Passions Transcript Wednesday 9/4/02

Passions Transcript Wednesday 9/4/02

By Amanda 

[Phone rings]

Theresa: Hello?

Ethan: Theresa, it's Ethan.

Theresa: Ethan, I was just thinking about you.

Ethan: Listen, I -- I can't find Sheridan.

Theresa: Oh. Well, she's not in the cottage? Well, maybe she took a walk around the grounds.

Ethan: Of course, of course. I should've thought of that. I'll check her favorite place -- the gazebo.

Theresa: That's a good idea.

Ethan: Theresa, it's just i still can't believe it. I mean, she's -- she's alive. Sheridan's alive.

Theresa: I know. It's wonderful, isn't it?

Ethan: I can't tell you when you told me the happiness that I felt.

Theresa: I'm glad I made you happy, Ethan.

Ethan: You have no idea. I'll talk to you later.

Theresa: Ok. Bye-bye.

Gwen: You're wrong. I hope you know that.

Theresa: Oh? About what, Gwen?

Gwen: Just because Sheridan is alive doesn't mean your relationship with Ethan is alive as well.

Theresa: We'll see about that.

Gwen: You will never get back together with Ethan. That'll never happen -- never.

Pilar: So much is happening, eve. My son Antonio finally comes home after all these years, and then i find out he's dying?

Eve: Oh, Pilar.

Pilar: And then Luis finds Sheridan. They have a few moments of happiness together before he finds out that while she had amnesia, she fell in love with his own brother, engaged to be married? My life is being torn apart before my very eyes. My whole family is being torn apart.

Luis: Hey.

Hank: I don't know why you're not telling him. I thought the plan was to let Antonio know that you and Sheridan are engaged.

Luis: Hank, everything has changed. My brother is dying. All right, he doesn't have long to live -- a few weeks, maybe a few months.

Hank: What? Are you sure?

Luis: Yeah. Eve told us that any shock to his system, any sudden jolt -- it could kill him.

hank: Oh, my God.

Luis: So this is my choice. Do I tell him the truth that Sheridan and I are engaged and risk him dying, or do I stand by while I watch the love of my life stay with my brother until he's gone? What do I do? Hank, what am I supposed to do?

Sam: We're waiting, Kay.

Grace: What's so important that you have to tell all of us?

Ivy: You know why you're going to help me, David.

David: Oh, to hell with you and your threats, ivy.

Kay: What are David and Ivy Crane doing out here together in the park?

Ivy: Damn it, David, I hired you to break up Sam and Grace. Now, just do it!

David: You know, I'm sick and tired of being threatened by you, ivy.

Ivy: It's not a threat, David! No, if you don't do what i hired you to do, i will tell everyone about your past! And we both know that that's not a pretty picture.

David: You don't have to remind me about my past.

Ivy: Won't everyone be surprised when they find out that you're not married to grace and that john isn't grace's son and that you lied about the whole thing!

Kay: What? 

David: Those were lies you invented.

Ivy: So? You're still guilty. And everyone is going to hate you for what you've done, and you're going to lose the two people you care about -- grace and your son. So make up your mind, David. Either you do what i want you to do, or do i make sure that Sam and grace find out the truth about you?

Tabitha: All my carefully thought-out plans are about to go up the spout. I've spent hundreds of years plotting the ruination of Harmony's couples -- Sheridan and Luis, Ethan and Theresa.

Zombie Charity: Grace and Sam.

Tabitha: Oh. I concocted elaborately diabolical schemes and complicated love triangles, and now Kay's going to ruin everything by exposing ivy's plan to separate Sam and Grace.

Kay: What i have to say is something i think you're all going to find terribly interesting. In fact, it's going to rock the lives of everyone in this room.

Singer: I would hold The hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips one who could sing so sweet and i Would fly on the wings of the bird i knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out You keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Kay: Ok. Here goes --

grace: Wait, wait, Kay. Before you say anything, we have to talk a minute.

Kay: Wait, mom. Can you just wait till I'm finished?

Grace: No, Kay -- right now.

David: Kay says that what she has to say affects everyone. That means us, too.

Ivy: So?

David: So what could she possibly know that would affect you and me?

Ivy: I have no idea, David. The girl's probably just a drama queen.

David: Maybe she knows about your schemes.

Ivy: Now, how could she possibly know about our plans, David? Just keep it together.

David: You know, if you weren't blackmailing me, I would've left this town so long ago --

ivy: Yes, but i am blackmailing you, David, so you will continue to do what i tell you to do -- unless, of course, you want your son john to know what a lowlife his father is. But, no, you don't want your beautiful boy to know that, now, do you, David?

Kay: What is it, mother?

Grace: I just had a terrible premonition about people suffering.

Kay: Yeah. So?

Grace: So i hope what you're about to say isn't going to make my premonition come true.

Kay: What are you talking about?

Grace: Does what you're going to say have to do with Miguel? I mean, you're not launching into some new campaign to try to take him away from charity, are you?

Kay: Here we go.

Grace: Because that would hurt charity and Miguel very much.

Kay: Mom, could you be any more predictable? Charity -- it's always charity. When it comes to me, your own daughter -- do you even give a damn about my happiness?

grace: Of course I do, Kay. I don't even know how you can think that --

Kay: Ok, look. what I'm going to say has nothing to do with Miguel or Charity. It's about you and dad. I'm trying to help you. And if you're smart, you'll let me because if you don't, someone's going to tear apart your life.

Eve: Well, your vital signs are close to normal. How are you feeling? Any headaches?

Antonio: No, I couldn't feel better. I mean, who wouldn't with a beautiful woman like this standing by their side? No offense, dr. Russell, but none of your I.V.'s, your pills, your potions could even compare to Sheridan here. She's the best medicine for any man going, especially this man. I know, I know. All this medicine and hospital stuff has got you worried, but don't be, ok? I'm going to be absolutely fine.

Sheridan: Yes. You do seem well.

Antonio: From here on out, it's going to be smooth sailing, I promise you. Just like when we took that trip to Bermuda. You remember that -- we took the boat back?

Sheridan: Yes.

Antonio: That was magical. Every day is going to be like that day. Every single day we have is going to be magical. You know why? Because you and I are going to be together.

Theresa: I hate to say it, Gwen, but I think you're wrong.

Gwen: As if I care what you think.

Theresa: Sheridan is alive, and you saw what Ethan did when i told him. He twirled me. He shared his oy with me. And you were right there, but he didn't turn to you. He didn't hug you.

Gwen: Are you quite finished?

Theresa: Ethan knows that Sheridan's your best friend and he didn't hug you, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Gwen: You have such a way with words.

Theresa: And when Ethan was experiencing one of the most important moments in his life, he ignored you, Gwen, and he went straight to me. So whose relationship with Ethan needs a miracle, Gwen? Mine? I don't think so. 

Gwen: My relationship with Ethan is not dead. It's strong.

Theresa: Is it?

Gwen: Yes. The only thing that ever came between the two of us was you -- your lies and your manipulations. But no more. No more of these days when you're pulling the --

[Gwen gasps]

Gwen: Oh, wait a minute. Sheridan. Are you lying about Sheridan being alive?

Theresa: Absolutely not. Why would I lie about that, Gwen?

Gwen: Well, because you lied about everything else. You lied about being pregnant with Julian's child. You lied about marrying him. Whatever it was, you lied. But then again, that's your history -- when in doubt, just lie.

Theresa: Sheridan's alive, and that's the honest truth.

Ethan: Is something wrong?

Theresa: No. Did you find Sheridan?

Ethan: No, no. I looked everywhere.

Theresa: That's a shame.

Ethan: When Pilar told you that Sheridan was alive, did she say where she was?

Theresa: Mama just said that she was in harmony. That was all.

Ethan: Where could she be?

Theresa: Uh -- I'll just call Luis. I mean, he'll know. I mean, they probably are spending time together. They've been apart for so long.

Ethan: I'm sure the only other person happier than I am that Sheridan's alive is your brother. Their love was so incredible. I can't imagine the joy that they're sharing right now.

Pilar: Oh, I'm so sorry to see you going through this, son.

Luis: I don't want Antonio to die. I can't just stand by and watch While he takes her home and sleeps with her.

Pilar: I wish there was something I could do.

Luis: Well, I wish there was something I could do.

Pilar: Sheridan's been put in a horrible situation, son -- engaged to two brothers?

Luis: Yeah, I know, but it's only because of her amnesia. If she would've never fallen in love with Antonio, if she would've remembered that she was engaged to me -- now that she's over her amnesia --

Pilar: I know -- she's come back to the man that she loved first -- you.

Luis: But she can't show her true feelings for me.

Pilar: I know, because the shock would kill your brother.

Luis: Yeah. Not only that, but Sheridan feels guilty for the condition that Antonio's in. She feels responsible for the crash because he never would've been in the race if it wasn't to pay off her gambling debt.

Pilar: She should not feel guilty. She did nothing wrong.

Luis: Yeah, well, none of us did anything wrong. Yeah, but here we are. Why is this happening?

Pilar: I don't know, mijo. I have no answers. I wish I did. We just have to pray to God to give us strength to deal with this.

Luis: I have been praying. You know, the only thing that can change this situation is something that i don't even want to think of happening.

Pilar: Antonio dying.

Luis: That's the last thing in the world that I want. But I also won't want the woman I love with my brother -- in the same house Or in the same bed. I've already lost Sheridan before. Now I'm losing her again. It -- what, I'm just supposed to stand back like everything's ok?

Hank: Given the circumstances, i don't see what else you can do.

Luis: Q why is this happening? You know, Sheridan coming back -- it should be the most wonderful thing in the world. We should have, like, the most precious moments and -- and we did. But now it's just pain. It's nothing but pain.

Tabitha: All my plans are about to go up in smoke,` thanks to ms. Kay. Do you know what i had to do to get the lives of harmony's favorite couples to this crossroads?

Zombie charity: No. But I'm sure you're going to tell me.

Tabitha: All the seeds of evil and doubt I had to plant and time and carefully cultivate? And now everything is poised to explode.

Zombie charity: Kay's going to shoot the whole thing down.

Tabitha: Theresa, Ethan, and Gwen.

Zombie charity: Fun trio.

Tabitha: Sheridan, Luis, and Antonio.

Zombie charity: Classic triangle.

Tabitha: Sam and grace and ivy -- and David thrown in for good measure. And I'm not even talking about Miguel and Kay and Charity or Chad, Whitney, and Simone. Everything is delicately balanced. One wrong move and everything will collapse like a house of cards.

Zombie charity: Pity.

Tabitha: Kay announcing that David and Ivy are in cahoots -- everything will be ruined.


Zombie charity: There might be hope yet. That little confab that grace and Kay are having doesn't seem all that harmonious.

Grace: I wish i could believe you, Kay

Kay: Mom, what's not to believe?

Grace: That you want to help me.

Kay: I do.

Grace: No. Not after everything you've done lately. I will not have you using that language in my house.

Kay: But "bastard" is the correct term for what I am, isn't it? Just like "bitch" is the right term for you. Get your hands off me!

Grace: For you to raise your hand to me and call me that vile name and then suddenly make this turnabout and to help me -- why?

Kay: Mom, because I'm trying to do something good for you. I'm trying to protect you, and you still think I'm this horrible person.

Grace: Kay, i wish -- I wish I could believe you. I really do. But your recent behavior -- I mean, you're my own daughter, and I don't even feel like i know you.

Kay: Ok, you know what? Forget it, mom. I wanted to say something to everyone that was going to help you, but i am over it now. So don't come running to me when your life falls apart because I was here for you but you pushed me away.

Sam: Hey. You ok?

Tabitha: That did look promising. Very promising. 

Zombie Charity: I think I'll pop into the kitchen, see what's up.

Kay: Would you stop doing that.

Zombie charity: What's wrong, Kay?

Kay: You keep appearing out of nowhere, and I hate it.

Zombie Charity: No. It's something else. Something's got you upset. What is it?

Kay: It's my stupid mother! I was just trying to help her, and she just --

zombie charity: Like I always say -- no good deed goes unpunished. Here you were, sacrificing your own love for Miguel, knowing full well that telling your mom about ivy and David would pretty much screw up your chances of getting Miguel for yourself.

Kay: And my mom was still suspicious of me. Well, to hell with that. To hell with my parents' marriage. To hell with warning them. I want Miguel, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to get him. 

Theresa: Well, that's strange. Luis isn't answering his cell phone. Neither did mama or Miguel.

Ethan: There must be somebody that we can call that knows where Sheridan is.

Theresa: Hank.

Ethan: Sure. He might have an idea.

Theresa: Ok.

[Phone rings]

hank: Hello?

Theresa: Hank. Hi, it's Theresa. You wouldn't know where Sheridan is, would you?

Hank: Yeah. She's right here.

Theresa: Where?

Hank: We're at the hospital.

Theresa: At the hospital? Is it Sheridan? Is she ok? What happened?

Hank: She's fine.

Eve: Hank, no cell phones around the medical equipment.

Hank: Oh, right. Sorry, Theresa. I got to talk to you later, ok?

Theresa: Hank --

Ethan: Is something wrong with Sheridan?

Theresa: No. Sheridan's fine. That's what hank said. They're just at the hospital. And then he hung up.

Ethan: Why would she be at the hospital?

Theresa: Well, she's probably with Luis. Luis must've gone with Miguel to check on charity.

Ethan: Right, right. Ok, well, I'd better get down there. I can't wait to see her.

Theresa: I'd like to go, too.

Gwen: Yeah, me, too.

Ethan: Sure.

Theresa: Ethan, I have this idea. I want to throw a party here tonight at the mansion to welcome Sheridan back, to celebrate her reunion with Luis.

Ethan: That is a great idea. We can take my car.

Theresa: Ok. Gwen, I'm going to have another party here soon -- for Ethan and me to celebrate our reunion.

Gwen: Oh, I don't think so, Theresa.

Theresa: Well, I'm sure of it. See, Sheridan and Luis were meant to be together, the same as Ethan and me. And nothing will keep us apart. Nothing.

Luis: Sheridan, can I talk to you, please?

Eve: Antonio, we need to get some more blood from you down at the lab. Frank, could you get this patient down to the lab for me, please?

Antonio: I'm down a quart after those last set of tests. Pretty soon I'm going to be empty. Dr. Russell, is it ok if Sheridan goes with me down there?

Eve: Sure it is.

Antonio: Ok.

Eve: Sheridan, would you go with him while he's having blood taken? You and luis can talk later.

Sheridan: Ok.

Luis: Yeah, fine.

Antonio: All right. Let's get this over with.

Pilar: Mijo, I know how hard this is on you, but I want you to remember what you said before -- how you have to pray to God.

Luis: And what is it that I'm supposed to be praying for? This is crazy. Everyone's always talking about the evil in harmony. Well, I've seen evil up close and personal. I've fought demons from hell coming out of charity's closet. I've seen Sam and Grace's house sucked into the ground. That evil I can deal with! But this -- whatever it is that is keeping me and Sheridan apart, I mean, it's evil. It's more subtle. I mean, it's every bit as powerful and destructive, but -- I don't know. It's more subversive. You know, I want to fight it, but I don't know how. I don't know where it is. If I did, I would -- I would crush it. If only I could.

Grace: Sam, i tried to talk to her, but every time i opened my mouth, she'd cut me off. She's got all this anger and resentment. Now, where did i go wrong as a mother that my own daughter treats me like this?

Sam: You didn't do anything wrong. You could only be the best mother a girl could have.

Grace: Well, then, how do you explain her recent behavior? We taught her to respect her elders, to respect everyone.

Sam: I guess we'll just put it down to her age. Kay's caught up in her emotions. Listen -- everything will be all right.

John: I wonder what Kay wanted to tell us. She said it was important, but then she just ran off. What's that about?

Ivy: Teenaged girls, john. That's what it's about. They tend to be overly dramatic

David: You know, sometimes, john, teenaged girls are overly dramatic for a reason.

Kay: You're right. With David and Ivy trying to tear up my parents' marriage, they're going to be way too busy to worry about what I'm up O.

Zombie charity: You know, you're really embracing evil this time, Kay. I can't tell you how proud I am.

Kay: I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get Miguel.

Zombie charity: So, do you have a plan, or are you just going to wing it?

Kay: Oh, no. No more winging it for me. Too many things can go wrong that way. This time I've come up with the perfect plan. And by the time I'm finished, Miguel Lopez Fitzgerald will be mine forever.

Singer: You are my passion for life

Zombie Charity: You've really piqued my curiosity, Kay. Tell me about this perfect plan you've cooked up.

Kay: Ok, first of all, I'm going to try to --

zombie charity: Hold that thought. I just have to talk to somebody first. Back in a flash.

Kay: Why can't I ever get anyone to listen to me?

Zombie charity: Great news, tabby. I convinced Kay to keep her mouth shut about David and Ivy's scheme.

Tabitha: That's the ticket, zombie. Good work.

Zombie charity: You're welcome. I'll be back.

Tabitha: Oh, yes, there will be pain in harmony -- incredible, exquisite, agonizing pain.

Zombie charity: Sorry about the interruption.

Kay: No, you're not.

Zombie charity: You're right. I was just being polite. So, what's the plan?

Kay: Ok. First I'm going to get john to fall in love with charity and charity to fall in love with john.

Zombie charity: Oh, kay, not that again.

Kay: What?

Zombie charity: We've been through this. John and charity are cousins.

Kay: No, they're not. They're not even related at all.

Zombie charity: Technically, yes. But if you don't blow the whistle on David and Ivy, then Charity and john are going to continue to think that they're cousins.

Kay: Well, hello. Welcome to the 21st century. Studies point out that even if they are related, it doesn't really matter. Cousins can get married.

Zombie charity: Hmm. What do you know? Oh, he is hot. Hmm-hmm. So the cousin thing isn't a big deal, but get this -- john could fall for charity, but there is no way that charity is falling for john while she has Miguel.

Kay: We'll see.

Zombie charity: No, seriously, you're going to have to get Miguel away from charity that is the only way that she's going to be open to having a new relationship.

Kay: Zombie, details.

Zombie charity: The devil's in the details, dear.

Kay: Ok, all I know is what's going to happen. Charity and john will be together and Miguel and I will be together. You heard it here first.

Zombie charity: Yeah, I heard it, but I don't believe it. Oh, Kay's plan will be put into motion, but there will be mucho surprises along the way. Purely evil Surprises. Mmm.

Pilar: Luis, I hate to see you like this, mijo, so upset --

Theresa: Luis! I heard Sheridan's back. I'm really happy for you.

Ethan: Where is she?

Luis: Yeah, that's right. You guys didn't know, did you?

Ethan: No. She's here, isn't she?

Pilar: Well, Ethan, she's --

Sheridan: Ethan?

Ethan Sheridan. Oh, my gosh!

Sheridan: Oh!

Ethan: I can't believe I'm holding you in my arms. You're alive.

Theresa: And -- and we are going to celebrate that. You guys -- whatever you guys have going on tonight, just forget it, ok, because I am throwing a party tonight At the mansion to celebrate your return.

Pilar: Theresa, mija, I don't think that's --

Sheridan: Gwen --

Luis: Yeah.

Gwen: Oh, God. It really is you. I can't believe it.

Sheridan: It is so wonderful to see you.

Gwen: I missed you so much. When they told me you had died, I felt like I had lost a part of myself.

Theresa: Sheridan is finally with the man that she loves, with the love of her life, and we -- we are going to celebrate that.

Antonio: That sounds like a great idea, little sister. You know what, frank? I don't need this anymore. Thanks. I just want everyone in harmony to see how happy Sheridan & and I are, see how much we love each other.

Theresa: What?

Zombie charity: Well, I've got things to do and they're not getting done hanging around here, so I'll be seeing you.

Kay: I would say "not if I see you first," but I know that won't happen.

Zombie charity: No. Good luck 

Kay: I make my own luck.

Zombie charity: Ok. Until next time.

John: Kay. Here you are. I was worried about you.

Kay: Why would you be worried about me?

John: You're my sister -- well, half sister -- and I care about you.

Kay: That's sweet. I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

Grace: Listen, Kay, about earlier --

Kay: Mom, please. Um -- I'm sorry for being so abrupt, and I really do understand your point of view. So, John, I was thinking, if you're still going to see Charity later, maybe we could go together?

John: That would be great.

Kay: Ok. Let's go.

John: Ok.

Sam: Have fun.

John: See you.

Kay: Bye, dad.

Sam: Kay certainly doesn't seem angry to me.

Grace: No. I don't know what could've happened to make her do an that -- I mean, to just suddenly apologize.

Sam: Basically she' :Good kid, and she probably sees that she was wrong.

Grace: Sam, I'd like to believe that, but i just keep thinking of this premonition that i had, all that suffering I saw.

Sam: Look, I don't think your premonition had anything to do with Kay. She's fine.

David: Kay --

Kay: Yes?

David: You said you had something to tell us, something important.

Kay: Yeah, um -- I just got overly excited about something. Sorry if i caused you any concern.

Zombie charity: Looks like all your birds are in the air.

Tabitha: Indeed they are, zombie. Indeed they are. And soon -- very soon -- all the birds will begin dropping their little bird bombs all over harmony.

Zombie charity: Ooh.

Theresa: Antonio, what are you doing here? And with Sheridan?

Pilar: Theresa, Mija, if you want to throw this party, then we need to talk about it. I need to make arrangements. Come.

Theresa: Oh, yes.

Pilar: You, too, Gwen. You can help.

Eve: Yeah, I'd like to help. And Ethan -- yeah --

Ethan: What is going on?

Theresa: Mama?

Pilar: Theresa, i -- you --

Eve: We have something to tell you, and it will explain a lot about what's going on.

Theresa: You're scaring me, Dr. Russell.

Eve: It is imperative that when i tell you that you do not react to my words. You have to act natural and you have to not let on that anything is going on, ok? And do not do anything that would upset Antonio.

Theresa: Mama, what is wrong?

Pilar: You have to be strong and you have to be brave for Antonio's sake.

Ethan: What is it, Dr. Russell?

Eve: It's about Antonio's condition.

Antonio: I don't know about you guys, but a party is exactly what i need. We got some sister there, don't we?

Luis: Yeah, yeah.

Antonio: Yeah, I'm telling you, Theresa's incredible, Sheridan. She's got a heart of gold.

Sheridan: I'm sure it'll be a lovely party.

Antonio: I'm sure it will be. I don't know how long we'll stay. Because of my health issues, we really haven't had a chance to be alone together lately, so --

Theresa: My brother -- he's- he's dying.

Ethan: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Theresa.

Theresa: What?

Eve: Now, Theresa, I know it's hard, but you have got to stay strong. You can't let Antonio know that anything is wrong.

Theresa: What?

Pilar: Or anything about Luis or Sheridan's relationship.

Eve: The shock could kill him.

Oh, my God, this --

Pilar: We better go back inside before he senses that something is wrong.

Theresa: Ok. Ok. Ok.

Antonio: Hey. So, is the party all planned?

Theresa: Yes, and it's going to be the best party harmony has ever seen.

Antonio: You're going to be there, won't you, Luis?

Luis: No. No, I can't come to the party. I can't.

zombie charity: Why so glum all of a sudden, tabby? I told you that I would convince Kay not to tell Sam and Grace the truth, and I did. So all your plans to bring chaos and agony to harmony are good to go.

Tabitha: I know that.

Zombie charity: So what's the problem?

Tabitha: Even if my plans come to fruition and a great plague falls upon this land, just won't be the same without my Timmy to make me Martimmy while I celebrate.

Zombie charity: Hmm, Timmy.

Tabitha: I miss him so much. +

Zombie charity: Well, you still got me.

Tabitha: Oh. Now I'm really depressed. I'm going to go home and make myself a nice, strong batch of Martimmy's.

Zombie charity: Well, like it or not, tabby, you're stuck with me. Destroying Miguel and charity is not enough. This zombie needs constant chaos, and tabby does do chaos pretty well. Let's see if i can help her plans along a little.

David: Are you sure kay doesn't know about your plans to tear her parents apart?

Ivy: You're such a worrywart, David. Oh, no, she's just a kid, an innocent. The girl doesn't know anything.

Zombie charity: Psst -- Kay. Down here.

Kay: What are you doing back?

Zombie charity: Oh, I to wanted to wallow in your evil presence. It's not every teenaged girl that would sacrifice their parents' marriage just to win the boy she loves.

Kay: I love Miguel. And I ha e to look out for myself because no one else will. If i don't get Miguel to love me, no one will.

Antonio: What do you mean, you're not coming to our party? Why not?  oh, wait a minute. I know what it is. You don't want to come? Why not?  It's the cranes, right? You hate the cranes. Well, come on, Luis. Why don't you just party to put your hatred aside for a couple hours. It'll just be for one night, ok? I mean, think about it. Our -- our little sister's a crane now. And Sheridan's a crane. And you don't hate her, do you?

Luis: No. No, I don't hate Sheridan.

Antonio: All right, then. Good. It's settled. You're going to be there because I have to have my brother at the party.

Luis: What are you doing?

Antonio: I want you guys to get to know each other better. I want you guys to become close -- very close. I mean, think a out it. I'm getting ready to marry Sheridan. She's going to be part of the family, you know?

Luis: Yeah.

Antonio: I love you.

Theresa: My brothers -- Antonio, he's close o dying. And Luis is in so much pain.

Ethan: Remember what eve said.

Theresa: Yes -- be brave for Antonio's sake. 

[Next we see Pilar talking to Eve as today's episode ends]

Pilar: Maybe luis should stay away from the party tonight. If he doesn't, something horrible could happen to my family.

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