Passions Transcript Tuesday 6/25/02



Passions Transcript Tuesday 6/25/02

By Suzanne

Brian: Me back behind the wheel again -- i cannot wait.

Liz: Brian, wait. I'm still not sure what happened.

Brian: What do you mean, you're not sure? That was another race car owner on the phone, and he said he wants me to drive a car for him. That's what I'm going to do.

Liz: Yeah, but how did he hear about you?

Brian: I was pretty well-known when I was on the circuit.

Liz: I know that, brian. What i meant was you just put the word out that you're looking to go back, so how did he hear about you so fast?

Brian: Who cares? I'm in. I've got a car to race. That's all that matters. Diana, you're not saying very much.

Sheridan: I don't know what to say.

Brian: Look, I know you're worried, but don't be, ok? Everything is going to be fine. I am going to win that race. If that car is in anywhere near good shape, I will win. I will win it in a breeze, and I will pay nick off, and then we don't have to deal with that bastard ever again. Everything is going to be absolutely fine, i promise you.

Liz: So, when are you supposed to meet with this guy?

Brian: Today.

Sheridan: What?

Liz: Today?

Brian: The owner's name is randy harker. He wants me to be there asap. I told him i'd meet with him tonight. There's a race coming up real soon, and I am going to take that checkered flag.

Nick: That's it. Everything's a go. All the arrangements are made. I'm one step closer to sheridan crane and her beautiful trust fund.

Stan: Sweet.

Nick: Talk about hitting the jackpot, huh, stan?

Stan: And brian still has no idea that his girlfriend's a crane worth billions?

Nick: Not a clue. And neither does she, thanks to having amnesia. Now the only thing standing between me and all that beautiful cash is my old pal brian o'leary. And I'm about to eliminate him, thanks to my friend.

Stan: The guy with the race cars?

Nick: Randy harker. He owes me a favor -- a large one. And once brian joins his team, I'm going to make sure something happens to brian's car. This is one race brian will not finish.

Whitney: I'm so worried, chad.

Chad: Wait, hold on, hold on. Didn't your mom say that theresa's been stabilized?

Whitney: My mom said that theresa is out of danger, yes. What about the baby? I'm just praying that the baby is going to be all right, too.

Chad: Theresa and her family -- they've had it rough.

Whitney: Yeah, it seems like it never ends for them.

Chad: Yeah, I know. And after all theresa's been through, i mean, her life is still on the line because unless some kind of a miracle happens, she's still going to get executed for julian's murder.

Whitney: I know. I already know. That's why i'm praying for her and the baby. All right? It's horrible enough that we could lose theresa, but to lose the baby, too? I mean, don't you think that's a little too much to take?

Chad: Come here. It's all right. It's going to be all right.

Theresa: If my baby dies, it's my fault.

Pilar: Theresa, don't blame yourself.

Theresa: I never cared about my baby, mama.

Pilar: Shh, don't say that.

Theresa: No, it's true. I didn't want the child because it was julian's baby, and I blamed julian and my baby for ruining my life. I lost you, ethan, and i blamed my baby!

Ethan: Theresa, no matter how you felt, I know you didn't want your baby to suffer.

Theresa: I didn't even think about my baby suffering before. But now -- i can't lose him! I love him so much! I mean, the moment when I -- when i held him, i knew how much i loved him. I mean, he has to be all right! He has to be!

Luis: Sis, don't upset yourself, all right? You know dr. Russell will do everything that she can to save the baby.

[Monitor beeps]

theresa: What's that? What's happening in there?

Luis: Shh.

Eve: Code blue! We need a neonatal crash cart stat! Hurry! He's flat-lined. We're losing him.

Theresa: No. My baby!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird i knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

stan: So, when is all this going down, nick?

Nick: By now, randy should have contacted brian, set up a meeting for tonight.

Stan: That quickly?

Nick: Brian will be driving in this weekend's race.

Stan: You don't waste any time.

Nick: Yeah, when it comes to women who are beautiful and rich, I'm not about to wait. I want brian out of the way. The sooner, the better. And seeing how i'll make sure what happens looks like an accident, no one will be able to trace it back to me.

Stan: And with brian iced, you're set to move in on diana -- well, I mean, sheridan.

Nick: Tap into the crane billions. Call the pilot, stan. Have him get the plane ready. I think I'm going to have a little meeting with randy of my own, see if everything's on track -- and to see if we have ringside seats. I want to be there when brian has his accident. After all, all the trouble he caused me, it's going to put a smile on my face to watch him die.

Sheridan: You're leaving today?

Liz: Why the rush?

Brian: Because there's a big race this weekend in the states. Now, randy knows my record, and he figures i can make him a bundle.

Liz: He actually entered you into this weekend's race?

Brian: Gave me his hottest car.

Sheridan: But you haven't raced in so long. Don't you need to train or something?

Brian: Don't worry about it, diana. I'll get my practice in.

Sheridan: I do worry. I can't help it.

Brian: I'm going to be fine.

Liz: Oh, I've heard that before.

Brian: Liz, that last crash was a fluke, and you know it.

Liz: You almost bought the farm.

Brian: I didn't even make a down payment. And speaking of payments, I have to get an airplane ticket. The longer i wait, the more expensive it's going to be.

Liz: We'll take my plane. I'll fly you.

Brian: No, I can't ask you to do that, liz.

Liz: So don't. Just let me do it.

Brian: Thank you. That's very nice of you.

Liz: I want to go with you anyway, make sure this thing is on the up and up.

Brian: Why wouldn't it be?

Liz: I just want to see for myself.

Brian: You worry far too much, liz.

Sheridan: I want to go, too, brian, be there for you.

Brian: Terrific. Everything is going to be fine. I've got a big money race this weekend. I've got a car to drive. Liz is going to fly us down there. See? Everything came together so easily.

Liz: Yeah. Maybe a little too easy.

Eve: Where's that nicu team? We're losing the heartbeat.

Theresa: No, not my baby! Not my baby! No. My baby!

Chad: Chief bennett -- what's going on?

Whitney: Is it theresa? Is the baby ok?

Sam: We don't know yet.

Beth: What happened?

Sam: Theresa's baby was having troub breathing. But from the sounds, there must be something else going on.

Beth: Oh, dear God, no.

Eve: Quickly!

Theresa: I want to see him! I want to be with him! No, don't! Let me see my baby! My little boy!

Ethan: Theresa, it's better this way, all right?

Theresa: No!

Ethan: Look, dr. Russell is a wonderful doctor, the best. Everything's going to be ok.

Theresa: Don't let him die. He has to be all right.

Pilar: Teresita, dr. Eve is doing everything she can. Now, don't upset yourself this way. You're still weak, mija!

Theresa: Mama, he's my baby!

Nurse: I'm afraid i'll have to ask everyone to leave.

Pilar: Why?

Nurse: Because theresa's getting too upset.

Officer: Sorry, but my orders say I have to stay no matter what.

Theresa: And ethan -- i mean, you have to let him stay. I need him with me.

Nurse: All right, but that's it. Everyone else has to go.

Luis: Ok. I love you, sis. Hey -- the baby's going to be ok. You'll see.

Pilar: I'm going to go to the chapel to pray.

Whitney: What is it? Is theresa ok? What's going on?

Pilar: The baby --

luis: His heart stopped.

Gwen: Oh, luis.

Luis: Dr. Russell is trying to revive him.

Whitney: But he's going to be ok, right? He's going to recover?

Luis: Honestly, I don't know.

Eve: Clear! Nothing. Still no heartbe.

Eve: The heartbeat -- where is it? Come on, baby. Continue c.P.R.

Pilar: Dear God, please, I ask you, spare this precious little life.

Eve: Clear!

Theresa: Oh, God. Please let my baby live.

Gwen: I don't believe this is happening, i mean, right now. The baby came through the birth fine.

Rebecca: Theresa never should've survived the birth. And if anyone deserved not to make it, it was ms. Lez fitzgerald.

Gwen: Would you stop it.

Rebecca: What -- the only thing I don't get, though, is why did they spend so much time trying to save her when she's just going to be executed anyway?

Beth: What kind of monster are you?

Rebecca: Look, I am just telling the truth, all right? I don't see why they spent so much time trying to save her when they're just going to send her to death row. All right? It's pretty foolish if you ask me.

Beth: Well, thank God no one did, rebecca. Hey. Are u all right?

Luis: I don't know. Just -- I'm kind of numb.

Beth: Yeah.

Grace: I'm sorry I was late, but the car wouldn't start, so david gave me a ride. What --

sam: We got to the cabin too late.

Grace: Theresa --

sam: Theresa already had her baby.

Grace: So she's alive?

Sam: She's fine.

Grace: And the baby?

Sam: Well, because of theresa's preeclampsia, she and the baby were in bad shape. We got here as fast as we could. Eve stabilized theresa, but the baby boy --

grace: Sam --

sam: Things aren't looking too good for him.

Theresa: I'm so frightened for him.

Ethan: I know you are, sweetie.

Whitney: I'm not supposed to be in here. Honey -- I'm so sorry. Are you ok?

Theresa: I can't bear the thought of losing him.

Whitney: My mom is going to take care of him, honey, i promise you.

Theresa: He's so wonderful. I mean -- and you were right. You know, as soon as i saw him and realized what a miracle he was -- his little face, his -- his tiny, little hands -- I can't lose him. He's got to be ok. He can't die, whitney.

Nurse: Dr. Russell, he's stopped breathing again.

Eve: Oh, dear God. Ok, let's intubate him. Bring the ventilator over here. And someone find out what is taking dr. Andrews so long! I need the epi drawn up stat. Oh, dear God. We've got to save this baby.

We're pulling over

a plumber's truck.

Pilar: Luis, maybe I should go back.

Luis: No. Mama, prayer always brings you comfort. Besides, sam said he would find us if there was any news, ok?

Pilar: All right. Let's go in.

Luis: I'll be in in a minute.

Luis: I just don't understand why this is happening to my family, the people i love, and why there's so much -- why there's so much pain.

Beth: Luis --

luis: I tried to accept sheridan's death, get over it. Now look what's happening to my sister -- she's about to be executed and -- you know, if that isn't bad enough, she's probably going to lose her baby, too.

Beth: We'll pray for a miracle.

Luis: I've been praying for a miracle ever since sheridan died.

Beth: You don't give up, ok? You have to have faith, luis.

Luis: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. I just can't stand to lose another person that I love.

Beth: But you won't lose me, luis. Sheridan's gone, but i'm right here. I lost you once, but i will not lose again. Not ever.

Rebecca: Why, you little hypocrite. And you call me a monster.

Beth: I have no idea what you're talking about, rebecca.

Rebecca: Oh, I think you do. Tell me, beth, what would you do if luis were to get this miracle that he's been praying for and sheridan were to come back to him?

Beth: What?

Rebecca: What if she wasn't really dead?

Beth: But she --

rebecca: You would plot and scheme and do anything in your power to hold on to luis, to keep him from going back to sheridan. Wouldn't you?

Brian: It's been a while since I've been around all this. It brings back some memories.

Sheridan: So, when are you supposed to meet with the owner?

Brian: Randy? Soon. He said to wait for him here.

Brian: Hey, how's it going?

Man: Slow. Just about ready to close up shop for the night.

Brian: Yeah. Do you happen to know randy harker?

Man: That's the man that signs my checks.

Brian: Oh. Well, I'm his new driver.

Man: I thought you looked familiar. Brian o'leary, right?

Brian: Yeah.

Man: Jeb trasker.

Brian: Hey, nice to meet you.

Jeb: I saw you race a few years back. Man, you can really smoke out there.

Brian: Oh, thanks.

Jeb: You had a heck of a career going, man.

Brian: Yeah, I'm looking to get it cranked back up.

Man: Brian o'leary.

Brian: Yes, sir.

Man: Ooh! I thought I recognized you. I got a photo of you when you ran away with porterville in record time. Randy harker.

Brian: Hey, nice to meet you, randy.

Randy: Nice meeting you.

Brian: Hey, this is my girlfriend diana and our friend liz.

Sheridan: Hi.

Randy: Howdy.

Liz: How are you?

Randy: Hello, liz. All right. Well, good to have you onboard!

Brian: Yeah, yeah. Hey, well, i got a question for you, randy.

Randy: Sure.

Brian: So, how did you get wind that I was wanting to come back on the circuit?

Randy: Oh, well, nothing much escapes me in the race car business -- you know, you know a lot of people, you're plugged in. All right, diana. She's a pretty one, isn't she?

Brian: Yeah.

Nick: Looks like everything's right on target, stan.

Stan: Never figured it wouldn't be.

Nick: In no time, brian will be racing again. And sheridan -- that is one fantastic-looking woman.

Randy: I was just kidding. I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding.

[Sheridan laughs]

nick: Beauty and billions -- an unbeatable combination.

Stan: Gives me the chills just thinking about it.

Nick: I'm not going to let anyone stand in my way of getting that woman, especially brian o'leary. That jerk has no idea his next race will be his last.

Ivy: Sam, i -- I just wanted to thank you for trying to protect ethan, for covering for him so hopefully he won't be charged with trying to help theresa escape.

Sam: You don't have to thank me. I'd do anything in the world for ethan. He's my son.

Ivy: I know. I know. It's just that he did help theresa escape, and that -- well, you put yourself on the line, certainly your career.

Sam: I couldn't take it if ethan went to prison. I know he broke the law, but he's no criminal. He was only trying to protect theresa.

Ivy: Yeah. That's just the kind of man he is -- like his dad, you know -- just trying to help somebody in trouble.

Sam: I just hope we can get the judge to see that.

Ivy: Oh, please, sam, we have to. We have got to make the judge because the thought of ethan ruining his life because of this --

sam: Listen, ivy -- listen. I promise you, i give you my word, i'll do everything i can to keep that from happening.

Ivy: Ok.

Chad: You risked everything

chad: You risked everything for theresa, man. I mean, I got to hand it to you. You put it all out there.

Ethan: You would've done the same thing for whitney, chad.

Chad: So you're saying that you feel the same way for theresa as i do for whitney? Because that's true love.

Ethan: I do love theresa. But it doesn't matter now because once she gets better, the state troopers are going to take her to prison and, barring a miracle, she's going to be executed.

Chad: Well, then, let's not bar any miracles, then. I mean, they happen, right?

Ethan: Yeah. Just that reality doesn't look that good.

Chad: I know. How could things have gotten this bad, man?

Ethan: That's what I was trying to figure out on the way back from the cabin. I couldn't save theresa. I just pray with all my heart that that baby will live.

Chad: Yeah, amen.

Ethan: You should have been there, chad, at the birth. Delivering theresa's baby -- something came over me. I felt something i never felt before. Holding that baby in my arms changed me.

Chad: How?

Ethan: I don't know how to describe it. It just -- you know, there's this connection between him and me. Although he's julian son, not mine, I still feel we'll always be a part of each other's lives.

Theresa: I love him, whitney.

Whitney: I know you do.

Theresa: That sweet, precious, little soul -- doesn't matter that he's julian son. He's my son, my baby, and that's all that matters.

Whitney: You're absolutely right.

Theresa: When i held him in my arms, in that moment, ethan was at my side. It was such a beautiful moment, I forgot about everything else. All I could see or think about was my baby. My beautiful baby.

Whitney: Well, everyone is praying for him, honey, ok? And my mom is going to do everything that she can to save his life. We just need to keep faith.

Theresa: I'm trying.

Whitney: Ok.

Theresa: I'm scared.

Eve: He's on 100% oxygen.

Doctor: The baby's in v-fib.

Eve: Ready with the paddles. Clear. Oh, come on, little one. Come on. Yes. We have a rhythm.

Doctor: We have a heartbeat, but it's still very unstable. If it doesn't get stronger quick, he's not going to make it. Somebody's got to go tell the mother. , Mom.

Singer: You are my passion for life

brian: Any more papers to sign, or is that it?

Randy: Oh, nope, that's it. All right. Welcome to team harker.

Brian: Thanks, randy. I won't let you down.

Randy: Oh, no way you could, brian. No way you could. Now, this here -- this is a schedule of the races. Oh, you ain't going to need them because you're coming straight out of the chute.

Brian: First race?

Randy: Mm-hmm.

Brian: Well, it's been a while, but i think it'll all come back to me.

Randy: Oh, the minute that engine turns over --

[randy imitates engine]

sheridan: I'm sorry. I don't mean to interrupt, but how safe is this? Because I know that the last time brian raced, he almost got killed.

Randy: Oh, now, that was a long time ago. They got brand-new safety features since then. Brian's going to cruise. You know, accidents on race tracks -- they're like lightning. They don't strike twice in the same place.

Sheridan: I hope not.

Randy: Now, listen, why don't you-all go get a bite to eat, go settle in. We'll hook up a little bit later.

Brian: Ok.

Randy: Take it out for a couple laps, just kind of break it in, all right?

Brian: All right. Thanks, randy.

Randy: All right.

Brian: I appreciate it.

Randy: Take care. Oh, hey -- i areciate it. Because I got a feeling you're going to make me a lot of money.

Brian: I hope so.

Randy: I hope so, too.

Nick: All right, they're leaving. Time for me to go meet with randy.

Stan: Are you sure you can trust this guy?

Nick: I'm paying him big bucks, stanley. He better produce.

Stan: Ooh, that's a lot of cake.

Nick: And that's only half.

Stan: I can't believe you're putting up that much cash to kill brian.

Nick: The cranes are loaded, stanley. And once i get in tight with sheridan, it'll all be worth it. And then i'll be swimming in cash.

Rebecca: You may have the rest of harmony fooled, but not me. I don't buy this butter wouldn't melt in your mouth routine, beth. You see, i see the real beth. She's no innocent. And I think that if sheridan ever were to really, really come back, I'd be willing to bet my prada pumps that your claws would come out.

Beth: You are wrong, rebecca.

Rebecca: You can deny it as much as you want, but you and I are more alike than you care -- or dare -- to admit.

Beth: I am nothing like you, rebecca. I see how happy you are about what's happening to theresa. You know what? You are a wicked, cold-hearted monster.

Rebecca: Oh, when things get taken away from people, sometimes even the best of people can become monsters. Theresa stole julian from me, just like sheridan stole luis from you.

Beth: Not true. Luis and i broke up years before.

Rebecca: Oh, that may be true, but you can't tell me that you weren't holding on to the teeny, tiniest little hope that just maybe -- maybe he would come back to you. And I know that you were once engaged to luis. Oh, the agony you must have felt hearing that he was planning to marry sheridan, planning the wedding that you wanted. Oh, how you must have hated sheridan. I mean, she was rich, she was beautiful, and she had luis. No, sheridan was the big winner there. And you, beth, were the big loser. Now, you even lost your little book cafe to the crane family, leaving you to care for your mother -- who i hear is quite a handful. No, you really must've hated sheridan. And that's ok, beth. You can tell me. You can admit it to me because you and I are not that different.

Beth: You're nuts, rebecca. You know that? You're criminally insane.

Rebecca: Oh. I hate to be the one to tell you, beth, but you and i are exactly alike. We're willing to fight dirty to keep our man.

Luis: Hi. Everything ok out here?

Rebecca: Oh, it's fine. It's fine. Beth and i were just having a little girl talk. Weren't we, beth?

Sam: Grace.

Grace: Sam, here's your coffee.

Ivy: Oh -- grace, look, i'm sorry. I borrowed your husband's shoulder to cry on. I -- well, we were talking about ethan, and i guess i got a little weepy, and sam was just trying to help me keep it together.

Grace: Ivy, i understand.

Ivy: Just i was really worried about ethan.

Sam: Yeah, we both are.

Grace: Of course. He's your son. He needs the two of you to pull together right now. He needs the support of both of his parents.

Ivy: Thank you for being so understanding, grace. I appreciate it.

Grace: Ivy, if you're worried about how I reacted when i saw you two embracing, don't be. I don't have any doubts about sam's love for me. And our life right now is just --

sam: Perfect.

Grace: Perfect.

Whitney: Um -- ethan?

Ethan: Yeah.

Whitney: Theresa would like to see you.

Gwen: Go. She needs you.

Whitney: Thank you for that.

Gwen: For what?

Whitney: For letting ethan go in there and be with theresa right now.

Gwen: You really think i'm that heartless? Look, I -- i can't imagine what theresa must be going through right now, but i know that she needs comfort. And if ethan can help her with that, i'm fine with it.

Whitney: Well, that's very big of you.

Gwen: Don't get me wrong, whitney. I -- I love ethan, and we're getting back together. We've already taken a step toward that. I have to look at this realistically. Theresa is not going to be able to come between ethan and me because she simply won't be around. Look, I'm -- i'm not saying this to be mean. It's -- it's a fact. Theresa -- theresa can't break us up again because she'll be dead.

Theresa: Thank you for being here for me and for my baby. I'm worried about him.

Ethan: I know you are. I just wish there was more i could do.

Theresa: How is he? How is my baby? He's ok, isn't he? Oh, my God, he's dead.

Man: O'leary -- that you, man?

Brian: Hey, jeff.

Jeff: How you doing, hoss?

Brian: Good, good. Hey, i'd like you to meet my girlfriend diana and this is my friend liz.

Jeff: Damn, but you always did have the best-looking friends.

Brian: And you always did have the best winning record. Jeff here is a four time national champion. Caught you on tv a little while ago. Saw you won going away, huh?

Jeff: Yeah, it wasn't like that when brian was racing. He smoked me more than a few times. You had a streak of, what, maybe four, five in a row before the accident?

Brian: Actually, it was six, but who's counting, huh?

Jeff: You know, I didn't see the crash -- well, not in person. I saw it replayed on tv. It was really something, buddy. It's a miracle you survived.

Brian: Yeah, yeah, it's -- one-time thing, you know? Could never happen again.

Jeff: That mean you're getting behind the wheel?

Brian: Yeah, this weekend.

Jeff: Big race.

Brian: Yeah.

Jeff: Good luck.

Brian: Hey, thanks.

Jeff: Yeah. Kick to see you back out there again.

Brian: Yeah.

Jeff: Looking forward to seeing you ladies again, too.

Sheridan: That's it, brian. You are not going to do this. I don't care how much money i owe nick. You are not going to risk your life.

Pilar: I'm going to go back and check on theresa and the baby.

Beth: I know your prayers have made a difference, pilar. I know so many people are praying for them.

Pilar: Thanks. I may lose theresa but, dear God, not my grandson. As long as that baby stays alive, a part of my theresa will, too.

Sam: You've got to get back the E.R. Right away. There's word on the baby.

Pilar: Oh, God.

David: Well, I hope at least one good thing comes out of all this -- you get to see what a special person grace is. Because in spite of all the things you've done to her, she's still supportive of your bond with sam and ethan.

Ivy: Well, I said she was understanding, didn't I?

David: And what have you been? Let's see -- nothing but a lying, conniving --

ivy: You know, this is not the time or the place for you to go through a list of what you perceive to be my shortcomings.

David: "Perceive"? The truth -- something you're not very familiar with -- is that you lied about my son john being grace's son. And if she ever found out, it would devastate her.

Iv well, she'll never find out.

David: Are you trying to tell me that after everything that's happening -- seeing how fragile life is -- that you're going to continue trying to destroy sam and grace's marriage?

Ivy: Yes, that is what I am telling you. What this has shown me is how close sam and I are because of ethan. We love our son. Sam would do anything to protect him. And that shows me that we should be together as a family. I will not give that up. When this whole mess with theresa is done, you and I are going to sit down and plan our next move.

David: Yeah, as my sainted grandma used to say -- "in a pig's eye."

Ivy: You're not done with the job i hired you to do, david, and you will not be until sam is back on my side.

David: How can you be so evil?

Ivy: I just want what belongs to me.

David: And how many people have to be destroyed in the process? I'm going to go back and check on my son.

Chad: So theresa's ok herself? No medical problems?

Whitney: She's fine. She's just really worried about the baby. I knew once she gave birth she'd realize how deeply she loved that child. It's -- it's just so unfair, you know? I mean, she's been given this beautiful little miracle into her life, and now he could just be taken away from her.

Chad: Look, your mom is not giving up. You shouldn't, either.

Whitney: Oh, I'm not. But even if the baby does pull through, theresa is going to be executed. So, either way, she's going to be separated from her baby.

Eve: We were able to stabilize him.

Theresa: He's alive.

Eve: He's breathing normally, and he's out of danger.

Theresa: Oh, thank you, God. Thank you so much, dr. Russell. He's breathing, ethan!

Ethan: His little heart wouldn't give out.

Theresa: May I hold him, dr. Russell?

Eve: Oh, of course. Nurse?

[Baby fusses]

eve: Come here, sweetheart. Oh, sweetie. Yes. See mommy?

Theresa: My baby.

[Baby fusses]

theresa: It's ok. Look how beautiful.

Ethan: Just like his mother.

[Baby coos]

Sheridan: Brian, i am not going to let you do this. I will find some way to pay nick the money I owe him, but i do not want you to risk your life.

Liz: I'm with diana, 100%.

Brian: Look, you two, i am not risking anything -- not with the new safety features that they've brought in. Nothing is going to go wrong, I promise you.

Liz: One thing still bothers me, brian. How did this randy harker hear about you looking for a car?

Brian: I told you, it's a close-knit business, liz. Now, would you two stop worrying about this? I am going to win this race. I'm going to pay off nick so diana and i can move on with our lives. Nothing is going to go wrong, ok?

Nick: That's half. Once the job is done, you get the rest.

Randy: Hey, whatever you got planned, i don't want to know.

Nick: Suit yourself.

Randy: I don't think we should be seen together, either.

Nick: Ok, randy. From now on, it's strictly cell phones.

Randy: All right.

Stan: Just exactly how do you think you're going to pull this off, nick?

Nick: Gas tank on brian's car -- i'm going to rig it so it blows up. This way it'll look like just another track accident.

Stan: He survived his last one.

Nick: Believe me, stan, he won't be walking away from this one. Brian o'leary will be driving for the last time this weekend. He's a dead man.

Eve: The baby's fine.

Pilar: Oh, thank God. My grandchild -- thank God.

Grace: Yeah.

Pilar: Thank you, lord.

Theresa: You're my little miracle. Yes, you are. Mama loves you so much.

Officer: Dr. Russell? From what you've been saying, I guess theresa and the baby aren't in medical danger anymore, right?

Eve: Well --

officer: Then we need to take her back into custody.

Eve: Oh, no. Please, can't it wait? She's in there with her baby.

Officer: Sorry, but we can't wait anymore. I have strict orders to take mrs. Crane to prison.

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