Passions Transcript Tuesday 8/13/02

Passions Transcript Tuesday 8/13/02

by Amanda

She will, grace.

Yeah. Eve will make sure of that.

I don't know, honey. Eve wanted to operate as soon as possible. She was afraid the longer it takes, the weaker Charity will become. Her body won't be able to stand it.

Miguel: I just wish there was something I could do to give Charity the strength she needs.

There is, Miguel, pray.

I bet I know what you're not praying for.

Kay: You think I'm some kind of monster, don't you.

Simone: I never would pray for someone to die. All you have ever cared about, having Miguel to yourself.

Shut up, Jessica.

You know, really truly love Miguel; you will want what's best for her.

I don't think he'll ever be happy again.

If Charity dies, I will make Miguel so happy he'll forget all about her.

What are her chances, doctor? Do you think she's strong enough?

Eve: I am going to do everything medically I can to save Charity's life. But the fact remains that her body was severely traumatized. I don't know if she has enough strength left to pull through this.

Okay. Listen. There is something very important that I need to tell you. Honey, this is really important.

I'm sorry. I just can't stop looking at the beautiful flowers that Chad gave me.

Some day you will know what it is like to have a boyfriend. To be in love. There's no feeling like it in the world. I mean, it's the greatest. And to have a boyfriend like Chad who is so thoughtful and caring, I mean, look at the beautiful flowers he sent me. The card. And the beautiful loving words, the love of my life, with all my heart. Okay. Whitney, I'm sorry. You have my undivided attention. What is it that you want to tell me?

Antonio! He's not moving.


Pilar: You killed him. You killed your brother.

I would hold the one who can lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who can sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of a bird I knew could take me higher breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Yes, he has. But we have to be prepared for what could happen. Keep praying for Charity to pull through it might not be God's will.

I know that one should pray for what's best, but I can't believe that losing her is best. I just canít.

Are you okay?

Miguel: I don't know. I just feel kind of -- I don't know. How about you?

I'm all right.

Miguel: I know you are just as worried about Charity as I am and I really appreciate your prayers.


Why are you here?


To be with you, of course. Jessica called me.


She told me what was going on.

I'm sure she did. I got here as quick as I could and I want to be here for you.

That really isn't necessary. I know how close you and Charity are.

Thanks for coming, Reese. I'm glad you're here.

Miguel: So am I. We can use all of the support and prayers we can get.

Reese: What I want to know is what happened. Jessica told me that father said evil came back to harmony.

Miguel: Yeah. It was pretty terrible. I just hope that evil's gone and it's not coming back.

Reese: The question is: Why has evil come back? Who or what keeps opening the door for evil to come into harmony.

That is a good question.

Well, what is it that you have wanted to tell me?

Whitney: It is, I know I should have told but this a lot sooner. (Phone ring regular) Simone: I'll get it. I'll get it.

Whitney: I don't know if I can go through this.

Chad: Sure you can.

Whitney: I seen the way she was looking at you.

Chad: That's why you --

You actually bought those flowers for her. That you wrote the card for her.

Chad: I know.

Whitney: I don't know if I can take that from her.

Chad: Those flowers were not for her. I love you not your sister.

Whitney: I have to warn you about how fragile. She may never recover.

Chad: She is a lot stronger than you think.

Whitney: I don't know about that.

Chad: The situation is way out of control. Dealing with it right now, it is going to be that much harder on her.

Whitney: It will destroy that girl.

Chad: We tell her, and she's hurt. What if we don't tell her, it is going to be the worst. Whit knee, we can't have Simone thinking I'm in love with her. If we don't, that's not fair to anybody.

Whitney. I you are right but I -- Simone: I'm sorry about that. Somebody for dad, somebody from one of those summer sports camps and wanted to leave a message.

Whitney: Sit down right now because this can't wait any longer. I have to tell you this right now. Okay.

How could this have happened, Luis? Your own brother, you killed him.

Sheridan: This is all my fault.

He's not dead. He's breathing and he has a pulse.

Pilar: Thank goodness.

Sheridan: Thank God. How could you do this?

Luis: I didn't do this. I came here and found him just like this.

Sheridan: You found him like this?

Luis: I came here to have it out with him, I admit that. Brother or not, I would have torn him apart for what he did.

Sheridan: Luis, Brian didn't know who I was. He didn't know you and I had a relationship. I didn't know I had amnesia. I didn't know who I was. I didn't know who you were. I had a great love of my life once and I thought that he was dead. You can't blame your brother for that.

Luis: All I do know I came here to beat the hell out of him. I found him like this, unconscious.

Pilar: He's not coming to.

Sheridan: Brian? Brian, please wake up. Brian.

Luis.. Antonio, come on. Get up.

Sheridan: Brian, please open your eyes.

Pilar: He's not waking up. Something's wrong, something's terribly wrong. You are my passion for life

That's it. It's in God's hand now.

It's going to be, honey.

Grace: I don't know, Sam. If whatever father is talking about, I sensed it. The night of Charity's party. After our house was destroyed, I didn't think evil would come back. But it did. I am afraid it will come again.

Sam: What I don't get is why the evil seems to be focused on our family especially Charity, our kids.

Grace: We have to do everything we possibly can to protect them. If Charity lives, we have to make certain that nothing like this can ever happen again.

Sam: Nothing evil will happen. 92 grace: What?

What we need to do is get to the bottom of this, really dig in. Find out why evil keeps coming back into our lives.

Miguel: How do you figure we do that, Reese?

Reese: I'm not sure. I have a couple of ideas.

No, Reese. You are wrong.

Reese: I haven't said anything yet. Look, because Tabitha is a witch --

Miguel.. just stop.

All right. All right. I'll prove it to you. Why would Tabitha bring evil back to harmony and lose the one thing she loved most in the world, Timmy.

Miguel: Jessica ay right. She seemed like she loved her grand nephew.

She is not behind the evil so just drop everything.

Always got to cause trouble.

Got what was that, Kay? It is you, Kay, isn't it.

Kay: Yes father.

Father: You are troubled.

Kay: We all are. You see the --

Father: You are troubled for different reasons, so I ask you once again, have you made your decision? If you want absolution, forgiveness for what you have done, you must tell Miguel the truth, tell him everything you have done. That you are responsible for opening the door to evil, causing all of this to happen.

Kay: It wasn't suppose to be like this.

Father: You tricked Miguel into making love. You made him think you were Charity. You must tell him everything.

Kay: And have him hate me forever. I canít. I can't lose him, father. I wonít.

Father: If you do not confess you will lose your soul forever. You must tell Miguel the truth. It is your only salvation.

Simone: Come on, Whitney. Just say it. Out with it.

Whitney: Okay. You know how much that I love you and how important it is to me that we're close. But I have already lost one best friend and the thought of losing you, too could --

Simone: Oh, my gosh. I totally forgot what I had to tell you. Whitney, I am so sorry to interrupt but if I don't tell you now, you are going to hate me Ė

Whitney: Let me tell you.

Simone: You are not going to believe this. But it is the most incredible news, Theresa is alive.

Whitney: What?

Simone: She's not dead.

Whitney: We saw her being executed. What are you talking about.

Simone: She wasn't really executed. She's alive, Whitney. Theresa is alive.

Sheridan: Brian, wake up. Please open your eyes.

Pilar: Luis, I don't understand. What could have happened?

Luis: I don't know.

Who could do this?

Luis: I didn't see or hear anyone. He must have gone through the glass by himself.

Pilar: He would have seen the door. Had he been drinking?

I was talking to him and he was fine.

Sheridan: Wait a minute. He had an accident.

Luis: When?

Sheridan: He was in a car wreck and had a terrible accident. He suffered head injuries. He was unconscious in the hospital.

Pilar: Head injuries.

Sheridan: The doctor was worried about him.

Luis.. he must have been okay or the doctor wouldn't have released him.

Sheridan: The doctor said he was okay.

Pilar: Did you speak to the doctor.

Sheridan: He spoke to him alone.

Pilar: Did he tell you what he said.

Sheridan: He was vague. All he talked about was having come home to meet his family and me meeting you.

Pilar: We have to get him to the hospital. I'll call an ambulance.

Sheridan: Brian, you will be okay. You just have to be

Whitney: Theresa is alive.

Simone: She's fine.

Whitney: You saw her.

Simone: Her mother told me at hospital.

Whitney: Theresa is alive.

Chad: She's at prison. We saw her die. She was pronounced dead.

Simone: Well Ms. Lopez Fitzgerald told me that crane knew that Julian crane was still alive and they staged the whole execution figuring Julian crane would come out of hiding.

Chad: Wait a minute.

Whitney: They staged it.

Simone: Faked it. Gave her drug to make her look like she was alive.


And Julian crane is still alive.

Simone: Back at the mansion.

Chad: He was shot.

Simone: I guess not. He just left town after everybody was after him that night.

Chad: This is nuts. Okay. I mean, I read crane is totally ruthless but, this is -- is 24r anything else?

Simone: No, that's all I know. Julian crane came back to the mansion tonight and that's when allister revealed that Theresa is alive.

Whitney: Oh, my God. Theresa, really. She's alive. Simone: She's fine and she's with her baby.

Whitney: It's a miracle. Oh, my God, thank you so much, Simone. Oh, my God. This is the most wonderful news I ever could have gotten. Oh, my God.

Kay: We went over there father.

Father: We will get go over it until is sink its. You are in danger of losing your soul.

Kay: I cannot tell Miguel.

Father: You must tell him.

I'm sorry. I don't want to lose him.

Father: Kay.

How's Charity?

Eve: Transplant went well.

Sam: Does that mean she's going to be all right.

Eve: With no complications, the heart is beating steadily.

Grace.. the prognosis is is good, I am sure it is going to be fine.

Eve: I don't know, grace. You know that the body that rejects the heart -- you know as well as I did if Charity's body has suffered extreme trauma. And even now we don't know the extent of the damage. So the next 24 hours will be very critical and I'm afraid all we can really do is just wait and see if Charity has the strength to pull through this.

Miguel: She does. I know she does.

Eve: Keep thinking strong positive thoughts, Miguel.

Miguel: We need to send her our energy.

Give her our strength.

Miguel.. can I see her?

Eve: She's going --

Miguel.. just for a minute.

Eve: Normally I would say no but in your case I'll make an exception.

Miguel: Thank you.

Eve: Just one short minute, okay.

I'll take you in.

Well, guys, I think it is time to get coffee and a bite to eat.

Good idea. Cafeteria is closed but there's a deli across the street.


Grace: You know what. I don't want to leave right now.

Grace, go on. There's nothing that you can do here now. If there's a change I'll call you on the cell.

Yeah, grace. Fresh air will do you good. We'll be right back.

Are you coming, Kay?

Kay: No. I'm going to stay here and wait for Miguel.

That makes three of us.

He really is crazy about her.

That's true love you are looking at.

There's Luis. What are you doing at the hospital?


I came here to find out about Charity, let me fill you in.

Luis: It's my brother.

Miguel is in with Charity.

Luis: No, my oldest brother, Antonio.

You're what?

Antonio. He's back in town?

To get a son back after all of these years Pilar must be thrilled.

Why did you bring him here?


You're alive.

Sheridan: Yes.

Luis, what's going on here?

Luis: It's a long story. Well obviously Sheridan didn't die in the boat explosion. She survived and she was rescued.

I don't understand. Why wouldn't you come back home?

Sheridan: I didn't know where home was. I had amnesia. I didn't know who I was.

You couldn't remember anything.

Just here and there but a total blank.

Who rescued you?

Who has been taking care of you all these months?

Luis: My oldest brother, Antonio.

What a coincidence.

Isn't that amaze amazing?

you are my passion for life

This is the most fantastic news.

Whitney: My best friend. I can't even believe this is happening.

Simone: That's why I had to tell you right away. I knew you would know happy about it.

Whitney: Happy? It's a --

Chad: It's the most wonderful.

Whitney: My God, these alive. She's not dead.

I just can't get over it. You're alive.

Sheridan: I realize it has to be quite a shock.

So good to see you.

So good to see you.

So good to see all of you.

Luis's brother to rescue you. That's incredible.

So, Antonio, did he know who you were?

Sheridan. . Only found out tonight.

Where have you been all of these months.

On an island near Bermuda. And Antonio had no idea you were Sheridan crane.

Sheridan: Of course not or brought you home.

That didn't happen.

Sheridan: Brian, I mean, Antonio was living on the island when he pulled me out of the ocean brought me there to recover. After I did, he asked me questions about myself but there was nothing I could tell him.

Because of your amnesia.

Sheridan: I had no memory of my life. Didn't know who I was, or where I came from. Not until Antonio brought me here tonight. I saw Luis and everything came back to me.

This is great.

After all of this time.

Looks like Luis can't believe it. This is what you prayed for. The love of your life is back.

Luis: Yeah.

I guess I better go in there and check on Antonio. What happened?

Pilar: We're not sure.

Some kind of accident and he fell through a glass door.

Eve: I better look at him and make sure he's okay.

Before you go in, you should know about Brian. Anyway, he was in a car racing crash.

Eve: What?

Sheridan: He was racing in this big race and his car exploded. He suffered head trauma and loss of consciousness for awhile.

Eve: I need to talk to the doctor that treated him.

Sheridan.. I have the doctor's card on me. Here it is.

Eve: Very good. I'll have him fax his records over. It is so good to have you back.

Sheridan: So good to be back.

I can't even imagine how thrilled Luis must be.

Sheridan: Yeah.

Why do I get the feeling that there's more going on here than what you are saying?

Luis: We'll talk about it later, all right. You know, when I saw Sheridan walking toward us, I can't believe she's alive.

It's a miracle. You know, I just hope it's a sign of another miracle tonight, that Charity will be okay. That she will live.

Miguel: I'm here for you, Charity. I know you are going to pull through this. We have a wonderful life ahead of us. Remember all of the plans we made? The future? I'm not giving up on that. Never.

Miguel, we have to move her to recovery now.

Miguel: Okay.

Miguel, are you okay?

Miguel: Yeah. I'm going to go to the chapel to pray for her.

I'll go with you.

Me, too.

Are you coming, Kay?

Kay: No. I need to actually go find mom and dad.

Reese: I'll stay with you.

Kay: No, that's okay. Every prayer counts. Go with Miguel and Jessica. I'll meet you guys in the chapel later.

Miguel.. I know your prayers are with Charity, Kay.

I wouldn't go near a chapel either. I wouldn't dare.

Kay: How's Charity doing?

Not really sure. Dr. Russell said the surgery went well. We just have to pray that her body will accept the heart.


I'm so happy.

It's like a miracle.

I know.

It is like me finding Chad and having him in my life is a miracle. You know what? Do you remember when Chad first came to town. You couldn't stand him. You didn't want anything to do with him. But you know what? I always stood up for him. I knew he was special. I sure did. But now that Chad and I are together, you know, warning me against him and saying all those mean things about him. Now you two guilty along and that's exactly what I want. For my sister and my man to be friends.

Chad.. you have to tell her. You have to tell her, no more waiting.

Hank: I'm so happy for Luis.

He was so def stated.

To have Sheridan back and his brother,.

I am not sure about that.

What do you mean?

I just don't know how Luis feels about his brother, Antonio.

What's going on?

Well, you are not going to believe this but Sheridan crane is here?


She's dead, isn't she?

Evidently she didn't die in the boat explosion. And Antonio is back in town?

Miguel's brother.

That's a miracle.

This whole night is -- wow.

Yeah. We're hoping we get another miracle, Charity's transplant.

Does Miguel know about Antonio and Sheridan?

I don't think so.

Where is Miguel?

He's in the chapel, praying.

Why don't you go find him, honey, and let him know. Okay.

Is something wrong?

No. Everything's fine. I'll just go find him. I'm sure he'll want to see Antonio.

Hey, how are you doing?

Been better. Much better.

Are you worried about Antonio? Eve is in there and she'll let us know as soon as she finds out.

Luis: I'm not worried about Antonio. I'm worried about you.

Sheridan: Me?


I'm concerned for you. I am concerned Antonio is going to take advantage of you.

Sheridan: He didn't know who I was. I promise you, it was not some scheme. I had amnesia and Brian helped me.

Luis.. I am sure he did.

Sheridan: He saved my life. He took care of me. We became close. You know, we really should just get everything out in the open because it's not going to go away.

Luis: No, it isnít.

Sheridan: We've been apart for several months. I didn't I did remember I had a great love of my life. I remembered the time we shared. I couldn't remember you. I couldn't remember who you were. Where you were. I couldn't remember your name and I thought you were dead.

Luis: I --

Sheridan: I tried so hard to remember who I was. I couldnít. Brian, he just tried to help me move on with my life.

Luis: I bet he did.

Sheridan: It wasn't like that. I really should be totally honest with you. I don't want to hold anything back. It leads me to the one question you haven't asked me. If Brian and I --

Luis: Slept together?

Chad: You got to do it, Whitney. You got to tell her.

Whit: I canít. Not now. I have to go see Theresa. Hey is Theresa at the mansion. I canít.

Simone: I'm going to go back to the hospital to see how Charity's doing. I just wanted to come home and give you the great news.

Whitney: Tell mom and dad I'll stop by there later and we're all praying for Charity.

Chad: Yeah, me, too.

Whitney: I think I left my keys in the living room.

Simone much. Are you ready to go?

Chad? ? Where.

Simone: To the hospital with me?

Chad: I am going to the mansion with Whitney.

Simone: Why?

Chad: Okay, Simone. I am going to tell you why.

Come on, Kay. Don't be ridiculous. You are not evil. The zombie is.

Go away. Get out. Evil. Get out.

I don't want to say anything, Pilar, until I talk to the doctor that treated him initially.

Pilar: But he's just come back.

Eve: As soon as I talk to the doctor, we'll know more.

Pilar: I'm kind of worried.

Eve.. don't be. Very shortly we'll know everything we need to know. He's coming to.

Where are you, mama?

Where's Sheridan? Where are you, my love? Where's Sheridan?

Sheridan: Luis, you need to know the truth.

Luis: Let's not talk about this, okay.

Sheridan: We need to talk about this. I want to make sure that you know everything. Antonio and I made love.

Luis: You and my brother?

Sheridan: Yes.

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