Passions Transcript Thursday 8/15/02

Passions Transcript Thursday 8/15/02

Tabitha: Oh. I can't eat. I can't sleep. I can't even think without my Timmy. I don't see the good of the going on without my little lad beside me. What's wrong with you, Tabitha Lenox? You're a witch, for hades' sake. You can make another doll. You can make 10 dolls. You could make 100 dolls! Who cares about one willful creation who refused to heed my advice and turned into a real boy anyway? I warned him it would lead to tragedy, but did he listen? Oh, no, not Timmy. He had to take the high road. Oh, well. I'm probably better off without him.

[Music plays]

Tabitha: There. Come on now. You've got to get on with your life. You've got to start making plans to ruin the lives of others.

Ah. Well, this calls for some celebratory libation.

Tabitha: What are you mixing there, Timmy?

Timmy: Nothing.

[Tabitha chuckles]

Tabitha: It's that special concoction of yours, isn't it?

Timmy: Maybe.

Tabitha: What do you call it? A Martimmy?

Timmy: Maybe.

Tabitha: So what's the big secret, Timmy? Why don't you tell old Tabitha what's in it?

Timmy: Because it's special, just like Timmy.

Tabitha: Oh, Timmy, I miss you so much.

Miguel: I was so scared I was going to lose you.

Charity: Miguel, I'm not going anywhere without you. I love you.

Miguel: Not as much as i love you.

Nurse: I feel like crying myself, I'm so happy for them. I mean, thank God your cousin pulled through. I don't know what would have happened to her boyfriend if she hadn't.

Luis: Well, it's up to you, Sheridan. Either you tell my brother what's going on or i will.

Antonio: Tell me what's going on about what? What's the big bombshell here? Come on, Sheridan, don't hold out on your husband-to-be. Just tell me what it is. What's the secret?

Simone: What are you doing out here, Kay? Why don't you go in? Let me guess. Looks like charity's going to survive her heart transplant and you can't stand it.

Kay: No. Simone --

Simone: Don't tell me those are tears of joy when I know that you were hoping you were going to end up with Miguel. No, wait.

Kay: What?

Simone: Wait. Don't go. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Kay: I never wanted her to die, simone. I honestly didn't.

Simone: I believe you. It's just I know how much that you were hoping you were going to end up with him.

Kay: Can you blame me? He made love to me, simone. I thought -- I thought that would change everything.

Simone: How, When he thought he was making love to charity? Whatever tradeoff you made with evil this time, it backfired on you, just like it always has. When are you going to learn that those dirty tricks will not work?

Kay: I don't know how else to get him to notice me, simone. I mean, why does he always want charity? What is so special about charity?

Simone: Don't you get it even now, Kay? Charity is an angel, inside and out, and you're just a self-centered person who just looks out for herself. Who would you expect Miguel to choose?

Tabitha: I won't ever forget you, Tim Tim. Oh! Gadzooks, what was that? Maybe it's Timmy coming back. Maybe they didn't want him up there and they're sending him home to me!

Tabitha: Wait a minute. This doesn't make sense. Timmy went to heaven when he died. He wouldn't be coming from down there. What's going on? Who's down there?

Tabitha: Oh, no, not you again.

Zombie charity: I'm back!

Eve: What's going on?

Antonio: That's what I'm trying to find out, dr. Russell.

Luis: Well, Sheridan was just about to tell Antonio something important.

Eve: Luis, didn't i tell you that your brother needed calm and quiet, that he didn't need any stress in his condition?

Brian: Yeah, but that's not necessarily true because we don't know what's wrong with me yet.

Eve: I know enough to know that you shouldn't have this many people in your room at once. Now, until we get his tests back, I need everyone to help me in keeping him calm and quiet.

Luis: Ok. With all due respect, dr. Russell, Antonio's a tough guy. He can handle it.

Antonio: Thanks for sticking up for me, Luis, but come on. Come on, Sheridan, tell me what it is that you want to tell me.

Sheridan: You know, I think eve is right. This really should wait.

Luis: I mean it, Sheridan. If you won't tell him, I will.

Sheridan: No, Luis.

Antonio: Would somebody just spit it out?

Sheridan: Ok. I'll tell you right now. There's a little effort in all of us to live a more balanced lifestyle.

Tabitha: Zombie!

Zombie charity: That's my name. Don't wear it out.

Tabitha: How dare you barge in here after what you've done!

Zombie charity: Beg pardon?

Tabitha: You -- you're the reason I don't have my Timmy. You killed him!

Zombie charity: Oh, please. Don't tell me you're still in the snit about that. Timmy deserved everything he got and then some.

Tabitha: How dare you! I'll kill you. Ooh!

Zombie charity: Want to try that again?

Tabitha: Ooh! Oh.

Zombie charity: It won't work, Hagitha. I'm just a spirit this time around. A ghost, like Casper. Only he's a wimp. Boo!

Tabitha: You never scared me before, and you certainly don't scare me now.

Zombie charity: Whatever.

Tabitha: I won't rest until you pay for what you've done.

Zombie charity: But I'm not responsible for Timmy's demise.

Tabitha: Don't give me that. You threatened to do away with him for months, and then you mortally wounded him in that cave when he was trying to rescue charity.

Zombie charity: Exactly. It's ms. Mealy-mouth herself who's responsible for his death.

Tabitha: Oh, phew, you can't pass this off on her. His little body was so damaged by your evil he couldn't even summon up the strength to recover!

Zombie charity: Hello? Isn't that guy upstairs supposed to step in in those situations?

Tabitha: You mean --

zombie charity: Yeah, him. He who's responsible for all things good and wonderful. Hey, if he'd wanted to save Timmy, he could have done so with just a snap of his holy fingers.

Zombie charity: I was just doing my job. If you want to blame somebody for Timmy's death, it's the big guy upstairs, not me.

Tabitha: What are you doing back here, zombie?

Zombie charity: Hmm. I am so glad you asked. I have a few things to tie up. Don't you just hate loose ends?

Tabitha: But what are you doing here? Did the boys in the basement send you?

Zombie charity: No, no. It's nothing like that. This is a personal visit, Tabitha. We have things to discuss.

Charity: Miguel, I have so many questions. How did I get here? How long i have been here?

Miguel: Shh, Shh, Shh. We'll have plenty of time for that later right now you need to rest. You've been through so much.

Charity: Miguel, my life was in danger, wasn't it?

Miguel: You have no idea how close I came to losing you.

Charity: I don't really remember anything. I just -- I have a sense that i was really alone and i was really frightened and I wanted you to come, and everything else is just kind of fuzzy --

Miguel: You know what? What's important is that I'm here now and so are you.

Simone: You have done some terrible things to try to steal Miguel away from charity. If you died today, You would go straight to hell.

Kay: Simone, this isn't fair. I've loved Miguel since we were kids. And I'm just as pretty As she is, I'm just as smart as she is. So i don't have blonde hair, but --

simone: It's not about the color of her hair. It's about who you are inside. I don't know the details, and I don't want to know, but you made some kind of deal with evil to get Miguel into your bed.

Kay: You don't have any proof, simone.

Simone: I don't need any proof and neither will Miguel, because once he finally puts two and two together and he figures out how you seduced him, he is never going to look at you again. Miguel loves good, not evil. It's just as simple as that.

Sheridan: I want you to hear this from me rather than someone else. The cranes are going to pay your hospital bills while you're here.

Antonio: No. No way.

Sheridan: See, i was afraid that you would say that. That's why I didn't want tell you.

Antonio: Look, I appreciate your generosity, but i don't take handouts from anybody, least of all your family. I pay for things myself, even though it may take me a little bit longer.

Sheridan: This isn't a handout. You've done so much for me, starting with saving my life. You supported me for so many months on that island.

Antonio: That was not a loan. That was given to you freely with no strings attached. Ok? I love you, remember? I may be laying in this hospital bed with who knows what, but I'm a lucky guy. And I'm even luckier because you said you'd marry me.

Zombie charity: I realize now. I ignored your excellent advice when i shouldn't have. I underestimated the value of your centuries of experience as a witch.

Tabitha: Well, that's what I've been telling you.

Zombie charity: And I just brushed you off. You were absolutely right about killing charity and Miguel. It was not the slam dunk I thought it would be.

Tabitha: Thank you. I think. Well, you must have attained some measure of success. I mean, I've got my powers back, which means that charity's about the bite the big one.

Zombie charity: Yes. Blondie's just hanging on by a thread. But she hasn't yet rejected Timmy's heart.

Tabitha: What are you saying?

Zombie charity: I'm saying that I have learned the hard way that actually killing charity is a very difficult undertaking. I'm close, yes, but I don't want to blow it. That's why I've come to you.

Tabitha: You mean you want me to help you?

Zombie charity: Yes. I want you to help me destroy charity once and for all. We know what would happen if you didn't.

Tabitha: Yes. I'd lose my powers All over again.

Zombie charity: Exactly! Which is why it would behoove you to lend me a hand.

Tabitha: What is it you want me to do?

Zombie charity: Create the usual havoc, mayhem. Hmm -- your powers are a bit rusty, yeah, but I'm sure you could conjure up some kind of an earthquake or a flood or something like that.

Tabitha: Oh, that's child's play. I can conjure up demons, locusts, plagues!

Zombie charity: Oh, yes! Then do it! Do it, old girl. Do it while you have a chance. Destroy charity and harmony along with her!

Kay: But I love him, simone. I mean, I really, really love him.

Simone: It's not about you and what you want. Don't you get that even now?

Kay: I thought everything would be different now. I thought that we'd get married and I thought we'd have a family and I thought that he'd learn to love me as much as he loves charity. I just -- I just wanted to feel special, simone.

Simone: "Special."

Kay: Yeah. I mean, you know what it's like. You've always been jealous of Whitney because of all the attention she gets.

Simone: Yeah. I mean, I always felt like my dad paid more attention to Whitney's tennis career. It's true. I mean, I was green with envy. But i never tried to go after my sister the way that you have gone after charity. I've never tried to hurt her. I still love my sister. And I realize now that my parents have tried to do nice things for me.

Kay: Well, then, you're lucky, because at my house, it's all about charity. I mean, it used to be Jessica this and Noah that, but ever since charity walked in the door, it was, like, e e was crowned queen. I mean, it was like "everybody has to make sacrifices for charity" and "be nice to charity because her mom died in a fire" and "careful, because charity's really sensitive, Kay."

Simone: Talk about some sour grapes.

Kay: Let's not forget how Ethan Crane turned out to be my father's illegitimate son, and then john -- geeky John shows up out of nowhere and he's my half brother, too. You know, I wonder if two half brothers make one new whole brother.

Simone: Cut it out, Kay.

Kay: Why should i, simone? I think I have a right to feel sorry for myself. I mean, Miguel made love to me, and it's the single most wonderful experience I've ever had in my entire life. So, is -- is that asking too much, To want to be with the man that makes you feel special and loved and to want to get married and have kids and have them say you're the best mom ever so that your life doesn't end up just being some pitiful afterthought?

Simone: Look, I -- I'm still mad at you, but I am so sorry for making you feel worse. As misguided as you are, You have really been hurt.

Kay: He made love to me, simone.

Simone: For the last time, Kay, he thought he was making love to charity. Listen to me, Kay. If you really love Miguel, you would want him to be happy, even if that happiness is not with you.

Kay: But, simone --

simone: No, there is no buts. Look what your way has gotten you. Look where you've ended up -- On the outside looking in.

Antonio: So, we're clear on this, right? I appreciate your generosity in offering that your family would pay for my hospital stay, but I'm not going to do it. My mother always told me to take care of my own debts, and that's what i'm going to do. Remember, Luis, how she always drove that into us when we were kids?

Luis: Yes. Yeah.

Antonio: And since i'm footing this bill, I'd like to keep the stay real short to keep the numbers down, ok, doc?

Eve: Yeah. I understand. I'll check your test results again, but i don't want you to leave until we know more.

Antonio: How bad can it be when i feel this good? Just tell me i can check out of here tonight.

Eve: I'll see what I can do.

Antonio: Little does she know that i won't be spending another night in this hospital bed. And don't look all shocked, mama, when i tell you this, because we are engaged. And when I leave here, I'm going to go to Sheridan's cottage and we're going to spend the night over there. Is that ok with you?

Sheridan: I -- I don't --

Antonio: What? Is there a problem with that?

Luis: All right, listen, Antonio --

Sheridan: It's ok for you to stay with me. I want you to be there.

Antonio: Thanks. 

zombie charity: I understand that before you were stripped of your gift for darkness you were quite the power to be reckoned with.

Tabitha: Actually, there was no one in my league. Hecuba tried to make a fool of me, but i soon showed her what's what.

Zombie charity: Mm-hmm, so i hear. So do your worst, Tabitha. What you waiting for?

Zombie charity: Oh, What's wrong?

Tabitha: Oh, frankly, zombie, I just don't see the point.

Zombie charity: "The point"? The point is to create as much sadness and misery as possible.

Tabitha: Yes, well, It's tempting. But without my Timmy i just don't care anymore. The joy has gone out of everything, even tragedy.

Zombie charity: Oh. I don't believe it. Tabitha Lenox gone soft? What happened to the Tabitha that spent months -- no, years trying to combat charity and her wretched female ancestors with their gifts for goodness? What happened to the Tabitha that tried to strangle charity in her own sink?

Tabitha: Watch this.

[Tabitha chuckles]

Tabitha: Yeah, well, that was then. That was the old me. I had my Timmy then!

Zombie charity: All right. Then do it for Timmy. Be all that you can be just to honor his memory! Tell the big guy upstairs how you feel about him and his fans, starting with the real charity.

Tabitha: If i do destroy her, so what? It won't bring my Timmy back to me. It just really doesn't matter what i do anymore.

Zombie charity: Uh! I'm shocked! What you're telling me is that Timmy died for nothing?

Tabitha: No! Never!

Zombie charity: Well, that's how you're acting. Do something about his death. Show the powers how you feel. They preach mercy. They preach forgiveness! But did they show you or your Timmy any mercy? 

Tabitha: Pno!

Zombie charity: I'll say they didn't! They took away your beloved sidekick. But you -- you're just going to sit back and do nothing.

Tabitha: I want to do something.

Zombie charity: Then do something! Get revenge! Show those people who took Timmy away from you how you feel! Bring down that plague of locusts that you mentioned. Wipe the town off the map!

Tabitha: You're right. Timmy tried so hard to be good, and what did it get him?

Zombie charity: Oh, not a damn thing!

Tabitha: He didn't deserve to die. I warned him that being a real boy would be a tragedy, but he couldn't help himself. All right. All right! I'll do it! I'll do it for Timmy. I'll destroy the lives of all the citizens of harmony!

Zombie charity: Yes! Bring on the natural disasters -- the storms, the tornadoes, the floods!

Tabitha: No, no, wait. I have a better disaster. I have a better natural disaster for the people who misled my Tim Tim -- a disaster of the heart!

Kay: I don't care what you say, simone. I can make Miguel happy, Happier than charity ever could.

Simone: Ok. I'll make a deal with you. I'll stop ragging on you about Miguel if you tell Miguel the truth -- about everything.

Kay: He already knows How I feel about him.

Simone: Prove it. I'm sure Miguel and charity don't have any secrets from each other. Tell Miguel everything you've done to try to steal him away from charity, and don't leave out this last pact you made with evil, the one that got him into bed.

Kay: You missed your calling. You sound just like father lonigan.

Simone: Right is right, Kay. Tell Miguel the truth.

Kay: I can't, and you know it. He'd never forgive me if he knew everything I've done.

Simone: Doesn't that tell you anything?

Kay: Yeah. All's fair in love and war.

Simone: Fine. Don't come clean with Miguel. It doesn't mean that he won't find out some other way.

Kay: Simone, you wouldn't dare tell Miguel on me. You can't. We're best friends. We're blood sisters for life. You swore you'd never stab me in the back!

Simone: I'm not talking about me. I'm talking about someone else who knows what you've pulled.

Kay: Who?

Simone: The person you tried to get rid of -- charity herself. She may be too weak and groggy right about now to remember. But when she gets stronger, I bet she'll remember every dirty detail in living color.

Miguel: What's wrong?

Charity: Just trying to remember what happened. Kay.

Sheridan: Luis!

Antonio: What's wrong with him? He looked so mad.

Hank: I think he just got beeped from the station.

Antonio: I am so proud of my brother. I always knew he'd make something special out of himself. What did i tell you?

Sheridan: What do you mean?

Antonio: Well, remember when we were down in Bermuda? You didn't get a chance to really talk to him, let alone see him without his costume ball mask on. But you see the reason that i want to make things all right with him. He is. He's a great guy.

Sheridan: Yes.

Hank: I think I got to make a call myself.

Antonio: See you. Hey. Where's that beautiful smile that i fell in love with? Don't worry so much, ok? In just a little while we're going to be back at your cottage and we're going to be having a late supper.

Sheridan: You know what? That's a wonderful idea. I'll call the main house and have the staff just kind of throw something together.

Antonio: All right.

Antonio: Mama, not you, too. What does everybody look so down in the dumps? I'm going to be fine.

Pilar: I hope so, mijo. I hope we all will.

Sheridan: Look, I don't blame you for being angry.

Luis: Why should i be angry just because you invited my brother to come stay at your cottage?

Sheridan: Antonio is ill. You heard dr. Russell.

Luis: Well, he can get rest any place else in town! Why should he be in your arms?

Sheridan: It won't be like that! I'm just trying to do the right thing.

Luis: By who? I mean, come on. How do you expect me to feel? You know, we're separated for what feels like an eternity, you finally come back home, and you're going to shack up with my brother?

Sheridan: Will you stop Making it sound like that? You know that I love you.

Luis: No. No, I don't. I thought I did, But now I don't know. I don't know at all. 

Sheridan: How can you doubt my feelings after our reunion? I just don't know what to do now that Antonio is so ill.

Luis: Well, I should be the one who's staying at your cottage, not him.

Sheridan: I know that. And as soon as your brother is strong enough, we can get this all straightened out.

Luis: Don't you hear how crazy this sounds? I'm your fiancÚ, but my brother thinks that you're marrying him. Now, Sheridan, you can't let him go on thinking that way.

Sheridan: And I won't a minute longer than necessary. I just wish you would stop blowing this out of proportion.

Luis: "Out of proportion"? The woman who supposedly loves me, who I'm supposedly going to marry, has just invited my brother to come and live with her. Wait a minute. Oh. I get it now. Yeah. See, I've made assumptions that i shouldn't have. Now I see why you didn't want to tell Antonio about us.

Zombie charity: So, You're going to bring about a major disaster of the heart. Are you going to have charity reject her heart transplant?

Tabitha: No. What i have planned is much more subtle and devious than that.

Zombie charity: Oh.

Tabitha: I'm going to take the love these insipid mortals feel for each other and use it against them. I'm going to use their very own goodness to destroy them!

[Tabitha cackles]

zombie charity: You mean you're going to mess with their relationships?

Tabitha: Well, you could say that.

Zombie charity: Oh. What's so bad about that? I mean, why not just bring about a giant flood and wipe out the entire population?

Tabitha: Because my way is much more elegant and it will get the job done.

Zombie charity: Oh. I guess.

Tabitha: You'll see. There's physical pain and there's emotional plan. Between us we pretty well run the gamut on the physical. So now it's time for the real knife-twisting pain that only comes from a shattered heart. Nobody ever really recovers from one of those.

Zombie charity: What's this?

Tabitha: This is just the beginning, my dear. I'll start with charity, Miguel, and Kay. If charity survives her surgery, she'll end up wishing she hadn't.

[Tabitha chuckles]

zombie charity: Who's next?

Tabitha: The couple who refuses to throw in and towel and die. Sheridan and luis. Those two sappy lovebirds keep finding each other, lifetime after lifetime, until this one.

Oh, the tears that will be shed. Down with the lovers. Tear them apart. Send me a knife to shoot straight through their hearts!

[Tabitha and zombie charity laugh]

Kay: Charity can't remember.

Simone: Who says? I think it's possible. And if she does, you're in big trouble, Kay. Big.

Miguel: What -- what did you say?

Simone: It looks like charity remembered, Kay. You're dead in the water.

Simone: This is it, Kay. Charity's remembering what you did to her. And once she tells Miguel, he is going to hate you forever.

Miguel: Charity wants to see you, Kay. Now.

Nurse: Dr. Russell?

Eve: Mm-hmm?

Nurse: These are the test results you were waiting for?

Eve: Oh, yes. Thank you.

Eve: Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, how am I going to tell Antonio? How am I going to tell his mother?

Antonio: Your oldest son did all right for himself, didn't he, mama? She's beautiful, isn't she?

Pilar: I've always loved Sheridan.

Antonio: You know, what i still can't believe is that she was single when i found her. I mean if I'd have found out that, well, now she was married or hooked up with somebody, I don't know if I'd have been able to give her back so easy.

Luis: I know why you haven't told Antonio about us.

Sheridan: Because he's ill and dr. Russell said we need to keep him calm.

Luis: That's only part of it. The bigger reason is that you don't know how you feel. For the last few months you've been another person with another name. Maybe you liked being Diana better than you liked being Sheridan Crane.

Sheridan: Luis --

Luis: I mean it. Maybe you don't want to go back to being the wealthy heiress, engaged to the cop from the wrong side of the tracks.

Sheridan: Luis, look, just listen to me --

Luis: All right, I will listen to you. But, first, answer me this -- are you engaged to me or to Antonio? Now, who do you love? Is it me or is it him?

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