Passions Transcript Tuesday 7/30/02

Passions Transcript Tuesday 7/30/02

By Amanda 

Tabitha: But I don't understand. There must be something you can do.

Eve: Oh, tabitha, I still wish that there were.

Tabitha: Well, I mean, some injection, a pill -- something.

Eve: No, we've done everything that we can do.

Tabitha: But that's timmy. That's my timmy.

Eve: I'm so sorry.

Tabitha: He looks so small and weak.

Nurse: A dog. I'm sorry, dr. Russell. I had no idea he was in here. I'll get him right out.

Tabitha: Oh, no! No, no. That's toto. That's timmy's friend.

Eve: It's ok, nurse. It doesn't matter now.

Nurse: Yes, doctor.

Eve: Oh, I imagine you'd like to have some time with timmy to say good-bye.

Jessica: I don't care what kay says. If we took charity off life-support, that would mean that we'd --

sam: We'd lose her.

Jessica: You know, I just don't even want to think about it.

Sam: Well, we have to, sweetheart. Eve says that charity would be lost to us, anyway.

Grace: If we kept her on life-support, it would prolong her life.

Hank: The only question is, what kind of life would that be?

Sam: Well, like i said, this is a family decision.

Grace: Kay, You said you think we should take her off life-support.

Kay: It's not what I want. It's just that if she's never going to be herself again. And, i mean, she could be in pain, right? She's that badly hurt?

Grace: I -- I don't -- i suppose so.

Kay: Then who are we to prolong her life artificially?

Simone's voice: You are so low, kay, Totally heartless and evil.

Kay: I'm just trying to think about charity and what's best for her.

Ethan: You can tell me now, theresa. Why did you confess to julian's murder? Who were you protecting?

Theresa: You know who. I know that you shot julian, so i confessed to keep you from being arrested for murder. I did it to save you.

Ethan: I don't understand. You thought that i had killed julian?

Julian: You thought ethan hated me enough to kill me?

Theresa: He had every reason to hate you, julian.

Gwen's voice: Oh, no. This is the thing that will bind ethan to her forever.

Pilar: Oh, dear God. Let me look at you. Oh, dear God. You really are home after all these years, huh?

Brian: I'm sorry it's been so long, mama. I can't wait to hear how everyone is. Look, first, i need to do something, though. I need you to tell me where luis is, because there's some things that I need to settle with him. I need to talk to luis right now, ok?

Luis: Is that really you, or is this just another dream? Is this a vision? Please just say something. Tell me I'm not dreaming here.

Sheridan: Luis.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet And i would fly on the wings of the bird i knew could take me highest Breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Tabitha: Just tell me what he needs, dr. Russell. Anything. I'd do anything for him. I'd give my life for him.

Eve: Oh, tabitha, I'm so sorry. There just isn't anything that anybody can do.

Tabitha: But there must be. They've got cures for everything these days.

Eve: Not for this. I mean, medicine does have its limits, and timmy's -- he's too badly hurt. His injuries -- they're just too extensive.

Tabitha: Oh, I can't bear the thought of losing him.

Eve: I've done everything that i can do, tabitha, And I have done medically everything that any doctor could do. And I've prayed for timmy, just prayed with all my heart, but there's nothing anyone can do now. The only thing that I can do is to make him comfortable. And the best thing for you would be just -- just be here with him, just let him know you're right beside him, you and his little dog.

Tabitha: Did you hear that, toto?

Eve: I think that's the best medicine for timmy right now, just knowing that you're here.

Tabitha: Timmy, it's me. It's your princess, And toto, too. We're both here, and we're not going to leave you. Ok? We're going to stay right here. I promise.

Simone's voice: You'll sink to anything to get what you want, won't you, kay?

Sam: So, kay, you feel that charity should be taken off life-support?

Kay: Yeah. That's what I think.

Miguel: How could you, kay? How could you even think such a horrible thing?

Kay: Miguel --

miguel: I can't believe you would do that to charity!

Sheridan: Oh, dear God. It is you. It's really you. My luis, my love. I remember.

Ethan: Me? You confessed to julian's murder to protect me?

Theresa: Yes, to save you.

Ethan: Theresa, what are you talking about? Why would you think I would kill julian?

Theresa: I -- i'm sorry. Ethan, i shouldn't have said anything. You could still be arrested for attempted murder.

Ethan: What?

Theresa: Even though julian is still alive, you did shoot him.

Ethan: Theresa, theresa, I have no idea why you're saying these things. I didn't shoot julian.

Theresa: Oh, yeah. It's ok. I understand.

Ethan: No, no, I don't think you do. I am not covering for anything. I am telling you The God's honest truth. I didn't do it. I didn't shoot julian. What in the world would make you think I would do that?

Rebecca: This is it. We're done for.

Ethan: What made you think i shot julian? How'd you ever come up with an idea like that? Ci

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Ethan: I shot julian? How could you possibly think that?

Phyllis: Sorry to interrupt, but it's baby's bedtime. You had asked me to remind you, mrs. Crane.

Theresa: Yes.

Phyllis: You know, why don't i just clean him up and put him to bed?

Theresa: Good. Thank you, phyllis.

Rebecca: "Mrs. Crane."

Ivy: Never mind about that. What we have to worry about is what theresa will tell ethan. If she blabs about that phony videotape you made -- If she tells him she saw him shooting julian, we're dead.

Rebecca: We'll stonewall. Ok? But we are not going to admit to anything.

Ivy: Uh-huh.

Ethan: Now, would you please tell me what's going on. Why would it ever enter your head that i would kill julian?

Theresa: Are you sure you want me to tell you?

Ethan: Of course I'm sure. I've nothing to hide.

Theresa: I saw the tape, ethan.

Ethan: Tape?

Theresa: The tape of you shooting julian.

Julian: How could you? I raised you as if you were my son.

Ethan: Wait, wait, you saw a videotape?

Theresa: Taken from a security camera in the crane cannery. It showed you shooting julian.

Ethan: No. No. See, no, that's impossible. I didn't shoot julian. How could there be a tape of something that never happened?

Theresa: I know what I saw, ethan. It was right there on the tape.

Ethan: No, no.

Theresa: I was so scared for you.

Ethan: Theresa, it didn't happen. How could there be a tape of it?

Julian: Well, perhaps it's a fake.

Ethan: What?

Julian: The tape. Perhaps it could be a fake.

Theresa: Wait. No, something is coming back to me. I have this memory of being in the coffin and hearing ivy and rebecca talking --

ivy: If anyone were to ever find out what we did --

rebecca: Had the tape made --

theresa: You. The two of you. You are behind this! You did it!

Brian: Mama, do you know where luis is, because i really need to talk to him?

Pilar: He was just here, mijo. But, antonio, it's been an emotional night, and he needed to get some air and clear his head. I'm sure he's close by.

Brian: Good. Good. I cannot wait to reconnect with the family, and i don't want anything that's going on between me and luis to spoil that. So whatever anger he feels for me or whatever it is that's going on between us, i just want to get that settled right now.

Pilar: Hey, I'm sure you will. You're brothers. You'll talk, And everything will be fine.

Brian: Yeah, yeah. Nothing's going to spoil my homecoming.

Pilar: No.

Sheridan: It's you. You're really here. Luis. Oh, God, luis! Oh, my God.

Luis: You're alive.

Sheridan: Yes.

Luis: I'm not dreaming? This isn't a vision?

Sheridan: No.

Luis: This is real. You're alive.

Sheridan: Oh, luis.

Luis: Oh, my God. I feel you. I'm not dreaming? It's a miracle. It's a miracle!

Sheridan: Oh!

Tabitha: I won't say good-bye, timmy. I won'T. I can't let you go. I need you. I need you to be here with me. If only I'd told you how happy you made me, how much you really mean to me. Oh, timmy.

Miguel: Take charity off life-support? How can you even say that?

Kay: Miguel, I'm only thinking about charity and about what dr. Russell thinks should be done if she's in pain. I mean, if she's suffering, miguel, then shouldn't we do what we can to help her? If she's in pain, shouldn't we do the right thing and do what we can to spare her more suffering? You know, charity and I even talked about this very thing once.

Miguel: Life-support?

Kay: Yeah. And she said that if she were ever in this situation, she wouldn't want her life prolonged.

Miguel: Charity said that?

Kay: Yes, miguel.

Jessica: Have you ever heard charity say anything like that?

Simone: Never.

Miguel: Look, I understand what you're saying, kay, ok, and i know that you're thinking it's the compassionate thing to do, but i'm not going to go along with it.

Kay: Miguel, if you'd heard her when --

miguel: No, I don't care what she said. I'm not going to stop believing. You know, I can'T. I won't believe that charity's going to die. She's got too much to live for. You know, she's got this whole long wonderful life ahead of her with me.

Sam: But, miguel --

hank: Dr. Russell said --

miguel: Yeah, I know. I know what dr. Russell said. But there's always a chance. It might be small, but there's always a chance. So, please, please, just don't take her off life-support. Don't give up on her. I've been praying. I've been praying that she's going to make it, and we all know that prayers can be answered, don't we?

Theresa: You two -- you're behind this. I know it.

Julian: She certainly sounds positive, ivy.

Ethan: Stay out of this, julian.

Julian: Believe me, I'd love to, but i keep getting dragged into it.

Ethan: Are you going to say anything, mother?

Ivy: Me?

Ethan: You heard what theresa said.

Ivy: Well, yes, i heard, ethan, but i just -- i don't have any idea what she's talking about.

Theresa: You know, I don't remember a lot of it, but I did hear you, ivy. You said that you and rebecca would be in a lot of trouble if i found out what you did.

Ethan: My God, mother. If you had anything to do with this or anything to do with this tape theresa's talking about, i will never speak to you again.

Rebecca: Well, frankly, I think this is the most confused and confusing bunch of rubbish i've ever heard in my life.

Theresa: Well, who would do this but the two of you, rebecca, ivy? They hate that i'm the legal mrs. Crane, and they would do anything to get rid of me. It had to have been them, ethan. It had to.

Luis: God. You know, I've dreamed of this moment and i've prayed for this, and now --

sheridan: Oh, luis.

Luis: You're really here.

Sheridan: Yes.

Luis: You're alive. Oh, sheridan. Oh, sheridan, you've come back to me. Sheridan.

Luis' voice: Sheridan.

Alistair: Sheridan.

Julian's voice: Sheridan.

Pilar: Sheridan.

Alistair's voice: Sheridan.

Julian: Sheridan.

Sheridan's voice: Sheridan.

Luis: Sheridan.

Sheridan: I remember who I am! I'm sheridan.

Luis: What?

Sheridan: I'm sheridan crane!

Luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: Oh.

singer: You are My passion for life

sheridan: What happened? Oh. Where am i?

Luis: It's ok. You fainted. Oh. You said that you were remembering, that you remembered who you were, and then you fainted.

Sheridan: Yeah, I was remembering.

Luis: Yeah, you said that.

Sheridan: Oh, my goodness. All my memories, they just -- they all came rushing back to me so fast. Oh.

Luis: And now? Hey, do you remember?

Sheridan: Yes. I'm sheridan crane. You are luis, the man I love. I remember.

Luis: Yes. Oh. I love you.

Sheridan: This is amazing. But I can't believe this. Wait, were were on a boat, and I think there was an explosion, but --

luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: That's the last thing I remember.

Luis: We were down in bermuda together.

Sheridan: Bermuda -- yeah.

Luis: There was a terrible explosion on the boat, and that was the last time that i saw you. I searched everywhere for you. You know, we had rescue crews and divers and helicopters, and we searched for you for days. And then one of the crews, they found a woman's body. I refused to accept That it was you. God knows how long and -- and finally, i had to accept that it was your body, that you were dead. But you're not. You're not dead.

Sheridan: No.

Luis: You're here with me. That's all that matters.

Sheridan: Yes. Oh, yes.

Luis: And I am never going to let you go. Never. Oh.

Rebecca: Well, this must just be a terrible misunderstanding. We don't know anything about a tape, do we, ivy?

Ivy: No!

Rebecca: Yeah, we must have been talking about something else.

Ivy: Why -- of course, but I can't imagine what we were talking about that would have made theresa think we were talking about a videotape.

Rebecca: Oh, it must have been the drugs.

Ivy: Oh, of course.

Rebecca: Yeah, you know, the ones that alistair administered to her?

Ivy: But she was in a drugged state at the time, hardly even conscious.

Rebecca: Yeah, I mean, Who knows what she really heard or imagined anyway?

Ivy: Didn't you say everything you heard was sort of garbled, theresa?

Ethan: I suppose with all the drugs keeping you sedated, you could have imagined rebecca and mother talking.

Theresa: I don't know, ethan. The memory seems pretty vivid.

Ethan: Where did you get this tape, theresa?

Theresa: A man came to the door looking for mrs. Crane, and I had just been declared mrs. Julian crane, so i took the tape from him. And then i played it, and it showed you shooting a gun at julian. And the man threatened to go to the police with the tape if i didn't give him money.

Rebecca: Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, blackmail.

Ethan: Did you give him what he wanted?

Theresa: Yes. But then i got scared that the police would find out about the tape anyway, that you would be arrested for murder, and I was so worried about you, ethan, that I confessed to protect you. The thought of seeing you go to prison or worse, I mean, that you could die --

ethan: But you -- you nearly died, theresa. You put my life ahead of yours.

Theresa: I had to, ethan. I had to protect you.

[Timmy groans]

tabitha: Oh, no. Can't anyone save this boy? My timmy?

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