Passions Transcript Friday 8/9/02

Passions Transcript Friday 8/9/02--Canada; Monday 8/12/02--USA.

by Amanda

Eve We got to get the power back on. Charity's life support doesn't have battery back up. 1, 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3, 4. Testing testing one two three. After what I致e been through, I知 not sure if I can give the baby a bath biz.

 Ethan: I --

 Gwen: I am sure Phyllis can do that.

 Ethan: That's okay. I can help give the baby a bath.

 Why that sneaky.

 Ethan: This won't take long.

 Gwen: Great. Then I値l just wait.

 Ethan I値l draw the bath.

 Theresa: Phyllis, can you bring us all tea please.

 Phyllis: Yes, ms. Crane.

 Gwen Mother, Theresa is getting my nerves. How can I get rid of her to spend time with Ethan.

 Rebecca: I have a two word solution to your problem, drug her.

 I知 so lucky to have found you.

 No. I知 the lucky one.

 Well then we're both lucky.

 We're both lucky, that's right. And now that we're together, I知 going to make sure that nothing, nothing keeps us apart.

 Gwen Drug Theresa?

 Rebecca: Yes. They do it to dangerous animals all of the time and when Theresa is on the prowl for Ethan, she certainly is dangerous.

 Gwen: I have to tell you Theresa is amazing. Here she is just back from the dead and already after Ethan.

 Rebecca: Maybe she should have been by daughter.

 Gwen Excuse me. Am I invisible?

 Rebecca: I didn't mean it that way. Just her determination is paying off. Ethan is already softening to her and the only way you are to fight it is to drug the little pit bull and drag Ethan off to bed and put out.

 Gwen: You can be so cruel. I happen to love Ethan.

 Rebecca: All the more reason to go along with my plan.

 Gwen If we drug Theresa and the baby needs her, she's not going to hear it.

 Rebecca: The house is full of servants. Someone will hear it.

 Gwen It's late and I知 desperate. What do you suggest to drug Theresa

 Rebecca: I know a place open 24 hours a day.

 Gwen: My God, look at you.

 Rebecca: Are you going to stop wasting time giving me a hard time and start wasting Theresa?

 Gwen OKay. What do you suggest we use to sedate the slut?

 Thank goodness. Still time to get to Luis before he has time to get back to the cot skpaj find Antonio who I know more intimately as Brian. How did I become engaged to two brothers first Luis and then Brian? Seeing Luis made me remember all of my past except fall nothing love with Brian and then out of the blue I recover my entire memory. When Luis finds out I fell in love with his brother, no one will Ever recover from that one.

 Antonio Brian: What are you doing?

 Luis About starting over again and you want to be part of our family. When our house burned down, did that bring you home? No. Why, because you are too busy romancing your new girlfriend. Now you come back.

 Brian: You don't know the whole story.

 Luis: I know I will not let you treat our family like garbage. I will hold the hand of the one who can lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who can sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of a bird I knew could take me higher breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

 Eve: Why haven't the emergency generateors kicking in?

 Maintenance innocent answering.

 Eve: Somebody better do something, Charity can't last much longer on her own.

 Miguel: Then the power goes out. How could God let this happen.

 Pilar: Don't question God.

 Miguel Charity's so special, how can God let her die.

 Simone: God didn't make Charity die, you did, Kay. You are evil.

 I need plenty ef time to, you know, be with Ethan.

 Which one should I choose?

 Rebecca: Fine. Then these. You put one of these in her tea and she'll be out cold.

 Ms. Crane, your tea is ready.

 Theresa: Thank you, phyllis.

 Put that in Theresa's tea before she sees.

 I forgot to fluff ms. Crane's pillow.

 Chad: I don't know why we couldn't come down here in our bath robes. Once we refuel.

 Whitney: Even so is for my mom and dad to come home kp find us in our robes this late at night, eating breakfast. Come on. They're going to know what we had been doing.

 Chad: What exactly have we been doing?

 Whitney: Well, I don't know about you but I have been having the most wonderful night of my life.

 Chad: Yeah? Well good. Because you know what, there is a lot more where that came from. Whitney: Really?

 Chad: Yes. What's wrong? Should have known.

 Whitney: What if someone does find out about us.

 Chad: What do you mean? You agreed we would tell her as soon as we could.

 Whitney I mean what if somebody tells her first. I mean jessica, she could tell Kay. Simone is going to be furious when she finds out I have been lying to her.

 Chad: That's why we got to tell her soon because if we don't, Simone is going to hate us both.

 Sheridan: Wait. What if I missed Luis? That's not possible. But if I did, don't Even go there. The thought of Luis and Brian coming face-to-face is just too weird for me to Even think about.

 Luis: You little punk, I will teach you walk out on your family. I am sick of your lame excuses, you know that?

 Sheridan: A crash. It sound like it came from the cottage. I must have missed Luis and he must have found Brian. You are my passion for life

 we are going to lose Charity.

 I know how to give respirator temporary power. Any more of the portable defib lateors.

 In the equipment closet.

 Justin, get me as many of these as possible.

 It's on. It's working.

 Thank God.

 Eve: This will buy us time but not much.

 Tc, we can't wait for maintenance any longer. Let's get to the generateors and get them up and running.

 This is unbelievable.

 Miguel How could God let this happen.

 Pilar: God is good.

 Miguel How can you say that after Everything is happening. Sheridan is dead, Theresa was executed.

 Pilar: Actually, Theresa isn't dead.

 Miguel What?

 Pilar: It's unbelievable but I saw her earlier at the Cranes.

 Miguel How is that possible when we all saw her die.

 Pilar: It's all complicated but Theresa is alive.

 Miguel If she's alive, then maybe Charity can live, too. Mama, help me pray for Charity. Maybe we can have two miracles tonight.

 I have to tell whitney that Theresa is alive. My cell phone is not working. I値l have to go home kp tell whitney in person.

 Right now? In this storm.

 Simone am. That's what a sister is, Kay. She loves me too much to stab me in the back.

 Sheridan: Stop it! Stop fighting right now. Are you two all right?

 Brian: I知 fine.

 Luis: Me, too.

 Sheridan: I wish I could say. You two trashed the place.

 Brian Sorry.

 Sheridan: Look at this. My table is -- a stampeding buffalo would have caused less damage than you two.

 Brian Really sorry, oKay.

 Luis: Me, too.

 Sheridan: I would nEver thought I would see the day that the man I love would act like such a total idiot.

 Brian: Sorry.

 Sheridan What are you two fighting about anyway.

 Luis: The way he treats our family.

 Brian: I have been trying to explain that I would have been home sooner.

 Luis: Another excuse.

 Brian: If you would just shut up.

 Sheridan: The both of them, they'll kill each other for sure.Papapa

 we have to get the emergency generateors up.

 Tabitha: Harmony died with my timy and Charity is near minutes away from a toe tag compliments of the dark side.

 Let's hope there's juf juice to keep the generateor running until tc gets the power back on.

 Miguel: Jessica, ms. Bennett, Theresa is alive.

 What? How can that be?

 Pilar: It's a long story.

 Miguel The point is if Theresa can be alive, then maybe Charity can get through this.

 Let's all pray for that.

 Grace Kay, come join us in prayer for Charity.

 The last batteries bought Charity some time, not much. I知 going to look for some more.

 I知 going to tell daddy he needs to hurry and get the power back on.

 Dr. Russell, how is she?

 Eve The respirator at half power, I don't know how much longer she can hang on.

 Miguel: Please help us. Send Charity some help from heaven.

 Let's see what's happening with these generateors.

 Tabitha: Oh, no you don't. You and Everyone else in harmony.

 Whitney: We are going is tell Simone. The next time I see her, I am going to tell her. But like I知 still not worried. How is she going to react to Everything. I mean, temporary is just as bad.

 Chad: Look. It's all going to be oKay. You will see.

 Whitney: I hope so.

 Chad: Let's forget about Simone for a second because I got a surprise for you.

 Whitney: Really? What is it?

 Chad: You just have to wait and see. I値l be right back.

 Simone: Whitney, you will not believe what I have to tell you.

 Whitney: You won't believe what I have to tell you either.

 Simone OKay, I know what you have to tell me because it cannot be as big as the news I have for you.

 Brian. F. You don't shut up and listen, I will make you listen. <> > Luis: I would like to see you try.

 Sheridan Let's just talk about this like mature rational adults.

 Brian: I want him to listen to me.

 Luis: I am sick of your lame excuses.

 Brian: I know why you are mad. I already talked to mom.

 Luis: You already seen her. You want to break her heart all over again when you leave town.

 Brian: Luis. She told me about the note, the one about the house burning down. I nEver got it.

 Luis: How could you not get it. I push today under the door of your hotel room.

 Brian: I don't know. Maybe you put it under the wrong hotel room.

 Luis: Yeah, whatEver.

 Brian: Look. I don't be what you are talking about. This note, I nEver gotten the note. If I gotten the note, I would have been here a lot sooner.

 Luis: Just like all of the other times when things went bad for the family.

 Brian: I nEver went bad for the knew about them either.

 Luis You nEver asked.

 Brian: I told you wanted to be part of the family. If I had have gotten the note I would have been here sooner.

 Sheridan: I am sure there a good reason why your brother checked out woul telling you.

 Brian: He was in the room, how hard to come down and knock on the door and tell us there was an emergency. Or at least he could have phoned, left a note.

 Sheridan: It's true, Luis. He didn't know about the note.

 Luis: How did you know that Antonio didn't know about the note.Nsns

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 Luis: Sheridan, how do you know that Antonio didn't get my note?

 Sheridan: It's obvious that he's telling the truth.

 Brian She's right, Luis. I am telling the truth. I nEver got the note, it's as simple as that.

 Luis: OKay.

 Brian: Look. I am sorry for any mix up that went on. But I was hoping that when I came home you and I could start fresh because I知 home to stay. I知 here -- I told you, I want to be part o o of the family again. Listen, Luis, I feel partly responsible for what happened. To Theresa, all of the bad things that have happened to her. If I had been here I would have been able to talk to her, keep her out of trouble.

 Luis: Yeah. I felt like you could have reached her, too. She always looked up to you when she was little. She did anything that you Ever asked.

 Brian I know. From now on, I値l be here if she starts to go astray, I値l put her back on the right path.

 Luis: Promise?

 Brian: I知 home to stay. There's no reason that you and I should fight anymore. You and I, we should be friends. For mama's sake and for the sake of the family. Sheridan: If only this could last.

 Luis: Who thought we could put our problems behind us so fast.

 Brian: I am sure we will be at odds over things at some ponent but definitely making headway.

 Luis: Yeah. At least now we're at the point we can talk about it.

 Sheridan If you only knew.

 Excuse me. Oh, hi. I thought you had left.

 I for gt to fluff ms. Crane's pillow.

 Mr. Well, plump away.

 Ethan: You are right. That did calm the baby.

 Theresa: Thank you, phyllis.

 Thank you ms. Crane. I値l just wait for your signal.

 Rebecca: Now that the baby is taken care of, why don't we have some tea.

 Miguel: She's been through so much pain kp misery in our life. Please give her a chance at happiness.

 See anything?

 Not yet. (Thunder and lightning)

 Timmy sorry but he has not come back to stay.

 Simone What do you have to tell me? Whitney: Well, it's -- I just want you to know that I didn't mean for this to happen

 Simone: Did you borrow my lenny kravitz cd?

 Whitney: What I want to tell you.

 Simone: Chad. . Beautiful flowers. How did you know I would be here.

 Chad: No. These flowers are for --

 Simone: To surprise me with. I cannot wait to read what this wonderful are mantic message you wrote on this card.

 Whitney much. I was just about to tell her.

 Chad: Too late now, Simone's going to read all about it.

 Phyllis, would you help me with the tea, please. My goodness. Are you all right? I知 oKay. I can be a chruts sometimes.

 That is really nice of you. Come on. Rebecca: I couldn't agree more.

 Theresa: Why thank you.

 Now that you both cooled off, and not much left to break. I think that there's something that needs to be said.

 Right. Categories on your engagement.

 Thanks. I hear you are getting married to.

 As soon as possible.

 Brian: That's great. I know I知 going to be asking a lot but I would be honored to be the best man at your wedding and if you would be the best man at my wedding.

 Luis: Oh, man. I can't think of a better way to bury the hatchet.

 Brian: Definitely.

 Can you believe it? We are going to be each other's best man.

 Timmy: Taby was Timmy's love in life.

 Tabitha: I love you through more lifetimes than I can count. I致e always loved you. That's why losing you to tonight hurt so much. I still don't know what I知 going to do without you.

 Timmy: Taby doesn't have to be without Timmy. She can have him with him.

 Tabitha: Well, after all of the havoc I have wreaked throughout the centuries, I doubt it.

 Timmy: Everybody knows Taby is part of evil not evil itself. If she's good from now on, Timmy knows things and trust Timmy,.

 Sam, T.C.

 Tabitha: That's Hank Bennett.

 Every time we get near them, they blow.

 Hank. We have to get the power back on. I have the respirator on half power. We'll need batteries but Eve said she's not going to hold on much longer.

 Tabitha: Bloody hell. I thought that brat would be dead by now.

 Let's go check the breakers.

 Tabitha: All of harmony is trying to save Charity. Where were they when you were dying?

 Timmy: They didn't know they could.

 Tabitha: Look at those. Look. They're all praying to save Charity's life. Why didn't they pray for you?

 Timmy: Taby, don't get upset.

 Tabitha: They took you away from me and now they think they are going to use you to save that blonde brat. Well, I値l be damned if I let that happen.

 Charity's respirator stopped.

 Miguel: Without it, she will die.

 Tabitha: You better bloody believe it.

 Here. Let me return your hospitality.

 Gwen: Thank you.

 Ethan: I know this is a bit unorthodox but I would like to propose a toast to Theresa, beautiful son and a happy ending to an unbelievable day.

 Here, here.

 Sheridan I think it's great that you want to be best man. But things can get just a little complicated.

 Brian: I know. Let's have a double wedding instead.

 Luis: Mom would love it.

 Sheridan, wouldn't a double wedding be great?

 I can't believe you did this, Chad.

 Chad Let me explain.

 Simone: Explain? You don't have to explain anything. I know what you meant. I don't know why you waited to tell me.

 Whitney: This is my fault. Please don't blame Chad for this.

 Rebecca: Oh, excuse me.

 Theresa: I知 are you tired Rebecca.

 Rebecca: What about you? You had a terrible exhausting day.

 Theresa: That's true but for some reason I have never felt more wide awake. I feel as if I could stay up all night.

 What do you think about the Lopez Fitzgerald brothers having a double wedding?

 Sheridan: Way too much for me to think about right now. I did just get my memory back and I can't process Everything that's happened.

 Right. Of course not. We'll talk about it later.

 Sheridan: Thank you, Luis. Brian, your mother your face is bleeding maybe you should put a cold cloth on it.

 Brian: My first night back in town. I値l take care of it and I値l be right back.

 Luis: What is that kiss about? You and my brother just met.

 Sheridan. Luis

 Luis: Why does he think he can kiss you like that. I am going to go punch in the nose again.

 Sheridan: Luis don't.

 Luis: Why not. What the hell is going on here?

 Simone What are you talking about? Why is that your fault.

 Whitney. Chad wanted to tell you, I told him he should wait.

 Simone Why would you tell him to wait?

 Whitney: I guess I was afraid of how --

 Simone Oh, Whitney. You afraid that if Chad told me before my 18th birthday how he felt that it would upset mom and dad.

 Whitney: What?

 Simone: The word so this card, we can't hide the way we feel about each other request any longer. The love of my life. Chad. I love you too, Chad.

 The generator is still not working. Charity's going to die.

 Eve: Not on my watch. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1, 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

 Timmy: Taby, stop. The please let Charity live.

 Tabitha: No blinking way. Charity is my enemy and this time I知 taking no prisoners. Charity dies.

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