Passions Transcript Monday 8/12/02

Passions Transcript Monday 8/12/02

by Amanda

i can't believe you did this chat.

Sigh moan let me explain?

Explain? You don't have to explain anything. I wonder why you waited so long to tell me.

It isn't my fault it is all my fault. Please don't believe Chad for this.

Guys ! This is heavy. People can do change my mind. He dies. Tonight.

Don't give up. Jaw got heartbeat but you have to stay alive for the transplant. I can't believe the power has not kicked in yet.

I will come with you. Get your flashlight.

Can you keep her alive.

If we can get the power on.

Take all of the time you want.

Excuse me. Are you tired rebecca?

Just a bit. What about you? I mean you are the one who has had such terrible exhausting day.

That's true. But for some reason i never felt more wide awake. I feel like i could stay up all night.

What do you think about lopez fitzgerald double wedding?

You know what, this is -- this is way too much for me to think about right now. If i could just get my memory back and i can't process everything that has happened.

Right. Right. Of course, in the. We will talk about it later.

Thank you.

Brian, maybe you should go put cold clot on it.

Yeah. You are probably right: I will be right back.

Okay. What was that? You and my brother just met. Why do you think he has right to kiss you like that? I am going to punch him in the nose again.

No. Don'T.

Why not? What is hell is going on here? Louise, let's just go outside and take a walk.


Because i don't want to talk here.

Does my brother make you feel uncomfortable with that kiss? I will make it clear. It was not the kiss. That is the least of it.

The least of what? What the hell is going on here?

Just come outside with me. Please.

Just put it -- it is on -- then why is she still so awake? I don't know.

What are you you caning about?

Chad want immediate to tell you from begin. I toll him he should wait. This wasn't the right -- why? Would would you tell him to wait?

I don't they. I guess away afraid.

Oh, whitney, you are afraid that if chad told me before my 18th birthday it would upset mom and dad?


The words on this card i mean we can't hide the way we feel about each other any longer.

In my heart. Chad. I love you, too, chad.

Please hold on. Just hold on. We got generators up and running.

But it wanted handle everything but it should be enough.

Good job: I have good very weak pulse. Let's get they are back on respirator quickly. She will be all right. Thanks be God. Our prayers will be answered forever. I know they will. Dam you, jerry. Dam you.

Charity taught me the only thing in life i have ever really cared about. You. I thought that girl. And i am going to punish her.

If she wants to kill charity she will be hurting him too. It is timothy? Wait. Don't you ever stop trying to protect that.

Hello, hello, what's is this? There is light in the hospital window. Someone in there must think they are very clever. They think they found generator i don't know about it. Well wrong again !. I will destroy this line just like i have destroyed all of the others. Before they put your heart into the charity black body.

No! No !. If he wants to kill charity he will go to through timothy.

Oh, don't be ridiculous.

If she wants to kill charity he will have to kill timothy.

What God in heaven.

you are did hemented you know that?


But charity to usual around and kill charity.

You are certifyable now get out of my way.

No. Charity, didn't go. All she wants to do is -- these has the chance to do that.

What do i do? Don't idea serve something? I made you tim me. I brought you to life i gave you your big generous heart and I love you.

So it doesn't that mean idea is he -- deserve something too? Without you, i am alone.

You are not alone. You always have timothy. Timothy will be watching over her. When kathy wants to talk, just call timothy. Timothy will be here. He promises.

Standing by doctor. Get her into or while there still some power.

Charity, i love you so much. Lib waiting for you.

Okay. Let's go. Sam, pt thank you so much you probably saved her life. Charity, is going to have another chance at life.

Knowing her chance survive gave me hope for charity miguel, what did you just say? She is still alive? How is this possible. We saw her executed.

I know. And it is long story. Apparently, al i willson pulled some strings. Julian? What? Julian still alive, too? How did he survive the tuna processing? I don't know i don't know any of the details but he is alive and well and back at the mansion. That son after -- you got a lot of explaining to do. I can't believe julian is alive but thank God teresa was saved she would have been executed for no reason.

Thank God is right. Charity is in surgery i will go back to mansion and check on the baby.

Okay. Please tell teresa that i am so happy that she is alive. She can gives so much hope for charity.

I love you.

I love you too,.

Okay. Well okay.

Oh, that's not good for you, is it? Shut up.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Your welcome. You must be exhausted. Don't you want to go to bed?

No. No. I am wide awake.

Put the drug in wrong.

No, i didn'T. You put the drug in wrong cup.


Beautiful. As beautiful as you.

Okay. Why don't you tell me what you couldn't tell me because antonio was in the room.

There so many things to tell you. So much that has happened. We have been apart for so long.


It fell like 100 years.

And so many things have happened.

Yeah. A lot things have happened to me, too.

I am is your there are lot of things you want to tell me. You can go first. You have to remember that i had amensia this entire time.

Yeah. I know that. Of course. Otherwise would you have come back to me a lot sooner in yes, ex. I couldn't remember who i was and where i came from. I couldn't remember you. I couldn't remember the incredible love that we shared.

I can't even imagine what that was look for you. I think i would have lost my mind.

Because i could not remember you louise, things happened. Things that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

Yeah? Well, what kind of things? What are you trying to tell me here, charity?

Louise, --.

I -- don't worry. Okay. We have incredible love. We are going to be together for every. You are only woman in world for me. And i am only man for you, right? So don't worry. Just tell me. Look, you can tell me anything. S s for a surprise?

Chloe: You mean other than waking up and finding you're still here?

Philip: You better get used to me hanging around.

Chloe: Ans for what?

Philip: Our future. I'm going to see that

philip: Don't you know love can do anything?

Lucas: There. Piece of cake. Now can I have now, listen, will, don't worry about your daddy. He's going to be fine.

[ Door slams ]

brandon: I saw your car.

Jennifer: Let me guess -- button m so i'll be able to overhear with the results, now, can you?

Bo: What do you want, a st

tony: Island? What island?

Bart: I bet you i'm going to get to the bottom of this.

i love you so much, chad. I am so glad you decided not to wait until my 18th birthday to make us official.

Look, i know mom and dad will still think i am too young. But i just have to explain to them. I mean we are in love. We are a couple. They will have to accept it.

Slow down. Slow down. Okay. Just look it is bunch of flowers, right. I don't think you should be going out on limb like that with your parents.

You are so sweet but this is note is not just about bunch of flowers. You are the love of my life. Just what is in your heart, chad. I bet you my parents will surprise you. You have to love a guy who open and honest about his. I know you don't know what it is like to be loved like this, but it feels so wonderful. I don't want you to feel too left out. I know chat why don't we try fix you up with one of your boys you know do double date thing or something like that in why not? I mean i love my her and i want her to be just as happy as we are.

Oh, my God. What's happened in here? Julian? Are you here? Mom? Antonio what happened to your face? Are you all right?

Yeah. I am fine. Louise and i just had rough first meeting that's all.

Where is he i will talk to him?

No. No. It is okay actually. It is better than okay. We have been talking about having a double wedding. Really?

That would be wonderful.

I have to tell you that it fills my heart with happiness to see you become friends again.

It is amazing, isn't it?

You want to hear another apaying thing? Remember i told you about fiancee she as amensia. I do remember m. My God that's got to be difficult for her. Well, not anymore. She got her memory back.

That's wonderful. I am happy for both of you.

Want to hear something else?


Guess where she is from? I don't know. Where? Right here in harmony. And she knows you.

She knows me?

Yes. Very well.

Then who is she? Well mom i want you to guess go ahead and take a guess. Please stop teasing me tell me who she is.

The woman i am going to mary dianna is is really sheridan crane. Just tell me. Tell me whatever it is you are going to tell me.

All right. All right. When i was lost at sea, i kind and wonderful man rescued me.

Yeah. He saved your life. We have gone over that.

Yeah. He nursed me back to health. He took such great care of me. He didn't give up on me when i was ready give up on myself.

It he sounds like pretty amazing guy. Yeah. He is. I was very grateful to this man. And i came to care about him. A great deal for him. Louise, i fell in love with this man. What?

I am sorry. I am so sorry. I am sorry that i have been involve with another man. Owns timothy. Destroy all of the power. I am sorry i shall regret it. You know what they say. No good deed goes unfinished.

And from now on, timothy will make sure suffering okay. Timothy, timothy you are disappearing.

That's okay. You are not alone. Timothy has to go home. Timothy will always timothy will always --.

Don't leave me! Come back! Come back!

You are beautiful. I don't know what you are talking about. Why would I? Oh, somehow i thought you andgen -- were trying drug which of course is ridiculous, isn't it? I think we should get gwen to bed before she passes out. Passes out? She is dead on her feet. She is not -- no. No that I know of. She is normally like this.

-- He no. Of course. Oh, !. Re weak maybe you should get gwen to bed before her snoring wax up the baby: I will take care of her. I think you better help her get settled. I never heard such a noise. I hope she does wake up the entire household.

Hollow your dianna is chair dan crane?

That's really something, isn't? Wait. I can't be sheridan is dead she was lost at sea in she was not lost i rescued her. I took care of her and we fell in love. She was here just a second and with louise.

I will tell you what i am going to look for them. You stay here. I will go to try and find louise and sheridan I have missed her so much i can't believe this wonderful news.

I know. Isn't it great. I mean you know shedadan. You know she is going to be great daughter-in-law, right?

Yes, she is. Okay. I will be right back. Okay.

I bet everybody is involved. So i fell in love with another man? Louise, i couldn't remember you. That's the only reason why i let me emotions run away with me.

You remember anything about me? Nothing at all?

I it this whofr eming feeling that was someone from my past. Someone but i loved very much. I even had flashes of you. No moot for how hard i tried i could not remember and i waited and i waited for me memory to come back but it never did. Then i started think this man from my past that i loved so much, is dead.



Because i thought i thought that if you were alive, you would come looking for me. I thought he must be dead because no one came looking for me.

Then there was this other man and he was so kinds to me. And he was so good. I just -- i couldn't help myself. How close did you and this other man get? How far did things go? We were in love with each other. We are engaged to be married. Engaged?

Who is this guy? The really hard part it is someone that you know.

What? Who is it? His name is -- this man i was in love with this man i was engaged to marry, it is your brother louise. It is antonio.

Come on why can't we put whitney up with one of your good-looking friend.

Simone we can talk about this later. Okay.

Oh, okay. All right. We should just concentrate on each other and enjoy being a couple.

I know why don't we get get glasses out of the pantry make a toast.

Yeah. Yeah. Let's make a toast.

I will be right back.

That's great. She thinks the flowers are for her. She thinks that note is for her. They are for you and the flowers and the note. I know. But i --.

Well now what? I don't know. I don't think it is such huge mess sphaofplt we shed have told her truth this is getting worse and worse every second.

Shouldn't we just tell her now before things get even worse? Yes we are going to tell her. Do you want me to do it? No. No. She is my sister. I am going to tell her.

Okay. Well i will jump right in if you need me to. Are you sure we can do this?

I am sure. Nothing can change my mind about this.

Gwen is out like a light. She must really be tired.

Okay. Poor thing. Thank you. We will call you if we need anything.

Good night. Are you worried about gwen? She seemed to fade so suddenly.

She will be all right. She is just really tired.

She particularly fell asleep standing up like a horse.

Kind of strange, isn't it? Must have been exhausted. Oh, please. Hey. Oh, i love you so much.

He is wonderful little boy. Some times, i really -- i am raising a child all alone it is huge responsibility. I know i am up for it, you know.

Now that julian is home and he is alive, this is his child. He will be there.

No. I can't julian raise him. Another day.

Oh, come on julian raised me. I didn't come out so badly.

Did he raise you. You will be there in and you aren't really julian. You had sam bennett blood running through your sraeups. You are a wonderful man. But --.

Overtime, --.

I wish that were true, too. But we both know that's not possible. You were on birth control when we made love.

I know.

I am have big favor to ask you.

What is it? Will you be my son's God father? He is going to need someone to guide him. A man that he can look up to. Will you play that important role in his life? I would be honored.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

So you are engaged to my brother? Yes. I couldn't believe it. When i antonio told me you were you a live?

Antonio told you? Yes. Isn't it wonderful to sheridan back after all of this time?

I don't know. I don't know anything right now. Ofof course you do. The love of your life sheridan is back and she is alive and well and you should be thanking God for this miracle. Yeah. Well i am grateful that she is alive.

That's all that really matters.

Is it?

Of course it is.

Louise you will talk about the problems later.

I couldn't believe it. Antonio that his fiancee got her memory back and that his dianna was you. I just couldn't believe my ears. It is remarkable coincidence.

It is not condense. It is obvious antonio took advantage of her and forced himself on her.

No. Louise. I never forced himself on me. He was never anything but good and kind to me. You raised won dirtful son pill area true gentlemen.

I am glad to hear but but sheridan you must realize how difficult this is going to be for both of my sons. I mean they have terrible tempers.

I know. And i thought about nothing else but how painful this will be for both of them. I didn't know what else to do but to tell the truth.

Sheridan tell me what happened. How did antonio find you? He said you rescued from the sea.

I was half dead when he pulled me out of the ocean. But i had no memory. I couldn't remember who i was. Where I came from. Nothing.

I am sore sorry. That must have been horrible.

I was so lonely. I will tell you the whole long story one of these days. Right now i am more concerned about louise and brian. Antonio, has so much to straighten out now.

Yes. What was that? Oh, God. Antonio. They are trying to kill each other.

Be strong. Here we go. Let's have a toast to our happiness. Okay. Simone, we have to talk.

Oh,. Okay. What's wrong? You sound so serious? Well it is so serious situation. And i just can't go on look this any longer. We have to tell you the truth. I am not going to let that little tram of take anything from my daughter.

I think the baby needs changing again.

Let me do it. Really? You don't mind?

No. I am going to be the God father, right? I don't mind.

Okay. You will be man to helps me raise my son. You will.

Amen. Amen.

Thank you for.

I will do anything I can to help.

What were you praying for? I am not monster. I don't think i would agree with that.

You will never talk to you again. All of the lies that you have told.

Oh, my God! Antonio, !. Louise. Dam mit. I should not have gone soft. I never allowed him to talk me into letting charity live. I should have followed my intink and destroyed the brat. When i could. But then, -- but then he said i became his heart, too. And i could not do that. No. I could not do that.

Why? I think i have something that will cheer you up.

No. It is nothing like that. It is job.

There is job? -.

Very special angels.

He is going to to be very special angel?

That's right. Guardian angel. You are getting your wings.

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