Passions Transcript Tuesday 7/16/02



Passions Transcript Tuesday 7/16/02

By Suzanne

Rebecca: Ok, we've -- we've got to try and stay calm and try to stop jumping to conclusions, and we have to agree that we did not see theresa sit up in her coffin or anything at all like that.

Ivy: But we did see her, rebecca. And right now, even as we speak, pilar is in there praying over her daughter's body. What if theresa decides to pop up and tell pilar everything she knows?

Rebecca: Well that's not going to happen because dead people don't just walk around and talk.

[Pilar screams]

ivy: Oh, if pilar's seen theresa --

rebecca: Oh, we're doomed.

Theresa: I can tell my mother the truth!

Ivy: Oh, my God!

Theresa: I can tell her that the two of you are responsible for my death.

Ivy: Theresa?

Rebecca: You're -- you're -- you're dead.

Ivy: What are you doing here?

Theresa: I'm here to take you to hell with me.

Ivy: If theresa's corpse has shown herself to pilar, we're going to be corpses, too.

Rebecca: That's for sure. If pilar doesn't kill us, theresa will.

Kay: Whatever's in this vile, it's important to zombie. Which means it can't be good for miguel. Simone.

Simone: Kay.

Kay: Hey.

Simone: Hey.

Kay: Where are you off to in such a hurry?

Simone: To find whitney. She must be so broken up over theresa's execution. I just hope I can do or say something to make her feel better.

Luis: And I'll never stop loving you, sheridan. But you're gone. You're gone, just like theresa. If there's one thing i've learned, i've -- I've learned that life is too short and too precious to waste another minute.

Man: I can't figure out why the temperature in brian's car is rising.

Liz: Oh, no.

Sheridan: What is it?

Liz: Smoke.

Sheridan: Brian's car is on fire!

Nick: We did a good job, stan. In just a few seconds, brian's car will be a flaming death trap.

Sheridan: Oh, my God, brian!

Sheridan: Brian!

Nick: It's working, stan. Get ready for the big bang.

Brian: Damn it!

Sheridan: Brian! No!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird i knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

liz: Brian!

Sheridan: Please, God, tell me he's not dead! You've got to get him out of there!

Man: That's what they're trying to do, miss! Hey --

second man: Stay back and let them do their job! Hold her back.

Sheridan: I've got to get to brian!

Liz: Stay still, diana! There could be another explosion!

Sheridan: No!

Nick: Did I tell you, or did i tell you? There's no way brian's getting pulled out of that inferno alive.


mrs. Wallace: Dear God, I hope you are paying attention because my daughter doesn't deserve happiness with luis lopez fitzgerald. Well, actually, she'll never even get it, either, because he will always love sheridan, dead or alive.

Beth: This is crazy. I know luis loves me. He wouldn't have asked me to marry him if he didn'T. Oh, please pick up, luis. Pick up. I really need to hear your voice right now.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, it looks like my prayer has been answered. Luis isn't answering your call.

Beth: He just isn't home yet, that's all.

Mrs. Walce: Well, of course not because he's with the woman that he loves -- sheridan.

Beth: Sheridan is dead.

Mrs. Wallace: Not in luis' heart she isn'T.

Luis: Sheridan's cottage. So this is where my feet were taking me. If only she were inside. If only I could talk to her about theresa. Just looking into her eyes would make me feel better.

Luis: Sheridan? Oh.

Ethan: Sorry, luis, it's just me.

Ivy: What else could it be?

Rebecca: But theresa couldn't blow the whistle on us to her mother because she's dead.

Ivy: Then what was it we saw earlier?

Rebecca: Uh -- our imaginations. I mean, we had this big guilt thing about manipulating theresa into confessing to a murder that she never committed.

Ivy: Our plan sent her to the death chamber.

Rebecca: Exactly. So she couldn't possibly be alive. I mean, we saw her execution with our very own eyes. So, no, we've obviously had a little too much to drink and we're overreacting --

pilar: Damn you, rebecca! Damn you to hell!

Rebecca: Ow! You're hurting me!

Pilar: Oh, I'm hurting you? I haven't even begun! You are coming with me to the living room. And you, too, ivy!

Rebecca: No! No!

Pilar: Now, you look in there. You look at my daughter and you tell me that you're not responsible!

Rebecca: No!

Pilar: Look at her!

ivy: Snap out of it, rebecca.

Pilar: Get up. Get up, rebecca! You're not going to get out of what you've done this easily. Get up.

Ivy: Pilar, just calm down --

pilar: Don't tell me to calm down, ivy! Now, look into the coffin, both of you!

Ivy: She's there.

Pilar: Yes. Where else would she be?

Ivy: I meant --

pilar: Never mind what you meant. Now, it's obvious that one or both of you has tampered with my child's dead body. Have you no shame?

Ivy: I never touched her, pilar.

Pilar: Then it was you, rebecca. I knew you hated my daughter, but this -- this is sick and twisted, even for you.

Rebecca: No, I swear I didn't do anything.

Pilar: Liar! Now, look at her hair. Look at her. Someone has moved her.

Rebecca: Ivy, please, tell her. Tell her i couldn't have done it.

Ivy: She's right, pilar. Rebecca's been with me the entire time we've been in the house.

Pilar: Please, ivy. I don't believe you any more than i believe this lying witch.

Ivy: Why does it have to be one of us? Oh, maybe it was one of the staff.

Pilar: The staff? Please, only rebecca would stoop to something this low.

Rebecca: I swear, i would never touch an icky, dead body. I wouldn't do that, as God as my witness.

Kay: I still can't believe theresa's actually gone.

Simone: Me, either. You know, it makes you question everything that you thought you knew about life. I mean, if they can put an innocent person to death, what are we supposed to believe in?

Kay: I know.

Simone: It's even worse for whitney. She -- she loved theresa like a sister. Sometimes I thought she loved her more than me.

Kay: Oh, simone. Don't say that. Theresa and whitney were best friends. They have a different kind of love, just like ours.

Simone: Yeah. Oh, poor whitney.

Kay: You know, you're a really good sister. Go find her.

Simone: You really mean that?

Kay: Of course.

Simone: But you're the one who's always telling me not to trust whitney. You and charity had me convinced that she was going after chad.

Kay: Now is really not the time to think about that.

Simone: I just wish I never accused her of trying to steal him away. Why did you get me all green-eyed jealous of my own sister?

Kay: Simone, I'm sorry. Really, I am.

Simone: I know what it was. You couldn't stand the fact that miguel was never going to leave charity for you, so you wanted some company in your misery.

Kay: That must have been it.

Simone: I was a total jerk to my own sister, and now I wish i could take it back. That's why i have to see her. I need to apologize for even thinking that she would ever be so low-down as to go after chad. I know whitney would never do that to me.

Chad: Forget about everybody else. It's just us now. It's just us.

Ethan: I know how you feel. You so desperately want to believe sheridan's alive and she'll turn the corner at any minute.

Luis: Even after all this time. Right. Hey, so, how you doing?

Ethan: I don't know how to answer that. I really don't. One minute i think i've grasped the fact that theresa was put to death by lethal injection. The next minute I think she's going to turn right up in front of me, with those amazing eyes and that beautiful smile. I've never known anyone so alive like your sister, luis. Except maybe sheridan.

Luis: I just -- I don't understand how God could let them die so young. What, are we supposed to learn some lesson from all this?

Ethan: You're asking the wrong guy. They don't teach you the answers to those questions in law school.

Luis: No, I guess not, huh?

Ethan: Hey, i want you to know that i did everything i could to stop that execution.

Luis: I know that. And no one blames for you for theresa's death. We all know that you're hurting as much as the rest of us.

Ethan: If there's anything i can do for anyone --

luis: You know, there is one thing.

Ethan: Tell me.

Luis: I don't want you to judge me when i tell you this because i made a decision today about my life and my future.

Ethan: Hey, more power to you. Whatever helps you get by.

Luis: Yeah. It's actually what i was thinking, and so i proposed to beth.

Ethan: Wow.

Luis: Yeah. Yeah, I know. It seems like the right thing, you know? But it's hard because, you know, my head tells me that she's gone and sheridan's not coming back but my heart just can't seem to let her go.

Sheridan: What is taking so long? Why can't they get him out of there?

Liz: They're doing the best they can, diana. Just hold on, honey.

Sheridan: Oh, God.

Nick: Look at my wife to-be. She's a babe even when she's crying.

Stan: You can't move in on her yet. Brain hasn't been declared dead.

Nick: He will beoon, stan, and then it's only a matter of time before sheridan crane's millions are all mine.

Stan: Come on, we better get out of here before the smoke clears -- as it were.

Nick: You're right. There will be plenty of time to comfort the grieving girlfriend later.

Sheridan: Brian! Oh, God, brian! Oh, God, brian. Ds today are too soft.

Sheridan: Brian! God, brian, it's me, diana. Can you hear me? Oh, God, liz, what if he's --

brian: Diana?

Sheridan: Yes, brian, it's me. I'm here. Liz, he knew me. That's a good sign, right? Wait, he was just conscious. Why can't you revive him?

Paramedic: Let us do our job, miss. I'm going to have to ask you to give us some space.

Liz: Come on, honey. It's ok.

Paramedic: He's got a pretty weak pulse.

Man: He must have been thrown from the car before it exploded.

Sheridan: That means he has a good chance of making it, right?

Liz: It's too soon to tell, diana.

Paramedic: We're losing him! Get him into the ambulance!

Sheridan: Oh, God! Oh, God. I want to ride with you.

Paramedic: Are you his wife?

Sheridan: I will be. We're engaged.

Paramedic: Sorry, miss. The more room we have in the back of the ambulance, the more we can do for him.

Sheridan: But he would want me to go with him! Brian -- wh hospital are you taking him to?

Liz: Don't worry, we'll follow them in my car. Come on.

Sheridan: Oh, God.

Mrs. Wallace: You are wasting your time. Luis doesn't want to talk to you.

Beth: Luis asked me to marry him today, mother, and i know that is hard for you to accept.

Mrs. Wallace: Accept? Huh. Little missy, I'm just trying to protect you from the second biggest disappointment in your life, the first one being the last time he dumped you.

Beth: Oh, stop it, mother! I don't know why you want to make me feel so terrible all the time!

Mrs. Wallace: Feel, feel, feel. You're the one who's got to face facts here. You are never walking down that aisle with mr. Tall, dark, and handsome.

Beth: You are wrong. I am going to be happy. I'm going to marry luis.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, you see, I just don't see how that is possible when in his soul he is already married to sheridan.

Beth: Just leave me alone! Leave me alone! You don't know what you're talking about!

Mrs. Wallace: Yes, i do.

Ethan: You thought I'd disapprove of your proposal to beth?

Luis: I just wasn'sure. I know that you and sheridan were very close.

Ethan: Hey, i told you before, she'd want your happiness more than anyone.

Luis: Yeah.

Ethan: Congratulations.

Luis: Thanks. Gwen.

Gwen: Hey, luis. I'm sorry, i hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Ethan: No, no, not at all. I was actually just going to share with luis our news. Gwen and i are back together.

Luis: Oh, I didn't realize.

Ethan: I hope you don't take it wrong. It's no disrespect to theresa.

Luis: No, I know that.

Ethan: It's just that we -- your sister and I -- we were broken up for a while. Gwen's been -- she's been amazing through all this.

Luis: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure she has. Look, I wish the two of you the best.

Ethan: Thanks, man. Thanks for understanding.

Luis: Oh, of course. I mean, we all knew theresa and we all knew that she brought a lot of her own heartache on herself. She was just a crazy romantic, and I just never thought in a million years that it was going to end up costing her her own life, you know?

Rebecca: Well, if you're finished reading me the riot act, pilar, I'll --

pilar: Don't you dare walk away from me. I want to know, how could you desecrate my precious daughter's dead body? How could you? And this -- this dead rose --

ivy: No, don't touch it!

Rebecca: Don't touch it. Leave her alone.

Pilar: I only wish you had. Go away.

Ivy: Ooh. I just wish she weren't so close to the body.

Rebecca: You know, what if theresa just jumps out of the coffin like she did with us?

Ivy: I just -- I don't know what to think anymore. I mean, why would theresa climb back into the coffin --

[baby cries]

pilar: I'm going back to check on my grandson. But I warn you, if you so much as touch one strand of my theresa's hair, I'll kill you.

Ivy: We're losing it, rebecca. I mean, I don't understand. If theresa were able to, why didn't she tell pilar how we set her up to take the fall for julian's murder?

Rebecca: I don't know. She seemed so alive.

[Ivy and rebecca scream]

theresa: I might not be innocent, but I'm no murderer like the two of you. I'm taking you both to hell!

Ivy: I don't care how it looked. I think that theresa is very, very dead.

[Ivy and rebecca scream]

Singer: You are my passion for life

rebecca: Theresa?

Ivy: Please, please, please, don't let it be her.

Alistair: Don't be absurd, ladies, it's only me.

Rebecca and ivy: Alistair.

Alistair: How could you possibly have thought I was theresa? You saw her executed with your very own eyes.

Rebecca: Well, you don't understand. I mean, ivy and I saw her just leap out of her coffin earlier.

Ivy: She chased us all around the house.

Alistair: I think you have been celebrating a bit too hard.

Rebecca: But we aren't drunk.

Ivy: We know what we saw, alistair.

Ivy: Well? Is she dead?

Kay: Simone, I never should have led you astray about whitney and chad. I'm sorry.

Simone: Well, you should be, kay. I was so upset with my sister that i slapped her for something that she never even did. I wouldn't blame her if she refuses to accept my apology.

Kay: Well, you just tell her the truth -- that it's all my fault.

Simone: I wish i could blame it on you, believe me. But it wouldn't be totally fair. I mean, you fed my suspicions, but I was already crazy jealous. I love chad so much that -- that the thought of whitney going after him, it just about sent me over the edge.

Kay: Now you know how desperate you can feel when you're in love.

Simone: If you're comparing me and chad to you and miguel, there's no comparison, kay. When i thought that whitney was seeing chad behind my back, I felt like I had lost everything that mattered to me. I hated her with every cell in my body. And when i slapped her, my min went blank. I just wanted to scratch out her big, beautiful eyes right out of her head.

Kay: Simone, I've never heard you talk like this before.

Simone: I never felt like this about anyone before. It's kind of scary to know that you can lose every bit of your control because you're in love with someone.

Kay: Well, just don't think about that right now.

Simone: Yeah, you're right. My jealousy is in the past because now I know i have nothing to worry about. Look, I'm going to go find whitney, tell her I'm sorry about -- about theresa.

Kay: Do you know where you're going to look?

Simone: Maybe the book cafe. I bet chad is working in the studio tonight, so maybe i'll pop in over there and check and see if he'll help me go look for whitney.

Kay: Good luck.

Simone: Thanks. See you later.

Father lonigan: Is that you, kay?

Kay: How did you know?

Father lonigan: I heard your voice. Who else is there?

Kay: Oh, simone was, but she just took off, actually. And I'm kind of in a hurry, too, so I think --

father lonigan: Not so fast, kay. I want to talk to you.

Kay: What about?

Father lonigan: What do you think, kay? You. How are you doing?

Kay: I'm all right.

Father lonigan: It's a sin to lie to a priest. Be honest. We've all been through a great deal these last few days and weeks.

Kay: I feel awful about theresa. I mean, I still can't believe she's actually gone.

Father lonigan: It's a terrible tragedy. We can only pray for pilar and her family.

Kay: That's exactly what I've been doing whole time, father. Really.

Father lonigan: Oh, I don't doubt it, since we both know the part you played in summoning evil back to harmony.

Kay: And I'll never forgive myself for that.

Father lonigan: You're going to have to do more than feel contrite, kay. It's up to you to stop the dark forces you created from killing miguel.

Kay: How am i supposed to do that when miguel still believes that zombie's the real charity?

Father lonigan: I do not have all the answers. I only know that your real cousin must be freed from the block of ice before miguel pays for your mistake. If you cannot undo the evil you have created, we are all doomed.

Nurse: Put the car crash victim in cubicle two. The doctor will be right down. I'm sorry, you can't go in there.

Sheridan: But he's my fiance.

Nurse: I'm sorry. Nobody goes in there until the doctor checks him out. If there's any news, you'll be the first to know.

Sheridan: But I --

liz: No, come on, honey. We'll just sit right over here and wait.

Sheridan: What if he doesn't make it? What if I don't ever see him alive again?

Liz: Please, please, I don't want to hear that.

Sheridan: This is all my fault.

Liz: What do you want me to say, diana? That, no, it isn't?

Sheridan: I deserve that. If i hadn't been stupid enough and gambled away more money than any of us had, none of this would have happened. He wouldn't have gone back to racing.

Liz: I'm sorry, i'm sorry. This isn't helping anything.

Sheridan: You're right. We just have to concentrate on brian surviving.

Liz: Diana, brian is a fighter. And he's in love with you. You're the only woman who ever made him want to settle down and get married. He's got enough reason to pull through this.

Sheridan: God, i hope so. I just -- I hope that my love is enough. Please, God, please, don't let brian die. I can't lose another man that i love. Even though I can't remember his name. This is wonderful, luis. I feel connected to you in a way that i can't even describe.

Luis: I feel it, too. It's like it's always been this way.

Sheridan: Luis.

Luis: Sheridan?

ethan: Why did you just say sheridan's name?

Luis: It must just be being here at the cottage where we spent so much time together.

Gwen: I don't understand.

Luis: I thought I heard -- never mind. It's obviously just my imagination.

Beth: Luis?

Luis: Yeah?

Beth: I've been looking everywhere for you.

Luis: Well, what's wrong?

Beth: I don't know. You didn't answer your cell phone. I didn't know what happened.

Luis: All right, well, just calm down. Must have turned off by accident. Well, what happened?

Beth: Well, I just -- you know, I needed to see you. What are you doing here, of all places? I would have thought you would have been with your mother, you know, after what happened to theresa. Why would you come here, luis? Why here?

Sheridan: I just remembered his name!

Liz: Whose name?

Sheridan: The man that i was love in with before brian found me. Luis. His name is luis.

Liz: I'm glad for you, diana. Really, I am. I just can't think of anything else but brian right now.

Sheridan: Oh, God, of course. I -- i don't know why it came to me just now. Maybe because I'm afraid that brian will die the same way luis did. Or could i be getting my memory back?

Alistair: There's no doubt about it. She's quite dead.

Ivy: You're absolutely certain, alistair?

Alistair: My, my, my. I can only surmise your paranoia is a result of your oh, so guilty consciences. A word to the wise, however -- I wouldn't go about voicing my fears that your young nemesis is still alive. They might just lock you both up.

Ivy: As if that would bother you. All you care about is that the cranes get no negative publicity.

Alistair: I'll admit the thought has crossed my mind. My family's endured more than its share of shocking headlines already without the tabloids trumpeting the fact that you're both lunatic lushes.

Rebecca: I beg your pardon.

Ivy: We haven't had that much.

Alistair: Be that as it may, it's in your own best interests to keep quiet about your drunken hallucinations. Moreover, they could send luis and pilar right over the edge. It wouldn't surprise me if they lost it and killed you both.

Ivy: I -- i don't care if alistair does say she's dead. I'm not staying in the same room with her.

Rebecca: Well, you know, it is the only explanation. I mean, I guess we had too much to drink and we're just imagining things.

Ivy: Whatever. I'm going to my bedroom.

Rebecca: Uh -- oh -- hmm.

Rebecca: So, theresa -- yeah, you're dead. Alistair said so, and he's always right.

Theresa: Not this time he isn't.

[Rebecca screams] ΡΡΡΡΡΡ 's to knowing wrinkles...

[music plays]

simone: I wasn't fair to whitney, accusing her of wanting chad when all she could think about was losing theresa. And now that theresa's gone, whitney must feel like a part of her has dd, too. Chad was close to theresa because of ethan. So together, chad and I can help whitney get over what must be the worst night of her life. Yes.

[Music plays]

simone: Sounds like chad's inside.


Simone: Hmm. Chad must be so into what he's doing, he didn't hear me knock. Well, what's the harm in surprising him?

Kay: Father lonigan, if i can find a way to destroy zombie charity, everything's going to be ok, right?

Father lonigan: If only it were that simple, kay. You unleashed unspeakable mayhem and chaos in our town. Lives were disrupted because of you. The dark force won't disappear with just the snap of a finger.

Kay: Why did it just get so cold?

Father lonigan: It's the evil. It doesn't like that we're talking about ways to get rid of it. What were you thinking, kay, when you chanted that spell? Didn't you know what you were inviting back into our lives?

Kay: I wasn't thinking, father lonigan. When i chanted that spell, I never dreamed it was going to freeze my cousin in a block of ice and then create a zombie that looked just like her that would try to seduce miguel and kill him. Father, please, help me undo what I've done because I'll die if more people suffer because of me. I know. I know what I've got to do. I'm going to go find my father. I'm going to tell him everything i've done because he's going to know exactly what to do.

Father lonigan: You can't do that, kay. Your father is the chief of police. He's the last person in the world to tell about this.

Luis: Look, I was just on my way up to see my mother at the main house, and then i ran into these guys. Why don't you come with me, all right? I'm sure my mother would love to see you. Ok?

Beth: Ok. See you guys later.

Luis: Ok. I'll see later.

Ethan: See you.

Gwen: They do look good together. I hope luis can move on with his life.

Ethan: He deserves some happiness.

Gwen: Yeah, well, so do you.

Ethan: Thanks for sticking by me, gwen. Not many women would have.

Gwen: Yes, i know, but'm not many women. I love you, remember?

Ethan: I remember.

Liz: Brian is in there fighting for his life because of her. And she's daydreaming about some guy named luis. Wait a minute. Isn't that brian's brother's name?

Sheridan: If brian dies, this will all be my fault. I should have done more to keep him from racing. Please, don't let him die.

Liz: How is he, doctor?

Doctor: Maybe you should both sit down.

Theresa: I need to warn you, mama. I need to warn you of what lies ahead.

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