Passions Transcript Thursday 8/8/02

Passions Transcript Thursday 8/8/02

by Amanda 

Beth: What do you mean? What's going on?

Ma bridal magazines are going straight down the trash.

Luis: I think the best thing to do is just come straight out with it. 

Beth: Come out with what? You are really starting to scare me.

Luis: Beth, Sheridan's come back.

Beth: What?

Luis: She's alive.

Beth: No.

Luis: I was just with her.

Beth: Sheridan?

Luis: Yeah. I am as socked as you are. Really.

Beth: She's alive?


Beth: How is it possible for sheridan to come back after all this time?

Luis: I haven't figured that out yet. Either somebody made a mistake or sheridan's family was behind it. They always hated the idea that we were going to get married, well, you know, that would have been a way to stop it.

Beth.. I don't believe it. Sheridan is really alive.

Luis: Yes. Beth: If sheridan: If you are pilar's son, antonio, that mean's luis is your brother.

Antonio: That's right.

Sheridan. Oh, my God. You are luis' brother.

Brian: Yes. Do you know him?

Tabitha: Damn these tears. What good are they? Why am i wasting weeping anyway, tabitha doesn't week. My hanky. Oh, timmy. What am i going to do without you?

Miguel: Charity, don't leave me. Come back to me, please.

Pilar: She's gone.

Miguel: No.

Pilar: Charity's at peace.

Eve: Grace, you know i would have been're done anything to save her.

Eve: I know -- grace. I know that you did everything you could to save both charity and timmy.

Jessica: Poor little guy.

Eve: I will get charity a death certificate so you can start making your arrangements. Pam, i need a death certificate.

Excuse me, dr. Russell, you need to see that.

Eve: Not right now, i can't do paperwork right now.

It has to do with those two patients of yours.

Eve: What do you mean?


Eve: I can't believe this. That could change everything. I will hold the one of who can lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who can sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of a bird i knew could take me higher breathe in, breathe out

you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

miguel: Charity, please don't leave me.

Pilar: We need to speak with the father.

Miguel: About what?

Pilar: Charity's funeral.

Miguel: Not yet! Not yet!

Kay: What simone?

Simone: I was just about to ask you. Standing here watching you skeez out those phony tears like you really care.

Kay: Of course i care. I didn't mean for any of this to happen.

Simone: Please. You planned the whole thing.

Kay: I didn't want to kill charity. I just wanted her out of the way. So i can show miguel he's suppose to love me and not her.

Simone: Talk about a plan backfiring, he loves her now more than he ever has.

Kay.. He will be upset for awhile. But i'll be here and he can cry on my shoulder.

Zu men: And then what, you're going to kiss away his tears?

Kay: What's whereon with that?

Simone: If you can't see what's wrong with the pain your scheme has caused then you are more despicable than i ever thought.

Kay: What's done is done. Okay. It's time to move on. Miguel's going to have to do that and when he does, i'll be here with open arms waiting to love him.

Eve: Are you thinking what i'm thinking?

I sure am, doctor.

Eve: We have to hurry, we don't have much time.

Sheridan beth: I can only imagine how you must feel to have sheridan back if your life.

Oh, yeah, you are lying, little missy. Lu sis going to dump you like yesterday's trash. I don't blame him. Why should he elingts for chopped liver when he's got kafier back in his life.

Luis: That's really nice of you to say that beth. Can we sit down for a minute?

Beth: Why not?

Luis: I really appreciate how well you're taking this. You know, especially considering what it means for us. When we were engaged --

beth: Sorry. Did you say "were"?

Luis: Yeah. Well, yeah, you know with sheridan back --

beth: Just don't say another word, luis, just stop right there.

Luis: I just want you to --

beth: Please. I'm not stupid. I understand what sheridan's being back means. Of course

sheridan: Of course i know luis. Pilar has been head housekeeper for as long as i can remember. She practically raised me until barbara decided to ship me off to school in europe.

Brian: That must be why i love you so much. You remind me of my mama. Is this a co incidence or what?

Sheridan: Unbelievable.

Brian: This proves we were meant to be together.

Sheridan: You must have met me when we were children.

Brian: Until my father disappeared and sometimes my mom would take me up to the main house while i was working. I remember i little blond girl there. She used to stay in her room a lot. That must have been you.

Sheridan: You had to be the man that pulled me out of the ocean. Just astronomical.

Brian: Not really.

Sheridan: How can you say that?

Brian: Because we were destined to be together. Remember, we shared a past life together.

Sheridan: Right.

Brian: We had four children together. We were destined to be together in this life, get married. Just like we will get married soon. Sheridan: Married? To each other.

Brian: I still want to marry you, diana -- sheridan. Nothing's changed.

Sheridan: Brian, so much has changed. You are my passion for life

Brian ferment. What do you mean things have changed, sheridan?

Sheridan: Brian, so much has changed in the last fewhours. U u came home to the family you haven't seen in years and i finally remember who i am. I can only imagine how my family is going to react when they learn i'm alive.

Brian: Are you kidding me? They're going to be thrilled.

Sheridan: I'm not so thrilled. My relationship with father and brother is 10 yous at best.

Brian: Eeingt ab loves you.

Sheridan: You saw ethan.

Brian.. I know he still miss you. He was about to show me a picture of this former -- named sheridan. Wouldn't that have been a shocker?

Sheridan: Yeah, shock. A lot of that going around tonight. You know when i found out i was a crane, just my luck. You are such a kind and caring man, the one person in the family i can trust turns out not to be related to me at all.

Brian: There has to be somebody in the family you got along with.

I wish i was close tore julian's chrild ren. I get along with father about as well as you get along with your brother.

Brian: But my brother and i have a reason to dislike each other.

Sheridan: I can't believe that was luis in bermuda.

Brian: You don't remember. You danced with him.

Sheridan: No wonder it felt so familiar.

Beth's heart is breaking. Where's a camera when you need it?

Beth: You have never been anything but honest with me, luis. You told me from the beginning that sheridan was the love of your life. It hurts. But i understood. But then i thought, i could help you through your loss. And i did. You fell in love with me. Proposed to me. But now sheridan's back. Sheridan, the love of your life. How can i compete with that?

Luis: Beth, let me -- it's not a competition.

If it were, you would finish last, missy.

Beth: I know it's not a competition. You want to be with sheridan. How can i not understand that?

Luis: You're right. I do -- i love sheridan. I need to be with her.

Beth: Yeah.

Foolish old woman, letting your emotions run amuck. You are tabitha lennox. You have to be strong. And i will will be. I will have my revenge on all those people who took my timmy away from me and i curse goodness. From tying my timmy's life so tightly to charity'S. If timmy died, then charity must have died, too. That means the back my powers.C c

tabitha: No. No, timmy, don't go with her. I needrtre

tabitha: Don'

norma: Oh, get ready, tabitha and timmy. Norma's coming tput you In your graves!

Tabitha: No.

Nurse: I'm sorry.

Tabitha: No, no!

Nurse: It's hospital policy.

Inmmy? Ti

tabitha: Oh, timmy, timmy. How can I gon without you? G ll ebe˙s

Tabitha: She is dead. Finished. Ka-poot. Only she stood in the way of my full powers. Now that the brat is gone, i want my due. Forces of darkness, give me back my powers. Now! Back with a vengeance.

Stop, please no more.

You already pronounced charity dead, why are you doing this to her.

Eve: We don't have much time. If n a few seconds it will be too late to revive her.

Stand back. Clear.

Honey, we all understand -- why are you shocking charity's dead body.

Eve: I am trying to save charity's's life. Clear.

Dr. Russell, this is crazy. Didn't you already sign charity's death certificate.

Eve: Quiet, kay. There's not much time.

Kay: Isn't she going to be a vegetable?

Eve: Not if i can get her back in the next two minutes.

Miguel: Hurry, dr. Russell.

Eve: Clear. She's not responding. Charity, please. Please come back to us.

We are down to seconds, doctor.

Wait. I have a rhythm.


Eve: Get charity on a monitor.

I can't believe what just happened, medical miracle.

Some kind of miracle.

Grace: Thank you for bringing charity back to us but i don't understand why you went to such great lengths to revive her.

Eve you said her heart is breaking down and nothing that medical science can do to save her. That's why sam and i made the decision to take her off life support, what changed your mind?

Eve: Possibly have a heart transplant. I checked the heart transplant registry every minute until charity died hoping there would be compatible heart.

Miguel.. No & now there's a heart atrabl.

Eve: Yes.

Charity's going to get a new heart.

Miguel: She's going to live. She's going to live.

Kay: This cannot be haning. -- Happening.

Sort of a miracle. What is -- remember the woman i was engaged to marry last year -- yeah, that's right. Well, she's alive and she's back in harmony.

Sheridan is alive and back in harmony. Well, worries never cease.

Luis: It was quite a shock.

Well, beth, i'm sure -- what good news for you, luis. Well, i guess this means that -- oh, no. This means you won't be my son-in-law. Oh, no, beth won't be your wife this time either.

Luis: We were just talking about what to do. We haven't finished our ususussion yet.

Well, here i am barging in here, for heaven's sake, right in the middle of this private conversation. I am so sorry to have interrupted at such a delicate time.

Luis: It's okay. You didn't know.

Well, beth, dear. I'll be in my room.

Brian: You said it was familiar dancing with my brother.

Sheridan: Yes.

Brian: You danced with him before.

The tans taning owe, that pilar taught both you.

Brian: Is this a small world or what.

Sheridan: Very, very small. You know, there's really a lot that we need to talk about.

Brian: You are absolutely right. We have the rest of our lives to talk about it. You need to get some rest.

Sheridan: Yeah, i am pretty tired.

Brian. . I am going to get my family kp tell the woman i am going to marry is not diana, she is sheridan crane, they are going to be so shocked.

Sheridan: That is an under statement.

Brian: I want to make peace with luis, i don't want there to be bad blood between me and him.

Sheridan: What if i talk to him.

Luis: Stay clear of him, all right. He's just -- okay. Never h h his real name since his left harmony. He's embarrassed to be related to us. We found each other again, that's all that matters, right. Nothing to do with us.

Brian: I am going to go find luis right now and ask him to be the best man at our wedding.

Sheridan: No you can't!Wbwb you are my passion for life

brian: You don't want me to go find my brother. Why not? Don't you want him at the wedding?

Sheridan: I want luis there just not --

brian: Not what?

Sheridan: Oh, brian. We really need to talk so much has happened.

Brian: You are absolutely right. We both gone through so much emotionally.

Sheridan: You can't even imagine.

Brian: I'll tell you what. We'll sit right down and we'll talk about everything. Let me get something to drink. Do you have wine in the house?

Sheridan: In the kitchen.

Brian: I'll pop open the bottle and then we'll sit and down.

Sheridan: Thank you. The kitchen is that way now.

Brian: Oh. Sheridan: Come on. Pick up. (Phone ring) please. If he comes back here and finds brian here, he'll probably kill him.

Luis: Let's always be friends, okay.

Beth: I don't want the stay friends talk. I can't handle it. Not now.

Luis: Okay. I just, you know, i feel so --

beth: I don't want you to feel anything but good. You knew that sheridan would come back to you. I know that. I don't blame you. I don't.

Luis: If there's anything i can do.

Beth: I just need to be alone.

Luis: Are you sure?

Beth: I'll be all right. Luis: I'll call you soon, okay.

Dr. Rutses russell. Good news, the donor is a match.

Eve: Tell them we have a heart transplant.

You are giving charity a heart transplant.

All thanks to you.

Tabitha: Me.

So good of you sign the consent form taking timmy's heart.

Tabitha: I did what?

When he was first admitted to the hospital, we asked you to sign some paperwork.

Tabitha: I sign today without -- you people can't cut up my little timmy. What is happening? I can't let charity

Looks like my prayers have been answered. Just you and me again, together forever. Beth: No.

Yes. You know that sheridan's back in the picture, i don't think luis is going to give you a second look. I think i could do with a nice long soak in the tub. Go get my bubbles ready.

Your phone is ringing, why aren't you answering? Oh, thank goodness. Luis is back. I was afraid i wouldn't be able to get to him before he ran into brian at the cottage. Only knows what would have happened then.

(Phone ringing)

hello. Hello. They hung up. Sheridan, you got some great wine in there. Sheridan? Hello. Is anybody home?

Luis. What are you doing here?

Tabitha: I will avenge your death, timmy. I swear charity will die by my hand. I won't allow them to use my timmy's heart to save that pasty-faced do-gooder. Forces of darkness, destroy the girl charity. Do it now. They want timmy's heart, if they had no lk electricity, can they?

Eve: Watch the monitors. Her life line until we do the surgery.

Miguel: Charity, i love you. Just hold on until you get your new heart to start beating again. I'll be waiting for you.

Simone: Face it, kay. It's only a matter of time before your evil scam comes back to haunt you.

Charity's machine went off.

What happened?

I'm so lucky. I'm the lucky one. Then we're both lucky.

Okay. Then we're both lucky. Now that we're together, i am going to make sure that nothing, nothing keeps us apart.

It's getting late and i have a busy day tomorrow.

Right. Okay. Gwen and i i are going to go to bed. If you need anything, we're right next door.

The baby is getting fusyer.

Maybe a bath would soothe little ethan, make him sleep better.

I bet it would. But i'm not sure i can give the baby a bath myself.

You know, i bet phyllis could help you with that.

Oh, you know, actually i don't know a thing about bathing babies.

I can help give the baby a bath.

This won't take long.

Great then. I'll wait.

I'll draw the bath.

Phyllis, could you bring us all some tea, please.

Sure. Thank you. How am i going to get rid of her so i can have ethan.

I have a two word solution to your problem.

Drug her.Etet Breathe in, breathe out and now back to passions.

Sheridan: Seeing luis made me remember all f my paste except fall nothing love with brian and then i recovered my entire memory. When luis found finds out i fell in love with his brother, I'll never from that one.

What are doing?

What are you doing? Starting over again. You want to be part of our family? Our house burned down, did that bring you home?

No, because you're too busy, all right. Now you come back.

You don't know the whole story snichlt know how you treat our family like garbage.

Eve: We have to get the power back on. The life support does have battery back up. One, 2, 3, twour 4

why haven't the emergency generateors kicked in? Somebody better do something. Charity can't last much longer on her own.

Miguel: Stay with me charity. And then the power goes out. How can God let this happen.

Pilar: Don't blame God.

Miguel: How can God let her die?

Simone.. God didn't make charity die, you did.

I don't know why, you knew exactly what to do.

The last thing i need is for my mom and dad to come home, this late at night. Come on. --

And what exactly have we been doing?

Well, i don't know about you --

yeah. Good. Because you know what? There is a lot more where that came from.

Drug theresa?


They do it to danger aus animals all of the time and theresa is on the prowl for ethan, she certainly is dangerous.

I have to tell you theresa, here she is back from the dead and already after ethan.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way. It is just that her determination is paying off. Ethan is already softening to her and the only way you are going to be able to fight it is to drug the pit bull and drag ethan off to bed and then put out.

Gwen: You have been so --

i love theresa.

All the more to go along with my plan.

But if we drug theresa and the baby needs her, she's not going to hear it.

It the house is full of servants, somebody will hear it.

Okay. It's late. Find somebody to drug theresa.

I know a place that is open 24 hours a day.

My God mother, look at you.

Are you going to stop wasting time giving me a hard time and start wasting theresa.

Gwen: Yeah. What do you we suggest we use to sedate the slut?

What if i missed luis? Not possible. But if i did, oh, don't even go there. The thought of lu skpis brian coming face-to-face is too horrible to think about.

You little punk, i am going to teach you to walk out on your family. Sick ever your lame excuses, you know that?

Luis. . I heard a crash. I must have missed luis if he found brian. -- Luis and he found brian.

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