over here and hug your future sister-in-law?

Luis: Sheridan, I love you. I'm going to find a way to be with you tonight.

Sheridan: Luis --

luis: No, you don't understand. I love you. Sheridan, I can't let you be with my brother, ok? No matter what, I'm going to find a way to be with you tonight.

Reese: Help! Someone call the police! A doll just stole my dad's new car!

Jessica: A doll?

Reese: Yeah, a doll, and she had a crack in her head!

Tabitha's voice: That new devil doll is going to tear apart this whole town in one horrific night.

[Music plays]

zombie charity: You are doomed, people of harmony! Doomed!

Connie: [Australian accent doomed by two dolls from down under!

[Normal voice] i crack me up.

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