Passions Transcript Thursday 8/1/02

Passions Transcript Thursday 8/1/02--Canada; Friday 8/2/02--USA.

by Amanda 

[Knock on door]

T.C.: Whitney? Open the door.

Whitney: Oh, my God. If daddy finds us like this, he's going to kill us.

Chad: Not you, Whitney, just me.

Luis: To have you back in my arms again -- it's a miracle.

Brian: How can this be Theresa's coffin if she's ok, mama?

Pilar: Antonio -- It's a long story that started when Theresa was arrested for Julian's murder.

Brian: Theresa killed Julian?

Pilar: No. Julian is alive.

Brian: What?

Pilar: As you know, someone shot him. Who is anyone's guess, but he was presumed dead and now he's returned to harmony.

Brian: The part about Julian and Theresa getting married, that part I understand. I知 lost with the rest of it. How can this be my sister's coffin if she's ok? And how can Julian just come back tonight and tell everyone that he's alive again?

Pilar: Just brace yourself, mijo, because what I知 about to tell you is beyond belief.

Ethan: Theresa does have a point. You two did have the most to gain from her death.

Ivy: Well, I won't deny that, Ethan. But the idea that Theresa would confess to Julian's murder after supposedly seeing you kill him on a videotape is ridiculous.

Ethan: Not really. Not when you've known all along how much Theresa loves me.

Rebecca: Well, this -- this is preposterous.

Julian: Is it, becks? Are you sure that you and Ivy don稚 know anything about a tape?

Ethan: You look nervous, mother. If you had anything to do with this tape business, you better tell me now because I won't stop until I learn the truth.

Timmy: Is Timmy's Charity ok?

Eve: Clear!

Tabitha: Don't you worry about Charity, lad. She's being looked after. You just concentrate on getting better yourself.

Timmy: Timmy wants to see Charity. Ah!

Tabitha: No, Timmy, Timmy -- Timmy.

Eve: We have a heartbeat. Give her some atropine. Let's get out and give them some space to work.

Hank: Any change in her condition?

Eve: No, and her heart stopped beating again. And we just managed to restart it again.

Miguel: See? Charity's fighting to live. You can't pull the plug on her.

Eve: No, Miguel. No, there is nothing that we can do. Don't you see that? Her heart is too badly damaged. She cannot live off that life-support.

Miguel: No, Dr. Russell. We can't give up. We've got to give Charity time to find her miracle and live. Hank, you're Charity's uncle, all right? You -- you know what it's like to be given a second chance, how much it meant that your family didn't give up on you. Tell chief and Mrs. Bennett not to give up on Charity, not to pull the plug on her.

Hank: I知 sorry --

Miguel: Please.

Hank: Miguel, but Sam and Grace think this is the right thing to do, and I have to stand by that.

Miguel: We've talked about faith and miracles, about hope. Where's your hope for Charity? Where's your faith that God is going to work a miracle and make her better? Damn it! Don't do this! Don't pull the plug on Charity! God! Don't let her die. Please.

Singer: I would hold The hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I Would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out You keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Tabitha: I知 going to get Dr. Russell.

Timmy: Princess, no. Don稚. Charity must be ok for now since Timmy doesn't hurt as much.

Tabitha: Oh, but you're in so much pain, Timmy. I can't bear it. Please, please hold on, lad. I'd be so sad without you.

Miguel: Damn it!

Simone: You see that, Kay? That's love. Miguel is doing everything he can to save Charity.

T.C.: Whitney, open up!

Whitney: Chad, hurry, hurry, hurry. Please, leave. Go, go, go.

Chad: Whitney, we're both over 18. You shouldn't be scared of your pops any more than you're scared of telling Simone about us.

Whitney: Chad, now is not the time and it's certainly not the place for me to be telling my father about us, that we're together. Now, please. Come on, go!

Chad: Ok, but we got to start telling people about us soon.

T.C.: Whitney, open up the door.

Whitney: Just let me try to handle my father first, all right? Oh!

T.C.: What is going on in here?

Ivy: So you want the truth about this alleged videotape?

Ethan: That's right.

Ivy: Well, no offense, but Theresa has lied about so many things so many times, why should we believe her now about this phantom videotape?

Ethan: Because, mother, I don't believe that Theresa woke up one morning as Mrs. Julian Crane and said, "well, I think I値l just give all this up and leave my baby to be raised an orphan and confess to a murder I didn't commit." No, mother, Theresa had to have a much more compelling reason to do what she did, and protecting me makes sense -- at least in her mind it would.

Ivy: Well, I知 sorry, but this whole scenario just doesn't work. I mean, not just the tape, but the man who came here to sell it to Theresa.

Theresa: And why doesn't that work, ivy?

Ethan: Yes, mother, what are you getting at?

Ivy: Well, was the man looking specifically for you, Theresa, or was he here looking for Mrs. Julian Crane?

Theresa: What difference does it make, ivy? I am Mrs. Julian Crane.

Julian: Indeed.

Ivy: Well, maybe technically, yes. But for the past 25 years, I have been Mrs. Julian Crane, Theresa, not you. And if this alleged tape was about you, Ethan, then I would think that the man who brought it here was out to get money from me, your mother, to save you, my son. The fact that he ran into Theresa is just coincidence. And the thought that Rebecca and I would use you to set up Theresa is absurd.

Rebecca: Well put, ivy.

Ethan: Mother has a point. And I wouldn't know how to track this man down to learn if he was working for someone else.

Theresa: Ethan, what about the cannery?

Rebecca: What about it?

Theresa: Who has access to its security tapes? I bet if you find out, you'll find the person who brought me the tape, and if pressured enough, he'll tell you who hired him, and then we'll know exactly who made that fake tape of you shooting Julian.

Father Lonigan: Sometimes we as mortals do not understand God's plans. That is the true test of faith -- to accept that there is a reason bad things happen to good people, even a girl as pure of heart of Charity.

Miguel: No. I won't accept it.

Father Lonigan: You must, my son. We all must. Charity's body is failing. She will die no matter what is done for her. Maybe God's miracle for Charity is giving her loved ones the strength to let her go.

Miguel: No.

Father Lonigan: I know how hard this is for you, Miguel. But I trust Dr. Russell. If she doesn't think Charity has a chance to recover, then I believe as Grace and Sam do that it is best to let Charity move on to be with God.

Grace: Miguel, I知 -- I知 sorry, but I really believe father Lonigan is right.

Sam: It's time to let her go.

T.C.: Whitney, what were you doing in bed just now? You told me that you were going to watch the tape of your last match. I wanted you to see how bad your backhand was so we can work on it at practice tomorrow.

Whitney: Actually, I did start to watch the tape, daddy. See? I -- I started to watch it. I watched a little bit, but then I just, you know, got a sudden urge to go to bed, so --

T.C.: Sweetheart, I知 sorry. I知 sorry for coming down on you so strong. I know it's been tough on you, especially since Theresa's been executed. But, honey, I have some more bad news for you. Your mother called from the hospital, and Charity and Tabitha's grandnephew, Timmy, have both been hurt under some weird circumstances.

Whitney: Oh, my gosh. Are they going to be ok?

T.C.: No. Your mother says they're not going to make it.

Whitney: Oh, my God.

T.C.: And Sam and Grace have decided to take Charity off of life-support.

Chad: Charity's going to die? Oh, man. Oh, poor Miguel. He just lost Theresa.

Theresa: So call the cannery and see who has access to its security tapes.

Ivy: Ethan, why bother? If the tape ever existed, it's probably a fake.

Ethan: Mother, mother, you're missing the point. Whoever made that tape was either out to blackmail you or pin a murder rap on Theresa, and I want to know who the hell would do such a thing.

Julian: I agree.

Ethan: I値l check out everyone that works at the cannery and anyone who's connected to it. Wait. That won't do any good.

Gwen: Why not?

Ethan: Because anybody could have broken into the cannery and stolen that tape of Julian being shot and used footage that must be on the internet of me when I was a Crane to create those images that Theresa saw.

Theresa: But you will check out everything, won't you, Ethan?

Ethan: Of course I will. But the chances of turning up anything are slim. I知 sorry, Theresa, there's not enough evidence to go on. We may never find out who brought you that tape or if they were working for anyone else. But if I find out that that blackmailer was working for someone else that set you up, I will make sure that that person -- or persons -- is punished severely.

Julian: You two dodged a bullet this time, but I'd keep wearing my bulletproof girdles if I were you, ladies. I know Theresa. She won't give up until she brings you both down.

Pilar: Antonio, no. I don't want to ruin our happy reunion or take away from the joy of meeting your fianc馥 by recounting everything that happened with Theresa with her involvement with Julian's supposed murder. I want to hear about you and your fianc馥.

Brian: Mama, look, I want to know what happened. I've been gone so long and I've missed out on so much, and now it's time that I知 part of the family again. I've got to take the good with the bad, so tell me.

Pilar: Look, I値l tell you once I meet Diana.

Brian: No, mama, tell me now. I want to know.

Pilar: All right. I値l tell you. But just remember, mijo, you asked for it.

Sheridan: I知 glad to be with you again. We always have so much fun together and laugh so much together.

Luis: I know. God, it's like we were never apart.

Sheridan: But we were. I was missing for so many months. I can't remember who I was with or where I was -- nothing. The only clue I have is this washer. I've decided to put it on, see if it would help me remember. Even the importance of it is a mystery to me.

Luis: Wait a second. I may know of a way to make you remember where you've been.

Sheridan: How?

Luis: Get dressed. I値l show you.

Luis: Do you remember this pool?

Sheridan: Of course I do. It's been here since I was a kid. What does that have to do with the time I was missing?

Luis: Well, I guess my idea was a bust.

Sheridan: Why?

Luis: Because I was hoping that by bringing you here to the pool, you'd remember that night. There were those crazy lights in the sky? It was like -- it was like the aurora borealis, only different. At their brightest, you appeared here at the far end of the pool, and I swam as fast as I could to be with you, and we were together. I held you in my arms; just as sure as I知 holding you now.

Sheridan: I知 sorry, but I -- I don't remember.

Luis: Theresa saw it, too. Well, at least she thought she did. And hank -- he said he saw it. Well, all right, he didn't actually say he saw it, but he agreed that there was something strange going on.

Sheridan: So the lights in the sky brought us here together in the pool?

Luis: Yeah. It was like my love was reaching out to you while your heart was reaching out to me. It was like magic. Our love was like magic.

Sheridan: Our love is like magic. It is just heaven being back here with you.

Rebecca: Good save with that load about being Mrs. Julian Crane.

Ivy: Well, I didn't do it to save your ample hide, Rebecca. I did it so I wouldn't lose Ethan or Sam.

Rebecca: Whatever, but I am going to use the time you bought us to destroy our copy of the tape before Theresa nails us with it.

Ivy: Yes.

Brian: Wait a minute -- You mean Julian would let Theresa die if alistair hadn't saved her? Damn him. After everything Julian's done and now this?

Pilar: What are you talking about? What else has he done?

Brian: Damn Julian Crane. He's the reason that I had to leave harmony so many years ago. He's the reason that my brother hates me. He's the reason that I had to leave everyone that I loved. I just meant that Julian's been evil his whole life. He's done enough to hurt this family. But you know what? He's not going to do it anymore. I知 going to make him wish that somebody had killed him.

Pilar: Antonio, don't! Stay focused on your future with Diana. Julian has nothing to do with her!

Julian: My son. Here. That's ok. Oh, baby. My first time holding him. Hello, son. I知 your father. My, but you are a handsome boy, aren't you? Yes, you're very lucky, too. You're a Crane. That's right -- daddy and son are both Cranes.

Theresa: Julian, you stay the hell away from my son.

Whitney: Poor Miguel. How horrible for him to lose Charity, to lose out on love.

T.C.: It's terrible for everybody right now. I知 going to go down to the hospital and be with Sam and Grace. Your mother said that they're just beside themselves.

Whitney: Well, how could they not be? I mean, they love Charity like their own daughter.

T.C.: And now they're losing her. It's a good thing that the Bennett痴 are a close family because in times like these, loved ones mean everything to you. Sweetheart, that's why your mother and I have impressed upon you girls that we have to stay strong as a family. We got to watch out for each other. And as sisters, you have to look out for each other. You have to keep each other's happiness and well-being foremost in your minds.

Chad's voice: I know coach Russell means well, but to dump that on Whitney now, when I almost had her convinced to tell Simone about us?

T.C.: Now, I知 going to get out of here, ok?

Whitney: Ok. Thanks, daddy.

T.C.: All right.

Whitney: Give everyone my love, ok?

T.C.: I will, sweetheart, and you go ahead and relax and get some sleep.

Whitney: Ok.

T.C.: You know what, whit? It's a good thing to know as a father that if there was ever a crisis one day that you would be there for your sister.

Chad: I heard it, every word.

Whitney: How could I possibly be close to my sister when she finds out about us? Telling her the truth will completely devastate her.

Simone: How can you eat at a time like this? Your cousin is dying, and you're probably to blame for it.

Kay: Why don't you have a doughnut, Simone? Anything to shut you up.

Simone: Kay, you think you're going to have Miguel all to yourself when Charity's gone, but you won稚. See, every time he looks at you, he'll remember making love to you and how he betrayed Charity by doing it. That memory alone could keep Miguel from ever loving you.

Sam: Miguel? Now do you understand our decision to take Charity off life-support? Do you accept that no matter what we do, Charity isn't going to make it?

Father Lonigan: Miguel, your love for Charity is admirable, but --

Hank: I値l say it is.

Jessica: She was so lucky to have met you, Miguel.

Grace: Lucky and blessed.

Eve: Can I lead you in, father?

Father Lonigan: Yes, doctor.

Father Lonigan: In the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit, may this blessed water be a reminder of Charity's baptismal promise to die in Christ that she may rise to new life with him. Hear our cry, o lord. Listen to our prayer. From the ends of the earth, I pray to you, for you have been my rock. Lead me to a rock that is higher than I am, for you have been my refuge.

Simone: What are you doing?

Kay: I知 going to go be with Miguel and try to help ease his pain.

Simone: How can you pretend to care about Miguel's feelings when you're the one responsible for Charity dying?

Kay: Simone, I just want Miguel to be happy. Ok? And I know I can make him happy.

Simone: You are evil, Kay -- pure evil.

Father Lonigan: Through this holy anointing, may the lord in his love and mercy help you with the Grace of the -- of the Holy Spirit. Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Singer: You are my passion for life

Whitney: Chad, I honestly -- I honestly don't know what to do. I mean, you know that I love you. But I love my sister, too. And we both know that Simone is completely in love with you. She's going to completely freak out once she finds out that we're together. I mean, she's going to have a total meltdown.

Chad: Whitney, that is why I wanted to tell Simone about us from the start.

Whitney: I know, I know, but I just -- I just couldn't bear to hurt her feelings.

Chad: Well, there's no way around it. There never was. And now that Jessica knows that we're together, we got to tell Simone now before somebody else gets a clue and tells her.

Whitney: She's going to feel so foolish.

Chad: Yeah, well, we got to be honest with her, Whitney, and soon or we'll really be guilty of hurting her -- hurting her bad.

Timmy: Charity's dying. And Timmy wanted to save her so much.

Tabitha: And I wanted to save you from being so bloody noble. But would you listen to me? No. So now look at the pickle you're in.

Timmy: Timmy's sorry, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Oh, if only you'd listened to me, Timmy. I wish -- oh, I wish so much I could make you better. As much as I hate Charity, as much as I've wished that that goody two-shoes threat to the dark side would die a horrible death, I'd be happy to save the brat if it meant that you could stay with me.

Timmy: Tabby would do that for Timmy?

Tabitha: Of course I would, lad. If I had the power to save Charity, I would if it meant that I could save you, too. Oh, if only I could, Timmy. If only I could save you. If only I could.

Theresa: Get your filthy hands off of my son.

Phyllis: I知 sorry, ma'am. The baby was fussing and I thought if I brought him down, you might be able to calm him, and that's when Mr. Crane --

Theresa: It's all right, Phyllis. Here. Don't worry about it.

Phyllis: Ok.

Julian: He is my son, too, Theresa. He's a Crane. He shall be raised a Crane.

Theresa: He shall be raised as I see fit. I do not want your evil touching him.

Julian: I don't care what you want. He's going to be raised a Crane.

Theresa: So he can grow up to be just like you? I don't think so.

Julian: What you think is irrelevant!

Brian: I知 not going to let that bastard hurt my sister again.

Pilar: Antonio, no, please!

Brian: I知 going to kill him!

They値l see you coming and they double take.

A strange bunch with an even stranger pastime.

There's still the element of a spill or a tumble.

It's a hard ride, but somebody's gotta do it.

Whitney: Chad, you're dreaming if you think that telling Simone about us now will prevent her from being hurt because she will be. No matter what, she's going to be hurt big time. And knowing her, she's going to get real, real mad about it.

Chad: Whitney, come on. You're exaggerating.

Whitney: Chad, you don't know Simone the way I do. Ok, let's just give you one example, ok? When we were little, I was playing with this little toy that Simone got from some fast-food restaurant, right? I mean, it was a cute little thing or whatever, but Simone really loved it. Anyway, I accidentally broke it. I felt bad. I apologized, but Simone wouldn't hear about it. No, she said that I deliberately took what was hers and ruined it. Mom and dad tried to talk to her, but she would not talk to me for a whole month because of that.

Chad: Well, come on, Whitney, that was a long time ago. I mean, Simone's grown-up now.

Whitney: Right, right. She's so grown-up that she has a schoolgirl crush on you and has convinced herself that you are her boyfriend.

Chad: Whitney -- look, I think it's great that you love your sister so much and that you -- you worry about her feelings and everything. I mean, I think it'd be cool if I had a little brother or sister I'd want to protect. But enough is enough. I mean, time's running out here. You got to make a decision. Either we tell Simone about us now or you're going to lose me. Simple as that.

Whitney: You can't be serious.

Chad: So what's it going to be?

Eve: Everyone, this is Dr. Gott. He's a specialist in this type of situation. He's -- he's going to assist us in taking Charity off life-support.

Sam: All right, everyone, it's time to say good-bye to Charity.

Sam: Miguel? I知 so sorry. It's time.

Miguel: Charity? I love you. I値l always love you.

Chad: Whitney, whenever we pretend that we're not a couple and whenever we hide our love, we're losing time. We're losing precious time, and I think that's a waste. That's a horrible waste. Whitney, I don't want to waste any more time hiding our love.

Whitney: Ok. Ok. We'll tell Simone, ok?

Chad: You sure?

Whitney: She deserves to know the truth. We'll tell her as soon as we can that we are a couple, a couple very much in love.

Luis: I can hardly believe you're actually here.

Sheridan: I can't believe we were ever apart. I know one thing -- I never want to be apart from you ever again.

Luis: Uh-uh. No, I swear to you I知 never going to let anyone or anything come between us again.

Pilar: Antonio, por favor! Don't make the situation worse by attacking Julian!

Theresa: Leave me alone, Julian, and stay the hell away from my son!

Julian: You will not keep me from my son!

Theresa: Go to bed, Phyllis. Get some rest.

Ethan: Phyllis, I値l take him.

Theresa: I知 warning you, Julian. I will not let you corrupt my son; taint him with the Crane evil.

Julian: That boy is my own flesh and blood and I will see him whenever and wherever I choose!

Theresa: Then I will see you in hell first!

Brian: And I値l be the one who sends you there.

Julian: Oh!

Rebecca: So, who is that handsome brute?

Ivy: I don't believe it.

Julian: Oh. God. Antonio?

Timmy: The angel girl once told Timmy that his life and Charity's life were intertwined forever. And Timmy thinks he now knows what she means.

Tabitha: Oh, poppycock. You're going to be fine no matter what happens to Charity.

Timmy: No, princess. Timmy is going to die if Charity dies.

Tabitha: Oh, Timmy. You can't die. If you do, I値l die, too.

T.C.: Honey, you did everything that you could.

Eve: But it wasn't enough. I couldn't save Charity. Now when I take her off life-support, she's going to die.

Sam: Since this was a family decision, Dr. Gott is allowing me as Charity's uncle to take the final step. I知 sorry, Miguel, but it's time.

Miguel: Stop! I won't let you kill Charity! took your first step right over there.

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