Passions Transcript Wednesday 6/26/02



Passions Transcript Wednesday 6/26/02

by Suzanne

Sheridan: Brian, i'm not going to let you do this. I will find some way to pay nick the money I owe him, but i do not want you to risk your life.

Liz: I'm with diana 100%.

Brian: Look, you two, I am not risking anything, not with the new safety features that they brought in. Nothing is going to go wrong, I promise you.

Liz: One thing still bothers me, brian. How did this randy harker hear about you looking for a car?

Brian: I told you, it's a close-knit business, liz. Now, would you two stop worrying about this? I'm going to win this race. I'm going to pay off nick so diana and i can move on with our lives. Nothing is going to go wrong, ok?

Nick: How brian survived his last crash, I'll never know. But there won't be any near misses this time. O'leary gets taken out. He takes his last checkered flag, and we'll put it on his coffin.

Stan: This is like the car he'll be driving, right?

Nick: That's the one.

Stan: So this is how it goes -- brian cranks it up to max speed, the engine sparks --

nick: Which catches the gas tank and explodes into a million flaming pieces.

Stan: You can really rig it so it'll do that?

Nick: I got an a in chemistry class, stan. Brian will be burned beyond recognition. There's no way anyone could survive this.

Timmy: What do you think, toto? Could julian make money at this? Timmy thinks julian definitely could. Timmy's going to keep it secret for now.

Julian: I certainly can't go back to harmony, not yet. If they knew i was alive, they would let theresa off and she'd try to kill me again. No. I'll have to stay dead until my little taco belle is executed. I'll keep this to myself for the time being. Can't let the brat see it.

[Julian coughs]

theresa: You're my little miracle. Yes, you are. Mama loves you so much.

Eve: You know, officer, actually, now I think of it, it would probably be a better thing if theresa did spend some more time in the hospital. I mean, she and her baby could relapse at any moment.

Officer: Well, that's not going to be a problem. The prison's got a hospital that can take care of everything.

Second officer: Although we probably won't have to worry about that, seeing as how there's not much time left until the execution.

Luis: Now, wait a minute here.

Sam: Hey, hey, hold on a second. Luis, listen, there's nothing we can do.

Luis: Well, I'm going to damn well try, sam!

Sam: Luis, there's nothing we can do. I'm sorry.

Luis: Damn it!

Sier: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird i knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

beth: Luis, did you -- oh, my God.

Eve: Luis, let me see your hand.

Luis: What --

eve: Oh, gosh. I hope you didn't break it. Come on.

Sam: Now, i know you have a job to do --

officer: We'll thank you not to interfere, chief bennett.

Sam: I'm not. I just want you to think about what this is doing to theresa's family.

Officer: We don't follow orders and take her in, we get canned. That's the bottom line.

Miguel: Mama. Hey. I heard on the radio. Is it true? Theresa tried to escape and they brought her back?

Pilar: Yes. She and ethan -- they went up to the crane cabin and she had the baby there.

Miguel: The baby?

Pilar: Yes, mijo. You are the uncle of a little boy.

Miguel: Theresa had a boy?

Pilar: Yeah.

Miguel: Well, how are they? I mean, they're ok, right?

Pilar: Well, it was touch-and-go for a while there, but they're stabilized now.

Miguel: I want to see them.

Pilar: I know.

Eve: Miguel, can you wait a few minutes? Ethan's in there with her now.

Theresa: Mama loves you so much, little one. Yes, she does. I never want to let him go, ethan.

Ethan: I know.

Theresa: But it's only a matter of time before i have to.

Brian: I understand why you two are concerned, but --

sheridan: Don't even tell us that there is no risk because it's obvious that there is.

Liz: There's at least one crash every meet, brian, and you know it.

Woman: I saw the back of your handsome head, and that's all i needed. I knew it was you.

Timmy: With a cluck cluck here and a cluck cluck there here a cluck, there a cluck

julian: One more "cluck-cluck" out of you and you're going to end up like these soon-to-be plucked birds -- in a deep fryer, sizzling away in boiling, hot oil. You got that?

Timmy: What's not to get? Yes!

Julian: What?

Timmy: This is julian and timmy's stop. "Stamford, one mile."

Julian: What are you talking about? This truck isn't going to stop.

Timmy: If julian and timmy don't get off now, they're going to miss a golden opportunity.

[Julian screams]

timmy: Geronimo!

Timmy: It's all right. Timmy's all right.

Julian: Well, lucky you.

Oh --

timmy: Julian's all right, too. If julian would call harmony and tell everyone to wire him some money and that he was alive, timmy and julian wouldn't have to do this.

Julian: How many times have i told you? I'm not phoning anyone. Especially not now.

Timmy: Why not now, julian? What's different?

Julian: Oh -- nothing.

Timmy: Then timmy and julian have no choice but to find gainful employment. And timmy's found the perfect thing.

Julian: Uh, what?

Timmy: Timmy will tell julian when we get there. Come on.

Woman: You're a sight for sore eyes, brian o'leary. How the heck are you? As you good as you look? I'm great. Thanks for asking. And even better now that you're here.

Brian: Diana, liz, I would like you to meet kate. She's an old friend of mine.

Sheridan: Hi. I'm diana.

[Kate laughs]

liz: So, how do you know brian? From his racing days?

Kate: When i was young and foolish and didn't know what i had in such a great guy. I wasn't ready to make a commitment, figured there was plenty of time to settle down, so i lost out. It took me years to get over you, o'leary, move on with my life.

Brian: Don't listen to a word she says. She had guys lined up, believe me. It took her all of about, what, two minutes to get over me?

Kate: How would you know? You were long gone.

Brian: So what have you been up to, huh?

Kate: I'm doing the settled-down thing. I married a sweetheart of a guy, had a baby, the light of my life.

Sheridan: How beautiful. Look, liz.

Liz: Oh, he's cute.

Kate: How about you, brian? Have you taken the big step yet?

Brian: No, but I'm looking to real soon, though.

Kate: Is one of these the lucky lady?

Brian: Yes.

Kate: Want some advice, diana?

Sheridan: Sure.

Kate: This is one great guy. Don't let him get away.

Sheridan: Thanks for the tip.

Kate: If you let him loose, there are a slew of other ladies out there waiting to grab him up.

Brian: Oh, I don't see that happening. Ever since diana and i found each other, no one's going to tear us apart.

Nick: Rough way to go, isn't it, stan? Burnt to a crisp.

Stan: Yeah, well, burning a toy is one thing. But the real thing has to work, and it can't be traced back to us, ever.

Nick: Even the best arson investigator won't be able to take anything away from this, stanley. Everything will be ashes. There won't be any evidence left, including the driver.

Sam: Look, all I'm asking is for a few more minutes. Give theresa a little more time with her baby. She may never see him again.

Officer: Five minutes.

Sam: Thank you, all right? Because I won't forget this.

Beth: So it's definitely not broken?

Eve: Severely bruised and badly swollen.

Luis: I can flex it.

Eve: Luis, please don't. I'd like the bandage to stay tight.

Miguel: Hey, luis. How's your hand?

Luis: It's not my hand, it's my heart.

Rebecca: I hate to say "i told you so," but haven't things worked out exactly as i said they would?

Ivy: No, rebecca. As a matter of fact, they haven't. Sam could still lose his badge and ethan could be in a lot of legal hot water.

Rebecca: Well, that's hardly my fault. You're the one who had to open her big mouth and tell sam where ethan and theresa were. Now, if you'd played things my way, then things would've finished up a whole lot sooner and sam and ethan wouldn't be in so much trouble. Anyway, first things first. Theresa is going to die.

Theresa: I just realized i haven't given him a name yet. I want to give him a name before they take me to prison.

Ethan: Normally, you'd name him after his father.

Theresa: No. There's no way i could ever let my baby be called julian crane jr.

Ethan: Yeah. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Theresa: But I think about naming him after my father.

Ethan: Martin.

Theresa: Yes.

Ethan: That's a fine name. I like it.

Theresa: But there's one i like even better. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to name my son after the man who helped bring him into this world. The man I know my son will love almost as much as I do. I want him to be called ethan.

Kate: You're a lucky gal. I hope you realize that.

Sheridan: I do. I know how fortunate i am.

Kate: Good. I'm happily married, and i'd just like to know that you're happy, too, brian.

Brian: I haven't stopped smiling since I met diana, so --

kate: That's all i want to know. Ok, I'm going to go back and sit with my friend before she misses my sparkling wit.

Brian: It's good to see you, kate.

Kate: Oh, you, too, brian.

Sheridan: Nice meeting you.

Liz: Yes, it was.

Kate: See you around.

Brian: Ahem.

Sheridan: Nice woman.

Brian: Yeah. I have to admit something, diana.

Sheridan: Oh?

Brian: Yeah. There's another woman in my life.

Liz: Brian, what are you talking about?

Brian: Come on. Let's go, and I'll introduce you to that other woman.

Nick: Nice piece of machinery, huh, stan?

Stan: Yeah, and it's going to end uone big flameout. It's too bad.

Randy: You still here?

Nick: Yeah, I'm just getting acquainted with brian's car.

Randy: Whoa, I don't want to know what you're cooking up.

Stan: "Cooking up"? Hey, that's a good one.

Nick: Don't mind him, randy. What were you going to say?

Randy: Huh? Oh, nothing much. I have a feeling this ain't going to end up too well for my car.

Nick: Well, randy, this should help ease the pain.

Randy: It can't hurt. All right. I got a question for you. Why is this so important to you? I mean, what's in it for you? The girl? Is she worth it?

Nick: Oh, yeah. She's going to be worth every penny I'm investing in her.

Julian: It's about time you got back.

Timmy: Timmy had some business to attend to.

Julian: Nothing to do with this place, i trust.

Timmy: As a matter of fact, it did.

Julian: Oh, please, don't tell -- on second thought, you better tell me. What the hell are we doing here?

Timmy: It's timmy's surprise. The world wrestling headquarters.

Julian: Yes, yes, I see that. The question is why?

Timmy: To make big bucks!

Julian: I can't believe it. You're going to wrestle these behemoths? You'd have to be crazy to get in the ring with one of these giants.

Timmy: Timmy's not the crazy one. Julian is!

Julian: Me?

Ethan: Are you sure, theresa?

Theresa: Yes. It's the only bright thing i can hope for right now, naming my son after the two men i love -- you and my father. Hi, there, ethan martin. Your mommy loves you, ethan martin.

Ethan: I'm honored.

Officer: Sorry. That's it.

Second officer: It's time to go.

First officer: Let's get these on you, mrs. Crane.

Ethan: No. I won't let her go.


- - & P -

singer: You are my passion for life

julian: Surely timmy jests.

Timmy: Uh-uh.

Julian: Well, then you must've gotten a little bump on your head when you jumped off that chicken truck.

Timmy: Timmy's never thought so clearly in his life. Julian's a natural. He's famous in the business world for fighting dirty. This is just a different arena.

Julian: I'm laughing so hard my sides ache. I'm out of here.

Timmy: No, we can't leave. This is the wrestling capital of the world.

Julian: Let me make this perfectly clear. I am not -- repeat, not -- wrestling. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. So i suggest we get our behinds in gear and bid the wrestling capital a fond farewell.

Man: You better set your behind down, bub, because you're not going anywhere except that ring out there.

Julian: I beg your pardon?

Man: You're contracted to wrestle. Your manager put his john hancock on the dotted line.

Julian: My what?

Man: This signed contract says you're committed.

Julian: Manager?

Man: I'm scheduling a very special bout.

Julian: You?

Timmy: Timmy thinks this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Stan: We should call this car brian's coffin.

Randy: Hey, knock that talk off, will you?

Stan: I was just joking.

Randy: Well, I don't think it's funny. In fact, i don't like anything about this.

Nick: That's why i'm paying you, randy. You don't have to like it. You just have to keep your mouth shut.

Brian: She should be in here.

Randy: Quick, you got to hide.

Sheridan: In the garage?

Randy: You can't be here. This is off-limits. Go, go, go, go.

Brian: Yeah, this is where she usually hangs out. Hey, randy.

Randy: Welcome back to the house of harker, ladies. How you doing?

Brian: Good.

Sheridan: So, this other woman -- don't we get to meet her?

Brian: You got a car for me, randy?

Randy: You're looking right at her.

Brian: This one?

Randy: Beauty, isn't she?

Brian: Yeah. I hope she's as sweet as she is good-looking. Just like you, diana.

Sheridan: Wait a minute. This is --

brian: The other woman. That is one fast machine.

Ethan: No. I won't let her go. Before you take her to prison, I'm going to call the judge and make a last appeal and see if he'll let theresa be kept here in the hospital.

Officer: We've got orders.

Ethan: Look, it's just a phone call. It won't take long. I'll be right back.

Officer: Hey, wait a second, wait a second --

sam: Hey, hey, come on. It's her family, all right? Have a heart.

Miguel: Mama and luis told me what's been going on. I can't believe it's come to this. I just can't.

Pilar: He's so beautiful. Hey, these are your uncles. This is luis and miguel.

Luis: Hey. Hey, little guy.

Miguel: Welcome to thfamily.

Pilar: He's so sweet, theresa.

Theresa: I've named him ethan martin, after the two men I love the most.

Pilar: Oh, teresita.

Theresa: Will you guys all look after him until ethan gets this whole thing sorted out?

Pilar: Of course we will. Don't worry.

Luis: Look, theresa, I hate to be a downer here, but we got to face reality. You know, ethan might not get this worked out.

Theresa: No, no, no. He knows what he's doing.

Luis: No one wants to believe that more than i do.

Theresa: I'm really sorry that you all have to go through this. I wish that I could change it.

Luis: But you can. All you have to do is change your plea.

Theresa: Everything is going to work out. The cranes and ethan -- they're not going to let me die.

Miguel: The cranes?

Pilar: What have they done for you up to now?

Theresa: Mama, they've been waiting to talk to the right people. You know, the ones who can get this case thrown out.

Pilar: Oh, my God. You don't really believe that.

Theresa: I'm telling you, mama, the cranes aren't going to let me die. I know they won'T. And ethan loves me. I know he does. He's going to protect me.

Pilar: My God.

Miguel: Mama, it's going to be all right.

Whitney: I can't even bear to watch this. Theresa's -- she's delusional.

Chad: Maybe ethan will figure out a way to, I don't know, keep her at the hospital.

Whitney: Maybe. But for theresa to think that the cranes are really going to save her --

chad: No, it's never going to happen.

Becca: If that do-good son of yours gets the judge to change his mind, I'll --

ivy: You'll what?E judge just better stick to his guns, that's all i'm saying.

Ethan: I talked to the judge. He turned me down. Theresa has to go to prison tonight.

Ethan: I won't give up. I'll never give up. I'll keep fighting for you no matter what.

Theresa: I know you will. And the cranes will protect me.

Ethan: Theresa --

officer: Sorry, folks, but you'll all have to leave so we can prepare the prisoner for transport.

Second officer: That means everybody. Come on, start moving.

Theresa: Oh, please, I mean, you have to let me say good-bye to my family.

Luis: Give us a break, huh?

Officer: That's all I've been doing, is giving you breaks.

Second officer: One minute. Not one more second.

Theresa: Thank you.

Officer: We're going to be standing here watching, too.

Theresa: Mama?

Pilar: Yeah? Yeah, baby?

Theresa: When i get out, we're going to have a party. A great, big dinner.

Mariscada and all my other favorites.

Pilar: Yeah. Will do. Will do.

Pilar: My angel. Oh dear God --

theresa: I'll see you then, miguel.

Theresa: My big brother.

Luis: My little sister.

Theresa: And you're going to be at the dinner, too, won't you, chad?

Chad: Hey, you think i'd miss out on that? Hmm?

Theresa: You'll look in on my baby while I'm away, right?

Whitney: Every single day. I promise you, ok?

Theresa: My best friend. We've had some good times together, haven't we? We're going to have more. We're going to have a lot more, ok?

Whitney: Ok.

Theresa: Ok. You'll make your famous tomato soup cake for my party, won't you, mrs. Bennett?

Grace: Of course.

Sam: I'm going to call the warden up there, all right? I'm going to make sure you get everything you need.

Theresa: That would be great. But I'm not going to be there long.

Sam: Yeah.

Grace: Yeah.

Ethan: Theresa --

theresa: Just hold me.

Theresa: Mama? May I see my baby one last time, please?

Pilar: Here's your baby.

Theresa: Hey. Mama's not going to be around for a while. I have to go to prison. But I'm not going to be there forever. Yeah, see, ethan and the cranes -- they're going to get me out. And then i'm going to come running home to you. And I'm going to hold you and I'm going to rock you and I'm going to take really good care of you, my sweet little boy.

[Baby cries]

theresa: It's ok. Yes. My baby.

Officer: Ok, come on. We got to go.

Theresa: Ok. You're going to go to your grandma. She's going to take good care of you, ok?

Pilar: Baby. I love you.

Theresa: I love you, too.

Julian: Oh, timmy, how could you do this to me? Do you hate me that much?

Timmy: Timmy wants to talk to his client for a moment.

Julian: Client?

Ma sure, go ahead. But it won't change anything. That contract -- it's ironclad.

Timmy: Julian's the one who told timmy he wrestled for harvard.

Julian: Yes, but wrestling for harvard is like bobsledding for jamaica. No one takes you seriously. I couldn't possibly beat these wrestlers around here.

Timmy: Timmy will work with julian.

Julian: What could you know about wrestling?

Timmy: Timmy's princess taught him all kinds of holds and tricks. We'll start with bulking julian up a little.

Julian: I don't want to bulk up.

Timmy: Timmy thinks julian better reconsider that.

Julian: How much is the prize money?

Timmy: A lot. $200.

Julian: You want me to put my life on the line for a measly $200?

Timmy: Does julian have a better idea? Is julian going to call home for money?

Julian: No. No, I'm not.

Timmy: Then timmy suggests julian go suit up.

[Wrestler growls]

man: Yeah! You're going to kill him.

Wrestler: Oh, yeah.

[Man laughs]

julian: Oh, my God.

Brian: I had you going, didn't i?

Sheridan: For a minute or two.

Brian: You ought to know better than to think that another woman could take me away from you.

Sheridan: So is this the car you'll be racing?

Brian: Yep. She's a honey, isn't she? Look at those lines. Sleek. And I know she's going to drive like a charm.

Sheridan: You just met the car and you're already in love with it.

Randy: It's amazing the bond a man can forge with his car.

Brian: It's like the machine becomes an extension of you.

Nick: Yeah. An extension that goes boom.

Brian: Did you guys hear something?

Timmy: Hurry up in there! Timmy wants to see what julian looks like.

Julian: I'm not coming out!

Timmy: Julian couldn't possibly look more ridiculous than timmy does right now. Hurry up, come out!

Julian: You're right. I couldn't look any more ridiculous.

Timmy: Timmy was just going to say the same thing about you, julian.

Julian: Why don't you check yourself out in the mirror, ace. If you don't wipe that smile off your face, i'm going to make you my first opponent.

Wrestler: Oh, no, you won'T.

Julian: Ah!

Wrestler: That pleasure is all mine.

Julian: Showtime.

[Wrestler growls]

brian: Anybody here?

Randy: Brian, it's a track cat. He's a ratter. Makes a lot of noise when he goes hunting.

Brian: Well, I hope he knows not to scratch the cars. I'll tell you what -- I'll come back and check out the engine a little later, give it the once-over.

Randy: Whenever.

Brian: Ok.

Randy: Ok.

Brian: Come on, ladies, let's go look around.

Randy: Whew.

Stan: That was close.

Randy: Yeah, much too close. Now, finish what you guys are doing and take off.

Stan: I don't think old randy is crazy about having us around.

Nick: Never mind him, stan. Got one minor adjustment to make and we're out of here. It won't be long before brian's coffin does its job and brian goes out in a ball of fire. And then sheridan crane will be all mine.

Stan: Yeah, as long as her old fiance, luis lopez fitzgerald, doesn't find out she's alive first.

Nick: I'll make sure he doesn't, stan. Don't worry. And soon, very soon, sheridan will be my wife and the crane fortune won't be far behind.

Luis: It's ok.

Pilar: No. No. Theresa. Oh, God --

theresa: Mama, please. Please, you have to be brave, ok? You have to take care of my baby for me until i get home. It's going to be ok, isn't it, ethan?

Ethan: Yes, i'm working on it.

Theresa: I love you guys so much.

Pilar: Theresa --

officer: Nobody leaves here till we're on the road.

Miguel: Hey, ethan, is there really hope for an appeal?

Ethan: No. I don't think there is. There's not enough time to file the appeal and argue it.

Luis: Well, why did you tell her everything was going to be ok, ethan?

Ethan: What else could I say? Tell her i'm terrified she's going to die?

Pilar: Oh, God.

Rebecca: Finally, after all our hard work, theresa is on her way to death row.

phillip: I wonder where that pesky diary is. Is it in olivia's room, maybe? Maybe it's in olivia's bag. Doesn't matter where it is, just as long as it's someplace that beth can't find it.

Olivia: Very naughty. So you admit i did you a favor.

Phillip: A biggie. Thank you.

Olivia: Well, you actually did me a favor, too.

Phillip: Yeah?

Olivia: Yeah.

Phillip: What's that?

Olivia: You stuck up for me, and that's something no one has done for me in a really long time. So thank you. Really. I mean it: Thank you.

Phillip: You said that already. We have an audience.

Olivia: Well, then...

Phillip: That was a bit of a surprise.

Olivia: Was it good or bad?

Phillip: Good. A little rough.

Olivia: ( Laughs )

phillip: But very good.

Danny: Michelle, you knew who i was when you married me.

Michelle: You married me to save my life, and then...

Danny: Come on.

Michelle: You promised to change your life so that we could stay together.

Danny: I did, didn't I? I did.

Michelle: And now you're saying that you won'T.

Danny: No, I'm saying... Michelle, I can't change who i am entirely. It's not that I won't; i can't. I need you to understand that difference.

Michelle: I just don't think i can understand much of anything right now, danny.

Danny: You know that you and robbie always come first with me. You always will.

Michelle: Will we?

Danny: Yes, of course. Honey, i will love you and robbie every day for the rest of my life, and i will do everything i can to make you feel loved. My involvement with my family doesn't in any way diminish that love. I need you to believe that.

Ed: Hey.

Rick: Hey.

Ed: Nice day.

Rick: Yeah, nice day.

Ed: How you doing?

Rick: Well, the truth is, my legs are absolutely killing me. ( Coughing )

ed: So michelle tells me that you faked that fever that made you ineligible for the heart transplant.

Rick: You obviously didn't see the look in that little boy's eyes, did you?

Ed: I've seen families suffer in the past.

Rick: I guess i just wasn't thinking. I was acting completely impulsively.

Ed: Then mel really let you have it, huh?

Rick: That's putting it mildly. A man was going to leave behind a pregnant wife and a beautiful little child, and it was life and death in that moment, and i guess I just didn't know what else to do.

Ed: Well, part of me thinks that what you did was heroic. But see, i'm your father, so you can't ask me to agree with you just handing over your life like that. ( Medical monitor beeping )

cassie: Ugh. So how is he?

Mel: Not quite as well as we'd hoped. The surgery didn't relieve the pressure on his brain, as we'd hoped. He's in and out of consciousness at this point.

Cassie: But he's stabilized, right? Only a matter of time before his paralysis wears off, right, doctor?

Mel: Look, cassie, it's too soon for me to give you those answers, okay? Look, why don't you go grab some coffee and...

Cassie: No, i'm not going to leave richard. I'm not leaving him.

Reva: Cassie, sweetie?

Cassie: Oh. Oh, my goodness. Hi. How are you doing? Oh, this is such a great surprise. I'm happy to see you, and your daddy, well, he's going to be happy to see you.

Tammy: Aunt reva said that you wanted us to see dad.

Reva: You mentioned it the other day, so I thought, why wait?

Cassie: I do want you to see your dad, and he'd want to see you, too.

Tammy: Will he know that we're there?

Mel: Well, I'll tell you what. Your dad, even though it doesn't seem like he knows you're here, he does. And it's good for him to hear the voices of the people he loves, so I think you should talk to him.

Tammy: We will. We only want to help. You okay, mom?

Cassie: Better now that you're here. So, how's will?

Tammy: He cried all night last night. He really misses you guys.

Reva: But he's fine. Remember, we don't want to worry your mom.

Cassie: Well, i need to know these things, reva, because i don't want any more secrets kept from me. Why don't we go see your dad? Come this way. You know what? There's going to be some hospital stuff in there, okay? And there's going to be some ivs and some monitors, but i don't want that stuff to scare you, okay, because it's helping your daddy get better. Your daddy is a fighter. He's been through a lot of stuff in his life, and he's not going to let a car accident bring him down, okay? Come on. ( Monitors beeping )

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