Passions Transcript Monday 6/24/02



Passions Transcript Monday 6/24/02 

By Suzanne

Julian: No one would believe me if I told them. The over the rainbow hotel, indeed. The yellow brick road, munchkins, the wizard. I haven't taken such a strange trip since the 1970s. Perhaps someone slipped me some l.S.D.

Timmy: It was real, julian. All of it. Now, hurry. Timmy has to get back to harmony because there's no telling what zombie will do to her.

Julian: Something tells me timmy's no stranger to l.S.D. Zombies, demons, people encased in ice.

Timmy: Timmy's not making it up, julian. It's all true.

Julian: The wizard said to be very afraid. He said death awaits you when you find the demon's beak.

Timmy: It's the demon's horn, and timmy's not afraid. The most important thing to timmy is saving charity.

Julian: Yes, yes, so you keep saying.

Timmy: If julian wants to come along, fine, but timmy's on a mission to save the real charity. Come on, toto.

Julian: All right, I'm coming. I'd better stay close to the little wacko. I can't risk anyone finding out i'm still alive until my killer's been dealt with.

Stan: What are you up to, nick?

Nick: Collecting more proof on who diana really is.

Stan: You still think she's the sheridan crane?

Nick: I don't think, stanley. I know. This is definitely her. Here, take a look. I've done some more research.

Stan: This is a newspaper story on how sheridan crane was lost when her boat exploded.

Nick: That's right, and it was about the same time brian told me he fished diana out of the ocean.

Stan: Oh. So she didn't drown. She got amnesia and called herself diana.

Nick: Yeah. Brian's diana is sheridan crane, and neither one of them knows it.

Sheridan: Oh, the water was like a bath. It was so warm and wonderful.

Brian: You're warm and wonderful. I'm never going to let you go. I still can't believe how close i came to losing you.

Sheridan: Oh, you don't have to think about it. It's over.

Brian: Well, I can't help but think about it. I mean, you were actually willing to go away with nick to keep me from racing cars again.

Sheridan: Racing cars could kill you. Besides, i'm the one who owes nick. I don't want you putting your life on the line just to pay off my debt.

Brian: You know what? We'll talk about that stuff later. Just, please, don't scare me like that again -- telling me that you don't care about me.

Sheridan: It was the hardest thing I ever had to do -- hide how much i love you.

Brian: Like you said, it's over. I'm not going to let anyone ever take you away from me again. And if they ever tried, I'd kill them.

Eve: We've got to get theresa and the baby to the hospital immediately. They're both in severe distress.

Man: Everyone, freeze!

Luis: All right, now, look -- we have got a woman and a newborn baby who are in danger of dying here.

Sam: We need to get them to the hospital right away.

Officer: Look, save it for a judge. We have orders to apprehend an escaped felon and her accomplice.

Secondfficer: And that's what we're going to do.

Theresa: No, no, please! My baby could die!

Officer: Take one more step and we will shoot!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird i knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

stan: Hey, according to this newspaper article, they did d.N.A. Tests on sheridan crane's body. She was positively identified and she was positively dead.

Nick: Come on, stan, you know the world better than that. And I know the reputations of alistair and julian crane. They're heartless bastards. If they wanted it to look like sheridan was dead, they have the power to make that happen.

Stan: She was alistair's daughter and julian's sister. Why would they want her dead?

Nick: I'm not saying they wanted her dead. Maybe they just wanted it to look like she was dead.

Stan: I don't get it. Why?

Nick: I don't know. But if i keep digging, i might find out. The important thing is, stan, we know she's very much alive.

Stan: Who's this guy in the picture with her?

Nick: That's her fiance --

was her fiance. Stan, can you imagine what would happen if this guy and brian came face to face? Brian would kill this guy before he'd let sheridan go back with him.

Brian: I mean it, diana. If anyone ever tried to take you away from me again, I swear i'd kill them.

Sheridan: You don't have to worry about that. I'm never going to let anyone come between us again.

Brian: Good. Because that's all that matters. The rest is behind us.

Sheridan: No, it's not. I do still owe nick a lot of money, and he made it very clear that he's going to collect.

Brian: I told you not to worry about that.

Sheridan: I know what you told me. Bui hate the thought of you racing again.

Brian: I've already made a call to the guy that i used to race for. Now, look, i used to make this guy a lot of money. I'm sure he's already got a car waiting on me.

Sheridan: Brian, you got into an accident that almost killed you. I can't stand the thought of you putting yourself in any kind of danger for me. That's why i almost went away with nick --

brian: I know.

Sheridan: To stop you from doing this.

Brian: And that is the most selfless thing that anyone has probably ever done for me in my entire life. But I cannot think of another way to make that much money to be able to pay nick back, and I do n want nick's guys coming after you.

Sheridan: No, but --

brian: No buts. I'm going to take care of this. I will.

Sheridan: Not if you wind up dead.

Officer: Turn over the fugitive now.

Luis: You can forget about it, all right? You're not taking my sister anywhere.

Sam: Luis, hold on now. Now, guys, listen. I'm chief of police sam bennett, harmony P.D. All right? This woman needs to get to a hospital right away.

Eve: Hi, I'm dr. Eve russell. Theresa is my patient. Now, she and her baby are in desperate need of immediate medical care.

Officer: We have orders to take her in.

Luis: Yeah, well, you're going to have to shoot me first.

Officer: Don't make me shoot you, sir.

Sam: Now, hold it. Let's hold on here a second. Luis is one of my officers. We can't let you take the prisoner in. Now, if this woman doesn't get to a hospital right now, she could die and so could her baby.

Ethan: Theresa -- dr. Russell, theresa's passed out again.

Eve: You have got to let us get to that helicopter. This woman is in danger of dying!

Officer: Look, ma'am, i'm not going to disobey orders. This woman is a convicted murderer and she's going to state prison. And I've got orders, and i'm going to follow them.

Sam: Where are your orders? Were they signed by the governor?

Ethan: Look, we got to get theresa to the hospital now.

Officer: You can stay out of this. You're in enough trouble.

Luis: Why is he in trouble?

Officer: Because he matches the description of the man that helped theresa crane escape.

Sam: This wasn't an escape.

Officer: Oh, it's not an escape? What do you call it, then?

Sam: When dr. Eve russell discovered that theresa had a serious medical condition, I gave ethan permission to bring theresa up here to try to prevent a premature birth.

Eve: Yes, that's right. I thought it was too stressful at the hospital with guards hovering over her. So i wanted her to have someplace quiet before she delivered. And now that she has delivered, she needs immediate hospital care.

Gwen: The baby -- there's something wrong with the baby!

Timmy: Look, there's a sign. It says there's a bus station two miles ahead.

Julian: Why would that interest us?

Timmy: This is perfect. Timmy and julian can get where they're going with a bus.

Julian: Good lord, a bus? I doubt if any crane has ever taken a bus. I'm sinking to a new low on this little road trip of ours.

Timmy: A bus will get timmy where he's going a lot faster. And besides, timmy doesn't have time to walk all the way.

Julian: There has to be some other way.

Timmy: There is no other way. But timmy gave all his money to the munchkins. So, does julian have any money for the bus fare?

Julian: I should certainly hope so. Wait a minute. My wallet -- where is it? Those munchkin women.

Woman: What's your rush?

Second woman: Stay and have a drink with us.

Julian: Oh, yes, i've always been up for new experiences.

[Julian laughs]

woman: And you'll get that.

Second woman: And a whole lot more.

Third woman: Six hands and three sets of lips, to be exact.

Julian: Mercy. Lead on.

[Julian laughs]

julian: They rolled me.

Timmy: Huh?

Julian: I've been hoodwinked by munchkins. I have a good mind to report them to the wicked witch of the west and have her crash her house down on those little harlots.

Timmy: It was dorothy's house that crash-landed, not the wicked witch's.

Julian: Never mind that. We have to go back. I have to get my wallet. We can't do anything without money. Not even buy bus fare.

Timmy: Timmy guesses julian and timmy have to go back. Hey -- what happened to the road of yellow bricks?

Julian: It's gone.

Timmy: Where?

Julian: You're asking me? This is your fantastic voyage.

Timmy: Well, timmy thinks he and julian should go back the way they came. It's not very far.

Julian: Will this ever be over?

Pilar: Dios mio. Please -- please let them find theresa before it's too late.

Rebecca: If they don't, she'll die and we'll be rid of her sooner.

Pilar: Ivy, i want to thank you for telling sam where to find ethan and theresa. You -- you might've saved my daughter's life.

Ivy: I didn't do it for theresa. I did it for my son. Your daughter has caused nothing but trouble and heartache and pain for ethan, and she is still doing it. He could lose everything. He could go to jail because of her.

Pilar: I know my daughter has made a lot of mistakes, ivy. I don't condone what she's done. But everything she has done she did for love. She loves ethan very much.

Ivy: What difference does it make, pilar, whether she did it out of love or hate? The consequences are the same. Theresa is poison.

Rebecca: One way or another, we'll be rid of her. She'll be out of our lives very soon.

Pilar: I am warning you, rebecca. You say one more word against my daughter, and i will tear you apart.

Rebecca: Ooh, touchy.

Pilar: Look, I know that you take great pleasure in seeing my daughter's life in danger. In fact, if I didn't know any better, I might think that you were somehow behind it all. You are just that evil.

Gwen: He doesn't seem to be breathing.

Eve: He's in shock. He needs a respirator.

Ethan: Look, you have to let us get him to the hospital.

Sam: Please, officer, lower your gun and let us pass.

Eve: We're running out of time!

Officer: Ma'am, we'd have to call headquarters to change our orders.

Eve: Can't you just forget about your orders? Don't you see that there's something more important here? There are two lives that are at stake! Do you want to have the responsibility of this baby's death or this woman's?

Officer: All right, you can get him to the hospital. But I'm coming with you.

Sam: Let's go.

Officer: Radio headquarters and tell them what's going on.

Second officer: All right.

Luis: Ok. Got her?

Ethan: Please, God, let us get there in time.

timmy: How can this be?

Julian: What?

Timmy: The hotel's gone.

Julian: I knew this was some sort of bizarre dream.

Timmy: No, it was real. And now it's gone. It's disappeared.

Julian: So has my wallet.

Timmy: Time is running out. Look!

Julian: What?

Timmy: There's our answer.

Julian: Oh, no. Anything but that.

Stan: Man, i knew the cranes were rich, but i never thought they were this rich.

Nick: Blows your mind, doesn't it? They own most of new england, and their overseas interests are major moneymakers.

Stan: No wonder it was so easy for sheridan to gamble away all that money.

Nick: People who grow up around this kind of money, stan, just take it for granted. I mean, this gambling debt is peanuts to her. Even with amnesia, she's spending money like she did in her former life.

Stan: Must be nice.

Nick: Stan, can you imagine the size of sheridan crane's trust fund?

Stan: It's got to be huge.

Nick: Yeah. Huge. Certainly big enough for me to enjoy life for a very long time.

Stan: Nick, wait, you're not thinking -- oh, you are thinking. Oh, no, no, forget it, nick. You'll never get her away from brian.

Nick: You're right. Not as long as brian's alive.

Liz: Hey, brian, I'm glad you're back. I just took a phone message for you.

Brian: Oh, yeah? Who called?

Liz: Guy named greg foreman.

Brian: Great. That's the owner of the car that i used to drive for. What'd he say?

Liz: Well, he said he was happy to hear from you and that you were the best driver he ever had but that he already had contracts with drivers for the rest of the year.

Brian: So he doesn't have a car for me?

Liz: No. He said maybe next year.

Brian: Damn it.

Sheridan: I'm relieved.

Liz: So am I.

Sheridan: Look, there's still time to come up with the money for nick. I'll think of something.

Brian: I need to make some more phone calls. I know some more owners. Maybe they can get the word out that i'm going to get back on the circuit. I'll find a car. I'm sure of it. Look, you -- don't be so worried about this, ok? I'm going to win one race -- that's all i need. And then i'll pay off your debt to nick and then i'm finished with racing. I'm done. I promise you.


pilar: Oh, dear God. Luis, luis -- mijo, what's happening? Is theresa ok?

Luis: Theresa's had the baby, and it's a boy, but they're both in serious condition.

Pilar: No --

sam: Pilar, listen, don't worry. Eve's called in a specialist, and they're going to do everything they can to save him, all right?

Luis: That's right.

Pilar: Dios mio. Oh, dios mio.

Rebecca: Oh, I'm sure they're going to try.

Ivy: Unless poor theresa dies right here, right now. What a shame.

Eve: I want you to get dr. Andrews in here and find me a nurse. I need a full blood panel, and we need a respirator on the baby.

Pilar: I want to be with her, eve, please.

Eve: I know, pilar, i know. P 7 W #


Julian: How did it come to this? What did i do to deserve it?

Timmy: Timmy thinks julian's getting off pretty easy for all the bad things he's done.

Julian: It was a rhetorical question. Besides, i don't need commentary on my life from some kid. Thank you very much. What are you looking at?

Timmy: Timmy doesn't know how far this truck is going to take him. Doesn't julian have any skills to make money? Timmy and julian need money.

Julian: I could always go back to being a short-order cook. You're going to zip it, you understand? You're not going to tell anyone in harmony i'm alive.

Not a soul.

Timmy: Timmy won't tell. If julian wants to keep it a secret, he won't tell anyone.

Timmy: Oh, no!

Julian: Hell's bells.

Timmy: Timmy thinks that's a bad idea. Isn't there anything julian can do?

Julian: I was an excellent polo player in my youth.

Timmy: How does that help timmy and julian make money?

Julian: It can't. I'm too well-known in the polo world. It'd be too risky. I was on the college wrestling team.

Timmy: Julian doesn't have any skills to make money?

Julian: Just what are you skills, smarty-pants, besides making those martimmy concoctions?

Timmy: Timmy's just a boy.

[Chickens cluck]

pilar: So the baby was already born when you got there?

Luis: Yeah. Ethan and gwen delivered the baby.

Pilar: A little boy. A grandson. I have a grandson. Well, we have to pray that he lives, and we have to pray that theresa lives, too.

Sam: We will, pilar, we will.

Luis: Thank you, too, sam. Thanks for not telling those troopers that thera had escaped.

Sam: I couldn't let them take theresa. I mean, we know she wouldn't have had a chance.

Pilar: Thank you, sam. Thank you.

Rebecca: Gwen, where did you go?

Gwen: I went to -- i had to go find an E.R. Nurse to get a bandage.

Rebecca: A bandage? For -- gwen, oh, my goodness! Gwen, what happened to you?

Gwen: I would really rather not talk about it right now.

Rebecca: Not talk about -- blood all over your blouse. What happened?

Gwen: I was -- theresa stabbed me in the back.

Rebecca: Well, yeah, I know she did -- more than once -- but -- you mean she -- she actually really stabbed you?

Gwen: Yeah. But, i mean, it wasn't her fault. She had a psychotic episode from the preeclampsia and --

rebecca: Oh, my poor baby. Oh --

gwen: Ow --

rebecca: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Oh. My God, that little tramp. The nerve of her. Look, we have to get you admitted into the hospital. You're wounded.

Gwen: Oh, no, no, no, no. Mother, it's not that bad. And we have other things to worry about right now.

Rebecca: Like what?

Gwen: Like theresa and her baby -- they may not live.

Rebecca: Oh, yeah, them. But, you know, i do feel kind of bad about a baby dying. I do. But theresa? I could care less. In fact, i don't even know why they're trying so hard to save her because if she doesn't die here, she's just going to die in the death chamber. And I say good riddance.

Gwen: Mother.

Ivy: Ethan, i am so relieved you're back and safe. I was so worried about you.

Ethan: I'm fine.

Ivy: No, you're not, ethan. You helped a convicted felon escape. Do you realize what that will do to you, to your life? You certainly will end up in jail for helping that girl. You'll probably lose your license to practice law. Theresa has been trouble since the moment she darkened our door. That girl has ruined your life.

Ethan: Look, would you just calm down.

Sam: Keep it down. The state troopers are here.

Ethan: That's not going to happen. I'm not going to be arrested because my father covered for me.

Ivy: Sam, you covered for ethan?

Sam: Well, I got him off temporarily, but we're going to have to wait and see what happens from here.

Luis: Dr. Russell --

pilar: How is my theresa?

Eve: We have her stabilized. She's weak, but she's alive, and I believe she's going to be fine.

Luis: She's going to be ok?

Eve: Yeah.

Pilar: What about the baby? Is the baby all right?

Eve: Well, the baby's not doing so well.

Luis: He's going to make it, though, right?

Eve: We've called in a neonatal specialist, and we're going to do everything that we can. But we lost a lot of critical time getting the baby to the hospital. And he's not as strong as his mother. He's having a more difficult time.

Nick: I know i don't have a chance with sheridan as long as brian's alive, but that can be fixed.

Stan: What are you going to do, shoot him?

Nick: No, that would be too obvious and too easy to trace back to me. And I don't want sheridan to hate me. I want her to like me. So it has to look like an accident of some kind, something nobody would suspect was foul play.

Stan: Like what?

Nick: Didn't brian swear he would pay sheridan's gambling debt?

Stan: Yeah? So?

Nick: So that means brian's going back to racing cars. Remember? He almost died in that last crash. Maybe he won't get so lucky this time around.

Sheridan: I know you don't want to hear it, but i still think that there is some way that i can come up with the money to pay nick.

Brian: You're right -- I don't want to hear it.

Sheridan: Look, brian, even though he's not sure how he remembers me, he seemed convinced that i was someone with money. If that's true, then i can just pay nick off with my own money and that way you won't have to go back to racing again.

Brian: Diana, you cannot put too much stock into anything nick says. He's not exactly known for his honesty and his truthfulness.

Sheridan: Yeah, you're right. I don't see how it could be possible, either. I mean, if my family did have money, then why haven't they come looking for me? Sent out a search party? Unless --

brian: Unless what?

Sheridan: Unless they just didn't love me.

Brian: I find that hard to believe.

Sheridan: I can't remember much about my past. I know that I loved a man, and I know that he loved me very much and that he's gone. But I can't really remember much about my family. Maybe it's because we weren't close or maybe it's because they just didn't care that much about me.

Brian: Well, if that's the case, then it's their loss.

Sheridan: Well, all I know is that even though i don't stand much of a chance making money here as a waitress on this little island, i'm happy. Very, very happy.

Brian: Well, then, I am glad to hear that because that is really the only thing that matters in life, diana.

Sheridan: I know. And even if I do find out my true identity, I don't think it'll change much because i can't imagine living any other kind of life than the life i'm living right now with you. This is all I need.

Eve: See, the baby has fluid in his lungs. They're not as mature as they should be.

Pilar: Is the from the preeclampsia?

Eve: Yes. But we're going to do everything that can be done, pilar, to save him.

Pilar: My poor little grandson. We just have to pray for him and -- and have faith that God won't take such a little soul.

Rebecca: What a shame. It's too bad it's not theresa in so much trouble. She's going to die anyway.

Gwen: Mother, please.

Ethan: Dr. Russell, could I see theresa?

Pilar: Yes. I want to see her, too, please.

Eve: Yes, yes, go on in.

Pilar: Oh --

luis: Are these handcuffs really necessary?

Officer: Yes, sir, I'm afraid

they are.

Ethan: She almost died. I mean, she's not in any condition to escape.

Officer: The fact is, no matter what you or the chief say, she was suspected of escaping and she could try it again.

Theresa: Mama -- what happened?

Pilar: You're back in the hospital. But dr. Russell said you're going to be fine.

Luis: You scared us half to death, you know.

Theresa: Luis. Ethan. Ethan -- where is he?

Ethan: I'm right here, theresa.

Theresa: Oh, my gosh, you saved me. You saved me and my baby.

Ethan: Just thank God you're going to be all right.

Theresa: Where is he? Where's my baby? What's wrong? Where is he? Where is my son?

Ethan: No, he's right here. He's in the cubicle next to you.

Theresa: Oh.

Pilar: Teresita -- the baby is having some problems.

Luis: They're doing everything they can to save him.

Theresa: "Save"? Is he dying? Is he --

ethan: But he's got everything going for him. They're doing everything that can be done.

Pilar: We're all praying for him.

Theresa: This is my fault, mama. This is my fault.

Pilar: No.

Brian: Thanks, liz. That was great.

Sheridan: Yeah, liz. You think you can teach me to cook like that?

Liz: I don't see why not.

[Phone rings]

brian: I'll get it.

Liz: Thanks. Brian sure seems happy again.

Sheridan: Mm-hmm. So am I. Thank you again, liz, for telling brian the truth about what you overheard between nick and me.

Liz: Well, I didn't want him to think that you didn't care about him.

Sheridan: Still, i know how hard that must've been for you. I know you still have feelings for brian.

Liz: I just want brian to be happy.

Sheridan: So do I. I care a lot about him. I don't want anything to happen to him.

Liz: Yeah. Neither do i. I got to tell you, i was really relieved when that owner called to say he didn't have a car for brian to race.

Sheridan: So am I. I just hope he gives up this idea of trying to get back into racing again.

Brian: Good news, ladies. That was another race car owner, and he heard that I was looking to get back into the business. He says he's got a driver that's not working out and he offered me the car. I'm in.

Liz: You're kidding?

Brian: Nope.

Sheridan: Brian, i hope you didn't accept anything.

Liz: No, how did he know about you so fast?

Brian: Who cares? I'm in. I've got a car to race. That's all that matters. Hey, you two, don't look so doom and gloomy here. I told you, I'm just getting in for one race. I'm going to pay off diana's debt to nick, and then he's done. We don't have to deal with him again. Nothing is going to happen, I promise you.

Nick: Ok. I'm one step closer to sheridan crane and her beautiful trust fund.

Stan: Your guy called brian?

Nick: That's right. He offered his car to race, and brian jumped at the chance.

Stan: How'd you pull that off?

Nick: This owner owed me a favor. I just called it in.

Stan: So, even if brian does have a car to race, how are you going to make sure he dies?

Nick: This owner is not above having something go wrong with the car. This is one race brian will not finish.

[Timmy laughs]

julian: I'm glad you find this amusing.

Timmy: Timmy's sorry.

Julian: Well, you should be. I certainly wouldn't laugh at your misfortune if you were to have one.

Timmy: Timmy's sorry. He thought it was funny.

Timmy: Timmy thinks he's going to read for a little.

Julian: No use missing out on yesterday's news. These papers are probably der than you are.

Timmy: Timmy doesn't care. It's better than talking to julian.

Julian: Why?

Timmy: He's so negative.

Julian: Well, forgive me if i find this entire situation completely intolerable.

Timmy: Timmy thinks he figured out a way for julian to make money.

Julian: So it was my little teresita who killed me. Theresa and I may have made love.

Theresa: You disgusting pig. I could kill you, julian.

Julian: I can't go back to harmony. Not yet. I can't let anyone know I'm alive. Theresa would try to kill me again. God, i can't go anywhere near that place. Not until theresa has been executed.

Gwen: I don't care how crazy theresa is. Please let this baby be ok.

Sam: Hello, this is chief bennett. I'm calling about my brother, hank bennett, and T.C. Russell. Yes, i know they were arrested. I want to arrange an immediate bail hearing. I don't want them spending the night in jail. No, it can't wait till tomorrow. Might not even have a badge tomorrow.

Ivy: Rebecca, this has gone far enough. Your plan is a disaster.

Rebecca: What are you talking about? Theresa is back in custody and ethan is safe.

Ivy: No, he's not. He could go to jail for helping theresa. Pilar could lose her grandson and sam could lose his badge. This has gone far enough!

Rebecca: Oh, ivy, don't go all wobbly on me now, not when we're so close to victory. Just try and remember that when theresa leaves the hospital, she goes straight to death row.

Theresa: If my baby dies, it's my fault.

Pilar: Theresa, don't blame yourself.

Theresa: I never cared about my baby, mama.

Pilar: Shh. Don't say that.

Theresa: No, it's true. Ok, I didn't want the child because it was julian's baby, and I blamed julian and my baby for ruining my life. I lost you, ethan, and i blamed my baby!

Ethan: Theresa, no matter how you felt, I know you didn't want your baby to suffer.

Theresa: I didn't even think about my baby suffering before. But now I can't lose him. I love him so much. I mean, the moment when I -- when i held him, i knew how much i loved him. He has to be all right. He has to be.

Luis: Sis, don't upset yourself, all right? You know dr. Russell will do everything that she can to save the baby.

[Machine beeps]

theresa: What's that? What's happening in there?

Eve: Code blue. We need a neonatal crash cart, stat! Hurry! He's flat-lined. We're losing him.

Theresa: No. My baby!

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